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Matthew M. Bartlett's WXXT Radio

By jouste
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Bzzzrt! *Static blast*

-Welcome Back to WXXT Radio, that was "The Red Rots" with their newest single "Centipede Hatch", stay tuned for even more of the vilest voices while we settle into 40 minutes of drowning with our very own Irene Wagner and her Murderous Nurses. If it Bleeds, it's Leeds.-

On my birthday I did up some fan art for Matthew M. Bartlett and his super cool Witch Cult horror stories in "Gateway to the Abomination" and "Creeping Waves" both super cool books with a bunch of great small stories in them.

They revolve around this town in Massachusetts called Leeds and there's this crazy radio station that people accidentally tune into called WXXT that makes a whole pile of crazy and gross stuff happen.

So I did up a nasty logo of WXXT the radio station itself! There's some pretty brutal imagery in all the stories so I went with the classic carnival goat DJ with screwed up horns and a bloated and winged leech above.

I don't normally do horror stuff but I read so much of it and it was a lot of fun to do something a little twisted. Hope you guys like it! and check out his books if you like horror!…

-jouste the drawbarian

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haha thanks man! always great hearing from you.
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Oh gosh. Do you do all your work in photoshop?
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Most of the time! Photoshop just helps speed me up so much. Thanks for the comment!
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Ah! Of course, I absolutely love your work.
I found you through the amazing concept work you did for the NecroDancer, and I've been watching ever since. Keep up the superb work! 
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Thanks pal! Glad you dig it!
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