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Commissions OPEN!
So I've been telling everyone that I was going to wait until the end of this year/beginning of next year to open commissions again, but I figured "I'm in the last week or two of my summer break. Best get some now before I have to focus on school, right?"
Of course this goes against my plan, but when have any of my plans gone like I thought? That's life. :)
If you are interested in getting a commission, please read the following rules FULLY!
1. I will be going in order of first-come-first-serve, as in if you comment before someone else, I will choose yours first. Not random selection this time.
2. Please only enter for a commission if you know you can afford it. I allow a week or two to gather your payment if need be, but normally I hope you'll have the payment up front. You can pay with DA points, or with Paypal.
3. You can order a commission of literally anything! But please know that if you ask for a complex scene (particul
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 34 59
Amazing Manipulation Award- AMA#4
This month's category from :iconstewed-tomatoes: is

A visual narrative which illustrates an excellent story with a juxtaposition of emotions, background details in an effective, skillful and in an amusing way.
Please meet the nominees from the respective affiliated groups:
From Stewed-Tomatoes Gallery.

From Art-Revival Gallery.

From The-Imaginarium Gallery.

From DA-LOVERS Gallery.

Viper by Jeni-Sue
Monster by isildurion
From World-of-Art-Kingdom Gallery.
Dark Snow by Aramisdream
medusozoa by yellowicous
A place beyond by eerilyfair
The winner
:iconsummerdreams-art:SummerDreams-Art 8 8
Just One More Question...v5
Dear all,
In February I introduced the first issue of this new journal series I am very excited about. I had this idea where I wanted to do a series that showcases the immense diversity of people we have as members here on DeviantArt. And I wanted to try something a little bit different with regards to interviews. Instead of interviewing multiple artists by asking them a series of in depth questions, I decided I would come up with just one question, and ask it to a large number of deviants from different artistic mediums, different backgrounds, different countries, etc. This way, you, the reader, get to discover the insights, opinions and experiences of a huge variety of fellow members all at once. I really hope you guys will enjoy this, last issue got a lot of amazing responses, please let me know if there are specific questions you'd like me to ask in future issues!

"Has a life experience affected you so much that even
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 24 32
Ben X Marina 300 Watchers Collab
I have now gotten 300 watchers! Time to make another collab and this time its Ben X Marina! The rules will be the same in the Ben X Frost Collab but i will repeat them here. Note: This is not Canon btw. Ben is still with Frost it's just cute ship I made up :3
1. Its has to include Ben and Marina in a romantic theme.
2. You can do any art style 
Examples: GMod, SFM, Drawings, Any way you make you're art!
3. You can do NSFW stuff if you like ;)
4. You can do as many as you like!  I don’t mind if that’s bad, rushed or bad in your opinion.
5. You can have you're Watermark if you like! (Optional)
6. Make sure you have the hashtag #BenXMarinaCollab in you're entry!
7. Make sure you tag me (benmarcgold)!
The deadline is: September 17th, 2018
And here’s the reference and dupe of Ben:
:iconbenmarcgold:benmarcgold 6 5
Thank you for submitting!, and challenge
Fox emoji - heartsdeviantART Groups 
:iconhellothereplz: Hello dear friends and members!
You have until the 20th August to submit to our monthly challenge thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… , check it out!
For August, the theme is MUSIC and you may submit any kind of work, old or new, related to music.
Already submitted:
Music by martinatera  Mystery of music by 3Y3TOY  The spectre by Laura-Cadei  Osu! Contest Entry by WindSwirl
:iconegil21:Egil21 7 11
Some facts and opinions on tattoos
I'm happily tattooed and respect people who do not want to get any tattoos. But if you're planning to get a tattoo or more from your highly responsible and clean tattoo artist of choice, please read this.
Tattoos don't last forever if by "forever" you mean they stay exactly the way they look when they're freshly made!
Tattoos will get blurry and slightly fade in saturation after few decades. That's why, don't get tiny tattoos, they will look like a random round smudge in ten or twenty years.
Because tattoos fade, people prefer black/grayscale over colored tattoos. A rainbow will look like a gray-ish rainbow eventually.
But even black/grayscale tattoos are usually just a very dark tone of blue. When their saturation fades after few years, expect your black/grayscale tattoos to look slightly dark blue.
You can tattoo over your old tattoo and make it look new again. You can also make a different tattoo covering your old o
:iconjwiesner:JWiesner 6 6
Birthday Caption Contest Winners
Thanks so much to everyone who took part in DA's 18th Birthday Caption Contest! I'm super excited to announce the winners, who will be receiving one month Core membership for each winning comment :boogie:

akrasiel's winner is Amarantheans with
Hmm... Christmas lights... Let's taste

berejant's winner is Rhyn-Art with
My spidey senses are tingling

bironicheroine's winner is Cronaj with
When you love your friend like Joe Biden loves Obama.

C-91's winner is Palkachu with
When your teacher is a memelord.

humblehills' winner is craftsbyblue with
That’s all you get for the free tier. Close-ups and high-resolution photos are for premium subscribers and spon
:icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 31 28
Prelude: Infinite Carange

Toxin: Criminals. There the worst of the worst from mercenaries to serial killers these people break the rules of society and ruin wild.
TheScourgeKirb: Because of this criminals make for pretty easy antagonist but there usually relatively weak when compared to other villains. 

Toxin: But then someone had the great idea of giving criminals superpowered items from other worlds which increased their power to insane levels!
TheScourgeKirb: Now incredibly attached to these new items these criminals would then go on to threaten the entire world and become a major threat to their resident teenage hero.  
Toxin: Carnage the insane symbiote from Marvel Comics!
TheScourgeKirb: And Infinite the Phantom Ruby infused mercenary from Sonic The Hedgehog! I'm TheScourgeKirb!
Toxin: And I'm Toxin. Now it's time to analyze th
:iconthescourgekirb:TheScourgeKirb 6 3
CT Dutch Equine 2nd Annual Summer Show
Welcome to the 2nd Annual Summer Show
Facility - Rules & Entering - Planning - Classes & Entrants - Judging - Titles & Prizes

Welcome back to your Annual Summer show, last year it was of course replaced by the Grand Re-opening show but this year its back. This show will run over the course of 5 days and is open to all horses that fit the requirements for the classes. Day 1-4 are for the different classes, the ceremony and ball are on the 5th day. The show will be held at the CT Dutch Equine grounds and people are more than welcome to come and stay on the grounds a week or 2 before the start of the event, so that the horses will feel at home when the event starts.
Just like last show the links above will direct you to smaller journals just containing info on that specific subject, m
:iconcookie1992:Cookie1992 10 9
People I feel like You should help ntoice!
fireflop we never talked but they seemed like a helping friend! 
SnowflakeCrystalYT They are sucha  great person and is willing to make friends1
TheNameOfName This peep is a amazing person with such talent!
Shrimpy-ChanShoyo Is amazing artist who just randomly watched me idek They are amazing tho!
JayCloudStudio who made me push on every day!
TheCheekyCherry She is such a great friend !!
Da-random-drawer She inspired me to draw so much stuff....I just wish there depression goes...
SaltyGms MY BFF!! I admire your creativity!
crazydoodleman144 My first reason why i started to draw on the first place!
Zen-pie ...Your art is glorious One day I will pay you back on making Scales even if i had to pay you
Lickipopsicle Eyy new friend i get along well with you!
alittlelizardkid You are such a good person! I am glad we are friends!
MrsKnowItAll123 I hope your ok! You mean so much to me
Mrs-Bugglesworth Ey! You are awesome!!
gummichu9 Hello! You are such a caring person!
:iconthepaintedsolars:ThePaintedSolars 14 89
open | icon commission | 8e / 800pts


 8 EURO / 800 points

666 x 666px
You CAN have more than one character.

☆ You cant claim the drawing as your own. 
You CAN'T use the commission piece in any kind of commercial use.
aka made profit out of it.
☆ IMPORTANT. I don't color pick. Everything will be desaturated.
☆ Character: (Full color reference, link of your character)
☆ Expression: (Happy, sad, etc.)
☆ Eyes: (1 or 2)

☆ Facing left or right : (Left<--- or --->right)
☆ Background / bubble color
☆ Paymen
:iconmilemiru:milemiru 41 94
Enter The Rescue Bots Academy! By MrWonderWorks
Fans of Transformers: Rescue Bots, check out the teaser trailer to the next chapter of the Rescue Bots series it's called "Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy" and it featuring Hoist of G1, Wedge of Saban's version of RID, and Hot Shot of Armada.
Enjoi! ;)
:iconmrwonderworks:MrWonderWorks 5 1
Fosilly and Tero: Ghoul Janitor and Evil Son
Showcasing an art trade between
:iconfosilly: Fosilly and :iconteroporthan: TeroPorthan 
"Evil's Sons Arrow Shooting"
by Fosilly 

based on TeroPorthan's

"Ghoul Janitor"
by TeroPorthan

based on Fosilly's

* * *
Fosilly FAQ
What is Fosilly?
You could say Fosilly is a drawing style, taking many different characters and situations and presenting them in a scary yet funny way.
How do you draw Fosillys?
There is no thought process behind most of Fosillys. I just draw shapes and let them determine what the drawing will be about.
Can you draw a Fosilly based on my idea?
Send me a note and I'll see what I can do.
* * *
Other works by Fosilly
:iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 5 17
TheArtistLounge Artistic Journey #1
T.A.L. Artistic Journey is a monthly feature at TheArtistLounge where are featured various medium artworks from our members. Would you like to see more? Then don't hesitate to check out our gallery! And remember to favourite/comment the artists' works!

:iconjustacapharnaum:JustACapharnaum 14 13
hey guys look
im actually trying to animate something for once
:iconlkkkkkkk:LKKKKKKK 7 2
Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Since I've received a positive feedback under my question regarding hosting a contest, I'm doing it right now! Theme for this one is:
L O S T  I N  T I M E  A N D  S P A C E
Let this be an inspiration for you! 
For those having no idea what that could mean, I'll give you few:
Old OC meets new one ("old" vs "new" Lin?)
OC/character gets trapped in void
Time paradox
Map distortion (ex. tuuuuurbine, highertower, 2fooooort, twisted 2fort, tilted badwater etc.)Time travelling goes wrong (future meets past)
and much much more!
I think you'd like to know a prize first, right...? xD

:iconpsycholinchan:PsychoLinChan 8 12
Kingdom Hearts Storyboard Art
Posting this here for whoever is interested. I'm unloading my art from the Kingdom Hearts pilot storyboard one week from tomorrow. (8/24) starting at 9am PST, the first block of art is up for grabs.
:iconsethkearsley:SethKearsley 4 4
Friday Feature Fest No.21
Hello, lovely people! Welcome to the weekly showcase of some of deviantArt's most awesome features over the week. I hope you find plenty of gorgeous art to inspire and awe you and that you will share the art love with others, as well. 
You are welcome to submit awesome features (both yours and others’) in the gallery folders, which are open for members and non-members alike.
Tomorrow we showcase your own art and suggestions in the Members feature. I’m looking forward to seeing your art in our gallery and you favourite art suggestions here.
Feature-Fest Vol. 146: Architecture by Yuukon  
:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 12 8
Arrowverse Tickling Lookback
When do you guys want me to post the full picture with Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost?
:iconkagan43:Kagan43 4 2
Fnaf 6 model pack update again again again again.
since ucn came out we got new references and stuff so i just updated them again!!?!??!?!
Now the ones that are severely updated are actually molten freddy and scrap baby, lefty is also updated a bit too but it was a really small update that isn't really that important, scraptrap wasn't updated at all :)))
ok if you've downloaded the old fnaf 6 models I'd recommend you replace them with the new versions :)))
You can download them on the fnaf 6 pack post, or from either blender release post, doesn't matter they're all the same.
I've also deleted all the other past fnaf 6 model posts on deviantart since they're ugly and i dont want to see them, and they're basically useless at this point.
bye :3333333333333
:iconlazythepotato:LazyThePotato 5 3
Book that was never to be...
Remember months ago when I said that one of my friends wanted me to illustrate a children's book they were planning to bring out? Well, it apparently never saw the light of day...
It's too bad too because I spent so much time with it and really would've loved to see it come to fruition...
(Luckily I got paid my part atleast for all the hard work)
So I decided to go and share the story and the images I've made for this, so atleast you guys can enjoy it and it doesn't collect dust on my hard drive.
My friend is a physiotherapist for children but she also helps them when they have learning disabilities, because she herself has them too. She's dyslexic. So she was planning to make a children's book to use with her children that also deal with dyslexic problems. It's a little bit based on herself but with a "fantasy" touch added to it. Some of the names have Dutch origins so if you don't immediate recognize them, that's why.
The story (titled I AM NOT DUMB):
:iconspokenmind93:SpokenMind93 4 19
UnderTale Art thief is back
I regret to inform you that the art thief I posted a while back before has returned again under the new name blueskelelover
Because da only allows the owner of the original art to file reports, I’m asking people who would like to help to:
If you recognize the original artist please let them know so they can report the theft.
Please warn your friends on da, tumblr, Twitter, discord, etc. This thief steals from a lot of people and shows no signs of stopping or remorse.
If you see her in any UT fan groups, it might be wise to warn admins they have a thief.
She is known to be extremely aggressive and lash out. Don’t engage with or harass her; block her right away.
As a little refresher, this person:
-posts art she traced from tons of artists (DysLex; Kayla-Na; popza10cm; Solnuh; Kimmys-Voodoo; Rensavenme, and me) then puts a copyright claim on them
-drew and posted child porn by traci
:icontekitourabbit:tekitourabbit 14 53