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I'll give this a try (MLP NEXT GEN REQUESTS)
So before I go to bed, I've decided I'm going to taking MLP Next Gen requests. However I have a few things you should read before you request. Although I feel a little nervous doing this, I really do want to do this. So I'm going to give this a try. I at least want to try to do one. If I even get any.
~ At the moment, I will not be doing dragon-pony hybrids or any hybrid ships. (I do not mean unicorn x pegasus or anything like that. I'll do that. But I mean pony x nonpony.) I just do not feel comfortable doing those just yet, but I'll definitely let you know if I do get comfortable.
~ I will only be doing one or two requests at a time. This is so I don't get too stressed out. If I feel I'm able to do more at a time, I will take on more. However, this is only when I feel comfortable.
~ Max of ten next gens per request. (Again, this is so I don't get too stressed out, but if I get more comfortable, I'll take more per request.)
~ Yes, you m
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Commissions OPEN
So I have no idea how DeviantArt works, but I'm opening commissions.
Here are a few examples of my work:

So now that y'all know what you're getting yourselves into, here are the prices:
Line art: $3.00. (Extra characters are each worth $1.00)
Flat Color: $5.00. (Extra characters are each worth $1.00)
Comic: $10.00. (3-5 panels. Probably max 2 characters per panel. Maybe 3 if they're really easy to draw.)
I only accept PayPal. 
I'm not really cool with backgrounds, so I'll keep 'em simple. I also won't charge you until I've actually done the work. I made sure this isn't too pricey since I'm no Picasso. I want everyone to get their money's worth. Seems fair, right? If I don't respond, it's probably because I don't want to juggle too many commissions. Don't be surprised if I PM you like 8 months later to ask if you're still down for the commission. Receiving n
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Sometimes it seems so strange to write, draw or create something... because at some point along the line I stop cold and think, Wow, this is something that hasn't been written before... Something that probably won't be if I don't do it... It's a very strange feeling...
IDK That just hit me when I was writing, 'Just your problem pg 3' 
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iPad 2 Repair Kuala Lumpur
The company that delivers the highest quality iPad repair services, based on the favourable opinions of a lot of people, is iMalaysian. Their area of expertise is in both the restoration of hardware and software. High skill and long experience is required to repair the servicing of iPhones and iPods and this is what the company has.
For your information, we do have a branch for the below location:
Petaling Jaya – eCurve [HQ]!
Lot 1-29, First Floor, eCurve,
No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603-7733-4323
Kuala Lumpur – Mid Valley MegaMall [KL]
NP1-005, Level P1 North, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2202-0057
Putrajaya – IOI City Mall [PUTRAJAYA]
L2-70A, 2nd Floor, IOI City Mall,
lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City,
62502, Putrajaya.
Tel: +603-8957-0057
Gurney Plaza – Penang Island [Northern HQ]
170-03-42, 3rd Floor,
Gurney Plaza,
Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown,
10250, Pen
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A Very Special Announcement!
So, Today is March 19th, 2018. (depends on when you read this)
Why is this date significant?
2 years ago on this very day, I bought A wii U and I offically joined miiverse and started my social life here on the internet!
To celebrate I will be holding an Art Contest!
The winner gets a follow/shoutout and fanart of your Original Character from yours truly!
(originally I was supposed to have this on the 7th, but I didn't finish Issue 5 of Insert Title here yet)
#1. You must be a fellow follower/friend of mine to participate. If you haven't watched me yet but you enjoy my art and want to join the contest, watch me!
#2. You must draw the following: Me (my persona), Some or all of my Pokemon OCs, including my Pokesona, Or Mark, Drew, and Pen from the insert title here comic I work on.
#3. No fetish art/ NSFW artwork allowed. Please guys, keep this clean for the kiddies-
#4. You must leave the following in your entry for this contest: #deevsartc
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I want to change my username.
To Megami
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Rip me, the filthy sinner haha
creepypastamother is pulling me further into Shipping Hell
i'm never gonna be able to get out lmao
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I'm OK!
I want to stab myself.
But I'm safe. ;)
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An Urge to Return
It's hard to put down humble beginnings. DA's one of those nostalgic places from my early internet days that I passively lurk nowadays. Logging in and out, just to see what's going on in my inbox - amidst the gust and cobwebs. I'm gonna make an effort to post more often though, at least as far as posting artwork to my gallery. Consider an impulse to creep back into a former home or a childhood hangout spot. Either way, I've got plenty to share, so I'll be sure to spread some of that love here as well.
Btw, for anyone who's curious, I'm also on the links below, too:
And I also have a web comic on Tapastic here (which is sporadically updated. :P):
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Watch The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) Online
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Nuevo OS:La visita de Darcy/NewOS:Darcy's Visit
Una historia que quizas los llene de mucha azucar, portagonizada por la tierna Darcy. Espero les guste.
A story that perhaps fills them with a lot of sugar, portrayed by the tender Darcy. I hope you like it.
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new su court!! thing!!! group!!!
i made a court group!
the court focuses on food-themed gems! i dont know what else to say so if ur interested hop on in! 
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Yeah, I wanna apologies for all my late work. I know a lot of you guys have requested some stuff from me and I haven't quite gotten it all finished between school and emergency commissions for a friend. But I will try to get those posted asap.
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h e l p
help i accidentally turned off the mature content filter h e l p . . .
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Um, hi. yeah, it's been awhile since I posted here, Sorry. but I just wanted to ask if there is an actual FREE AND EFFECTIVE ANTIVIRUS in existence? my family's always used "Avast!" so I fucking downloaded it just now. and on the site it was like "AVAST! IT'S A 100% FREE ANTIVIRUS!". so i was like "Cool, its free", downloaded it and scanned my computer hoping to get rid of any junk that's inhibiting its performance and upon hitting the big green "Resolve" button I was immediately prompted to select a subscription package in order to proceed. fucking seriously, is there an ACTUAL free antivirus that's good at just removing Trash from your computer? my computer's fine, but the performance is a little slower than usual lately so I just wanted to clean it the fuck out. what do i Do. there has to be a way to clean out my goddamn computer without entering my credit card number into some program.
Why are they advertising it as "100% Free" when it's literally Not
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So I think you all deserve an explanation...
1. Who are you and how did you get into my house?
I'm PornograpytManifesto. I'm also Yaroslava. Or I'm Yaro. Or Jaro. I'm also a grill. And on weekends I'm Gordon Ramsay.
2. What's with your name?
I was supposed to be "ThePornographistManifesto" but that was too long. Then I accidentally left the "pyt" bunched together at the end. So now I'm an incorrect grammar.
Yaroslava isn't my real name, this is an alias. I chose a name I liked with the help of a friend because I do want to maintain a certain degree of anonymity here. Because of the stuff I’m writing, it could hurt me if it was linked back to my real identity.
3. Dost thou RP?
No. I don’t RP with someone unless I know them REALLY well. As it stands, that applies to my boyfriend and a few friends. Unless you’re secretly my best friend from grade 2, we’re not gonna RP. Sorry.
4. Dost thou taketh requests?
For now, yeah. Once I start doing this for money that will end.
5. What
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New Works To Come Soon!!
Stay tuned guys, i know its been a while.
Life gets in the way sometimes you know?
But I promise I will have new art uploaded soon!!!
Stay tuned guys! :)
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What I'm working on, Entry #1
I suppose that I should start using this for keeping people updated on what I am working on! Progress is often times slow going for me, but I am working on trying to get faster.
Actively Working on Drawing:
*Luan Loud
*Lana Loud
*Lola Loud
*Star Butterfly
To-Do List:
*The rest of the Loud sisters
*Lincoln Loud (At some point!)
*Wholesome TLH fanart
*More Lucy Loud!
*My future mascot
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I've got 700 points people!
I need one for this group! >>>
I'm thinking of having something like :iconmels-court: or kind of like :iconsaint-diamonds-court:??? (really like your court btw)
Pixel only!
Show examples! No paypal!
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It came ITs on and I LOVE IT!
My XP-PEN Artist 22E came.... Friday a full three days sooner than expected. I minded some of the warnings about it. like it doesn't come with all the right cables... My Dad had spares. I downloaded the most current driver ONLINE, and it installed about as easily as a you could want. A few minor adjustments later and...
I need to get a keyboard tray, so I can place the 22E where I want and need it to be, but that aside...
It goes to work Monday. Right now I'm just getting acquainted with it.
That all digital drawing age is finally coming to me. I hope.
I'll still draw with pencil. But inking and all else will be much less likely if impossible going on.
Sorry for all the delays this things should make it absolutely worth it. Especially you Star.
And Yes, I was stupid enough to get the extended warranty. But if you are using the thing for work you make sure you can service,fix,replace the bloody thing beyond your normal 90-day warranty.
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what a time to go back to this meme
stolen from :iconeclirra: (dunno where they got it)
OC: R.A.H.
[X] They have a rare hair/fur colour (green)
[] Their eyes are an unusual colour
[] This happens to be red
[] Their eyes change colour
[] (if a female) they have large boobs 
[] (if a male) they are very muscular
[] They are very attractive to the opposite/same gender 
[X] They have lots of friends/no friends (from one to the other)
[] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet
[] They have a guardian spirit 
[] Some part of their body glows
[] They are emo/cutesy
[] They have wings 
[] They always dress like a certain 'label'
[] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga
[] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear
Subtotal: 2
[] They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth
[] They have an evil nemesis
[] Who is their sibling
[] They are from a very poor/lowly family
[] They are from a very rich/royal family
[] They don't kno
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No Place to Call Home
I'm going to be moving again soon, hopefully for the last time. A few weeks ago I got a text message from my property management company, saying my apartment was going to be listed as available and they were going to start showing it to potential tenets. When I called them and asked what was going on, the person I spoke with said that back in November a letter was sent to me asking if I wanted to renew my lease or not, and since I didn't give an answer it was assumed I didn't want to. Well, for one thing, I have no memory of getting the letter (and I open all my mail). And for another, I signed the lease for this apartment on August 1st, for an entire year, so back in November, when the letter was supposedly sent, I had only been living here for three months and had a whole nine months left to go. Which seemed really premature to me. I talked to a few friends of mine who either rent now or have rented, and they all agreed that that was weird and ridiculous. I looked over my lease again
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