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Aurora - Season 1 Finale

Have fun X)
:iconjgss0109:jgss0109 27 195
Funtime Freddy [C4D] Re-release
 - by :iconjorjimodels:
Ported by me;
Mats by me;
Eye texture by :iconherogollum:
Feel free to use this model in your posters
However, there are some rules
1. No OCs, recolors, porn and so on
2. Always credit :iconxxbetenoirexx: :iconjorjimodels: :iconherogollum: for the port, eye texture and model.
3. Do not steal this model/parts of this model.
:iconxxbetenoirexx:xXBeteNoireXx 11 5
Hello! This is Gravii and Ayu here with the first ever FREE MYO EVENT!
The rules to enter are very very simple~ Just follow them and you will enter!

First part of the Event
1.- Follow Graviilean and Ayuyah 
2.- Make a Journal/Status/Poll announcing this Journal
3.- Choose a palette of max 5 colors (can be less) using
:icongraviilean:Graviilean 34 74
Butch Hartman (vent/ Drama)
I'm sure most of you guys that are in the cartoon community already know about the recent controversy involving Butch Hartman. It's very disappointing to see someone I idolized as a child fall so hard. I even named my first DA account based off his two cartoons because I loved his content that much.
Butch is the most egotistical guy I have seen in a long time. And he really makes Christians look worse than they already
He is so stuck up that He deems people that critique as weak. Basically tearing down anyone that dares question his ideas. Despite begging those same people for money...
He really comes off as someone that thinks other peoples problems don't exist if HE hasn't experienced them. 
He denies suicide existing when he was growing up and blames the influence of social media for making kids depressed. 
:iconskeleion:Skeleion 39 121
The Unseen Stock - July '18


Blanket Flowers by Esmeralda-stock Fireworks 2018 IMG 1302 by WDWParksGal-Stock Overhang by The-Darkwolf
Fog in Moisakula 14 by MASYON
Clouds in the sky by A1Z2E3R Ouassous Shrimps pond by A1Z2E3R 36 by JewelsStock
Cloud Stock 7895 by Phenix59
Landscapes in summer 2 by MASYON Canopy and Cilaos town and Cilaos Ramparts by A1Z2E3R Stock 266 Der Weg by Einheit00
Cilaos Cirque to Reunion Island by A1Z2E3R
40 by JewelsStock
:iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 33 18
What Goes on in my Head Comp RESULT!
The time has come. Time to give out rewards! And Holy Moly we have over 50 submissions for this contest, so it was really hard to just cut it down to 3 winners.. It took me a long time to choose.. But anyway here they are. STARTING FROM 3RD PLACE...
3rd place goes to....

by LonelyChimera
I like how unique and funny it is, its like inception, inside your mind there is a long spiral of mind inside mind. I dunno it just made me laugh. Well done LonelyChimera!
2nd place goes to....

by Erkfir
So I do this as well, I also come up with funny Benedick Cabbagebatch names. And good on Erkfir for coming up with so many names! I like the idea that all Erkfir think about is Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean its not a bad thing <3
1st Place goes to....

by Haiyaku-art
I really like this one because at first when I clicked on it, all I saw was a happy face
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 23 20
Commission Open
Commission Open


 Headshot : 70  (Per character) 

 Bust : 150  (Per character) 

Anyone interested just fill out the form below :
Character refence(s) 
Category : Headshot / Bust

Payment :
I only accept points, and I prefer to be paid beforehand.
SLOT FULL! Current waiting list : 
1. MizoreBusujima 
2. Ghosty-Goop 
3. FumikoMiyasaki 
4. ChaoticallyWicked 
5. XenonsHole 
6. SFViolin
:iconaefis:Aefis 39 102
Self-Publishing for You
Publishing Week
I think nearly every writer has started out hoping to have their name printed on the cover of a book, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  There's also nothing wrong with not doing that the traditional way.  You're allowed to self-publish for yourself and not worry about selling books or creating a following.  I know, because I did it.  And it's not as hard as you might think.
A Quick Intro

A couple years ago, I was really itching to publish a book.  But I knew I didn't want to go through a publisher.  I also didn't want to deal with all the hassle of marketing and trying to sell it.  I really just wanted a book that had my name on the cover and my stories on the inside.  Simple.  Getting it at the lowest cost possible was also a concern, because two teenagers and a couple dogs doesn't exactly make my checkbook overflow.  I started searching the internet for a way to accomplish this and have
:iconwhiskeydreamer:WhiskeyDreamer 44 16
:iconmklier:MKLier 8 15
2.7K+ watchers art raffle!( Icons and moe art! )
Hi everyone!
First off, thank you so much for the 2.7k + watchers!<3 TTuTT
Even if I was gone for a long time some of you are still here,supporting me.
So as a thank you, I've decided to host another raffle- this time with the prices being my art! <33

1st place:
+A moe chibi (or a halfbody)
+An icon
2nd place:
+A moe bustshot
+ An icon
2 runner ups:
+ An icon 


:iconbunbby:bunbby 116 195
3K Watchers Raffle! [OPEN]
OH MY GOODNESS! I honestly didn't think I'd make it to 3K this year haha
thank you guys for sticking around and liking my art
I enjoy reading all your comments and talking to you guys it's just surreal ~ 
We family yo
BT21 - KOYA emoticon cute - bt21 koala heart 
NOW IT'S RAFFLE TIME ONCE AGAIN~ You guys know the drill already :3c
Fullbody Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)    
1000 Points
2nd PRIZE WINNER -Unlocked at 100 Participants
Halfbody Art Piece (NSFW or SFW)500 Points
3rd PRIZE WINNER -Unlocked at 180 Participants
Chibi200 Points
How To Enter:
Must Be a Watcher (New Watchers are welcome but if you Unfollow afterwards you'll be banned from future raffles)Favorite this JournalShare this journal via poll/journal
Tag up to 4 people +1 per personRecent anime that caught your attention? +1
:iconkuromokonachan:KuroMokonaChan 92 202
Recent faves feature
Hello everyone! :wave: This feature is going to be very diverse...I just collected whatever I felt like, and it's all going to be here. I hope you enjoy all these wonderful artist's works.
I surely do.
  242 by tolgatacmahal  Save My Soul by Jarrilee
Distant Confusion by EintoeRn  Flying High by MikeHeard  What is this? by JocelyneR
  In the Nothing of a Night by Metal-Bender    Die Weggefaehrten by Woman-of-DarkDesires  
:iconmep4photography:MEP4Photography 26 40
Vibes 2

Volcano Rocks Red Mountains Snow CC Free Stock by PeterKmiecik
Litle bear by EdhoART2
Waterscape 273 by CastleGraphics
Waterscape 303 by CastleGraphics
Waterfall Up Close by pfgun0
Waterfalls Canyon by Miguel-SantosLavendel Im Sonnenuntergang by Hazel-Photography
Salto Grande Waterfalls by SvenMueller
The castle in the rock by Zivichi
Saint-Malo Fort Sunset (freebie) by somadjinn
Warkworth Castle III by scotto
Waterscape 273 by CastleGraphics
Moritzburg Castle - Germany by Stefan-BeckerBothwell Castle by somadjinn
Castle of Loarre by Zivichi
Fisher Towers 3, Moab, Utah by RichardEly
Stock 158 by KarinClaessonArt
The Castle by SvenMueller
Castle Ludwigstein 2 by artmobe
Fairytale Castle by SvenMuellerWaterfall country 3 by aka-photography-uk
Bamburgh Castle by scotto
Matsumoto Castle by TarJakArt
:iconandorada:Andorada 15 0
Hi guys! I am intensely sad to have stayed away from DA for a few days. Fortunately, I'm back now.
I'll be responding to everyone in the next few hours. If I owe you something, please send me a note so I can arrange everything.
I would never do anything bad to you.
to celebrate my return, I'll be making a 1 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP giveaway for 1 lucky people.
how to participate:
* favorite this newspaper (required)
* be a watcher of mine (required)
* post a journal on your profile, talking about and publicizing this giveaway (required)
* after doing this 3 steps, you're already competing to a free PM. 
How will I choose the winner? 
1. I will use to pick a random number
2. I will see who faved this journal:
3. it is a list. if picks number 10, the 10th person in the list is the winner. very simple
Good luck!!!!
:icon100millionpoints:100millionPOINTS 259 188
Meet Your Neighbor X
His name is Emilio and he's an artist from Spain who has been with DA for 13 years.
 His work is noted for its signature design, color, shape and abstractness.
Oh and today happens to be his birthday so if you have the time wish him a happy one.

I ask that you not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. It's the neighborly thing to do.
:icontrippy4u:Trippy4U 13 36
kaleidoskopik : 18072018
:iconsei-zako: :iconragnar949: :iconeinsilbig:

:iconkaleidoscopism: :icondilicious-trips: :icondigital-diptych: :iconphotograph-ism:
:iconkizukitamura:KizukiTamura 21 16
Fantastic Fan Art Friday - 07-20-2018

Fantastic Fan Art Friday
Hello and welcome back to another feature coming straight to you from the Fan Art Category! This week we're taking a look at fanart pieces of Detroit: Become Human!

Detroit by Craidvy
Daily Deviation Round Up
Here are the Daily Deviations that I featured this week.  As always, have a great weekend!
celebration by asml30
#cm 300 behemoth by cutesexyrobutts
Light a Fire Under Him! by Rockman0
Beach Bash! by einlee
:icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 22 12
draw my ocs contest! win art and points! [open]
woo an attempt at a contest :"D
i need more art of my kids lol
to join
-share this contest with a journal, status or poll
-comment with a link to the journal, saying that you're joining!
-i might change my username halfway through this so please don't put 'jeonghansprince95's contest' lol
-when you're done the entry, tag me in it and/or comment it here so i can see it!
-i'll fave all the entries in a collection!
other rules
-a watch isn't required, but it's appreciated!
-multiple entries are allowed, but you can only win once
-nothing 18+ for daichi or yeo-jin :')
-light gore is ok i guess
-any medium is ok!
-no tracing, bases etc.
-feel free to ask any questions,,
who to draw
choose anyone, it'll link to their! : )

:iconjeonghansprince95:jeonghansprince95 29 35
[OPEN] $1,000+ Summer Art Contest
Hello everyone! I'm here to announce our very first art contest (ノ^∇^) for Summer 2018. Details below and on our website

[1st] - $600 USD
[2nd] - $250 USD
[3rd] - $150 USD
[Honorable mentions] - 3 honorable mentions will be awarded $50 USD each.
Summer fun! We want you to draw our mascot, Rina, enjoying the summer. She's a sweet girl who likes to have fun, but also likes to kick back and take it easy from time to time.
[1] All entries must be submitted by August 24th, 2018 8:00 P.M. (JST). Please note that this is 24 hours before winners are announced.
[2] Entry must be in the form of Digital or Traditional artwork.
[3] Only 1 entry per person.
[4] No gore / 18+ entries.
[5] Must depict our mascot, Rina, in a summer theme. Refs will be below and on our
:iconkaminari-games:Kaminari-Games 23 24
[CLOSED] Pagedoll requests
UPDATE: Hey guys! I have a bad news (not that bad). I'll change the deadline sooooo this will be closing on JULY 19TH because if I let this on July 21th bad things will happen ;w;
Well like I said I think I'm gonna open non-animated pagedoll commissons but I'm not sure about the prices ;w;
so I need hmm 2 ocs (maybe more) to make some examples for my commission. Here are the few rules you need to know:
- This is for my watchers ONLY, if you want to join, you have to watch me but please I won't accept someone watch me just for this.
This IS NOT first come first serve! I'm going to choose which character that I feel like drawing.
- I WILL NOT accept ocs that have too many details
- You can send me many ocs that you want me to draw. But I'll only draw one character of yours, not two.
- I won't reply to your comment but I'll feature it instead.
- Please don't be sad or rude if I didn't choose you, this is just random ch
:iconitzannadraws03:ItzAnnaDraws03 31 67
useful/lazy back to school tips (NOT life hacks)
for me school is starting in less than 2 weeks so figured you guys might benefit from some tips ive learned throughout the years!! this is mostly for high school but im sure they can be helpful elsewhere too.
hate studying? pay attention in class. i cant stress this one enough. dont sleep and don't doodle. unless you're done with all work pay attention to what the teacher is explaining. if you retain it during class you won't have to study (as much) later
ask your teacher if something stumps you. not only do teachers love it when students are engaged like this, but it also helps you! before resorting to private lessons and tutors make sure to try to get some insight from your teacher first, especially in math. i'd always ask my math teacher stuff before class and he ended up showing me helpful tricks that he hadnt shared with the class!
maintain good relationships with your teachers. even if you absolutely hate them, try your best to remain respectful. their job is
:iconparrotte:parrotte 22 9
Okay so here how it goes, i'm sure it's gonna be bad but i'll try to remember it, last year in 2014 I was interested in UNDERTALE game, but after that I changed to VILLAINOUS, then new game was out, it's called FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S, I saw the trailer it really made me become a FNAF FAN, and when the game has gone out, but that time I have not started the game yet, I'm just like that, everyone is like that too, but when I'm bored, I try to download this FNAF game to try to say how scary this game is, I've started trembling, do not know why, but fun, I'm looking forward to playing a new game, like FNAF, and after I play it, and that's when I started being a FNAF FAN uvu, because it's kinda fun tho, like i said, scary but fun, after i played it, i feel like NAHHH it's not that scary at all, it's just a game, but i like how i ended it up tho, cause here, let me tell you this, in the game they have these characters name Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy, y'know what i me
:iconifuntimeroxanne:iFuntimeRoxanne 26 42