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Cheap icons (Open)
(Animated and non animated)

(More examples will be added while commissions are finished)
Money: $7.77/$40
Points: 781/4000
(My current balance/what I need)
I can do anthros, ferals and humans
Please consider commission! Christmas is coming :,D
(aka I don't have money to buy presents for my siblings)
Price for non animated is $5/$6 or 500/600 points (Depending on the character)
Animated is $7/$8 or 700/800 points (Depending on the character)
I can do also other animations, like blinks, ears movements, hair, tails, or mixed movements. Please comment down to claim.
Unlimited slots by now
1. Captainjabberwocky (Non animated)2. 
:iconyanixadopts:YanixAdopts 20 19
Top 5 lists of SpongeBob Season 11
So with the release of Squirrel Jelly & Pull the String it seems that every single episode of SpongeBob season 11 has been released, and it's... certainly been an interesting one. We've had Patrick becoming both a horse and an old man. We've had a group of hippies free load in Mr. Krabs' soup. We've had SpongeBob hallucinate a giant invisible hamster, and a lot more, certainly making this an interesting season to say the least.
I thought that it'd be fun to make my top 5 and my bottom 5, because I don't really remember every single episode back to back and I'm not really tempted to marathon view the entire season through right away. But because this season has been a special brand of... weird, I thought that I'd also point out the top 5 weirdest episodes of season 11, for people who want to get the season 11 experience without watching through every single episode.
Let's start with the Top 5 weirdest episodes of season 11
Number 5: Pat the Horse
In th
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 20 16
Attempt at a Feature for November

Freedom. by nadhrah94
Tale of the Hidden Orchid by ErikShoemaker
A New Beginning by Temples-of-Light
Eternelle by MelFeanen
Awakening by FrostAlexis
Force Of Nature by VladNoxArt
my little mouse by VanessaPadua
Enchanting by ektapinki
Moonflower by VeilaKs
Before the storm by AdriaticaCreation
All for you by VladNoxArt
Waiting by VladNoxArt
Ice Queen by VladNoxArt
In my eyes you are home by VladNoxArt
Lurking by SuzieKatz
Aphrodite (Greek mythology) by Lothiel-14
The Trade by Pendragon-Arts
The night concert by SecretDarTiste
Hunters by Dani-Owergoor
Wasteland Writings for Kyle K. Oates by StarsColdNight
Forest witch by Lubov2001
Witches Fire by ED-Creations
TrusT by shiny-shadows-Art
:iconjamie-nicole:Jamie-Nicole 12 13
17 transgender at one school? Brainwashing of kids
A whistleblower teacher said many of the pupils were autistic and the vulnerable kids were being tricked into thinking they were the wrong sex.
One autistic teen was said to be preparing to undergo a double mastectomy.
The woman, who was not named, claimed to a newspaper that she was told to not tell parents or other teachers if a student said they were transgender.
Okay, this is getting beyond absurd. This is blatant child abuse and mental torture. The parents should sue, the school administration and most of the teachers involved in this need to be not just fired, but charged.
Can't smoke or drink under 18, can't have sex under 16 can't live alone under 16 -  but you can make a choice that will change your body forever? And the teachers will lie to the parents about this because they're encouraging it.
In a few years time, how many of these unfortunate kids will be
:icononlytheghosts:OnlyTheGhosts 8 35
Pony POV Series World Building, The Umbrum
While Sombra was created by the rune Nythy tricked the Crystal Ponies into constructing that made all their repressed fears manifest, and became sapient thanks to Radiant Hope's retcon into existence ( he also manifested as a foal rather than an adult). 
The rest of the Umbrum, Sombra's family, were an unintended side effect. Each Umbrum is born from a different repressed emotion, just as Sombra is born from the crystal ponies' repressed fear, and is unconsciously driven to make those fears reality. 
This include repressed anger, hate, lust, worries, the repressed love for that crush you never confessed to, burying that small voice of courage that tells you stand up to your domineering boss, old fashioned greed from a former thief, envy, doubt, repressed gluttony from a weight watcher, repressed joy for someone expected by their family to act a certain way, rather than facing these emotions. 
Their individual level of power is how much the crystal ponies repressed these
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 7 5
The Powerpuff Girls 20th Anniversary
Blossom Chibi Bubbles Chibi ButterCup Chibi
THE POWERPUFF GIRLS (1998-2005; Reboot: 2016-present)

The Powerpuff Girls is an animated television series created by Craig McCracken and it premiered on Cartoon Network on November 18, 1998.
Accidentally created in a lab by Professor Utonium, superpowered sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup regularly save Townsville from evildoers such as Mojo Jojo, the Gangreen Gang and Him. Blossom is the self-proclaimed leader of the trio, Bubbles is the cute one and Buttercup is the toughest one.
The original series was rebooted in 2016.

:iconjcpag2010:jcpag2010 8 5
My King Kong Cast Meme

hello to all and welcome to a meme i got from here :aww:  now let's head to skull and meet our players for this second take on King Kong :aww: 
King Kong-Andy Britton (me)
Ann Darrow-Judy Hopps (Zootopia) 
Jack Driscoll-Nick Wilde (Zootopia) 
Carl Denham-Mike (Sing)
Jimmy-Gumball Watterson (The Amazing World of Gumball)  
Captain Englehorn-Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet) 
Charles Weston-Buster Moon (Sing) 
Briggs-Benjamin Clawhauser (Zootopia) 
Charlie-Po (Kung fu Panda) 
Native Chief-Koba (Rise x Dawn of Planet of The Apes) 
well that's about it hope you guys enjoy and feel free to comment and fave and all that good stuff thank you :aww: 
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 9 10
Happy International Men's Day
It's very common for the media to demonize men and treat them as if they get everything. That life is easier for a person simply for being a man.
Absolute rubbish.
76% of suicides are men
85% of homeless people are men
70% of homicide victims are men
40% of domestic abuse victims are men
Most violent crimes are perpetrated against men
Men are 3 times as likely to be imprisoned and serve almost 65% longer sentences for the same crime as women
Men are 9 times more likely to die in the workplace
Over 95% of combat deaths are men
93% of industrial deaths/accidents are men
Men's lifespans are - on average - 5 years shorter
Only 16% of custody hearings are won by men
Men in America are still required to sign up for "selective service," AKA the draft, when they are 18 years of age
My message to the men in my life and the ones who follow me: you are loved. You are appreciated. You DESERVE love. Don't listen to cretinous assholes that treat men as if they are the sole cause of the world's probl
:iconryusuta:Ryusuta 11 60
Mixels Death Alphabet Letters
Inspired by A Gorey Demise by Creature Feature
A is for Aquad who drowned in a pool
B is for Boogly who was eaten by ghouls
C is for Chilbo with disease in the brain
D is for Dribbal derailed on a train
E is for (no Mixel) who's buried alive
F is for Footi who was stabbed through the eye
G is for Glomp who died in the womb
H is for Hoogi who was sealed in a tomb
I is for Ius who lost his front brakes
J is for Jamzy who was bitten by snakes
K is for Krader who was shot through the head
L is for Lunk who bled and bled
M is for Magnifo who was burnt to a crisp
N is for Niksput who was pummeled by fists
O is for Olive who lived life too fast
P is for Paladum who swallowed some glass
Q is for (no Mixel) who took the wrong trail
R is for Rokit who rotted in jail
S is for Slusho who was shot with a bow
T is for Teslo who froze in the snow
U is for (no Mixel) who was trampled by hooves
V is for Vampos who fell off a roof
W iz for Wizwuz who was hit by a car
X is for (no Mixel) who sunk i
:iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 6 4
Danganronpa: Atomic Wedgie Havoc (Idea)
I've been kind of absent from here, but I've come back with an idea: editing the sprites of every girl from Danganronpa, starting with the first game, to be recieving some kind of wedgie (probably atomics most of the time). I'll eventually get to wedgie the girls from 2 and 3, but I'm still playing the second game so that may have to wait a bit. As a side note, I'll use their canon underwear for the wedgies, because since we know what kind of panties each of them wear, why not taking advantage of it?
Iwant to ask you guys to tell me if you like the idea, and most of all I want to show you the first girl to get a wedgie (I'll be doing them in no particular order): Sayaka Maizono. I appreciate whatever feedback you can give since this is not the final version, I have the .psd file and so I can still edit it if I want to, and that's why I want you guys to tell me what works and doesn't work in this pic, so when I begin the series properly I can improve on my edits. Keep in mind that I hav
:iconmasterwedgier:MasterWedgier 7 10
They are on
They are on instagram at: laboratory_abandoned 
On there i do choose your path stories with them and answer questions about them!
:iconinfectedwaters:Infectedwaters 7 6
[Help Nin make-up $560+!]
Hello Ladies and GentleGerms~
as you may know from this journal and these polls here and here I've been slowly working through a plan of how to do this!
Finally this sales journal is OPEN
:bulletorange: I'm not going to start on this commissions Until my current+ overdue queues are cleared! :bulletorange:
>>See TRello for more Details<<
it is moving along quickly and I may start on some pieces in December if all things go well. This is to avoid getting confused with priority, and will help me better organise and get through the
:iconningeko:NinGeko 6 33
Ascynd's Wishing Tree - Rebases
Thought I'd open one of these, for when I'm feeling gifty. Fill out the form and tie on your wish... but be aware, making a wish does not guarantee that it will be fulfilled, and there will be no sneak peeks! It's supposed to be a surprise! What free time I have is highly budgeted, so gifting will be rare. When and whom I choose to gift will be entirely arbitrary, and sometimes entirely random! I may also choose entries off this list for art trades, in that case I will contact you and you will know what you are getting.
Please keep your wishes in the form of a journal or st.ash journal, and keep track of it's location, so that you can change it if your wishes change. It'd be disappointing to receive a gift you no longer want! Fill out the form below for each character:
Status: (Which status is your OC charmed, gifted, buffed, marked, royal - or just normal)
ML Entry:
Character Reference:
:iconascynd:Ascynd 6 18
Top 20 Favorite Animated Shows Explained

Hey, everybody. Rainbine here and it's time for a top 20 list. I know I said I was going to do my Power Rangers Ninja Steel 'review' and my Re-Watching MLP Journey Season 2, but I decided to do top 10 lists instead because it's a little easier to do. Know this top 20 list is going to contains bot the Top 10 Favorite 2000s and 2010s Animated Shows lists.
This is what the list is basically going to contain;
1. The order of each show from 20th favorite to absolute favorite
2. My reasoning as to why I love these shows
3. My Favorite Character from each show/reason
4. The rank of each show on a Scale of 1 to 10
And as always, this list is 100% my own opinion. If you don't agree, that is perfectly fine. By all means, let me know your top 20 favorite shows in the comments. Now, let's get started.
Number 20; What's New, Scooby-Doo?
The Reason; Scooby Doo as a whole has a very special place in my heart because I used to watch Scoob
:iconrainbine94:rainbine94 5 7
Contests,Com(Nm!), And Art Status!
HeyPanda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2]  Two Really Sweet Peeps Are Doing Contests! Go Check Them Out If Your Interested  Panda Emoji-07 (Snuggy) [V1] 
                       :iconglorykittychan:-                                 & :iconpurplefoxkinz:! <333
And Check :iconrouzalouge: Comissions! She Has The CUTEST Art Style! I Really Recomend Ya To Check Her Out X3
Look And This Sketch She Drew For Me  q_q If Your Interested Go Check Her Out ^w^ I'm Sure She'll Be Happ
:iconcoffee-karin:Coffee-Karin 5 6
Happy International Men's Day!
Happy International Men's Day!
A day to celebrate men and masculinity.  Excellent.  
But amidst that celebration it is important to note those who are hating men and boys.  Sadly, that might be the majority of people.
Tom looks at the problem of false accusations and then turns to point out that actually all men in the US have been facing numerous false accusations from the media, academia, hollywood and who knows where else. When feminists proclaim that men are toxic that is nothing short of being a Global Cultural False Accusation. We need to see it like that and call out the liars!
:iconfacts-not-feminism:Facts-not-feminism 6 2
Steam Users: Beware!
If someone messages you on Steam, saying they accidentally banned your stuff or something along those lines, and they need your information to fix it, don't give it to them.
Immediately block that person.  They are trying to hack your account.  This is not a hoax, it's already happened to several people.
And if you've been hacked, contact Steam Support.  They can help you get your account back.
Spread this message.
:icondouble-g-348:Double-G-348 8 8
Actually, yes you are a SJW.
I love it how some persons will list all their gender identity and sexual identity tags on their profile, list all their victim status badges, and then virtue signal and warn people about the kinds of labels they will throw at non-PC transgressors like this "I don't like racists, homophobes, or sexists!" Then the same person will deny they are a SJW. 
If you use gender/sexual identity and/or victim tags on your profile, virtue signal, and start off threatening to apply negative labels to others who don't bow to rampant political correctness, you are a SJW.   
It doesn't even matter who you voted for or what political party you belong to.  If you do the above things, you are an annoying Social Justice Warrior. 
Fuck your feelings.  Yes, I know you are offended, but I don't care.  
EDIT: Mistgod and I finally, finally have got these peoples number.  There are peoples who claim to be politically and socially conservative
:iconmelianmarionette:MelianMarionette 7 23
Nutcracker Ponies And The 4 Realms 3
Chapter 3: Mouserinks and Ratsputtle
As the group with their two new friends Clara, Captain Philip, and Jingles the horse, they continued their search through the spooky woods of the Fourth Realm in search of the two missing keys. Step by step they walked with extreme caution, not knowing what lies in the woods. Clara was riding on Jingles with Philip guiding the way.
“Seems I’m not in London anymore,” Clara looked around the woods.
“What is London?” Captain Philip asked.
“From what I learned from Sunset at Canterlot High, London is one of the biggest cities of her world,” Twilight explained.
“Yes. It’s my home,” Clara responded, “I suppose I will need to get back there somehow.”
“And we need to find our way back to our home once we obtain our key,” Twilight pointed out.
“The sooner we find those keys the better we leave this scary wood area,” Fluttershy shivered in fright.
“You don
:iconbozzerkazooers:BozzerKazooers 5 4
Happy 90th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!
Here's to everyone's favorite superstar!
:iconjenny-87:JENNY-87 4 1
Serious Trace Theft - Help Needed
Let me start off this journal by saying that:
I normally DONT do these kind of things. This is also NOT a journal to ask people to do a 'witch-hunt' on this person, and if i see people commenting/being rude/anything else to mentioned person, i will personally ask you to STOP. This is just because i NEED help with finding back important original artworks.
This is also a very serious/special case as this has been going for nearly 5 years ( !! ).
IMPORTANT: Im mostly posting this because i need help finding back the original of a few more artworks she still has up, and refuses to take down because, as she claims it, 'she drew them herself'. This is false however, as she is not able to draw like that on her own.
Im also posting this to this account, due to having a bigger following here, and a possible bigger chance of finding the originals. 
Who: KniightSkye/Skye Courtemanche/WarriorKnightSkye
Where: Deviantart, Instagram, Facebook, Furaffini
:iconshadow-bases:Shadow-Bases 7 13
Features? Features.
i'm still a myth, but have these. 

i. on tidal waves and wounds by therianlightHero by ryky

split me out by peaseblossomswolves by akreonmalestrom by chromeantennaeEarthbound Stars by TanyaSimpson
owl by da-bu-di-bu-daonce upon a dream by calliopenOrchids by FionaCreatesinevitably by Serendiipitii
Unspecified by dreamsinstaticSoft silence by Gretluskythe breakup you see on tv by hypermagicalMarch by nataszek

did i have the guts? by fiercestrawberrySilver Fox Sketch by RedBeanViolinLooking into the Bell Jar by Awasteof-paintWhite Blue Red Clouds by Hangmoon
90's kids by Picolo-kun2018 2 8 2307 (NaHa 7) by slenderbladeThe Prince by LeafOfSteeltwenty (lockout) by and-speak
maybe the light is not benevolent by nawkaman13 Months by rossdraws
:icontoxic--sunrise:toxic--sunrise 4 8