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Marvel N Capcom

By joverine
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coloured this one up( [link] ) quick before Toronto Wiz con
forgot to post it
so here it is!

was really tough to colour with so much red...I didn't want to ink it so that I could preserve the pencils...anyways-it was an experiment with my new style of pencilling
(new to me I guess)

looking fwd to see what Capcom has up their sleeves with Marvel vs Capcom 3!!!

and before you flood my inbox with questions about Udon's or my involvement with the game-the official response is "no comment"

Sentinel and Justin Seyfert(haha)
FF's Thing

Warzard's Leo
Darkstalkers Donovan/Bishamon
Streetfighters M.Bison/Akuma/Blanka

Bonus ©Joverine character
random cyborg chic
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© 2010 - 2021 joverine
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Awesome! I love your work!
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wish i was and cant wait unit im this good
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looks so outstanding!
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i dont like it... theres too much awesome
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too bad venom wasnt in marvel vs capcom 3 :(
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This piece is chock full of POWer!
Thanks for the great inspiration!
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donovan, fuk yeah, i dont see y they didnt put him in any of the vs series(aka MVC3) :/
hes such a badass
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Wonderful! Beautiful drawing!

Hello! I am looking for designers to partnership.

and my (maybe Graphic Novel) script [link]

Street Fighter – Chronicles of a Saga
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LoL I was about to ask : "where does this cyborg come from?" until I saw she was a random chick. By the way, really nice, she is the first thing I noticed right after Donovan.
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Who here iz excited that old :iconnemesistvirusplz: is in Ult. MvsC3? I know I am with his kickass Hyper Combo. You'll see which one if you take your time and watch this vid. It hapens at the end at 1:46, but just watch the whole thing :D
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nice but, too bad some of those characters not in MvC3. :(
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solid piece.
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great pic every pic stands out
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They seriously need to do an MvC Comic book.
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