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Bad News on my Grandpa and Other Things
Sorry to make a journal on this, but to the people I haven't told yet, nor mentioned at some.
My grandpa is going to die soon, its either today, tonight or tomarrow, depends when he wants to go out peacefully...
I'm going to see him today in case he passes later... i wanna hope he rests well, but i cant do nothing more than that...
Might not be in the mood for arts and gaming for a while, might be soloing for a bit to try collecting myself.
Im sorry, but I just wanna letcha guys know in case i somehow get a bit rude or fussy due to notifying and such cause of my emotions right now. (ill try answering but just be aware i might not be in the best state of mind right now.)
plus doesnt help that my dad and step-mom was fighting violently last night either... (its pretty much a break up. from what im seeing)
just im going to have to have some time to myself over this...
:icondragovian15:dragovian15 4 45
Fleur Feature #5
It's been far too long since I've done an updated journal!  It's looking like my heart is going to want to stick with flower features through summer  ^_^  I will try to mix it up a bit though, in the near future.
As always, the feature only includes under-appreciated works (which I consider to be under 100 faves)  :)  
And of course, as always, I apologise for the lack of html knowledge/patience-time to deck my features out and make them extra lovely.  I believe the photos are strong enough not to need any of that anyway  :)  
If you love fleurs as much as I do, please take the time out to favourite & comment on these incredibly stunning works!
Let's get on with the beauty!
:iconnimbue:Nimbue 4 13
A little break
❤Hello everyone❤
*Sigh* I hardly, really hardly do jornual about my feelings and what bothers me, but this time I have to.
I'm not alright. I always had that feeling when I felt "No one cares about me" and "I have friends but I feel abadoned". But recently I've been feeling that often and often. I feel like everyone is better than me, everyone is more famous and they have been loved more than I've got. I'm feeling that my arts and drawing no one interested as well..
I love you guys, I can't thank you enough those supports and kind words. :heart: And that's why I want that feeling go away...
So, I decided to have a hiatus... Just a little break. I won't post it anything, I won't comment/favorite anything. You can talk to me via notes, but understand that I won't talk to you for a while. That'll be the same for Instagram.
Sorry, I'm really sorry for those who requested me and they will get it VERY late, but I have to have a rest. Maybe I'll draw it while, maybe not. But aft
:iconcartoonlover20:CartoonLover20 4 45
Medium Feature No.15 - Oil Painting
Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly medium feature at :devdevfeatures and AllArtWorld.
:icondevfeatures: :iconallartworld:
For this week I am happy to showcase some gorgeous OIL PAINTING. It's one of the classic media in art that has since lost some of its popularity, even more so here on dA and has developed a notoriety for being a difficult medium. Yet it can be applied a huge variety of looks and genres from hyper-realism to complete abstraction, allows great control and produces strong, bold and solid colors. 
I hope you leave with at least a few new favourites and if you like the feature, fav it or share it to help spread the word and don't hesitate the let the artists know how much you like their work.
:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 3 13
(OPEN) Skoryx's commissions (Paypal + Points)
Recent updates:
Bullet; Yellow Prices have been updated! 
Bullet; Yellow  Aggretsuko-style avatars are a new option to buy! 
Welcome to my commission journal! I can take payment in the form of points, Paypal, Google Wallet, and snail mail. 100:points: = $1.
- - - - - - - - - -
I can draw :
Bullet; Green  Humans, humanoids, animals, and furries
Bullet; Green Original characters and fan characters
Bullet; Green  Complex and detailed characters
I have difficulty drawing : 
Yellow Bullet  Characters without visual references

Yellow Bullet  Realism, Mecha, robots, most weapons, large muscles
:iconskoryx:Skoryx 5 10
I was having a good day today until my friend pointed me out about this video :
now isn't it look good?
nothing,just someone coloring a pic of ppg BUT take a look at this :

yes,the video above is a copied of a collab I made from a sketch gift I got from :icontearmint: because I love the pic so much I decided to finish it
until the person of the video took it and decided to copied my artwork without my permission
some people commented on their videos
and this is what they said 
 they said it's a positive thing for the artist but didn't fully ask for permission or properly credit and about the TEACHING this something you would want kids to see? : 
really? an inflation fetish???
now I'm not judging the original artist for their liking and arts BUT their channel's name is Kid's Learning Videos
so imagine if kids search it up on Youtube and saw it?
what would they think?
:iconthe-pongpang-art:the-pongpang-art 6 3
The Last Bachelor [ OPEN ]
The group has reached 100 members, so in celebration --
We are hosting this mini raffle! The prize is a mystery Otomeow Woof!
The winner will be able to choose a big cat and an adopt will be created based on the choice. It will be drawn in the same style as the original batch:

Raffle Rules -
All participants must agree to Sakokii's General Adopt Rules T.O.S
Under no condition may the design be resold/sold.
How to Enter -
Be a member of Apotheosis-LabsFavorite this journal and reply to my comment below for 1 ticket(Optional) - Share this raffle via poll or journal(Optional) - Tag a friend
A maximum of 3 tickets per person!
The winner will be chosen via and will have
48 hours to reply before another winner is chosen!
Event ends June 25th at 11:59 PM CST!
:iconapotheosis-labs:Apotheosis-Labs 55 93
Watcher Appreciation!
Got this idea from :iconblueivyviolet:! :heart: I also have seen a few others do this too.
:bulletred: It IS VERY Time Consuming, so you don't see people do this to this extent very much but MOST of you know how I roll and this is what I do! I love my friends and watchers to bits and I wouldn't want you guys any other way! :heart: As I stated in the journal link below, I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU GUYS and you make me the person I am today! :iconspazhugplz:
:bulletred: I Have The Best Friends In The Whole World! Update <----I Always Do Things Like This! :heart:
:iconhearsegurl:HearseGurl 10 57
Steven Universe Nominated For TeenChoiceAwards2018
Steven Universe has been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards 2018! The event will air live on FOX on August 12th.
:iconxxdeviantcringexx:xxDeviantCringexx 4 2
Important ! Leaving
Hi there,
I know I've taken a lot of breaks on DA and it's not the first time I say I don't want to be on deviantart anymore
But this time I really think it's not a break and I will not come back
There are a bunch of reasons actually, but I can only say that it is a place of sadness and discomfort for me
You will maybe think I just want attention, but no, no at all, I just want you to forget me, really
Don't even try to send me a note or reply to my profile, I won't answer, I won't even read your message 
It's useless to search an other account, I won't recreate one, you'll find me nowhere 
For all persons who commissioned me 
- ItsRaiikouUpshur 
- Inekoow
Don't worry, I will finish your commission before leaving
and for Blueclaw7 and spvcekitt ,
I know you asked for a comm, but I unfortunately have to decline them due to the reasons above
I won't deactivate my account, and my drawings will still be on my gallery, I trust you to not copy them please, but actuall
:iconakemaii:Akemaii 6 0
How to draw Female body
I want to start this lesson by answering one of the most asked questions - how to draw women's Breasts. (that's not a thought that really going to do a lesson on this topic.... ^_^). One of the most important things here is to make the subject look natural; you can draw an attractive girl and without turning her into a silicone doll, as did one of my friend ^_^
The two main problems that people face when drawing Breasts are their shape and correct location. Many artists (both pros and beginners) make them look like balloons pressed into the chest; this is very naturalistic. If you look at the various books on drawing, you will see that the Breasts are more like halves of spheres, or inverted cups than balloons. So, now the location. Imagine a line that runs along the center of the body, from top to bottom. The Breasts are located at an angle of 45 degrees to this line, and about half of the chest (shown in red diagonal lines). Make sure that they are not too close or too far apart, or
:iconsofiakotik:SofiaKotik 13 3
Send a fandom to me~
I was inspired by a friend's journal to do this...
Send me some characters from the fandoms that I'M personally involved in (keep it show/game/movie-related, please) and I'll tell you:
Why I like them:Why I don’t:Favorite episode (scene if movie/game):Favorite season/movie/game:Favorite line:Favorite outfit:OTP:Brotp:Head Canon:Unpopular opinion:A wish:An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen:5 words to best describe them:My nickname for them:
:iconxxgreenninjachickxx:XxGreenNinjaChickxX 3 31
point chibi commissions info! closeddd
hey!! it's been a long time since i did commissions here so i'll open them!! 

the can be of 150Points to 300Points PER CHARACTER, it depends on the difficulty of the character/s.
here are a few examples:

i can do: couples, anthro, and ponies (kind of)
can't do: nsfw, feral, mecha. 
if you want one you can comment here or you can send me a note! thank you Heart 
(disclaimer: i reserve the right to decline any commission i cant do) 
SLOTS: 1/?: :iconemanded:
2/?:     :icondesinho:
3/?: :iconchillypluto:
4/?: :ic
:iconcielouh:Cielouh 6 43
Marvel vs. RWBY (my upcoming fan crossover)
Alright, so technically, I am almost done with Mortal Kombat vs. RWBY. And yes, I did plan on doing Street Fighter X RWBY but all of the sudden, an idea of a crossover between Marvel and RWBY came to my mind and I thought that would be a little more amazing and interesting. Street Fighter is awesome too, don't get me wrong. But Marvel vs. RWBY would sound a lot more amazing to many of you. And believe it or not, I am totally looking forward to doing entries of Marvel vs. RWBY in the future. But anyways, here is the roster for Marvel vs. RWBY (list of rivalries, that is)! Like it or don't like it.
Iron Man vs. Ruby Rose
Emma Frost vs. Weiss Schnee
Black Panther vs. Blake Belladonna
Winter Soldier vs. Yang Xiao Long
Captain America vs. Jaune Arc
Thor vs. Nora Valkyrie
Spider-Man vs. Lie Ren
Gamora vs. Pyrrha Nikos
Doctor Strange vs. Glynda Goodwitch
Star-Lord vs. Qrow Branwen
Rocket Raccoon vs. Penny Polendina
Wolverine vs. Adam Taurus
Elektra vs. Raven Branwen
Mysterio vs
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 3 0
[ OPEN ] Mini-art raffle
Hello , everyone.
I’m just notice that my watcher now is nearly 500 and I didn’t do any raffle for a while
not much, but I want to do something for
Thank you for watching and supporting me.
There are two activities in this journal , please read <3

End date : 15, August 2018
11 PM. (GMT +7 Bangkok, Thailand timezone)

The first activity is a simple random prize

1st place : Custom theme adoptable with this scale ( the longest chibi scale I draw , and the right pic , the sun is my piece )

2nd place : Chibi Commission with the same scale
How to participate :
-Must be my watcher ( New watcher are welcome > < )
-Share  raffle ( journal,poll or status is ok  )
-Comment below , saying you are entering.
  Get 1 ticket
Extra ticket :
tag 1 friend ( get 1 ti
:iconsabay-d-der:sabay-d-der 20 36
Tuesday Features

Endless Space 2 - Lumeris Explorator by mikeeu76
Rainbow Owl by jaanavesanen
Bjorn/Vikings by Sachiko-Igarashi
Portrait Practice by ZXYshi
Svart by Tacotwist
Beautiful work everyone. :clap:
:iconsockhiddenunderarook:sockhiddenunderarook 3 11
Art Request Journal
So I'm just gonna make a Journal for just Art requests and it's gonna stay open forever
Comments all,one, or whatever ocs you want drawn
I need lots of variety so i can practice drawing 'v'
for nonwatchers and watchers (I'd love it if you watched me though <3)
But! If I do draw your oc please say thank you/favorite.
Just a big pet peeve of mine when i draw things for others and i get no appreciation : ' )
:iconkole-aid:Kole-Aid 8 12
Painted Desert Progeny Program
The Progeny Program was developed in order to offer quality breeding stock from Painted Desert Ranch. While our main show strings tend to be private stallions and broodmares, this program offers additional high quality horses to the public for breeding.
All of the featured horses will be shown in all-around western events, as that is what we aim to achieve with all our horses, however each of these horses has a specialty! While the ability to compete in all around events shows the horses mental and physical soundness, it also shows that they are agile and smart. There is nothing better than a barn full of talented horses! Color is secondary to this program, but that doesn't mean we lack it! Take a peek through the progam's barn and for inquiries of breeding, please head over to the PROGRAM BOOKING PAGE.
Horses will only have 10 Breeding Slots each, and slots will be released at different times in the horse's career. Price of slot will dep
:iconpainted-cowgirl:painted-cowgirl 5 2
Character Comparison Extremists
What you thought I hated everything Marvel has done? Hell no. The movie Black Panther is awesome and something I wanted to talk about for a while.
Ares Wonder Woman Now Wonder Woman is a great movie. It's got a great lead,some great supporting characters,good writing and fantastic direction. But there is one thing that keeps it from being a truly amazing movie and that is the villain Ares.
Now Ares sounds good on paper. A villain who represents the opposite of Wonder Woman's optimistic belief in humanity and instead see's humanity as a plague and should be wiped out to make the world better. This could lead to Ares being an interesting villain who could make Wonder Woman question if humanity is truly worth saving.
But instead Ares is just generic. He has no personality outside of being Wonder Woman's opposite and just exists to be the big bad of the movie. While Superheroes best villains are usually their exact opposites in terms of what the heroes represent and their beliefs Ares
:iconghffff:ghffff 5 3
Chris Pratt Is A Trump Supporter?!
Omg I never would have guessed XD then again I try not to pay attention to what celebrities political opinions are (as long as they aren't a dick and devisive about it) but wow. Chris Pratt. You rock dude. Fuck the Hollywood elite and their echo chamber. Stand up for what you believe in :)
:icontakura-sama:Takura-Sama 3 9
Fantasy Art Picks of the Day 122
1 - ECLIPSE by Rutger van de Steeg
2 - Breaker by kimsokol

3 - Picnic with Zelda by Kittew

4 - Ice Cave by 
:iconbarosus:Barosus 3 2
Huion H950P Tablet Review + animation timelapse!
Hey everyone! Those of you who follow my youtube have probably already seen, but I had the honor to be given the chance to do another tablet review for huion ! ;v; This time, I reviewed The Huion H950P graphics tablet.
You can find my unboxing/review video below, it includes a Warriors animation timelapse as well!
I've been using this tablet for around three weeks now, and overall, it's been very reliable! Nothing has really changed since the review video I did last week, so I'll just list the pros and cons from my amazon review:
:bulletgreen: I had absolutely no problem installing the drivers, everything worked as it should after installing and has been working ever since. I've had issues with drivers on my previous tablets, so I'm glad that I don't have to deal with those problems again.
:bulletgreen: I tested it out in Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CC, and Toon Boom Studio, and everything worked perfectly. The only program that I couldn't get it to work in is P
:iconnightrizer:Nightrizer 19 7