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Using Gacha: Good or Bad?
Hello, this is rnp5324. I want to talk primarily to the Alt.Glitchtale peeps about using Gacha/Gacha life. I wanted to talk about this for a long time and I have the time today to post a journal about my opinion.
I am open to idea sharing, so please share your opinions with me even if you disagree!
NOTE: This is purley my opinion and I am NOT attacking you if you use Gacha/Gacha life.
For those who don't know, Gacha is an app that allows you to make custom characters in an anime-like interpretation
(It's essentially a "doll-maker"). This app can let you also have multiple characters in a scene together with texts, different positions, and make them hold weapons and use different powers. Gacha was also made known by different Youtubers who used the app to show different stories.
Many people in the Alt.Glitchtale group, tend to make these Gacha pictures and post them on the website. Some do it by stacking different pictures on top of eachother like
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Tumblr can't stop sucking. Did this happen to you?
Hey guys, quick question.
About a month ago, Tumblr's new broken algorithm falsely flagged SFW posts, leaving a big embarrassing statement basically saying the user was breaking rules and posting porn. I completely deleted my Tumblr account in response, refusing to associate with a site so flagrantly disrespectful to their users.
However, I still have hundreds of links to my Tumblr scattered around all my images, journals, and comments across multiple online platforms. Normally I'd be okay with this, since these links should take you to a Tumblr landing page.
But something weird has happened. Sometime in the last couple weeks, somebody has hijacked my old Tumblr URL to reroute it to another website. These links no longer take you to the Tumblr landing page. If you go to the old link, vest816(dot)tumblr(dot)com, you get this warning message:
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Requests (Not Mine)
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Fallout 76 so far Review
Here is my take on the game so far:
Bethesda's first online game
And because this is first for them, there will be bugs and gliches; so far I've only encountered the Grafton daily quest bug and a one time bug on the single action revolver having a 20 round magazine with no reload until is empty then back to 6. Since the game was rushed there have been and will continue to be updates.
Emphasis on online game
Online game means you need internet connection to play, additionally there are servers that must you must be connected to in order to play...Servers that only Bethesda is providing...If the servers are down then no one can play. Also just because your playing "alone" doesn't mean your immune to actions of other players; this includes the PvP, the nuking of areas in game, triggering of events such as the spawning of hostile npcs even after you just cleared them out(oh look here comes more!), and so on.
Internet connection required
I have a satellite internet service which isn't idea
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Pokmon 2019 wish list
Hello! It's your favorite fire elf, matt! Here with my thoughts on the new Pokémon games making the jump to switch from the 3DS. As you all know, Nintendo/Game freak stated that Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon were the last Pokémon games to ever be on the 3DS, as it wasn't obvious, when that happened, crappy remakes and ports of older games started to appear and come out slowly over time on the handheld system for the past two years. It's sad to say that the switch is kinda out doing the 3ds at this point (if I'm Rong leave a comment). But as a huge fan of Pokémon (y'all can thank ya boi Mewtwo for that, without him I'd be nothing) I'm super pumped for Pokémons next core RPG to come out. And I'd like to share my thoughts and ideas in the form of a wish list for the game. Without further delay let's get started!!
• New Pokémon, common, rare, legendary and mythical!
It's safe to say that with each gen that we get more and more beloved Pokémon we intu
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Finally, I get to see the owner of the orange lights I saw from the previous episode, and I DO NOT LIKE IT!!!
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric mango-frappe RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
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I have a bad notice to say, my cr*ppy pc decided to corrupt all the files of DELTATALE. But don't worry, i have still a backup, but it's very old, and i have to do ALL the things that i was making (Only codes, the new sprites and songs are ok).
Really guys, this situation is really pissing me off. I'll do what i can do.
Stay Determined~
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Freddy x Jason scene
Hey Fred how are you my love said Jason I'm
 pretty good my dear now um could i talk to you about something said Freddy sure what is it said Jason um you see I-I'm a little nervous to ask you this but could we have sex cause i'm a little horny right now said Freddy well of course but just how can we you know said Jason  um well you see as you know i am a demon so i can probably can turn my thing into lady's thing said Freddy well if you can do that then take off your clothes and i'll take mine off and we will do this just you and me ok said Jason .So Freddy got into Jason's bed and then Jason got on top of Freddy and just gazed into each others eyes then they kissed and began touching each other then Jason slipped his dick into Freddy Freddy gasped then Jason started bouncing very gently Freddy started moaning softly then Jason gave Freddy an orgasm AHH OH YES JASON YES UH!! moaned Freddy Jason moaned a bit too then Jason kissed Freddy's neck and nibbled at his ear oh jay i l
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Digital Painting, interlude
I’m busy researching painting apps for my
iPad that can be used for professional work.
All the ones I researched cost money. There’s also Medibang, it’s free, but looks like a
smaller version of Procreate..which is already small.
I wanted something for professional use so
I bought a gift card, but cannot commit to anything. Here are my findings.
None of the painting apps are without flaw
and they all have potential to do great work. Perhaps it’s a matter of just pick one and
stick to it?
Procreate is impressive, but its engine is small, the beloved terrier of the digital painting apps. User friendly, I’m sure it can be used for artwork, no type tool, and there are more tutorials for Procreate than most other painting apps out there.
I originally was moved to buy it first, but then decided to do more research.
Paintstorm Studio looks like Procreate but bigger and also has more problems. I’d like to get it for its blending tools and perspective grid. I
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i tried it on mah fren qwq
Im still suprised she found out so quickly
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Putting this out now for anyone who has this virus in their computer: If any of you possess an application with the name "Chromium" (its icon consists of a bluish Google Chrome logo) DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT UTILIZE IT. DELETE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Although not a major one, Chromium is a malware system that drastically lags your computer over time due to its ability to multiply. This in turn omits your ability to view videos online, play installed game systems, or use the internet to your free will in general. You can notice its appearance first-hand if a chrome search bar appears at the top of your monitor screen regardless of if any applications are active.
Here are a few videos I found on the matter that I believe will be useful for eliminating this virus from your system. Hopefully they will be of good use.
:icongtmemes424:GTMemes424 23 23
DA on Android
DA on Android ain't giving any notifications except on the PC, it has a crap load of notifications... Why!?
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I made a discord server with soxz and canzle if you'd want to join note me :0
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Point Commissions! (OPEN)
Welp, I decided to open point commissions.
If you wanna have one, just comment
What I draw:
Sonic FCs
Anime Characters
What I don't draw
Sonic Recolors
A drawing made by me costs 50 Points
I hope you will request something
:iconsuperham064:superham064 1 7
adopt account
Hey uh yeah I made a adopt account ,come and take a look I guess . I wont be useing base's as much so yeah. I'm also going to be more open on the account on there
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Requests (Not Mine)
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Slender: The Arrival Glitch
This is a glitch that I came across while playing the Hardcore Mode of it for myself. It was really strange so I figured I should record it.
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric mango-frappe RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
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WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!? | Monstrum #1
Monstrum is the most atmospheric game I've ever played so far, and the fact that it relies on listening closely while also being silent yourself makes it even more terrifying!
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric mango-frappe RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
:iconterrifyger:Terrifyger 1 6
Check out this new artist
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11!. a. aaa. z,., !:*::R3 8'
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Krita brush system usability survey: first results
Finally, the analysis of the first part of results from Krita Brush Usability Survey that i opened a week ago, is ready!
The video can be seen here:
The second part will discuss Multibrush and Assistant tools of Krita and should arrive in the next 2-3 days
Then, a final video with follow-up and some last-minute discussion will also be made, perhaps in the next week.
Also important: To limit spamming, i will limit my posts to krita subreddit and forums. Instead, i will post updates on Krita development to this journal instead.
If you are interested in what ultimately becomes of your requests and suggestions, follow me here. It will also be easier for me to just maintain 1 blog.
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