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Something silly I made
Remember the "DOG" video on Youtube with the Oh You Dog? I made my own version, including Yang with a silly expression.
Here is the video:
In case, this journal is overseen, here are a bunch of people, I mentioning now:
:icons3be: :icongeekycreeper2002: :icondeoxysdivinity: :icongarry-o-jelly: :iconlambozilla: :iconbassxx: :iconhijokethedragon: :icontoxicoow: :iconlectraplayer:
:iconkrdom:Krdom 2 3
MLP Mood Board Customs (OPEN)
50/£0.50 to 100/£1.00 depends how complex
Race: Bat,Fox,Dog
Base: Optional But Helpful

Gender: Female or male
Mood Board: Optional but helpful
Special: Flowers in mane, markings etc.

Cutie Mark: Cost extra 10 points

:iconsnoopypastel:SnoopyPastel 2 0
Jacob Samra Pan
(Dedicated and inspired to Everyone Who Made There Own Peter Pan Spoof)
Jacob Samra as Peter Pan
Judy Shepard as Wendy Darling
Jakey Hill as John Darling
Peter Shepard as Michael Darling
Elsa as Tinker Belle
Cipher (The Fate Of The Furious) as Captain Hook
Shere Khan (LA) as Mr Smee
Spinosaurus as Tick Toc The Crocodile
Brian O’ Conner, Dominic Toretto, Baloo (LA), Bagheera (LA),Thomas the Tank Engine & Bear as The Lost Boys
Samantha (OC) as Tiger Lily
Hiccup as The Indian Chief
Blue (Jurassic World) as Nana
Alan Parish and Sarah Whittle as Mary Darling & George Darling
Mufasa as Himself
Claire Dearing as Adult Wendy
Maisie Lockwood as Jane Darling
Mowgil (LA) as Danny Darling
Owen Grady as Edward Darling
Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey as Herself (Jane and Danny Darling Big Sister)

Rexy (Jurassic World) as Nana II
Carnotaur as The Octopus
:iconjakeysamra:jakeysamra 1 5
God fucking damnit
Yay someone's slashed my bike up again. An enclosed parking lot, at least 6 other vehicles parked within, and my fucking bike is the only thing that gets targeted. Joy of joys. 
Might be afk for a little while folks, just a teeeeeeny bit absolutely livid.
:icondrpossibly:DrPossibly 1 2
A cat poem ~
Kat the cat had a walk,
And he found a piece of chalk,
Pick it up and throw,
But can't get down to the flow.
Kat really want to dance,
But didn't have a chance,
He can't fight this out,
So he went home to pout.
for us by Perfect-Kittens
:iconweadorecats:WeAdoreCats 1 0
I had a user PM last month wanting a request that was too NSFW for DA's rules. I might take a request for October, I've been slowing down with art recently so I'm feeling the need for a few ideas.
Also, here's my Twitter
and a Giantess website I recommend.
:iconbriniasona:BriniaSona 1 1
Happy 26th Birthday Katrina [London Expo Fan]

Hello fellow Whovian's Mini Tardis and Deviant Art usersDeviantArt Flag
Just want to dedicate today to my younger sister Katrina :iconlondonexpofan: or Kat as she likes to be known these days [which I don't call her, and never ever will :D ] who is 26 years old today, seen here in her almost complete 5th Doctor Cosplay as Peter Davison's Doctor from classic Doctor Who's early 1980's period . . her favourite Doctor.
    Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Flower Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right Flowers and hearts - Pixel divider F2U - right
:icondoctorwhoone:DoctorWhoOne 1 9
AoI - The Boundary Breaker
8 Fun Facts about Heliador "The Boundary Breaker" Butterfly
Heliador was born in Dwolf 27.Heliador was on the same level as Eclipsa.Heliador didn´t  had a favorite queen aside from his mother, but after the Blood Moon Ball, he started to read a lot about Febe.While he didn´t grow wings and didn´t go girl (or boy) crazy, Heliador did get covered in scales and grew six arms during mewberty. He takes the same form while on "mewberty form". Instead of flying, Heliador levitated. And instead of hovering over the ground, he sort of walked on air.Even though he wasn´t the first queen to marry a member of another kingdom (Moon got that place), he´s the first to get married in two different marriage rituals.Heliador sometimes got "Feeling Confusion", a term he coined to the moments when he couldn´t differenciate his own feelings from those he was recieving from other people.Heliador could be a very good manipulator, and people often got terrified of getting on
:icontsukinekoi:Tsukinekoi 4 7
A little update since I returned to DA
1. So I'm back into ponies again XD 
Now that I will be drawing my OCs traditionally, I can draw the more complicated ponies that I own (which I wouldn't be able to re-draw on ms paint). I want to rebuild my pony collection eventually ^^ 
2. Before I decide to draw my OCs, I want to post more on my adopt account. This includes making (pony) customs for friends and posting some CYOP adopts, since I enjoy making those. 
3. If you're like me and you can only make ponies by combining ponies into a ship xD, then it would be helpful to know that I am allowing people to ship my OCs. My friends already have my permission to do this but I anyone else wants to do so, I will link my OCs in a note. However, I expect to have a foal for free (and to have credit in the description) x3. 
4. Unfortunately, since I have returned to DA, I have become far less confident than I was before. I am not as successful as I hoped I would be at this point. I don't have a single point to my name
:iconpartyoftheafterlife:PartyoftheAfterLife 2 0
RIP Dunkin
It pains me to say, Dunkin, the adorable kitty in the last picture I posted, has passed away a couple weeks ago :(
:iconhellsing2o2:Hellsing2o2 1 0
shout.... out... post.... THE THIRD


third.... getting kinda tired from all this caps locK JUST KIDDING MAKE ROOM FOR THE UNBEATABLE streamtiem !!
:icondr--worm:Dr--Worm 4 2
Test Scores, FILIPINO Difficulties and Confessions
Here are my test scores of the following:
- ENGLISH = (Maybe Tomorrow)
- SCIENCE = 32/60 (PASSED)
- T.L.E. = (Maybe Tomorrow)
Since the Filipino Results were released today, I want to confess that Filipino isn't my first language. My mom and dad never taught me, so I tried being self taught. I tried and tried and tried, but I just kept failing, even though I was Valedictorian when I was in the 6th Grade.
Which is why, PMD: The Chosen Warriors () Chapter 4 and 5 will be Filipino Language themed. "The Titanic Adventure" is the chapter name. Together with MickeyMario64 's Team Blueshock will join the adventure with them. 
Who knew Filipino's syllabary could be so difficult?
:icontheblueriolu:TheBlueRiolu 1 6
||- New Territories Map

To see colored version click here
*will be updated to a larger version soon
Green-orb  ThunderClan Bullet FTU Thunderclan 
A large territory filled with deciduous trees and various plants and undergrowth. The territory is bordered by a large field habituated by Windclan and the large river of Riverclan, as well as a large Thunderpath and Twolegplace. 
Thunderclan Camp 
Thunderclan's camp lies in a small sandy clearing surrounded by bushes and undergrowth. The camp is protected by thick shrubbery which the clan has enforced with twigs and thorns making it hard to invade. The majority of dens are made from bushes, with the exception of the Leaders den and the Medicine cat den which features boulders and tree
:icondarkwater-warriors:DarkWater-Warriors 1 0
This is a group for artists who love working with pen and ink, and whose galleries have a substantial amount of traditional pen and ink work in it. It doesn't have to be most of your work, or even half of it, but it has to be a substantial amount.
We prefer that you have a minimum of ten TRADITIONAL pen and ink pieces in your gallery. However, you may still be accepted if you have a couple less than that, at our discretion. Most importantly, WE care that you are passionate about the medium.
You are welcome to watch our group even if you have no pen and ink artwork in your gallery. However, should you desire to join us as a member, please:
:bulletred: Make a folder in your gallery for your pen and ink artwork BEFORE submitting your request to join. This allows us to gauge how much of your work is pen and ink without having to scroll through hundreds of unrelated deviations.
:bulletred: Be aware that we do not tolerate drama, rudeness or immaturity. If you have a bunch of dramatic, immat
:iconpeninkartists:peninkartists 1 0
Object Connects Discord Server
:iconplanetbucket22:PlanetBucket22 1 1
how hq designs can be hurtful
I'm going to explain how "hq" designs can be hurtful. don't be a baby and bash me in the comments, ok? so when you want "hq designs only!!!111!!!one!1! uwuuuuuuu" you're basically saying that  you don't want a design unless the creator is popular (or whatever makes the design hq). rude much? there's nothing wrong with liking a person's designs but this is mean! and people just collect "hq" characters so they can replace them with new ones. so what's the point?
:icon91108293:91108293 3 14
Let's catch these prompts before they disappear XD
Hey everyone,
So, I am on here now, so I'll get this done before I lose this chance!
I have decided to do bi-weekly prompts - 2 or 3, depending on how many I can think up - from now on (schedule pending), so as to not strain you or myself creatively and to hopefully keep the inspiration and motivation going.
And if you guys have any suggestions for prompts or any other ideas for what we can do with/in this group in terms of activities or event, don't hesitate to let me know. I can use all the help I can get in keep this group alive XD
Without further ado, let's get this show on the road:
- Home Sweet Home. What does that mean to you? Who does that include? DOES it include anyone? Tell me about YOUR own personal home :D
- Big leaps are daunting, big leaps are scary. Sometimes though, big leaps are needed to move forward. Do you take them on without concern, or are you the kind of person to analyse everything down to the last detail to make sure you don't (potentially) fall flat on your
:iconthewritergang:TheWriterGang 1 0
Okok... when I know how to use them as real emoticons, I'll also upload as them.
But I didn't because I had various things to do...
#sonicthehedgehog #manicthehedgehog #soniathehedgehog #milestailsprower #creamtherabbit #amyrosethehedgehog #tikaltheechidna #blazethecat #silverthehedgehog #marinetheraccoon #honeythecat #mightythearmadillo #raytheflyingsquirrel #matildathearmadillo #knucklestheechidna #juliesutheechidna #shadowthehedgehog #rougethebat 

1537705938784-1 by RebyTheLion
:iconrebythelion:RebyTheLion 1 1
Open a my Dragonball commission
Hi, everyone!
This is a information on my commission and it is based on the style of Dragonball only.
※ 1 member (DB style) = $120
※ The effect (& Aura) and the background become different in price depending on difficulty level.
※ Paypal remittance and exchange charge = $30
(If you don't sign up a paypal, trading is impossible)
↓You can confirm other my DB commissions sample images↓
If you refer to this price and tell me the details of the your commission,
I can tell you the exact amount again ☞ 【E-mail :】
# Notes #
1. I can't speak English well and I need a English-translator, So you should be use simple English when talking and ask to me.
2. Sorry that I don't negotiate and price will be calculated accurately.
3. The picture of commission must be not again for commercial use.
Thank you :)
:icongoddessmechanic2:GoddessMechanic2 1 0
Concerning Requests
Alot of people here on DeviantArt want me to do requests. Now its a little bit too much, so I will dedicate mondays to requests only. Otherwise it will be too much for me. If you wanna have requests write on my notes or my journal so I can easliy find you. If you dont do that its very easy to forget your requests. 
Yours truly Vickicutebunny
:iconvickicutebunny:Vickicutebunny 1 12
Youtube art thief
Recently, I posted a status update regarding art theft on Youtube.
This person has uploaded artworks of Spere94, LordBlackTiger666, CaseyLJones, B12A, me and other muscle artists in compilation videos without crediting them!
You can find these videos on these channels:
To artists, if you see your art in these videos, you can report them using this form:
You can report multiple videos at once and the Youtube team is pretty reactive about that.
Some news about my content
I have received today an email from he Youtube team, saying that my report notification has been received and they have deleted the videos.
Thanks Youtube!
I have recei
:iconmctaylis:McTaylis 1 11
Snakatoo Discord *new*
I decided to try making a new discord!
Hopefully everything goes smoothly!
There will be fun events, adopts, and special content exclusive to the discord chat in the future!
:iconsnakatoo-forest:Snakatoo-Forest 1 0