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:iconkarryhime:Karryhime 100 199
Best of the Week 148
Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.


Turris Eburnea by AlexandraVBach Attraction by 3mmI Odin by EligoDesign
Alice by Darkraven002
The Norse Warriors by no1intheworld
Toyshop by SoulcolorsArt Truth of Fervent Love by WalkingGedis
Do not slip by Euselia Not afraid by kevron2001 Moment 4 by NaouriRedouane1998
:iconannewipf:annewipf 37 50
so, mercy is gonna be uploaded on wednesday. 
after that i will be uploading something different. something i have been fiddling with on the side. 
see in sunstone's future i have certain events planned. one of these events is lisa writing and actually publishing her first novel.
it starts off as a crappy little self insert project

ske gives up on it, but over time comes back to it because the premise actually holds potential. in the end whe writes her novel. letters to the vampire queen

in order for it to make sense i had to develop the story in question in simple form at first but then i too realized there is potential in it and decided: fuck it, i may as well write a novel. it's been a long while since i have written in any non comic related format. 
last time being for two short stories in ravine
   wade liberation war
 hurron's t
:iconshiniez:shiniez 39 49
Happy Saint Patricks Day for all

Happy Saint Patricks Day for all ... May God fill you with wonderful moments today and always ... and may the Spiritual and Material abundance be satisfactory to fulfill your dreams ... and successfully achieve all your life projects .. . Amen...!!!
Health...!!! They want a lot Friends ... !!!
              Beer Mug Beer Mug Beer MugBeer Mug Beer Mug Beer Mug Beer Mug Beer Mug Beer Mug Beer Mug  
:iconcreaciones-jean:Creaciones-Jean 15 49
The Life of a Sex Toy (PART I)
    When people ask were you work, you say "a factory." Nothing more. It's too embarrassing to say a "dildo factory." The job pays too well to quit. All you do is manage the line and make sure everything is running smoothly.
    One day, the unthinkable happened. The boss called you into the office. You've been pretty alright friends with her, so this was no  big deal. She had a big metal box in the corner of the room, kind of like a safe, but more high tech looking.
    She said it can change any object into their new (most popular) dildo model... and even people.
    This was a shock of course, and rather scary. But you were relieved to hear the process is reversible.
    "All you have to do is put the object, or person, back inside the machine, and they will be transformed back to normal. We've only done animal testing, but we know we can change object into dildos for sure, so we are using these for now on to increase productivi
:icongiantess-worship:GIANTESS-WORSHIP 14 4
k_features: shine on you crazy diamond

:iconizaaaaa:Izaaaaa 19 13
If I went Blind
So I just spent a whole afternoon watching videos of how blind people do things and what goes on in their daily lives. I guess I had more questions than I thought as the more I watched the more questions I had, and they were answered quite honestly by this guy called Tommy Edison, you might've heard of him before, if you havn't seen his stuff definitely check him out on youtube, his channel is called The Tommy Edison Experience. So what sort of questions? From questions like if blind people dream, if blind people can understand colors, if blind people know what transparency means, whether blind people understand what visual beauty is to what blind people think of non blind people kinda things. Questions that are just common sense to sighted people but its a whole different world for blind people. Its just so interesting to see things through Tommy Edison's perspective. I was gonna say through Tommy's eyes but stopped myself before I sounded like a fool.
Videos of p
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 37 31
I'm just saying what's on my soul 2
Things have changed a lot, so, I wanted to let my thoughts about everything go again ^^
I want to say it, too all of you LazyIcon I wanna use - 14 OwO 
No matter what happened, I'll never regret I met ya. Days may go wrong, we may act like we don't know each other after some "shit" came out, anything. But I still... will never regret so ^^
Move forward with your stuff, develop yaself, improve your drawings, DON'T STAY the same (funny, right? if you tell someone you want to change yaself they'll say "no, no, never change, it's fine, no need" *sudden realisation* *gasp* what if... people says that, because they don't want you to develop yaself, because they can lose whatever they got from you right now 0.0 *okay, i should stop* )
So change yaself, reach high levels, never lose your faith, be strong and stay DETERMINED ^^
We may never talked actually, but, I still thing any kind of meeting you was awesome <3 love your art and that you're here 
:iconnatsunenuko:NatsuneNuko 19 44
HI i just realized i have 900 watchers and WHAT!! Thank you guys so much!!
ima do a raffle, the winner will get a full drawing from me, (fullbody, shading, +backgrounds if u want) no more than 3 characters though blease HERE's some examples 

gotta be watching me
favorite this journal
that's it and  ill use a random number generator to see who wins!
:icontoxicdusk:ToxicDusk 34 47
Amazon deletes conservative's book reviews.
But very curiously, leftist book reviews remained completely untouched.
'Amazon frightened many conservative authors this week in a mass deletion of reviews. Some authors lost almost 100 reviews on their published works. Others lost all the reviews they had ever written on Amazon. Some lost both. Information about the purge began to trickle out in the closed Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance (CLFA) Facebook group. Member after member began reporting the losses at the same time. Marina Fontaine, whose credits include the dystopian Chasing Freedom, the pro-Trump fiction anthology MAGA 2020, and moderating the CLFA page, reported many members experiencing losses. A coordinated effort was launched to contact Amazon for explanation. Jon Del Arroz, a science fiction author who was banned from Worldcon earlier this year, contacted Amazon
:iconkajm:Kajm 9 32
Friendship At The Beach
Sunset Shimmer
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Starlight Glimmer
Trixie Lulamoon
Sunset Shimmer and all of her best friends are at the beach for fun a a great day! :D
By Devon13168! :D
Enjoy! ;)
:icondevon13168:Devon13168 10 2
My Coraline Cast Meme

hello to all my good friends of DA and welcome to a meme that i got from this   now let's open the little door and meet our cast for Coraline :aww: 
The Kid Heroine-Rilly Anderson (Inside Out) 
The Mysterious Guide-Sassy (Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey) 
The Nervous Grandson of the Landlady-Dustin Henderson (Stranger Things)
The Mother of the Heroine-Riley's Mother (Inside Out) 
The Father of the Heroine-Riley's Father (Inside Out) 
The Retired Actress-Marla Singer (Fight Club) x Myrtle Snow (AHS Coven) 
Owner of the Jumping Mice Circus-Gru (Despicable Me) 
Main Antagonist-Hela (Thor Ragnarok) 
well that's about it hope you guys enjoy and feel free to comment and fave and all that good stuff thank you :aww:  
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 10 7
Globglogabgalab and freddy are cousins theory
scott cawthon, before he made fnaf, made animations on hopeanimation
Strawinsky and the Mysterious House was made from people on that same site
Therefor, Globglogabgalab is a "grand child", if you will, of hopeanimation
and freddy is also the same thing
Does this mean that Globglobagalab and freddy are first cousins?
:iconbantranic:Bantranic 11 12
Why Treasure Planet Is Worth Remembering
Video essay time woo! 
:iconilovekimpossiblealot:ILoveKimPossibleAlot 9 8
My new stance for requests
In the last journal, I wrote something about what I'll do with my pending requests.
And when I considered opening my request once more,
I thought I would just repeat the same thing over and over if I simply start accepting it again.
I thought about taking commissions also,
but commissions make me think it is a "must" and feel like I'm doing a job, which is quite not comfortable for me.
I just wanna have fun drawing arts and take it more easy.
Therefore I decided to change my way of receiving requests as follows:
1. Post your requests by commenting on this journal.

2. I will read the comments but will NOT promise whether I'll draw it or not.

3. If your lucky enough and I like your idea, I might be drawing it. Someday;)

Well that's my new stance, and if you're OK with that post your requests here=D
:iconsulfer-kokegitsune:sulfer-kokegitsune 8 24
Eagles Peak Fly High Spring Show

Welcome to Eagles Peak Fly High
(Hunter, Jumper and Agility show)

:bulletred:*ribbons are being customed for this show, i just put my others shows ribbons as replacement images for now! expect new ribbons to be added:bulletred:
Deadline: 11:59pm June 30th, 2018 (Saturday)
This will be judged between July 1st and July 3rd.
*This is a dog and horse show*
1st to 5th ribbons, champion and more prizes!
prizes to be updated (yes, more prizes!)

* please reply to appropriate comments in regards to registration, entry, extra images & questions/extra to keep it organized! if your not sure where your comment should go, just put it under the comments and questions section *
Sanctioned Groups
:iconCanadian-Show-Pony: | +2PP per entry
:iconTerravarian-Registry: | +4 points per entry

Stable Map and Show Grounds, please click map and read description
for the properties color schemes and the layout
:iconeagles-peak-equine:Eagles-Peak-Equine 11 7
Collective Feature #16!
 Mid-terms are almost done, thank goodness. Got one this Wednesday and one on Friday and then I'll be blasting off back home! 
 Not much else to report. Something is going on with Tyler and I found out in a not so good way. Back home, my friend Anthony was going off the chain (accusing my friend who he is staying with atm, literally sleeping on a couch, of kicking him out and that she wants nothing to do with him and everyone leaves him eventually, etc.) Not a good situation. And as much I tried explaining to him that she was not literally kicking him out, he wasn't convinced. That was last Wednesday. I messaged Tyler (haven't heard from him in over a week at that point which is really odd considering he always snapchats or messages me or something. We typically talk on the phone every weekend. Yet he was uploading stuff on Facebook, so he hadn't just vanished.) because he was better at dealing with higher levels of emotions and such. Come to find out that apparently we
:iconsparkle-photography:Sparkle-Photography 16 55
Dialog: Variation and Function (thought piece)
I got stuck on a boat for four hours. This is what I thought about because I'm a nerd. I wanted to write another thought piece as it had been a good long while, and thought about the question I get asked most, which is about dialog. Dialog is probably one of the harder things there is, up there with pacing, so I tried to organize my thoughts into parts. The hard thing with dialog is, there’s no one way to do it, but it’s easy to tell when it’s done wrong. There’s a lot to talk about, and I feel a lot of what gets talked about is clichés, avoiding dialog walls, what ‘bad dialog’ looks like, and so forth. I wanted to instead focus on the importance in differentiation in dialog and try to make it as applicable as possible. It’s kind of an overview but I felt if I kept going, I’d just be rattling off examples the entire time. I feel like I could write an entire thought piece for each of the categories, but it’s Saint Patrick’
:iconsongdog-strayfang:Songdog-StrayFang 17 5
Moonshine Running: Race Addtion
Any horse breed may enter, whether realistic or not!
April 1st through June 1st

What is moonshine Running?
Before Prohibition, while distillers were gathering in secret locations throughout rural areas in the south, brewing up homemade spirits to sell under the radar and away from alcohol taxes and bans. The drinks were made under the light of the moon, in hopes that no one would detect smoke rising from the stills and ultimately bust the operation—a practice that earned the booze its name “moonshine.”
Moonshining dates back to the 1700s, when officials imposed taxes on liquor sales. Farmers and immigrants throughout the south took to making their own batches to sell for extra money, tax free, to counteract the effects of extreme poverty in the region. And with the introduction of Prohibition, production skyrocketed, creating a thriving black market business for secretly distilled hooch.
:iconflamestorm11:Flamestorm11 9 2
Please help!
  My Fiance and I are engaged; there's one problem, though. We're in two different countries! 
I need help saving up for immigration, and we have two years to save it up. It would normally be easier to do, considering the time we have, but since he's trying to get off welfare so he can sponsor me makes it a bit harder. Just raising the money myself on minimum wage is hard, so I need your help! 
  Every cent counts! If you have some money left over that's just sitting there, donating it will make my goal just that bit more reachable. 
                           If you don't have money, that's okay too! Sharing this will also help me out greatly. 

Once I reach my goal exactly I will take both of these down. I don't want to take more than I have to
:iconzluaim:Zluaim 41 2
true love
Most relationships be like:
1st: Oh my god I love you sm you mean the world to me I wanna be with you forever ahHH
2nd: Omg I lovE yoU TOOOO
My relationship with Lor:
Me: Fuck you, you asshole. I hate you, goddammit. (this is sarcasm of course.)
Lor: eh he's good enough for me lmao
:iconlkkkkkkk:LKKKKKKK 8 9
*Request Box - Open*
.:Straw n flower:. Well hello there! .:Straw n flower:. 
I open free request only for my watchers!bear heart emoji 

Pastel Orange Star Bullet Will draw: Girls, Boys, Original Characters, Fanarts.
Pixel: Red Star Won't draw: Mature content, Mecha, Furry.
Heart - pink F2U pixel dot Сomment with this form: Character name, Reference, Personality info;
Heart - pink F2U pixel dot Fav this journal.
Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1]  I'll choose and draw some characters from this box when I have some free time to draw or I don't have any ideas 
:iconmysteria-cyber:Mysteria-Cyber 32 38