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Space Jam 2 teaser?
So... Space Jam 2 may be a thing after all...!
This was apparently tweeted around Twitter.
Don't know about you, but I'm excited!
:iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 4 26
help me fix this hand please
anatomy experts I NE  E D YOU

here's a sketch from around mid-May that I finally decided to finish
my brain is currently too broken to figure it out so I kinda need help with fixing this painfully broken hand :'vvvv
:iconcaia-mei:Caia-Mei 4 8
My Opinion on Internet Petitions
This journal is inspired by my friend :iconShartist-Hunter:, who did a similar one.
Does anyone honestly believe they can aid you to get whatever shit you want? I mean, really. I've seen people make the stupidest petitions online.
Here are some other examples of stupid petitions:
#1: To construct the Death Star (from Star Wars)
#2: To build a statue of Master Chief (from Halo)
#3: To erase The Last Jedi from Star Wars canon
#4: To give customers a maximum of 2 hot sauce pockets per taco, burrito, or any other entree' ordered
#5: To include Hsu Hao as a DLC character in Mortal Kombat X
#6: To change the name of "Fire Ants" to "Spicy Boys"
#7: To ban the word "moist"
#8: To save America from aliens
#9: No Kotal Kahn for Mortal Kombat X
#10: Petition to stop Wreck-it-Ralph 2's release
That last one I mentioned was made by none other than :iconToonEGuy:. I mean, seriously. Does he honestly think that he can get away with that? He doesn’t understand that you can’t fight big corp
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 6 15
Michael Tanzer
Some updates
Look, sending hate is NOT the answer aight? The ultimate goal is not to harass Michael, but get the money back.
We've been in contact with his parents trying to come to a compromise, and they're not happy with the harassment Michael's been receiving. 
If you're going to be making any comments from here on out, please keep them civil.
I will acknowledge that the reason things have become this volatile are because of poor foresight and handling of the situation on my part. 
With that I will do my best to make reparations, let it be on Michael's family's side and Plumpbesity's side.
(and under NO CIRCUMSTANCE make any attempt to contact them PLEEEAAASE. The fact that his parents are even willing to contact us at all and negotiate some money is a godsend. They are good and civil people unaware of what their son has been involving himself in)
:iconprincespookycakes:PrinceSpookyCakes 3 12
FNAM: Las Reglas Supremas Mangled y Omega Mangled
Hey muy buenas chicos aquí Mangel y hoy os traigo un FNAM Remake sobre las Reglas Supremas Mangled y Omega Mangled.
Tema para el Intro: MegaMan Zero 3 OST Curse of Bile
Cuenta las leyendas urbanas que Omega Mangled no era un mal animatrónico para divertir a la gente, este fué el primer animatrónico que hubo en todo el Bosque Diamante en la Pizzeria Mangled FazFox, Omega era el único animatrónico desde ese tiempo, años después Omega Mangled cuando estaba divertiendo a muchos niños, este fué reiniciado al instante y empezó a matar a la gente y la que estaba detrás de todo esto era Ruby Afton, pasaron años y nadie recordaba a Omega Mangled ya que sus mentes habían sido limpiadas hasta que un día se allegó Fox para ser contratado en la pizzeria de Circus Baby y allí Fox logró tener una comunicación con ellos, pero con quién tuvo más comunicación fué co
:iconanimatronicsyfurias:AnimatronicsyFurias 3 7
Etsy seller Heart stone couch plush!!!

I am so happy that my friend has finally made a heart stone plush pillowLove Love Love Love Love 
I will get one for myself :happybounce:
This type of plush is perfect for gifts! And we ARE heading towards xmas season... just saying Giggle 
Do you have a friend/family member who loves world of warcraft??
Then consider getting them this pillow plush.
Gemlettuce Is super talented I am a dummy! 
If you think handmade businesses are worth your money, then she would like your support
:iconthehobbypanda:thehobbypanda 2 1
Top 11 Sofia the First Season 4 Songs
Yep, it's that time again. Been doing it for this and it's spin off since Season 2 of this one, may as well keep up. So Sofia has officially ended which means our last song for this show, and my next to last time talking about this one in a major way, which i think some will be happy with so I can focus on Elena more. And also other shows I need to talk about more. (I swear a Crazy Ex Girlfriend Song list is coming eventually)
Anyway, song wise Season 4 was pretty strong. The ones I have on the list are on par with the other lists but with a few more I think decently of that didn't even make the honorable mentions, which is especially surprising. I actually think 3 and 4 had more painful cuts than Season 2 did although the songs that made it on it's list I typically enjoy a bit more.
That said, let's go through the songs in this enjoy I enjoyed the most

11.I Am On Your side [In Cedric in Trust]

When it comes to these lists, there are songs where when I first hear them, I think
:iconspongey444:Spongey444 4 0
the ultimate bfb intro collab
okay so i gonna do this also some rules why not
2. no gore or nsfw or au, it must object because why not
3. it must transparent (since people are don't have a art app that have transparent bg but tbh you can draw with bg but i recommended try make it transparent
4. the pic size maximal are 1000 x 1000 because more than that kinda load longer
5. PLEASE don't add watermark.
6. for non-da people (like discord people) just dm me so i will know what you pick
7. IMPORTANT : don't use alt to able to draw more than 2 characters
8. any pose is ok, cooler pose mean more cool-er
9. using body asset is ok but plz don't use limbs, eyes, and mouth assets, go draw as your style
10. IT MUST CONTAINS COLORS (except four and x one)
okay some bfb characters
people who confuse what whole and line then watch this video
0:30 - 0:40 = line
0:40 -0:43 = whole
Thumbnail : me (i also feature 3 very goo
:iconttacrealcreator:TTACRealCreator 4 70
5 Quick painting slots OPEN

FERAL - 100€

ANTHRO - 150€


:iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 6 5
DeviantArt's Got Talent! Volume 6
Showcasing the best of the best!

Blast That Shit With Overlay by dollieguts
Sketch by BinkaKitty
Universe of dreams by Ellysiumn
(Speedpaint!) AT- Xysty by bunbby
Zero Two by Clamyart
90's Sailor Moon Mio by takoyanii
Book coming to Kickstarter! by Ladowska
:iconfinakiyomo:finakiyomo 6 12
**WARNING* for FA users
Please share, retweet do as you need to.. because their is a spammer, someone going around sending links in notes, and it
could potentially have a virus.
And that is not okay. Especially since they are asking to "fuck you" It is very bothersome.
So here is my tweet about it, containing the evidence!
Please stay safe!
Love you guys <3
:icontotallytits:TotallyTits 4 5
Using Pyro without my permission
Hey guys. So recently I discovered that someone on YouTube is using Pyro as their persona without my permission.
Its really upsetting for me, because Pyro is my own personal creation - and my child ;w;
I wouldn't mind if they had credited me - That would be fine. But they didn't!
They tried to impersonate Pyro in a comment on one of my Videos saying -
"Oh wow its me"
And also they used this piece here -
In both their icon, and their intro Without the artists permission!
Lets just say - I am triggered!
I don't know what to do ;w;
Here is the channel -
Please report him for me.
Cause I can't fill in the report sheet because I don't live in the USA and I don't want to give my address to this thing.
:iconsonicfangirl666:sonicfangirl666 7 17
Poptropica-Home Island Theme Flute Arrangment!
Hey guys!! so i've had some people on Instagram say I should play the Poptropica Home Island theme music on my flute, and i decided to arrange the flute part!Music Master of the Flute Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U  (and this is for this month's pop Community Creations too)
I tried to make it as accurate as I can, even though there's technically another flute part.:flute2: 
it was really fun to make and i would like to possibly make the full arrangement for it soon!beat Music :D (Big Grin) 
You can listen to the file/download it here: Heart 
also you can see my past music theory projects on my profile too lol 
:iconhappyclonetrooper:happyclonetrooper 7 7
Super Profile
hello, all!. I can see that people like my Profile I make for various Heroes & Villains. I thought to myself to make a Journal about it
I started by making them for myself and the Foundation of Justice. Seeing that people were loving them, I Started asked a few people if they let me do a Profile of there character.

:iconmaltorramus: OC's
:iconbelleverse: OC's
Sorceress Profile by maltorramus by FDComics :iconfdcomics: OC's
Strykana Profile by Maltorramus by NathanomirValkyria Profile by Maltorramus by NathanomirWhysper Profile by Maltorramus by Nathanomir :iconNathanomir: OC's
Starflame Profile by maltorramusMighty Maid Profile by maltorramus :iconthecometray: OC's
Calithne Doomweaver Profile By Maltorramus by akizz :iconAkizz: OC
Victory: Foundation of Justice Profile by She-Cat-1 :iconShe-cat-1: OC
Purple Vixen Character Profile by dangerfan :iconDangerfan: OC
:iconmaltorramus:maltorramus 3 12
gray pic means the character isnt taken ! colored pic means if you click on it you'll go to that character's acc !

ask to reserve !!!
reserved spots : vera
taken : damien , oz , zoe
:iconhxllish:hxllish 3 7
Toa Hahli makes a splash in Death Battle!

Name: Hahli
Gender: female
Age: thousands of years old
Gender: Female.
Species: Toa of Water
Franchise: Bionicle
Has the same voice actress as Irira from "Lolirock" and Kirie Konami from "World Trigger".
-as a matoran she won all Kohli ball tournament and helped to defend her village against the bohrok and bohrok-kal.
-as a matoran she swam fast enough to keep up with and catch a Takea shark.
-alongside her teammates, defeated the Piraka as well as Vezon and Fenrakk/Kardas and claimed the mask of life.
-fought against Mantax to a standstill and manipulated him into thinking his allies had betrayed him.
-destroyed the stone cord that tethered the island of Voya Nui to the ocean floor alongside her teammates with their cordak blasters.
-held her own against 1,000 mutated sea creatures.
-alongside her teammates, fought the Toa Hagah to a standstill despite the Toa Hagah having thousands more years of experience and being outnumbered six to five.
:iconwcher999:Wcher999 3 17
My Senpai-Yuri Visual Novel
Hey everyone! A new yuri VN is on the kickstarter scene, and it's My Senpai!
My Senpai is a yuri love story about two young women who find themselves living together as they attend college. The protagonist plays as Mira, a young, slightly naive woman who has moved to this town to live with friends of her parents whilst she attends college. All however is not as it seems as she quickly learns she will be sharing the house with another young woman. 
My Senpai is developed by Dharker Studios, the maker of other VNs like Negligee, Negligee: Love Stories, Harem Wars, Army Gals, Battle Girls, Starlight Drifter, Highschool Romance, and more! The game is illustrated by the great Kopianget & Stayblack, the artists behind Huniepop, Negligee, Harem Wars, Galaxy Girls, and many other games!
If you're interested and for more information, follow the link to My Senpai's kickstarter: 
:iconhentai-paradise:Hentai-Paradise 3 0
Another update on ONwBQS
I want apologize for my depressing outburst yesterday. I've not been feeling like myself lately and I need to just chill or see a positive sometimes. I 100% guarantee One Night with BellyQueenSupreme will still be on Gamejolt and be a great game^^ In fact, it will be a nice day off of me on Deviantart. Who else can leave a legacy ending with their own game? Hope everyone is having a nice day.
P.S. Screw SpaghettiVortex (he's a jerk)
:iconbellyqueensupreme:BellyQueenSupreme 5 13
$1.50 Badges (OPEN)
100:points: = $1
For $3 you get a badge from me and a badge from UpperPupper
Example of his art:

The Big Boy Special:
Buy 5 get 2 free
750:points:/$7.50 and you get 7 badges!
These will be flatcolor digital badges with their name on top!
I will send the file without the name as well

Special offers:
I draw:
Ask if you have another species!!!
No slot limit for the moment!
You can check your place on my to-do list here:
Finished Files here:
:iconsoft-pvppy:soft-pvppy 4 17
update.. plus art trades open
Hi everyone, sorry for so much inactivity. During the time I had hives I was forced to stay indoors and wear ointment, while this happened I decided to create a youtube channel for fun( since I was extremely stressed out and didn't had the energy to draw owed art... ) After my hives were gone and summer was over I got a job. ^^/ But I was also helping my mother with a lot of things so life got super busy. Aside of that, my boyfriend was going thru horrible things.. the typhoon and the earthquake, which made me go into anxiety and depression..
However things are getting less busy and my boyfriend is a little sick.. but hopefully he gets better. :huggle:
Anyways, my little sister decided to start a youtube channel too, and created her a character~
I was wondering if 2 ( or more people ) are willing to do an art trade? ( I currently owe 2, but I'll upload them on sunday )I'm slow but I do get them done~
This is her~

Please comment on this journal if you are inter
:iconicecreamlink:IceCreamLink 4 18
Happy 21st
:iconshamefulradio:ShamefulRadio 4 5
 Guys, it’s a miracle, I honestly thought i’d never see her again and as a pet owner I did overthink things, I thought bad things happened to her... She was gone for 3 days. But she’s home and I’m so happy. She ate, I bathed her. I didn’t spay her yet because I couldn’t afford it yet. But she might be pregnant I’m not sure. By the time she left, she wasn’t in heat atm. But idk... I will always keep my window closed and a closer eye on her.

Ahhh i’m so happy and I can work on my video knowing she’s ok, she has no injuries so far. I cried so much ;;; But I’m taking her to the vet soon.
Honestly this felt like a bad nightmare that turned into a dream. I cracked my window open while she was gone.. in hopes she might return, 2 hours ago, i heard faint meowing that sounded like hers, and as it got closer and louder i called for her and she came running to the window she esc
:iconteal0wl:Teal0wl 8 9