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GONE CAMPING! | Baldi's Field Trip DEMO
This demo looks very, very interesting! I can't wait to see how the full version of it looks!
Get the demo:
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youtube Channel
If you want to know a little bit about me go check out my channel and I'll put it in the link below(
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Ok, so I JUST got BiNR but apparently, it'd come out yesterday,
August 14th instead of August 15. Kind of a letdown cuz I wanted to be one of the first to get the game, but I guess time zone difference didn't want to let me. I started up the game a moment ago and, gotta say, the music already goes with the title, as in "spoopy." 
Anyways guys, get your copy of the game when you can and enjoy!
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Ask And you shall receive: a short novel for jEsus
Ok so I know that you all have been asking (none of you have been asking) but there’s a REASON why I HAVent been very active on DeviantArt lately. You see, I’ve started a fanfiction account a year ago and recently I started working on it again, writing really GOOD stories about stuff like emo sponebob and peter griffin crashing a fucking helicopter into Minecraft Steve, killing him. Anyways check it out, I spend atleast an hour on each fic lmao
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It's Too Early to Buy Procreate - A Warning
When we went to the Apple Store to buy an iPad Pro we checked which drawing app they use for demonstration. It was Procreate. Without much investigation we assumed it was very responsive and flexible. When we got home and set the iPad up we just bought Procreate for ~50TRY
My first disappointment was the lack of shapes. I used them a lot in Krita, for Boraini’s Style. I found some methods on the net which use texture brushes to achieve perfect circles, squares etc. but they weren’t convenient enough. I tried using drawing tools with my Apple Pencil, such as a compass. They didn’t work well. I had modified them too, which made me upset when I noticed they weren’t useful. Anyways, I continued using Procreate as we paid for it. At least there weren’t ads in the app which made me happy as Procreate doesn’t earn further through advertising.

While I was working on “Gone Fishin’” I en
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My Interior Design projects
Every contest and design challenge I have ever done! I can only provide you with links to my Twitter as the actual furniture is not my design, only what I chose to go together in a style.
Today's Daily Design Challenge
First Design I had ever done :D
Sunny Days in São Paulo
Beijing Beauty
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Make a choice
Give up, or not give up.
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Oh help
I’m Obby all go jail I’m go out and all doc brother have more police car
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Meshroom - Open source photogrammetry
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I have a YouTube channel
If you guys want to know better about me go check out my channel it is called Lefty 1989
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THE ADVENTURE BEGINS | An Untitled Story #1
Despite the poor graphics, this game is strangely beautiful!
Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody RoseHeartNobodyHeartRose
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