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Sorry if this has inconvenienced anyone! 

You heard correct ladies and gentlemen!! I shall be hosting my very first contest!!
The subject you must draw? Well it is none other than the magnificent

:iconsparklyplz:LORD DEATHPAIN III:iconsparklyplz:

Now comes the challenge!! The goal for this contest is to:


The catch? 


(The only things you can choose not to include is the Scythe and/or wings)
That was the only rule! There are many ways to go about this! For example you could make him real
:iconneytirix:Neytirix 563 1,009
Signature/Banner/Tag/Edit Tutorials
For those of you starting out or just looking for new learning material here are some video tutorials I have made.
:iconentemberdesigns:EntemberDesigns 199 13
What Goes on in my Head Competition! (CLOSED)
Another competition whhhhat?! Hell yeah! So your task is to fill in the gaps on what goes on in your brain! Like the one I did in my Life of Ry - What goes on in my head

I have made a brain template, Click on it and check it out! 
You can either right click save that JPEG image, OR alternatively click on the download button, which gives you a 10MB PSD file, which has a base layer, base color layer, and a seperate layer just for the brain divider lines.
Some suggestions:
- Feel free to play around with the layers, for the character as long as the final image has a similar idea, I don't mind. You can add a hat on yourself if you like, you can add a beard if you have a beard, you can add long hair, you can even fursonafy yourself if you see yourself as not a human.
- For the words, you can either type it or write it, expand some thought areas, get rid of some
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 93 174

Woman by DPasschier
boat on the lake by 0RhpositiveThe feeling at the end of a perfect day by LordLJCornellPhotos
Lucia by JACACFrom My Son On Mother's Day! by RubyAngelEyesCentral Texas Sapphire by tellusamans
Sunshine by annakoutsidouGrand-Papa's love. Fortunat Rho and me (unedited) by awesome43There Must Be A Way by Earth-Hart

LaBenite Park by HippieVan57
Carolyn by PaolaCambertiConcern by DouglasHumphries
:icontigles1artistry:Tigles1Artistry 62 88
Learn about your OC Meme (200 Questions !)
I just thought of doing some Meme so people can shape their OC even more :la: Those are random questions that popped into my mind, so everything isn't in order uvu
1) Show us your OC! (In words or a picture)
2) Tell us about them (gender, height, weight, age/birthday, sexuality, personality,..)
3) What are their hobbies?
4) What are their backstory?
5) In what world/place do they live in?
6) Favorite color(s)?
7) Morning routine?
8) Favorite dish?
9) Favorite song?
10) Favorite movie?
11) Heart of stone or crybaby?
12) Early or late riser?
13) Morning Bird or night owl?
14) Fashion style? (In words, pictures or draw them!)
15) What do they smell like?
16) Left hand or right hand?
17) Do they have a power?
18) What kind of friend(s) do they like (personality)/have?
19) What are they looking in a lover (personality/body)
20) Do they have a lover?
21) Do they have a pet? Or more?
22) Aesthetic? (Words or pictures)
23) Would you be friends, strangers, lovers, family or ennemies with them i
:iconsmolsalty:SmolSalty 57 36
Hi guys! I am intensely sad to have stayed away from DA for a few days. Fortunately, I'm back now.
I'll be responding to everyone in the next few hours. If I owe you something, please send me a note so I can arrange everything.
I would never do anything bad to you.
to celebrate my return, I'll be making a 1 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP giveaway for 1 lucky people.
how to participate:
* favorite this newspaper (required)
* be a watcher of mine (required)
* post a journal on your profile, talking about and publicizing this giveaway (required)
* after doing this 3 steps, you're already competing to a free PM. 
How will I choose the winner? 
1. I will use to pick a random number
2. I will see who faved this journal:
3. it is a list. if picks number 10, the 10th person in the list is the winner. very simple
Good luck!!!!
:icon100millionpoints:100millionPOINTS 255 185
CR Update - The Summer Edition
Hello! There's been a lot going on and I wanted to share a few updates from the Community Relations Team :)
First off, The communityrelations group has been on hiatus and recently, under construction but will be relaunching very soon! So look forward to getting all your updates from our team there! We're very excited to get the group up and running again and reconnecting with our members :heart:
I also want to take this time to thank some of our former team members who terms have recently ended. Please join me in sending lots of love and admiration to kingmancheng. TimberClipse, Oughter, cinyu, and inprotest.  Thank you for being part of this wild ride with us :heart:
There will be new members of the team selected as I'm currently going through the vast amount of applications. We also recently updated the application to volunteer, which you can find
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 50 65
who like's discord ?
me and my boyfriend and his brother made a discord server 
we are trying to build a chill community
we focus mostly on gaming
but we have few chats that are not about gaming too
we also lissen if you have any suggestions about chats you would like to see on the discord server
so if you think you might wanna join
here is the link to the discord
:iconbrytestar:brytestar 114 8
draw my oc contest (100$ prize)
EDIT: ADDED ASH BECAUSE WHY NOT! Feel free to draw him as feral or anthro
Hello! I decided to hold another contest since I really want more pieces of my childs ;w; Hopefully a  lot of people will join it
How to enter
- Share this journal
- comment the advise of the journal below and that you want to enter it
- I will make a list of the people who wants to join
- fav this journal if you want
- you dont have to be a watcher !
- absolutly no bases allowed! Please be original 
- no NSFW please, I would feel uncomfortable ;;
- you can submit 3 entries max.
- everything art related is allowed (pixels, headshots, fullbodys;halfbodys, ...) , tho I would prefer fullbodys
- if you have any questions , let me know
- digital only please

You can choose between  Namjoon, Akaya, Ciel
(you can see their personalities in their description
If you are drawing Akaya and Namjoon togeth
:iconteashibe:teashibe 122 133
Summer Sports Festival - TEAM SORTING (OPEN)
Hello everyone! The time has come for the Chimereon group's second Seasonal Event!
We've been planning this bad boy since the beginning of May, so we're absolutely ecstatic to finally get it going!
You can aquire one through adoptions and the MYO Event (which will be closing in 3 days so BE QUICK!!)

Chimereons absolutely adore outdoor activities, so why not throw in a little competition?
This year's Summer Event we will be hosting a Sports Festival, a big event that gives the participants particular weekly prompts to draw and earn points that will contribute to their official Sports Team!
★That said, you have until JULY 1ST to apply for one of the teams★

Read the description of this post before
:iconchimereons:Chimereons 62 367
$100 Total in Prizes OC Contest! (OPEN)
New *EDIT: Qlaus's new custom outfit refs!:
(remember her headphones are blue bg with roses to match her pants! and pink roses in her glass hearts in her ears! link to custom
outfit is listed below!)

New *EDIT: And SaRangHae's custom ref is coming soon<3
New * EDIT: Please don't be offended if u don't win when i announce the winners next year right after i end the contest on Jan. 1st.

New * EDIT: I updated/added new art prizes and their examples from my awesome family members xD

New * EDIT: Please submit your entries as a deviation and not thru stash!
:iconbeautifulanddamaged:beautifulanddamaged 88 62
Meeting Tui/Questions Answered!!
Hi everyone!!!
I went to the Lost Continent Release party last night, and it was amazing!! There were so many people packed into the small bookstore. I met quite a lot of lovely young fans while drawing Darkstalker (Darkstinker? ;) ) with my iPad while we all waited to get our books signed, shoutout to you guys!!!
Tui was amazingly sweet, totally deserving of the fandom mom title, and it was really, really fun to talk with her, not to mention a great honor to talk to the creator of the world and characters we all know and love so much. I gave her a tote bag from Redbubble with my drawings of Blue, Luna, Sundew and Cricket (for some extra excitement while grocery shopping) and she was so sweet about it! I was like fizzing with excitement at that point XD I made myself dead last in the signing line so I could talk to her one on one, and we chatted for like 40 minutes while she signed extra books for the store to sell. 
She was so wonderful and it was very kind of her to answer
:iconbiohazardia:Biohazardia 90 60
Raffle winners announced!
edit: Thanks for everyone who entered the raffle!  As promised, the winners have been announced:
Still image: twitter user fluzzle_muzzle
Card: twitter user brevewastaken
Hey guys
I hope you like art and I hope you like raffles. Over the last few days (being eyeballs deep into a large private commission project)...
I hit 10,000 watchers here on dA and 2,000 followers on twitter near simultaneously. I originally was going to have individual raffles for each one but since it happened at the same time, let's just have one really large one shall we?
Before I get into the raffle specifics, I'm completely awestruck over the support you guys have shown over the years as I didn't think 10k was possible. As someone who just does things to their own rhythm instead of tons of fanart or anything lately, the fact you guys have continued to show so much interest and support since 2010 is staggering and I honestly can't thank you enough. It's a huge milestone and
:icondansyron:DanSyron 64 322
Any landing is a good landing
Last Saturday I went to The Barbican in London to an exhibition of photographs by Dorothea Lange. For those who don't know her work, she photographed the hardship endured by farmers and others in the dustbowl of America during the depression of the 1930s amongst many other things. It was an amazing collection of photographs and showed that the poor will always be those who suffer most. Something that has never changed. I am always looking for the right words to use when I want to say something and it doesn't always come easily to me. When I use a quotation from someone it is because they have managed to put into a few words something I wanted to express but they did it better. Dorothea said many things in her long life and she always knew how to cut to the chase. I always say you should live each day as if it was your last and she has been able to put that in a way I never could. 
" One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be struck blind. " Dorothea Lange
As some
:iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 58 35
SHAMELESS Finn/Odd Ship Fics

So after my last doodle dump of these idiot boys, I asked for ya'll to send me some shipfics of them, and ya'll delivered! I'm just gonna host em all in this journal. Ahh, most of these are NSFW, so be wary! To all my lovely guest writers, ya'll are amazing, and have won my love forever~
New!Star! Thunderous: A stellar fic by :iconsamalamb-bases:. Set in the anthroverse, NSFW. Finn is surprised when his less-than-subtle flirting pays off- but as nice as this is, he really wishes Odd could control himself long enough for them to find a nice horizontal surface. A desk will do in a pinch...
New!Star! Meet The Parents: Bruce and Stormy want to meet Finn's new boyfriend. Odd doesn't understand, haven't they all met before? SFW. Guest-written.
:iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 137 24
For fun, or... I dunno, because my mind is in a strange place at the moment, I thought that I'd compile some sort of "wisdoms" that I've thought and learned over time. Maybe they're good. Maybe not. I don't know. But they're generally advices that I've picked up, and tend to follow.
"Dig a pit when the tide is low" - it's a proverbial way of saying "figure out how to stop bad things before they happen; not while they're happening." For instance, if you want to stop the ocean from washing away your sand castle, the worst time to do it is when the tide has already come in. You can't prepare for everything, but there are plenty of things that you can predict and prepare for. "Give tomorrow what it is owed" - This is how I fight against procrastination. This mantra here. Basically, when I want to put something off, I ask myself - does tomorrow deserve this task? If the answer comes back "no" I usually do the task right there and then. This also works the other
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 61 22
::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
Draw a picture of your OC (or CC (Canon Character (EXCEPT THE MANE 6))) as a "Fallout (Equestria) Version"!
::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
Sunday, 26th August
Your picture has to be submitted after the 12th, July!
::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
Prizes - Donation Pool (OPEN)
100 USD

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
According to th
:iconestories:EStories 46 82
Best of the Week 163
Here is my selection of the best photomanipulations submitted this week on dA. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.

Tree Nymph by Nikulina-Helena Giorni di Visione Nera by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A
The falling sun by vimark
Wonderful Life by Alimera
The Raven by TatyanaChe Kingdom of the Dark Souls by adrianamusettidavila
Calling by EnchantedHawke Personal Trainer by no1intheworld
The Golden Court Series ***SOLD*** by FrostAlexis
Ellie by Darkraven002
:iconannewipf:annewipf 40 79
draw my oc contest [OPEN]
hi i was peer pressured into doing this love you @/cudlil 
sorry the prizes arent super extra i just wanted to host something cute n simple
anyways i hope 2 months is enough time for yall! ill try to keep this short:
september 14
• dont trace/steal someone elses art! ill find out 👀
• please no NSFW! i am baby
• any art is ok! pixel/traditional/digital/etc.
• you can enter as many times as you want, but you can only win once
•  bonus points if you draw couple/group art!
• you can draw them in different outfits/design new ones for them!
1st place
• 400 points or 1 month core
• 1 fullbody OR 1 chibi (your choice!)
• 1 halfbody
• 1 bust shot
• 1 page doll
• 1 fake 90s anime screenshot

:iconnemuiie:nemuiie 79 68
how do mary sues work?
ok, I have some sort of a silly rant thing that was goin on in my head for a while;
so we all hate mary sues right? they’re perfect in every way, they’re adored by everyone, they’re overpowered, overly cute, etc etc
well, why don’t we hate some of those overly adored anime characters, like, let’s say Kanna from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid for example?
she has all the characteristics of a mary sue and yet everybody loves her?
just sayin
:iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 56 74
Deviantart heard us - Updated
Update 6/25/2018: Hello everyone! I guess we won. Deviantart heard us and will make a feature for artists who joined to "Pacific Rim Uprising". Mostly there will be those who didn't get in semi-finalists. Thank you so much for all of your support and comments! Here is the message from Deviantart which I received:

Now about my problem with favs. No, I still can't use them. Technical support answered me yesterday and we just started to discuss it.
Stay tuned!
:iconera7:ERA7 111 227
Future Art of Always and Today(XII)
Hello everyone!Hi!

I want to pay tribute to the great artists, and their works both past and present,
all are wonderful and impressive, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.Heart

Dreamy by S-Lana
Land of UFO by Renata-s-art
Little fox and the flower by ElenaDudina
The elf and the owl by MelieMelusine
Universe by Ennya7
Secret Places by EnchantedWhispersArt
Firefly by KCsummerz
Pinkie by TinyTruc
Entomology - The dying light by JoeDiamondD
Arrival of the Beast T. Hayden by StarsColdNight
The Beauty Butterfly by annemaria48
The offering by ElenaDudina
Dreamy tree by Ellysiumn
Sea Princess by GjschoolArt
:iconcarmensarts:CarmensArts 41 37