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Ernie's Undercooked Pancakes :FIM title cards

"Hello? General Blazing Donut Glaze! So, did I ace it or what?" :sarcasm: 

I rewatched this episode recently and I  still find it enjoyable, a little bit convoluted but enjoyable. 

Ernie's Undercooked Pancakes: FIM title card WIP by Jowybean

Yep its being a while since I did one of these friends. I did plan to continue the cards at the start of january but to be honest I have got caught up in multiple projects and new ideas that I lost some interest in doing the series, not stopping them I was just lacking in some good ideas for future pony cards.

However after finishing this new card I have found a new desire to make new titlecards. not promising any schedule but they be a lot more regular. :) 

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this but there will finally be a title card for the classic 2 parter Canterlot Wedding. :dance: =D

For new comers The FIM title card project is too create quirky unique title card art for each episode of the show we know and :love: =D Link to the series gallery ;)…

season one is all done :phew:

Season two will be finished soon.

season 3: is almost done

seasons 4 and 5 are my new targets for now. although 6 weill be most likely :faint: 

credit to :iconrainbowderp98: for the wonderblots logo :) 

Here is my other ongoing animation titlecard project which will alternate ponies this year Kill La Kill:…

Die or be Expelled : KLK title cards by Jowybean

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom Pro in 13 hours 

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:

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Let me start off by saying how happy I am that you're continuing your series of title cards. I still can't wait to see what you'll make the card for "Sweet and Elite" look like. But aside from that, how does this drawing hold up? Well, as expected from a brilliant mind like your own, it holds up very nicely!

As typical with your title cards, what makes the vision so incredible is how it easily it lets the viewer know what type of episode they are in for, or what the episode is about. Like say if I haven't watched this episode, and I'm trying to grasp the concept of it based on this illustration: I can tell that this episode is about Rainbow Dash taking a test but failing. I can also tell that Twilight is trying to help or lecture the pegasus pony, because she has a doodle of her in her notebook. Not only is it comedic, but it informs the reader what is happening in the episode. And speaking of doodles, I adore the amount of detail you put into this drawing, like the lifelike strands of hair Rainbow Dash has, the texture of the wood and paper, the tic-tac-toes, the numbers 1, 2, and 3 written in eraser. That's very clever! I also admire the lighting. It's almost as if there's a ceiling light shining down on RD as she resorts there, the clock ticking by, and her chances of joining the Wonderbolts slipping away. In addition, I like how you made some of the text in RD's journal faded, to give it more realistic texture. It especially works when you need to show the writer's name.

The criticisms I have for this piece are only minor. Firstly, I would give Rainbow Dash a little more drool. It would emphasize how lackadaisical she has been at studying. In addition, I would also have more words in her journal highlighted. In the episode, she had all the words in her journal highlighted. The joke was that she felt inclined to know literally everything that was written down. If most, if not all, the words were highlighted here, it would make for more comedic effect.

Minor criticisms aside, this title card is very well put together, and once again, captures what exactly the episode is about. I can't wait to see more of these from you, Jowybean! Keep up the outstanding work!
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hehe the highlighted Twilight's feet XD hahah   Great detail, this one is just soooo incredibly amazing. I really really really loved this episode.  It, and sorta still does, bring back the feeling when I /first/ watched pone way back in 2012. That warm snuggly huggly feeling thing.   Hehe  "By highlighting everything, you don't separate the wheat  from the chaff." MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite   XD hehe
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Now this fits the episodes :D 
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I'm trying to hold off on my critiques, at least for now (I know I've done several for you already).

So I'll just say this: I didn't know what to expect for this episode, but you've done another awesome job. Well done.
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Awesome work! :)
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I am not that tall, Rainbow Dash!
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Wonderful!!  This episode holds a special place in my heart.  Coming from a family of Dyslexics (My Mom, Myself & My son) I know what a pain not being engaged for learning is, and can be.  Plus, It's an episode from Amy Keating-Rogers.  I'm going to miss her input on future shows.
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Very nice work!
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She's not that stubby either, Dashie!
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Great title card!  I hope one day that someone edits all the episodes with old cartoon ditties and these cards appear for the opening credits.
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wow this is well made
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Very nicely done it fits the episode very well, bravo.
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Oh, it is very Meow :3 indeed. Not everyone loves that episode, but as a teacher, it holds a special place in my heart. And this is an awesomely fitting title card. I really like how detailed Rainbow Dash's hair looks.
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Huh, I totally forgot this episode.
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Glad to see you're still committed to making these title cards.
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You should totally see if you could do a title card for one of Silver Quill's "After the Fact" videos.
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XDDD gawd dash, like really? XDDD
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Aw, I was expecting clever easter eggs in the text.
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