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: Pop'n Music Girls Team :
 Mimi: :iconAestheticNyx:
 Rin: Me
 Nia Coredust: Me
 Kikyo: Me
 Sanae-Chan: Me
 Shion: :iconWesinombre:
 Lotte: Me
 Aloe: :iconWesinombre:
 Miyu: :iconDannythedancer:
 Uta: Me
 Eririn: :iconmaddison-sans:
 Milk: :iconChristopia1984:
 Arisa: :iconmaddison-sans:
 Pochiko: :iconDannythedancer:
 Charlotte: :iconmaddison-sans:
 Shoko: :iconNikkiCrystal:
 Suisei Laura: :iconWesinombre:
 ALT: :iconKrs092001:
 Sora: :iconNikkiCrystal:
Yamagata Marika: :iconNikkiCrystal:
 Kagome: Me
 Kanoko: Me
 Tsurara: :iconLunita20082:
 Hiumi: :iconJennALT-01angel:
:iconamazing-girl-forever:Amazing-Girl-Forever 5 73
NEW COMMISSION RATE [use untill next update]
:iconwiidstep:Wiidstep 4 0
Commission- 2019 ( waitlist open )
[Peachy] Bow  Welcome to my little shop [Peachy] Bow
Before ordering
pls check this!

  Lace Pixel DividerLace Pixel DividerLace Pixel Divider    
Sketchy chibi:
( Only one character per pic)
Smol: 10$| 1000 points
Dont accept too complex design

Tall chibi
$13|1300 points 
Detail design: +$2-$5

Smol chibi:
Price: $17|1700 points
adding more character: $2/one
:iconnoodle39:noodle39 8 10
I AM BACK!! AND with a special STREAM!
Ponymote: - Not Amused - Pitch Hello there!!Pitch Clap Icon 
It has been long! I know. But I am back cause I can't forget about Pitch...
(Mostly because of a giant plush of her that constantly looks at me with a grumpy face)
I want to bring back to live my art webs and put them all together to see if with your help I can finally stay STABLE and active.
I still want to make art videos and so on Youtube... and i need courage to start!!
I have instagram... but I am not very good at it yet! And Twitter/Tumblr and others...
I really wanna build a community that is connected.
I recently started streaming life on TWITCH too!! (No more Picarto)
So those who loved talking to me while I draw, you can now follow me on Twitch to find me there~ (sorry for the change of web)
And to show that I am alife,
Pitch Pokemon TOMORR
:iconpimander1446:Pimander1446 5 23
Daily YouTube(sy): Triple Pony Dare Ya
Hello everypony! Hug 
I loved it, but I wonder why "Best Gift Ever" came first xD
:iconestories:EStories 4 3
- D e c e m b e r . C o m m i s s i o n s -
Hello!! everyone ,1 year ago and finally I open commission again XD !! (please forgive me ;;w;;~)
Sorry for keep you guy waiting Ahhh YvY~. and I open 5 slots for now because I have a lot of project to do in this month~.

- - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - -

‧: R U L E S :‧

*Please read before you commission*
✧ Paypal Only and paid in USD.
✧ I don’t accept refunds.
✧ If you want to use my art or designs for commercial purposes, please tell me.
✧ Please give credit to the artist who creates this art work.
✧ You will get file 300 dpi ( jpg. and png. ), with out watermarked .
- - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - - ✦ - - -

‧: C O M M I S S I O N P R O C E S S :‧

✧ Note to me
:iconpopza10cm:Popza10CM 14 3
New Subscribestar Account
I’ve created a Subscribestar account as a hedge against Patreon in case they start getting iffy about adult material. You can find my Subscribestar page here:

They’re more doggedly dedicated to hosting all kinds of material. If you’re happy with Patreon, please continue to support me there! Subscribestar will just be a mirror, a backup, and an alternative for those who aren’t comfortable with Patreon.
If you're more comfortable with supporting me on Patreon, including seeing Original Life +5 pages, you can do so here:
(Adults only):
(General audience):
:iconjaynaylor:JayNaylor 3 1
CALL OUT: Theunholyborn is a PROBLEM
As the others in our Discord Server are making posts like this, I'm gonna defend them and make one as well! As I was also in there an experienced it, I want to tell my side and not let him get away with bad mouthing us. Everyone in the server is super sweet and understanding, and it hurts me to know that they are getting blamed for nothing. And I won't let him treat you all like that.
theunholyborn you are one of the most disgusting, uncomfortable, selfish, offensive, and downright despicable person I have ever met. Normally I just block people and let it go, but you are something way different.
All throughout the discord server, you cried and cried about how your works never got appreciated, but also never commented on OUR works. Your stuff being the edgiest bullshit I've ever seen aside, you called us hypocrites when all you ever did was contradict yourself over and over again. You want us to praise you, but never even tried to talk to us about OUR works. That doesn't want us to int
:icononionfairy99:OnionFairy99 10 9
the unholy situation
okay, so!!! a few people have made callouts on this guy before but i think it's only fair that since he's bitched about my server, i should be able to call him out on his actions!
theunholyborn. he was in my server until yesterday. he was extremely problematic almost the whole time, complaining when people posted over his kisekae works yet acting like i was targeting him when i made a rule against that in the server. he said multiple things that made others uncomfortable in the server, including but not limited to cancer jokes, world war 2 jokes, and just general controversial shit that there are rules about in my server.
one of the things he said that crossed the line was this: 
he claimed to want to torture people over their usage of a little emoji face. right, this can be brushed off as a joke, and it probably would have been had it not been directly after someone using tha
:icone-so-te-ric:e-so-te-ric 19 10
KIRBY CONTEST (Color pallet challenge!)
I've wanted to try a new type of contest
This one is specifically for my peeps of the Kirby FandomKirby Dance Icon 
Here's the deal
In this contest, I'll put your character designing styles to the test with a 
However, there is a test
I will assign you a color pallet to use for your design, and you will have to use only those colors (aside from shading and lighting and Line-art) to complete your design.
When you comment "I would like to join" I will reply with a link to your color pallet
Your character's species MUST come from the Kirby franchise (Can be from Games or Anime, but it must be from Kirby)You can ONLY use the colors given to you from me You are not allowed under any circumstance to steal a design from another artistYou must include a DRAWN ref of your character (if you want to add sprites in the pic, you may, but only if there
:iconxxhoodie--monsterxx:XxHoodie--MonsterxX 6 34
Christmas Request!
Drop some character references!
I am loving life right now which is really weird for me??? ha
So fill out the form below and you'll be considered for some holiday/winter art
Character Reference: (3 at most)
Things I should know:
:iconmiki-sakura:Miki-Sakura 5 19
Winter 2018/19: Round 1 - Rival Survival
Mahavoc (Its-Paige-Of-TIM) is running a bit late. I wonder what's keeping him so long? :shrug:
Anyway, we all want to kick this competition into high gear, don't we. So let's begin with the first activity!
Rival Survival
For all we know, every single character we know has a friend. I mean, where would Sherlock Holmes be without trusty Dr. Watson? There are a lot of famous friendships in cartoons and video games; Bart Simpson and Milhouse, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails and Twilight Sparkle and the 5 other Ponies. But to every friend, there's an enemy. Or a rival. If a TV show, movie or video game doesn't a rivalry, it would be too bland and boring to its short-attention spanned demographic. Object Shows are no exception. What would happen to BFDI if Coiny did not slap Firey? What would happen to Inanimate Insanity if Apple didn't quarrel with Marshmallow? And what would happen to Object M
:iconbfditournaments:BFDITournaments 4 11
prayers for Dimi

A prayer for Dimi, he has been in a lot of pain the last weeks.
Thank you to you all.
:iconbonaparte1700:Bonaparte1700 3 8
SJWs fear comedy
Banning a account that mocks SJWs is yet another reason why SJWs suck and we fight against them. Fuck the SJWs; no one wants them anywhere but the stupid media!
At least there's people that are sane, like OneAngryGamer
If anything Twitter needs to ban the real SJWs
:iconsjw-resistance:SJW-Resistance 4 16
So... this film happens to be high critical acclaim, earning around 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, which goes to show how many critics think this movie is good. And I was really excited to see this movie, as it is the first Disney Animation sequel since Fantasia 2000 on the big screen, and not one of those direct-to-video Disney sequel films. However, when the film was released, I saw a couple of reviews coming out from regular internet users, on YouTube, DeviantArt, and other sites... and shockingly enough, not many of those reviews were all that positive. I was growing concerned. What was in this film that caused this reaction from certain users? I mean, I have seen a couple of positive reviews come out, but I've been seeing just as many negative or split ones. Now, I didn't exactly check them out before seeing the movie. I just know based on the beginning statements in those reviews that these people didn't like the movie.
So, with that thought in the back of my head, I
:iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 5 15

There will be 4 winners! One from each social media platform I'm on- one for DeviantART, one for Facebook, one for Twitter, and one for IG (even though it's not active)! Since I can't keep track of everyone, I'll be relying on your good consciences to keep yourselves to one platform prize, ok? Thanks everybody!
I'll accept
>Ahegao/Lewd facial expresisons
>canon characters
>OC characters
>male, female, everything in between
>Must be one character only though!
:icongudeko:gudeko 8 6
Taking Free MLP Or EQG Base Request
i decide to do free Base Requests link a screenshot from mlp or equestria girls and i will turn it into a base 
but first rules:
- no NSFW. 
- no art from artist like fanart drawing of flashlight must be only Screenshots from the shows, i only make bases out of fanart in my commissions also i need the artist permission as well.
- don't rush me, im not a robot -_- 
- make sure its good quality so i can see it plz because the base will go blurry  
Examples of my bases 

:iconcreativepony7:CreativePony7 4 19
Hey guys!
I have spots for 3 bust/top and 2 for full body/Pin up
Bust/top half examples 100-125 USD:
Full body and pin ups are 260-325 USD:
Also sketches are available ranging from 25 to 75 USD (simple portrait to full body)

Send me an email at  or a note 
I accept only paypal
:iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 14 4
2018 Wish list
Characters I would like to be drawn!
Shadow colors
normal colors
Tednight shipping pair
:iconxxrosecreamxx:xXRoseCreamXx 7 0
practice requests
First and foremost sorry for the sparse posts recently ;w;
Ive been practicing with a lot of tf and non tf recently, but most of them are too rough for me to consider posting here 
Im still doing some practice now, but ive run out of ideas  =w="
Please send me a note or pm if you have any tf youd like me to draw  
if possible please give me a detailed description, im not very creative so its difficult for me to come up with something out of a vague description >.<
Thanks again ^^
:icontruffletruffleowo:truffletruffleOwO 3 2
Free Holiday Icon Requests
For a holiday gift I will be making santa hat icons like my current one :) These are for watchers, but new watchers are welcome too. I encourage participants to share this journal, but it's not necessary.
Comment which character you want an icon for and please include a linked, color reference. You can link multiple characters for a better chance that I choose one of them. I won't draw characters with no reference image. Since these are requests I may not be doing all of them (based on how well I can draw the character from the reference provided).
The icons will look like this! I won't be changing the background or hat colors.
:iconhypnosiswolf:HypnosisWolf 5 20
Master List
Yo guys~ I’ve finally made a list I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time! In fact, Tumblr reminded me to do that thing. :XD:
Twitter (I tweet about comic updates, sometimes I share opinions, life stuff and concepts)Pillowfort (new~ still in beta mode and other bugs but super cool)
:iconallesiathehedge:AllesiaTheHedge 4 2