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Werewolves attack

PRINTS AVAILABLE HERE! without the watermark! [link]
stop asking-start buying! :D jk I'm honoured that you peeps would want this on your walls! ps-you can change the size, add a frame and make it matte or glossy on canvas or papers and probably a bunch more!
first person that sends me a pic of it on their wall gets a free $50 commission that I'll draw live for them on livestream! where? on JoGeeTVpass it on

Werewolves find Balto so tasty!
but Balto don't give no sh!t! he'll bite back
if they knock him down he'll just get back up again and take another bite!-why? cuz he's a hungry f#ck :D
(gotta love the honey badger)

the viking/barbarian muscle bound mauler is a character I've been drawing since I was 13 and yes, he's always been named Balto.(eff u dog animation movie!) haha

another Balto pic here [link]

the pen is a Pentel brush pen-awesome
and the pencil is a Carmin Red Col Erase pencil
sharpener is crap-dont buy it lol
sketchbook is um...Cachet by Daler Rowney-or so it says on the back 8.5x11
go to my blog for links to these
ps prints available here! [link]

Battle Berzerker Balto ©Joe Vriens
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Love the Brutality
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love how dynamic this is
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What would Balto look like as a werewolf?
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one does not simply leave a viking alone,
but if they dont, they will be roasted.
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one of the coolest styles I've ever seen :D
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brown sketch book?
joverine's avatar
brown recycled paper sketchbook, yes.
Very Good with the Color, Tho i must say even if the big guy is a viking. by the he looks he looks like The Juggernaut. but still great Drawing.
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thank you for coming by :)
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i loove your work!! it's amaziing!!
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I will be posting more of this series this year :)
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Another brush-pen god. awesome work , love your stuff
joverine's avatar
wow high compliment!
thank you WZ :)
WacomZombie's avatar
You are most welcome you have some serious ninja skills
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Damn are you Joe Vriens creator of Balto!!!!???!!!! I love that cartoon dog, he's so adorable.
woohoo, cartoon doggies FTW!

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RiceandEggs? more like AssandEggs!
*shakes fist atchu

joverine outs
RiceandEggs's avatar
Wow, for someone that does children's cartoon design, you're pretty hostile. But I can forgive that, that doggie is just so darn CUTE!

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you guys should make the honey badger a boss in OMD...
if you dont know what I'm talking about you're a noob...
second-youtube search 'honey badger'
"'ve been stunnnnggg"

go watch it
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I love this werewolves i hope u draw a next on of this fight :D

kickass werewolves 4 ever ^^
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thank you!
I have more pags drawn-just haven't posted yet ;)
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more soon
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