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Another Art Contest!
First prize is 1000 points + a gatcha
Second prize is 250 points + a gatcha
Third prize is two gatchas
This contest is going to be centered around my new baby, Jackal. Because i want a lot of art of him and i love him
(PLEASE ALSO SHARE THE JOURNAL, you dont have to but it'd be a real help)
By that I mean, in order to enter you must draw him at least once! He's your entry ticket to the contest.
Sketches, chibis, pixels, icons, badges, whatever you want to draw of him (sketches are less preferred but okay, just remember the more detailed, the more likely you'll win!) Please keep him a furry and don't humanize him! (this is also an entry into the contest)
AFTER you draw Jackal, you can enter more times by drawing any of the other ocs I will be adding under Jackal at the bottom of the journal! OR you can draw jackal a bunch of times too, either way is good, you can enter as many times as you like,  but please dont spam sketches/low quality pics to try to win! AND you c
:iconlullabyprince:LullabyPrince 42 13
Advice for Commission Artists
After doing commissions for over a decade and watching fellow artists either struggle with their own live as freelancer or taking advantage of their popularity and high demand I got a few things to say. Maybe it helps one or the other.
Here are, in my opinion, the most important aspects of a successful commission business.
Quality :
You enjoy drawing your personal art more than other people’s ideas and characters? That’s perfectly understandable, just don’t let it influence the quality of your commissioned pictures. When it’s obvious that your own pictures are far more detailed and better drawn than any of your commissioned works it will make people stop wanting to order from you, even though they like your art. If someone spends money on something they want to know what to expect and not risk the artist doing a half-assed job because they didn’t like the characters / idea.
Delivery timeframe :
I’ve of
:icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 58 14
Ray's Miscellaneous Misadventures in Skyrim
Some sloppy sketches from today's test stream. I mentioned how I would play as my characters in Skyrim and how playing them in-character would sometimes lead to  various mishaps. Hence how these little comics of Ray's encounters in Skyrim came to be.

:iconoomizuao:oomizuao 30 13
How To Avoid Drama - A Guide
Hey guys! I wrote up a guide last weekend about how to avoid drama on social media, mostly in creative sectors. It's a brief guide... but it's 26 pages, so you can probably imagine just how extensive a complete guide would be. I've chosen to write it in google docs and you can read it here.
If you like it, please feel free to share it around with your friends and acquaintances, especially when they start complaining about the drama in their lives. Drama isn't necessarily their fault, but really, we shouldn't be standing around in a burning house arguing about who caused the fire -- we ought to be getting out of that fire first.
With that said, I hope it's an enjoyable or, at the very least, a useful read.
:iconnyanfood:Nyanfood 39 3
When desde ayer todos ya me están felicitando por mi cumple y AÚN NO ES MI CUMPLE XD jjsjsjs
When from yesterday everyone is already congratulating me of my birthday and STILL IS NOT BIRTHDAY XD jjsjsjs
:iconnamygaga:NamyGaga 29 40
Which Witch!!
Tis the season! And I am in the Spirit of things!   Most of you know how I Love witches!  I've put together this feature to spread that 'magic'...  Please do enjoy !

Surfing Witch and her Catfish by LindArtz
The Witch The Cauldron The Cat by kimsol
Once Upon a Witch. . . . by Bohemiart
Witches autumn by Sirena-Art
Halloween Witch Pictures 22 by De-Marco
Halloween by Black-B-o-x
The Autumn Witch by MADmoiselleMeli
Pumpkin Halloween Witch by brandrificus
Halloween story by Incantata
Happy Halloween by LindArtz
:iconlindartz:LindArtz 11 14
Journal #170: October, 23rd - Applejack Day
Hello everypony! Eat a Red Apple Day - 1st Dec  
TUESDAY is "Applejack Day 2018" - It's your chance to show your HONEST love for AJ xD
Aaaaaaaaaaand like always:
If you have something new (or something old) you want to share on "Equestria Daily" don't forget to send it to:
"Applejack Day"
as title ;D
It's your chance - once again - to see your (Applejack) picture on EQD! :D
Enjoy! x3

:iconestories:EStories 13 3
open . special requests . thank you!
since i'm bad with raffles,, i'll do request boxes instead _(._.)_
please note that i can't draw for everyone!
thank you for almost 3k watchers !! i'm few watchers away from 3k ! ~
to celebrate this, i'll open a request box and will do few requests!
- must be a watcher (new ones welcome!)
- make a journal/poll/status advertising this request box!
- any gender - OK
- multiple forms - OK
styles to choose from;

chibi with bg / experimental chibi / 90's anime style / mini chibi / bust shot
comment with this form a long with the journal/poll/status;
what i want;
(choose from above)
oc ref; (clean full colored)
personality; (few words)
notes; (any design detail notes?)
background ideas; (for chibi with bg only!)
journal/poll/status; (link)
done requests; 3
:iconbakamilk:bakamilk 59 103
What are your little Treasures?

These colors just make me happy each time I look at them! <3 Of course it's not always easy for my husband to share these pinkie pie rooms with me, but he compensates this with his Lego corners! xD 
Do you also have these little treasures here and there that make you happy? 
:iconlighane:Lighane 15 131
PSA: Unwanted Offers on Chimereons
We've had increasing reports of people being harrassed by users in an attempt to get their chimereon. This is a PSA for all chimereon owners or those seeking to be---if someone is not explicitly offering their chimereon up for trade, do not bother them.
If the chimereon is not in a folder or gallery that is UFT/UFS, do not send an unwanted note to ask them for their chimereon. If they explicitly have a warning on their page or Toyhouse that says to not send them un-asked-for offers, that is considered harassment and if it becomes a reoccurring theme, you could be warned or worse.
Please respect the privacy of other chimereon group members and only offer on chimereons that are CLEARLY up for trade or sale.
:iconchimereons:Chimereons 23 10
How a Christian should vote
This is a serious topic that should be considered by all who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many will say that it shouldn’t be us to vote and that authority lies else ware. I must disagree and state that if we have the right to vote then we have the God given duty and responsibility to make sure those who exercise justice may get in and prevent those who would commit great evil from getting into office. Plus our freedom to love and worship Christ is at stake. To ignore this and allow evil to gain power is indeed a great injustice and a crime against God.
James 4:17 To him therefore that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
Though every human being is flawed and we will never get the perfect people into office, we must make sure that we do our part to make sure that those who do God’s will are put into office. One important factor that we must take note is the sanctity of life. The left, however, treats life as though it is cheap and worth
:iconmissouripatriot:MissouriPatriot 5 67
Devious Journal Entry

Lovers Of Pink by ZombieInn
The Linda Rose by ZombieInn
Fuchsia Pink 1 by Applemac12
Happy Birthday Denyse by Applemac12
Happy Birthday Marilyn by Applemac12
Beauty is in the Eye of the ... by CrownDigitalArt
Under the Sea - By Request by CrownDigitalArt
Ferrari F2002 at Magny-Cours by AlberichPotter
Traditional life - 4 by ahappierlife
Lucia - By Request by CrownDigitalArt
painting by DDimitri16
Chiaroscuro by surrealistic-gloom
2013-05-24 14.05.29 by DDimitri16
Old Country II by Tigles1Artistry
Good Morning World.... by Tigles1Artistry
Paviljonki by AneurysmGuy
T Cmask Dreams 16 by caddman
T_Memory_Dreams_07 by caddman
Black-n-White Dream 83 by caddman
By the Lake by ElderLeezPix
Eos Goddess of dawn by DDimitri16
Bal de nuit by DDimitri16
Oki by Applemac12
:iconbonaparte1700:Bonaparte1700 14 18
My birthday!!!!
I was having the worst birthday in my whole life, but when I came here I found too many people made me a gif! Muajajaja..How funny..Onion 
Thanks to you guys, the end of this day was really good!!!!!!! Another Onion Icon 
My really first gif of my birthday was this! Grusnoid  my evil lion! you really made me happy and you know it!!! Rabbito Blush 

ReaderNo31142 dear, thank you so much for the core member!!!! Hug 
senestran oh my, thanks a lot for the core member my friend!!! Hug 
Gator2014 honey, three gifs!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot for all of them!!!!! Hug 
Thegoldengalaxyboy oh my thank you so much for the cute and funny comic!!!!!!
:iconkoraru-san:Koraru-san 19 78

Art by Sarspax 

Social media is exploding with alleged footage of strange creatures showing up on security cameras around the urban borders of the crash sites. Thus far confirmed sightings seem limited to less populated industrial zones but rumor is quickly spreading about missing pets and livestock in the area. 
Please take great caution investigating these rumors, especially after sundown.

^ Click the image for information on this species ^

This is a completely optional side-quest for the event. You do not have to comp
:icongremcorps:GremCorps 25 34
Last Best of the Week - 179
I'm so sorry, I loved to do this best of. Alas, due to my health and due to my treatments, I'm more and more tired. I want to consecrate all my energy to do some more manipulations. So, this is my last selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Julie Langford (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena The Chamber by charmedy Christmas Moon by AngelesRR
unknown by midodellouche
:iconannewipf:annewipf 7 6
They have no clue my hand isn't a cat
They decided to lay on it and now I have to type with one hand
:iconvoredragon12345:voredragon12345 10 16
Dealing with the biggest bully I've ever known
And no, I'm not talking about Sepulchre, I'm talking about someone in my personal life I have to put up with.
I've always thought that cyber-bullying is a first-world problem unless taken to such extremes like constant harassment with newly created accounts, death threats, and so on, but real-world bullying is worse.  Allow me to argue my case:  it's worse because it's harder to avoid.  On the Internet you are able to avoid these people by just simply blocking them.  If you are not someone who depends a lot on the internet to market yourself, you could even just delete your account and disappear.  Again, if they keep coming back and evading IP bans, it's a concern, but if it's just one person who never bothers you again after you block them, you have NO right to say that is a huge problem.  It's annoying having to deal with all these "progressive liberals" these days who act like one guy on the internet giving you criticism is a "bigot/Russian bot/s
:iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 9 57
Speaking My Mind: A Prime Mistake
This video has been a long time coming. People need to get a grip on who they're following so blindly and see that their idols aren't so shiny as they seem.
Edit: AleximusPrime his answer, ladies and gents
:iconspokenmind93:SpokenMind93 7 41
Hasbro Wrote Back
Hey, guys. I just thought I'd tell you that Hasbro responded to my letter regarding a Kyuranger adaptation, and here's what they said.
"Dear Mr Eli Brown,
Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your taking time to let us know how much a big fan you are of Power Rangers.
Consumer satisfaction is very important to us, and I'd be happy to share your comments of considering Kyutanger for future season and production production with our management team so that they are also aware of your views.
Again, thank you for contacting Hasbro Inc. We appreciate your interest.
Wamest Regards,
Nakeecha Robert."
So, it looks like they are looking into it. Let's hope for a Kyuranger adaptation somewhere in the near future.
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 9 51
(CLOSE)Chibis Cute Commission

chibi crayon comission 
only simple characters

Chibi simple
250 points! 
2,50 USD

no refund
you must pay before
only cute human or kemonomimi oc
 be patient
How to order
Name of the character(s):
Type of drawing:
pose (1,2 or 3)
-TabbyPiggy (Done)



:iconcrepploli:CreppLoli 14 25
The Genie Harem

to many, it can be either a good sign or a bad sign.
It was one of the only rare sites to find that has this to showcase all the female genies out in the world as they are very very rare to find.
So as of now, I decided to bring it back and upgraded to some minimal changes ( usually the ones tht the guy rejected my work )
DOn't worry, as of now, all thumbnails wil be link to your works!.. it wont be contain on the site, but it should give at least an oppurtunity to have the chance advertise your work on my behalf!
So if you have a genie artwork or a story.. please let me know and I will try and add you to a link, but be advise, it has to be your own site.. it cannot be deviant art! since I am noticing many people assume deviant art is "YOUR" site and not a collection of variation artist in that site!
enjoy this in hopes you wish the days were great b
:iconhachimitsu-ink:hachimitsu-ink 8 6
RAFFLE 4K POINTS + free art
hi guys so i have unfortunately... died...and stopped using DA
but i have like ....a shit to n of points on here (4,431 to be exact)
i wont be coming back here any time soon so im giving these away
- share this in a journal/poll (REQUIRED)
- comment a LINK of ur plant OC and u got ticket number/s
- maximum of 3 plant OCs
- DO NOT give a link of ur entire toyhouse/OC folder PLEASE. just single character links only. it can be a folder with several reference pictures of the same one character but NOT A LOT OF CHARACTERS THANk U
- ill most likely choose human/oid but anything is fine!!! 
comment format:
journal/poll link
oc 1
oc 2
oc 3
questions nobody is asking that i wud just like to elaborate on:
why r u asking for our (plant) ocs?
- i wanna draw them as practice for an event in school
r u stealing our ocs?
- NO. i just wanna draw them.......... ):
whats d prizze?
- around 500-1000 points (+ maybe a free d
:iconreenari:reenari 39 69