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delivering the goods without a trace


:iconeintoern:EintoeRn 4 3
Who's up to Roleplay (Please read or be ignored)
Many years ago I joined a forum RP called, MSF High. I spent a good 6 years there roleplaying, and was the first place where I got my Scientist, Zero Confidence, started up. There was a bit of a dispute which caused me getting banned by the current Mods and DMs of that RP. I spent the good many years after that feeling pretty sore about the incident.
BUT, out of curiosity, I decided to check on the comic again to see if it's updated.
MSF High is based on a magical school that's located somewhere and also no where in the galaxy. It's a school that trains people to become heroes that will later find themselves accomplishing all sorts of tasks, accomplishments, or saving the universe one day. It's not against the Anti-hero/vigilante types, but there might be some conflicting views with the other students, but that's the fun in a school type setting. The comic was written by :iconmsfhwraith: and illustrated by :iconakuoreo:
Reading the comic will give you a pr
:iconzeroconfidence:ZeroConfidence 4 10
Anniverse Discord
New to the Anniverse Discord?
Here's some things you will need to know ♥
The Anniverse has an ever growing community and we all tend to hang out on our Discord to bring those interested in Annies together. A strong Community bond is what we all are striving for!  
We chat, talk, show art & even host mini events!
If you want to stay connected with the Anniverse's upcoming Events, Annies, and community join our Discord for quick updates & announcements ♥
Announcements Include:
♥ New Release of Annies
♥ Streamers
♥ Annie Petal (AP) Bank Opening/Closure
♥ New Annies up for Trade/Resell
♥ Art sneakpeaks.
♥ Discussion of Blessings & More!
Come join here:

We make sure to see if you've read the rules! 
So make sure you've read them properly!

On Discord
:iconyamio:Yamio 9 1
I mean, it's 2018
it's time.
So after awhile, I have decided to organize a Fanbook for the 2003 series -  to celebrate the 15th anniversary! And since the 2003 series barely have anything these days...
She Has Come To Life !!
- The theme (obviously) is the 4kids TMNT cartoon - meaning any other version will not be allowed;
- You may write or draw about your favourite scene of the series, story arcs, characters, aus, etc. Ocs are allowed! But only when accompanied with an official character;
- NO NSFW, Tcest and pedophilic pairings allowed. That means there will not be any turtles + adults pairings (April, Casey, Karai, etc. Usagi is included);
- AUs are allowed;
- Maximum of 2 entries per person; 
- All entries are to be emailed to  
- The entries must be ne
:iconangry-aries:angry-aries 14 28
Join Cuddlepug's Discord server! All welcome!
My friends! I have finally conformed and have joined Discord. While I'm mainly using Discord in a professional capacity, I thought it would also be a neat opportunity to make a server where you can come and talk and make some new friends!

The server is here:
(I've called the group 'Apprentices of the Lickbait' in honour of those who lick :iconcudpugmagicplz1:)

I talk to some amazing people on DeviantArt (truly, I think I have some of the best watchers going!) and I'd love for you to all have a place to get to know each other as well. You can talk about anything and everything - I just request that you keep things friendly and cordial, of course :@)
Everyone is welcome! It'd be nice if we could get a little community going ^^
(I'll periodically bump this in case new people want to join!)
:iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 6 7
I'm proud as I created my first tutorial :-)
My tutorial title is  "Dematerialize watercolors and get an ultra-white background (without variation of shadow and light)"
After lots of different and varied tests (like the disappointing white balance method), I finally found an ideal method (in my opinion) to shoot my watercolors and make the color of paper like a perfect white. The idea is to take two pictures with a fixed camera. We first photograph the watercolor, and then a white sheet of the same size and the same paper lay exactly in the same place. In this way, the second picture can act as a reference to determine the values ​​of the blanks, pixel by pixel. Video tutorial ... is here:
:icontwindrops:TwinDrops 8 1
can't sleep?


Oubliette by AlMaNeGrA 
The Tomb of the Gods by MarioFegan Untitled by DelicSaike The Itch by CliveBarker Nightbreed Baphomet by zyphryus
The Monster's Bride by Makerva Savage Garden by Pendragon-Arts The Dead God Cthulhu by fiend-upon-my-back The city of monsters by Nieris
Bizzaro by Bohy Breach by Larbesta Horror On The Orient Express by tohdraws FSA||Hermit by TsamiTsunami
Ever at yer service

:iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 4 3
Every episode of MLP season 2 in 10 words or less
The Return of Harmony: An amazing introduction to one of the best villains. A
Lesson Zero: The episode that saved the show and made Twilight terrifying. A
Luna Eclipsed: Luna is told to STFU about a holiday mocking her. D
Sisterhooves Social: The start to Sweeie and Rarity having the best dynamic. A
The Cutie Pox: I've almost forgotten how terrible the CMC used to be. D
May the Best Pet Win: Amazing song, overall mediocre experience, I love Tank though. C+
The Mysterious Mare Do Well: Beyond overhated. Rainbow's friends stop fucking around! B+
Sweet and Elite: Why should everyone know you Rarity? C-
Secret of My Excess: Y'know who else has a present for Spikey-Wikey? MY MOM! C
Hearths Warming Eve: They pulled off the holiday better in other episodes. B-
Family Appreciation Day: Only MLP could make the alphabet song awesome! B
Baby Cakes: I'm getting my rascal wrapped... D
The Last Roundup: You ok Applejack? Anything I can do to help? CHIMMICHERRYCHANGA! A
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy
:iconregulas314:Regulas314 6 2
8 facts about War
Tagged by :iconxMitsukami:
8 facts about War *^*
1. He’s 7’6
2. He was created to protect the creators in my story
3. He shares a body with another character: Nier
4. Nier is the dominant soul in their body
5. War cannot speak (obviously)
6. War is not his actual name XD, it’s what the characters call him
7. His actual name is still in the process of figuring out
8. He sees Primus as a father figure
Ima tag :iconSunnyBum: :iconMythisawesome: and :iconxXLuna13Xx: have fun :0
:iconzillahaon:ZillaHaon 7 8
Edit 2:
Its not just about a specific group their attacking anyone who ships with Gaara from Naruto
Edit 1: 
:iconrozen-nomad: has now been suspended 
I normally don't get invovled with drama; espically Naruto drama; but this can not stand; people are getting suspended and banned over someone being a petty jealous cunt, and theres no nice way to put that.
Basically an Anonymous person is going around the Naruto Fandom reporting Artwork of Gaara x OC Ships 
Serveral People have been Suspended because of these false flag reports and a person (Livna) was even banned due to it. 
(Note: Livna was banned; and the ban was just; however the fact remains that the same person who reported her is more than likely the one flagging others ) 
as I said before I normally stay out of drama, but this is a whole new level of bullying; and I won't stand for it!
Please give any info you have in the comments and pass this around if you can I will be up; I will keep this uptodate wi
:iconoc-goddess:OC-Goddess 9 55
Death Battle Match Ideas: Rick Taylor
"Show them why we call it Splatterhouse!"
Rick Taylor is the main protagonist of the Splatterhouse franchise, while his story varies across from the original to the reboot, I focus more on the reboot as it's his most informed and strongest version. Richard 'Rick' Taylor was a college student who just had about a girlfriend who was too good for him, and while attending her interview with the creepy Dr. West, she is kidnapped to be set as a sacrifice to The Corrupted, being the gateway for them to come into the human realm to invade the Earth and destroy humanity, fusing with the Terror Mask, a being who also hates The Corrupted, which gives him supernatural abilities, Rick sets out to destroy The Corrupted, kill Dr. West, and save his girlfriend.
Splatterhouse is seriously an underrated game, honestly really good and I love it. 

Here's a bio I made for him some time ago which contains info for a Death Battle.
NOTE: Unlike my other m
:iconcrashrexez:CrashRexez 3 5
Harem project filled
Alright, we have all eight harems decided and ready to go. Our harems will be...
For :iconNJDRAGON98: Lissa and Elise from Fire Emblem, Lana from Hyrule Warriors, Ruby Rose from RWBY, and Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail.
For :iconmachodionysus14: Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY, Tea Gardner from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Leafa from SAO, Jade from Mortal Kombat, and Raye from Star Wars.
For :iconpimsan0: OC Guthrie, Luna from Yugioh 5ds, Hikari from Digimon, Hibiki from Symphogear, and Wendy from Fairy Tail.
For :iconvespei: Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, Momo Yaoyorozu, and Mount Lady all from My Her Academia.
For :iconkaijukorps: Jessica Albert from Dragon Quest VIII, Natsumi Hinata from Keroro Gunsou/Sgt. Frog, Zoe from Digimon Frontier, Nami from One Piece, and Tina from Dead or Alive.
For :iconjinxtheblacktemplar: Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night, Asuka Langley Soryu from Evangellion, Mayumi Saegusa from mahouka koukou no rettousei, Luna Lovegood
:iconssvineman:ssvineman 4 7
Commision Information - [CLOSED]
          I've decide to open and try once again, but, To make ever improved,
but I may able not make it in time to finish this, So, I decide and do it at my free time, Don't worry, I will try my best to make it good and colorful. But, just agree with my terms of service. 

(i do not have fanart of portrait, man.)
Regular Prize (additional shading) - 100 p.
Without shading - 50 p. 
If you want to add with background additional 50 p.
Depend on how many characters you want,
I will add every 50 points every additional characters.

Regular Prize (additional shading) - 200 p.
Without shading - 100 p.
If you want to add withbackground additional 50 p.
Depend on how many characters you want.
I will add every 100 points on every additional characters.
Aesthethic Portrait.

Regular Prize
:iconorehyeonggie:orehyeonggie 8 38
:iconflamingflare123:FlamingFlare123 5 14
More Experiment Requests! (OPEN)
Opening them again, cause yeah... Just add a 'clear' ref(s) of a character in the comments section. It is not gaurenteed that I will draw it, but they also is a possibility... :>
This is for me to start practicing painting!
1. OscarK9
:iconcoravixtah:CoraVixtah 8 12
What is your favorite non-extinct animal?
Now that I know some of your fav Dinosaurs, i would like to know your favorite modern day animal please :D
Mine is Common Raven (Corvus corax)
:iconnordicb3rry:NordicB3rry 4 43
With this online art community, we have a unique opportunity to connect with our kindred. We must avail ourselves of this experience, for, once it's gone, it may never come again.

• So... I decided to take a Wakanda wild side tonight.
Off the top, another score for the Marvel Movie hit parade. I can't rank it as the best of the bunch, but it's good. Not great. Good. As with many such films, there are things I might have wanted done differently. Nevertheless, this is a bold film, an IMPORTANT film, and a worthwhile theater experience. A few have made comparisons to THE LION KING. I will not dignify that silliness here.
- Strong black characters. Strong black FEMALE characters. Next.
- The concepts utilized for Wakanda, A
:iconjerome-k-moore:Jerome-K-Moore 3 3
8 Facts About Your OC Tag
Tagged by :iconjustfr0sty: :0
8 Facts About Ryu
1. Her mother, father, and older sister were slaughtered by rogue monsters
2. She joined a special forces when she was 7 years old and left it at 16
3. Lowkey has no friends
4. Has trouble expressing emotions
5. Likes gaming and plays late into the night
6. Hates wearing anything "girly"
7. Almost always wears that black turtleneck shirt
8. Has knives hidden under her jacket
I feel like you guys would want to do this XD
:iconzillahaon: :icon0ceanus: :iconrockyfirewolf:
And anyone else who'd like to do it :0
:iconxmitsukami:xMitsukami 8 11
Membership Giveaway Round 3
Hey guys! This is the third round of my thabk you giveaway :) this time it's about introducing you to my ocs fire and water :)
To enter :
-fav :
-optional yet appreciated - comment under that drawing what other interactions between those two you would like to see :)
Have fun!
:iconlarienne:larienne 26 28
okay guys please watch
This song reminds me of tomsworld for some reason and I reallyreallyrealyREALLY want to make a MAP (Multi animator project) out of it.
raiiny-skye do you think it works?
:iconkioskofsquids:KioskOfSquids 7 7
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!
Greetings fellow Marvel fans! It had now been one week since the opening weekend of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first movie of 2018 with Black Panther now out in theaters everywhere and it is already breaking a lot of box office records worldwide until Avengers: Infinity War comes out in 3 months. After many years of always having our favorite Marvel and DC superheroes always being a majority of them having straight white males for so long, people have been begging for years of wanting to see some more non-male, non-white centered superhero films for a refreshingly different change of pace and with how 2017's Wonder Woman pretty much proving to audiences that people do want a female lead superhero movie and have it be good, Black Panther now being a non-white main lead superhero film in many years since the original Blade trilogy and right now, the hype for Black Panther has been off the charts!
Ever since his debut in Captain America: Civil War, everyone has unanimously agreed tha
:iconlycosyncer:Lycosyncer 3 42
art theif with 12.3k followers tracing my art
you see, there is a fine line between being inspired and being "inspired" (ripping off another persons work)
many children are culprits for this but they typically dont know what theyre doing and its something they learn and grow out of
this is different because this person is 24 years old
"autumn_vulpine" has a fairly high following (even more so than myself on all other social media aside from on DA because they dont have one lol). i feel like because of this, theyre getting away with ripping off my work as well as other artists because they are "under the radar" for having so many followers
im both extremely saddened and enraged that they get more recognition for my own art than i do
they seem to be most active on instagram (autumn_vulpine) but theyre on a ton of other sites as well
their website (you most likely have to get rid of the "s" in https to access it)
:iconstarbitt:STARBITT 34 67