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Painted Request - OPEn
Sorry for the late replies once again! I should be getting to those tomorrow ~
To thank everyone for the surge in support lately and since I starting summer in 2 days what better way than to do request, hell yeah.
Will be doing at least one request since I'm experimenting with a more painted art style!
Here are examples so far <3

If you want better odds of me doing your request here are characters you should request!
Please make em simple/semisimple marking wise
Animals preferred (don't care which species) ~
Complicated designs
Human hair
Overly dark characters

Reference Link: (Link images on DA since they are easier to look through so I can just see their image without clicking the link)
Their TH: (If they have one else this is optional)
Critique: (What do you think I could do to improve my painted art? (It'
:iconsmolmidget:SmolMidget 14 38
54 Art Feature for all my watchers. Thank you all who participated in my request POLL Feature made in Eclipse. The deviations tagged "mature content" are displayed in the feature if you have in ON that option, otherwise they are not visible. To be able to feature images with mature content, I must have the option in ON when I'm doing this feature, otherwise, in the folder where I save the images of this feature, in Eclipse only, I don't see them and they are not selected but in the current layout (green), they are visible with the tag even if i have the option in OFF, so issue resolved!AAlways, ForeverIt does not matter
To me

If you do not  
LoveLLevi x Reader - The Act Within Part 1/3With the obnoxious banging finally coming to aNo preview available
:iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 12 24
Manga Muscle Girls「漫画の筋肉娘」

I stumbled across another cool manga about a girl's track team called Joriku!「じょりく!」. It's an ongoing manga being serialized in Comic Namaiki, according to Manga Updates. There's no scanlation available currently. That's ok though, because I'm just here for the art. And there's plenty of nudity and sex since it's an adult series.  The manga is drawn by Hideto Kakka (活火秀人) and has some of the best fit girls I've seen grace t
:iconelee0228:elee0228 18 4
Nightmare toy chica v3 and more

models by me
original art by ChuizaProductions 
:iconrockstarselenite:RockstarSelenite 12 8
Wastwater lakes drone video
Drone video of Wastwater in the Lake district, filmed with a Mavic 2 pro drone :D
:iconnewcastlemale:newcastlemale 9 34
Shitty Rants: MickeyMouseFan01/Tyler Bowie

Where the Fuck do i begin? this man has caused so much i cannot put everything in a single journal

    Also a Note to "WhiteKnights" of Tyler, your Shitty Goanimate style rants won't do shit 
Tyler Bowie
 or Known as MickeyMouseFan01 is a 22 Year old Autistic Male from The United States, at First Glance his Profile is Entirely Normal but then you will notice at his Comment History he has been asking Minors and Teens to draw Tied Up Fetish art of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Which is Fucking DISGUSTING (not trying to kinkshame but dont ask kids to draw gross shit) Another thing is he Admitted to Being a Pedophile as Seen Here but claims That "He is not a Pedophile anymore" despite asking Kids for Fet
:iconbandettos:Bandettos 7 50
SpongeBob Season 2: 10 Words or Less with Dr. W
Hello everybody, welcome back to my ten words or less 20th anniversary series for SpongeBob! Now I'm going to be covering season 2 this time with :iconthe-doctor-w:. 
Many people often acknowledge this as one of (if not the) best seasons of the show. It's pretty clear that it does have a reason for its reputation which is the MEMES!!!:
Easily my favorite season of the show bar none! Very great humor, animation, just about anything that's already been said.
How bout you :iconThe-Doctor-W:?
:iconthe-doctor-w: : I say it is where the show grew into itself. Where its sense of humor and sentimentality shone through. 
Let's tackle the peak of the show:
Your Shoe's Untied: Ever think of just going barefoot SpongeBob? (9/10)
:iconThe-Doctor-W:'s opinion: “Your Shoe’s Untied”: “All this could have been solved if he’d asked Sandy.” (7/10)
Squid's Day Off: Squidward's errands are impossible. (9/10)
:iconspongeguy11:SpongeGuy11 7 4

I Just Want To Celebrate(The Mothers' Day Of...)2. by bigzoso
White Dwarf Balloon by AneurysmGuy
Lumiset Korret by AneurysmGuy
Pikku Aatu by AneurysmGuy
Winter Runes by AneurysmGuy
Langheck by AneurysmGuy
Munakas Omelett by AneurysmGuy
Happy Cat by AneurysmGuy
Burst Of Droplets, View From Farther by AneurysmGuy
Stone Church_2 by AneurysmGuy
Stone Church_1 by AneurysmGuy
Sillankorvan Koulu_2 by AneurysmGuy
Sillankorvan Koulu_1 by AneurysmGuy
Infield by AneurysmGuy
Garden - 2 by ahappierlife
Colourful flyer, colourful flower by ahappierlife
Early morning castle by ahappierlife
Garden - 4 by ahappierlife
Green and white cottage. by ahappierlife
Waves - 4 by ahappierlife
Special birds - enjoy them! by ahappierlife
Bridges - for you to enjoy. by ahappierlife
Parcevall Hall 1 by ahappierlife
:iconbonaparte1700:Bonaparte1700 7 11
Free Art Requests! -OPEN-
This is the first time opening request to everyone. So bear with me ^^
I want to focus practicing on my new style right now and planning to do commissions in the future.
But for now, I'm open for request now to practice and something to draw. (Having frequent art blocks lately)
I can only do 3 Requests for now, as I'm starting to get used in doing these types of things. I'm planning to do more requests in the future if this plays out well.
Help a guy out and share this journal to everyone to motivate me in to doing more in the future Wink/Razz 
I will pick a request from watchers and people who help share this.
I will be picking request by Friday, June 21

Put your requests in the comments below or send a note to me if you like.

 Things I can do

Original Characters are Welcome! :D (Big Grin)
:iconmrorbs:MrOrbs 12 29
The Ultimates vs The Hulk.
One of my favorite fights from one of my favorite movies.
Fun Fact for those who don't know, this battle is based off the fight The Ultimates (Marvel Universe 1610's Avengers.) had with The Hulk, only that fight involved Cap kicking Big Green in The Balls and Wasp distracting him via flashing him. XD
While I wouldn't have minded either of those things in this movie, it was more directed towards young viewers (Not to young, mind you) so those were cut out, that I guess they didn't want people thinking that in order to defeat a rampaging beast you have to kick them in the groin and then flash them...if done in that order it would make that area even more painful. lol
But again, definitely a cool fight scene. Shame we didn't get this Hulk in the MCU. :/
:iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 10 24
Animals art request (open)
So I need to draw animals for commission examples so I'm going to open some art request ^^
Sorry it will be a bit specific to have examples of more species, so stay tuned in the slots and which animals are still available for request
first come first
**Only for watcher (new watcher are welcome)
*Only one slot per person
Head shot
Slot 1 (Dog) - AvaSketch
Slot 2 (Bird) - bappledilk
Slot 3 (bunny) -
Slot 4 (dragon) - SolarisRedemption 
Slot 5 (cat) - NightChaosCat
Slot 6 (another mammal not listed) - SacaraDesari
Slot 7 (other animal not listed above) - Heimgri
Full body

Slot 1 (Dog) -ScratchelKatty 
Slot 2 (Bird) -SkyKristal
Slot 3 (bunny) -
Slot 4 (dragon) - RitaLeader14
Slot 5 (another mammal not listed above) - ThePinkWater 
Slot 6 (other animal not listed above) - STARLIGHT-OF-ART 
If interested, write a comment with this form:
Type of request:
Character references:
Character name:
Extra Detai
:iconjubsxas:JubsXas 9 33
Happy Birthday to all those friends/watchers

Ghost by Valyrian-Wildfire626
Phara - Star Wars Dress by Valyrian-Wildfire626
My Cat Near Part 1 by Valyrian-Wildfire626
Mustafar Academy by Shin500 by Valyrian-Wildfire626
Classic combination of Taste. Minimalism 2 by AnnaZLove
Pink petunia by AnnaZLove
A soft sweet core of Lindor 1 by AnnaZLove
Juicy couple by AnnaZLove
Nephilim by silentfuneral
Eternal Grief by silentfuneral
Medusa by silentfuneral
Heavens Tears by silentfuneral
Sorrows by silentfuneral
I bought this secret rare by Legendary55
Ritas Green Apple Ice by Legendary55
Lonely Goth doll in distress by Legendary55
Grady twins LDD by Legendary55
The Siamese Twins LDD by Legendary55
Marco-~ Character Design by Thronezz
Chaoss FireIce ~ by Thronezz
Gemini- Character Design by Thronezz
Julian~Character Design #3 by Thronezz
TamiNami- Character Design sketch #1 by Thronezz
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 5 5
Giantess Comics Download Links
Hello, Beautiful People!!
Just a friendly reminder that you can use these links below to view my finished an FULL Giantess themed comics:
Glossed Over:
My Sister, the Giantess:
Minor League:
A Tiny secret Volume One (Pages 01-71)
My still ongoing comics, 'Maia the Mermaid', and The 2nd Volume of 'A Tiny Secret' will be available for download as well once they are finished!
:iconayami6:Ayami6 7 3
My Sweeney Todd Recast Meme

hello to all and welcome to another recast meme that i unfortunately can't find but anywho here's what i got for Sweeney Todd but with Toys :aww: 
Sweeney Todd AKA Benjamin Barker-Chucky (Child's Play)
Mrs.Lovett-Annabelle (The Conjuring)
Lucy Barker-Tiffany (Bride of Chucky)
Judge Turpen-Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear (Toy Story 3)
Beadle Bamford-Sticky Pet (Toy Story 2)
Johanna Barker-Jessie (Toy Story 2, 3 x 4)
Anthony The Sailor-Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story 1, 2, 3 x 4)
well that's about it hope you guys enjoy and feel free to comment and fave and all that good stuff thank you =)      
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 8 13
di_features: Flower Boy
:iconizaaaaa:Izaaaaa 4 5
NISSIN CM Female Unmask

I spent hours to modify this two seconds scene...
Initially, I treated this as a snack…
 I guess this is worth it after all. At least it make me feel better, Even if it took many time.Sweating a little...
I just captured the unmasking images from the video, And turn them from png to jpg(because the image size are too big), 
Then use photoshop to add eyeholes. Most of the time spent on upload the pics to png to jpg & gif maker websites...
I wish I can put this back to the original video, but I don’t know how.

Original video is a commercial.
He actually unmasked twice. I only edited the first one, Because the second one I'm not quite interested.
20190619 20:21:22
:iconkalungchan:kalungchan 5 2
great ships! go look and support them
I notice a lot people showed me their awesome/cutie ships! so I am making a little Journal in tribute to them! pls go watch and support all these talented people! and I want to say I ship all of these and will protect them at all cost :P also feel free to do your own! I have tagged people/ but feel free to do it as well I tag everyone!
I will these are in order from how I was shown!
:iconnetebreaker:Netebreaker 7 31
Inside Out 4th Anniversary Contest
Personal-Emotions Inside Out 4th Anniversary Contest co-hosted with Emotionalfanclub
(2000 :points: in prizes)
Its true that time really flies, within the blink of an eye today already marks the 4th year anniversary of Inside Out!
The details of this year's contest are as follow:
--------------------------How to enter-------------------------
1.You must be a member of/join either one of the two groups:
:iconpersonal-emotions: Personal-Emotions / :iconemotionalfanclub: Emotionalfanclub
2.Then make a status update/journal mentioning this contest journal.
(Qualified contestants will be mentioned in this journal)
:iconcraigthecrocodile: CraigTheCrocodile , :iconsonicfazbear15: SonicFazbear15 , :iconcupidthesparrow: CupidTheSparrow
(The entries will be judged for the effort,complexity,creativity...etc. Also to be fair,judges are not allowed to participate in the event.)
:iconpersonal-emotions:Personal-Emotions 5 0
DC vs. Capcom
Hello, my friends. It is I, PrinceSpikeRoseredII. Remember last night when I said I was gonna announce a new fan crossover? Well, now you're getting it. Enter DC vs. Capcom.
Ryu, Mega Man, and many others come into contact with the Justice League. They all admire each others powers and fighting abilities. However, when Darkseid poses a threat to both universes, they all band together and face off against him. Good characters from both sides would be fighting Darkseid in order to save the worlds, while evil characters from both sides would be doing it to further their own sinister agenda.
This is a list of every character. They are listed by order of rivalry.
Superman vs. Ryu
Batman vs. Chris Redfield
Wonder Woman vs. Chun-Li
Aquaman vs. Ruby Heart
Cyborg vs. Nathan "Rad" Spencer
The Flash vs. Viewtiful Joe
Blue Beetle vs. Mega Man
Green Lantern vs. Mega Man X
Booster Gold vs. Ken Masters
Green Arrow vs. Arthur
Atrocitus vs. Evil
:iconprincespikeroseredii:PrinceSpikeRoseredII 5 6
Gonna Help someone out
A person and artist came to me for help im doing my small part to spread the word. for more details heres the journal he made to explain it more 

and also he made a GoFundMe heres the link: 
:iconsandwich-anomaly:Sandwich-Anomaly 4 1
I honestly dont know what to do anymore..
Hello everyone..
So I have been very upset about everything I do... I completely lost motivation to draw due to the fact that I´m losing subscribers because my content is not ppg anymore.
It´s like no one appreciates my artstyle.. So I barely want to draw..I posted a comment on my community and a person said that I was only known for "PPG, my relationship with Eli and for being a drama queen in the past."
Well, I guess I really don´t have talent than..
I´m sorry this turned out like a vent I just thought I had to share it with my watchers..
Thanks for reading..
:iconnini-the-kitten:Nini-the-kitten 11 18
The protest absolutely never stopped!
That's right, The protest to save the internet in Europe and the world absolutely never stopped until Article 15 and 17 (Article 11 and 13) and TERREG has been defeated!
But avoid fake news, hoaxes, false information and outdated news at all costs! They can shift the battle through misinformation! So just calm down, Don't panic, Be extremely absolutely careful and Focus on more up to date happenings instead! ...Because Our best weapon is to spread true information!
Whatever you do, Don't vote for EPP, MEP's and worthless rotten hypocrite cowards who still betrayed you and supported Article 15 and 17 (Article 11 and 13), including Axel Voss who created Article 15 and 17 (Article 11 and 13) and his worthless useless CDU in this spring of next year! (Citizens of Europe, Please do not trust Axel Voss ever, Because He's absolutely still a fraud! He will pay for his crimes
:iconanti-article-13:Anti-Article-13 8 5