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Hi! I wanna do experimental art with FEMALE characters.
Feel free to drop your babies! I wanna practice drawing more non-chibi TOT!
be it bust halfbody or even full body orzz.
○ I also prefer cute and simple characters.
○ Any color scheme / palette is fine as long as its not overly coloful like
purple, orange, green blue combinations orz.
(the other type of combinations i meant-)
also Prefer Pastel characters for now!
○ Feminine boys are also okay! / younger looking boyos!
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
please dont get mad or sad if i didnt choose you.
These are for my practice purposes, i aint drawing everybody in the journal u,u
:iconichirozu:Ichirozu 30 157
Writters challenge 5 + art feature
ARE YOU READY FOR OUR NEW STORY PROMPT?READ THE RULES OF THE CONTEST CAREFULLYWELCOME TO THE V CHALLENGE FOR WRITERSON @Ellysiumn ART..."All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."~ Walt Disney "A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."~ John Lennon RULES I want you to write about what the scene evokes to you. It must be a short story or thoughts (poems) .  Please include "Let me dream ~ V Challenge for writers link/thumb" in your description. WHERE TO ENTERSubmit your story here    And....                       Leave the thumb/link of ur narration below, in the comments. WHAT CAN YOU WIN? If your short story is chosen amongst all the proposals, 500 points for the first place; for the second place, 350 points and the third place, 150 points. And 50 points for the "Honorable Mention" All points come from me. Above all,  Me @Ellysiumn and @stellartcorsicawill value the creative interpretation of the scene. Be imaginative! TERMSStart date:  June 10 Deadline: August 10  at 23:59 PT IMPORTANT! DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT YOUR STORY HERE Gene's art featured on a powerful music once again !!! Gene's last cover Have a nice creative week-end !!!
:iconstellartcorsica:stellartcorsica 21 21
Mid Monthly Marvels!
Hi everyone!! Welcome to another (mammoth) excellent feature of fractals that have been submitted/requested to the group :iconall-fractal-art: over the last month or so.

Don't forget our theme this month is ' Gemstones and Pearls '  you have about 1 week left to submit for it.

Enjoy this feature and I hope you find yourself some faves and friends!!
  UF Chain Pong 1150 by Gerda1946
:iconbgai:BGai 10 19
Combined Feature (Art of Curation + Own): Shapes

Stripes by GDBeeI hate yellow so I did another yellow drawing by Sand-Gale
Non-White Stripes by MrsMorzarella
I told you stripes are love. by elyooZebra and Quagga by Rowkey
Blueberry bonanza by JustACapharnaumJC Wedding 1 by TanyaRudman
Urban Abstraction #11 by DpressedSoul[Dragon Age] Fenris by paexiedust
Curl Up by WillTC
October 26 by nokeek
Dark bright by SaiprinAxel Fading by toherrys
Horse in the light by PacificNoir
:iconbarananduen:barananduen 16 15
Photography from Dark-Artistry
A selection of awesome photography by the members of Dark-Artistry!

Leaving me to bleed by Inextremiss
Hidden under the shadow of the roots by NatalieVing
Catharsis by guessforfree Lover's manifesto by guessforfree
stay in shadows, shadow boy by Kuradisiim
Silence by yume-no-yukari Transformation by Mrs-White
haunted mind by Kuradisiim
Itsy Bitsy by DasGhul Darkness and Death by Woman-of-DarkDesires
PL18156803 220533598433996 4168980446020819694 o o by pablo-klik
I don't like pricker bushes by CapnDeek373
:iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 8 17
Celebrating 22 years of Adventure!
Today's the day One Piece began its 22-year-long serialization in Shounen Jump! What better way to start the celebration then sharing it with all of you!

One Piece Fans:
We may not be related, 
but the bonds we've created, are strong enough to call family
(When we're sailing the sea...)
When other tides have faded, we will still be here!
We're more than friends,
we are family~:music:
:iconhotspot0626:Hotspot0626 5 17
Cartoon Comparison: Juniper Lee vs American Dragon
It's time for another installment of my "Cartoon Comparisons" review series. I intended for this to be my first review, but I had to delay it for a little while to give myself time to get familiar with "American Dragon: Jake Long", which I hadn't actually seen before. I sat through the entire first season over the course of about 2 weeks, and I really liked it. It started out kind of average and took about 2 or 3 episodes to get going, but it ended up being a really entertaining action/adventure series. As for "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee", I'm sure a lot of people remember when I reviewed it on "Forgotten Cartoons" back in February. I like the show quite a lot and endorsed it as an underrated gem. For sure, this is going to be a much closer call than "Class of 3000 vs. Puffy Ami Yumi".
These two shows are similar because they are each about a kid who has become the "chosen one" to protect their cities from strange monsters and creatures who lurk the place, which interferes with
:iconowenogletree:OwenOgletree 5 4
Discover the Artist: morawless

Just look at these wonderful fantasy creatures, created by a talented Russian girl mostly from her own photos! They are so charming, aren’t they?

The previous features from this series:
Discover the Artist: Amedeya
Discover the Artist: ChristofCreations
Discover the Artist: ThyC-Graphics
Discover the Artist: veravik
Discover the Artist: EstebanSayhueque
Discover the Artist: vacuumslayer
Discover the Artist: gyaban
:iconlora-vysotskaya:Lora-Vysotskaya 27 13
This is not a drill! Sonic is in OK KO! Watch this trailer!
:icontravisthedragon00:TravistheDragon00 8 22
Light Green Viewpoint
Nice...Viewpoint, to be precise
Accolades to the artists: :iconPoromaa: :iconEinsilbig:
Have a nice weekend.
:iconmarkus43:Markus43 7 6
Thank you for 100+ watchers!
Hello everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (or whatever season it is where you live). Recently I’ve reached 100 watchers and to say thank you I’m featuring an artwork from each of my watchers, in no particular order, if they have any. For whatever reason you’ve watched me just know that I’m truly grateful. Huggle! :happybounce: 

Hide Chibi by Ookia
Loser by Moonlight-Suicide
highness by isveryhungry
Colorful handicapped ninja girl by Varlekiukas
[ doodle ] warm winter by skysharpener29
Moonstone by BDD-CriticalBlue
Cmmission Page 09 NBS by KazukiShinta
The Planets by Eternal-Lucifer
:iconjaecie:Jaecie 9 18
Fickle Friday: Truly Madly Deeply
I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy

I'll be your hope, I'll be your love, be everything that you need

I'll love you more with every breath

Truly, madly, deeply do

I will be strong, I will be faithful

Beause I'm counting on

A new beginning, a reason for living, a deeper meaning

I want to stand with you on a mountain

I want to bathe with you in the sea

I want to lay like this forever
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 8 4
Breaking Into A Competitive Industry
Being A Beginner Week
Hello! I'm here to tell you all a little story about my career journey. I am currently working as a visual effects artist, or more specifically an environment/matte painter for feature films and television. The title can definitely have it's own appeal, I mean, it certainly does when you're a starry eyed student. That mindset certainly changes once you've been through the grind though. An art career can be extremely rewarding, but it does not come without its problems. 
My Career Struggles
(story time)
September 2013
I might as well start from the beginning, when I was about 18 years old (I am 25 now) I attended an Art Institute (for media arts) in a large city. I took a general Visual Effects course that swept over all disciplines in a general sense. I didn't know diddly squ
:iconth-oth:th-oth 7 5
My Cartoon Network Shows Tier List

hello to all and welcome to another telavsion tier list i got off here
hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and fave and all that good stuff thank you =) 
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 8 9
:iconC0l0rful-m0n0d4y: Speech Bubble Black Left Side So since the Area 51 Meme has skyrocketed in the United States.
I thought this would be a great opportunity for another large group drawing.Speech Bubble Black Right Side 
It feels like I haven't drawn a large group including others OCs, so I just wanted to open it up for fun :D
Would anyone like to see their original characters in a large group drawing?
The Theme is: Running To and Escaping Area 51
If you'd like in on the group drawing, please fill out the form below:
Theme: Running/or Escaping?
Character Reference: {Up to 2 characters}
Personality/Information on OC:
Does your OC have any powers or abilities: Yes/No
v Anything else I'd like to know? v
[ex. don't make my OC do 'insert action here']
Slots are unlimited for now.
If there are open spaces, I'l
:iconc0l0rful-m0n0d4y:C0L0RFUL-M0N0D4Y 6 9
words from the haven
I’ve named my house Fox Haven Cottage. It’s cute af and also everywhere I look something is old and broken and covered in paint. But I’m feeling some flickers of me coming back as I hack away at all the things there are to fix or clean or pour love into. It’s starting to feel, little by little, like home.
Here are some freewrites from my little haven, written in the overgrown backyard, where there is a half-dead crabapple tree continuing to grow around its own skeleton. 
Men who feel like your words are how you touch. Who want to taste
                                        your mind.
There comes a moment when your ghosts are lifted from you for just long enough that you realize their weight
              and how badly you do not
              want them back
Don’t dither dawdle lov
:icontiger--eyes:Tiger--eyes 7 2
Dead or Alive Age Reference II
Deviant art defines underage as the character's age in the original context where the character is featured.
This is a quote from Deviantart customer service:
"Because of potential for criminal liability under child pornography laws DeviantArt must require that all nude, 
erotic, or sexually themed content depict only characters who are age eighteen (18) or older in their original context."
In this journal, I will analyze if dead or alive characters are underage. I will do this in an
objective manner. As a source for my analysis, I will be using the dead or alive fandom Wikipedia.
The ages listed on this Wikipedia has references to sources where the age is taken from.
I judge this source of information to be trust worthy.

From this reference we can conclude that 1 character is defint
:iconradianteld:RadiantEld 5 70
This movie looks amazing!!! GIF Steven Universe - Excited GIF Steven Universe - Burn!!!1 Steven and Amethyst (Excited) GarnetLA PearlLA PearlLA AmethystLA 
I am so gonna have a movie night with my mom ^^
Getting all movie snacks!
Hurry up September!
:icondoraeartdreams-aspy:DoraeArtDreams-Aspy 6 22
The Avengers 10 Years Later
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 5 4
Showcase: Week 3 July
Greeting Ghouls

Enjoy another wicked art feature

As well as beyond perception by L0RD-V0LDEM0RTSmoke Da ... by Spiritofdarkness
Vestigial Response by silentmemoriaTriblivoid: Specimen cells by JoeEyeMonsterOne Tonight by Spidergeist
Wonder Woman VS Rey108 by TheLordOfTerror
GODS and RASCALS - Chapter 7 - P. 13/20 by Labrude
Demon lord (repaint) by Creatures-of-Fearset the course by R9A
Musnah - White As Foe by Psykhophear
:iconbrankaarts:BrankaArts 14 0
Incoming Illumination V.1
Letter I Letter N Letter C Letter O Letter M Letter I Letter N Letter G 
Letter I Letter L         
:iconfloatingnemophilist:floatingnemophilist 6 8
Sonic X OK KO
So this is legit happening.
:iconsmash-universe:Smash-Universe 5 12