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Warning! Minecraft has gotten dangerous!
Intensifies everywhere       Warning! No break    Warning..Onion        Warning! No break       Intensifies everywhere 
I just got an update from my mom that a disturbing suicide game called “Momo” has infiltrated the popular video game called “Minecraft.”
If "Momo" the bird woman appears in the game with a WhatsApp icon, just shut the game down.
But even before you even turn the game on... Save your worlds into a folder just in case you don't want to lose anything! I don't want to lose my Minecraft playing friends!
:redalert:     :redalert:     :redalert:
:icontwilightspringlock:TwilightSpringlock 1 5
Going Digital !!!
Hello everyone!!!
Recently Ive been doing my research on going digital. I really really am ampted to start. The only issue is with all the in dept research Ive done on a device to use I still cant decide what will be best. I need portable! I work shift work and Im always on the go and looking for an opportunity to draw. I am married and a father of three so most of my cash Id rather use for my wife and children. If I have to I can spend a little bit on a tablet but Id rather not. Im just starting digital soooo if I could I would love suggestions on a cheaper portable tablet but worth the cost. Also, would it just be better for me to spend a little more and get a more expensive tablet??
Thank People
:iconjohnnyboynola:JohnnyBoyNOLA 0 0

Ok, so I JUST got BiNR but apparently, it'd come out yesterday,
August 14th instead of August 15. Kind of a letdown cuz I wanted to be one of the first to get the game, but I guess time zone difference didn't want to let me. I started up the game a moment ago and, gotta say, the music already goes with the title, as in "spoopy." 
Anyways guys, get your copy of the game when you can and enjoy!
:iconscourgewhitewolf:scourgewhitewolf 1 1
Started Playing Life is Strange Today
And although I only just played the first episode I can very easily describe it as one of those enjoyably simple game even with it's rather in-depth interactive gameplay, the only thing I'm having trouble with and that I need tp work on is improving my reflexes for the decisions that I'll more than likely need to make without being given a choice but overall still very entertaining and even though it's only the first episode I'm already sold on Max and Chloe as characters especially Chloe there's just something about devil may care attitude I enjoy and that whole thing with the storm intrigues me and I've got a pretty decent idea on what might be the cause of that storm already but I guess I'll just have to continue playing to know if I'm right or not 
:icondeathknightofanime:DeathKnightofAnime 0 0
My Interior Design projects
Every contest and design challenge I have ever done! I can only provide you with links to my Twitter as the actual furniture is not my design, only what I chose to go together in a style.
Today's Daily Design Challenge
First Design I had ever done :D
Sunny Days in São Paulo
Beijing Beauty
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rant on love nikki
This game is glorifying black facing and sexualizing people of color (qualifying tan and dark skin as """sexy""") Dont Play this racist and P2W game.
:icondangocouch:dangocouch 0 2
my oc and solar flare love story
my oc name is purple  purple see a beam and a basic zombie transformed to a zombie a zombie superhero and zomboss touch a big red button and the big zombot beening crazy and a peashoot a wall nut and a sunflower and the peashoot transformed I. n to a plant hero and I see flower I love like cute I. m fellowing her a lot of zombies and solar flare use her power I walk to and purple said solar flare I love her but I can, t talk to her but one day I look a zombie yeit frozen solar flare  I don't have power I see a bow I shoot Ti I have power and I fighting the zombie yeit and I use a pickaxe I said hi I. m purple solar flare said hi I'm solar flare and purple and solar flare. kissing
:iconjondahuman11:jondahuman11 0 0
It's Too Early to Buy Procreate - A Warning
When we went to the Apple Store to buy an iPad Pro we checked which drawing app they use for demonstration. It was Procreate. Without much investigation we assumed it was very responsive and flexible. When we got home and set the iPad up we just bought Procreate for ~50TRY
My first disappointment was the lack of shapes. I used them a lot in Krita, for Boraini’s Style. I found some methods on the net which use texture brushes to achieve perfect circles, squares etc. but they weren’t convenient enough. I tried using drawing tools with my Apple Pencil, such as a compass. They didn’t work well. I had modified them too, which made me upset when I noticed they weren’t useful. Anyways, I continued using Procreate as we paid for it. At least there weren’t ads in the app which made me happy as Procreate doesn’t earn further through advertising.

While I was working on “Gone Fishin’” I en
:iconboraini:Boraini 0 1
Ask And you shall receive: a short novel for jEsus
Ok so I know that you all have been asking (none of you have been asking) but there’s a REASON why I HAVent been very active on DeviantArt lately. You see, I’ve started a fanfiction account a year ago and recently I started working on it again, writing really GOOD stories about stuff like emo sponebob and peter griffin crashing a fucking helicopter into Minecraft Steve, killing him. Anyways check it out, I spend atleast an hour on each fic lmao
:icondrinkglue666:drinkglue666 0 0
youtube Channel
If you want to know a little bit about me go check out my channel and I'll put it in the link below(
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Shadedown's backstory
The War
It was a normal day on planet Cybertron, Shadedown in her room creating a new weapon, the guards standing near her door watching what she's making. One of her guards saw Slayer, Shadedowns brother a golden chrome mech, running towards his sisters room. He yelled, "Shadedown we need to leave now!" Shadedown noticed the voice and got up and went out of her room. "What's wrong?" Slayer responded "I checked outside the castle, everyone's fighting each other, I think Megatron betrayed to us." Shadedown frowned "oh, scrap."
Shadedown and Slayer ran out the back entrance, with some guards from the castle. Shadedown saw Golden Prime killing some cons. Shadedown mumbled quietly "we used to be so peaceful.." Slayer grabbed one of his swords and reflected a bullet that was about to hit Shadedown. Slayer spoke "We have to get to the escape pods." Shadedown nodded and pulled out her swords and went with her brother to find some escape pods. Shadedown stabbed a Desepticon that tr
:iconautobotshadedown:AutobotShadedown 0 0
Patreon sucks
for the people who followed me on the platform of "Patreon": The truth was that the experience was disgusting. Patreon was left with a good part of the donations, besides that it took a long time to make the payment to my Paypal account, besides that due to the slowness of the process and the negligent platform I could not fulfill the commitments with my sponsors because Where I did not make the payments I did not have to know who was supporting and who did not since the notification did not reach me. And to all this, it is added the fact that I could not contact the sponsors who gave a higher donation due to a flaw in the configuration of the same platform ... a disgust, a scam, and left me wrong in front of the people who were supporting me, to which I returned all the money to my sponsors because I felt that I did not deserve to keep the money ... some approached me via Instagram and Facebook and commissioned me directly (not Patreon ) and so it worked wonderfully. So, a thousand ti
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THE ADVENTURE BEGINS | An Untitled Story #1
Despite the poor graphics, this game is strangely beautiful!
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Puker41349 Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric mango-frappe RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
:iconterrifyger:Terrifyger 1 3
i dont care
Leoni if you seen this screw you I'm not gonna cry over myself idc if you will remains about what I said to you cause remaber the shit you said to me I don't give a demn about it I'm a girl who stays strong and won't let a thing come at me what ever youl do won't matter if you'll say it to someone and they will harrase me I won't care move on with life and won't give a shit about your words
Because I got friends who will always be there for me when I'm sad because those friends are amazing and will care and help me and I'll help them too! Idc if your in the meme family it doesn't matter to me I rather move on with my life and be happy because every word you will say I won't believe because I know its not true even if its true I won't care
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Oh help
I’m Obby all go jail I’m go out and all doc brother have more police car
:iconjayhsiagrouproblox:jayhsiagrouproblox 0 0
Affordable Graphics Tablet
Hey guys! Recently I was interested if I could actually use a graphic tablet (instead of my usual display tablet) SO I bought the XP-PEN Deco 02. I had never used this brand before, and I haven’t used a graphic tablet since 2015 -- before I gave up after using it twice because it was “too hard” -- but now that I have a lot more resolve and skill, I decided it was time to try something new.
I wanted to share my views and experience using the tablet to help anyone else who might be interested in purchasing something like this.
I made a YouTube Video Review for the tablet as well.

I ordered the tablet on Amazon, got it the very next day. The box came with everything you’d expect: the tablet itself; the nice battery-free pen (with an eraser at the end!); pen-holder tube with extra nibs and
:iconvolson:volson 0 0
i figured out how to use adobe animate bone tool
Sooner or later, you guys should see me make something awesome, I hope.
:icondrunkenstien:Drunkenstien 0 0
To those who made a drawing request and didn't get a drawing. 
Sorry about that.. I have been busier than I had expected. I will be sure to eventually make it up to you guys... just hang in there!
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I have a YouTube channel
If you guys want to know better about me go check out my channel it is called Lefty 1989
:iconmoltenfreddy456:moltenfreddy456 0 2
Funny Hello Neighbor Glitch!
I was playing a Hello Neighbor mod and came across this funny glitch that I'm guessing the creator didn't intend to happen! I have a little fun with the glitch in this video ;)
Play the mod (WARNING: it's very short!):
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Puker41349 Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric mango-frappe RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
:iconterrifyger:Terrifyger 1 4
I HATCHED!!! | An Untitled Story #2
And I've gotta say, I didn't expect THESE things to be BIRDS!
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Puker41349 Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric mango-frappe RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
:iconterrifyger:Terrifyger 1 9