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christmas wishlist/birthday gift wishlist remake
well i have never done one before 
but i'd really like art 
(even if its like a small headshot or something)
from these ppl
sorry for the tags aaa
:iconcorgiiluv:CorgiiLuv 11 3
Ten Little Astronauts Out Today!
Ten Little Astronauts has now been published and is available for sale – no pledging, no pre-ordering – anywhere you might reasonably expect to buy books! Readers who supported Unbound’s crowdfunding campaign started getting their copies yesterday.

If you’ve got one yourself, please do share a photo – I’m putting together a Twitter moment featuring as many as I can find:
“Ten Little Astronauts Arrives”
— Damon L. Wakes (DamonWakes) December 13, 2018
The book is available in a whole bunch of places I’ll be adding to
:icondamonwakes:DamonWakes 3 1
:iconspringiocked:springIocked 5 1
A rant about the popular shits at my school
Fuck you.
Honestly, I'm fucking tired of your bullshit. 
I get it, I'm weird.
You don't have to point that shit out.
I don't follow your fucking trends, I don't have a phone, I don't have fucking social media like Snapchat, and I don't play Fortnite.
I'm not into that gay shit. 
Honestly, you choose to oust people because they are different. 
You choose to oust them because they stick out in a crowd. 
I'm fucking sick of this shit. 
Not only does this new generation's culture oust people who could have special abilities and talents, but also decreases them down to someone who doesn't matter.
Contrary to popular opinion, sticking out in a crowd doesn't make you strange. It makes you who you are. 
But YOU ALL seem to not get that. 
You're all king shits, at the top, with low grades, and no skill.
Bud, being popular now doesn't mean SHIT in the future.
Having skills and merit? Yeah. 
(Alright I'm done. Honestly, I'm sick of these
:iconveilside-aero:Veilside-Aero 3 21
mirrors in town
In this journal I'm not re-publishing your picture/s. I'm linking it/them with a thumbnail on the link.
I'm linking it/them because I liked it/them and hope that others will like it/them seeing here.
I can linking here your picture/s without explicitly asking for consent:
1) beacuse you subscribed to DeviantArt - accepting it's rules - that provides tool of sharing;
2) because you published your picture/s on DeviantArt;
3) because you haven't blocked me.
If you don't like that your picture/s is/are featured (linked) here, you can:
1) ask me politely to remove it/them from the feature;
2) delete your picture/s from DeviantArt.
But I hope you like it instead.
:iconst2wok:st2wok 3 6
Some good news
To those who are familiar with Jarrod/FavoriteArtMan (:iconfavoriteartman:) he had been away from DA for over a year due to some personal stressful events in his life. But as we kept in touch on our phones, he has this announcement to say which I'm happy for. :) 
Take a read from what Jarrod has to say. 
"Hello, everyone... my friends, brothers and sisters on DeviantArt. I know how you all miss me, very much, as it's now been nine months since I had, in a sense, exiled myself from this website, after being blamed for the closure of a website we all knew and loved... And more so, that I had hurt someone who was like a sister to me that I've never had, after what I did in my jealousy and arrogance. Nevertheless, I always thought about some, or perhaps all of you, every day and night, during my absence from here, and even if I visited my profile, or anyone else's, while I was unable to log back in, because of a long, impenetrable password I made, to avoid going into my account..
:iconblueengineliz6:BlueEngineLiz6 12 19
My DD Highlights CIII
Hi everyone , this is my 103th Daily Deviation Highlights journal.
I'll share with you some awesome Daily Deviations of the last 10 days!
Hope you will enjoy this feature !
Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!
[Leeloo Dallas - The Fifth Element] by MonstroINC 

 Featured by pullingcandy
Bullet; GreenGiven 4.12.2018
Gral, the shark by AntonZemskov 

 Featured by KovoWolf
Bullet; GreenGiven 4.12.2018
:icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 5 0
Upcoming Song Covers (Thumbnails Requested!)
2019 is almost upon us, and one of my resolutions is working more on my singing. Already been taking an online master class, and I recently did an acting job on a ghost tour which involved singing, but I want to work on it more! Here are some of my ideas for future song covers, for which I will need thumbnails drawn by you lovely visual artists out there (just send me a link):
1. "The Oogie Boogie Song" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (by popular demand, I'm gonna go with a more feminine approach; I will need this thumbnail sooner with Christmas just around the corner!)
You may watch these videos for inspiration.
2. "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift (had this requested too and it's one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, but I could never sing it right, so I decided to revamp it a bit; you'll see what I mean)
3. "Evermore" from "Beauty and the Beast" (yes, it will be a female version, couldn't quite nail this before but after trying new techniques I'm going to give it another w
:icondisneyfanatic2364:DisneyFanatic2364 12 14
6 Reboots That Might Actually Be Interesting
The concept of a 'reboot' is an old one, nothing new. 
Tarzan is probably the first instance of a franchise doubling back to reinvent itself from whole cloth, demonstrable by having earlier films portray Tarzan as a monosyllabic simpleton ('Me Tarzan. You Jane') while later films would show him struggling with english but otherwise quite intelligent and ultimately recollecting his aristocratic side: a departure from preceding films but also more faithful to the original Tarzan novels. The Mummy franchise's second film is not a sequel: it's a reboot, essentially telling a similar story to the first movie but with differently named characters and a new setting.
Radical departures from a book being adapted to screen has existed since THE FIRST MOVIES EVER MADE. The Edison Studios made 1910 film Frankenstein completely rewrites the backstory, the characters, and the ending of the book it draws inspiration from and the famous A Trip to the Moon movie made in 1902 was inspired by Jules
:icongeneralorder4:Generalorder4 3 8
Winter is Here, and so is an Update
Hello my faithful fans and friends, I'd like to thank you all in advance for the happy birthday wishes and gifts that you guys perhaps gift to me here, I immensely appreciate it. I'm turning 25, and it's going to be weird being a quarter century old now... I'll personally comment and fav any gifts that come my way btw, but you might have to give me a bit of time considering this is around the time of my classes ending XD
More to the point though besides my birthday... Classes are nearing a close, and my second to last semester (and probably one of the more stressful and enduring ones I have ever attempted) is ending soon. This means many things I hope for winter break to be here.
First, like I stated in my previous update, Freedom Planet Resurgence Issue 10, the series finale, I slated to come in December and I didn't lie, it's coming.
I just finished writing my outline and making sure I didn't miss key plot points and got a rough idea of how I want my story to conclude. It will be epi
:iconcci545:CCI545 4 2
Rude? Apparently I have no choice.
On the politics, I have decided it is my civic duty to voice my opinions and beliefs now and then, even if people find it toxic and obnoxious.  I am getting stronger and stronger with that.  I do use some harsh language sometimes, but I don't threaten no.  Liberals try to tell you that a conservative world view causes violence, death and suicide.  
I just got blamed yesterday for transgender people being murdered.  I was called a literal murderer by one person and told that my opinions cause transgender to commit suicide by another person.  That's why I come across as callous and cruel.  How else can it go when that is put on me?  If I continue to disagree, I am showing no compassion or shame for the helpless innocent people I literally KILL with my opinions.  LOL  So, I might as well be kinda abrupt and blunt and rude.  I am told my opinions themselves are rude, so why be super polite in stating them?   I mean I am
:iconmistgod:Mistgod 3 15
+800 watchers Art Raffle!
In all this 7 years on the Deviantart I've never thought of reaching this number of people liking my drawings, I cry forever. Thank you so much to all of you!! (´;ω;`)
For that reason I decided to make an Art Raffle!
The prizes:
Star! 1st place Star! 

1 fullbody colored like this (no more than 2 characters, simple background)

1 chibi like this (only one character, no background) 
Star! 2nd place Star! 
(unlocks at 20 entrys)
Star! 3rd place Star! 
(unlocks at 50 entrys)
What I can draw for you:     
:iconkidcoca:KidCoca 8 11
my multicolored anime bedroom

:iconmilkalexandra1234:milkalexandra1234 4 25
Questmas: Rescue Yule
Welcome to Questmas 2018!
The animal caretaker, Yule, is missing somewhere outside of the GlimmerGlade! It's up to you to find him! ... Or not!
This quest is run like a Choose Your Own Adventure. You make choices in-character as your Glimmew or Glimmic, which affect the outcome of the event. A small portion of the game is being played on the Discord ARPG Server [The randomly rolled options]. Haven't joined yet? Do so here!
Follow these simple guidelines, and you will be on your way to fun!
Begin your quest by replying to one of the three options in response to Penelope's plea.
A moderator will guide you through the story by writing the reaction of your character's choices. Whenever a moderator gives you a choice, you may choose it through the letter (A, B, C...), the wording involved (my Glim will GO TO THE CAVERN!), or in-character (Velvet stomped their way towards the caverns).
When a moderator tells you to roll, they will give you a command, such as !roll rainy, cloudy, sunny. This
:iconglimmews:Glimmews 4 99
Godzilla Prophecy trailer
Erikku: Its been some time since Nekark attacked. The Earth knows something will come.
Godzilla Earth erupts from the ground near Mt Fuji, as people and kaiju look up in awe and horror, then he roars
Erikku: Or does the Earth has its reasons in creating its own Godzilla?
The camera zooms in on the Exif and Bilosaludo ships coming, the Bilosaludo create their own base, with their own Mechagodzilla, who looks ominously at the camera
Cuts to a shrine dedicated to Ghidorah, and the Exif praise to a statue, then cuts to a frozen King Ghidorah
Voice: Stay hidden until the time is right...…….. Ghidorah
Kaiju across the world gather to battle King Ghidorah, Godzilla charges King Ghidorah as he charges as well
Cuts to King Ghidorah as he transforms into Ethereal Ghidorah,  who stands above all like a corrupt god, and Godzilla Earth roars at him
:icondinossword:Dinossword 4 14
So, Writing DB's Again...
Specifically, that Critical Role vs. The Adventure Zone matchup? As I was writing, it occurred to me that I do not want this to be long and bloated. That sounds obvious, sure. "Brevity is the soul of wit" and all that, but you have to remember back when there the deviantart Death Battle community was really thriving on here, there was a tendency among us to write so damn much we'd have to split the match into parts. 
It was common to see things like "So and So vs. This and That: The Trilogy" around here. I don't know if that practice is still intact, and I haven't really interacted with that community in ages (despite a significant portion of the original generation of said community having migrated to my tabletop group)., so I don't know what the new trends are. 
I think... I don't remember if I started that trend or if someone else had, but I certainly contributed, and I regret it 100%. I've seen some people vomit a word count comparabl
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 3 6
Jackie Chan Power Adventures
Summary: After Uncle has uses the magical Chi Spell to once again strip Shendu of his powers and trap in statue once again, the new threat happened but new adventures for Jackie Chan, as he as send upon the package that Jade found, turn out to be the legendary itself, the Power Stones, one of them actually, by now Pirates that’s searching and trying to take it, turn out to be Kraken's pirate crew, the Octopus Twin, and not only them, but Eclipse Organization themselves, for now, Section 13 is destroyed and the Talismans taken and Shendu buried down, the world must be saved from the hands of evil forces, and Jackie Chan will make sure, and its gonna be a bad day.
Pairing: Jackie/Viper, Jade/Eddie, Kadar/Hilda, Jake/Rouge
Main Cast:
Jackie, Jade, Uncle, Tohru, Viper, Paco, El Toro And Xu Lin (Jackie Chan Adventures)
Kadar (My OC)
Jake, Shelly and Lexi Richards and Aaron Hall Dark-Warrior95 
Terrence Silva Dragonprince18 
Alvaro alvarobmk123 
Ethan Tidwell
:iconchristopher108:Christopher108 3 6
Artists you should check out rn! (feature)
Hi hi! <3
(I've just finished a -kind of big- project and I'm so relieved!!)
Anyways, I've decided to feature some deviants that I've commissioned(mostly pixels ~) and AT with! <3
Their arts are so amazing and perfect! <3
Check them out! <3
Hazelnutchan :iconhazelnutchan:
Just look at her pixels TTATT <3
The Icons I have commissioned her are adorable af! <3 
Check out her commissions and other types of art too!!

@KotoNyan :iconkotonyan:
The colors, the anatomy the smexiness, I LOVE ITTT!<333
:iconbunbby:bunbby 7 5
From One Creator to Another...
The process of character creation is a lot of things.
It is long and tedious, a lot of work, frustrating at times, but oh so very rewarding.
It's pretty safe to say artists who have created characters and still do, grew and developed over time alongside their own creations. From the first basic OCs onward, the older and more experienced we grow the more complex our characters will become.

However, when looking from the outside we mostly only see just a design. It takes a lot of work and dedication (as well as interest from the other side) to make people care about what you have made. Once the first step has been made, people will wonder about what inspired you when creating your character. This inspiration will mostly be focused on the superficial. They will wonder what the design is based off of, maybe what it is referencing, or the general inspiration. But a design is more than just looks. It also includes the character's personality as
:icontheakanemnon:TheAkanemnon 4 4
Watership Down
Animation looks a liiitle choppy but i so want to see it.
:iconemberwolfsart:EmberWolfsArt 3 13
Did any sauropod actually have a horizontal neck?
Did any sauropod actually hold their neck horizontally? Short answer is yes, a few specialised oddballs probably did.
Full blogpost here:
:iconspinoinwonderland:SpinoInWonderland 3 5
Monster Girl tf rp
Basically, you/I/both of us transform into a Monster Girl. It can be our choice or we're forced to transform.
1. Who will tf?
2. What will you/I/we tf into? (If possible send a ref pic)
3. How will we tf?
4. Any other effect? (MC,PC,BE, ect)
5. Mature? (If so, we'll take it to notes)
:iconmegalopunny456:MegaLopunny456 3 42