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Parasplicer Tracker - #200 Aquatic Maiden - Sloan
Masterlist and Current Reference:
Character Information
Name: Sloan
Owner: Samoria
Age: ??
Height: 141cm/4ft 7.5in
Species: Parasplicer
Type: Annunaki Parasplicer w/ Coloured Eyes, Gills Mutation
Passive Bonus: Can shapeshift (or partially shapeshift) into their corresponding splice-specialty, can do Ally Trial straight-away
City of origin:

Creation information: Flat Sale
Designer: Kandy-Cube
Former owners: None
Artwork of Sloan
Ranks and Stats
Political status: Peasant
0 Peas = Peasant
100 Peas = Commoner
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Genovia Homestuck AU
lol just somethin about the Homestuck AU we're making.. It's in my other account KnightandMage if you wanna read it. That's all!!
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I'm bored. :3
Copper: (at the park) *swinging on da swing*
Coco: *climbing a tree *
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Hate being dirt poor. Found a perfect Class B RV that would give me independence for less then $8,000 in my county. Guess what? I have no 💰. Loath being this poor, but when no one will hire me in this god forsaken county…..
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that Sponge does Plunge Experience:
Script: When I have finished the script, I thought: "Oh yeah, this is cool, like, it's gonna be 30 seconds or so..." Uh... I have 0 Self-Confidence in grammar and vocabulary... So i'll always be worried about... It's, kinda hard to explain...
Voice Act: Oh my Spongy, ok, yeah, Voice Acting is fun to do... Like, really, REALLY fun to do... But, (repetitive content right  here), I have 0 Self-Confidence in grammar, vocabulary and in..... Accent! You see, maybe you know, maybe you
don't know, but i'm from Serbia... And... yeah it's nothing like English... So, I'm learning British in my school...
But, (not to be rude), I kinda hate- I mildly dislike British Accent... So, i'm doing my best at American Accent, it's super
good! Oh yeea, maybe you can hear it, or maybe you can't, but my OWN PERSONAL accent™ is a mix of British and  American so  it sounds super silly... lol
Animation: Oh boi, animation! nothing to say about it... it was kinda hard animating this
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I'm going back to the U.S for a two month holiday so I won't have the chance to work on my stock textures :(
Unfortunately that means there won't be anything new for a while but please continue to watch me and view, share, like and use my textures because I will be back! 
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Waste of time and money
There was someone who's art I've loved for quite some time. Though on the expensive side, I wanted to commission them so I could get a nice gift for someone. I bookmarked the prices page to keep track. When I finally saw I almost had enough, I decided to follow.
Not ten minutes into following, and I see an update talking about selfies don't class ad art, i.e. my selfies. It can be, but whatever. So for a long time, I didn't know anywhere I could post them just to show friends on Fimfiction. I'm not the smartest at this stuff, so I found here was the best option. But because I've done that, I've had the piss taken out of me.
Okay, seems I only want it for attention, sure. Yes, I hate myself, so I have to upload pictures for just the sole reason for people to notice me.
I've spent almost five months saving up for this, but I couldn't give a shit now. If I'm going to be judging by the first greeting, I'll just fuck off and commission someone who isn't so nitpicky.
Really stressed and had
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raffle winners!!
please note me within a week! If you dont, the place below you will take ur place. (basicaly if u were 1st place 2nd place would be now 1st place, 3rd place 2nd place, and the 3rd place will get a new winner idk i hope it makes sense)
FIRST PLACE(fully shaded drawing with a background + a custom design)
SECOND PLACE(a sticker like fullbody)
THIRD PLACE(a simple headshot)
also sory for the inactivity jgndfjs ive been drawing less and when i do theyre just doodles rip... also i dont find drawing animals as fun anymore ashajgk i hope u guys are fine with that
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Click Here for Sell Home
Sell home means selling property which is your earned money and which is going into the hammer. Just sure about getting the right price for the home you are going to sell.
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I do commission art!  :3
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Commission slots open
YO I might be going to Kumoricon at the end of Oct I just need money for my Kumoricon ticket and so I am taking in slots and I don't want to over draw on my account when I order the ticket and better safe then sorry. they are $10 line work and coloring only and if you want an extra character it will be a extra $1  and I am some what getting comfy in taking soft NSFW art in anthro/furry or human. Just dm me if you are interested and I do have some rules I will give you them when you dm me of what you want I will also dm you my paypal name once you have decided. if you cant do comission I do except Coffee tips~ I will draw you a thank you sketch~ 
my kofi-
Example of what I can do 

thank you for anybody who shares or takes a inte
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June Fornlee DTA/COMTA Winners!
The votes are in, thank you all for your patience! We really enjoyed seeing everyone's creative interpretation of the prompts!
Onto the winners!
Winner is bisqitsu !

Winner is Nerdeerific !

Congrats to you both!
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how can i get myself writing again?
There's a lot of stuff I can write stories on, Dragon ball fighterz storyline from the perspective of the soul/player, jurassic world evolution on a visit to one of the islands. alternate timelines of Squama, what do you think?
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Surprise Raffle
so i have been getting great support from u guy all along. So just want to give some chance for who want me to draw something for them~~ 
The rule is simple
1. Comment in the comment section below.
2. I will give u number accordlingly.
3. I will choose 3 winners by using random number generation.
The reward is : torso Up portrait of any chracter u want.
And good luck guy! Will choose winners the next 2 weeks. Hope u ll join and have some fun~ thanks for all the support. Please continue to do so. hehe
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Art Fight
There's a chance that I'll be needing surgery sometime during this event but I really wanted to attempt it this year. Still fixing up the characters I wanna use but for the most part I believe I'm all set up!! Feel free to follow!
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New Account
 I'm no longer active on Jokeye. If you want to see my new artworks make sure to go over to
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Devious Journal Entry
🔓single or taken? Taken
🅰full name? Ariana layloni plague (alo)
😏nickname? Alo  ari-chan kohai
🔋battery percent? 15
😌iphone or android? Android
📲last person texted? Whitney
🎉birthday? May 16
❤️something I love? Dance musicals art my gf..
👌someone I trust? Alex Alex and whit
🎧last song I listened to? Body gold
🎨 favorite color(s)? Purple
🎬favourite movie(s)? Cat returns, LA LA land
🙇best guy friend(s)? Alexander alexandro
💁best girl friend(s)? Alex hannah
👪number of siblings?11
🙋 height ? 5'5
😂am I the jealous type? Extremely
👀 current mood ? Wall
This will be pasted in the comments...✔✔💯
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Najlepszy Iphone 6
Poszukujesz wyjątkowego telefonu, który umożliwi Ci nie tylko dzwonienie do bliskich Ci osób, ale także dostarczy rozrywki? Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z możliwościami najnowszego telefonu Iphone 6, który cechuje się nie tylko niesamowitym designem, ale również o wiele większą wydajnością od swoich poprzedników. Iphone 6 to telefon, który posiada bardzo dobrą baterię umożliwiającą Ci bardzo długi czas użytkowania. Zapoznaj się już dziś z możliwościami- Iphone 6 znajdziesz na Ceneo w najlepszej cenie. 
#iphone6 #najlepszy #promocje
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Buy Dog Flea Spray For House Online At Lowest Pric

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Ketakutan Lore and Info - under construction
Ketakutan are a closed species (meaning you can not make your own) created by AUBEARGINE.
Ketakutan, often shortened to Keta, are a very anti-social race of undying monsters, seeking love.
They come from planet Kurakara, but can be found anywhere.
They are monsters that feed off of negative emotions and are typically embodiment's of phobias or disorders.
(please, avoid being offensive or crude, disorders are a very sensitive subject)
Ketakutan are unable to be touched by anyone other than their lover, as any physical contact with other living beings causes severe physical pain, and causes a red, bubbly rash like wound to appear where one has been touched
Ketakutan have no need to wear clothing as they have no genitalia, yet can wear clothing if they wish
If anyone attempts to touch a Ketakutan in a way that the ketakutan does not want, the toucher will burn, bubble, and melt to death.
They can only be seen by a select few of other species, and can become invisible at will, or visible
:iconthe-ketakutan-closet:The-Ketakutan-Closet 0 1