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First of all i wanna start this with a big whole hearted thank you. You guys support me trough favorites, sharing, commenting, watching, buying, gifting-- everything it all means so much to me and I see it all and I just can never express my grattitude
Thats right Im doing multiple customs this time! What will they look like?

These customs are much more managable for me so I can do multiple!
Rules/terms you are agreeing to:
-You CANNOT sell, use this design for a voucher, or use this for any physical/purchasable goods/giftcards/commission slots (THESE DESIGNS ARE SUPPOSSED TOBE A F R E E OPPORTUNITY FOR EVERYONE TO GET THIS I DONT WANT THESE TO BE USED AS TRADE FODDER OR TO MAKE A PROFIT!!!)
-Do not join if youre just usin
:iconsweet-n-treat:Sweet-n-treat 282 1,050
so, mercy is gonna be uploaded on wednesday. 
after that i will be uploading something different. something i have been fiddling with on the side. 
see in sunstone's future i have certain events planned. one of these events is lisa writing and actually publishing her first novel.
it starts off as a crappy little self insert project

ske gives up on it, but over time comes back to it because the premise actually holds potential. in the end whe writes her novel. letters to the vampire queen

in order for it to make sense i had to develop the story in question in simple form at first but then i too realized there is potential in it and decided: fuck it, i may as well write a novel. it's been a long while since i have written in any non comic related format. 
last time being for two short stories in ravine
   wade liberation war
 hurron's t
:iconshiniez:shiniez 87 128
Zootopia: Sunderance - Animated Trailer
Celebrating two years of Zootopia, we're proud to present this small 150 seconds of video as a fruit of our first ever digital labor.
Our awesome animators: MonoFlax (Thomas Grabriel) and BillyBobBaggyBottom (Rick Gaspar). With special thanks to Jay Caustner.
The voice actors: CaptineWilde (Nick), ForeverEvee (Judy), casvoiceacts (Neveen), UnintentionalFan (Flash AI), and MickelPickelYT (MysteryMale).
We want to thank Disney for making such an amazing movie and we also want to thank those that have made Sunderance possible as fans, commenters, Patrons and fellow madmen. Lastly, we thank those that helped us create this video. It was a lot of work, our lead animator had a minor breakdown towards the end, but it was worth it.
Support us on our
:iconthewyvernsweaver:TheWyvernsWeaver 84 69
I got to speak to a 7th grade class about Art!
A 7th grade teacher asked me to speak to her class on drawing and being an artist. I got to talk about how I became an artist, what types of careers artists gets to do, and in general inspire kids to draw. Here's a view highlights on what happened below.

Started off with a cartoon and realistic version of the school mascot, the Elk
Shared what I do as a living and passed around some of my art prints. Everyone knew all the characters, and all kids expressed watching and enjoyed seeing mlp:fim, including the boys. So I didn't need to explain the characters at all.
After talking
:icontsitra360:Tsitra360 103 125
abstract world

as656: crystal by pisequenxcTheory of Ghost - collaboration with Art2mys by HalfFormedThoughts
the lightness of dreams by EintoeRndetachment by KizukiTamuraohnetitel by pisequenxc
5 nov 2017 00-53-12 by Yakssscrossing the line by EintoeRnred and wall by KizukiTamura
remembrances by KizukiTamuraSelfportrait In A Distorting Mirror by AiniTolonenworkshop in action by berlinhelmut
Sad Songs Of The Seas by AiniTolonenscarlet by doyoWhen Winter Spreads Its Wings by AiniTolonen
Sickman by DasGhulbehind the mask by KizukiTamuraOf The Travelogue To The Unseen by AiniTolonen
Translucent Blue by tholangon the surface by KizukiTamuraPostcard from Toronto 01 by JACAC
and i wonder why by incolorwetrustNocturama - by arminmersmann2Zip And Wall by KizukiTamura
the air that we breathe by bluePartoutSunrise with Sea Monsters by mheufvillainous intentions... by iangrahamimages
WINdOWLIGHTK by IzaaaaaBalKonFusion by Pierre-LagardeGraphisme-122 by Sblourg
:iconaugenweide:augenweide 49 52
Draw my OCs Contest~ [Open] $100+ / core / artwork
* Hi guys! * 
It's been quite a long time since I've been thinking of doing a "draw my OCs" contest so here it is! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Yay Hurray) [V2] 
Please read carefully the rules until the end Lovely Shoujo (Nods) [V4] 
little star 
To participate please:
- Fave this journal and share it in a journal or a poll and comment HERE with a link so I can see it!
- Tag 3 people if you want one more ticket for the random prize. (Please tag you friends in your comment!)

- Send me your art via note. Do not post it in a comment.

If you submit your drawing on your DeviantA
:iconmiunadeli:Miunadeli 82 115
Best of the Week 146
Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Mermaid dreams by Kiorsa
Realm of the Fae by EnchantedWhispersArt Darkness Behold by Shirokibo
Fire Land by adrianoampb
going under by yellowicous Imagination comes out books by jiajenn
The Small Maker Of The Spring by MelieMelusine Free hugs by OG2010
Angel by 35-Elissandro
Stories of Horror - The Oldest Sister by Danilo-Costa
:iconannewipf:annewipf 49 70
Cars in Space and Webcomic sites!
Some Planetary Moe short skit about the Tesla Roadster sent into space using SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. 
See the rest of the comics (links) here: 
Another extra comic from the 2018 revamp series here:
 we're on these sites too! Please check us out there too~!
:iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 86 11
RAFFLE (open)
✧ thank you all so much for 4500+ watchers ✧

you guys are awesome ; v ; ♥
the 1st place winner will get to choose between:
a softly shaded fullbody like this:
a cell-shaded halfbody like this:
a "sketchy" thigh-up like this:
a painted bust

or a detailed chibi (sorry, but I don't have any recent examples atm  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
if you want any other style from my gallery don't hesitate to ask about it tho!
the 2nd place winner will get to choose between:
a sketchy (colored) bust:
:iconprince-no:prince-no 281 550
Spring Pacadvent: Bunnies vs. Chicks
Welcome to Spring Pacadvent 2018!
Updates: Today (24th) is the last day to sign up for teams! check out the details below!
Like winter, there's going to be multiple parts to this event!
Advent Design Calendar
To kick-off, there will be an advent calendar and this spring's will be 12 days long; the days between the beginning of spring and Easter! Those 12 days of course, are themed with different spring related schemes. This 12-day advent calendar starts on the 21st of March and ends on the 1st of April. The full advent schedule can be seen here:

And here's a list of the participating artists so you can give them a warm welcome:
:iconpacapillars:Pacapillars 66 504
I finally got a Patreon! :D
I finally got a Patreon after all these years! I was actually pretty scared that I might disappoint people if my hand pain flared up too often and prevented me from drawing, which is why I waited so many years until after I’ve recovered more.
Now that I’m healthier, I’m really excited to be on Patreon :D I’ll be sharing a lot of exclusive behind the scene stuff on there, from wip to secret projects and storyboard of my comics. Other rewards include HD files of my paintings and comic panels (without text for max art enjoyment), as well as full painting process videos and even 3D models that you can play with :)
Please help support the continuation of my art and comics at
Thank you!
:iconyuumei:yuumei 79 44
When I came to deviantArt ten years ago, I found exactly what the name suggested. Art, but not the type of “sophisticated” art on display in museums. It was deviant art. Art that was different, but still very much art.
I realize the word “art” is hard to define, but every definition I can come up with includes some form of creativity. Art to me is original. It’s about having ideas and thoughts, and creating images to go with those ideas. A good painting tells a story, with or without the use of words.
There was plenty of crap as well, as this is always the case with sites that don’t monitor submissions, but there were systems in place to keep those images from taking over. With few exceptions, only the best pictures were displayed on the front page under “most popular” and I felt great pride when out of the 150+ images I uploaded two of them made it that far. I went to the forums to discuss pictures and ideas, to talk about methods
:iconjerry8448:jerry8448 57 0
Tristin's Collection 6ft6.5- 199cm tall
Weight: 72 kg / 160 lbs

636436929356658136-Tristin-Savage-mug by zaratustraelsabio
18358899 1278423248878376 612228854179093677 O by zaratustraelsabio
27972289 1087895388017297 7048801106137524007 N by zaratustraelsabio
A Tall Couple 6ft7 6ft5 By Zaratustraelsabio-dbi by zaratustraelsabio
12695027 1054625681246219 3692478238394891793 O by zaratustraelsabio
13178617 1230198026997850 2444282298649523122 N by zaratustraelsabio
12011296 980469565328498 4687249188924667421 N by zaratustraelsabio
C3NtzRbUYAAWvn8 by zaratustraelsabio
DUvczq7U0AAswCd by zaratustraelsabio
DUvczq7U0AAswCd - copia by zaratustraelsabio
DQ3oMImU8AANH E by zaratustraelsabio
DTM1HdSVwAES-My by zaratustraelsabio
22430163 245894172605733 4461568403101974528 N by zaratustraelsabio
:iconzaratustraelsabio:zaratustraelsabio 51 2
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 44 96
Draw My OCs Contest (1800pts+ in prizes / open)
3/14/18 - EDIT: added a new character that I'd loooooove art of!! ;>
3/8/18 - EDIT: extended the contest (now ends on March 31st - there will be no more extensions)
3/2/18 - EDIT: added more prizes (including a ufohouse design for first place)
- You do NOT have to be a watcher!!
(Though your chances of winning are higher, if you are; as a "thanke" to my watchers.)
- You may draw as many entries as you'd like; quality > quantity, though -v-
- Please submit your entries and directly tag me (so I can see your art) ;v
- No stolen, previously drawn, traced, sexual/nsfw, or on-base art!
- You can enter with digital, traditional, pixel, whatever-you-want art!
- You may slightly edit my characters' designs (but do not pony-fy them)!
- Comment "me birb" so I know you're entering.
- Have fun!! :>
!! Prizes will increase as more people enter/the more entries I receive. !!
I will also be drawing adopts to help "fund" this contest.
:iconaviianstudios:AviianStudios 94 98
Future Art of Always and Today(IX)
Hello everyone!Hi!

I want to pay tribute to the great artists, and their works both past and present, all are wonderful and impressive, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.Heart

Among-Waterlilies-2 by Euselia
FALLEN in love ANGEL by Lora-Vysotskaya
Flute by Raivis-Draka
Virgo Automata by ED-Creations
Friends by Lotta-Lotos
VietNam Beauty by hoanglap
Photo study week!! by Tpiola
Gefion by Lora-Vysotskaya
Sakura no sei by hoanglap
Fly Like A Bird by no1intheworld
Tinker bell by Vasylina
Queen Titania by MelieMelusine
Dracula by CharllieeArts
The Cove by charmedy
:iconorquideaart:OrquideaArt 49 82
CCCatch me if you can 2000 member cccelebration!
Hey there everyone we are so happy to announce that recently we have breached the 2000 member mark in the CCCat group and we could not be more excited!
We have loved watching this group grow and spread as well as watching the joy that our members and their friends get from cccats as both a species and a community.
We can not thank all of you enough for your love, support, and desire to want to be a part of this wonderful world that WellHidden has created and know that we could not do it with out you all. We strive to make fun events, have good laughs in the discord, and create a fun and safe environment for all who wish to join us.
We want you to know how much we care and how really thankful for all that you guys as members do and so to commemorate this we have set some cccats loose for you guys to try to catch!
This will work like a DTR (Draw to Raffle) where you draw your cccat or someone else's cccat (with permission) trying to catch the loose cccats!

All hail the
:iconcccats:CCCats 72 176
[Tutorial] Morphs from Genesis 3 to 8 accurate way
I've decided to try Genesis 8 for my gamedev project (more about it in subsequent entries) so I had to transfer my characters (original figures, but based on Genesis 3 mesh) to it. After some googling I've found two tutorials on the matter and even one half-baked vaporware script. The approach used in tutorials was more or less the same so I've followed the excelent explanations of SickleYield and got my Olga as Genesis 8 in minutes. But... it wasn't her - this new girl surely had rickets in her childhood, her arms were curved and didn't bend correctly. There were another inaccuracies too. So it became apparent to me that easy way is not an option here :)
Actually the idea of process is simple - first make G8 look as much as G3 as possible, then use transfer utility (essentially it makes the skin-titght cloth item of the whole G8 mesh :), and finally quite opposite - make G3 into G8 stance. The problem that each of these steps brings new errors and those do accumulate. Thus w
:icona-sennov:a-sennov 46 16
If I went Blind
So I just spent a whole afternoon watching videos of how blind people do things and what goes on in their daily lives. I guess I had more questions than I thought as the more I watched the more questions I had, and they were answered quite honestly by this guy called Tommy Edison, you might've heard of him before, if you havn't seen his stuff definitely check him out on youtube, his channel is called The Tommy Edison Experience. So what sort of questions? From questions like if blind people dream, if blind people can understand colors, if blind people know what transparency means, whether blind people understand what visual beauty is to what blind people think of non blind people kinda things. Questions that are just common sense to sighted people but its a whole different world for blind people. Its just so interesting to see things through Tommy Edison's perspective. I was gonna say through Tommy's eyes but stopped myself before I sounded like a fool.
Videos of p
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 43 39
Draw my OC Contest! [OPEN]
Hello everyone! Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] I haven't done a contest on this account yet, so I figured it was time! I'm really excited to get this started, and I hope that everyone else is excited too! Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]  So let's get into this!
The theme of this contest is simple: Draw my OC, Ai!
Here is a little biography about her, which gives you all the details. It's a little rough, but you should get the idea! (I suggest checking it out if you want to get the best vision of her personality ^^ ) For more of a brief description, Ai is what I call an "otaku yandere". She is not someone who is interested in guys from the real world, instead she becomes infatuated with characters from video games and anime. Her unhealthy obsessions cause her to lead a very introverted and isolated life. She only really goes out when she needs to, to work, or to play at the local arcade.
:iconwaifuheaven:waifuheaven 88 213
Infinite Meme
Normaly I don't do stuff like this, but I couldn't stop <3
:iconookamikuna:OokamiKuna 59 10
Interview about myself and DDLC
It was really fun to do this little interview for Video Game Story Time!
All of my full answers can be seen here
:iconsatchely:Satchely 129 29