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Seeing as I'm unsure of what to do this Christmas, I've decided to host a contest!
I'd love the opportunity to give back for those who may not have the funds for Christmas this year.

01. Draw one of these two characters!
Please don't draw these two together or with any of your Oc's.
02. You have a maximum of 3 entries!
Any entries exceeding the 3 entry limit will not qualify!
03. mention / tag me and link my contest in your arts' description!
failure to do so could result in my missing your entries! You can 
also comment below with your entries just in case.

01. a
:iconsailorpawz:sailorpawz 13 7
Photomanip Newsletter December 2018
Hello friends!
We congratulate you on the onset of winter and the coming holidays and wish you a happy and merry season! This is the last photomanip review for this year:

:new: The latest news
:bulletred: Eclipse
Eclipse Change Log: December 5, 2018
Eclipse is the main news which occupies our minds lately. Personally I didn’t have time to try it yet, and can’t judge, but I read reviews about it, both positive and negative, and the only thing I can do is to share some of them:

:bulletred: Throwback Thursday on CRPhotomanipulation
I remind Throwback Thursdays is a se
:iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 17 12
Proud of our Art!
I recently posted another poll asking you of which piece of art you're proud... And you guys share some amazing art! Here they are!

seren : concrete and gold by witches-sword  Are you talking to me? by Sharkwoman87 
24 - Foggy Morning Vampire by Mythka Vulcanic by sel-and-cel Sol by F-Lagerdahl 2 Micey Girls by Frostyplayz
[CE] Boop a Ghost by JTrexe Photo challenge 5 inspired by Back in Time. by MontyMouse Salvation by Alastordemon  Sweet Poison by Catlaxy
The Night You Won't Forget {Green Fire} by litatokun A Blooming Flower {Commission} by litatokun Dancing Bird by nekota92 First snow by Liljatupsu
Alice {Request} by litatokun Because You're There by litatokun Daydream by litatokun Mahou Shojo Melia by Freiha
[Commission] Winter Tree of Life Earrings by craftsbyblue Athos by lapaowan Memories by Ninterjonesylad Anthropology illustration by Ninterjonesylad
City In The Mountains by OceansCurse It's Strange by SamTheEnigma  Taemin - Take A Small Bite by e-diddle Silent Tunes by Steves-3D
As Good As It Gets by mrcrozier Wolf by Pokesquirrel88 Wary by Stygma Take Off by rainylake
Winter Turning Cover by DrawingDragonDream Ophelia by LindArtz Stars can't shine without darkness by FatalBiteDragon2018 :thumb772309
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 15 23
Here comes the thing
This took too long
Support this kind of bs via my Patreon <3
:iconalumx:Alumx 11 7
Best of November 2018

Rouget by Annabelle-Chabert kiss in November by augenweide
The Journey by Pajunen
Anno 1976 by Thinking-Silence The Celestial Canopy by FramedByNature
Under the Northern Sky by MikkoLagerstedt
time goes by by arbebuk I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Yuukon
Solitude by MikkoLagerstedt
medvednica by roblfc1892 1137 by Nigrita
beechforest in autumn by augenweide
Autumn Window II. by realityDream
:iconelynenoir:ElyneNoir 5 6
Posting this because deviantart doesn't show you
...these terms when you make an account. It is worth giving a read :
Basically, by submitting artwork you agree with these terms. Which include things like:
- deviantart being able to post your work onto their website and edit it as they see fit
- deviantart being able to post your work to their socials and edit it as they see fit (which they have done, but with credit so far)
- deviantart being able to use your work for advertizing
- the right to sublicense to any other person or company any of the licensed rights in the Artist Materials, or any part of them < this is word for word, sadly. What is implied here means that they can edit, change, or otherwise modify your artwork in any way they want, as well as sublicensing it to third parties, such as Hot Topic.
:iconspr-out:spr-out 9 13
Krampus vs Santa Contest

:icondA-Morgue: is happy to announce its
last contest for 2018 and first contest for 2019
 If we get more than 20 entries we’ll add a

4th Place Winner and 2 Honorable Mention Winners.
Please read the rules carefully.
Any entries not abiding by them will be declined.
Create a horror, macabre, dark or gothic Christmas holiday scene.
This scene must include Santa Clause or Krampus, or even both.
You must be a member to play.
:iconbrankaarts:BrankaArts 7 8
Daily Art(sy): YunlongChen
Hello everypony! Love 
Yesterday I discovered YunlongChen - a magnificent (I learned a new word xD) MLP creator x__x
I don't get everything going on in his/her gallery, but...
...I'm a b*****g fool for his style xD You know...
...that certain "Comic-Ish" one x3
There's a lot to see and - for me - even more to love, so... Check him/her out x3

:iconestories:EStories 6 1
200 points half body pixel commission!

r u l e s
-note me with the form!!
-will only start working on the commission once i receive the payment
-i do not accept refunds
-i only accept points as a payment
-points will be sent through the commission widget
-there are no additional points if too detailed! u can also ask me to improve or change something if ur not satisfied or if u think theres something wrong ^-^
☆ name of oc:
☆ ref of oc:
☆ notes:
:icongrimxr:grimxr 8 14
.-If you are a fan of mine...-.
Join the fanclub my bestie made for me! :iconink-mermaid-fanclub:
Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
:iconink-mermaid:Ink-Mermaid 10 16
The Molt Thing (a headcanon)
I've got my own little headcanon about the molt and what happens to young dragons afterwards.
"Is this going to be a far-fetched explanation that allows you to skirt around the issue as much as possible so you can basically keep doing what you've been doing?", I can hear you ask.
The answer to that question may not surprise you at all... yes.
So, without further ado here is my totally likely and not at all contrived excuse to not have to change anything about my work and also redeem dragons as a species: the molt is a trial and a rite of passage.
Dragons send their molting offspring away, but not permanently. Unbeknownst to molting dragons, they are being shadowed by a family member so they are never in any real danger. It is important that molters think they are alone, so they have no expectation of being assisted. This ensures they rely on their own abilities and their full potential is put on display when they think they are in peril.
This trial is a way for parents to realisti
:iconqueencold:QueenCold 8 7
If I Coulda I Woulda Volume 25
Sharing Some DD Suggestions I Have Sent In Over Time.     Please Don’t Forget To Fav, And Visit The Artists’ Galleries’!   
Enjoy! :blowkiss:

On the road by Annabelle-Chabert
UF Newton Zapple Sunny by chetje
zara by morganearts1
.:Carbon:. by xXLegendary-FuryXx
Step-by-step tutorial by PutyatinaEkaterina
:iconlindartz:LindArtz 9 30
The Abuse of the 'Terms of Use'
Article written here on Medium: Link Copy and past this address if link doesn't work: ""

Social interaction between others is a fundamental part of being human. In the current digital age, your innovations have given us the ability to interact instantly, with ease, and to the point where they’ve become our primary means to connect with people around the world. Networking, friendships, business, charities, education, artistic expression, entertainment, news, you name it, the possibilities are practically endless. We’re forever grateful, and always will be, for giving us the tools to accomplish what was, until now, beyond anyone’s imagination or the realms of practical possibility.
And in many ways, you’ve managed to accomplish all this without requiring a single penny from us. All you ask in return is f
:iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 11 18
Godzilla KOTM 2019 Redesign Thoughts Part 2
On November 30th, G-Fans attending Tokyo Comic-con 2018 were treated with the first full-body look at Godzilla's new design as well as the first ever American incarnations of Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah via Monsterarts. So, as a follow up to a previous journal talking about these new designs, I'm going to give an updated set of opinions now that we have a better look at the monsters in question. Let's start off with a look at the King himself, Godzilla. 

Body shape-wise, Godzilla hasn't really changed that much. He's still bulky, he still maintains the bear-like physique from the 2014 film, but there are a few differences, some subtle, others not so much. For one thing, his head seems slightly more streamlined this time around. His teeth are also much more defined and a bit longer than his previous design. His toe-claws are also much longer and are spaced out, making them look less like elephant feet and more like GMK Goji's feet, especial
:iconkaijualpha1point0:KaijuAlpha1point0 8 3
Vibes 5


The Milky Way at Sunrise by NikoletaPopova Cathedral by hynesite
Athmosphere by AstaQteNaked in The Dark by rotten-ralphCosmic Prophecy ~ Eternal Manifestation by AstroBoy1
The Cosmos by MelMelanson Universe bookmarks by fenifire
Energy exchange by MSamsonov
Santa Luzia's Basilica - Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts Hej Ho by midgardart
The Indian Fantail Pigeon by Shelter85 Starry sky by KlarEm
A long life ahead by peterdomanic Halsey Badlands traditional drawing by NinaStrieder
:iconandorada:Andorada 5 0
Special Contest! Draw my OC! owo
Hi all! This was the idea that won the vote, the idea is simple, it consists of drawing one of my OC's, and then the winner will be decided by me! :v
It can be digital or traditional.
Mmmm ... about the OC to draw is ... HOPE!

Their wings are light blue-purple, Their eyes are a mixture of colors (like bubbles) and their clothes are lilac. Her crown is a color yellow or light blue.
Her wings are not solid, it's more like energy in formation. (The edge of the hair too)
If only I had points....kaomoji set 2 60/67 
If someone wants to give some prize, welcome! kaomoji set 1 7/19 
first place: A fullbody add chibis w/ color! (Traditional) // If the number of entries is 20, digital chibi doodle w/color!
Second place: A  Halfody w/ color! + Simple BG (Traditional)
:iconultimatetastyfood:UltimateTastyFood 5 3
I need to vent you can read if you want
ok so first off . dont be a asshole if you do something wrong own up to it , dont lie just tell the truth even if it will get you in trouble it make life so much easier if your just honest ok .ok 
so im in high school and at my school for the past year I have been being bullied by a group of ...."people"
and for the past year they have been saying things like "you dont have any friends" "no one likes you" "you should die"
"you should kill yourself" "go in a ditch and die" "fuck you" or my favorite "I wish I could corner them and beat them till they get the point" , and just during class just constantly talk crap about me and how they wish I was dead and I dont know ,what I did to get so much hate from these people but since last year and this year I have kept a journal of everything that they have said or done and I
(because im a good student do lie and dont have a current existing record ) my teacher would help me out when i could by letting me leave classes that they are among o
:iconnizumifangs:Nizumifangs 10 55
amazing artists

Big Yellow Flower by AneurysmGuy
Punainen kukka by AneurysmGuy
Old and wrinkled mushrooms by AneurysmGuy
It is so cold! by JocelyneR
Pale Sunset on a Frozen Lake by JocelyneR
The Lagoon at Dusk by JocelyneR
Feeding Time by JocelyneR
Happy Dog - at sunset by JocelyneR
Not again! by JocelyneR
I am seeing you! by JocelyneR
Forest Road At Sunset by JocelyneR
Acorn evolution by ahappierlife
Old, yes, but my leaves are as green as yours by ahappierlife
Sun-kissed nature by ahappierlife
Bridge and house - local stone by ahappierlife
Colours Of Life 15. by bigzoso
From The Window Of The Train 24. by bigzoso
Colours Of Life 16. by bigzoso
Olympus,Antalya,Turkey 18. by bigzoso
Birgi,Izmir,Turkey 5.(BW Edition) by bigzoso
Birgi,Ulu Camii(Grand Mosque). by bigzoso
Birgi,Izmir,Turkey 9. by bigzoso
Birgi,Izmir,Turkey 7. by bigzoso
:iconbonaparte1700:Bonaparte1700 7 7
Office Tour
so, I filmed a tour of my office where I make my videos, since I just moved into it.
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 14 16
Updated list of friends...
:iconaigidarctic::iconanthony444333: :iconaoefreak9: :iconartegie: :iconblizzaria123::iconcalvinatornj: :iconcdowell2002::iconChikenDoodleSup::iconchuruspitando: :iconcristianthefox: :icondarkman777888: :icondelphox230: :iconduelindrummer: :iconethanburnesmkdm: :iconfangirllolipop: :iconfazscare87: :iconhoodchris24: :iconhuskdusk: :iconjigglycutie: :iconjohn3689: :iconjwilli3642: :iconkawaiizim123: :iconkiscius: :iconkvfi: :iconluigihorror64: :iconmarill1: :iconmillardnecromancer: :iconmodelsangerchan: :iconoeboinez: :iconplushtrap04: :iconprincessvalentine101: :iconrafaelbarron55: :iconrebow19-64: :iconretroplanet2004: :iconsamibelly: :iconsonicproboom101: :iconspongecat1: :icontgchiefmech: :icontherealloleegeeisbac: :icontoritheglory: :icontriobite: :icontriofig:;:iconthe-remax-sector::iconuwblossmzh2o
:iconsapphirelover4ever:SapphireLover4Ever 9 19
starter call
fav for script, comment for lit!
note: I don't mind plotting stuff out so if you would like to do that comment what you would like to plot!
:iconm-xtherly:m-xtherly 9 0
Feature of friends 3


Purple Flower by Arhar
UR005 by ov3
rainbow heart thank you by Dieffi  Daisies by SCPhotoArt
Paris by hv1234         Paris by jenyvess
Melancholy Night-by-GL-TUTORIAL by GothLyllyOn
Mystic path by DavidMnr
Moon Flower by KizukiTamura wendepunkt by scheinbar
Draw This Again - Haruka by TheKissingHand
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 9 14