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Farewell Stefan Karl Stefansson
Our heart goes out to the family of Stefán Karl Stefánsson, the actor of acclaimed Lazy Town figure Robbie Rotten.
He passed today after an aggressive battle with bile duct cancer. It's a loss for a good man who brought joy to children with his quirky character.
May his family find peace.
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NO ES MIO PRRO uwu ,c puede participar pos
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DC/Marvel news+more [21-08-2018] (Part 1)
Newsarama (DC): New cover for Electric Warriors issue 1 revealed. (
Newsarama (Marvel): New villain for Return of Wolverine revealed. (
Anime Mojo: Alice in Murderland to end. (
Anime Mojo: Berserk returns after a three-month hiatus. (
Comic Book (DC): New story trailer for Lego DC Super-Villains released. (
Comic Book (Marvel): New York Jets signs sponsorship deal with Marvel. (
io9: First trailer for Slice released. (
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Short hiatus
I'll be gone from 22 to 26th August :)
I might reply to some stuff but there will be no art!
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getting done tonight;
EXP pixel
couple cheeb
animated pagedoll
come chat i dont bite
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A new group whaaaaaat?
Hey guys. Not too long ago I started a group called firetypefans and I’m looking for a few people to join so if you’re interested join as soon as you can!
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Please notice.
I am no longer sending money through "Friends/Family" if I'm sending money for a commission/adoptable.
The converting fee's cost me way more than they should because i'm Canadian.
If I order a commission for let's say: $12USD. Paypal will ask me for an extra $4-$8CAD to convert the money into USD.
I won't even listen to you if you tell me to use "friends/Family"
This goes for Invoices as well.


I don't fucking care if this is pathetic or harsh.
Every artist knows how hard it is for converting money into Paypal,
I haven't seen a single one say to not use Goods/Services bc it'll kill the customers wallet if it's a large lump of cash.
I don't mind paying for extra fee's. However, I'd like those in their own invoice please.
If I get one complaint about "You're not respecting somebody's prices!" Or anything like it...
You're being fucking blocked. Nob
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lovely person needs money to take cat to vet
Commission her plz 
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Emergency Commissions!
Hey guys Din here. It's been a prrtty rough year so I apologise for not postong much here. For the most part I'm working on a big project with some commissions here and there so posts will still be a bit scarce. Right now however I need to help out a friend of mine in a situation.
If you can help at all or just want a commission please visit my Kofi page. I have tiers for commissions there and right now I really need the help! Again anything helps, please give me some time while I sort things out, thank you. -Mr.Din
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I made a music video
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OC Tag
Wow haven't done one od these in a while... Tagved by :iconDanielaDragonEXE:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 random facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creator's name/avatar.
1. She is a Virgo, she is very shy, and is a hard worker.
2. She is very smol. She is smaller than (my version) of Magolor. While he isn't the tallest among the group, she is one of the shortest. He is about 5'6" and she is a tiny 5'. (Technically she is 4' 11 1/2" but she claims to be 5'.)
3. Her magic is unlike any Halcandrian. She has healing magic. She can only, however, heal those who she bonds with, example, she so far has bonded with Mags, Kirby, and Meta Knight.
4. DON'T GIVE HER A MEAN LOOK! She will INSTANTLY start to cry. She is that sensitive. 
5. She was born in the Halcandrian Fall time.
6. She cannot stand loud noises
7. She is a rather light sleeper, you could just barely tap her and sh
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Collab with OHMYGOSHitsart
I made a collab drawing with OHMYGOSHitsart, please go tjek out the post she made with our drawing, and tjek her deviantart too, she makes great drawings :3
The drawing: Madoka Magica Collab w/ MidnightCynderDraws
Her deviantart page: OHMYSGOSHitsart
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Commissions 25% off, need vet money
I need to earn at least $50 to take my cat to the vet as the fucking minimum i can do, my parents arent pitching in and are pushing it on me to do this 
All of my commissions are 25% off and im willing to go down to 50% off each if you buy more than one 
please if you can help me get money to take my cat do the vet i would appreciate it, if you can buy then please spread this journal
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Needing some OC's by Melodyy
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i think this is a little stereotypical and it's most likely it'll say i'm a male but.. i've always thought i acted more like a guy so idk
Your boy side
[X] You love hoodies.
[X] You love jeans.
[/] Dogs are better than cats. (I actually like dogs and cats equally)
[/] It's hilarious when people get hurt. (It depends)
[X] You've played with/against boys on a team. 
[/] Shopping is torture. (It depends on where I'm shopping at, I usually don't mind shopping and in fact I actually think it's kinda fun in most cases but sometimes I hate it)
[/] Sad movies suck. (It depends on the movie, I usually like drama movies but I tend to prefer when they're also comedy films, idk)
[X] You own an X-Box. 
[X] Played with Hotwheels cars as a kid.
[ ] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.
[X] You own a DS, PS2 or Sega. (I have a PS3 and a PS4 if that counts, I also have a DS (I haven't played it in a long time though and like the only fun game on it is Mario))
[ ] You used
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open | GOD-LIKES-ME design for repurchase/trade
so I bought this boy on impulse,
and of course I still love him but the connection isn't quite as strong, plus I don't have any plans for him so rip :'[
purchased for $35, will take that or look at character trades!
here he is -
i'd post a thumbnail but stash is being dumb as fuck
note -
do not offer art!
i'm only looking for other GLM designs or monster-esque ones.
that being said, i'll still look at other characters, just know that I will be picky about them!
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Hey, I just wanted to make this to vent a little. I’ll delete later.
I don’t like myself. Not at all. Lately it’s been getting worse and worse and nothing is convincing me that I matter. I don’t want people to worry about me, I don’t want to spread my negativity onto anyone because it seems that’s all I do lately.
I try so hard to be happy all the time, I try to be a better person. Nothing changes. I act like a child in front of everyone, in the public when I’m supposed to be doing something fun, I get stares, strangers asking what’s wrong, and then being asked why I have to act like this all the time.
I don’t know why. I don’t wanna be like this, I don’t wanna be a burden, a child who cries at everything, who can’t handle one little thing going wrong. I don’t want to feel like no one cares about me, everyone gets offended when I say that and then they list small reasons that they do care that all seem to mea
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livestreaming comic process come join me! :D drawing the first page of my comic. 
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eeeh expenastions
sorry guys if it shoundly has been like i disephere from the face of dis site. the reason is that my orginal pc broke and takes a fucking looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to fix -.- i got my hand on a reserve pc. but still all of costume and Commission will be Down all from 1-3 weeks for i can start to do work on Custome am so sorry guys
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Help me get this babe!

I reallllllllly love #3 from here <3 ;w; 
I can offer a babe or two from here in exchange:
If youd like to help, I will love you forever ;w; <3 
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Tutorial ideas... would you be interested?

What do you think of this idea? Just something fun that I thought of. 
Would anyone be interested in learning from my experiences to draw different types of elements of a manga comic, learn how everything is working behind the scene to build everything up from the ground, Story line etc. or something else involving comic or digital drawing?
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New Books On The Shelf
I got some new books added to my shelf, since I am very picky with what I read, it is not so much.
L.Frank Baum - The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
William Shakespear - King Lear
J.R.R.Tolkien - The Hobbit
Celine Kiernan - The Wild Magic Trilogy Begone The Raggedy Witches
Karen M. McManus - One Of Us Is Lying
Bernard Cornwell - Fools And Mortals
Haruki Murakami - Desire (Read)
Henry Miller - The World Of Sex (Read)
Henry Miller - Tropic Of Capricorn
Henry Miller - Quiet Days In Clichy
Kiersten White - Now I Rise
Kiersten White - Bright We Burn
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