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2000 Points Giveaway! - (CLOSED)
Lovely Shoujo (Hi Hello) [V2] 
EDIT2: Sorry for the huge delay in choosing winners. I had to leave home urgently and wasn't home for two weeks. Was extremely busy to take care of this raffle. Thank you all for joining! Will hold another raffle sometime when I receive points again. And congrats to the winners! Will personally note them. 
WINNER 1: :iconJenna-snow:

WINNER 2 : :icon1a2l3i2v1e:

EDIT: Please don't ask me if you can join in the comments. Everyone is free to. I won't be replying to comments that have not followed all the rules to enter. As you can see, there are way too many comments for me to reply to so please make sure you're only commenting after you've done everything necessary to enter the giveaway.
I've got 2000 points which I won't be using since I'm over the whole core membership thing. I honestly don't use it much and I thought what better way to use these points t
:iconvintagedances:VintageDances 185 1,055

Hello everyone!!
We are announcing a new contest, simply titled CAPCOM Vs. POWER STONE
The theme is simple: Since Capcom keeps cranking "Vs" games out why don't imagine our Power Stone heroes against other characters from the same developer?
So, the rules of the contest are the following:
1- Your submission must have two characters: one character from the Power Stone franchise, the other from any other game developed or published by Capcom, with those additional restrictions:
1a-Any character from any game published by Capcom is allowed, except for all the licensed games ( Marvel, Disney, Tatsunoko etc. characters are not allowed)
1b-Although you can draw more characters, the main focus of the deviation must be on two characters, one of which must be a PW char.
2- Your submission must be made for this contest. It must have been uploaded to Deviantart after May 15th 2018, link this group journal-
:iconcapcporn:capcporn 173 2
A note on numbers.
I was recently mentioned in a comment where my DevArt stats (views per day, comments per deviation, etc) were being compared with those of other (in my opinion: better) artists. The question over why mine were higher was being discussed.
Though they never touched on it, I think volume is the key.
Said “better artists” have around 300-800 images in their DA gallery, while I’ve sharted 2,750 or so onto the website.
Throw enough stuff around and something will invariably stick…. Or, at the very least, the stench will be noticed!
Content is king. If you want your work to sustain an audience, you have to keep producing it so they come back. One masterpiece might garner a few “oohs” and “aahs”, but a series of intriguing-though-lesser oddities, and the promise that more are on the way, will keep attention.
That’s not to say you should rattle out nothing but half-hearted bullsh*t (though I will readily admit that there’s a little bit
:iconjollyjack:jollyjack 140 83
Rest in peace, Odile
This week has brought some tragic and shocking news. Odile van der Stap, otherwise known as Jumei, is sadly no longer with us. She passed away last Saturday. I will not share the details of how or why. I believe this is the task of her close loved ones and family, who are still in a process of grieving their loss.
I know that a lot of people appreciated her beautiful art, and that she has a lot of followers here on DeviantArt - people who loved her work but also who talked with her and even made friends with her here. This was how I met her. I was an admirer of her work, and we started talking to each other through notes, and eventually started hanging out and building a friendship. She was very caring, kind and sweet, but also opinionated and unafraid to speak her mind, which I loved about her. She was a tiny girl with a strong and outspoken personality. 
Now that she's gone, we've lost an amazing mind and a talented creator. I hope her amazing work will never be forgotten,
:iconloish:loish 132 108
why I may stop using deviantart
So yup there's a chance I may stop using deviantart
It's just not as enjoyable anymore, it mostly causes me insecurity and honestly insecurity is the last thing I want 
nowadays I upload all my stuff on , because I could post even the dumbest, crappiest, laziest doodles ever and not worry about ending up on the "most popular" section of tumblr
While here? I limit myself to only pieces I get done, with clean lineart, colors and all - and most of the times they're not even the pieces I'm proud of
Uploading a dumb doodle in this website would make me feel terrible because of the exposure it gets, it reminds me how undeserving I am
I don't want to be reminded that I'm one of the most popular people in a website because of what?
No idea
So many good people should end up there but instead there's me
and it doesn't feel good
Am I ungrateful?
No, I'm not, I'm way too grateful, grateful to the point it makes me feel nothing but guilt
I don't
:iconsleepykinq:Sleepykinq 194 127
Lets play Smash or Pass (OC edition)
-- Update --
I think I have enough OCs to check out so Im already closing this!
Now just wait for the results :D (Big Grin) 
>>> I saw some videos of this and I thought it was kind of fun.
Anyways, post as many of your OCs you want here on the comments. Can be female, male, anthro, monster, pony, whatever.
When I get a lot i will make a new journal with the results, and you will see if I smash them or pass them. lol
If you dont know what "smash or pass" is, is something like this:
tagging xFroggiii May-Shad Mysticaya-StarRain dacoomes JadesWolfie which I know have lots of cool OCs, so yeah hoping they will post some here too :P
:iconblackorb00:blackorb00 68 47
On Art Theft (Repost)
The following is is a repost from an old journal of mine. 
If you’ve ever followed my Deviantart journals in the past you will know that I have a pretty open policy regarding the usage of my art. My policy allows for repostings/recoloring/edits/tracings/what-have-you, as long as it is all for personal use and not-for-profit (meaning it isn’t being sold, auctioned, or any use wherein money changes hands.) I also allow roleplaying of my characters, and fan art (of course)!
Still though, I get a lot of people coming to me reporting examples of where people have traced/recolored/edited/reposted my pieces. The person contacting me will often also comment on the “offenders” work, or contact them privately to scold them on my behalf. 
While I appreciate that people would care enough to watch out for me, as it were, my preference is that the people using my work in this manner are left alone. There are a good number of pretty young BBA f
:iconkayfedewa:KayFedewa 93 42
Best of the Week 153
Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

midnight by anais-anais61
The Forest of Tomorrow by charmedy
Mankind Evolved: Pt.6 - Freedom by the-Scarlet-Queen
Ticket To The Moon by muirart The Sunset by FrancescaPoliti Accepted Fate by JayGraphixx
The Little Mermaid by AWPhotography607 Six of Pentacles | Envy/Charity by SoyUnPeredor
Hope by SoulcolorsArt 
:iconannewipf:annewipf 63 74
Quick Notes About the New Stuff
This is already a headache oml
I know you all miss my old stuff but the point of me starting with an new cast is because I was burnt out on the old ones. I wrote myself into a corner with them, the universe was TOO big, there was too much going on and I have no drive to draw them that much anymore. Ever since I made them, there have been a lot of copies of said characters and they just didn't feel like mine anymore. I can hardly call Illusion an original character because there are a million characters like him out there now.
Even if I did "start over" with them, they'd still be character tropes I'm not super interested in exploring further, and the ships of the parents that I had were extremely forced ships that I made like 5 years ago that I threw in there for the sake of being straight. Say what you want about the new stuff being "too gay" but it's anything but forced. It's quite the opposite. That said, if you don't like the new stuff, you can go. No one's making you stick around.&
:iconkilalaaa:kilalaaa 152 177
Talking About Random Doom and Answering Questions
Hello little deerlings! It has been a while since I wrote journals.
But, yes. Yesterday was quite emotional day for me, and judging from comments I got, to many of you too. So, I want to start this journal, by once again, thanking you all. <3
So... Yes... My big personal comic project, Random Doom came to an end. I wrote about it in the "The End" picture so I try not to repeat myself but it does hold true that thanks to this series, I am who I am and where I am. It ignited my love for comic making and taught me a lot about creating characters and writing stories. And while I think it's not my best work, it definitely means the most to me and will always have a special place in my heart.
But so, I know there are some questions I left unanswered and I saw few questions from people I'd like to answer to.
Let's start with this, Am I done with Random Doom for good? And Pokemon art?
The answer is no. To both. I am absolutely not done with pokemon art. You'll still see me drawing pokemans.
:icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 92 81
What you need to do in order to learn making art
Do you spend a lot of time drawing only to feel you aren't getting anywhere? Why does it seem your artistic friend improves faster than you? Are other people only telling you to keep drawing and that you will eventually learn making art?
If so, then this post is just for you.
What do you need to do in order to learn making art
First things first. It's true that if you just keep drawing a lot, you will eventually learn doing it. However, that's just partially true. It's also important to evaluate how much efforts are you putting on learning to make art. Maybe that friend of yours actually has a sound strategy. 
I had been drawing a lot in my childhood but it wasn't until 2009 that my friend told me how bad I was. I didn't see much of improvements in my works at the time, so I figured there was definitely some truth in his words. I started building a strategy that would allow me to learn at least some key concepts to achieve my desired goals an
:iconnsio:Nsio 137 24
#11 Raffle: 2nd Anniversary Celebration! PART 1
Hello all and welcome to the 2nd anniversary raffle celebration! It has been another fun year with you all, and we hope to have many more to come with everyone! If you want to go read griffsnuff's words about what the 2 years of Griffia means to her go here:
Okay, onto the rules!
:bulletgreen: You need to be a member of the Bagbeans group!
:bulletgreen: You need to have at least one Griffian drawing! It has to be of an existing Griffian! It can be done now, but it MUST be done by you, submitted to DA (No and in the Bagbeans group! You cannot have collabed or commissioned somebody to draw it for
:iconbagbeans:Bagbeans 72 1,898
RWBY 3.0 Characters Bio :
Ruby : A Full-fledge huntress, she’s highly regard for her achievements during and after the Salem crisis, and join her former classmate Weiss Schnee in the Atlesian SRED as a prominent field agent. However, in an incident where facing a new-type Grimm, she lost both her legs which were replaced with the help of Weiss and SRED’s resources. However, the incident left her suffering from night terrors and weaken her mental state. 
-Personality : Cheerful and positive as her younger self, but hiding the fact she feels powerless and scared at times. In time like those, she usually turn to Yang for council. Still addicted to cookies, constantly bothering Weiss in the office. Likes to make fun of Weiss’s height and hat. 
Weiss : Following her sister’s foot step, Weiss joined the Atlesian military and quickly rose through the ranks (for her abilities and her achievement during the Salem crisis.) . When the new-type Grimm appea
:icondishwasher1910:dishwasher1910 143 19
So, what's the deal with DeviantArt Staff?

Why hello there...
This is a bit of an unusual journal from me, as I very rarely give life updates here on DA, BUT, I did something really cool recently (just got back from doing it today actually...) and so I figured, why not tell you guys about it.
Last Thursday I flew to Los Angeles, California to help give some feedback and help to DeviantArt Staff at their lovely L.A headquarters.

Why me? Well, it wasn't just me, JenFruzz, Queen-Kitty and KovoWolf were also flown out to do the same thing! 
Give feedback and help? On what? What could you possibly know anything about Mrs-Durden ?? :o

As you guys know, we (Community Volunteers) spend a ton of time listening to you guys, to your complaints, to your concerns but also to your praise and to your insights. W
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 52 149
Well that was embarrassing
I wanted to say "All good." or "Cool beans", but ended up saying "All beans"...
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 57 70
Old Art for shits and giggles: Math Fox/Math Snake
Sharing some old art with you! (because i don't think i ever published those)
As it sometimes happens when you're supposed to do some cleaning, you get stuck with stuff that you haven't seen for years which would all lead to hours of digressing because you have to look at these things and bath yourself in some nostalgia first.
Well, guess what happened to me lately.
I stumbled over super old art which was drawn when i was still a kiddo and i thought: why the f*ck not share it with you! 8D
Thus, have some cover papers from my old personal math book, which were drawn when i was in my early teens.
Explanation: In our class, we all had to make ourselves a personal "math book" where we would collect all the different mathematic formulas that we would learn. I suck hard at math, but being the artsy kid i was, i would still touch up my book with some colourful art for each new topic, accompanied by two mascots which would introduce it. And wouldn't you know: They happen to be a fox and a snak
:iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 50 48
To Ambrixen's Fans (aka my gf waifu)
Me and Kayla got into some trouble, all her electronics got taken away, so she won't be able to talk to anyone or post for at least a few months. It could be longer or shorter than that but we don't know yet.
I'm not going to say what we got in trouble for, but just know that she's not gonna be online for a very long time.
:iconsynnibear03:synnibear03 67 81
I Got to Work and Play at DA!

Hey guys! Did you like the rhyme in my title? Lie and tell me yes. :stare:
It's audible gasp time. Two actual journals in less than a month. What is the world coming to? I really just have to share what my trip to Los Angeles was like!  I'll make this one as entertaining as possible. CARRY ON!
This was my first time visiting Hollywood, first time visiting the west coast period, and--honestly--first time going anywhere west of Pennsylvania. :lol: I don't get the chance to travel much. So you better believe I quickly grabbed this opportunity (along with Queen-Kitty, Mrs-Durden, and KovoWolf) to visit DeviantArt's headquarters and hang with staff for a few days to help collaborate and provide feedback on the "new" DeviantArt!
NEW DEVIANTART? What?! Yes! You gotta keep reading to get to the good stuff though.
I woke up at 4:00 am Sunday (yes, I was dead) and headed to the airport to catch my flight. The views from th
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 61 90
A little message for transgender people
Generally, I avoid talking about my life but I wanted to get this off my chest.
For people who are coming out as transgender. Please, be very patient and kind to anyone you inform about you being a transgender. Coming out as someone different than most others isn't about a war, it's about being in peace with yourself and others. If you are mean, they will believe that ALL people like you are mean people, and there is no reason to be friendly and supportive for people who are mean to you.
Remember that the human species is scared of any new topic. It's a self-defense instinct thing. I'm not saying transgender is a new topic, it's as old as sexuality and identity. It's "new" because only now we can finally talk about how we truly feel inside. We live in places where you don't immediately get executed for being different in the name of whatever gods are currently in the lead. The list of harmless things that you got executed for is long, so I will not get into it. There are still places l
:iconjwiesner:JWiesner 50 49
Draw My OC Contest! $350+ worth of prizes. OPEN!!
Hi everyone! I know I haven't been apart of the community for a long time but I've grown to love it quicker than I expected! 
I just love seeing the all different kinds of arts and cute babs OoO 
I've also met some really cool and sweet people on here they make me love art even more!!
That said I would like to host a Draw My OC Contest! It will last from until 09-22-2018, I will also be hosting a raffle thats worth 25 dollars if you enter! Just keep reading below :) 
I'm still working on the layout and everything for this contest so it will be under construction for a bit, but you can still enter if you'd like! 
You can note me if you have any questions! But please please please read all the information on this journal FIRST before doing so!
Two ways to win!
Can't draw? Or don't feel like using your creative senses? You can enter the raffle! I will talk more about it below!
How to enter and rules!
For t
:iconpufflin:pufflin 104 45
Your Handy Guide to All Pandoraverse Fics
Lots of people have expressed interest in reading my crummy pandoraverse fics, and I realized they can be hard to track down. Some are hidden in my deviantart stash, some are buried on my tumblr, some are written by other people-so I decided to compile a handy list of all available Pandoraverse fanfics, for your reading pleasure. Warning: Some are NSFW, and these will be appropriately labelled as such. Some of the older fics are a bit outdated in terms of canon-ness, but some have never been published before! There's an entire cavalcade of horse fics down below!
Master Pandoraverse Fic List

Star! Star! Fics by Me (Newest First):Star! Star! 
:iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 265 20
Public version of the Didnapper 2 Demo is out!
So, after a lot of testing, the alpha version of Didnapper is now ready for the public!
What it is
The Didnapper 2 Public Demo/Alpha is the prologue of Didnapper 2, now ready for the public to try out. It takes about 30 minutes to play through, and it should give an idea of what is to be expected of the rest of the game later.
Where to download

You can find the links and installation details on Itch:

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us out with donations and testing over on our Patreon!
Now, enjoy!
:iconthedidnappergroup:TheDidnapperGroup 51 53