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things you hate about dA?
Im really curious on what people have to say for this website. Whether its the website overall or the communities inside this website!
Let me know! Idc if its long since this is something im curious on what you guys have to say about it :0!
Btw please respect everyones opinions, you may calmly discuss about it but dont go ham if someone says something you dont like n.n
Now finally i'll share my opinions? I honestly hate how DA has a lot of asshole artists on here, good art? Fucking horrible personality. Ive met like a hella bunch of them, they all appear to be really nice but then and their friends can be so fucking toxic together. And how they think they're over the top with anyone and only befriend other popular people. And also how dA gets so angry at the littlest thing and call people out without any proof whatsoever. And the amount of time people make fake/new accs to harass other artists so their main doesnt get attacked/banned is stupid.
:iconliontoys:liontoys 9 44
Esk Transformation Giveaway (Open)
I've been really fortunate to have gotten almost every esk that I have planned, and that has primarily been because of this amazing community! I'd like to be able to give back by giving away one of my unused transformation slots. I have several esk who are able to do the transformation, each of different types - the only catch is that it has to suit both their biome AND the type of esk they would create.
Here are the options! Their trackers have been provided for more information about their personalities and interests, so you can find one that best suits your ideas. You are welcome to comment to ask any questions you have about them as well. I'm more than happy to elaborate or get specific if you need it!
An additional note: if you have an existing esk without a planned origin, and you discover that one of these would be perfect, I'm absolutely open to that! Just let me know in a comment. <3

:iconblueberrygoblin:blueberrygoblin 16 42
Photography Newsletter: June 2018
Welcome to June 2018's CRPhotography newsletter, a round-up of photography goodness on DA from the last month. The newsletter is divided into handy sections to help you browse photography news and features from the last month. The links with a Fella icon are official CRPhotography articles and the newsletter is illustrated with beautiful pictures featured as Daily Deviations over the last month.

DD Round-Ups
:bulletred: Abstract & Surreal from JustACapharnaum
:bulletred: Animals, Plants and Nature from JenFruzz
:bulletred: Fashion from Queen-Kitty
:bulletred: Horror and Macabre from TanyaSimoneSimpson
:bulletred: Macro from JustACapharnaum
:bulletred: The Great DD Round-Up from Yuukon
:icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 32 16
NEW ANIMATION! Up on Youtube!
My newest cartoon is out! GO WATCH
I spent 4 goddamn months on this WHY
:iconzedrin:Zedrin 13 13
tomsworld canons (KID EDITION)
aka the cute version of this journal I made of tomsworld canons/concept ideas I thought of: tomsworld canons
credit to KioskOfSquids & ToyArcticAJ-TOY for their journals on tomsworld headcanons
-kid tw edd cries himself to sleep every night because of his parents
-kid tw tom is basically the superman of his school
-kid tw matt bullies and picks on girls that are shorter than him
-kid tw tord loves pots and pans
-kid tony loves reading horror related books
-kid tw edd has a stuft bear that he named ''eddie bear'' and still has it with him to this day, actually
-kid tw tom walks around almost everywhere with the biggest and most innocent smile on his face
-kid tw matt pulls weed out of the ground and pretends it's actual marijuana 
-tw tord gets bulled and picked on because of his autism and ADHD
-kid tony ate a daddy long leg at one point
-kid tw edd feels more safe and secure when he's a
:iconraiiny-skye:RAIINY-SKYE 25 19
Want your character reviewed in a livestream?
:3c I might be doin a character review livestream in about an hour from now so I thought I'd get a headstart asking for characters ;3
If you want a possible review just post a link to your characters ref on this journal keeping these guidelines in mind...
- Can be any kind of character! Fan character original character whatever, although it would be helpful if you specified so we can review it properly
- preferably have some kind of bio so we can review it properly and not go off just a lone design
- Please do not get butthurt if we dont review yours! chances are we can't review everyones
- please DO NOT send a ref if you're not ready to hear criticism! We're not only doing it LIVE but we're gunna be honest so if you don't want to risk getting your feelings a little hurt, that's totally okay no hard feelings just don't put your character here we understand ^^
- No putting someone elses character without permission! this isn'
:iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 26 68
Randomness: Smolder
Hello everypony! I'm on fire! 
IMO the "Young Six" each really need and deserve an episode on their own - especially Smolder /)^3^(\
:iconestories:EStories 12 2
Luigis Birthday
Luigi’s Birthday
By Danni789
All characters belong to Nintendo
This story happens after the Pain Series.
Mmmmm... w-where am I? W-What’s going on? What time is it?! What is that noise?!
Oh! The alarm clock? I quickly lean over and hit the button, whether I hit was snooze or not I don’t know, I’ll find out soon enough...
Today... today... no... I’m not going to bother...
I pulled the covers back over my head and closed my sleepy eyes, my body heavy, like they are chained up to dead weights.
I must still be sleepy and I don’t blame myself for it... I’ve been sleep deprived for awhile... and when I finally feel sleepy, I have to get up...
It’s not a normal day... no, it is a normal day, just another day out of the year...
I don’t matter, I really don’t...
My birthday is today... but... it’s not like it’s a happy day for me...
I hate my birthday... I hate birthdays in general... even know I’d
:icondanni789:Danni789 7 3
because I still need/want icons yaaaay, and i got some extra money i can spare for ya'll.
I'll make it short n sweet~
:bulletblue:Things essential for ICONS
1 size must be 50x50 (no smaller, no bigger) 
3 must be PIXEL
4 no background! (while the oc's can be flat or shaded or however, remove the background and make it transparent)
5 animated ones highly preffered (even a simple blink or bounce is fine :thumbsup:)
6  Keep in mind, the outline should be visibly
:iconlionmushrooms:LionMushrooms 15 16
ghosts and candlelight dinners



:iconeintoern:EintoeRn 9 20
The Second Date
Another story
author : me
story and artist : pkm-150
Main character : Flare and Leaf
This story happening while Pearl and Black go to cherryblossom hill.
While Speed, Lazuli, Sunshine and Ruby go to museum.
They are going first than them.
Read Black on Vacation in detail.
That morning
Crystal : *yawn* Morning!
Leaf and Flare : Morning!
Crystal : Huh, where are you two going so early ?
Leaf : I want go to somewhere today with Flare.
Flare : Yeah, since the weather was good.
Crystal : *teasing them* Is it a date or what ?
Leaf : It's just a walk. (i don't want Speed and sis know about this)
Flare : Yup, at the park.
Silvia : Looks like, i and Crystal must be keeping on our house.
Crystal : But, i have plan to go too.
Silvia : What!?
Flare : We will come back soon, don't worry.
Silvia : No, go ahead. I can enjoying myself alone in house.
Crystal : Are you sure ? I don't mind you join with me.
Silvia : I don't want disturbing your date, Crystal.
Crystal : *blush* Wha- I just go to town.
:iconwidwan:widwan 8 10
friends feature 6

Friends' Creativity (Print) by heavenly-roads
Sky Dream 5 by heavenly-roads
bedtime story by ChasMandala
images and things by ChasMandala
inspiration's aspiration by ChasMandala
Warming Display by Loffy0
New Beginning by Loffy0
A Few of Them Left by Hermetic-Wings
Protecting the Past by Hermetic-Wings
Eine lied kann eine brucke sein by Hermetic-Wings
Torre Pendente di Pisa by Hermetic-Wings
River at Beardsley by GUDRUN355
Cold Cross by GUDRUN355
Dreaming of Christmas by marphilhearts
Oc: Kleoniki by desteke
It Come Play by conservancy
Black Light Art 3 by conservancy
My Bloody Valentine by Branka-Johnlockian
Shooting rock girl by Eve-VelvetRose
Sweety Bear by LindArtz
methamorphose by nakedcrayon23
Puu Parkkipaikalla by AneurysmGuy
Qued Raging by AneurysmGuy
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 21 31
Design Contest - Ends on August 30th [12AM EST]
Hello, I'm going to hold a design contest because I thought it would be fun.
The prize is $200 and will be delivered via PayPal.

There is only one prize. I decided that I cannot fairly offer tiered prizes, as I would of wanted to keep all the prizes above $100. I hope this does not discourage you from entering.
I am primarily looking for ANTHRO designs, but if you're a feral artist, you are welcome to enter as long as I am allowed to design anthro/alternative forms for it. Having both anthro and feral forms on your entry is encouraged, but not required.
Judging will be primarily on the design itself, however, artistic ability/execution/quality will also be taken into account.
Should there be non-winning designs I am interested in, I may make an offer on them after the contest closes. You are not obligated to accept my offer. Any non-winning designs are free to be kept or sold to whoever you want.
Please consider promoing this journal even if you're
:icon11xn:11XN 54 9
What I Miss In DA Or In General
I miss that we could express opinions without being called out on.
I miss that you would talk to me like if we were like brother or sister.
I miss the same feeling I had when I found out a new movie from a franchise I used to love would come out in theater.
I miss the time when we could say that we are proud to be in certain fandoms.
I miss the want to say that I wish to meet you in person when now I am terrified of thinking what would you say or do to me.
I miss when I can casually talk with you back when you had more time to chat with me.
I miss when I could call you all brothers and sisters in my DA family.
I miss when I could talk to my influences as if they were my friends.
I miss when I used to had pride for my country.
I miss when I used to look up to a lot of famous people before we found out their true colors.
I miss when I was not so vulgar, inappropriate and negative to the point people dissociated themselves with me.
I miss when I was overly passionate about reviewing.
I mi
:iconda-princeantithecd:DA-PrinceAntiTheCD 13 7
Progressive Saturday Night (v.191)

cover by :iconbatsceba:
Please enjoy a selection of the latest photos of street galleries
 if you like what you see, +favlove this article
and remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well ;) (Wink) 

Our Endless Numbered Days

:iconbatsceba:Batsceba 7 8
.:Wyngro:. Purgrotory [EVENT] OPEN FOR AUDITIONS
Hello Wyngro Members, as well as Wyngro Fans! Sorry it took so long to get this all set up! I'm sure all of you are more than a little anxious to know what you're all about to get into. Well, here it is!

Welcome to Purgrotory! Wyngro's first ever, Non Official, OCT!
What is an OCT?
OCT stands for Original Character Tournament! AKA, A competition pitting YOUR characters against someone else's!
If you'd like to learn more about OCTs, here's a handy dandy guide you can follow along with to get all caught up!

Please note though, that while this will prepare you better for this event, I'm not following this guide to a T! So not all of the information provided in this guide will relate to this event in particular.

Don't worry, let me try to sum it up!
This event is going to be an art and story telling competition. If you were a part of one of my previous events Good vs Rotten, this form
:iconhedgermins:Hedgermins 16 7
Photoshop Brush Converter
If you have some new cc photoshop brushes that you can't use in your older version of Photoshop. You can use this converter to get access to them.
I was kinda pissed at myself for buying a Photoshop CC brush pack and was unable to use them in Photoshop CS4. But thanks to this converter I was able to get them in CS4 no problem. 
Hope this helps other people that might have ran into similar issues. 
:iconskeleion:Skeleion 13 4
Strategies to Reduce Homelessness
The homeless are an ever-present but largely overlooked segment of society.  They occasionally appear in the news, though not noticeably more — and probably less — than many other groups.  Their presence depresses property values and business traffic, but nowhere near enough to incentivize serious action from owners.  The homeless do not constitute a voting bloc, and therefore seldom factor into the core platforms of politicians.  The homeless are viewed as a minor inconvenience, a cosmetic stain on society that doesn't really affect us, isn't visible enough, and isn't worth addressing.  Indeed, we even tend to ignore the homeless when we see them, looking past them as though they weren't there, like browser extensions blocking sidebar-ads.
More than all of this, however, is the crushing sense of futility that bears down on the issue of homelessness.  A dollar given to a panhandler, fifty dollars given to a soup kitchen, an afternoon spent volu
:iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 6 4
Gore requests OPEN

I am pretty bored right now and I want to practice with my gore skills. I will not 100% guarantee you a drawing so please do NOT get mad at me for not choosing your request!
Want a super cool request? Then please do the following:
- Favorite this journal
- Share this with your friends via poll or journal
- Send me references of your characters
- Tell me what exactly what would you like, if you wnat a decapitated head then tell me that you want a decapitated head. If you want a nipple to show off then tell me that it’s okay for me to draw nipples or something. In order words, BE SPECIFIC. Show me your creative mind.
- No furries nor ferals. I will only take humans/humanoids or Kenomomimi!
- Object heads are okay too
Also, I’m not that good at drawing guts BUT I can try!! Bear with me please-
“What about species??”
Well as long as they are humanoid, you’re fine!
Lavalores, mocchin... any of those!
If you guys are pretty doubtful then here yo
:iconlittle-missing-ghost:Little-Missing-Ghost 23 30
Time to submit your gifts!
UPDATE: We've gotten 15 participants turning in their gift submissions on the first day of the opening of gift submissions! Not too bad for a start since it accounts for 4.5% of the overall number of participants in this event.
So far,  were down to 278 participants remaining with the Summer Secret Santa 2018 event now 17% complete. We're gonna have to work really hard to get more participants to turn in their gift submissions as this event progresses.
The wait is finally over! :w00t::heart:
Summer will officially begin this coming Thursday at 3:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time marking it the longest day of the year! After we enter the Summer Solstice, the length of the daylight will slowly start getting shorter.
This means that it's now finally time to submit your gifts for the Summer Secret Santa 2018 event! :w00t::heart:
All completed submissions must be submitted to the
:iconsecret-santa-network:Secret-Santa-Network 12 21
Fantastic feature friday #21
So lovely, great work everyone :D!

Fire Everything by Euderion YCH Comission #5 - Sailor Phact. by ArtwithKA
Back by ScarlettLeigh Hope in music of Sadness by WhimsicalBlue +Errant Knight Hunter Cruiser II+ by ERA7 Echoes of the Past by Brandon-Ellis
Sketch commission: Illieth by LenamoArt Enchanted Forest 3 by JKRoots Night lights by Ellysiumn
:iconfantasy-fanatics:Fantasy-Fanatics 9 10
Lily's Friend List Update

-Doctor Irina By BoXGirlVivi (She's adopted mother)
-Carlton Barett By ArtistGamerMage (He's biological father)
-Lifeless Lucy By NightmareQueenKasei (She's adopted big sister and best friend)
-Broken Soul By Chococream380 (She's adopted big sister)
-Yin By BabyB01 (She's adopted big sister) 
Close people to her:
-Mary By cutepanda88 (She's best friend)
-Sam Williams By CamyWilliams9 (He's adopted big brother and future boyfriend)
-Faceless By nytemarezero300 (He's adopted brother)
-Gas Mask Maid By Mine
-Hanged Girl By Mine 
-Sally By La-Mishi-Mish (She's adopted big sister)
-Oliver By Cupcake889 
-Grafitti By UmmuVonNadia 
-Sifreid By ArtistGamerMage 
-Kota By ArtistGamerMage 
-The angel in red By Deaki-chan
-Tasha By BoXGirlVivi 
-Lara By l
:iconnaughtykittydv-1992:NaughtyKittyDV-1992 11 31