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Free Art Raffle
I've been wanting to do a raffle for a really really long time but I've been too busy to do so o: I think I finally have enough time now. I only have one commission left and I like working on multiple things at once ^^
I decided to raffle off a character portrait or two!! I'll definitely draw at least one winner, but I may draw two or three because I honestly love doing portraits o:
Here's what my portraits look like!! They're like illustrations but not as detailed. They're only of busts too. They're just fun and I like doing them :}

- I'll only draw canine or dragon characters, so please keep that in mind!!
- You must be watching me, new watchers are welcome :> Unwatching me will get you disqualified though, sorry
- Comment to let me know you're entering!!
- I'll respond to you with your comment with your ticket numbers when I can <33
You can earn extra
:iconarkeriel:Arkeriel 20 74
8th DD and Art Feature
Daily Deviation
My 8º Daily Deviation, and my 1º as Wallpaper La la la la Love
Ellysiumn thank you very much for the unexpected surprise :happybounce:  I really was not expecting a DD as wallpaper,
very honored :hug:

Art Feature
Some works that amazed me in the last weeks.
black heart bullet black heart bullet black heart bullet

:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 28 25
We Interrupt this Broadcast of Pony...
...for some more pony! Enjoy!
:iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 24 13
GvK Part 2 - Preview 01 - Bowser and Bowser Jr
Here's the first preview of Tony Salazar's Godzilla vs. Koopzilla Part 2.
This is the part where Bowser will talk to his son Bowser Jr about his vision about Godzilla.
:iconasylusgoji91:AsylusGoji91 8 10
Best-SnapShots Vol#76
Star! Best-Snapshot Of The Week Star!
Maisa and Aino
By Pajunen 
I believe we can write a story through great Photography
You were born for this!
Excellent Work! :thumbsup:

Star! Other Submissions Star!



:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 30 19
Kingdom Hearts Rewrite - Birth by Sleep Pt. 1/4
So this will take place after my rewrite of Union X Kingdom Hearts Lore Rewrite
*Before BBS*
More than 900 years have past since the Keyblade War and the splitting of the worlds. So much so that these events have become reduced to being known as fairy tales. Keybladers exist but in rare numbers and fate would always make sure of that. Luxu still exists by training two apprentices and choosing one to gain either knowledge or wisdom. They who gain wisdom will be trained as a teacher so that they can pass down their ways to the next Keyblade wielders and those who gain knowledge will be told of forbidden truths and secretly will become Luxu's next vessel so he can live on. Eraqus and Xehanort's teacher just happened to be Luxu and when Eraqus chose wisdom and Xehanort chose knowledge, Luxu told Xehanort the truth of their past and what would happen to Xehanort. What Luxu never counted on wa
:iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 5 0
Marvel vs. Sega
Before any of you get too excited, I don't have a Marvel vs. Sega fan crossover in the plannings. Although I have not ruled out the possibility of it happening. This is just what I would imagine my own roster being like. Here's what my roster would be. Like it or not like it, here they are:
Spider-Man vs. Sonic the Hedgehog
Iron Man vs. Miles "Tails" Prower
Hulk vs. Knuckles the Echidna
Cyclops vs. Silver the Hedgehog
The Punisher vs. Shadow the Hedgehog
Spider-Gwen vs. Amy Rose
Dr. Doom vs. Dr. Eggman
Wolverine vs. Vyse
Captain America vs. Welkin Gunther
Winter Soldier vs. Alicia Melchiott
Iron Fist vs. Akira Yuki
Luke Cage vs. Axel Stone
Psylocke vs. Alis Landale
Thor vs. Gilius Thunderhead
Dr. Strange vs. Bayonetta
Vision vs. NiGHTS
Rocket Racoon vs. Aiai
Gamora vs. Ulala
Ant-Man vs. Alex Kidd
Phoenix vs. Candy
Ghost Rider vs. Ryo Hazuki
Scarlet Witch vs. Hatsune Miku
The Beetle vs. Billy Hatcher
Nova vs. Shou Amabane
Star-Lord vs. Michael Ford
Daredevil vs. Joker
Silver Samurai vs.
:icongreatangelguardian:GreatAngelGuardian 8 11
OC - Contest [OPEN - up to 200$ in prizes]
It's finally here, my first contest like EVER and I'm super nervous and excited aah...╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯♥
I hope anyone will like to participate!
As the title states, this is an OC-Contest!
Please make sure to read everything carefully through the end!
will be on the 1st july 2019!
There are NO extensions planned, since it's my birthday ♥ //
• You do not need to be a watcher to participate (but I'd be super happy if you are! ♥)
• Everyone can join!
• If you want to donate a price please send me a note ♥
• Sharing of this contest is highly recommended, since it will be more likely to unlock the higher prizes this way
• Entries must be submitted to your gallery with mentioning the contest and me as the owner of the OC(s) 
• You can draw as many entries as you like, but only one will win a price~
• This is a drawing conte
:iconpeach-coke:Peach-Coke 44 5
NaturesHaven Highlights - February 2019
Hello and welcome to NaturesHaven Highlights!
Each month, I will pick some works that stood out to me to shine a blinding spotlight on them.
I hope you will enjoy these as much as I do.
February 2019 - Volume 7

[C] .: Reborn :. by ancarie-bluewolf
1.61 beats per second by Apofiss
a guide through the flames by Verlidaine
Bear cub by DesigningLua
Merry Christmas Owen! by TeeganPurrington
Koi Carp Suncatcher by EarthBalanceCraft
Autem aereas flore by teundenouden
sacrament in the night by Esherymack
:iconendorell-taelos:Endorell-Taelos 6 12

Its time for yet another new Adventure  with the Cuteness Defenders. Uhh, Firstly I wanna say sorry for not posting new stories lately cause I have a huge Backlog that I still need to finish. Also, I was kinda Drained As I have no ideas for stories yet. But I'm back and totally ready to entertain you so lets get this Story under way
As said in the title,There is a Secret Ally helping the defenders today. Fuse and the gang had no idea about this mysterious kid who just showed up by accident on Side 20 and Cude think that this new kid might be a distraction but Fuse, Being the kind and compassionate Quilava he is decides to take this Mystery Kid out with them (Bold move sir) But is he Friend or Foe? And who is mystery kid you ask? Well all that is about to be revealed so get ready cause this story is gonna be awesome
Cuteness Defenders Mecha done by murumokirby360
Batdramon owned by extyrannomon
Mieko i
:iconromulus907:Romulus907 9 8
Home Grown Dogs video CONTEST, $$ prizes, DISCORD!
Ya'll remember a few years back I did a video contest for Audience, here's a reminder of that year's winner (cuz I still adore it lol) [link] !! Still heccin' awesome! But yeah I'm doing another video contest and this time it's about Home Grown Dogs my new animated series that is in the works right now. 
The videos will be judged based on quality and creativity! 
VIDEO prompt: create a video focusing on several of the main characters in my show, it can be silly, serious, anything really! If you have any questions about my characters or their relation to each other please ask. But please first read and check this link out with all the characters: 
also their toyhouses in case you need any extra refs:
:iconlupisvuipes:lUPISVUIPES 61 17
i usually hate asking for money like this but my boyfriend is in a real shitty situation and really needs money for a plane ticket. due to the fact that we are both autistic and trans, and also that they weren't able to finish school we can't really get a lot of money by ourselves and that’s why i'm making this!
they currently live with both physically and emotionally abusive people who are pretty much ruining all their attempts at recovering from trauma and an eating disorder as well as 10+ years of total isolation and neglect, while also cutting off all their chances of getting proper professional help which has all gotten to the point where they end up having meltdowns almost daily.
we need around $1500 and currently have like. $20 at most. you can dm us for commission prices through discord (CONTROL WORLD#3102 is mine, nick!#8999 is theirs)! please share this if you’re able to. you can also boost this on tumblr 
:iconsixhateclub:sixhateclub 45 9
Traditional Art Feature

Made in collaboration with
Hello everyone !
Here's my selection of the best works

submitted to Art Glory Group in the last 2 weeks!

 Enjoy !

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

:iconsabz0r:Sabz0r 10 0
Godzilla TV Spot
Only one can be King. 
:iconkaijualpha1point0:KaijuAlpha1point0 5 11
5 Things You Didn't Know About The VW Beetle
5 Things You Didn't Know About The Volkswagen Beetle
On February 17, 1972, Beetle overtook the Model T as the world's best-selling car, breaking the more than 40-year record held by Ford.  Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about the Volkswagen Beetle...
Porsche Designed the Beetle
The 1 millionth Beetle to be manufactured received special treatment for the occasion. It was painted gold with glass beads adorning the chrome. Image credit: WikiCommons Ferdinand Porsche, the developer of one of the world’s most popular sports cars, and his son, designed the Volkswagen Beetle. His main objectives were to design a vehicle that was inexpensive to purchase and repair, and had an air-cooled engine. The first vehicles rolled off the production line in 1939, although early production was limited due to World War II.
Americans Didn’t Like the Beetle at First
Image credit: WikiCommons The Volkswagen Beetle was introduced in 1949 to the United States. How
:icontheman268:TheMan268 4 2
Lilypad News - New Post Office Built!
Macy: Finally, our mail system is up and running! It's all thanks to Ridney here, who built the post office!
Ridney: D'aww, I really 'ppreciate it, chitter. Always happy to be of service.
Macy: And we appreciate you! We even have someone to deliver the mail! Hermes, come introduce yourself, batty!
Hermes: Haha, yes ma'am! I'm Hermes, your friendly deliverypony!
Samuel: A pegasus, huh...? That means you're probably from Cirrostratus Town, the City in the Sky, right? I've been there for visits with my mom and sister. Only creatures with wings can even tour there...I remember my wings being so sore after that...
Jasmine: Didn't mom carry you on her back most of the time, haha!
Samuel: Hey, I flew for a GOOD PORTION of that trip, okay?! Jeez, sis! My wings are smaller than mom's and my asthma plays into part and-
:iconcreature-crossing:Creature-Crossing 13 4
Don't be sad if you don't have a BF / GF
Hey people,Vanny Dragee here. I'm here to say that i'm really sad to see people making fun of others who don't have a mate for Valentine's Day. First because is not funny,second because being engaged dosen't mean you're better. I suffer a lot from stupid parents and people who say: "Why don't u got a BF/GF yet?" "U need to find someone." The truth is...i don't have to. :) Being in a Relationship should be fun,an life experience and an experience of love and trust,not something to feel like you're better than a single person,you're not.
I have a lot of friends into relationships who basically fogot that i exist? This is not dedicated to anyone,before you come and say "This journal is for me?" NO,it's not for anyone to feel bad,i wanna make single people feel better. So,i have a lot of friends that after got into a relationship,fogot about me and their other friends,nice,you're being a great DORK.
Ok,the point is: You don't need a BF or a GF to be someone,you don't depend on anyone to be
:iconf0ssah:F0SSAH 10 9
Feature: Love and romance
Pieces below come from this forum thread: Share your artworks featuring romantic couples!
I've decided to make little sub-genres for this feature, so it won't be just a wall of thumbs. Without further ado... Let's see some love! Happy 
Love can be...
- affectionate:

- supernatural:

- tender:
001 - Love, time and tenderness by LiisaEltsCommission: Taihla by Koettboid
- cute:
.: Valentine's Chu :. by Ya-e
:iconlidiash:Lidiash 14 17
Weekly Top-15+10 Feature #100
Weekly Feature comes out every Wednesday's morning or evening. It shall come out at another day if at Wednesday I am too busy.
Every Feature contains 15 featured artworks.
Feature shall contain 20 artworks (15+5 format): every 10th Feature (there wasn't such a rule between 1-29th Features); on hollidays.
Hollidays when Weekly Feature comes out in 15+5 format: Xmas (both); New Year; Easter; Trinity Day etc.
By the request of an author of one of featured artwork it can be removed. In this case it shall be replaced by another featured artwork.
There shall be 1 featured artwork per every artist. In other words, 15 artists per Weekly Feature shall be featured.
Featured artworks shall be by artists no matter if they are in Watch list or no.
Such artoworks as literature; crafts; comics pages (expect of covers); icons cannot be featured.
There is a random scale of chosing artworks (not totally random). Requests to feature artworks shall be ignored.
Every Weekly Feature can contains featured ar
:iconkunyka:KunYKA 6 12
Tokota HP Raremane Slot Auction
Let's do this.
- Auctions will go a full 48 hours then end 24 hours after the last bid.
- Each slot starts at 6HP, and the minimum increase is 2HP.
- Minimum 10 HP per week, if you cannot keep this deadline please do not bid.
- HP can be in the form of tokens, activities, sheets, lit, etc.
- Please bid on the correct chain for the toko you are wanting a slot from and reply to the highest bidder.
- HP may be done from any of my tokotas here:…
I'm not looking for perfection just art that will pass as HP. I'm pretty flexible and will offer multiple tokos to do on higher HP amounts and can swap out one toko if it's too complicated for your preference but if you are not comfortable with most of my toko's designs I ask that you please not bid.
- Questions? Please ask here:
:iconflickabee:FlickaBee 6 78
Art from VisualWonders
Showcasing amazing art by our newest members!










Grotta di ceramiche pazze by NaryEE
Bird Of Literature by TardisGhost
Morrowind: Raven Rock trader shop by IgorLevchenko
Monstrers and inc In a parallel dimension by Asur-Misoa
Coral reef by marijeberting
Love does not exist by Lyssiana
First Contact by senafoxx
DO THINK TWICE by Nikkayla
Beyond of the my dreams by CharllieeArts
:icontiinaporthan:TiinaPorthan 4 4

- >Watch me< 
- Fav this journal, I will choose the winner with
- I will draw Human and Kemomimi only
- Comment to join and put the link your character !! (So I'll know you joined.)
- I chose only 3 lucky winners.
What I am particularly interested in
- male
- kemomimi,Human
- Yandere
The raffle will ends at 20/02/2019
good luck X333
:iconquiquiliae:Quiquiliae 12 10