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Fallout Equestria card commission

Commission i did for Nimbus Productions audiobook of Fallout: Equestria…

Check out my FIM title card project… ;)

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in six hours 

 Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose  

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Spacehunter22's avatar
Man someone's about to get SCREWED UP lol
xAjelandrox's avatar
Pfff, jodidamente Epico.
EStories's avatar
Wow o__o I want this a print... So... Badly Dx Neeeeeeeed!
Ashoof's avatar
yttyr's avatar
What is up with Calamitys nose??? Is that... is it supposed to be the trigger to his guns? Then why is it not atatched to anything? And if it is not that... then What is it?
Lyranian's avatar
Wow, this is amazing.
Zaajona's avatar
Am I the only who thinks Steelhooves could be saying "I'M A PRETTY PRANCING PONAH."
Yami-Marik93's avatar
hey look. its jessi nowhack
KingArthur5's avatar
KingArthur5's avatar
... perfectly portrays my feelings on the piece!
Yami-Marik93's avatar
what episode did she start bouncing like that?
KingArthur5's avatar
When she is telling the CMC how she got her cutie mark, and it's a flashback to that day.
0nonim's avatar
Oh God, the SteelHooves's pose.
Siarnaq21's avatar
Calamity's face, tho
Elementofbravery's avatar
Next could you make one of project horizons? Please.
Neondash's avatar
Now tthat's what I call a action shot :D
Daiskida's avatar
Sweet dancing muffins this is fuckin' awesome! 8D
ragnu's avatar
Oh. Yeahhh! :wow:
Ichigo3924's avatar
....... Yes. Take all of it. All of my yes. Everything.…

NCMares's avatar
Now that is fantastic! Well done!
GadgetSteamhoof's avatar
It looks great and would make an awesome cover image for the book, but I can't quite make out Calamity's mouth
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