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OC-Contest + Raffle [OPEN - up to 200$ in prizes]

It's finally here, my first contest like EVER and I'm super nervous and excited aah...╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯♥
I hope anyone will like to participate!
As the title states, this is an OC-Contest!
Please make sure to read everything carefully through the end!

**20th february**
Wow guys... I'm absolutely overwhelmed with the response I've got so far - You're glorious!
To thank you I decided to start a raffle for you ♥
So whoever shares this contest in a journal or poll and posts the link below will be able to win a halfbody-illustration of one of their characters like this!
The deadline for this will be the 1st April~ Happy sharing you guys : D

will be on the 1st july 2019!
There are NO extensions planned, since
:iconpeach-coke:Peach-Coke 58 21
Feature: Love and romance
Pieces below come from this forum thread: Share your artworks featuring romantic couples!
I've decided to make little sub-genres for this feature, so it won't be just a wall of thumbs. Without further ado... Let's see some love! Happy 
Love can be...
- affectionate:

- supernatural:

- tender:
001 - Love, time and tenderness by LiisaEltsCommission: Taihla by Koettboid
- cute:
.: Valentine's Chu :. by Ya-e
:iconlidiash:Lidiash 21 42
Seeking confidence as an artist
I was speaking with a friend the other day. He's an artist who is going through some rough period of self-doubt and questionment. 
It's something every artist out there face at some point, that big, scary and sinister question : "Am I fit to be an artist? is it really my path ? my art seem to be so lacking compared to that other one" etc  It's very easy to get obsessed by those questions, to torture yourself and ruin your motivation over them.
I can tell every single ones of my artist friends faced it themselves and some continue to from time to time, even after they became professionals.  
Doubt in art ( and probably any creative field ) is completely normal. It's part of the job one could say.
And imho a large part of managing to become successful as artist is to bring down these doubts to an acceptable level ( you will never completely get rid of them ) and find confidence in yourself and your art :)
In my case it happened like this. Years ago I was very un-secure abo
:iconkarbo:Karbo 26 19
Who are you coub.
:iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 26 13
Big City Greens Boards! (plus some tips!)
For those who don't know I'm a board artist at Disney TVA on Big City Greens! Here's a link to some of my work!

These boards/stills are from two of the episodes I've worked on so far! People Watching and Trailer Trouble. Another one of the episodes I've worked on is also out but it was the first one I'd worked on and my boards are ugly and I'm too lazy to dig for them rn hahaha. But I've since improved and am happy with the ones I've done for these two episodes :D 
I'm almost positive I have a few watchers here that might be interested in boarding for TV animation someday so here's some tips and stuff I've learned having been on the show for little over a year now! Keep in mind that this is for BOARD DRIVEN SHOWS (not script) and things vary from show to show!
The Process/Pipeline!
This is something I wished was taught in art scho
:iconkianamai:kianamai 141 35
Flower Fancy...

Heart of the Ocean by Lilyas
Look, he prepared a surprise for you by amiejoFriends! by isider
Love at first sight by SaraPereiraArt:::The Roses by Ludifico
Little visitor by KmyGraphicSpring - pansies by hiaamir
Sunflower by DouglasHumphries
Cat with yellow tulips by 1NFIN1TYZoey's first flowers by LindArtz
Ghost Rose at Tarpley Manor by slowdog294Happy birthday Natallya Bohdana by ingeline-artOrange flowers by Peter-Gripenbark
SEARCHING FOR the FLOWERS 1 by Hermetic-WingsThe Blues by Canankk
:icontigles1artistry:Tigles1Artistry 32 99
8th DD and Art Feature
Daily Deviation
My 8º Daily Deviation, and my 1º as Wallpaper La la la la Love
Ellysiumn thank you very much for the unexpected surprise :happybounce:  I really was not expecting a DD as wallpaper,
very honored :hug:

Art Feature
Some works that amazed me in the last weeks.
black heart bullet black heart bullet black heart bullet

:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 32 59
MLP FIM Season 9 is the Last Season
Welp, my fellow bronies, this is it. It has been confirmed that Season 8 will be the last season for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It's been a very long ride ever since the series started back in 2010. We experienced greatest moments like the Season 4 Finale, the 100th episode, special guests, and the movie. I get the feeling that Season 9 will have some very big surprises, and let's not forget the EqG Special and the pony special as well. Please, feel free to comment on what you think of Season 9 being the last.
:icondashiemlpfim:DashieMLPFiM 17 49
Over $100 in Prizes: Draw My Characters Contest!
Since my last contest focused on romance, this contest will focus on character development and relationships! Throughout my series, close bonds were formed between certain characters. Now it's your turn to express their bond!
This contest will cancel if less than 15 people enter. (Prize placements will still occur. Everyone else who entered will receive $5)
Date: 2/22 - 4/1 (Including the grace period)
Grace period: 3/28-4/1
Contest will close at 11 PM PST (CLICK ME) on April 1st
Rules: Select AT LEAST 2 Characters to draw! Click Me for the characters! I don't have many limitations other than NO PORN or NSFW Kinks. I will allow gore/torture.
Feel free to match whatever outfit you want! I love seeing the creativity. 
Do NOT bash other contestants entries! Everyone has their own art skill level and drawing styleYou may choose to animate your image!
:iconsabo-jake:Sabo-Jake 30 28
MLP NG commissions
I'm opening this again yay
Female~ 50
Male~ 50
NO INCEST!!! (and yes Marblemac is incest.. to me it no)
NO KID X ADULT (I see spike as a older teen so he not a kid)
NO OC x MY OCS (like Shelly,Chad or Zec,ect
Comment your Ships and what you want please(Unicorn,Pegasus,Earth or Alicorn):3
How to ask X3
AppleJack x Flutteshy
you can only have up to 2 kids
points only 
If you don't pay you have till the end of the day. If i'm still not payed I well sell the ocs
You can also pick what base I use for your order :3
if it's two different bases by two different ppl
please read there rules to make sure it's ok with them    
+Speedpaint~ 50
You may have ask for a speedpaint but you much pick a song for it but it CAN NOT BE C
:iconsuperrosey16:SuperRosey16 34 59
Itchy feet
February is a strange time of year for me. Although I like winter (not that we had much winter here this time) ........(there is still time though) the time we are nearly through February I am ready for Spring. My work means I can't really get away in the winter most years and now I am approaching my busiest time of year so I always have a long gap between adventures from November til May. My feet are itching I can tell you. Even more so because I have been battling an unpleasant upper respiratory infection since the last few days of December. It has dragged on a bit but has just about cleared up now. This has added to my itchy feet syndrome as I now feel better and I want to go somewhere and do something. It feels like my last trip was in the distant past yet also, at the same time, time seems to fly. It's interesting to experience both these feelings at the same time. In May I am taking a couple of friends to Scotland who have never been there before. It will be fun to do th
:iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 25 35
The Unseen Stock - February

Frozen Lake Stock by FjellvangPhotography Icicles by Della-Stock
Saltmarsh Beach 5 by WynBird-Stock
winter.3 by naalinana24 web cave 2 by yellowicous-stock Waterscape Stock by FjellvangPhotography Img 20190213 141848711 Hdr by MarK-RC97 by sanmonku
San Diego Botanic Garden 70 by AwesomeStock Storm Clouds by TheStockWarehouse Stock Landscape 85 by Lavander-Thistle
stock - River by Dizzl87
Rome 04 by Olgola
:iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 28 10
Featuring the Artist: Yggdr4zill




Ara ararauna by Yggdr4zill 
:iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 31 35
Snowy II by ClaudeG Winter Wonderland VII. by realityDream
Winter Forest by kuschelirmel 145 - Tiny Tree by ElyneNoir
Tonttu by Yuukon Cold Trail by LG77
23.01.2017 by all17 forest by all17
Cold Morning by ferrohanc Frosty landscape by JohnyG
Blow by TheLoveTrain Kongsberg 5 by ajonsaas
winters fog 3 by kubicki Winter Rainbow by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Sunrise in winter Carpathians by Sergey-Ryzhkov Carpathian winter evening by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Winter in Bukovina by Sergey-Ryzhkov Early winter sun by Floreina-Photography
Just morning in Carpathians, Ukraine by Sergey-Ryzhkov Path by Inthepoole
Twilight on Barvinok Mountain by Sergey-Ryzhkov A Winters Morning by artmobe
Snow Art by Na-lf A Veil Of Clouds by MikkoLagerstedt
:icondieffi:Dieffi 19 52
3.5K Watchers Raffle!
We made it to 3.5K guys, the family is getting bigger <3
Thank you guys for sticking around and liking my art
I enjoy reading all your comments and talking to you guys it's just surreal ~ 
We family yo
BT21 - KOYA emoticon cute - bt21 koala heart 
NOW IT'S RAFFLE TIME ONCE AGAIN~ You guys know the drill already :3c 
Fullbody / Thigh Up / Chibi  Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)  -You get to choose which one you'd like)
1000 Points
Halfbody Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)500 Points
Chibi200 Points
Must Be a Watcher (New Watchers are welcome but if you Unfollow afterwards you'll be banned from future raffles)Favorite this JournalShare this journal via poll/journal
Tag up to 5 people +1 per personFollow 
:iconkuromokonachan:KuroMokonaChan 48 58
HELLO !!!!!!!!!! my bday is tomorrow (feb 22nd) so i want to host this contest for myself !!!!!!!!!!!!
all you have to do is draw my sona:
i have yet to make him a new ref, but his hair style looks like this now: +
you can draw him doing anything ! in any of his outfits for anthro ! you can draw him feral as well ! he is super duper dumb and hyperactive !!!!!
if you want a better chance at winning the GRAND PRIZE of $50, you can draw him with his boyfriend: !!!!!
HOW TO JOIN: -be a watcher (new watchers welcome)
                 -spread this journal around (status or journals work)
                 -reply to my comment below proving you spread the journal
:iconangeiface:angeIface 31 39
Less is More 02
Welcome back to "Less is More" series - simple things in focus.
Please enjoy this feature at CRPhotography



Avalanche-Moi by jon-bibire Wood by pillendrehr
The Shore by AntonioGouveia
Last unicorn by FeliDae84Pygmy owl by mescamesh
corvus by cloe-may
Black angel by VeraOzerskaya They breathe magic by SaNNaS
I'm the king of the world by KlaraDrielle
Frozen by AdrianGoebel 
:iconwilltc:WillTC 26 35
My thoughts of the Jurassic World movies.
Hello everyone, hope you have a good time.
Since i like to draw JP related stuff i often think about this franchise as whole from time to time ( Thats what a nerd does ;) ) and i have actually come to the conclusion that the Jurassic World movies dont appeal to me as much. Some people may think that just because you are a JP fan means that you love ALL of it. But thats not the case here and im sure that many of you think the same about this and other franchises. 
What is it that makes the two latest entries in the series less appealing to me ? Are they bad movies, do i hate them ? No i dont but i just dont like them as much. I prefer JP, TLW and JP: Trespasser, thats where i get the JP feeling. I must sadly say, i dont get any JP feeling from the newer ones.
And i also think that my obsession for JP is beginning to fade a bit, i dont even look forward ot the next and final JW movie. I dont hate them, i simply ignore them and tries to ignore the most things that have the JW mark on
:iconhellraptorstudios:HellraptorStudios 15 33
Looking for 2 New Admin + Omen Sight Changes
HEY GUYS!! WellHidden here! <3
This is a pretty unusual occurrence but I'm here to actually offer admin applications again! That, and I come bringing a semi-important CCCat news update in regards to some traits! It's been a solid few years since I changed lore/specifications on any traits but I'm hoping this one will be for the better.
Admin apps!
With the growing members and busy life schedules of everyone on the team currently, we're finding we could all use some additional help from some members willing to aid the community and team! Splitting up jobs or having more time dedicated to doing our roles effectively is very important to us, and thus why we hope admin joining in will be able to aid us. c:
Gonna keep this quick and easy, but please be sure to read through everything carefully! If you send the application to the wrong location it will be ignored!!
First thing first! What this position is looking for:
* Masterlist and Approval Admin! *
These admin will be handl
:iconcccats:CCCats 28 33
What I learned from my mistakes drawing manga
Anime and Manga week
1. Introduction
In 2009 I took Japanese lessons and next to me was a girl drawing manga characters. I watched her draw and it looked like magic to me, seeing how she made a character appear out of nowhere. This was the key moment in which I decided that I wanted to learn that craft too and create my own characters!
Many manga artists have had similar key moments, for most it was watching their favourite anime or reading an awesome manga or even playing a Japanese videogame. However I have seen many aspiring mangakas give up at the beginner stage, believing they simply sucked at drawing.
I personally think that this is an incredible waste of talent, so I wanted to share some advice to anyone who is currently going through the beginner stage and/or anyone who wants to improve and learn more! I am a dummy! 
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 37 2
Traditional Art Feature

Made in collaboration with
Hello everyone !
Here's my selection of the best works

submitted to Art Glory Group in the last 2 weeks!

 Enjoy !

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

F2U - Black Diamond Suit Bullet 

:iconsabz0r:Sabz0r 25 0

:Mendertale: Gen's SOUL:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MENDERTALE  :Mendertale: Gen's SOUL
Heya dear friends and supporters. :wave:
Exactly one year ago, I posted the first teaser-art of MENDERTale. This day marked not only the beginning of my AU, but also my come-back to DA as an artist, after a break of more then two years. :aww:
So, today, it’s HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MENDERTale! :happybounce: :party:
Without all of you this project would have never gotten as far as it is now.
:love: You are the BEST, my dear friends!
:icontaleea:Taleea 28 44