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starter call.
fav for script comment for lit 👀
:iconanqelofdeath:anqelofdeath 6 0
Baby Shower
light cherry blossoms c green 
Come one, come all to celebrate new life and new beginnings!
All are invited to celebrate and join in the festivities of Lailah and Anastasia's joint baby shower!
So break out your fanciest suit and most beautiful dress, and join us in the celebrations
All but the rebels may attend
~ Lailah
So even though the Royals have been banished, that won't stop them from celebrating both Lailah and Ana's pregnancy,
and all are invited to celebrate with them!
And of course, it is too a contest!
Best Dressed Male
Best Dressed Female
Cutest Couple
Please, if you are entering the contest submit to the CONTESTS folder!
You have a month to get your entries in!
Have fun!
light cherry blossoms c green  
:iconeternal-kingdoms:Eternal-Kingdoms 4 18
Camp Glee
Some of you know that I work with my Dad as an electrician.  It wasn't a job I sought out or anything, but one I fell into.  It started off working summers in between semesters at Uni, and quickly became a full-time gig once I discovered that my art degree is worthless.  Anyway, I'm saying all that to say I'm an electrician (when forced to be an adult), and that I usually wire up new houses.
However occasionally my boss takes on work that's unconventional.  Sometimes it's pools and hot tubs, but other times it's commercial work instead of residential.  A few weeks ago we wired up the local movie theater's lobby, and this week we have been trenching wire at a summer camp.  That's the set up for this story.  The three of us were in the woods trenching power from the bathhouse to a councilor's cabin.
So the electrical panel we were pulling power from was in the Girl's Bathroom/Shower and as luck would have it, my Boss is one of the rare trades that emplo
:iconglee-chan:Glee-chan 4 15
Soft-shelled paca uft/s
As much as I love this paca, I've not had the best luck coming up with ideas for them.  

Extra art here
They are a soft-shelled subspecies, and gorgeous as heck, but I've just been at a block for them.
Looking For:
   USD ($250, price I paid)
    Elnins / Kittom
:iconwolfycade:WolfyCade 10 26
Sacrifices - Chapter One
The roars and screams of pain filled the night sky. Flames touched the stars that littered the Pantala night sky,
  hundreds of green-blue dragons took flight to the sky only to be shot down and killed quickly by the HiveWing soldiers.
They were given orders; No Survivors. General Sting was going to make sure that that would happen. 
  Sting grabbed hold of her spear tightly in her talons as she knocked down a large male LeafWing who was trying to escape,
he was a bright green with yellow tints in his now-burned scales. 
    "Please, kill me but leave my mate and daughter! Let them live, please! You must have some heart!" The LeafWing male cried.
Sting looked over to see a huddled dark green LeafWing female holding a small bundle of blankets. Her slitted eyes rolled back over to the male as she
 placed the tip of her spear onto his throat, a small trickle of dark red blood ran down his throat, he stopped trembling immediately. Leaning into the
:iconsharkcatz:sharkcatz 7 7
I went out of town for a couple days, and when I returned, my doodle of Steve Irwin with the baby spinosaur has become the most favorited and commented in my entire gallery!! D: I seriously wasn´t expecting that! 

I think this speaks volumes of how beloved this guy was. I really hope people remember his message as well as his unique personality and fearless antics. These are hard times for the world's wildlife, but we can all help. Sometimes it only takes something as simple as taking that bug out of your house and safely into the garden, rather than stepping on it, to make a difference. Steve respected and loved every living creature, no matter how small, "ugly", or dangerous. It gives me hope that so many people remember him, because then we can all continue his labor whatever way we can. 
Thanks a lot for your kind comments, everyone! :) 
:iconhodarinundu:HodariNundu 12 6
15k Stream- Chibi requests
comment down below ur oc for a chance to get it drawn live!!
examples of my past chibi requests:
:icontheicecolo:theIcecolo 15 245
That time we set up a fake protest ...
If there's one thing that the snowflake\millennial townies in my school like it's protesting.
They will protest pretty much anything, often without really knowing what they are protesting for, or understanding what they are protesting against.
You regularly see them waiving placards and shouting slogan about outrages that happened years ago, or in some cases were the complete opposite of what they thought they were (in one instance they protested in support of man who they thought was being persecuted for being an environmentalist blogger, but whom was actually a child molester using a fake environmentalist blog to get close to people with young children).
They've marched against fascism, without being able to define what fascism is. They've marched against GM crops by protesting one of the largest organic farms in the area (This would be my family farm, by the way), and all kinds of other crazy stuff.
So, this one time, a group of my friends got together and we set up a fake protest j
:iconperfectblue97:PerfectBlue97 6 17
Ultimate Custom Night: Progress report!
Hey guys, I wanted to post my most recent progress report here before the game’s release next week! I'm also planning on releasing a demo either today or tomorrow. It will be similar to the one that I released early for a few youtubers, but even more limited. You will only be able to add up to 1000 points worth of characters (so a maximum of 5 characters set to 20). It also won't have the additional office skins or the voice acting (in an effort to reduce file size). But it should give everyone a feel for the new game, and also give everyone an opportunity to help me weed out any last minute bugs in the mechanics!
I'll keep you updated about the demo. In the meantime, here are some recent development notes.
Character mechanics:
I’ve been tweaking the character mechanics a little. I haven’t made any of them easier. In fact, all of my changes have been to buff-up characters who were too easy to avoid.
Jack-O-Chica: When the office is over 100 degrees, the office doors
:iconfreddlefrooby:FreddleFrooby 5 3
My Incredibles 2 Recast Meme

hello everybody and welcome to another meme i got from this guy right here   now let's get to our supers and villains both old and new for The Incredibles 2 =D 
Elastigirl/Helen Parr-Mrs. Martin (Trading mom) 
Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr-David Dunn (Unbreakable) 
Violet Parr-Willow Rosenberg (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) 
Dashiell "Dash" Parr-Richie Tozier (IT 2017) 
Jack-Jack Parr-Pubert Addams (Addams Family Values) 
Frozone/Lucius Best-Zeus Carver (Die Hard 3) 
Winston Deavor-Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad) 
Evelyn Deavor-Missy Armitage (Get Out)
Edna "E" Mode-Elvira (Elvira Mistress of The Dark) 
Screenslaver-John Kramer (Saw)  
The Underminer-Über-Morlock (The TIme Machine 2002) 
well that's about it hope you guys enjoy and feel free to comment and fave and all that good stuff thank you =D
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 6 18
And I`m back! the second time
Hello ^^
back after my second suspension this year. What a ride we have here on DA in the moment.
I have given up on understaing what is ok and not ok anymore here on DA - I ask they do not reply- I took objection to my suspension and did not hear back from them till now.
Well untill things change for the better DA is not an art side anymore for me.
I will only use it to advertise my other sides and sure Patreon.
if you want see all my art with all the naughty versions then please consider to become a Patrons   it helps out alot and is big motivation!
You want to talk about art and other naughty stuff and things
vist :iconchibi-evee: and my Discord
:iconrosvo:Rosvo 3 42
Just A Little Thank You Message...
Hey everyone! :D
I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing gifts and commissions that people have made of my character for me. It means a lot and I just wanted to let you know that all the work made for me is gonna be stuck up on my wall in an honor to all of you.
I'm going to put all the art made for me on here too so you can check out these amazing and extremely kind artists
2 dudes // Commission by DoggieWuvEnigma by Angri-KinqMore Fanarts for GalaxySphynx by starTHEcutecat2006Pride YCH for GalaxySphynx by Fluffy-AgentGift for my Friend! by Peppermiintgum(Commission)Enigma by Cloudspirit0001Fanarts For GalaxySphynx by starTHEcutecat2006GT: quietly places this here by SanityFoxCommision: Maxwell by PeppermiintgumCommission: the greenest of goblins by CrippledToasterITS THE EGGLORD (cof i need to stop joking) by x-Semuko-xThanksHug by Savvy-FriendsGoyle for GalaxySphynx (fanart) by starTHEcutecat2006Commission: Goyle by Peppermiintgum
:icongalaxysphynx:GalaxySphynx 6 9
Free ship art requests???
Hiya! <3
I wanted to see how my OCs look like when they are shipped with other people's OCs
My characters:
- pls no pedophilia (especially to my sweet maria, marina and anni) 
- mainly looking for straight ships
- mainly looking for humans
- humanoids are okay
- no furries
- mostly looking for ships that fit with Jelara/Zoe c:
- i will decide if it is bustshot, headshot, chibi, etc. 
- will be sketch (if i do love the ship, I'll make it into detailed owo) 
- don't be upset/mad if i don't accept it
- don't rush me omg
- dont be shy ! i dont bite 
- ship will not be canon if:
in a relationship already
i don't ship it alot
- anni, maria, marina, owen/wyatt and karlos are only kids owo so please ship them with kids <3
your character:
my character:
why i kinda(??) ship them:
:iconkuroemii:Kuroemii 4 16
The Truth About the Border
You claim you care about the children because Trump is president? Where was your outrage when children were being separated during the Obama, Bush, AND Clinton years? Face it. You only claim to care because it furthers your anti trump narrative, but oh, you same people wish harm on Trump's family because "DUR DRUMPF IS AN EVIL RACIST BIGOT" ... yeah. You care so much about the children yet you called for his kids to be given to pedohphiles and raped. yeah you REALLY care about children. Fuck off. You don't care. You're just virtue signaling. And its disgusting.
:icontakura-sama:Takura-Sama 6 2
Within the Shadows- Shadowbolt Series. TRAILERS
:iconcpa-metal-heads:CPA-Metal-Heads 3 3
.:EVENT:. Summer's Lullaby- Week 1
As we raise the sun for the winter, we must too tuck it back to sleep at some point. We lift it's spirit and ours too. It's only fair we let it rest it's head along with ours.
Summer's Lullaby is a holiday that is deeply tied with dark, earth, wind, and lightning magic. It's goal is the opposite of Enteral Spirits. While Spirits raise the sun, Lullaby puts it too rest. This tradition was made long ago as it was once thought the summer meant the sun was working too hard and refused to sleep, so cyres would do their best to lower it in hopes it would get its long deserved rest.
This is a 3 Prompt Event. Each week there will be a new prompt for everyone to do. Each one will have a different time of day to go along with it. Cyres of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the event. You'll get a bonus 10 coins and a Random Upgrade Candy for each prompt you complete. You can add the 10 coins in with your drawing.
The rules are simple this time around. Sub
:iconcirriousbusiness:CirriousBusiness 8 5
something to think about
I wanted to post this here to have an open comment section,
this is far from the first time someone bitched or took shots at image comics but generally, ill advised or not those people, (turbo nerds one and all)
where able to display a plathera of knowledge,
for better or worse,
peet as always sounds like he's aping a tv tropes page,
and for FUCK sake stop acting like Josh scorcher is the be all,
or even a respected analysist,
Get fucked.
:iconfornogr:ForNoGR 4 4
Famous human/gorilla ambassador Koko dies at 46
Koko was a remarkable individual who revolutionized the way humans perceived gorillas, long thought to be less intelligent than our closest relatives the chimpanzees.
Koko knew an estimated 2,000 signs, played with dolls, painted, cared for five kittens, and met Robin Williams and Mr. Rogers.
:icontheistic-evolution:Theistic-Evolution 5 1
Here I Stand, Understanding (Poem)
When life gives you an up,
something unexpectedly pleasing.
You think to yourself 
"it can't be this easy".
Here I stand, understanding, 
Knowing what will, and will not harm.
Learning how to treat you well,
Trying not to cause alarm.
As you try to do all you can do,
and your determination stays strong.
Sometimes you need to take a chance,
to show that you belong.
Here I stand, understanding,
your frustration and your strife.
Why you think the way you do,
and why you do not wish for life.
I understand what your past has done,
to cause this scar in your head.
It makes sense that by now,
you wish that you were dead.
Impossible, is what it seems,
for the future to be bright.
So here I stand, understanding,
why you see no light.
All I can do, as of right now,
is help you fight the fight.
Just know that with every down you get,
an up will be in sight.
:icona-bright-idea: :iconxxzebra-printxx: :iconsummersketch-MLP: :iconstarlightmoo
:iconconniethecasanova:ConnieTheCasanova 4 5
Kill la Kill... THE GAME!
That's right! Kill la Kill's finally getting its own video game! And let me just say, while we only have a couple screenshots available at this time, it already looks awesome!
And judging from what the screens show, I think it's safe to say it's going to be an arena fighter! Like J-Stars Victory VS+ and the upcoming My Hero One's Justice!
Oh, MAN I'm stoked!
Here's the main site for it as well:
:icondeath-driver-5000:Death-Driver-5000 6 2
Slight change in Pokemon Aura 3
Continuation of  and 
Remember how I mentioned there are various races in my Pokémon Aura series?
*Humans - One of the most numerous of the other races.
*Pokémon - The title creatures of the series, there are well over 800 species discovered.
*Fairies - smallest of the races present, fairies have longer lifespans than humans and use their magical abilities for good things, and have a strong connection with Fairy and Grass-type Pokémon.
*Giants - bigger and stronger than the rest, giants are a peaceful race who use their height and strength to help others. Giants have a similar lifespan to humans.
*Elves - like fairies, elves have longer lifespans than humans. They have a strong connection with Grass, Rock and Ground-type Pokémon.
*Dwarfs - though shorter than humans, they don't let it slow them down and show that even the little guys can win. They have a strong
:iconchipmunkraccoonoz:ChipmunkRaccoonOz 3 8
What Would You Like to See in Chains of Samsara?
So, since I'll be drawing on at least... what, seven different eras of world history as inspiration for each reincarnation cycle, and to say nothing of era/region-specific religions, mythologies and folklores? Aaaaand since the game is still some way's off from the starting point (we're still building character sheets) and I'm still writing outlines for each story arc, uh, well, I thought I'd fish for inspiration. 
Care to help a Dungeon Master out?
As a reminder, in this fantasy world, our protagonists will reincarnate into fantasy culture/historical equivalents of... 
Ancient India.
Greco-Roman Antiquity.
Feudal Japan. 
The Age of Discovery (particularly around the 16th to early 18th centuries).
Early Americana. 
Late 19th Century Mexico (with some dashes of The Mexican Revolution). 
World War I. 
So each era will dip into a set of genres and tropes, as you can plainly see. The first is a mythic epic in the vein of The Ramayana, the se
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 3 6