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Mad Munchkin Blethers about Destruction
I wanted to discuss destruction and why in the context of creativity, destruction is a vital weapon we often need to harness in order to be creative.  
:iconmad--munchkin:Mad--Munchkin 7 3
Feature #26 Hats and caps!
Hello dear friends!!!
Do you love hats? I think it's an interesting accessory)))
Today I want to share with you some interesting work with hats and caps.
Hope you like it!

Abyss Watcher by Lensar
Ifriit Ward by cobaltplasma
newwork by superschool48
Drawlloween 2017 - Grumpy Owl by AbigailLarson
Sorcerer by HideTheInsanity
witch by Afternoontm
inktober - 16 - lunar by Fukari
preppy hats by Chaotic-Muffin
Side Eye by GDBee
:iconlazy-brush:lazy-brush 6 1
Free landscape painting video
I'm happy to say that I'm releasing my first video of Art Camp 3, The Fundamentals of Landscapes for _free_!
Three whole hours of everything you could want to know about landscape painting, right here:
Like what you see? Then head to and use coupon code 10BUCKS to get 10 dollars off your purchase of Art Camp 3: Landscapes.
:iconnoahbradley:noahbradley 6 3
the Cosmic Crusaders
The Premise:
 Margret Taylor (aka Black-Hole) is putting together a trip for her daughter, Lupe Taylor (aka Loop-Hole), on a crusade throughout the cosmos. They'll be gonna go on all sorts of intergalactic adventures, like discovering new alien life, trying strange and exotic alien stuffs, as well as fighting off space villains, tons of fun. But first, they'll need to put together a small crew to join them on their journey, so they sent out a call to those who dared to embark on such a quest.
My friends and I have been discussing this a bit, now I say it's time to get the ball rolling.
The Crew (Waitlist):
:iconOmegaLombax194: Karla
:iconDarkness-Serum: Star Wizard Indigo
:iconMsDoodleKnight: Butterbird
:iconnuke-comics: Ellie
:iconDanman22ful: Dr. Medicine
:iconcatnip-toon: Cara the Fox Girl
:iconTFSU-Samano: Hiro
:iconProplexus: Takahiro
[edit] the Requirement is that you must have a space-suit for safer travels.
But what good is a multi-personal based story wit
:iconthe-one-aardvark:The-One-Aardvark 5 20
Dom griffians up for offer
Been spring cleaning my home for several days, and I think I am going to do the same for my teams! Offer away on the following. I will note you if I see something that I want.
Bagbean - Chilla fox - Trading with judifur
Bagbean - Who dead crow - Trading with Baraayas
Perfaunt - Black sand - Trading with KiwiKancre
Perfaunt - Scare crow
Kryptox - Meerkat
Here is some extra art ive done of the ones above
:icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 29 186
Please stop with the drug comments..
I'm just gonna make this journal short and sweet, since no one likes to read journals anymore.
Stop making drug comments, please..I shouldn't have to make constant journals just to remind you to stop making comments that are drug-related.
Grow up and get your mind out of the gutter and please stop making drug comments.
If you continue to bash me with your immature actions, I will simply block you.
Thank you.
:iconraiiny-skye:RAIINY-SKYE 10 24
Net Neutrality sentence is near!
Hey guys the net neutrality thing is coming up again. We need one more senator or something to sign the CRA to save net neutrality. But the problem is finding the last one is taking forever. Kennedy is out because he made his own law or something that isn't helping net neutrality, so he is out unless we can somehow change his mind. Who is left to fill in for the 51st vote to save net neutrality. Please spread this around a bit and let's try contacting anyone who can be the last vote or try to change Kennedy's mind. We have until April 23rd.
:iconbenorianhardback26:BenorianHardback26 5 17
Spread these new messages about Net Neutrality!
"The FCC's War on the Poor"
"Netflix CEO Calls For Net Neutrality, Blasts Abusive ISPs"
"Net Neutrality"
"Net Neutrality & Internet Censorship: Famine Of The Word Is Coming"
"Net neutrality"
"2018-03-20 House Corporations Net Neutrality 01"
"2018-03-20 House Corporations
:iconpsyfreezer:Psyfreezer 4 8
.: Smash Switch Roster :.
ferrugineum fabric border d 3 ferrugineum fabric border c 2 ferrugineum fabric border d 3 
Tagged by CoconCrash 
This is just my opinion on the roster, you do not have to agree with me. But please keep any negative comments to yourself, thank you. 

Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Mario 
Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Luigi 
Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Princess Peach 
Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Princess Daisy 
Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Rosalina 
Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Bowser 
Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Bowser Jr. + Koopalings
  Dr. Mario 
:iconpinkprincessblossom:PinkPrincessBlossom 7 11
Reverse starter call.

favorite this journal and i'll comment on one of your memes!
starter call journal: not done yet.
:iconemotioniess-chan:EmotionIess-chan 6 0
collared horse ahegao (YCH: OPEN)
this is gonna be simple.

This is the ych. Due to recommendation, the pricing will be between $6-11 / 600:points: - 1100:points: dependent on your character's details. I will not accept payment until my work is finished, and you will receive the file after payment is sent.
To commission me for this ych, fill out the following form and send me a note. Do not comment on this journal with forms, your comments will be hidden.
character reference: (must be digital.)
collar specifications: (color, spikes, even a reference can be provided as long as it doesnt have have hella minute details.)
expression ideas: (feel free to use the finished examples as ideas.)
payment method:
:iconl-ostboy:l-ostboy 10 2
Sprung has Sprang, or something like that
Blizzard coming my way, but no worries, it's a mere Spring storm now...
Hey!  Just for giggles, I want you to watch these two videos and compare the dance moves of the two vocalists....
They must be cousins...

:iconchaosfive-55:Chaosfive-55 3 5
Rambold Animation - Spanish
:iconloulouvz:LoulouVZ 5 1
Jotaro VS Kenshiro | DEATH BATTLE!
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure VS Fist of the North Star
Manliness has never looked so good. Two warriors enter, and only one will leave alive!
:icondeath-battle-4-all:DEATH-BATTLE-4-ALL 3 6
More bellyness because dreams
folks, first, had a wonderful birthday*burps and rubs my Titanic belly*, also, been having way more fatty dreams as of late. So much so they have become way too detailed for a single pic or comic page. So, that got me thinking, yes, I am going to make these more detail led dreams into big comics, and I'll be selling them. Sorry folks, but stuff this detailed ain't cheap, but, just wondering.
Should I put them in the Appetite series or make a new series that will basically be "Fatty dreams" something, something. Haven't decided yet. Tell me what you think.
Also, will be on the posting again soon enough, which should be including NightCrestComic strips, commissions, trades, and of course, more Papawolf issue 1. Hope you all enjoy.*tries to read my pen and paper to get back to drawing* hmmmmmm, this could take a while.
:iconnightcrestcomics:NightCrestComics 3 6
Screw That. Let's Go 200K
I've been pondering. I shouldn't just give up on my drawing just because my laptop is defective. I am an artist. I can use any medium to show my artistic skills. I can draw on paper. Heck I can draw on my phone. 
The 200K Kiriban is still going! Get your screenshot buttons ready. Take a screenshot of my profile when it hits 200K. Then send it to me. Hopefully, the winner and I can discuss on how I'm going to get the drawing prize drawn. 
As usual, the rules:
-Watchers only
-I can draw humans only
-Minimum 4 characters. 
:iconazasket:AzaSket 3 13


:iconrastifan:Rastifan 4 7
Commissions Everywhere!
People of Earth and Space
Warning, this journal contains..
Hi all!
Where did March go?
I'll have pt 2 of Jessica's misadventures out very soon. Pt2 and 3 are done, but thanks to some friends, they've found some room for improvement. I look forward to throwing them at you. Jessica's flatufish antics haven't stopped yet! ;-)
Speaking of antics:

When you take Bree on a date, and she goes for seconds...more than twice.
I JUST ADORE this pic by :iconleshawk: please let him know what you think and if he should do more like it.
And to the main topic of this journal.
Commissions everywhere, indeed.
First I want to plug my pal :iconlanif-angelkiss:

He goes 1000% and I can testify that he is good to work with. Don't be a jerk, let the man do his magic.
Do you want the guy who does Ying and Family to write for you? Yes. That. Guy.

He's a faster writer than me too!
:icontheotherred:Theotherred 3 0
taking offers on ocs
i have too many characters i don’t use x__x
please only offer on characters in 02 and 03!
i’m mostly looking for usd/points.. please don’t offer just art!
:iconbugwizard:bugwizard 5 34
Spring is Coming - Art Event!
Gooooood Morning/Afternoon/evening everyone!
I hope you are all having an amazing day!
Yesterday and Today marks the starting days of spring!
The days of in lore, BloomPuffs birth!
So to celebrate this day, we are holding a art contest for you lovelies!
The prompt is "Celebrating the First day of spring"
This is NOT a skill level event! This is an event of who comes up with the most creative image/theme of their picture!
This will be a 2 week event so the end date will be
April 4th
The rules a very simple!
-You must have you MYO finished to enter
 +Don't fret tho! You can always ask others to use their bloompuffs! With credit of course <3
 +Or use the mascots Eli and Elyse!
-No time extensions, everything is due ON the 4th, after that day, time is up
-You can have characters outside of Bloompuffs in the image but there must be a Bloompuff in there! This is a species e
:iconbloompuffs:BloomPuffs 7 2
Agent 8 Dupes
I didn't think anyone would be able to pull off a reasonable dupe of Agent 8, but they did.  Although they can't wear hats like the ones in game.  I've tried, and it doesn't really work.
Female Agent 8:
Male Agent 8:
:iconbravebravesirbrian:bravebravesirbrian 6 3
A fallen worker
I rarely maKe journaL entties but i feel this is important.
At approx. 4 am last night while I was working in the tunnels at West 4th in Manhattah, a fellow New York City Transit track worker fell 20 feet to his death onto lower level tracks in upper Manhattah after a wooden handrail broke. He only had 6 months on the job too.. Quite a shame on all of us and his family too. I didnt know him but he was in the same rail gang im in in another department. That's why whatever job you have whatever job you do, do it well and stay safe
:iconzp92:zp92 7 17