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NATG III: Cookie Clicker

By journcy
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God this game is the best waste of time I've ever discovered (or more accurately, have had thrust upon me)...
Drawn primarily to this. Woot woot don't judge XD

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what is commonly known as a massive cop-out in the business.
I mean seriously, why do I not just use my wings?
Or have someone build the factory for me? I am the head of a reality-spanning cookie empire, after all.
Eh, well.

The prompt for today was "Draw a pony using a tool/Draw a handy pony."
If you squint hard enough you can see that pony!Journcy is clearly holding one of those thingies people use to smush brickstuff.
Yes. That is it.

im going to bed jesus
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is that his tongue?
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ohhhh, now I see