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Er...Perry.. ur.. Bunch


Commission for a very drunk Berry Punch =D :rofl: 

I wanted to try a different approach to the commission’s concept conveying the character by incorporating her fan created talent or habit (depending on how you see it) in to the overall composition. :)

I also went for a rawer feel with some of the strokes to add to the drunken aspect of the piece :giggle:

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Until next deviation LATERS  Bronies :peace: 

 New episode card coming soon :eager:

  until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

Painted in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet 5 = 

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha:

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Very nice work on this. The raw approach to it certainly helps convey the disheveled state of a drunken person (pony). Also, obscuring her partly with the empty glass on the floor seems to aid in that. Despite the rest of her being slightly blurred from the glass, it looks like her cutie mark is crystal clear. Not sure if that was intentional to emphasize the talent, but it stuck out a bit in contrast to the rest of the piece.

If I'm viewing it right, it looks like the glass has cracked too, which conveys a nice bit of story as to how it, and it's former holder, ended up on the ground, both having seen better days. However, the crack isn't immediately evident and, at least initially, my vision was drawn more to the top part of the glass (just below the stool). Perhaps a more prominent crack or placement of it would help.

The stool, in contrast with the rest of the images features, seems a bit flimsy and top-heavy (perhaps something that aided her journey to the floor) but it just doesn't seem like it's built to support the average pony.

The strands of individual hair on her main are a nice touch. It really helps show the disheveled nature of her state of affairs, but it also seems to contrast heavily with the relatively smooth textures of the rest of the image.

All told though, I think the use of texture, the perspective/angle of the shot, and the entire composition do serve to effectively show someone who's hit rock bottom. Nice work on this.
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This one caught my eye instantly, It characterizes her drunkenness somehow and just interests me. How I can't see her quite clearly in this picture is not far off from how I imagined Berry to be and I imagine it's how I imagine I thought of myself back then (2011 November-2012 or 2013?) when Berry was unquestionably my favorite Pony and I saw much of myself in a well of Morphine (The band) and this one cartoon character. On another subject numerous Morphine music videos are very shaky, Never staying in one place for long and they might even be out of focus, Just what I don't want to go back to, But I still would like to draw Berry.
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Man she is so drunk XD
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Berry is not an alcoholic it's been shown that Dash is more than her. I mean really we seen her drink "Punch" at a kids party once. Once doesn't make you an alcoholic. Dash however she spazzes over cider.
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I'd hate to be Berry Punch, can't be easy having continuous art pouring out depicting you as a belligerent drunk.
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I prefer to think of her as a vinier.
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The colors and painting are outstanding, but I would like to see more well shaped objects, like the glass for example. I suggest you to do a pencil sketch before getting into the paint itself. Very cool picture, I'd like to see also more drunken ponies hahaha
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Don't approve of Berry's choice of lifestyle, but I must admit, this is a wonderfully captured pic, so fave regardless. :D
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Really love how you captured the distortion of that glass. :D
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"Officer, I swear to drunk I'm not Celestia!"
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ver a través de el fondo del vaso 
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