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3rd anniversary contest (and 500 watchers)
today spetember 24th i have 3 years on deviantart.. yay!! and i want to make a contest for celebrate it
well this contest start today and ends in november 24th
the fandoms that you can draw are:
the powerpuff girls:
berenice my main oc or Berenice in PPG style
Mario Bros
my mario party 6 oc (star light)
carolina the bunny (my sonic oc)
penny the foxcat's new style
BATIM (you are allowed to draw more characters apart of this):
Bruno the angel (BandW version)
Ballerina (a old oc of OK K.O.)
:icondannythedancer:Dannythedancer 5 82
IHateSRLsomuch has Deactivated!! +funny comment
So after causing a lot of uproar in the kisekae community and getting shit on (rightfully so), IHateSRLsomuch has deactivated! They didn't last long, but I'm glad they deleted their account so fast. 
But the funny thing? 
They are acting like a victim to this!! 
I shit you not, they were acting like a victim because they were getting called out for making a literal hate account purely to show their hate for someone
And even better, once I called them out for not even being strong enough to respond to everyone, they sent me this fucking gem:

And if you think i'm not gonna analyze this shit and prove them wrong in every way, you are also wrong
You didn't say something. You put in the effort to making an actual account on this website purely to proclaim your hate for them. You didn't just make a comment, you made an action against that person and thus faced the consequences.
:icononionfairy99:OnionFairy99 10 7
Best Blueberry clip is availabile now!!!!!
:iconmaxgrowth: blueberry video featuring Koa in the new blueberry suit made by :iconfwoomph: has been released. This clip is amazing. It’s the best blueberry clip made by any fetish creator. Seriously buy this clip. It’s worth every penny.
You can purchase the clip at Maxgrowth's Vidown page. Link was taken down by Deviantart.
:iconsbbeauregarde:SBBeauregarde 4 20
Rest in Peace Chris Taylor =(
A hospital patient name Chris Taylor died from Cancer today, his last wish was to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
I hope he had a lot of fun playing it =( 
:iconpxlcobit:PxlCobit 3 4
art trades: 3/3 open!
im coming to the end of my to-do list and i rlly wanna keep myself busy whilst also meeting some new faces!
please don't be offended if i don't do a trade with you, i only have a few slots open!
please watch me if you do want to trade ! <3 i'll watch back !
new and old watchers allowed !
1. anthro or ferals only please! im sorry im just not confident enough with humans <3
2. please try to be fair with skill level! im trying not to sound rude about this, but please try to be fair <3
3. please don't be offended if i dont pick you, its not a first come first serve kinda thing!
4. try to set a fair deadline! please let me know if for any reason it may take you more than a month to finish it.
if you'd like to trade please just fill out this form in a note or a comment:
type of trade: fully shaded headshot/fullbody or base colour headshot/fullbody (anything else would be ok!)
art examples:
character you'd like drawn:
:iconriverguts:riverguts 5 4
Inktober Request and Commissions
So, I am going to attempt to do Inktober this year but doing it as a dual thing -
October has 31 days - I need inking practice - sadly I am an adult that dont like to adult but bills make that hard. SOOOOOOOO gonna do it like this
First 11 people to comment gets a free slot - Bust only and only 1 per person
10 people after that only pay - 50Points Bust | 150Points Full Body | 250Points Couples | 350Points Reference Sheet (front, back) / Age Chart / Game Card / Tarot Card
10 people after that pay 100Points Bust | 300Points Full Body | 500Points Couples | 700Points Reference Sheet (front, back) / Age Chart / Game Card / Tarot Card
PayPal also accepted - Conversion of 100
:iconxanatnemx:xAnatneMx 6 76
How well do you know me?
You guys can feel free to use this too if you'd like :pat: And if you do use this, feel free to change the questions too.
Answer the questions below to see how well you know me.
1.) My favorite color.
2.) Name 5 of my favorite animated characters.
3.) Name an OTP of mine.
4.) My most favorite Pokemon.
5.) Whom I want to see have a redemption arc.
6.) My favorite type of fanart.
:iconcmara:cmara 5 35
AoI - The Boundary Breaker
8 Fun Facts about Heliador "The Boundary Breaker" Butterfly
Heliador was born in Dwolf 27.Heliador was on the same level as Eclipsa.Heliador didn´t  had a favorite queen aside from his mother, but after the Blood Moon Ball, he started to read a lot about Febe.While he didn´t grow wings and didn´t go girl (or boy) crazy, Heliador did get covered in scales and grew six arms during mewberty. He takes the same form while on "mewberty form". Instead of flying, Heliador levitated. And instead of hovering over the ground, he sort of walked on air.Even though he wasn´t the first queen to marry a member of another kingdom (Moon got that place), he´s the first to get married in two different marriage rituals.Heliador sometimes got "Feeling Confusion", a term he coined to the moments when he couldn´t differenciate his own feelings from those he was recieving from other people.Heliador could be a very good manipulator, and people often got terrified of getting on
:icontsukinekoi:Tsukinekoi 7 19
Tag yeeee
Tagged by Mogry331 
Here're the rules:
If you get tagged, you must answer these questions below.
Make a journal, copy the rules and the questions and answer it!
Tag me, the original person that make the game. (wot)
Tag 10 people to answer!
Have fun!

1. What's your real name?
Yaroslava Kalashnikova
2. How old are you?
14 y.o.
3. Your nicknames?
Yara, Пельмешек Ярик
4. What food do you like?
I like pizza, chocolate and chicken 
5. What kind of music do you like?
I listen what I love, but my favs are rock, pop and electro swing 

6. Who's your favorite idol?

7. What program do you use for drawing?
Paint Tool Sai 2
8. Show your first art and your last Art
One of the first one:

The last one:

9. What's your main OC's name?
10. Are
:iconyara-art-studio10:Yara-Art-Studio10 4 4
Revenge Wedgie YCH - Buy both slots or collab
Either buy both slots,
Or voice your interest and which character and slot you would like in the comments below. If someone else proposes a second character you like, a collab can happen :)
Several offers for the same color can be made, that way a collab is more likely to happen.

Can be clothes or just in lingerie. Let me know!
Background can be discussed.

(Normal price would be $60 for both or $45 for one character!)

This is an example of what cel shaded color looks like:

#wedgie #wedgiefetish #ych #ychcommission #openych #collaborationych #ychcommissionopen #commissionsopen #punishment #fightinggirls #girlsfight #wedgiegirls #wedgiecommission  
:iconfeather-coat:Feather-Coat 7 6
Twitter-Backed 'Voter Registry' Data Mining Scam
First off, this is not a political post. This is a scam awareness post. Hopefully people help spread the message, considering this is US Voter Registration Day according to today’s Google doodle. You also don’t have to spread this entire post to be helpful, just the two links at the end. I apologize it’s long, it could be as short as “don’t use TurboVote, they give your information to multiple partners who bolster their company value with it, FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, IGNORE THE TWITTER NOTIFICATION YOU WILL RECEIVE.”
But I also don’t want it to appear as some low-effort grab for attention. This is the kind of thing that needs lots of proof and explanation. People are exploiting the current political environment to scam young Internet users into giving away swathes of personal information to access services that shouldn’t require anything more than a ZIP code.
This one is particularly bad.
Because it will affect millions.
:iconvest:vest 3 5
'i hate my username' core giveaway rules
okay so a lot of people have commented wanting to change their usernames and thats valid. i gotta stick some guidelines on here though just to be safe
i'm currently out of points, so it might be a bit until i can give you core!
sorry ;u; i'm not rich just generous
this is an offer for people who want to change their usernames. i wish i could gift everyone core but i Do Not have the funds to do so. please only take this offer if you have no way of getting core yourself and genuinely have a dislike for your username
comment to claim EDIT: Comment to claim, but send a note with the username you want!; you have to mention the name you'd like to change to as evidence that a) you are actually going to change your name, b) that you have already spent time thinking about what your username should be, and c) the name is available. always good to check in advance! you can't change your username back to a previous on
:iconiceofwaterflock:IceOfWaterflock 6 32
And the GREAT WINNER of the SummerMonth is...
We can't even play on the suspense because the votes were very one-sided.
So, without further ado... The GREAT WINNER of the SummerMonth is...
Cimar-WildeHopps :iconcimar-wildehopps:

With almost the half of the votes -49%-, Cimar's concept  win the final poll! Joy  CONGRATULATIONS CIMAR!!! Joy 
Cimar will then win the high prize of the SummerMonth : the character of his choice (preferably his zoona) will be the central and main character of a giant illustration, that Ziegelzeig  will soon launch as a new concept of collaborative commissions, the "Your characters art". 
In second position with 24% of the votes, Knoton13 :iconknoton13: will won a free art of his choice drawn by OceRydia (two characters and a medium background, the whole in colors). 
In third position with 20% of the vot
:iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 5 13
#3 - DD Highlights

2018-04-03: Valkyrie and Okami by hikari-chan
Celestial Waters by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Sunflowers Wallpaper by NYClaudioTesta
Perfect Match by wosicz
Native Americans by DeivCalviz
Hello Down There by veeegeee
The Little Viking by VirdaSeitr
Virtual volcano by OlivierAccart
Know thyself by Cambion-Art
Art Nouveau Ladies of X-men by MyBeautifulMonsters
Ranunculus necklace by OdarinaTaurus
the freedom named love by minayuyu
Yellow Memory by MilanVopalensky
:iconaliasvassily:aliasvassily 3 11
A Meme Has Turned Into A Monster
Okay. I'm familiar with the concept of internet memes, though I generally pay them no mind. But this one has completely exploded in a way I can't believe.
And the meme in question is Bowsette.
Who or what is a Bowsette? Well, this video should help explain what she is and how she came to be.
For those of you interested, here's the comic that started it all.

Now I've seen from personal experience that cute monster girls are definitely a thing. But even I'm shocked at just how much fanart has exploded forth featuring Bowsette. Here are a few collections featuring more Bowsette.
And there's even a group now. Seriously.
And now we have people
:iconorionpax09:OrionPax09 2 6
Ben X Marina Collab Finished!
The collab is now finished! Sorry but i would love to review some of these art but I don't know what to say about them :( Don't worry there are still awesome! Its just I can't say anything about these due to me running out of things to say. Anyways here's all the people who participated!
By :iconBabyluigi13:
By :iconbuzzkillbuddy: 
 By :iconreedj2003:
 By :iconKellenLegendary: 
 By :iconAliplayer005:
 By :iconapplebloomdust: 
  By :iconsuperswagmlg:
 By :iconHuntrex117:
 By :icongarfielf2018:
(SFM Splatoon) Marina And Tiny Ben (Collab) by SunnyTheCat3 By :iconSunnyTheCat3:
Thank you all for partisapaiting! You guys are awesome!
:iconbenmarcgold:benmarcgold 4 2
shout.... out... post.... THE THIRD


third.... getting kinda tired from all this caps locK JUST KIDDING MAKE ROOM FOR THE UNBEATABLE streamtiem !!
:icondr--worm:Dr--Worm 5 4
Thoughts on the 5 new Loud house episodes
Clearly, I had a very odd timing with becoming obsessed with The Loud house. In the goddamn midst of a season! It's not like I chose to be so crazy about it. Anyway, there's been 5 new episodes released since I made the top list of the best Loud house episodes thus far, so perhaps it's only right that I give my opinion on the new episodes. Not that I have TOO much to say, as I'm not as familiar with them as the other episodes, naturally. From what I can see, there won't be any other ones for a while, so I better enjoy this while I can. Can't remember the last time I followed a show as it happened. Watching a new Loud house episode is a true delight.
Before I begin, here's a really good memory I have with this show, because I doubt I will ever have the chance to write it down again: I was starting the third season and prepped a good beer. It was the episode Fandom pains, which is one of my favorite episodes. The beer I had was called Erdinger, and it's one of my favorites on the market.
:iconsonneokaku:SonNeoKaku 2 0
[More Organized Lol] Goretober Gift List (1 Open!)
Okay so I totally didnt see that day 2 wasn't taken,,, so if anyone sees this and wants it please comment! ;,000.
This is mainly to get me organized with who is on what day and the characters and their references!
Day 1 ( Laceration(s) ) : :iconjamlson:
Day 2 ( Bruises ) :  :iconhopefullfishies:
Day 3 ( Stitches ) : :iconmochathespoongirl: 
Day 4 ( Teeth ) : :iconasta-bot: 
Day 5 ( Scissors) : :iconlovincats4ever: 
Day 6 ( Candy )
: :iconnisshokutamashi:
Day 7 ( Extra Eyes ) : :iconspicydemons:
:iconshiroukazuki:ShirouKazuki 5 26
starter call
fave or comment for a starter from this spooky boi
these’ll be distributed as lit or script depending on how hecksausted i am c:
:iconnailbitinq:nailbitinq 3 9
NEW CS- Dolli
info for closed species Долли
It means 'dolli' or 'doll' in Russian
Dolli(s) are a closed species owned by Rin-Jr. You are not allowed to make one without the owner's permission.
huge shoutout to Shiorun for drawing out the beautiful pictures below! they will be joining as a guest-artist whenever they have time so keep an eye on our updates!
Where are they from?
They are all firstly hand-made by me. I sew them and each of them is then given a button(s) which represents their life, I suppose it is called the "heart" for humans.
How can I get more Dolli(s)?
I, Tsuru am the only one who's able to create them. But there are also special occasions where you can purchase a special button or buttons from me to create one. Or if you're lucky, I might give them out for free.

How do they actually work?
Step 1: I make them
Step 2: A little bit of magic by me
Step 3: *puff* they turn into their human forms
:iconrinrun-dopto:rinrun-dopto 6 0
Doodle requests [open]
Same like the status update that was up not long ago- I'll try to do all requests from current watchers! (My Wifi is working again so I'm deleting that status) Doesn't mean I completely won't do requests from new or non-watchers but there's a chance I won't do them-
To request just leave your oc link/reference in the comments; I'll do some traditional or digital doodles when I'm in the mood or for breaks ><
Unlike the other one though I might do more than one character (but I'll do at least one per person) if you leave more than one reference, so feel free to request anything! I'm going to only do digital if I feel like it though so please don't get mad if I mostly do traditional ;;
(Those who requested before feel free to request again!)

Note: Please leave a reference of a character that's already put together or has an existing ref,,,don't send me multiple parts, outfits and poses expecting me to draw it out for you because I'm pretty sure that classifies as a custom
:iconsfviolin:SFViolin 9 39