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sketch commissions. [ open ]
hey everyone. i've decided to open some sketch commissions as i've wanted to draw more lately and am
mostly running out of things to draw otl. so i'm offering sketch commissions because i feel most comfortable in those currently.
Terms of Service

- payment in advance. no refunds as these are solely sketches.
- you can use the sketch however you want, maybe even finish it or
 color it or i don't know, as long as you give appropiate credit to me.
- not for commercial uses.
- it should generally take me not very long to do these, in most cases you'll
probably(!) get the sketch the same day you order, depending on the
complexity and amount of characters you want.
- i only accept paypal or points through the commission widget.
H e a d s h o t s.
3$. 2€. 200 points.
(semi-shaded like in the second +0.50€ / 50 points)
additional character + 1.50$ / 1€ / 100 points.
:icondinaaw:dinaaw 51 4
Roy Harper


Legal Name
Roy William Harper, Jr
Known Aliases
Arsenal, Speedy (formerly), Tirsana (League of Assassin name)
Roy Harper, Sr (Father, deceased)
Mary Harper (Mother, deceased)
Oliver Queen (Adoptive Father)
Dinah Lance-Queen (Adoptive Mother)
Raymond Brave-Bow (Legal Guardian, former)
Connor Hawke (Adoptive Brother)
Emiko Queen (Adoptive Sister)
Sue Dibny (Adoptive Cousin, Once Removed)
Mia Dearden (Surrogate Sister/Adoptive Cousin, Once Removed)
Jade Nguyen ("Spirit Wife")
Artemis Crock ("Sister-In-Law")
Lian Harper (Daughter)
Jason Todd (Brother-From-Another-Mother)
Outsiders: East Coast Leader (formerly)
Team Arrow: Member
The Titans: Alumnus
Task Force X: Chaperone (infrequently)
League of Assassins: Member (formerly)
Great Frog: Drummer (former)
:iconroysovitch:Roysovitch 17 6
Night Fury and Light Fury
dragons are on Ebay now!
:iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 8 3
My Top Favs of This Week 13 - Part 3
Here are my top favs of this week.
          Squash Blossom by GUDRUN355 Untitled by GUDRUN355 Geoffrey Bay by vanndra First time outside by JocelyneR 8:27am 18/6/2018 by Saraeustace91 Bem-te-vi by David-The-Beast Female Chaffinch by Missy-MooMoo Male Chaffinch by Missy-MooMoo London by Stefan-Becker Shinjuku Night Sky by JKase911 Moments caught, Moments Lost on a road of Life.... by OrsatUrsusActos Beverly Hills City Hall by ShipperTrish Sparrow Female in May by barcon53 Bluejay in May by barcon53 Orange-headed Thrush by DebasishPhotos A Shade Darker. by Rabid-Coot Campo Flicker by boanergesjr Bald Eagle and Eaglets by kootenayphotos Clothesline kookaburras by Hogia Libellule 08 by mekheke So Fabulous by NicoFroehberg 
:iconjcpag2010:jcpag2010 8 8
Limited Requests (Sonic Rider Style)
It's time for some requests again and here's what I have been thinking of.
Make sure to read the whole journal and comment below if you are interested. :33

:star: Slots available :star: 
:star: Rules :star: 
Bullet; Orange Must be a watcher. However, new watchers are always welcome. 
Bullet; Orange Share this journal. Let people know about it :33 
Bullet; Orange Preferably female characters (simply because it will turn out better.) 
Bullet; Orange Comment below with a link to the character and style of board you'd like
Bullet; Orange This will stay open for a few days before 3 of the comments will be randomly chosen.
If any of you are interested in getting one please read the rules and comment below. :33
:iconbluestylz:BlueStylz 8 14
hi if you draw him ill love you forever
Gets down on my knees and Pees
:iconliontoys:liontoys 8 43
Using my stock: best of Spring 2018
  Here is a selection of the best pictures done with my stock at Spring 2018.
I hope you'll like them and fave these wonderful artists.

Ruater Swov 2 The traveler saga by BBstar7 The elf and the owl by MelieMelusine
Desert-woman by zfbaser Easter Magic by Lady-Entice
A Whimsical Moon by kimsol
Dragon Born by Amliel Carried by Balloons ~ by aaTmaHira
Easter Magic version 2 by Lady-Entice Perseguida by vampirekingdom
:iconhermitcrabstock:HermitCrabStock 5 4
MLP:FiM - Fandom Drama!
Woo! It's been a while, hasn't it? Massive thanks to :iconkroftyfennec: for making yet another wonderful thumbnail! Hope you guys enjoy! =3
:icontyandagaart:TyandagaArt 11 6
My Little Sister + Life Update
Hello friends,
I just wanted to stop and say thank you for all the support you've given me in the last few months following my head+spine injury, and my big sister's passing. I've received so many notes and kind comments every day giving me hope and peace that I can't always believe I'm so lucky. You've all made this journey easier, and I can never repay you for that comfort. A lot of people are stopping in to ask me where we're at now with all the changes, so I thought it would be best to share a couple updates with all of you so everyone is on the same page and it also helps me just get the informations and thoughts out of my head by writing it down.
My big sister has been gone for a few months now, and it's still not easy. I know it won't be, she was amazing, and there is no one else like her. But, I am learning to go on without her, even if I don't want to.
My little sister Bailey is still living with me, and she's doing far better than any of us expected. She still suffers separat
:iconminnoux:minnoux 10 11
An idea for my own take on Jurassic Park

11 by Sideswipe217
12 by Sideswipe217
Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. So lately I've been thinking on perhaps doing my own take on Jurassic Park. The images I have here from an old 4 part TV series that aired on PBS back in 1992 titled The Dinosaurs! This series talked about a lot of the modern theories of dinosaurs at the time one full year before Jurassic Park hit theaters. Th
:iconsideswipe217:Sideswipe217 5 32
eavesdropping dialogue
:iconrichardleach:RichardLeach 5 8
Hello guys <3 I'm back with another commission  
- I accept both points and paypal 
- Please pay first and no refund ;w;
- For paypal, please note me your email 
- For points, please pay at the commission widget 
- To purchase, note me with this form:
+ Payment method ( Points/Paypal)
  + References of your characters and their personalities 
  + Type ( Simple chibi/Half body/ etc )
  + Notes ( Pose/Expression/ etc )
  + Background ( Simple/Transparent )
- I may post my works here and other social media so inform me if you don't like it ^^ 
Simple chibi: 1 USD( 100 points)/char + simple/transparent background 
  1.5 USD(150 points)/couple + simple/transparent background

- Detailed semi-chibi: 3 USD(300 points)/char + simple/transparent background 
  4.5 USD(450 points)/couple + simple/transparen
:iconchiriririn:Chiriririn 21 16
Data(plot and spoiler) about Eeveelution Squad
It contain spoiler.
And it just a load of unorganized data.
If anyone wants to organize the data into informations or use it somewhere else, just take it, no need to ask me.
Also welcome for grammar fixing, tell me where the grammatical problems are and what it should be.
If anyone want to add more data to it, leave it in the comment.
The data left in the comments MUST come from PKM- 150 or come from his confirmed informations or theories, and please leave a link to the page(Deviantart internal page only) that PKM- 150 verifiy it. That will be help me a lot.
Don't leave any data that written in the comic or the informations written in Bio itself or Q and A answers itself.
Link to latest verification of this journal from PKM- 150:
(Ver. Jun 25, 2018)
==Data(plot and spoiler) about Eeveelution Squad (Jun 24, 2018)==
1. When are the hatchdays for the them?
Sunshine: May 30
:iconnemolalau:NemolaLau 4 6
Hey guys
I hope you like art and I hope you like raffles. Over the last few days (being eyeballs deep into a large private commission project)...
I hit 10,000 watchers here on dA and 2,000 followers on twitter near simultaneously. I originally was going to have individual raffles for each one but since it happened at the same time, let's just have one really large one shall we?
Before I get into the raffle specifics, I'm completely awestruck over the support you guys have shown over the years as I didn't think 10k was possible. As someone who just does things to their own rhythm instead of tons of fanart or anything lately, the fact you guys have continued to show so much interest and support since 2010 is staggering and I honestly can't thank you enough. It's a huge milestone and I can only hope we continue to grow even further in the future. But now to the part I know everyone's here for:
This is a large raffle for sure, I do ask up front that those of you who win st
:icondansyron:DanSyron 35 131
Elize-chan Commissions info [WAITING LIST]
Hey guys!
Elize-chan is looking for people who wants to commission her.
But this time she wants to begin with only safe for work stuff.
Below is listed what she is and isn't interested on working on:

tick Female character
(anime, video-game or OC)
tick Chibis
 x Male characters
x Furries or anthros 
tick Cleavage
tick Underwear
x Nipples
x Nude
x Hentai
x Fetish content

» Backgrounds
:iconblue--senpai:Blue--Senpai 7 2
*The June's Dreams-MMXVIII*

pastel heart pastel heart pastel heart  pastel heart pastel heart pastel heart 


Indian girl by Maksim-Larionov
will my death be beautiful like yours.. by NestraS
The gold fish by Quijuka
et Venatricis by forestdino
Ebonheart Oracle by oyasumi75
Bridge to neverland by NaouriRedouane1998
sweet land by anais-anais61
WestPath by BettyElgyn
Whispering Shadows by AdriaticaCreation
Per Lunam Volunt by chrisryder123
Do You Hear Me by JassysART
:icongothlyllyon:GothLyllyOn 8 13
Incredibles 2
I went to go see the Incredibles 2! And oh man it was so cool and epic! And wow, on the villain and the Jack-Jack! But also I like to thank, Skullgal94, for personally telling me a warning in the movie about flashing lights. Hope you guys get this warning too. Anyway, I loved the movie and those who've seen it, please comment!
(Updated) Now I'm stuck on superhero stuff ;p/^^;
(Updated) Oh, fun fact: I wore red and black for the occasion :)
For those who hadn't seen the movie, do not read or make a comment unless it's a compliment like "glad you like it".
:iconariavampirerose7:AriaVampireRose7 5 29
Favorite 80s Movies
My favorite movies from the 80s are....
-Back To The Future/Back To The Future Part 2
-Karate Kid/Karate Kid 2
-The Breakfast Club
-Sixteen Candles
-Pretty In Pink
-St Elmo's Fire
-The Goonies
-ET The Extra Terrestrial
-Ferris Buller's Day Off
-Top Gun
-The Terminator
-The Princess Bride
-Dirty Dancing
-The Lost Boys
-Fast Times At Ridgemont High
-Who Framed Roger Rabbit
-The Empire Strikes Back
-The Return Of Jedi
-Beverly Hills Cop
-A Nightmare On Elm Street
-The Shining
-Risky Business
-Full Metal Jacket
-Casualties Of War
-The Dark Crystal
-Revenge Of The Nerds
-Indiana Jones Raiders Of The Lost Ark/Indiana Jones Of The Last Crusade
-Stand By Me
-Dead Poets Society
-National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
-Crocodile Dundee
-Good Morning Vietnam
-The Last Unicorn
-The Black Cauldron
-The Little Mermaid
-Oliver And Company
-The Fox And The Ho
:iconsmoothcriminalgirl16:SmoothCriminalGirl16 7 16
~Let's give my oc's some Partners~ Ends July 17th
I have been thinking of giving some of my oc's a Partner/special some pony (whatever it's called xD ) 
now I have decided on giving these 3 a partner.

Bullet; Green Please do not change my Oc's PLEASE
Bullet; Green Their Special somepony can be any species, as long as creators allow it and allow foals.
Bullet; Green Would love a bit of info on them.
Bullet; Green Please fill out the other side of the base (or link to your drawn version) and link me your entry (regardless of the mention system, that way I’m sure I have it.)
Bullet; Green Please remember that I will do Art of these guys, but I'll always mention the winner so they can see all the fun things.
:iconkimyowolf:KimyoWolf 9 8
OLD MAGIC - SET OF 3 paintings
Tonight I like to present very unique and interesting one of a kind original painting from our UK gallery , this painting arrived to us 2 days ago together wth allot of prints.
This is unique set of 3 large original oil paintings OLD MAGIC size 81"x48"( 27"x48"each panel)
The set is signed on the front and on the back, the COA is provided, the super price for this one of a kind set is $250 include shipping
The collector who will purchase this set will also get an additional free original painting of my choice as a free gift. 
Learn more about this painting:
:iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 5 0
The European Union is beyond Stupid!
So, our boy Sargon decided to post this up.
And yes, I agree.
:iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 4 9
Stop the Hateful
This person Has been Wanted For Making hate art And Attack people. hes also racist. Hes also Calling people Mean Things and He Is HAting on people please report him immediently!!!
make sure you spread this journal
I will not tolerate bigotry and or racism of any kind, these fags (not in that way, I mean it in the English term where its a cigarette ((quite fitting actually)) im not homophobic at all) need to be brought down like the communisum statue
:iconjasonpictures:JasonPictures 4 3