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"Give me a Hi5, Pascal!"

Was watching tangled with the kids the other day, so i drew a fan art. Here you go Tangled fans. im trying to make this as accurate as possible.

Rapunzel and Pascal © Disney
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Nice look. Really fits the movie.
Miko2660's avatar
Heh heh!  Perfect!
Cundodeviant's avatar
Love the expression of her face, great work! :D
corrneliia's avatar
RunningFromTime's avatar
I love the detailing! Nicely done!
yukisohma4life's avatar
So cute and great!!! U have to do one of Flynn and her together!!
yukisohma4life's avatar
Ar really going to that! That would be great!
jLch's avatar
Wow! I saw this on google when I searched Tangled and loved it! I didn't know it's from you!!! Lovely! <3
JowieLimArt's avatar
on google? wow i didnt know that, haha good news! thanks!
kimpossiblerocks's avatar
It's absolutely perfect!!!!!!!
adrilabelle's avatar
wwoo very accurate !!! nice drawing !
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Beatfyil work on her I love the film
lauren-draghetti's avatar
Awww, this is adorable! Great job! :)
hideseekkeep's avatar
This is gorgeous! And I love Pascal giving his little high-five. :D
Sweet-Amy-Leah's avatar
you had a great idea for the background:)
JowieLimArt's avatar
there's no background ... ?
Sweet-Amy-Leah's avatar
I think I've comment on a wrong drawing of them all:hug:
JowieLimArt's avatar
hahah its alright! thanks~
BloodlustSerenade's avatar
I love looks great :)
Amazing work on the face/hair and I love the folds/shadows in the clothes.
So jealous ^_^;;
JowieLimArt's avatar
haha dun be. :) thanks!
Skogflickan's avatar
Hehe, that's cute :) I love Tangled
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