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3000 watchers (not yet owo) Core raffle!
Yaaay, my first waffle OwO
... um... raffle, nuko... it's raffle
Anyway ^^"
wELP, as I 'm... "close" to 3000 watchers, raffle will end when I'll reach 3000 watchers ^^
The raffle is 1 MONTH CORE MEMBERSHIP for person I'll choose from people who faved the journal, using I'll also give llama and favs to the winner (unless if by accident, I already did it XD)
How to enter?
1. Be my watcher, of course (new watchers welcomed, just don't unwatch me after the whole thing... pretty plz? Added to my devWatch! (or I'll block ya Llama Emoji-50 (Whistling) [V3]
2. Fav and share le journal :love: (no matter if through status or journal)
3. When you're done, comment on thi
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Wise men say
Hey everybody. I hope you are having a good day and life is treating you well. The world is a hard place right now and it needs love and the arts more than ever. Suddenly it seems, over the last couple of years, that the world has stepped back into the dark ages. We need to light it up. How can there be so much hate, anger and selfishness when there is also so much beauty? Apart from that, we only have this one little planet to live on and we all have to live on it together. It needs looking after as do the caring people of the world. The language being used by politicians these days is astonishing. It's like they think we are all stupid and can't think for ourselves. The stuff they come out with is either meaningless soundbites or outright lies. They keep getting caught out in their lies and yet they just repeat what they just said and deny it openly. It can really wear you down hearing it day after day. In the end you start to become numb to it but you mustn't. We can't let this beco
:iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 34 28
The Problem of Fan Art: Part One
I suppose I've been musing over this for a long time, and since I have released my first big piece of "real" work, I've found myself reading more about the phenomenon of "toxic fandoms."
That's not really what I'm going to talk about, though, even though I think it's a very obvious element to consider. It plays its part in the Problem of Fan Art.
And personal disclaimer: it's not like I've never done fanart myself. I obviously enjoy the aspect of fanart that is creative and expressive, and acts like the proper machine of artistic joie de vivre #notallfanart. But that allows me to move into my introduction: artists do great fanart; fanartists will never be artists.

Is it 'Art'?

Well, I suppose it was at some point, in the hands of the original creator or the creative team. But is fanart 'art'? After all, Roger Ebe
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Nothing matters or everything matters?

So recently I posted up a status saying that whenever I think of life, I cant decide whether everything matters or nothing matters at all. Now Im sorry if that sounded like an emo phase depression filled teenage poetry life reflection kingdom hearts, I really didnt mean for it to sound sad or negative. Some of you have reached out to me and asked if I was ok and told me not to be sad, I wasnt sad at all, it was just something that I think about sometimes, actually its funny because that status mentioned 'everything matters' too, so its not THAT negative is it? Let me explain what I meant by my status. And perhaps you can give your take on it.
So, in the beginning, there was a God who created the heaven and the Earth and me and you and memes and Sonic the hedgehog. So, in the observable beginning, there was the Big Bang, which paved ways for sentient and non sentient life to come. Particles were colliding with each other, chemicals
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 31 49
Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

My beautiful friends,
Thank you all so very much for the love, kindness and thoughtfulness that each one of you  showered me with on my birthday.:heart:
I had one of the most beautiful and happiest b'day  and to be remembered by the people I love is my greatest gift and happiness.
Each and everyone of you are special and dear to me, you made my special day a sparkling delight of love, joy & beautiful memories which I shall cherish always.
Many thanks to all my friends for their sweet wishes, delicious cake badges, points, poem & core memberships, and not to forget my beautiful anonymous friend who gifted me a 3 months core (whoever you may be, I hope I can have the privilege of thanking you personally).

:iconGwendolyn1: :iconIilekteS: :iconVincentVFF: :iconlora-Vysotskaya: :iconshinyphotoart: :iconcaddman: :iconpjenz: :iconnotmor: :iconknighttemplar1: :iconmagicladycharm: :iconpoisen2014: :iconajm-fai
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New series
Oh this was a fun review, done by a new editor.
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 23 29
Why Disney has RUINED Merida
EDIT: Forgive me for getting Ariel's nationality wrong. She is, in fact, Danish, not Dutch. Thank you to everyone who has corrected me on that. I also confused the Netherlands flag with the flag for Norway so I apologize for that too.
I put Iran/Iraq for Jasmine because Alladin is based on the story 'One Thousand and One Nights' which is set in the Middle East. The Sultan is referred to as such rather than being called the "Emperor" as he would if the story was set in China as in some re-tellings, and the people in the story are Muslims: their conversation is larded with devout Muslim platitudes so I put Iraq/Iran.
:iconmad--munchkin:Mad--Munchkin 12 24
Fetish Con 2018
Last week, I attended Fetish Con 2018, which took place in St. Petersburg, Florida from August 9 to August 12. I took an early morning flight on the 8th that thankfully had only one screaming kid on it. I like getting there a day early to hang out with people and to prepare for the three 90 minute law seminars I was giving this year.
As much as I enjoy giving the presentations, I really enjoy seeing people I hadn’t seen since the last Fetish Con as well as people I see there year after year. So many people I have interviewed were there too, so it was nice catching up with them.
This year, I gave a presentation on Thursday about the Federal Recordkeeping statute (18 USC 2257), the law that requires certain records to be kept when certain content is created by producers and performers. It was not a very well attended presentation because most people didn’t arrive for the Convention till Thursday night (which was too bad because there was a significant legal ruling about 2257
:iconrob66:Rob66 8 76

hohohoho remember the contest "GANGSTA TOONS"
I launched it a month ago, and well the closing is planned for the
August 30th !!!
I will announce the winners this day!
fhghghfhd it is not too late to participate but the time is missing then stay tuned vwv

CONTESTANTS (for now): :iconlyunnala::icon00theinkjester00::iconrandomsnragtimes::iconkirbypuff326::iconfairyaurora::iconartistsammychan::iconcuteloveloverakacll::iconkadiandsonic::iconthefroggyqueen::iconqueenoftrash22::iconmegaeagle::icontheartistgamer3::iconmizzmystic::iconinkslicer::iconbrittanybeepeace2016::iconjack-lila-27::iconjessicaarchambault::iconmochathespoongirl::iconjaneytwaney::iconpegasusgirl123::iconconnecting-charaters::iconneon-zombie-babe::iconpeanutzombiee::iconmobcraft101::iconavrieljj::iconwaterfox-studios::icongzagon::iconpandatron03::
:iconfnafmangl:fnafmangl 15 35
Big World Big Adventures Review (SPOILERS)
About time I shared this. In a status I posted weeks ago when I first saw it, I gave it a 7.5/10
That rating still stands for me because BWBA could have been a little better but it still holds some interesting content. 
Here are my thoughts: 
- Has Thomas lost some smart cells or something because he isn't as smart in this film. Sure he's an excitable one but some scenes show how Thomas pays attention to only Ace and nothing else. It's like abandoning everything important in life and running away to Pleasure Island. And yet I thought Thomas would be wiser than this! He's been around for 100 years (or younger depending on the timeline). Yeah he'd realize his mistake near the end of the film but still.
- Another thing is how Thomas seems to be a proud type in this film as he refuses extra help (reminds me very much of Samson). He should have learned from past experiences to have the extra help instead of being stubborn. Plus I bet he refuses the help of Nia is beca
:iconblueengineliz6:BlueEngineLiz6 20 42
A Pony Wedding Invitation
As some of you may have seen, my OCs, Jungle Heart "the mare" and Wildlife "the stallion", are getting married.

So therefore, I will need some help with filling the crowd, at the wedding. So, if you have an OC, and you would like your character to attend the wedding, leave a comment down below, and include your OC in that comment.
And, please share this journal entry with others that may be interested.
Let's make this wedding absolutely special.
:iconoptimusv42:OptimusV42 9 161
Give Me YOUR Drawings You Would Want Me To Redraw!
Toss me your drawing you would like for me to redraw!
It can be anything!
When I'll be more free, I'll choose some and redraw them!
Have a nice day!
:iconminelvi:MinElvi 16 74
[GROUP COLLAB] OC Title Cards!
As we have reached 50 members, the mods have decided that now is a good time to announce the first of our community projects - a group collaboration!!
▪ Starting Date: August 15th
▪ Closing Date: September 8th
So, how do you participate?
- Draw a bust-up, half-body or thigh-up image of your OC
- Include their affiliation in the background. Example: If they are a Strawhat Pirate, include the Strawhat symbol somewhere in the background
- Include your OCs full name on it
- You may only enter with ONE OC.
- When you are done, submit your entry to the group via a note with a link to your piece.
Once we have all of the entries, we will combine them into one image by affiliation and we will feature these images on the group’s front page for the rest of the year! :D
+ Who can participate?
This is an unlimited collab, meaning that we will include everyone who completes a suitable
:icongrand-line-ocs:Grand-Line-OCs 13 28
CT Dutch Equine 2nd Annual Summer Show
Welcome to the 2nd Annual Summer Show
Facility - Rules & Entering - Planning - Classes & Entrants - Judging - Titles & Prizes

Welcome back to your Annual Summer show, last year it was of course replaced by the Grand Re-opening show but this year its back. This show will run over the course of 5 days and is open to all horses that fit the requirements for the classes. Day 1-4 are for the different classes, the ceremony and ball are on the 5th day. The show will be held at the CT Dutch Equine grounds and people are more than welcome to come and stay on the grounds a week or 2 before the start of the event, so that the horses will feel at home when the event starts.
Just like last show the links above will direct you to smaller journals just containing info on that specific subject, m
:iconcookie1992:Cookie1992 10 9
Bonds for Android and v1.3 update now up and more!
So, the long promised Android version of Bonds is finally available to the public, and it brings with it some other good news as well!
I'll split up the news in segments here to make it somewhat easier on the eyes.
Bonds for Android
The Android version is now available on Itch, alongside its Windows and Mac counterparts:
There is also a demo version, and we encourage you to try that one first to make sure your device can run the game before you consider buying the game!
The game is not available on Goggle Play Store, and will most likely not be so due to the nature and content of the game, sorry :/
I want to once again thank all the Patrons who have helped test the game to make sure everyone else can enjoy it, often playing through the game several times :)

As for content, the Android version is pretty much the same as the latest Windows and Mac versions, with the exception of somewhat
:iconthedidnappergroup:TheDidnapperGroup 10 11
Another one of THOSE websites (STEALING STUFF)
Apparently this site allows people to upload transparent .PNG images from various places (including dA) and posts them up for use and downloads as if they are clipart for free use. 

This wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't offering up free unlimited downloads of images that aren't even credited OR linked properly. Most, if not all, don't even have an original link to them to where the image came from OR who even did the artwork. They're just posted up with some random ass tags attached for ultimate luring into downloading them. 
Some have 'Deviantart' as a tag but that's about it. No one's username is posted as a tag most of the time. 
I've got several reports in on my images which have been posted -- ALL of them commissions, mind you -- so if you don't want your work up there put up for free unlimited downloads -- I suggest you find and report them. 
Many of the uploads don't have usernames attached to
:iconninjakato:NinjaKato 11 30
Welcome to BloodyWing and Thiefoworld

Please join me in welcoming BloodyWing and Thiefoworld to the Community Volunteer team!
BloodyWing - Pinup and Glamour (Digital and Photography)

Thiefoworld  - Fan Art

Go introduce yourselves now! :heart:
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 24 60
*Fascinating Golden Pieces*

Swamp Thing by Branka-Johnlockian
The Dark Song by mumu0909
The bat by Laura-Graph
Heaven's a Lie by EvanescentAngel666
Sadness by S-k-y-e-s-s-e-n-c-e
Eternity by SandyliciousArt
Before Darkness Lc-Korim 2018 by Lc-Korim
: Witchery : by VanessaPadua
The end by annemaria48
Octavia by Lora-Vysotskaya
Danse Aquatique by MireilleD
Silent Waters Run Deep by BrietOlga
Dinomama by BrietOlga
Destination: Emerald City by BBstar7
Last Queen of the Targaryen 4 by BBstar7
Fairy Tale Fantasy Nudity by cflonflon
Enchanted by anais-anais61
Summer By The Sea by Softyrider62
Alien Mermaid by Renata-s-art
Team Mockingjay, Hunger Games Fan-Art, DS Iray by shibashake
Sylvanas by Eithnne
spanish girl by TiNcHe-NiNcHe
Leila the mermaid by gestiefeltekatze
:icongothlyllyon:GothLyllyOn 20 26
Random: Molten Funtime Classic Fredbear
:iconspiderjunior10:Spiderjunior10 8 5
Randomness: Twilight's Wings - Aftermath
Hello everypony! Waaaah! 
After seeing this I promise:
I'll never - ever talk about "Alicorn Twilight" in a negative way Dx I'M SO SORRY, TWILIGHT! :cries: :cries: :cries:
:iconestories:EStories 9 30
First Time in a Truckstop Bathroom
It's 6:33 AM by the time I'm typing this. So yesterday me and my friends were driving to Lakewood California to pick up one of my closest friends when the urge hit me. I needed to pee really bad. So we pulled over at this truckstop in Long Beach California called the Harbor Truck Stop. I quickly ran in the Ladies Room, picked the stall closest to the door, put some tissue on the seat, and started to pee right as I'm sitting down. Then this trucker came in. She has the blonde choppy and razored bob with front fringes hairstyle, blonde eyebrows, black eyeliner, a trucker denim jacket with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans, and brown thigh high boots. So she chooses the stall right in front of mine. I took out my IPhone and started to record her. She puts her coffee cup on the floor which was a stupid decision, turns around, starts to unbuckle her belt, and as soon as she sits down all you can hear is a loud FRRRRRRT which was then followed by a few PLOP-PLOP-P
:icontoiletgirl212:ToiletGirl212 10 0
Showcase My Friends 35||

Showcase My Friends 35||
New showcase showing thanks to some wonderful friends With Wonderful art...:heart:
if you don't now them...please check-out their gallary...:)
enjoy and have a great day...:sun:
...:iconelenihrivesse:    Midsund by Elenihrivesse
...:iconellysiumn:    Birds refuge by Ellysiumn
:iconcaddman:caddman 7 19