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lobstradomus: warrior prophet



behold! it's lobstradomus the warrior prophet!

donning heirloom armor and wielding the very claw of the gods, lobstradomus emerges from a noxious ocean to forge his destiny and heal a dying world!

the massive weapon in his left hand is the "god's claw" a weapon given to all warrior prophets in order to make their prophecies come true through the ancient art of violence! it makes a very strong bludgeon and can pneumatically snap shut to cruse foes into paste but that's not all! it can also be loaded with ancient lobsterian artifact shells and be fired like a cannon when a little more damage and range is needed.

lobstradomus is one of my older characters that always will be close to my heart. he's a goofy, courageous, and oblivious hero who wants nothing more than to fix the un-fixable earth that has barely survived an atomic cataclysm. he isn't sure how he will fix the earth, but he has foreseen a world where everything has been healed and that he will be the harbinger of this utopia.

-jouste the drawbarian
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That would be a cool person to work with.