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FTO strudel raffle (OPEN)
i feel like i own too many strudels right now and i'm really trying to cut down and only own ones that i know i'll use x__x so i'm raffling off one of my strudels to start with. i really want someone to take care of her and give an opportunity for new people to join ! she's really cute but i just don't know where she fits with my strudels stories.

L0029 - Fudge
she comes with quite a load of art and she was originally a loppyrae gen 1 design ♥
in order to join:
- this is FTO, meaning you have never owned a strudel before ! if you have one you can't enter
- fave the journal
- repost this journal in another journal/poll and link me to it in the comments
i will give you a number after you give proof of entry.
raffle ends may 29 @ 5 pm est, i will roll through a random number generator !
:iconlavendarmilk:lavendarmilk 46 85
Collective Feature #24.
 I apologize that this is a day late, but yesterday I was hardly home at all. I start work on Memorial Day (not sure why I put part-time but I need to change that because money. And because I have nothing else to do because other people work too. And I also want to contact the local equine rescue again and see if they need extra hands with chores and such to keep me busy in the mornings and evenings. Plus horses. And donkeys. Enough said. 
 Doing these features on my Chromebook is a lot better than my Acer. My Acer is having issues where it just shuts off as soon as it's not plugged into the battery, plus the fan is running harder than it should, so at some point I need that looked at. I can;t do everything on my Chromebook, but for Internet things, it's not bad. 
 The same "rules" apply as they did last time. Throughout every photography category in my favorites, I will choose 10 entries (usually the first 10 that show up, or I begin where I left off) that'll
:iconsparkle-photography:Sparkle-Photography 17 70
Watcher Appreciation
...:wave: Hi Everyone!! :wave: its been quite awhile since i did a journal, really hasn't been much to say. 
...with this journal i wanted to show my appreciation to my watchers who are always there for me by faving and commenting and most of all friendship. I recently did a status and a poll asking who would like to be included...for those of you that answered...THANK YOU!!!
[Heart]:iconsassy--cat:Dressed in Pink by Sassy--Cat[Heart]
[Heart]:iconapplemac12:Happy Birthday Marilyn by Applemac12[Heart]
:iconblueivyviolet:BlueIvyViolet 18 67
Godzilla vs. Koopzilla Cinematic Universe - List
Since Tony or TuffTony and I are working on Godzilla vs. Koopzilla Cinematic Universe, we're making a list of our projects:
Fredrik Nilsson's Godzilla vs. Koopzilla Cinematic Universe as Mario/Godzilla Crossovers:
Godzilla vs. Koopzilla
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla: Genesis of Destruction
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah: Reign of the Kaijus
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah: The Battle For Earth
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla: Age of the Crystal Tyrant
Tony Salazar's Godzilla vs. Charizilla Cinematic Universe as Godzilla/Pokémon Crossovers:
Godzilla vs. Charizilla: Dragon Wars
Shin Godzilla vs. Tyranizilla: Battle of Primal Gods
Fredrik Nilsson's Godzilla vs. Ice Dragon; a single Godzilla/Kirby Crossover
Fredrik Nilsson/TuffTony Godzilla: The Infinity Kaiju War Cinematic Universe as Godzilla/Mario/Pokémon/Kirby:
Mothra vs. Bagan: Earth S
:iconasylusgoji91:AsylusGoji91 16 10
The mother of all did scenes. Four women.
I have posted twenty slides from this amazing thing.  Thanks to Justin at VK for finding it.  I thought because they fuzzed the first few scenes while showing the bad guys clearly, it would be a crappy scene. But it delivered with a vengeance.  All four women are shown with tapegagged closeups. Enjoy.  
:icontheancientfetisher:TheAncientFetisher 13 14
DEVIANT E3 2018: SSB coming to The Loud House...
(This image you're seeing will be considered a prototype.)


The headshot sketch for Falco was nowhere to be found until the day after I sketched Marth, I've made a choice and decided to reveal a prototype art. (Top ↑)
Pixel Rose Divider 2 - BlackPixel Rose Divider 2 - SilverPixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2Pixel Rose Divider 2 - SilverPixel Rose Divider 2 - BlackPixel Rose Divider 2 - SilverPixel Rose Divider 2 - White 2Pixel Rose Divider 2 - SilverPixel Rose Divider 2 - Black

Anyways, so The Smash House happened. And when I first saw
:iconavgn-nostalgiacritic:AVGN-NostalgiaCritic 16 13
MLP FiM SEASON 9 -- NEW INFO! Grogar Returning!
Arrow left Arrow left Today is a HUGE day for MLP!!!
The Licensing Expo in Las Vegas gave us some VERY interesting tidbits of information and we can all rest assured that season 9 is...
  Some of the information does seem promising from the leaks many months ago, but we're still waiting for an official confirmation from Mike Vogel.
I think we obviously knew that the next season would totally have 26 episodes because of the whole idea that we are so close to the 200th episode in this series! We also got more information 
from the upcoming holiday special as well as a NEW Equestria Girls MOVIE!!!
Holiday Special
44 Minutes long (Confirmed during the leaks a few months ago)Written by MKToon (Teased constantly by him on twitter)Airing in the 4th quarter of the yearTakes place after season 8Features your usual music!
Season 9
:iconshutterflyeqd:ShutterflyEQD 14 58
Drawing Tip of the Day - Making Mistakes
Drawing Tip of the Day: Many beginning artists worry about making mistakes when they draw. What they view as a "mistake" is simply trying a new approach, deciding it doesn't work, and then trying another. The problem isn't that beginners make too many mistakes, it's that they don't allow themselves to make ENOUGH mistakes!
And here's the problem: beginners are concerned about making mistakes because they don't want to "ruin" their drawings, so they draw very carefully - and that stifles creativity. The solution: draw in two stages: a rough drawing, and then a finished drawing.
Visit me on my website
:iconchristopher-hart:Christopher-Hart 14 3
Red Dragon Stables Grand Re-Opening Show 2018
Sponsered by AUSe-Olympics 
Hosted by Red-Dragon-Stables 

Welcome to the Red Dragon Stables Grand Re-Opening Show, We extend a hand and warm smile to you and your horses and hope you have fun here~

"   Welcome,
Thank you for attending Red Dragons Grand Re-Opening Show, I highly appreciate the appearance. Red Dragon has gone under construction and to kick off the first steps we want to host a show to welcome everyone to the new changes. Red Da=ragon is also under new management and ownership. Ellis Winchester has since retired and left the stable to his oldest, Me. I'm highly expectant of the new changes come and the ones that have already been made. Thank you again, for attending.
-Leon Winchester  "

If you would be so kind as to pre-register Mr. Winchester will get your number ready for you my dears. but, as any show does we do have rules, Please look them
:iconconcinnity-castle:Concinnity-Castle 29 10
since ya'll keep getting scammed n coming at me
"i just bought this design by u from someone,,,,i didnt know it was only $10 originally x-x,,,,,i paid $90 and they have nothing can u mayb give that back king-"
imma make a whole da acc/th account with every design i can remember (small barely seeable images with -watermarked thumbnails)
with the original prices each character was sold for. along with their first- and current owner 
so the next time ya'll try and offer on characters you can know exactly how much the character is ACTUALLY worth when the seller pulls a "just offer" ( unless it actually has art ) so you dont go blow $150 on a $30 dollar custom by me with no art :)
:iconcitykings:CityKings 24 49
taking cheap tattoo designs/quotes!
more examples added!

thumbnail sketch commission $15-20 

tattoo design $35-$75 (first one was 45, second 35, third 50)
please be as descriptive as you can if youd like to commission me!! i can do other styles besides realistic so feel free to ask!! i just need to take more commissions to provide more examples haha
:iconparrotte:parrotte 34 42
Thundercats Roar and the Issue with Reboots
So... yeah, it was recently revealed that Thundercats is getting a second reboot. Not like the previous one we got that was good but expensive to produce but one done in the same cheap animation style thats started to crop up more and more. And here's the thing, I don't hate it cause I hate the style - Gravity Falls used that style and that was an amazingly well written show and didn't look cheap despite using a similar artstyle to many contemporary shows. No, the issue Thundercats and other shows on CN - as well as other stations - are suffering from, heck many movies and franchises are suffering from, is reboot fatigue. 
The issue that shows like Teen Titans Go, Powerpuff Girls 2017 and Reboot, or movies like Ghostbusters 2016, or even just adaptations of properties like Smurfs or Peter Rabbit, is how they never feel like they're being good representations of the property and instead often feel like they're almost mocking the original IP. A proper reboot should play homage to th
:icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 11 19
waterfall Skogafoss by LordBurevestnik Our Fortress Is Burning by MaximeDaviron
Colorado landscapes pt. IV by TheChosenPesssimist Colorado landscapes pt. I by TheChosenPesssimist
A River Runs Through It by TerribleTer lava fields III by roblfc1892
All Safe Within Itself by Yesterdawn Peaceful Pathway by tvurk
The path of light by streamweb Fingers of Light by Sigfodr Tangerine Dream by tvurk Unknown Germany pt. CCCXVIII by TheChosenPesssimist
Autumn Wonder II. by realityDream Misty Forest I (Fantasy Version) by Nichofsky
Auroras and Moonlight by Laazeri Buchenegger Wasserfall V by vamosver
Tuddal Aurora 2 by ajonsaas Dancing under the moonlight by porbital
djevelens tanngard I by roblfc1892 Campsie Glen by SebastianKraus 
Inferno II by EtherealSceneries Moelen 42 by ajonsaas
Peaceful sunset #Daily 31 by Ellysiumn reynisfjara III by roblfc1892
:icondieffi:Dieffi 11 25
Is Bloody Painter still a Creepypasta?
Hi, guys. I havn't seen you guys for a long time.
I pay all attention on my YouTube channel short animation show "DeluCat Daily" all the year.
Now, it become a job to me. that make me very busy. and I don't have too much time for updated my DeviantART.
If you wanna watching my show and see what I busy now, check here:
I got a lot of message for asking me about "is BP(Bloody Painter) still a Creepypasta?" , "BP not belong CP anymore?"
My answer is…
Actually , BP is already back to CP in 2017 after I remake it. This is 2017 version story:
And I change the old version story name to be “prequel
:icondelucat:DeluCat 40 7
Journal #153: Season 9 Spoiler Warning!
Hello everypony! CURSE YOU! 
It's beginning!
What started as a FLOOD of "MLP G5 and/or Season 9 Leaks" a while ago starts to become real now.
Well, about S9 that is ^^"
I'm still hoping for the announcement of S10 - but that's just me xD
I just wanted you - those, who don't want to be spoiled about S9 - to be careful from now on.
That's all :3
Oh, but if you do want to be spoiled then click on the link on the bottom of this journal ;3 It'll get you right to it.
Ok? Ok!

:iconestories:EStories 10 9
The Princess of Love - Looking for Voice Actors
:iconLummh: Hey there, Lum here!
Just using Light account for an audition announcement for another mlp comics project by me and our friend Mister-Saugrenu! (Light will be only here as consultant, just saying)
The motion comics My little pony : The Princess of Love takes place between the season 4 and the season 5 of the show My little Pony Friendship is Magic. As the title says, it's about Princess Cadance, ruler of the Crystal Empire, and her first rule: to not take any risks! And if there is a problem between ponies, you sure can count on the magic of love to fix it.
However, when a dragon will attack the Crystal Empire to try to kidnap her but catch another pony instead, she will force to explore a world she doesn't know in order to rescue the pony... and an entire race.
This audition slate will be the first of a few to cast most of the minor characters. This first one will be used to establish the main cast. Full instructions of how to submit auditions can b
:iconlight262:Light262 10 19
featuring my friends

Have a great weekend everyone!!! by BlueIvyViolet
Immature Junco by JocelyneR
Worried Blue Jay by JocelyneR
Feline Thoughts by JocelyneR
Happy Mother's Day! by JocelyneR
My Bleeding Hearts of 2018 by BlueIvyViolet
All Those 1920's Jazz Nights by conservancy
Sin City Potrait by conservancy
Father and Son-D'Ken and Marc by Captain86
Nieuwe Power and Lichtstraal by Captain86
Mask n Dream 11 by caddman
Study Dreams 061a by caddman
Happy Birthday by DDimitri16
8 Pictures To Illustrate A Story by DDimitri16
I Love You All! by surrealistic-gloom
Peace ( my wish for everyone ) by awesome43
Colouring For Zaly: The Enchanted Princess by Rubina1970
Funny Glamour by Rubina1970
Mr-Postman Before and After by conservancy
Entering Into Rest by conservancy
BECOMING .....Wallpaper by conservancy
Butterfly by MYPeanutGallery
Art vs Artist by Branka-Johnlockian
:iconbonaparte1700:Bonaparte1700 12 20
So, you know, I drew some headcanons of some mlp characters, between them was flash sentry

and you know, when you put a little part of your heart in those stuff, you want people to credit you for the idea or ask you if they can use it, but when someone, use a design made by you, and PAY REAL MONEY FOR A FUCKING YCH FETISH DRAWING THE SHIT IS SO FUCKING WRONG.
And you know, when you're just a teen with 14yo the last thing you want is seeing, this kind of bullshit.
Heres the link to the shit.
sometimes I just don't want to even draw anymore, I want to leave deviantart or the fandom itselfs, but you know, when something like My Little Pony is an important thing to your life, you just can't leave it.
Sorry for the b
:icondannymomochi:DannyMoMochi 15 12
New blog post: a rainbow of dinosaurs
Hi everyone!
I published the next part of my Zoology for Paleoartists blog posts. This one also concerns dinosaur colours, but this time, the ones we can't (yet) decipher from fossils. How are yellow, green, orange and red hues formed in bird feathers and skin? And which of these were likely present in non-avian dinosaurs?
Link to the article:
Thanks for all the comments and shares for the last post. I'm glad you find this stuff useful!
:iconeurwentala:Eurwentala 8 7
Upcoming Jungle Book movie
The trailer is out for Andy Serkis' "darker, grittier" version of The Jungle Book. I really love the original book as you all know (I even wrote my own jungle adventure trilogy heavily inspired by Kipling's novel), so of course I'm going to check any adaptation of it but... this looks weird, honestly. 
The movie does look like it'll be referencing the original novel more, BUT there's one thing that bothers me and that's how weird all the animals look. 
You'd expect them to look super realistic for a darker story, but instead they look more cartoonish than the ones from Disney's 2016 version. They also look oddly humanoid. For example, here's who I suppose is Akela, looking like an anthro character:

Compare to Disney's 2016 version: 

I'm all for giving your characters a unique, distinct style but I fear the humanoid appearance
:iconhodarinundu:HodariNundu 9 70
Capcom vs. Nintendo
Hello, my friends. It is I, TheSweetRosePrince. Remember earlier when I said I was gonna announce a new fan crossover? Well, now you're getting it. Enter Capcom vs. Nintendo.
Two years after the battle against Giygas, peace in the universe was restored until an organic supercomputer named Mother Brain embeds itself into the core of Earth, shrouding the atmosphere with dark energy. Samus Aran, who is familiar with this foe, discovered the energy and warned the heroes and villains from the two camps who were fighting amongst themselves. Together, the Capcom and Nintendo universes must stop this new threat before the Earth and the universe is destroyed by Mother Brain's terrible power.
2. Characters
This is the list of every character. There are a total of 124 (60 from the Capcom side, 60 from the Nintendo side, and 4 guest fighters). Keep in mind that some of these characters will be DLC. I'l
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 9 17
Myebi's Summer Raffles - 9 prizes to win!
You are free to enter all raffles at once! <3
:star: MYEBI RAFFLE :star:
:star: COMYET RAFFLE :star:
:iconmyebi:Myebi 83 33