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If you had to choose one, which would it be?
Purely for scientific reasons....
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8 Facts About Dimitri
Tagged by: bumbum-sama (you tHOT)
Rules (aka shameless copypaste)
1. Post These rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your Character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about.
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.
Tagged Character: Dimitri, the smug Russian
1. He is a meme king and uses memes to hide his broken soul.
2. His accent gets thicker the more flustered and nervous he gets.
3. If he reaches maximum fluster and nervousness then he'll just completely revert to his native tongue to try and get out of the situation (if the other parties are English speakers)
4. He hates vodka but only drinks it for the meme. It basically acts as his "go-go juice" when he isn't memeing.
5. He would kill a commie for mommy without a second thought.
6. Humans scare the shit out of him.
7. His joints crack almost all the time while he walks at varying volumes.
8. The mountain that he works
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50 pt customs open 3/3

will accept art as well!
taking 3 slots
please use this vvv
color palette:
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I am back!
 Hello! its me, i have returned after a very long absence. my life got hectic busy since, how long has it been? 2016? i have no clue. lots of holidays and loosing jobs and moving houses, good stuff as well as bad. But since I am currently enjoying a month or so of unemployment I thought I would get back into the things that i enjoy. And that happens to be art! So i have come crawling back to you all.
Just in the process of clearing out my gallery, getting rid of some of my art and starting afresh! With that in mind, I won't be deleting any gifts or commissions or art trades with out peoples characters, however my adoptables may be deleted (at least the huge sheets of cheaper similar adoptables) so if you need to save anything I suggest you do so!
I cannot wait to spam you all again with my art.
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Shiping Meme
Stolen from PinkYazFlyChan
1. Name 10 of your favorite ships from 10 different fandoms
I'm only going to list canon and crossover ships.
1. Rarity (MLP) x Dragun Shot (DS59´s OC)
2. Tilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry (MLP)
3. Indoraptor x Blue (JW)
4. Vision (Marvel) x Arsty (Artsymlp12)
5. Jungle-Heart x Wildlife (OptimusV42´s OCs)
6. Discord x Fluttershy (MLP)
7. Leonardo (TMNT) x Twilight Sparkle (MLP)
8. Tarzan x Jane (Disney´s Tarzan)
9. Hiccup x Astrid (HTTYD)
10. Sorain x Rainbow Dash (MLP)
Feel free to steal this.
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A cup and a demon, part 4
 The demon's jaws clamped down and he tore the arm off, throwing it aside. Max yelped in pain and held the spot. His claws pressed into Max's belly, slowly cutting him open. Olivia took Max's lead and scratched behind the monsters horns. His grip tightened slightly, but he began to growl happily, closing his eyes in bliss. "G-good demon... Max, you ok?" "Other than my arm being ripped off and partially cut open? Yeah...perfectly fine..." The demon slowly got off and seeing what it did to clamped down on his throat and he yelped in pain and surprise. "Hey! No you freaking don't!" She picked up her gun but stopped short...
  His stomach slowly healed closed and his arm regrew. When the demon took his fangs out he licked the bite wound, healing it close. "What the heck did you just do?" Slowly his ink dripped off and he became normal. "I healed him...I'm really sorry I hurt you..." "My name's Maxibon, What's yours?" "Inktech." "I'll call ya In
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Blue Lantern VS Von Blitz Ch 8: Change isn't Real
*January 22, 2030**Outskirts of Lost Shine City**12:45 a.m.**Heavy Fog, raining* 
Maddy Coldhaven- *Just slaughtered three agents with as the rain washes away the blood on her katanas and her grey, ripping skin* These men have fallen to scorned blade of war. As they died, they clang to their false sense of justice. Why did they still want to show their pride? This is a mystery we will never solve...
*Jason, Cerberus, T.Congo, Gelli, and Congo Riverside jump from a helicopter* 
Jason Coldhaven- Those were three of my agents ya just killed... How many more Maddy? 
Maddy- Only until justice for my lord comes to- 
Gelli- WHAT JUSTICE?!?! Just because she lost a scuffle between Congo doesn't mean anything to create thousands of deaths! 
Congo- It's not that... *Walks up* Maddy I get... How Levi's family was killed... I-It wasn't right what happened to her family... or yours. However... You don't have to carry out her sick orders! She's tearing ap
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Random Featured Artist 5
Deviant Art Random Featured Artist's
Never Underestimate The Artist Within You.
:star: Random Featured Artist's 5 :star:
:iconDARKfantasyART: :iconDeath-Row-Inmates: :icondA-Morgue: :iconEerie-and-Enchanting:
We need to take our time out, and recognize other artist's who create works that inspire us all.
  She got her revenge by eWKn   Snow Serpent by MinnaSundberg
The Heart of Everything by JaiMcFerran   Venus by EstherPuche-Art   Final by NaouriRedouane1998
Sunset Colors by makiskan   A Cambio de la Ofrenda - Salones del InfiernO by vampirekingdom   Inspiring Angel by 000Fesbra000
are those bears? by DemonML   The Marquis by kimsol   Lemmy Kilmister by Kronteisdrawing
Lost in the Light by nikwat   Apparition by jflaxman   Hunter by SolitudeSkinnyScars
Lost by Lora-Vysotskaya   Teardrop City by Hermetic-Wings   Megan by ManiaCanterville
[ OUTSIDE ] by zero-scarecrow13   Pray by FishBarbee   Alm and Celica - High School Version by Ryo-Suzuki
All Of You Are Artist's That Deserve Feature
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Selling Imports - Seraph, opal, semis
Selling some imports im not so connected with. 
Will look at
Non ARPG art (quality) 
Import / genom Trades
Seraph min 400$ | Opal Min 400$ 
The fallowing i will entertain swaps on. This is tentative and unlikely, but i may be surprised.
For the fallowing im only looking for Import / geno swaps! 
   'Too 6807 by Reos-Empire
8 mark chimera | 6 Mark SC | 5 Mark Opal (paramount) | 6 Mark SC
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Ask Axl Revamped (Maybe)
I'm thinking about doing more Ask Axls
What do you guys think?...
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Customs Checklist for 2019
I set myself a goal a little bit ago. That goal was to complete twenty-one customizations of my Transformers toys before the end of 2019. I consider this achievable, assuming I don't get distracted by real life or by other projects. And I figured, why not put up a checklist?
:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: - Nothing's done for this custom.
:star::star-empty::star-empty: - Materials are gathered for this custom.
:star::star::star-empty: - Materials have been added to toy for custom.
:star:[Star!][Star!] - Custom is complete and photographed.
Batch One - In Progress
PotP Rampage - [Star!][Half Star][No Star] (Parts added, awaiting new sticker sheet)
PotP Divebomb - [Star!][Half Star][No Star] (Parts added, stickers to be applied)
PotP Headstrong - [Star!][Half Star][No Star] (Parts added, stickers to be applied)
PotP Tantrum/Torox - [Star!][Half Star][No Star] (Parts added, stickers to be applied)
PotP Razorclaw - [Star!][Half Star][No Star] (Parts added, stickers to be appl
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War Wine Patreon Updated!
I've restructured my tiers for the WarWine Patreon - better dollar value and rewards have been implemented as of today!
Enjoy War Wine? Want to support me and the ride through Eibolen? Become a Wine patron and receive sneak peeks of the story, HQ artwork, editing services from yours truly, free prints, and more! Swing on by to take a look!
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I got tagged hhhhhhh
Tagged by MeloScribbles!
1.- What's your favorite artist?
@/ameraxi or @/mickeycraft392
2.- What inspires you to make your art?
Music, mostly music and the though of improving my crap.
3.- If the 11-year-old you meet you today, would she/he proud of you today?
Possibly? She probably thought I'd overdose on drugs by now...THAT WAS ONLY 2 YEARS AGO, what the heck!?
4.- Coffe or tea?
I can't choose... I love both!
5.- If you where a tree, what would be? oak, ig?
6.- Bugs or animals?
7.- Favorite color? 
Purple most likely, it's why Sinister is mainly purple:

8.- Oviparous or Viviparous?
9.- Favorite animal?
10.- If you could meet a fictitious person, who would be? 
Ooh...interesting. Umm, I would say someone from TMNT, but thinking of them IRK is pretty terrifying... So I guess Shawn or Gus from Ps
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[SALE] Hyacinth Roundbeak Gryph/Cake Vayron
Got one of these in my bank I don't think I'll use

Offer USD, training set(s) or pretty genos
(Reluctant on the genos. Must have AT LEAST 1 uncommon marking, 1 uncommon trait, and 6+ markings)
Imports will only be considered if they are designed by Eternityspool or Cakeindafridge/Cakeoutofdafridge
And this boi I bought but due to him having no PSD, I can't do much with his design ;v;

LF: USD, art, other Cake designed vayrons
Again, he has no PSD so what you see is what you get, unless you Do-Over everything.
Also, his tracker lost some images due to some people deleting them so he has less CP than required to be recognized:
[WoR] Ares 4136 Tracker
But he has been updated to recognized anyway.
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i gotta tag some gays so
NanuxBoo IAmACrazyRedHead 
Im sorry for the random ping but hi
now lemme join
:iconpla3ma-pixels13:pla3ma-pixels13 1 1

...Yep, this is as much of a peek as ya'll gonna get ;)
I wonder who's fighting who...?
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Poll Results and 2/23/2019 Stream
The appointed time has come, so it's time to look at the polls...
With only a one-vote lead, the next game I'll be streaming is Digimon Story Cyberslueth- Hacker's Memory.  This should be interesting. :)
Given that this game is an RPG, this one will likely take a while, so  I may have to make a few changes for how I stream this one. We'll see how things go tomorrow night.
When?  6:30 PM Eastern time
Where?  Here-
For those who voted, thank you for doing so, and I hope to see you all join in on the hijinks and adventures to be had. For those who did not, you'd be welcome to watch, all the same.
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Art Trades ( Open )
Practicing my cartooning style & decided to open some AT slots. 
These will be either bust shots // 3/4 Shots - female characters only.
( Might take Males Charas if design is interesting !!! ) 
Must be at my skill level to qualify. 
:iconshea-hime:Shea-Hime 0 0

Look at how cute they are, go make some!!

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fly away
i just want to have this meomry on the internet forever,last year i lost 3 very inportent members of my life,my grandad,my bird,and my oh so loved dog,my grandad was a great guy,he was sweet,kind,and funny,althought he wasent always the best,he was scceary when he raised his voice,and very strong,but deep down he was just a softie,i love him very much,and the way he died,was not a good one,he diserved better,and he was better,but hes in a better place now,my bird lemon,she was sick from the start,she never looked good,but i gave her a good life,with friends and family,love and care,she will never be forgotton.i love you lemon,you will be missed,and tank the dog,he was such a good boy,much diffrent to every other dog,he was always happy,no matter what,he never let enything drag him down,he was a sweet heart,i love him so much,the way he died was not a good way to go,no matter what,he was to young,and he should have gone a more peace full way,it hurts me thinking about the fact it has to
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So I'm Part Of A YouTube Channel Now...
You read right, I'm part of a YouTube channel with an old friend of mine! A channel known as "Grim Gaming Network".
Here's the link if you'd like to check us out play to the best of our abilities: Grim Gaming Network Channel
Follow us on Facebook if you'd like, or Twitter as well for updates:

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