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Funniest short videos/Try not to smile challenge
Here is a collection of my favorite funny shorts. Whether you look at them for fun or to do the try-not-to-smile challenge is up to you. :meow:
(The following video is fake btw, dog is fine.)
:iconjwiesner:JWiesner 2 5
Pendragon Rogue's Gallery: Baron Renegade
(Note: This is a first reveal of the character. The design is subject to change, but as of now, I kinda like it ;) Image made using HeroMachine 3)
The Cybernetic Despot

Theme: Hyrule Castle

Quote: N/A
Name: Denathor, Baron Renegade
Nicknames: N/A
Sex: Male
Age: Hundreds of Years, Age 50 during the Middle Ages and Medieval times
Ethnicity: Avalonian/Cyborg
Occupation: Baron
Base: Isolated location in Europe
Affiliations: None
Faction: The Renegade army
First Appearance: Pendragon, TBA
Class: Meta
Related: None
Allies: His renegade cyborgs
Foes: Pendragon, Merlin, All of Camelot
Transformation: None
Personality: Baron Renegade is as cold as the machine he has become. He shows nothing but hatred and spite for those affiliated with Camelot and Pendragon after the apposed "betrayal". He believes that Camelot and it's supposed image of peace, divinity and prosperity is all a blatant lie from the truth; that the kingdom and all associated
:iconthetyranno11:TheTyranno11 2 2
Fantastic Four AU
Ever since watching the Incredibles 2 a few days ago and binge watching Lost in Space, I've been thinking of Fantastic Four and how to change them up to be even more like a family than before and make them more than superheroes. 
In this universe, Reed and Ben are Half Brothers (same mom) and Johnny is Sue's son instead of her brother and Reed and Sue are recently married.
So here Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Victor Doome (pronounced Doh-Omay) are going to be going on a journey to a new dimension, dubbed the Negative Zone. Calculations are wrong due to Johnny sneaking on board their ship and accidentally messing with the engines, so the five are stranding in this strange new world. After days of surviving, a cosmic negative storm occurs while everyone is out scouting and it all affects them in different ways. Reed is knocked into a lake of strange water, Sue is stuck in the storm while her suit's camouflage is malfunctioning, Ben is stuck under a rockslide when a
:iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 3 4
Send me your (crazy) ideas for polls I can run :@)
Friends! As some of you may have noticed, I often run weird and wonderful polls on DeviantArt asking the sorts of questions many wouldn't dream of asking for fear of coming across as bizarre, slovenly or perverted.
I have no such reservations, and will gladly make polls that walk a fine line between being unusual to borderline inappropriate - all in an effort to create interesting and engaging conversations (and as an excuse to find weird thumbnails featuring vaginas with teeth and my man Sully: )
Polls I have run in the past ( range from pondering what Heaven would be like if it was totally gay, if it's offensive to call a goblin a 'dirty green skin' and if it's acceptable to cry during sex.
Alas, I am but one mind, and so I'd love for you to contribute your own suggestions for polls that I could potentially run. If I do,
:iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 1 28
New Power Rangers Team Formed in BOOM Comics
Hello everyone.
Here is some news regarding the Mighty-Morphin Power-Rangers series from BOOM! Comics

Looks like an all new team will be here to fight the forces of evil after the events that occurred in the Shattered Grid comic event! Meet the new main rangers who will grace the pages of BOOM! comic's Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series!

As we can see from the image above, the team will consist of the Ranger SlayerMagna Defender (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), Zeoranger IV(Zeorangers), Samurai Ranger (Power Rangers Ninja Storm), Red Space Ranger (Power Rangers in Space), and introducing the Dark Ranger(Deathryuger from Kyoryuger and the unsed hero/villain from Power Rangers Dino Charge).
No other information has been released on what happened to the original gang of teenage
:iconkainsword-kaijin:Kainsword-Kaijin 2 13
Draw My ocs Contest! 6 winners!
I've been wanting to do a contest for a long time so here we go!!! Rules: 
To enter you must draw one of my ocs below 
You can have up to 3 entries 
Creativity over quanitiy! 
No tracing 
No using bases 
No stealing other entries 
Let me know if you are entering in the comments! 
You can enter with anything from a traditional sketch to a fully painted digital piece!!
Comment down below with yer entry 
1st place: Ref, custom, full body, animated headshot, normal headshot, and linking couple icons that bounce!
2nd place: fullbody, custom, animated headshot, and linking couple icons
3rd place: fullbody and linking couple icons 
Runner ups 
1st runner up: single animated headshot, and will get 3 shoutouts at the end of the week showcasing new art made during that week (or old art lol) 
2nd runner up: single animated headshot, and will get 2 shoutouts at the end of the week showcasing new art made during that week (or
:iconp0cketrocket:P0cketRocket 6 0
What IS NOT a Centrist?
A Centrist is not:
-standing on a line between left and right
-an excuse for indecision and cowardice
-a smug position in which you think you're superior to the left or right
-an excuse to justify extreme subjectivity or moral bankcruptcy
-a political position (that will sound less strange as you read on)
There is no such thing as a "dead center centrist".
Humans are completely incapable of being completely dead center. A Centrist will always have a slight lean into one of the 4 corners of the political spectrum.
This lean can be seen here:

This image not only indicates a lean into one of the 4 corners, but also indicates the ability to take the points of all sides into consideration, as a Centrist has an intolerance towards all of the immature battle of egos from any si
:iconparadigm-shifting:paradigm-shifting 1 2
Regarding Recent Comments/Notes...
Hey there everyone!
This isn't really an announcement so much as it's clarification on a few things, so feel free to disregard it, it has no effect on any of the current events as they're running.
That being said; we feel it necessary to address everyone on this matter.
Over the past week or so we've been receiving a considerable amount of negative feedback regarding things like adopts. We do listen to what you guys say, and we do our best to adjust things accordingly, but this is something that has only led to discouragment.
A common complaint we're receiving is that there are more cash adopts than freebies. This is a valid complaint, but please hear us out: adopts take time to design and make, which means artists who are drawing them are taking time that could be spent working to make them. It is only fair that those artists be compensated for their work. There are free adopts thrown in with the cash ones to balance things as much as possible, but, at this rate, money is being lost o
:iconwhistlercrest:WhistlerCrest 7 8
Ilya Tsurikov
"The Creation of Russian art collection which is called “Russian Brand” is the most important discovery of modern world art of the 21st century."
Nothing wrong with a decent amount of self-confidence:)
I'm quite sure I've posted this very same image before.
:iconundefinedreference:undefinedreference 1 0
I'm really pissed off!
So time to take my anger out on EmpathicDesign again!!!
This time: his fucking stamps!

Oh really? Mind if I say that your profile page is basically your safe space? Because idk about you but I doctored up my page to make myself feel comfortable! And yes! Safe spaces are needed for those who don't feel good about saying their emotions out in public. Why do you think there are so many mentally unstable or people with mental health issues on the internet who created safe spaces for themselves and/or others?

How many times do I have to say that sex doesn't equal gender? Like seriously? I have female body parts but I don't identify as a woman! I'm just a mutated creature with no specific gender identity but has a strong connection with masculinity, hence my masculine name! My gender doesn't fit my sex and you can't tell me otherwise!!!
Kid you not I even have a boyfriend who knows about me being transgender but he als
:iconchernobyl-failure:Chernobyl-Failure 4 13
notes on using a ballcap as a fursuit base
The ball cap method is something I came up with over a decade ago due to my need of glasses and issues with the usual methods of balaclavas and elastic straps setting off my claustrophobia.
It has come to my attention a newer maker is now using hats inside their fursuit heads, but they are doing it all wrong, when I started up business a decade ago I faced some criticism for using a ball cap, told it was "wrong" because it was not a normal method, so seeing them used poorly by this newer maker and seeing people remark about the use of a hat is really bothering me, the issue is not the idea of using a hat the issue is how a hat is being used, so here are some notes on how to use to a ball cap properly
:iconlilleahwest:LilleahWest 6 1
2,000+ Watcher Raffle! Win a poster!
Woo! I've hit 2,000 watchers after a long hiatus on this site. Thank you all so much for your support of my art and story.
How am I gonna return the favor? With a big ol' raffle of course!
Watch and comment on this journal below for your chance to win a poster of your story or characters! 11 x 17 inches, 300 dpi, and a CMYK version for printing. If you want, I can print it myself and laminate it and send it to you!
One winner will be chosen! Raffle ends July 10th! 
:iconshillyshallyy:shillyshallyy 19 61
While this is not directly related to feminism or social justice, this is a pretty serious matter that has the potential to permanently censor the internet. And if it flies in Europe, it'll inevitably spread elsewhere.
:iconfacts-not-feminism:Facts-not-feminism 2 3
Voyage to the unknown: Fractal Art
Yuukon  tagged me in this challenge to go on a voyage into the unknown and it's my first time doing it :flirty:
"The idea is to browse through a category or sub-category that you don't necessarily visit frequently, or that you browse the least, and collect some of the art you find stands out! The point of this is to challenge ourselves and discover new art in the process!" - Mrs-Durden
Don't forget to use the tag #thevoyage 
I have chosen FRACTAL ART for my Voyage to the Unknown. 
You can find out more about this project here:  Voyage to the unknown: Master Journal
And now....Feature time! :la:
:iconjustacapharnaum:JustACapharnaum 1 3
Wavelengths Release!

JayHenge Publishing and its editor, Jessica Augustsson are happy to present their latest speculative fiction anthology, Wavelengths!
There's some great DA writers in there, including SCFrankles and DamonWakes! The rest of you, don't hesitate to submit to the next ones! Please help me get the word out, so I can continue to include and support more of you fantastic writers!
Sometimes communication is not as straightforward as we might expect. From body language to Morse code, conveying messages comes in a wide variety of forms. How do we get our message across?
The stories and novellas in this anthology plumb the depths of the imagination, seeking to understand what might come to be if we were forced to communicate with those who no longer or never did understand us.
Now available as ebook and paperback on Amazon in the US and around the world!
:iconjes6ica:jes6ica 1 0
a question
who shipping lefty x molten freddy?
:icona-n-g-e-l-17:A-n-g-e-l-17 3 11
OPEN - MLP/Fursona Page Dolls
I need something new to do instead of all of the YCH's so I've decided to close those and to open up page/pixel doll commissions.
Terms of Service
• I accept points Points AND PayPal. BUT, I prefer PayPal whenever possible!
• Yes I hold spots, commissions are always open as long as it says so in the title. 
• I will NOT start your commission until I receive the payment.
• PLEASE - Let me know if anything needs to be changed in the finished commission, I will do my best to fix it.
• Please only send Full, Good Quality References of your character(s). I cannot stress this enough, the quality ref, the better detailed commission.
• LET ME KNOW - If your commission is time sensitive, a gift for someone, has a de
:iconjellyfishkisses:jellyfishkisses 4 3
What is the Leviathan?
Special thanks to Rodrigo-Vega (Rodrigo Vega)  and nemo-ramjet (C.M. Kosemen) !
:iconagentlemanscientist:aGentlemanScientist 5 17
:iconiingeringwill:Iingeringwill 2 3
Commissions CLOSED
All slots taken!!!
Thank you so much you guys!!!!! ;3; 
Hello everybody!!
I'm opening money commissions (FINALLY)
Since I'm just beginning,  I'll be opening 3 slots only this time to "test the waters"
To get a slot comment on this journal or send me a note!
Once you get a slot, I'll send you a form you must fill.
Payment through Paypal invoice method (since it's easy and safe for both parties)

!!PLEASE make sure to read my ToS before you commission me!!

|Terms of Service|
Commission types and prices:
Quick Monochrome Doodle: (Half Body + Unicolor BG) 3$ | one character only
(Commissioner can pick the color of their choice or leave the color choice to me)

Simple Chibi: (Full body + transparent BG) 6$ | additional character +3$
:iconpriss-bloodempress:Priss-BloodEmpress 5 25
Still alive
It was quiet a long time. When people asking me what´s wrong, I always said "It has different reasons".
Well it´s true, there are different things. One thing is, I got disappointed from many people at one time.
That was really hard to handle for me. But I think the most important reason was, I´m sick.
Okay, I´m always sick... somehow. But my condition was really bad and got worse since July 2017.
I was one or two times per week at the doc and I was full of meds that does not really help.
Whatever... I´m surely not done with that, but I feel better and I think I can enjoy and make more ponyplay again.
So here are the news... Yesterday I was talking with my honey and a good friend about ideas for a new set.
I´m sure we need a few weeks for the realization, cause we need some new equipment for lighting and scenery.
Plus we will use another, bigger room for indoor-shootings.
What I want to say is... I´m still alive, I´m still there, and I still love
:iconjoyofsunfire:joyofsunfire 1 9
Check this out, the designs are really cute!!
:iconnoctarashii:Noctarashii 1 0