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Book apple sweets

Cookies any pony? (^ w ^ )

Recent submission to my Twijack Weekly tumblr…

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies Peace 

sketched and coloured in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom pro in 2 hours

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying:
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Filly Scout Cookies?! TAKE MY BITS!!
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They're adorable!
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Now how I can say no to two such adorable ponies? I'll buy a box... or two.
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Just to cute you people always pick the cutest pictures and drawings 
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Must not buy cookies...Oh ,a few boxes can't hurt ,or can they find out tonight on pony watch! I like it.
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HNNNGGG! Too cuuuttteee!

...You don't happen to have the peanut butter sandwich ones in there, do you? Those were always my favorite...
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Can I use this for a short fanfic cover?
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Oh my god! My heart can't handle the cute!!!!!!
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I'll buy some!
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too cute!. I now have diabetes. thanks Jowybean....
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Aww so cute ^w^
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Shut up and take my bits!
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This is getting even harder to not buy any. What's the lesson here?

Cuteness sells. Very well.

BEautiful work
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Girl Scout cookies? Clap Great!!!

Pony Scout cookies? :D (Big Grin) Even better!!!

AJ and Twi selling Pony Scout cookies? :happybounce: WHERE IS MY WALLET?!!!
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Philip Fry (Just take my money) [V2] *takes ponies*
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Featured on Equestria Daily
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Aww.... cute little fillies selling the cookies. :)
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