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She needs a name...
Lion fish mermaid for Mermay. Will be doing a full character sketch when time allows.

INSTAGRAM for latest updates :)
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Amazing lines!
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Awesome fins & markings!! Nice Lion Fish representation!!
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oh gosh it's awesome !!! 
idea for name : Lily Heart-Scale ?
JowieLimArt's avatar
Interesting name :)  Thank you!
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Np ! She so ... awesome ? No... Cute ? mm na... Awescute !? 
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Lol cute but deadly :)
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this is insane Shocked 
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Ohh I'd love to see more of her, the design looks really nice!
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Still can't decide on her tail haha, thank you!
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Do you have some ideas that you want to share & have an opinion on? ^^
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I really love the way you draw faces. Very interesting design! 
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I thoungh it was Xayah :P
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Xayah from League of Legends?
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beautiful lines! lionfish are incredible and you did an awesome job translating their uniqueness into a mermaid!
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They are such beautiful fishes. thank you and I am glad the design works Hug
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It looks so pretty and original! Usually I'd rather draw stuff myself but seeing your lineworks makes me die to color them (good old coloring book times haha), mind if I gave it a shot every once in a while? Of course fully crediditing you for the linework with links and everything included :) It seems like the most relaxing (and challanging) thing I could do in between working on my own projects :D
Edit: I know you've got the coloring book avaible but I want to color them digitally so...
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Thank you, and yes of course you can. Go all out :) and link it to me, I'd like to see it :)
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Of course I will! I need to get a new tablet pen immediately (since mine apparently broke) even if just to color these :)
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