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My thoughts on Social Medias in one sentence each
Here we go
YouTube - Home of the memes and also cringe
DeviantArt - Cool art overrun by fetish art
Pixiv - Some art sharing website I don’t know anyone who uses
Twitter - Political madhouse and cute animals
Spotify - Just music
Skype - lag city
Discord - either be cool or the fbi will be coming for you
Origin - nobody uses the social functions - nobody uses the social functions v2
Facebook - watch your data get leaked here
Teamspeak - for hardcore gamers who are too obnoxious for discord or Skype
Pinterest - basically just stickynotes
Slack - what discord cloned and obliterated
Tumblr - get purged motherfucker
Steam - angry tryhards
VK - what the fuck even is this
Curiouscat - answer and ask things ig
Thiscrush - find out if you have crushes but not really at the same time
Disqus - nothing worth talking about
Google+ - it’s dead
Vimeo - vime-no
Dailymotion - in case you just don’t know what YouTube is
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Retro Review: Zoids New Century
Anyone remember Zoids? The show about a mech combat sport that was on CN's Toonami block? Actually, the one that was first dubbed in the US was actually the second series, New Century. The first season, Chaotic Century, would have to wait a few years for its US release. I guess companies thought a tournament show would be more fun for kids that a show about war. 
As a kid, I took a...kinda passive interest in the series. I mean, I watched it sometimes when it was on, and I enjoyed the robots (I actually had a Liger Zero toy when I was young), but it never really grabbed me the way other anime on Toonami like Dragon Ball did. So, watching some episodes again after fifteen-or-so years, is it worth remembering, or just one long, boring toy commercial?
The premise is a simple one: In the future, there's a combat sport where teams battle using animal-themed mecha known as Zoids. The team we follow is the Blitz Team, which is headlined by their uber-powerful zoid, the Liger Zero. Admitt
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amiibo 101
This is not one of my usual artist entries, but this is rather a page about amiibo and what I have noticed.
To address the elephant in the room, we smash amiibo owners have obviously discovered that there has been a huge improvement.
Not only has the AI itself grown some intelligence, but the FP(Figure Players) can even mimic your playstyle completely.
Well more or less with my luck...
However I did discover a neat process that wasn't originally made by me.
I'll show you the process.
So once you have registered your little buddy, from levels 1 through 20 or 25 (depending on how much you might think is better) either whale on your amiibo or just teach them what you wish for them to learn. Repeat this style until desired level, and the fighter should surely have your methods crammed in their plastic heads.
Once you've reached your designated level, head back to the amiibo menu and turn learn off.
From there to level 47 do whatever you want. Just stall all the way to Lv47.
Once you have m
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Review: AtGames SEGA Genesis Flashback 2018
Hey guys, today we are going to take a look at the SEGA Genesis Flashback 2018. (or SEGA Genesis Flashback 2, as I like to call it.) So... let’s START!
Included are: the console, two 2.4GHZ wireless controllers, an HDMI cable, a Micro-USB power adapter, and an oversized instruction manual.
Let’s begin with the console. Basically it looks almost EXACTLY like an original Genesis, though smaller. It feels REALLY light, though. (but it is a bit heavier than the 2017 version.) It looks really cool, though.
Included are 81 built-in Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Ristar, Vectorman, Mortal Kombat, Alex Kidd, Columns, Astro Warrior, Phantasy Star, Super Columns, the hidden Snail Maze, and more.
Also, with this console, you also have the ability to rewind, save, and resume games!
Also included are two 2.4GHZ wireless controllers, which work amazingly. They feel great, they look awesome, and they work really well. The P1 controller also ha
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the delicacy of bees.
bees are a fine and popular delicacy throughout the entire world. china is especially renowned for their bee-keep, having entire enclaves of uniquely flavored bees. bumble are especially flavorful, and deliver a satisfying crunch. yellow jacket, however, are especially zesty, although they are slightly more chewy that other varieties. bees can be used as sides, toppings, cereal, and whole meals. i suggest you add a daily dose of bees into your diet, to deliver sufficient vitamins to your body. america’s children have been raised weak, deprived of bees from their diet. there is still time to save them, though, if we slowly implement bees into their diet and gradually build them into what is soon to be a masterrace that could hold planets in the palm of their hand. eat bees, for the good of our country. for the good of our nation. for the good of our world, and future worlds to come.
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is this normal for Charizard amiibos?
Ok so if you remember the first run of the smash amiibos Charizard came out later on I remember it being the same color as the render from smash 4 (Wii U/ 3DS) you guys see how neon looking the reprints are? We're they always like this or is this new for the reprints of this gaming figure? Plz help me figure this out it's confusing me
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*plays RDR2* Console Runs Fine *Plays Minecraft* Console Runs Like Shit
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You know what I ALSO hate?
Furries, they can go jump off a cliff and die in the hospital, all of them, and I mean ALL of them spam OwO and UwU everywhere, I’m more on the anti-furry Community, #killthefurries
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F*CK ME! YOU ARE SO SEXY! | Escape Your Dream
Probably the most hilarious line I've ever heard spoken in Gmod, mostly because it's not the kind of thing you expect to hear in a HORROR map XDDD
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric
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Hi Everybody!
Hello good people! My name is Marshmallow.  I am a UniPig. I wanted to be able to share my journey through life with others :) Today Mark's day 1! I used to travel alone :( but one day I met my little buddy Sprinkles! (Shes the adorable pink one in my picture) I hope you all enjoy the things we share!
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the spoof is in the pudding
so today I got a call, it's a second call of the same thing.  unfortunately I don't know Spanish so I have no clue what they are saying.  however, I've also gotten calls from a company countless times with the same message my "car insurance" is about to expire and to contact them immediately.  either by pressing a number or another number to be added to the "do not call" number.  so if my insurance is about to expire, why do I want to add them to a block? 
pausing here for a moment.  do not call it's really a joke, people swear by it, but it has yet to work in my favor at least.  maybe it's because I'm with such an easy number or something.  however this is mostly American thing, because the calls I've been getting, they aren't American sounding when they pick up on the other end as it switches around.  yup I have "bored" moments and actually want to torture and torment them further
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The Laboratory of Failure Experiments
Here's another Baldi mod for you all, and while the previous one I did was just hilarious, THIS one is downright SCARY!
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
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XP PEN ARTIST - 15.6 Pro

Hey my friends! Im here again with the whole new review for whole new product by Xp- Pen company! If you watching me for while you know i already did a couple of reviews :) and thanks to that you already  knew Xp- Pen is AWESOME! 
This time i got Xp-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro
This tablet is maybe the best . Why?
The XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro supports 60 degrees  tilt function, the strokes are so so smooth,natural  and awesome, its literally like painting on canvas or drawing on paper :O maybe even better? 
The screen is absolutely breathtaking, i think i never seen such a beautiful colors on display. The colors are so perfect and strong, i think they are even better than  22E Pro.  So colorful and vivid. The display is fully laminated. If you turn of the display the screen is  black, on most of the tablets is the screen (g
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I accept Paypal and Points!
x Won't Draw x 
 tick  Will Draw tick 
Just Ask Me if you want

Lineart- $2 or 160Points 
Full- $6 or 480Points 

Lineart- $5 or 400Points 
Full- $10 or 800Points 

Fullbody+ Bust+ Palette
Flats- $15 or 1200Points 
Shaded- $20 or 1600Points 
Please either comment or PM me if interested
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I got the Nintendo Switch. Network doesn't support
(Journal 24)
  Hello ladies and gentlemen... 
  So apparently I was suppose to get a Christmas gift around December 2018 and it didn't happen. Now it was suppose to be around January 2019, but it didn't happen again.
  I'll probably get a late Christmas gift in the far future...
  So I decide to buy myself a new thing.
  So today it happened and it arrived... 
  (Oooooooo it cost a lot, damn...)
  I got the Nintendo Switch...
  A new game console.
  I'm kind of happy and excited that I bought my own new console.
  So I started setting it up the Nintendo Switch, getting it to my TV and doing the adjustments. I'm trying to get use to the controls and this new console.
  I got it ready and it was working. 
  But apparently I got some ba
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OVERLY-ATTACHED BALDI! | Playtime's Swapped Basics
This is probably the most ridiculous Baldi's Basics mod I'll ever see! XD
blackfang-325 RWQFSFASXC395248 Queen-Manglica DarkStarPaws Androbarz Munchie-Munchkin BlueFireMars HikkHyric RoseHeartROCKSTAR-MANGLEHeartRose
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Humble Suggestions to Improve dA
Everyone knows dA Staff wants to make this website the best it can be, so I had some ideas for some simple changes for GREAT improvements!
Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]
Whenever you Watch a user, a popup appears letting you select what elements you want to be notified for. That way you don't have to worry about forgetting to manually navigate to your watchlist, which some people don't even know how to do!
A widget for all users that lets you hotlink an image from anywhere online. Its icon could be like a webcam or something!Being able to display uploaded deviations at full size, even the really really long comic-type pages, rather than bumping it down to a smaller resolution every time I click 'Update'!A drop-down menu that appears when you hover over 'Login', so you can log in straight from wherever you are, rather than having to load an intermediary page for the same options!An extra setting for Journals that would let authors add a little emoji representing their
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LAP Collection support!!!!!
Go and follow and shop on their store for dope merchandise and clothes
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My breif review of The LEGO Movie 2 (NO Spoilers!)
So just yesterday I saw the Lego movie 2, and we'll.... It was amazing I feel like it was a Worthy sequel to a great film. 5 years of waiting for this and it was worth it, definitely recommend it and I might go see it AGAIN. So go see it, I guess.
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So, considering I'm a new companion here. I'm having a few struggles with this app,I do need a bit of guidance. Like are you able to draw on this? If so how? How do things work, etc. :)
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Almost There | Game Review
The Game

   Almost There is nothing too surprising to see when it comes to platforming games. You get from one place to another while scaling walls and avoiding getting killed from various things such as spikes, saws, and lasers.
When the game starts, you aren't given any real tutorial. Instead, You are thrown into simple levels where you can get a hang of the simple controls it has. Move left, Move right, jump, And wall jump. After these level, the game starts to introduce you to the deadly objects. Spikes, Saws, and Laser cannons.
Comparing what I have played so far with the trailer, I have only scratched the surface of what the game has in store. Many long hours would be waiting ahead for me with this game.
The Controls
    The controls for the game itself are fairly simple. The game can be played with one hand on PC with just the arrow keys. Move
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All About My OCs: Cj Chan
I have a lot of OCs, but most of them are mainly on my YT Channel so imma tell you all about them
Cj Honney:
She is my main OC, back when I was younger, I made her the “daughter” of Sans and Frisk (oof when Frisk is an adult you uncultured swines). And when I was in 7th grade, (and in the summer before 7th grade) I decided to change it. The thing is, I didn’t had a backstory for her. My gf made a backstory for her. So thank her for that, i fuckin loved it.
Cj Chan is what I call her sometimes. Most often actually.
Facts about Cj:
-she is half a experiment (and to me she’s an experiment to try things)
-Since she’s an experiment, this means random things can occur to her, to turning into a wolf to her somehow turning into a guy (these happened before she met her fiancé, Luna.) since then, she learned how to control them
-Cj is Japanese American. Both her mother and father are Japanese American
- Cj has a sister named Ana (aka Fluffy)
-Cj has “othe
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