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Again With This

Finally get the whole Taco Tuesday joke. ;^^

So yep saw Rainbow Rocks today with my Brony chums in the cinema.

In my opinion Its good could easily rewatch it again 

Check out my FIM title card project… ;)

Until next deviation LATERS Bronies :peace:

drawn in Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet in four hours.

Is this Cute :meow: Win :winner: Fail :crying: 

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Ah yes... The Three Stooge-I mean, Dazzlings.

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This will not end well...
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Sonata Dusk EqG (Wha-What did I say?) :says: What?  I was hungry.
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:iconscotsmanplz: "So, you three are the cause of all this racket! Nice thing you got going here turning everyone in Canterlot High into mindless zombies with a sound that can gag a yak! You're all tone-deaf! A banshee can at least carry a tune! The sound of breaking glass has more rhythm! l've heard pigs squeal better than you! You call this singing?! Now, my wife, she can sing! Her angelic voice floats such melodious and heavenly tunes it makes angels weep. The sun rises just to hear her morning melodies. Even the sweetest of birds can learn a thing or two from my precious bonnie lass. But you! You cough out wilted notes not fit for a whistle!"
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I think I need a map to find my way around some of the stuff around here,
And touch screens are painfully inaccurate for scroll-down menus.
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Sucking souls and eating tacos at the same time, a rare form of multitasking. So rare, only the lovely Miss Sonata Dusk can do that. 😮😁
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Haha! Awesome!!! Love this!!! :la: :la: :la:
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Herostalker: ok let me see if I got this one? Leader (Adagio), the irritable one (Aria), and the ditzy one (Sonata).
Sonata: I would like to think I'm the leader but they never do anything I want.
Adagio: it's less irritable and more a long standing annoyance.
Aria: and why you calling ditzy!?
Herostalker: ... I take it back you all the ditzy one.
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Thank you, thank you.
I knew some diolog that fit the situation.
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I see you have a lot going on right now.
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Yeah..but I'm fine..:') I am so touched..
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Before I exstend something of mine for your interest I have one question.
what are your thoughts on "chaotic" an old show/game that use to be around a few years back?
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I don't know that 11 but it must've been cool
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I'm surprised they need to feed on others when they could feed on themselves.
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well they actually need to be singing to feed so only one could feed at a time if they tried to feed off each other
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You are on YouTube!You are so funny
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It's been said several times already but I love the expressions (I love that facepalm Adagio has going on)
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Crying I wanna be a brony.... But I'm a girl!!! Cry emote 
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Was that simply to gain attention in the comments or was that a legitimate grievance?
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