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NATG IV-15: Astonish



At long last we come to the final prompt! Several new things here:
1) Actual real shipping art happening before your eyes!
2) A pony with her eyes closed!
3) Alright lighting! I don't count Littlepip. (Sorry Pip.)
4) Eyes that I had to put a lot of time into but that came out just as I wanted them to! Different from previous times because I was trying to convey a specific emotion and I managed to pull it off, I think.
5) Rainbow Dash! Her mane and tail weren't nearly as bad as I thought they'd be.
6) Fire??? And somehow it doesn't look awful.
Also, fun fact: if you look really hard and are extraordinarily liberal with your interpretations, this image satisfies all the prompts! See?
I'm pretty proud of this one, I have to say. Even if I'm relatively sure that something approximating this image has been drawn like a million times already.

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Holy hell this is amazing it's incredible I love it so much