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Vector T-shirt Template

By JovDaRipper
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Made a new an better T-shirt template!
Now for both male and female, back and front!

Press DOWNLOAD to get the .zip file, in it you will get a .pdf and a .ait file!

In Adobe Illustrator you can customize placements and colors if you want, but I would appreciate it if you left my name somewhere for credit :)

Otherwise I don't got any strict rules for this, just use it and have fun!

My old templates:

*Been featured here: [link]

Dont forget to fave and comment! :D

Another template:
The old one:
© 2009 - 2021 JovDaRipper
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DailyKevin's avatar
Thanks for sharing.It will be useful one day:)
AshleyLawleiipop's avatar
Using this for my desigh homework Thanks!
saffronrestaurantoxf's avatar
The templates is so good to be true..May have this for our uniforms designing.. :)
vickinator's avatar
Thank you so much! Love these templates.
skullx's avatar
Thank you for this! It was perfect to show off a design I did for a client.
jeminabox's avatar
This is fantastic, thank you! :)
I downloaded this template the other day with no Illustrator background whatsoever. I opened the file and it just stared back at me like I was an idiot. I was. And then I spent an hour learning some basics and can now make good use of the file.  THANKS!!
jehaldeman's avatar
I Am HAPPY to leave credit, because i'm just going to use it to advertise my tshirt designs
would this work in coreldraw??
yes jerome429 just import into corel
WeeGeeSmash's avatar
Actually using it for a school assignment. Looks great, and thanks for the template!
MissGrimGravy's avatar
This is exactly what I need. Thanks a bunch! 
Starlight50's avatar
This is exactly the type of vector t-shirt I was looking for. Thank you so much! I'll definitely give you credit for this! ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) 
ArielKJ's avatar
My gosh this is EXACTLY what I needed! I'm trying to help a friend get ideas for t-shirts to make for her fund raiser because she helps a horse rescue save horses from slaughter! Thank you so much!
slayingallhumans's avatar
May use for my own t-shirt designs if allowed. ^_^

Great template.
WhiteWingedAnwe's avatar
This is far and away my favorite t-shirt template out there. Thank you so much for producing it and then sharing it. 
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