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Feature of friends 3


Purple Flower by Arhar
UR005 by ov3
rainbow heart thank you by Dieffi  Daisies by SCPhotoArt
Paris by hv1234         Paris by jenyvess
Melancholy Night-by-GL-TUTORIAL by GothLyllyOn
Mystic path by DavidMnr
Moon Flower by KizukiTamura wendepunkt by scheinbar
Draw This Again - Haruka by TheKissingHand
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 9 16
Tumblr exodus
If you have a tumblr you've probably heard of this, if not...basically tumblr plans to nuke all nsfw stuff and has introduced a program that automatically detects nsfw stuff...only it's completely shite so it's flagged a lot of sfw pictures too.
In light of this I'm preparing to leave the site cause having to randomly check your completely sfw 2000+ posts tumblr in case an automated system flagged something is bullshit.
It doesn't really affect this here site, but I thought people might wanna know in case they planned to follow me there.
Instead I'll use twitter to post quick updates and doodles for now (@carniscorner) and a freshly made newgrounds account to post nsfw stuff (
I'll continue to use DA for more finished sfw pieces and as a backup contact site for when all else fails.
So yeah...see you around :)
:iconsiansaar:Siansaar 3 4
.: BBIEAL Swap AU :.
I decided to remake my Baldi's Basics AU.
This was inspired by Underswap, an AU of Undertale.
Each characters swap roles with each other, along with their personalities.
Canon Characters
Player = Outcast
Baldi-Smile Baldi = Cristina 
Baldi's Basics- Principal Of The Thing Principal of the Thing = Mrs. Clarissa
BBiEaL - Playtime Icon (Still) Playtime = Annabella
BBiEaL - It's a Bully Icon It's a Bully = Frisky Rouge
 Baldi's Basics- Gotta SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP Gotta Sweep = Alfred
BBiEaL - Arts and Crafters Icon Arts and Crafters = Elodie
BBiEaL - 1st Prize Icon 1st Prize = Speedy
BBiEaL - Filename2 Icon Filename2 = Rosie
Cloudy Copter - Baldi's Basics Cloudy Copter = Ms. Librarian
Ms. Librarian = Cloudy Cop
:iconnikkicrystal:NikkiCrystal 6 25
:happydance: + PLZ account JETPACK WHOOOOO :catfight: JETPACK WHOOOOO :happydance: + PLZ account JETPACK WHOOOOO :catfight: JETPACK WHOOOOO :happydance: + PLZ account 

:Serenade: Hey, everybody! :iconDreadful-Tales: needs you!  

by :iconediephoenix:, :iconleothefox:, and
:icondevinmorse: :iconragebetweenthesheets: :icondasghul: :iconjoerb: :iconcapndeek373: :iconnarciedon: :iconknight-westergaard::iconquiestinliteris: :iconwhitsteen: :iconjennystokes: :i
:iconleothefox:leothefox 4 27
Behind The Storm
Another story
author : me
story and artist : pkm-150
Moonlight and Sunflow from :iconrat-man1:
Max from :iconamirnyan:
Main character: All.
One week after Sunflow's first day school story.
In town...
Speed: Oh, Arceus. The sky looks scary.
Lazuli: Yeah, looks like today will raining.
Sunshine: I hope, we aren't in the rain.
Ruby: Yeah, i hate rain.
Speed: Then, let's go home. We have fun today.
Lazuli, Ruby, Sunshine: Aye!
Meanwhile in ES tree house...
Axel: Uh, i feel today will rain.
Pearl: The forecast said today will 90% raining.
Flare: Hm, i think we didn't need to watering them.
Leaf: But, now it's still afternoon.
Black: Are you okay with thunder and rain?
Moonlight: Well, in our old house it's so often happened.
Silvia: Max, i'm sorry. You take me home.
Max: Well, i don't mind. Besides, we might be in the rain earlier.
Silvia: Yeah, i don't want get wet.
Speed: We're home.
Leaf: Welcome home.
Crystal: Phew, made it.
Trace: Yes, and-
Speed: Oh, it's raining.
Trace: Goo
:iconwidwan:widwan 6 7
'tis the season... run and hide!

Tentacles by MichalPeichl Cthulhu vs Dr Strange by ktalbot The Dunwich Horror by Kamajaya-78 The Dunwich Horror by GeorgieGanarf
War-of-the-Worlds-Martian by Davesrightmind the wide, carnivorous sky by unded Azathoth by tohdraws The Color out of Space by Daandric Beyonder by D34dAsDust
:cthulu: by Helen-Baq Out of town on the 15th. - See you in the 22nd! :cthulu: by Helen-Baq
And a little heads up:
With the coming of the new deviantART Eclipse format,
it may take me a little while to get used to some of the new formatting
of journal features. Please bear with me as I figure things out
once Eclipse is fully implemented.
dA bar by CapnDeek373
dA bar by CapnDeek373
Your moderators:
Lovecraft Affiliates…
:iconlovecraftianhumor: :iconcall-of-cthulhu: :iconorder-of-dagon:
:iconlovecraft-tribute: :iconcthulhu-fans: :iconthenecronomicon: :icondisciples-of-cthulhu:
:iconcthulhu-and-illithid:Cthulhu-and-Illithid 3 1
cheap commissions // open!

uhh hi lmao
i made another journal for my commissions because im a cool kid  
only accepting points (Points)!  
i will draw couples/couple icons!
!! PLEASE NO NSFW !! ;w;
examples are (from left to right) newest to oldest
Bust/Headshot: 20Points 
Halfbody: 30Points 
Fullbody: 40Points 
(c) star by Frostedspace  (c) phasyhazy by Frostedspace  
:iconfrostedspace:Frostedspace 5 17
Culture Day
Max is confirmed to be Indian. He assumes that nobody cares. Neil is confirmed to be Jewish, though that was always pretty obvious, and that's what we are going to care about, because this holiday special is actually a Hannukah special. That's clever enough, and it works great in the context of this episode, though it's still supposed to take place during the summer, of course. Neil gets some respect for his heritage, and everyone (who belong to Camp Camp, at least) gets a happy ending.  Well written, and one of the best season 3 episodes overall, in my opinion.
:iconcampofcampcamp:CampOfCampCamp 5 1
I'm against article 13

Please hurry and spread the word!
We must move up against article 13!
Now move!
They plan to come to an agreement on a final text at the trilogue on Thursday this week.
This mean we still have got time. So keep the pressure up! Come on!
:iconantonioalexishuerta:AntonioAlexisHuerta 5 2
di_features: blue \ pink \ red

:iconizaaaaa:Izaaaaa 4 4
A public service announcement
I just want you to know I'm only telling you about this so you can avoid it.
Alright kids, story time. I have a troll that jacks with me. I've gotten used to him and even share the occasional laugh with him. He's almost like a brother to me and I actually care very much about him. Well, one day, a deviant claiming to be a werewolf started harassing him just because he made a picture of him killing a werewolf but it didn't look like her. It was actually some pretty good photoshop. Eventually, their fight escalated to the point he drew himself killing her fursona but because of how fucking batshit crazy she was she literally believed it was a threat against her life because she doesn't identify as human. Their fight lasted so long that other trolls started taking notice of her. She started harassing me with hateful comments after jacking with him. I won't tolerate this so I've blocked her and all her alt accounts and I'm asking you, my watchers, to do the same. This crazy woman i
:iconspace-between-spaces:Space-between-spaces 12 63
Feature #51 Art of my watchers
Hi guys!
Today I want to say a big thanks to my followers, so I decided to publish some interesting works.
If you want to thank me, I'll be very happy if you give me a Llama 
Have a great week! Clefairy :love: 

[Com] Seire by aya-sara
InkTober 2018: Day 20 - Breakable by LaGelfling
Request -Zenos by Afroblue72
Violet by KanchanMahon
Be Protected in your Ways! by mockingbirdontree
Blue Jeans by Dreanpinup
Rock Golem by highdarktemplar
Megumi by tripletwelve
Poinsettia - Holiday card Project by MoonyMina
Swollen by Aya-Lunar
Evil Rick and Morty by Nidhogge
Frosted Oak Leaf by MontyMouse
Yellow Daisies by vanndra
I'm Into You by RainyGreenTrabant
Alexandria by DamianKrzywonos
Blue Rose Cake by ninja2of8
Decidueye by gurotolo
Orange be for little Gnar... by piratedragon0402
Floral shirt by Lekhika
still life on a grey background by zelionka
Art #45 by LulaScarlette
oriental warrior by AnnikeAndrews
Whale by MeyFlory
Don't Mind Me by BLiNKBuGGBirahki
:iconlazy-brush:lazy-brush 7 9
Muuyama Kuusuke [BIO]

★ Muuyama Kuusuke ★
"Full power, go to your limits!"

■ Name || Muuyama Kuusuke
■  Alias || Sunshine, (By Izuku Midoriya) Blinding Beauty, (By her parents) and Kuusuke.
■  Kanji || (而立廿羊凡冊太 片凵廿互凵片巳)
■  Gender || ♀ 
■  Age || 4 (First Appearance) | 15 (Time-Skip) | 16 (From U.A Training Camp Arc)
■  Sign || Leo
■  Ethnicity || Half-Japanese, Half-Mexican
■  Orientation || Bisexual
■  Occupation || Student 
:iconjapankkitty:japankkitty 6 10
Leaving WoR - Big Purge
I've decided to leave WoR, so everything I have is up for offers.
I'm looking for USD and/or Grems.
There is a section for free items below, including SC stuff (one per person please). Offer what you like for everything.
Saarthi 688 by Reos-Empire alternate design Saarthi Cosmetic Version by Gloomy-Butt
Link 1: Gloomy's Gen
:icongloomy-butt:Gloomy-Butt 6 82
The Distressed Gazette #3: Eyes-In-A-Hole
The Distressed Gazette #3: Eyes-in-A-Hole
In this installment of the Distressed Gazette, we learn more about the owner of :iconEyes-In-A-Hole: as our fearless reporter, Dana Deringer, gets to the bottom of what makes them tick.
DD: We're here with.. I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name..?
E: I go by Eyes-In-A-Hole here on D.A. and most other places. Pleased to meet you...and I hope you're not to uncomfortable in all those ropes...
DD: Wait!? What are you doing!? Stop that! Stop... Aaggghh..! Whatever, I'm here with Eyes-In-A-Hole and he's tying me to my chair because reasons! Whatever..
E: Sorry, but I can take no chances...even with such a lovely lady like yourself. Now that you're all roped up, you said you have questions for me?

DD: Ugh, you know I don't actually like this.. at all. Anyways, yes, I do. For starters, what kind of work, specifically, do your followers come to you for?
E: Mo
:icondeadunicorns:deadunicorns 4 2
Hypno Content Drop #1
Hiya guys, for a while now I've been wanting to do a thing where I share cool hypno stuff which I've found online recently, or at some point in the distant past. I'm hoping I can make a few people happy with these so that they might experience the same joy I did upon first discovering them.
To start with, here's a nice little flash 'clicker' game made by Changer, which received its second update around a month ago. Featuring lots of nice art and hot scenarios/dialogue as you hypnotise more of the girls, you can also be hypnotised yourself if you idle for too long ;)
(it's also free on Steam under the name 'Spiral Clicker' if you want all your steam friends to know about your strange fetish :D )
:iconhypnosoul:hypnosoul 3 2
:icon2ndnight:2ndnight 3 1
Best Albums and/or CDs of the Year 2018
Hey all! Just wanna go through my fave albums of this year. Last year, everyone put out new stuff, this year, the pickins' for me were more on the slim side. That was good though cuz I got to spend more time with the stuff I did get.
#1. The Sidekicks " Happiness Hours ". These guys are a local band but they are signed to a semi-major label, Epitaph. I got into the album before this one called " Runners In The Nerved World " ( check it out ) while I had this one pre-ordered. Both are fantastic. Here's a link to the first track from the album, " Other People's Pets ". Make sure you check out the other tracks on this album like " Weed Tent " and " Twins Twist " to name two. I can't recommend it enough.

#2. Okay, so #2 jumped in very late in the game, like... last week actually. It's Kurt Vile's latest, " Bottle It In ". I love it. I got his previous one " B'lieve I'm Goin' Down " when it came out & I think I dubbed it my fave album of that year. I'm really digging
:iconphraggle:Phraggle 3 3
Things are harder, but much better
Hey all, yet again i am sorry I've been away for so long, but now I have actually have good news to report. 
After all the months this year, waiting and waiting for everything to fall into place, I finally have gotten my contact lenses
If I didn't mention before, I had to go into surgery over a disease called Keratoconus. (the film or what ever before the lens of my eye bubbled out and never fixed it self)
So after two times of having my eyes pocked with chemicals and lights, I finally can see with clarity. 
Mind you, I don't have 20/20 and this isn't a cure, but man am I happy that I can see.
You have no idea how long I have been squinting at everything I do in order to make out anything. 
And then I went to go watch Wreck It Ralph 2 (which was okay, i thought it went too fast and clumsy).
It was amazing being able to see so clearly, all the colors and eye candy to view was the best thing ever. 
But it gets better, wish the commissions and other saving of money, I
:iconblimpy4000:Blimpy4000 3 8
Pipe Up Those Vocals
As if there wasn't another reason Piranha Plant should be in Smash.
:iconsmash-universe:Smash-Universe 7 7
- Be patient
-Send me a Reference of the OC
-SHARE this journal 
-3 character maximum (in a drawing)


if the character has a lot of details, points will be increased.
100 pointsPoints 
add character +50

1- :iconmickaela-sama:
2- :iconhimelove:
4- :iconmisscotter:
5- :iconladycreepasta666:
8- :icondanadani:
9- :iconrobin2456:
10- :iconelvina-exe:
15- :iconakayaanodite:
16 -:iconcrystal-zen:
 Non off. Slots- (waiting the payment)
- :iconmamaaogiri:
:iconcoffeeholiclinda-di:CoffeeholicLinda-DI 18 95
+ Shop + Pokemon Original + OPEN +
Goodies's shop : + Here +
:rainbowwave: Hi ! I decided to make a shop only for Pokemon Stuff ! Pokeball Revamp 

Rainbow Bullet - F2U! You'll receive the original drawing at home, not a copy !
• Signed & Dated
• Shipping fees (Worldwide) :  3€ / 4USD

Only PayPal bullet  accepted.
(You can choose to pay in € or USD)Eevee la icon Vaporeon La icon Jolteon La plz Flareon La icon Espeon la icon 
:iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 3 0