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How strong is Smash Bros?
Despite being one of the most hyped and iconic franchises in the entire history of the video game industry, Super Smash Brothers doesn’t really have much presence in the VS debating community. This is possibly due to the fact that it is a crossover series. Now, this is understandable, but it does bring up an interesting question. Just how strong is Smash Brothers? I’ve searched all I can to give the answer to this. And I’m just about to give it to you. Ready? Set. Smash!
Firstly, let’s talk about Strength. There’s a commonly held misconception that Master Hand created the Smash Bros universe. But simply, this can’t be true. By Sakurai’s own words, this can’t be true. In terms of the Subspace Emissary mode, Sakurai said that “Master Hand is the ruler of the World of Trophies” while “Tabuu is the ruler of Subspace” which implies that these are two different places controlled by different forces, right? And that
:iconcinzero-fall2112:CinZero-Fall2112 5 2
Taking a few requests to practice! [OPEN]

I'm taking a few requests to practice between commissions!

- This is not first come first served, I'll pick what interests me the most -
- You don't have to be a watcher - Watch me only if you like my art please -
- You can comment with as many characters as you like but I'll probably just pick one, sorry! -
- You can submit any kind of character but for anthros I'll likely pick the ones with good quality references -
- Please don't be angry/disappointed if I don't pick your character -
- You can share this journal or tag someone if you want to but it's not a requirement! -
Please comment with:
Character: (Send me picture(s) or reference sheet)
Other information: (Other things I might need to know)

I might draw:

- Chibi -

- Fullbody, halfbody or headshot -
:iconmaeshipixel:MaeshiPixel 20 62
Thank You

I have read everyone's comments and thank you all for your words of support. 
:iconloloalien:LoloAlien 4 10
Best Friends Highlight~
This is just a highlight on some of my best friends on here~
:iconNintendoRainbow: ~ My best friend since 2016 around the time I joined here and one of my closest friends! We tell each other everything and trust each other! Amir is my bestie boo! 
They'll be coming to live with us soon! 
Amir is a talented artist a sweet and loving person! They are such a fun person!
:iconPilountry: ~ My wonderful husband who I've been married to for almost 2 years now :meow: :la: :love: He is one of my best friends and he means the world to me! He cares for me and provides for me and works so hard to make sure our family is cared and provided for! He is a very sweet man and so great with animals and children! He is a wonderful listener and one of my biggest supporters.
:iconAshtonTheOutlander: ~ A good buddy of mine. He has really supported me in my writing my commissioning me to write him amazing stories. He himself is an excellent writer and a good friend to have. He will listen when yo
:iconlovely-redroses:Lovely-RedRoses 5 19
Perhaps A Light Is On

Only In The Dark Spots
That Lay Within Thats
Perhaps A Light Is On
But Is Forever Going Dim
:iconcaddman:caddman 3 11
Featuring deviants: NaouriRedouane1998 (digital)
This month: Digital artist NaouriRedouane1998 from Algeria :rose:
Member since: 2016
Watchers: 250

Sea Throne by NaouriRedouane1998 Floating With No Powers by NaouriRedouane1998
the garden of amalur by NaouriRedouane1998
Creature by NaouriRedouane1998 The hidden world by NaouriRedouane1998
Warm Place by NaouriRedouane1998
Wishes by NaouriRedouane1998 Disobedience of spirit by NaouriRedouane1998
Walk through the dust by NaouriRedouane1998
:iconnaouriredouane1998: :rose: :iconnaouriredouane1998: :rose: :iconnaouriredouane1998:
:iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 5 9
Once Upon a Times, Reflections and Epilogues
Once upon a time....there was this dirty old man. Ok, maybe he wasn't really that dirty but fancied himself as such. In fact he was quite the class act and lived in the magical land where all the kinky lay lines must have connected and knotted together because that area birthed some wonderful bondage.
Of course I am talking about Uncle M and it broke my heart to hear that he passed away. I first met Uncle M here on deviantart waaay back in 2009. He was such an easy person to talk with. We would write to each other about his latest work, bounce ideas back and forth and just enjoy chatting. Secretly I think he was trying to tempt me to travel west so he could get his clutches on me and use one of his world famous full body crotch ropes. He even tried tempting me with cookies...*sigh*
I've always fancied myself as a bit of promoter when I find someone out there in our happy go lucky community who has that special spark and in the world of bondage....Uncle M had a spark th
:iconbound-nicole-babe78:bound-nicole-babe78 4 15
Fursuit Review: Shilly (LobitaWorks)
Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing my full fursuit, Shilly the Monsterdog, brought to life by the lovely folks over at LobitaWorks. Photos posted are from the LobitaWorks photoshoot.
No fluff, just review! Let's get right to it!

The Head

The head fit is superb. I was asked to give measurements and Denali made it work and then some. The fit is snug but not too tight, so when I move my head around it doesn’t slip or sag. As for the vision, it’s fantastic. Very small (less than an inch between my eyes) blind spot as per the muzzle, but I can see just fine and even have some depth perception. The ventilation is also great. There are hidden ear vents and a large space in the open mouth that I can even fit a water bottle into! The muzzle is hollowed out for easy breathing room. The head is lined with a stretchy, swe
:iconshillyshallyy:shillyshallyy 12 2
12 More Random Questions
Tagged by :iconchaseginnofficial:, :iconjjsponge120:, :iconfitzsanchez: and :iconkyleboy21:. I'll be picking 3 questions from each of your entries if that's okay with you guys.
1. You have to post these rules.
2. Answer the questions and make 12 new ones.
3. Choose 12 people.
4. Tag those people.
5. Tag backs are allowed.
1. What era of music (e.g. 1950s, 1960s, & 1970s) do you like to listen to in your spare time?
I mostly like classical music, piano, video game soundtracks, etc. Very rarely do I like pop music.
2. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Cookies n' Cream.
3. Who are your favorite artists on DeviantArt?
A few, like Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, and a few others.
4. If you had a cartoon concept that you'd want to pitch to a network, what would it be and which network?
I'll talk
:iconfinnjr63:Finnjr63 5 3
LF: animal jam spikes and stuff
aa recently just go into animal jam again?
looking for a long spikes ( no orange )
im also looking for a black jamaaliday bow, black cupid wings and black flower crown !! ;w;
i can do:
and art !!:
( note: im not sure if i should do this or not, if it's illegal please let me know )
:iconsoft-toy:soft-toy 6 25
DRAW MY OC - CONTEST 2018 - 7,000/ 70 USD | OPEN
waaa u doing a contest again eh
Yes ! Totally ! Welcome ! ♪
I have no reason to celebrate but just the fun of doing a contest & to discover some new artists! ♥
The theme of my first contest was couple & random OC,
the second one was about plushies with human forms,
today ...
It's the mafia !
• • •
Reaching +12 entries : 4th + 5th will be available
Reaching +20 entries : Deblocking the Runners-up
• • •
• Art / Comic / NSFW / Cosplay are allowed, but no text / litterature •
• Do not use bases, your entry must be yours •
• Link/note me once your entry is done, or add my username in the description so I won't miss it •
• You can submit as much entries as you want BUT only one will win •
• You are free to draw one, two, three or more characters •
:iconreikiwie:Reikiwie 11 11
Summer Request 2018! *OPEN* Updated: June 22nd
OMG, are we really back?! Kagami (Waterfall of tears) 
Yes, we are back with the annual Summer Request!cloudheybbyplz  
It's been a tradition since. . . 2015? I don't know, but anyways, let's get straight to it!! I'm in a good mood tonight~

:iconkaik-4the-wolfchi:Kaik-4The-WolfChi 7 15
The Object Show Mary Sue test.
No one does these kind of tests, only the person OCs, so I decided to make one myself!
First off, the species...
Is your Object Show Character...
Just a normal object? (ex. Paper) (1 pt.) [ ]
An object crossed with an animal? (1 pt.) [ ]
Something you made up? (2 pts.) [ ]
Just a plain shape (maybe with some "pizzaz"?) (ex. Blue Heart, she's just a normal heart but has swirls on the bottom or her) (1 pt.) [ ]
A spherebee? (2 pts.) [ ]
A "humanobject" (ex. AgentEliteFirey 's OC)? (2 pts.) [ ]
Other? (2 pts.) [ ]
A hybrid of two or more of these choices? (2 pts.) [ ]
Second, the name...
Is the name...
Just a name that fits your character? (ex. a glass named Glass/Glassy) (1 pt.) [ ]
A name that doesn't fit your character? (ex. a cupcake name Candy) (1 pt.) [ ]
A human's name? (ex. an orange named Layla) (2 pts.) [ ]
Third, if they wear anything...
Do they?
Yes? (1 pt.)  [ ]
No? (Retain score) [ ]
If yes, what do they wear? (Multiple choice)
One or two bows? (1 pt.) [ ]
A dress/shir
:iconcomputershowdownfan:ComputerShowdownFan 5 7
this isnt life or death but i could use some help
hiya i’m a 16 year old trans guy with PTSD, DID, and dysthymia. i live in an abusive household with a very emotionally manipulative mom who makes my life hell.
she is transphobic, homophobic, and completely refuses to believe that i am at all mentally ill, and does not let me get help. she is against medication, psychiatric facilities, and has not gotten me a legitimate therapist in the eight years i have asked. for as long as i’ve had something wrong with me she still has yet to do anything to help me, and when i try to help myself mental health-wise, things only get worse. as soon as i turn 18 in october next year i’m going to move out if/when i can. asap. i can’t stay here. it will kill me.
i’m asking for donations so that i can get the things that i need that she won’t or can’t provide me (food, hygiene/personal products, clothing, etc), and to help save up for my move after my birthday. i’ve been doing digital art commissions
:iconcrionym:Crionym 9 33
Leaving in August 28th
I decided to join the air force to help me financially.
My family is struggling and I cant rely on working so many hours to get by.
I would have loved to live on my own but I can't leave my parents with so much stress.
I know I tell everyone that I want to plan stuff with them when I'm free... (and I really do)
but every time I get a free week people call of work that I need to take or someone needs my help with something IRL and then I have a busy schedule all of a sudden.
The problem with me is that I can't say NO.
I act TOO sympathetic or nice where it comes off so many ways and I'm now learning to do what's best for me.
and now I feel more real with myself.
I'm learning to not agree with everything someone says
I'm learning to speak my own thoughts even tho majority disagree
I'm learning to take action when im wrong and change it
I'm fixing old relationships that I wish I had caused my young bitter self was extremely ugly who
:iconishb1sh:ISHB1SH 5 10
TuffTony's Pokemon Sun and Moon OST
In TuffTony's Pokemon Sun and Moon fanfic version, we decided to use the music tracks from not only Pokemon Sun and Moon 3Ds video game OST, but also from Kanto tracks from Pokemon Origins and original Pokemon anime episodes in Kanto arc, and also using , DBZ Battle of Gods, Resurrection 'F', Dragon Ball Z Kai The Final Chapters and Dragon Ball Super, too. :)
And also mixing the music tracks together into the great music remixes.
Hope you like it.
:iconasylusgoji91:AsylusGoji91 3 2
Pixel Food Commissions
25x25 bullet food (will make 8 ) = 500 :points:
50x50 pixel food/drink icon = 800 :points:
150x150 pixel food or drink (might be a bit smaller or bigger) = 5000 :points:
* First come first serve.
*Comment here to get a slot or in a note (comments are preferable because it's easier for me to respond). 
*Show me a ref/refs.
*I do not include characters, only food/drinks.
*Pay by DA points commissions widget only.
I will only take one slot at a time because I am too slow and I don't like to feel pressured.
:iconpastrypuffs:PastryPuffs 11 12
TFI: The Movie 2 Round 1 Entries
Unknown: Ok everytime, time to post your entries! Give a link to your entries here as well!
:iconautobot-7712: Nye 
:iconfelimaster97: Dingo Lass
:iconpikacool360: Taylor  
:iconbigmariofan99: Cecil    
:iconsuperacl: Apin 
:iconartie-stico17: Plastika
:iconmartmeisterpaladin: Kelsey
:icontimgaukertoons: Shally Gree
:iconkobi-tfs: KD (female one)
:iconmrpr1993: Shinichi 
:icontrc-tooniversity: Time Girl
:iconkecomaster: Hunny
:iconrusfish: Lulu
:iconsb12933: Emily
:icon12345td: Locki Rotton
:icontoongirl18: Rhinus Pydontoc 
:icongun-ho: Spandex
:iconblackmage20: Luna
:iconwarserebii:WarSerebii 6 46
Happy 27th Anniversary, Sonic The Hedgehog
27 years young.  Where has the time gone?
It seems like only yesterday when I was playing on the original Sonic game for the very first time in the early 90s.  A simpler time.  Where games' stories only relied on your imagination as you journeyed from a-b.
I think that is what has made Sonic work well when he began is that the gaming was kept simplistic therefore it was effective.
And in the 2 1/2 decades since his 1st appearance he has done a lot.  'Been on multiple generations of consoles from the Megadrive to the Xbone and had multiple animated series.  Sat AM for me is the best with it's well-written character and story archs, ensemble cast and superb art direction.  And because of the equally great protagonist in Sally Acorn :) 
So to be at this point on his 27th Birthday in June 2018 where he seems to be recovering from some games that could have been better *cough Sonic 360* *cough Sonic Boom* to games like Sonic Mania that was the highest rate
:iconmodojeda:ModoJeda 3 0
Commissions/Trades/Etc (ENG) (closed)
Commissions are for my watchers only. 
New watchers are welcome, but please do not un watch me after you receive your commission. I just want to make sure that you actually like my art, eh..

(Please read!! It´s imporant if you want to commission me. Also, sometimes I update it)
Not necessary first come first serve uwu

Commission prices
It will be + half of the price for every extra character (up to three extras)
Pixel icons 50x50

:iconkuriink:kuriink 5 8
World Watercolor Month 2018
Hello! Wave 
Inktober, MerMay...let's have another great month of fun.
There's still 1 week left till July, but so you won't miss an awesome opportunity, we are here to remind you of something awesome to come. :la: Hop 
July is 
31 watercolors in 31 days
Yes, it's a month dedicated to watercolor. And since we are a watercolor group it's only right that we take part in it too. 
Are you in?

"So what do I have to do?" 
Just paint each day in July a watercolor painting and tag it with #WorldWatercolorMonth 
and of course don't forget to submit it to our group. =D
On July 1st we will again open our World Watercolor Month folder.
Any member of watercolorists can submit one artwork created with watercolor daily to the "World Watercolor Month" folder, in addition to the normal limit of o
:icontokyomoonlight:TokyoMoonlight 4 4
How to NOT Guarantee Your Character in Smash Bros.
First off, yes, I'm still alive.
But in all seriousness, life continues to keep me busy and I apologize for not keeping you guys up to date as much as I should've been.
ANYWAY, onto the main topic at hand.
I'm pretty sure all of you who've probably caught wind of this by now already know that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is gonna be coming this December. And from seeing it myself, it's looking great. And I love what they're doing; including every single character in the Smash Bros. lineup, leaving no one unscathed. Our long lost Ice Climbers are here, Snake's back in on the action, Charizard's pals Squirtle and Ivysaur are back with Pokemon Trainer... Point is, everyone is here; as the game itself is promoting. Newcomers include Inkling, which I thought was really fun, Ridley, who I kinda anticipated upon the way the trailer presented itself but it's cool to see all that high demand paid off for all the Ridley fans out there, and perhaps the most surprising out of all of em to me persona
:iconportalmasterdan64:PortalMasterDan64 3 1