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Username Changing
DeviantArt should make it so that you don't have to be a core member to change your username while still making it so that once you change it, you can't change it for 90 days.
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Gmod Deathmatch: Father's Day Special!
In honor of Father's Day, my dad and I do another smackdown in Gmod Deathmatch! And I also test out some new weapons on him, too. ;)
Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody
:iconterrifyger:Terrifyger 1 6
My Suggested Art Programs
I've been doing specifically doing Digital Art for 2 years now and I spent a LOT of that time just trying to find the right programs, so I thought I'd share what I've learned and what I personally think about these programs.
Autodesk Sketchbook: *This is a free program* Sketchbook was the first program I used the most after first transitioning from traditional sketching. It has the easiest interface and a great introduction to the digital art world with free brushes from their site on a weekly or monthly basis and a simple layer system. Its available on most platforms and was recently made entirely free with no annoying ads (yet) so give it a try.
Adobe Photoshop: *This is not a free program* I don't recommend jumping right into this one, it's intimidating in it's complex look at first but once you spend more time on it to understand it then it becomes probably one of the best ways of doing digital art. I've not seen any other program with the amount of sheer options as Photoshop does
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Posting schedule
So, I decided to make a schedule to when I will be posting art.
Here is the schedule:
Monday: No art.
Wednesday: No art.
Tuesday: Will post art or will not.
Thursday: Posting computer art.
Friday: Posting computer art.
Saturday: No art.
Sunday: Posting digital art.
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Huion Drawing tablet
I might be getting a huion drawing tablet and a computer for my 13th bday
. I know there is a lot of free drawing programs that are awesome, but I really want Paint Tool Sai. The question is, is it worth it?
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e.v sister
Ev had her when a  soldier woman said "please look after my baby  for me when get her out of here  i kill some titans* ev protect the little baby girl some month later the woman didnt came back but e.v will look after her no matter what  
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THIS GOT SAD! | Neverending Nightmares #3 (ENDING)
How could it end (in one way) like this???
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica CelestiaFoxx CatnipPacket Jack-O-Chainoxy Puker41349 Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric DiddleDoodles
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I'm so hyped there are 2 new games Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Just Cause 4!
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SO MANY MONSTERS!!! | Neverending Nightmares #2
I keep running into abomination after abomination... where does it end???
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica CelestiaFoxx CatnipPacket Jack-O-Chainoxy Puker41349 Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric DiddleDoodles
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do people really care about they request..?
Or art trade...
Because I'm started to not doing request anymore...
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PupperFish Traits (Closed Species)
PupperFish Traits
Ears aren’t limited to canine style ears. (Ex. Fox)
Most PupperFish live in cold waters, they’ve evolved to have extra fur on and around their necks.
Although much rarer, tropical PupperFish do exist.  They don’t have that extra layer of fur.
Most PupperFish have thick tails which can be fluffy or have short fur.  
Thin tailed PupperFish are less common but still have a chance of being fluffy.
Any type of tail can be tipped but, there are little to none tipped Puppers.  The tipped PupperFish are considered royalty.
Royalty is completely closed unless given permission.
PupperFish are a closed species.  I may open a MYO, but for now you can request designs from me.  These designs are 1 point, with an added point per rare trait.  If you have a question just ask me.  
There are specific people who are allowed to make their own without permission.  Unless these pe
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Update on the genders of mangle +Funtime foxy
So after doing some research I guess. I found out mangle will still be in ladies night (ultimate custom night)But keep in mind that in the custom night (ladies night) it only has female characters and mangle wasn’t added to make it harder since ladies night is already pretty hard
So I’m still calling mangle female :)
As for Funtime foxy I’ve excepted his gender and will now continue to call him male yes it looks feminine and so does TB/toy Bonnie and he was confirmed to be male. Yes mangle was confirmed to be male but it’s been so many years (almost 3 years) since I started to call mangle a female and I can’t change my mind easily so instead of confusing myself I’ll just call mangle a her
Good day/evening/night.
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my favorite e3 things besides smash bros
Here is just a list of my favorite things from e3 that i saw that were not smash bros.
Daemon ex machina
Super mario party
Fortnite on switch
Star link battle for atlas
Senran kagura renewal
Beat saber
Resident evil 2
Seiko shadows die twice
Spyro reignited trilogy
Speed brawl
Halo infinite
Gears 5
Jump force
Cuphead:the delicious last course 
Kingdom hearts 3
Labyrinth of refrain coven of dusk
E3 isnt done just yet. There might be more stuff on the way.
#E3 #e3
ImBatman1939 FireMaster92
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NiGHTS into Dreams: A review
Back when the Wii was young, I had the privilege, no the oppurtunity to buy a unique game. Thanks to the review of a friend, I had the thought to buy it. It was Nights:  Journey Into Dreams and I was blown away. I had known of it's predecessor on the Sega Saturn for some time but I never owned one and by the time the N64 rolled around I was won over to Nintendo's team. So I thought it would be one game I thought I would never play, that was until near the end of last year.
But some stroke I saw in the games area on my Xbox360 I saw that the original NiGHTs was a available for download and I was so suprised how well it was.
This version is revamped with newer graphics but you have the option to play in the old Sega Saturn graphics for a real retro exprience. ANd as a bonus, you beat the normal game and you can play the CHristmas NiGHTS promotion game. No kidding! ^_^
Anyway I will give you some nitty gritty for those that are unfamiliar with it.
This game follows two k
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Gachaverse Review
Stupid DeviantArt crashed and I have to start this journal all over again. #FuckDeviantArt (not sorry for profanity btw)
Q: What is Gachaverse?
A: Gachaverse is an upcoming app that will be released on Android devices in the end of June. Gachaverse allows full character customization, skit making, and more!
(I'm too lazy to rewrite all my hard worked progress earlier)
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Guys I just saw Nintendo Direct E3 2018 video and it was awesome
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TERRIFYING ALREADY | Neverending Nightmares #1
Within minutes of starting this game, it already got terrifying!
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica CelestiaFoxx CatnipPacket Jack-O-Chainoxy Puker41349 Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric DiddleDoodles
:iconterrifyger:Terrifyger 1 4
I can’t log in my deviant art from my phone and I put everything in correctly.
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Easy Poser - a great help!
Hey my dearest Artists here~
Thanks to :iconNayamiiChan: I got this app called Easy Poser.
It's a great help for posing, propotions and light/shadows.
You have really a ton of possibilities to work with and the premium version only costs 5,49€ (thats the german price, I don't know for other countries!) even for someone like me, who is most of the time broke, it's very affordable.
It's a smartphone/tablet app for android and I think for IOs.
You can remove the clothes if you want and add (at least basic) equipment.
You don't have to buy the premium version and a lot of poses are aviable by watching ads.
You can even make up your own poses and I fell totally in love with it, since I a have a lot of struggles with propotions this helps a lot!
I hope I could help some people here and I wish everyone a nice day~
I linked a few screenshots of the app, so you can see what it looks like.
Yes it's in german, but you can change the language, so don't worry.
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