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Daily Art(sy): YunlongChen
Hello everypony! Love 
Yesterday I discovered YunlongChen - a magnificent (I learned a new word xD) MLP creator x__x
I don't get everything going on in his/her gallery, but...
...I'm a b*****g fool for his style xD You know...
...that certain "Comic-Ish" one x3
There's a lot to see and - for me - even more to love, so... Check him/her out x3

:iconestories:EStories 7 1
Feature of friends 3


Purple Flower by Arhar
UR005 by ov3
rainbow heart thank you by Dieffi  Daisies by SCPhotoArt
Paris by hv1234         Paris by jenyvess
Melancholy Night-by-GL-TUTORIAL by GothLyllyOn
Mystic path by DavidMnr
Moon Flower by KizukiTamura wendepunkt by scheinbar
Draw This Again - Haruka by TheKissingHand
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 9 16
I've joined a cult...
And we're recruiting.

1442520552323.cached-1 by Mrs-Durden GettyImages-813932476-920x584 by Mrs-Durden
Cf72fb225a32e9c1b57468562a1b62db by Mrs-Durden https %2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws. by Mrs-Durden
Images by Mrs-Durden Nintchdbpict0003193256621 by Mrs-Durden The-meaning-behind-each-and-every-tattoo-of-tom-ha by Mrs-Durden
Hardy-shirtless-esquire-uk-640x480 by Mrs-Durden Sd-aspect-1480692902-ha by Mrs-Durden
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 7 11
Office Tour
so, I filmed a tour of my office where I make my videos, since I just moved into it.
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 15 18
Commission December 2018 [On Hold]

Hi guys! I decided to do commission only during the winter break and will be ready for school on the first week of January.

 Here's an info :
Chibi Price: $16 each Character 
Detailed Character: $21 
(come with simple BG and PNG file)

 Half Body Price: $26  
Detailed Character: $31
Add Character : +$10, Detailed Character: $+15
Max Character in one Picture: 2 
(come with simple BG and you can ask for Transplant BG)
:iconnomellie:Nomellie 6 20
Don't Change The Image Of DA...!!!
(Taken from a Journal of :iconstreetgals9000: )
"Seeing how DA staff isn't listening to us, I suggest we revoke our cores until they do. If we don't give them our money, until they cancel Eclipse.
Now if you are on a monthly payment and, don't know how to disable it here's what you do. Go to Settings, In Settings you'll see a list of things on left side of the screen, go to Billings and Payments, then you'll see a green box that reads Disable Auto-Renewal click it and that's it.
If you don't have core and want to stop eclipse Just copy and paste this into your journal."
(BTW, if you want to know more about the cons of DA Eclipse, read here:  )
:iconmariostrikermurphy:MarioStrikerMurphy 4 9
di_features: blue \ pink \ red

:iconizaaaaa:Izaaaaa 4 4
- Be patient
-Send me a Reference of the OC
-SHARE this journal 
-3 character maximum (in a drawing)


if the character has a lot of details, points will be increased.
100 pointsPoints 
add character +50

1- :iconmickaela-sama:
2- :iconhimelove:
4- :iconmisscotter:
5- :iconladycreepasta666:
8- :icondanadani:
9- :iconrobin2456:
10- :iconelvina-exe:
15- :iconakayaanodite:
16 -:iconcrystal-zen:
 Non off. Slots- (waiting the payment)
- :iconmamaaogiri:
:iconcoffeeholiclinda-di:CoffeeholicLinda-DI 18 95
December Requests
It’s that time ove again. I’ll be taking 4 requests. So here are the rules:
1: One character per request
2: Females only
3: Must at least be at least 16 in age
4: Will do normal fat style, inflation, or immobile
5: Request in the comments in this format: Character (Series) Type of Expansion
6: Unless linked (links preferred), they will be drawn in their normal outfit
7: In order to help others get them, people that got requests will have a 1 period cool off (Basically, if you got one last time, you have to wait till next time)
8: OC’s and anthro will not be included
:iconxshadowshadesx:xShadowshadesx 3 14
:icon2ndnight:2ndnight 3 1
Cheap Commissions (OPEN)
What can i draw? 
-Females and Males
-Gore (a little bit)

What cant i draw? >:v

-Sin/Mature content 
-Perspective ;w;
Another character 
Digital +100Points  or 1$
+100Points  or 1$
(My youtube: Lau Art)
cherry blossom CHIBIScherry blossom 
400Points or 4$

300Pointsor 3$

cherry blossomHEADSHOTcherry blossom 
:iconmizorebusujima:MizoreBusujima 14 9
Image Packs Are Back
The image packs are back. Both the MILF pack and Anthro Girls pack featuring art by Aeolus06 and myself are available for purchase at Gumroad on the new store.
The MILF Pack features over a dozen lovely cartoon mothers in 18 NSFW pics
The Anthro Girls Pack features over 20 anthro ladies in 25 NSFW pics
Gumroad Store
Gumroad Store
:iconrogerbacon:Rogerbacon 5 2
Let's go shopping!

Merlin in a bag by cat-lilith
The Shop by MRT-Gwam
Black Cat by angelwolf2002 Out of town on the 15th. - See you in the 22nd! Black Cat by angelwolf2002
And a little heads up:
With the coming of the new deviantART Eclipse format,
it may take me a little while to get used to some of the new formatting
of journal features. Please bear with me as I figure things out
once Eclipse is fully implemented.
dA bar by CapnDeek373
Kitten Divider by Revenciel
Encourage your cat fan friends to join!
We wish to have even more
fabulous cat art and photos to feature each week!
Please submit all works to the Photos 2 or Works of Art 2 folders.

Thank you!
dA bar by CapnDeek373
:iconwazabees: :iconcapnskusting:
dA bar by CapnDeek373
:iconcaturdays:caturdays 2 5
Culture Day
Max is confirmed to be Indian. He assumes that nobody cares. Neil is confirmed to be Jewish, though that was always pretty obvious, and that's what we are going to care about, because this holiday special is actually a Hannukah special. That's clever enough, and it works great in the context of this episode, though it's still supposed to take place during the summer, of course. Neil gets some respect for his heritage, and everyone (who belong to Camp Camp, at least) gets a happy ending.  Well written, and one of the best season 3 episodes overall, in my opinion.
:iconcampofcampcamp:CampOfCampCamp 5 1
Another Journal
Writing more free-writes than poems, lately. Thought about saving this one for later, but I needed to get my last journal off the screen. 
Sometimes the morning is like the evergreens, dropping snow at the gentlest brush, storing up the glitter of the storm until the sun returns.
Sometimes I talk so much of storms, look through windows while I sip my morning coffee, gauging fronts that aren’t outside, but more internal.
Sometimes I remember that I live in one of those Christmas paintings where people skate on frozen ponds and hang garlands from the street lamps and smile at you on the street.
Sometimes I remember why I’ve stayed. The guardianship of the mountains, the winding canyon roads, the dreadlocked hippies carting mandolins and bongos through hip-high snow.
Sometimes I get my finger right on the pulse of this little elfin town, the life-blood magic that pumps beneath the hurried surface. I find that quiet sparkle, the shimmer on its leaves, and I remembe
:icontiger--eyes:Tiger--eyes 3 1
First of all: THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining!
Thank you for the sponsors!  LacrimareObscuraCOOLBOSS13 and Prilla39420 !
It was so hard to decide the winners. We didn't had a lot of entries but every single one were amazing. you're so talented.
:bulletorange: 1º place: Elven princess by @CelestialCommander
My throughs: This is so pure. How did you know I love pianos? The light, the roses and points... Everything so soft, just the way I like. I wish I was inside that drawing. Thank you so much! :love: 
:bulletorange: 2º place: Elf Lady by @
:icon100millionpoints:100millionPOINTS 12 11
Behind The Storm
Another story
author : me
story and artist : pkm-150
Moonlight and Sunflow from :iconrat-man1:
Max from :iconamirnyan:
Main character: All.
One week after Sunflow's first day school story.
In town...
Speed: Oh, Arceus. The sky looks scary.
Lazuli: Yeah, looks like today will raining.
Sunshine: I hope, we aren't in the rain.
Ruby: Yeah, i hate rain.
Speed: Then, let's go home. We have fun today.
Lazuli, Ruby, Sunshine: Aye!
Meanwhile in ES tree house...
Axel: Uh, i feel today will rain.
Pearl: The forecast said today will 90% raining.
Flare: Hm, i think we didn't need to watering them.
Leaf: But, now it's still afternoon.
Black: Are you okay with thunder and rain?
Moonlight: Well, in our old house it's so often happened.
Silvia: Max, i'm sorry. You take me home.
Max: Well, i don't mind. Besides, we might be in the rain earlier.
Silvia: Yeah, i don't want get wet.
Speed: We're home.
Leaf: Welcome home.
Crystal: Phew, made it.
Trace: Yes, and-
Speed: Oh, it's raining.
Trace: Goo
:iconwidwan:widwan 6 7
Yeah HD Bandicoot Trophy Presenter Girls let's go!
Also I figured I'd post a trailer that was honest about which systems it was gonna be released on. First one I came across, well, led some people thinking Sony was listening to its audience and giving them what they want....
:icontyrranux:Tyrranux 3 3
A new Christmas adventure part 6
*On The ship, Raven, Blackout, Sapphire, Callie and Marie are hunting for Clawhauser, trying to figure out his master plan*
Raven: Something tells me that Clawhauser will jeopardize, or most likely, Neutralize Christmas.
Callie: Why would you think that?
Raven: I just know it.......
Marie: Then if that's true, why was he like This?
Blackout: He wasn't an Outlaw back then. He was a Bounty hunter.
Callie: Wow. Really?
Raven: He used to be the lawmen's assistant.
Marie: So, he used to do good for others?
Blackout: Yep. He hunts down criminals, does public service to folks in need, and even fishes and let's them go for the sake of honor.
Callie: Well, he actually doesn't sound too bad.
Marie: But what drove him to life of Crime?
Raven: Two words: Money and Weapons.
Callie: So, he was driven by Avarice and greed?
Blackout: Wow, for a celebrity, you sure read the dictionary.
Sapphire: Guys, can we not make this an important discussion right now and focus on Clawhauser?
Raven: Fair enough. Bu
:iconpaw1999:paw1999 3 0
Aladdin: New Adventure
A story by me and MarioFanProductions 
Summary: In Agrabah where the Street Rats lives and now soon to be married to Jasmine, as now, the new little thief in Agrabah, named Kara the Street Mouse, she has given another chance into living into Agrabah, and lives her life as a street mouse, stealing food to survive, but now she might run into Aladdin himself, as the villains he knows name Jafar will return and everything will be ruled by the deadly racer but leader of Death Syndicate, Deathborn.
Main Cat:
Kara (Di-Gata Defenders)
Jason, Ashley and Carlos Anders MarioFanProductions 
Violet (The Incredibles)
Spyro, Hunter and Bianca (Spyro the Dragon)
Rick, Evy, Alex and Jonathan (The Mummy: Animated Series)
Kadar (My OC)
Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Genie, Iago and Carpet (Aladdin Series)
Hilda Berg (Cuphead)
Jackie, Jade, Uncle, Tohru, Viper, Paco and El Toro (Jackie Chan Adventures)
Crash, Coco and Crunch (Crash Bandicoot)
Shaggy, Scooby, Velma, Fred, Daphne, Madelyn and Trudy (Sco
:iconchristopher108:Christopher108 3 14
I was having such a good day today, so I decided to share a little bit of that sweet feel with you darlings in the form of my recent favorites!
Christmas :lights: F2U | Pink Candy Cane Icon Behold, their magical beauty and awesomeness! Christmas La Sans Christmas Icon Christmas Tree

Reflections by LiaCam
Autumn Sun by Nelleke
Mt St Helens by MaciejKarcz
The misty forest by streamweb
Lazarus by Pajunen
:iconfloreina-photography:Floreina-Photography 4 6
Making a G/t Roleplay and Story Telling Video Game
Out in the world I'm a game developer. I'm a programmer primarily but, as you all know, I've some experience in 2D artwork. I've used other games before (IMVU and Second Life, to be exact) as tools to aid in G/t roleplaying. Of course, the G/t aspect is not something these things were really designed for and they can be pretty janky and unsatisfying. So I set out to solve the problem myself.
The game I'm developing has or is planned to have (at the time of writing):
In-depth character customisation (including character size) that allows you to build the character you want without having to import models or assets of your own (implemented and is being constantly expanded)
An unlimited list of custom characters for every user, so you don't have to stick with just one (implemented)
The ability to have as many characters in a scene at once as you like, both single player and with friends (in progress)
The ability to switch between those characters at will and control them as you see fit (i
:iconshardro:Shardro 5 4