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Brummie Brony meet pony sketch up round 4

Would have uploaded this yesterday but Internet was being a slow pokey ;p :doh: also I got my GTA 4 :headbang: disc working again so been causing chaos in Liberty City for a few hours lol. :evillaugh:

This round up we have animal crossing and war hammer ponified enjoy ;)

Check out my FIM title card project [link]

Until next deviation LATERS :peace:

is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:
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This is adorable. My favorite is animal crossing Derpy. :03
Dagonboy6666's avatar
That changeling with Celestia so Describes my OC drunk.

Even better that she's his boss…

When ever I see that image I'm gonna think... Bad Cambiar, your gonna get us all fired
Hellmouth497's avatar
Hot damn, that bloodletter is freaking awesome! Along with that Pink Horror
purewebbster's avatar
Dangit Jowy.

You're making me homesick for Brum. :(

('tis yer old mate 8_Bit btw) :)
JowyB's avatar
hey mate its been a while :hug: its a good thing you found me because i was meaning to ask you when you want your commission done for?

purewebbster's avatar
Ermagerd, I forgot all about that! xD

I'm not really fussed about when it's done for, just do it as and when you can. :)
akdsmith's avatar
Wow, pretty epic! Love sweetie belle at the bar

But the highlight is luna breaking the moon, looks awesome. If i had the time could make a awesome start for a filly celestia/luna fanfic
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Broke the moon. Dear Celestia, I can see that turning into an amazingly hilarious fanfic.
Necromagenvion's avatar
Dat drunk changeling. Made my day.
Bringer-of-Doom's avatar
All the Sketches
They inspire me so
more please?
gizmo01's avatar
No! It was Eggman who fired at the moon :XD:
JowyB's avatar
hey you got the joke i was making :hug: :rofl:
gizmo01's avatar
:iconnpplz: :D
That would be a cool picture.
The Ark fire at the moon and Luna is all :jawdrop::pissedof:
jdts7's avatar
Sonic Adventure 2 For the win! XD
TwilightIsMagic's avatar
Hey, those are some very sweet Warhammer 40k ponies. I haven't seen many of these truly ponified. They all seem to be just right.
And dem scenes on top. Quite lovely. Very impressive for meetup sketches. Well done!
Gray--Day's avatar
Hah! You gotta love some Warhammer ponies. Pinkie's understandably not sure who's being called a Pink Horror here. :laughing:
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