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Bad news
My phone suddently started to act weirdly...the display of my phone gone fucked I won't be able to use my phone for a while...until I get a new one...So I won't be much of a active watcher as I used to be...Since I know some people can still access my account without making one on their own...please...speard this all of you can know...
:iconaliceaduraicemtmb:AliceAduraiceMTMB 3 0
Closed request
The request are now closed for now. until not only i get the other requests done bt also my stress level goes down
Soo im bored af. so if you want you can put down a link or pic or the character ( or characters ) oyu want me to draw and i might draw them. yay
1.No more then 2-3 Characters
2.No nsfw stuff please
:iconthe-random-universes:The-Random-Universes 3 15
Finished World of Light SSBU
After I kept getting stomped on by brutal CPUs in the challenger approach battles, I decided to do the World of Light option instead.
At least in that mode you can abuse Spirits and Items.
World of Light seemed impossible on some ends at first, but after playing with spirit combos a bit and adjusting difficulty as necessary, I eventually got along just fine.
If you want to unlock all the characters with as little of a headache as possible:
DON'T try the Classic Mode or Versus Mode options!
The CPUs become so brutally hardcore in these battles...
Only a pro stands a chance there.
World of Light is definitely the easier option in terms of difficulty.
And I heavily advise you to adjust the difficulty as necessary.
If you're up against "Ace" or "Legendary" Spirits, feel no shame in switching the difficulty to "Easy" to give yourself an easier time to claim them.
Otherwise, they could prove to be just as much of a headache as normal Unlock-Battles, if not more.
However, I
:iconparagon-yoshi:Paragon-Yoshi 2 0
Most of you probabaly don't care
But to those who do and most importantly my friends
I'm not going to be on discord for awhile
I'll probs change my mind but
I've been so sad recently
Like all I feel is s  a d
And I feel like I've gotten too caught up in online stuff
I need to spend time with my family and focus on my art and animation  
So if you're somone I text frequently I loaf you so much and I can't wait till we talk again <333
Ok vents over lol
I might post art every now and then but I won't be as interactive as I normally am, aka comments or favouriting art
I'll also probabaly post animations since that's what I wanna work on rn
Thank you for your time if you read this lmao
I'll try get commissions and art trades done asap
:iconmeloucan:Meloucan 4 1
Tagged by: :iconFocads:
1. Explain your persona's personality through a song!

With lyrics:
Either Omega and Run Away (From ST III)
No lyrics:
Too Far Gone (From ST III as well)
2. Explain your persona's backstory with a song!

Wolf n Sheep Clothing

3. Songs that fit 3-5 other of your OCs!

The Abomination - Animal I Have Become
Nardy - Daddy's Little Monster
Goxy - Break
Elizabeth Cornor - Nightmare
Carol - My Demons
(Ask the reasons of one specific character if you
:iconfnafeditstop:fnafeditstop 3 8
Desert Fox Page 70 Update!

Desert Fox #70 Nurse Antics 5
Here's the full comic
Desert Fox is supported through
:icondesertfoxkatbox:DesertFoxKatbox 3 3
OC's Pokemon Roster
No real reason behind doing this. Saw something that gave me a lick of inspiration for it, and thought it'd be fun.
I don't know a lot about pokemon beyond gen 1 or 2, so some things might be subject to change? It's all for the hell of it anyway.
Sandshrew: Carol's first, and favorite, pokemon. Sandshrew gives her the fewest problems out of her roster, his antics being mostly accidental for the most part.
Abra: Carol was so excited when she won this pokemon in a contest! Though, her enthusiasm quickly waned, as when Abra WASN'T sleeping, it was either giving Carol stealth wedgies or pulling her pants down via telekinesis.
Scyther: A birthday gift from Sam. It appears as if some of Sam's tendency's rubbed off on him, as he has a habit of slicing away Carol's clothing with little provocation. The fact that Carol lacks battle prowess doesn't help matters.
:iconsleepallof2day:sleepallof2day 3 14
Pipe Up Those Vocals
As if there wasn't another reason Piranha Plant should be in Smash.
:iconsmash-universe:Smash-Universe 7 6
+ Shop + Pokemon Original + OPEN +
Goodies's shop : + Here +
:rainbowwave: Hi ! I decided to make a shop only for Pokemon Stuff ! Pokeball Revamp 

Rainbow Bullet - F2U! You'll receive the original drawing at home, not a copy !
• Signed & Dated
• Shipping fees (Worldwide) :  3€ / 4USD

Only PayPal bullet  accepted.
(You can choose to pay in € or USD)Eevee la icon Vaporeon La icon Jolteon La plz Flareon La icon Espeon la icon 
:iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 3 0
Thought dump - Tumblr, Gallery clean up, 2019
Death of Tumblr
As mentioned in my last status post, Tumblr has gone nuclear in an attempt to become "more positive" and pretty much every NSFW creator (including me) has moved to other sites. I'm not sure what I'll do with my Tumblr page yet, but from my understanding, NSFW posts won't be visible to anyone except the uploader. Even if I didn't care about utterly horrible business practices, the site is essentially useless now, in that regard. This leads into the next point.
Censors + Gallery clean up
I have a number of pics in my DA gallery (25+) that are honestly probably too risky to keep around (the ones with a censor slapped on the naughty bits). If we're being real, there are only a couple pics where the censor is hiding something actually explicit (ie: genitals), the rest are just hoses or slime squeezed between fat ass cheeks (more than acceptable
:iconpressurizedpleasure:PressurizedPleasure 2 0
The New Age Chapter 4: Rose
Meanwhile in the Underworld, a war waged between two opposing demon armies as one army sieged the castle of the other. The battle spilled into the castle town as the armies defending the castle brought out their massive Hellhound units as well as firing several of their catapults at the opposing army. This caught them off guard and they were pushed back from the castle town and onto the mountainous path. As the armies fought and brutally murdered one another outside the castle, another battle waged in the castle’s throne room. An elite Archdemon was hurled across the floor while Dark residue flickered around the entire room. As he struggled to pick himself up, a woman wielding a red and black scythe slowly approached him. Her eyes consumed in Darkness as she looked down at him.
“Damn”. The Archdemon muttered under his teeth.
The woman then stomped her heel down on the Archdemon’s forehead and pushed him down to the floor, while grinding her heel down.
:iconanonlight:anonlight 2 2
Week 1, 500 Points Giveaway Winner Announced
Okay, the 2 days deadline is over! Time to draw the winners!
With the number generation:
So number 5 on the favorite list is:

:iconInnocentBunny101: wins the 500 points for the first week! Please contact me via note and I will send it over to you.
:icondawn-refia:dawn-refia 2 3
Talks with Tolkien artists: Dalandel
Here is a person who read the Silmarillion at the age of 11 :) Meet :icondalandel: - Dalandel and her portraits of Tolkien characters. You can see a few of the here, and all in her Tolkien gallery.

Hello! For the beginning, could you tell us something about yourself?
Hello! I'm Dalandel (also known as Anka). I'm 29 and originally from Sea Lapland of Finland, from where I've migrated down south a few years back. I like to read, write and draw - all of which I should honestly do more, but alas. I've drawn digitally since 2012, back then armed with just my sturdy mouse and Paint Tool SAI. Around 2015 I got
:iconmirachravaia:MirachRavaia 1 1
Fantasy, Traditional Art
A selection of new deviations in the category of traditional fantasy art!



 Duality by AshBaye
Mermaid couple by tina-renae-art
Bataws - 1 by FreeByNature    
Small Black Sun (In the Distance Fading) by elnachato
 Morning coffee by Last-Valentine 
undead and faithlady by morkarr 
Topielica by Evidriell
2018-11-23 Alice by jackfox2008 
Siamesefightingfish, betta in space painting by liptaizsofi
The Wicked Fairy by MadameGiry 
Bored girl by arseniy1982 
:iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 3 16
Thank you for the birthday wishes!!
I'd like to thank the following user for the good birthday wishes: :D (Big Grin) 
To the last one I'd like to give major thanks for this AWESOME gift! Clap 

This birthday was filled with surprises! Again, thank you all! :happybounce: 
:icondarkoverlord1296:DarkOverlord1296 1 14
Morph Poll: Stephanie McMahon Wins! And Moar!
I will morph Stephanie McMahon in the near future!  Thank you to everyone who participated!
I will also make a Christmas-related morph of some kind, this month!
Bigger Is Better!  :D
:iconericf989:ericf989 1 2
My Christmas Wishlist
Hey, everyone, after seeing :iconWindWo1f:'s Journal Entry on a Christmas Wishlist, I thought of making one myself.
Here is the wishlist of what I would like for Christmas:
Maybe a picture of my OC Kardia Stoneocean as maybe her normal self or a merwolf. Or if you like you could probably draw Kardia with her wolf siblings Tanya, Sawtooth and Wolfred and/or her forest friends Flap, Bailey and Cyril. Here's the important information about Kardia Stoneocean and the other characters: . The picture could be of them or either one of them hanging out in the woods of North America, or maybe of Kardia acting like a wild wolf like scratching herself with her foot like one. Here are the refs for Kardia Stoneocean, Tanya, Sawtooth, Wolfred, Flap the raven, Bailey the female horse and Cyril the snake.
:iconkodimarto:Kodimarto 5 2
12/15 Crossbreed MYO event DETAILS
WOO BOY sorry for this journal coming out a little late!! December is kicking my butt!
Here are the details for the 12/15 Crossbreed sale event!!
we will be selling 25 crossbreed MYO slots for $45/4500:points: on December 15th at 2pm MST! These slots will be a sale raffle! The raffle event will be open to enter for 10 minutes, and after we give everyone their numbers the winners will be picked via random number generator in the discord later that day!
you can check the time in your timezone using this site, its already set to 2pm MST! all you have to do is add your city or timezone to the blue box!
the following includes some important info that will hopefully answer most questions you may have:
-1 slot/cla
:icondarling-dainties:Darling-Dainties 28 19
Cuphead OC Banner Request Open!
Since I love making these, I'll be taking request ^^
-Friends/Mutuals only
-You can ask me any OC (even if its not a Cuphead OC ^^)
-I dont want OCs with complicated designs
-If you want to ask one, Note me or Comment here
-Give me time, since I have school (until Xmas Break)
:iconnothing-but-luds:Nothing-But-Luds 3 1
Just had this email come through.
:iconearth-hart:Earth-Hart 1 2
Broken Crown Exotic's Fae Imports and Breeding
"Outside" Breedings* - 50+ fp - OPEN - 2 slots 
"Inside" Breedings* - 50 -100 fp - CLOSED
Imports - 100+ fp each - OPEN - 2 slots
Fill out the form you want below and send it to me via note (or hit me up on Discord if you have me there)
Foal Preferences: (colors; markings; ect)
Major Edits wanted: (extra legs, tails, eyes, beaks, ect) major edits will add 20 fp each. 
                (mane/tail/eye/Feathering edits do not count for this. those are free depending on the faes being bred)
Total FP owed:
Species: (equine/camel/dog currently)
Breed: (specifics for dogs or horses; Camel is currently only Bactrian Camel)
Gender: (male/Female/other/ect)
Color: (anything under the sun)
Major Edits w
:iconj4-coltrain:J4-Coltrain 1 0
New Website

I've seen a lot of people making a similar move towards personal websites, and I could not be more excited to join the trend. I don't intend ti take people away from DA and this page will continue to be my flagship site, and I'll be sending all of my best work here. But my personal site will be where I put old works, stuff too explicit for DA, and some works that I don't want to flood your feeds. This is a place for me to share anything and everything. 
But I don't have it quite right yet... So coming soon. Stay tuned.
:iconmeaney-mean-me:meaney-mean-me 2 5