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ily + i made a 800 pt. raffle giveaway! (OPEN)
Hi!! I'm just really really really thankful for everyone who supports me ; v ;
I guess this could be a 1.8k watcher special but it's not! It's just a thank you!
The prize for this raffle is 800 Points ! I know it isn't a lot but eE
How to enter:
-Share this journal (oops I sound cliche)
-Comment here linking to wherever you shared it!
Get more tickets:
-Tell me your favorite piece of art of mine +1 ticket
-Tell me your favorite OC of mine and why (Ash, Herobrine, Nightshade are not OCs) +1 ticket
-If you have commissioned me in the past, you get +1 ticket for every commission you link to (Any kind of paid art counts)
-+1 ticket
if you watch/are watching me (MasterRJ made me do this hng)
Giveaway ticket s
:iconashwhisker-draws:Ashwhisker-Draws 25 131
Convergent Evolution
:iconagentlemanscientist:aGentlemanScientist 11 8
:iconmklier:MKLier 8 12
TF2 Analysis: While the Finn's Away...
When the Finn is away, order becomes astray, and things fall apart at the seams.
Written by finnthepony17 
Audio edited by me ^^ and DaWillstanator 
Video edited by TyandagaArt 
Additional artwork by Lister-Of-Smeg 
Featuring: finnthepony17, CosmicChrissy, DaWillstanator, Sweetie-Bloom, joshscorcher, DRWolf010, Lightning-Bliss, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, henmo24, GoldenFoxDA, MLP-Silver-Quill, Mad--Munchkin, InkRose98, and Eliyora 
Also be sure to check out this fun tie-in comic ^^ 
:iconjasperpie:JasperPie 7 5
useful/lazy back to school tips (NOT life hacks)
for me school is starting in less than 2 weeks so figured you guys might benefit from some tips ive learned throughout the years!! this is mostly for high school but im sure they can be helpful elsewhere too.
hate studying? pay attention in class. i cant stress this one enough. dont sleep and don't doodle. unless you're done with all work pay attention to what the teacher is explaining. if you retain it during class you won't have to study (as much) later
ask your teacher if something stumps you. not only do teachers love it when students are engaged like this, but it also helps you! before resorting to private lessons and tutors make sure to try to get some insight from your teacher first, especially in math. i'd always ask my math teacher stuff before class and he ended up showing me helpful tricks that he hadnt shared with the class!
maintain good relationships with your teachers. even if you absolutely hate them, try your best to remain respectful. their job is
:iconparrotte:parrotte 21 9
School Daze | My Little Pony: FiM Reviews
I know some of you know already, but it's still necessary for me to share this here.
Thumbnail art by :iconklarapl:
:icongoldenfoxda:GoldenFoxDA 6 9
Watch thus video, and I’m pretty sure many of you people no longer wonder trades before this happened, is because some evil hearted person who lack of resoect towards version/formal compacity logic nammed Mistuki TV who has gained exploit to harm the player’s gen 7 games.
 I have no Idea how it happened, but Mitsuki TV somehow got the Zeraroua to wonder trade to become a glitch Pokémon for the Sun/Moon games, waiting to corrupt the players file.
So trainers out their who has only Sun/Moon, DO NOT GO ON WONDER TRADE EVER AGAIN!!! (Even or unless you have Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.)
:iconpikafan09:Pikafan09 6 5
Something, extremely, important
I know that Sean's back and this is important in its own right. But something else is happening. I don't care what happens, I feel like everyone should know about this.
CJ, or CartoonJunkie, is back and they still support Septiplier. This by itself isn't bad, you can ship whatever you want. But they way they do? You do not do that. CJ is going to try and draw Septiplier the way that Sean and Mark THEMSELVES have said they are NOT comfortable with.
Unfortunately, CJ is not a good person, and they are not a part of either Sean nor Mark's communities. She has targeted, harmed, and made fun of Sean and Mark, claiming that Mark's charities are just to make himself look better. This is not at all true, and I personally will not put up with it. But I won't do anything bad to them.
This year, Sean made the PMA movement, something that everyone can take part of, and that we can all enjoy. I will stand by what PMA and what Sean stand for. I won't try to cause harm to CJ, they can do whatever the
:iconnightfuryobsessed:NightfuryObsessed 11 1
S8 MLP Episode List -- [More Episodes Added!]
Arrow left Arrow left List will be updated as new episodes are announced.
  Season 8, episode 14
Air Date: August 4th

A Matter of Principals
When Twilight Sparkle leaves Starlight in charge of the School of Friendship, Discord is frustrated he wasn't picked for the job, and he does his best to make Starlight's new role impossible.
  Season 8, episode 15
Air Date: August 4th

Hearths Warming Club
A pank-gone wrong ruins Hearth's Warming Eve preparations, and while Twilight tries to figure out which of her students is behind it, the students bond over shared memories of home.
  Season 8, episode 16
Air Date: August 11th

Friendship University
When Twilight discovers there's another school of friendship, she and Rarity go to investigate and are shocked to discove
:iconshutterflyeqd:ShutterflyEQD 12 9
July 20th 2018 Preview:
:iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 6 7
HAPPY DAY FRIEND :happybounce:
I just wanted to wish you a happy day to my deviantart friends, even though only here we communicate, for me it is very important
I usually respond late because I have many things to do, I dont stop for most of the day except the weekends, I only do the basics and I have all day free
I know very well that '' luispapu '' did something similar, but he did it for his first year in deviant art, and I am doing this for the friend's day, and to avoid problems, I asked him for permission, thank you very much luis ^w^
Happy day to:
you are very special to me, I remember when we met, I like to do rp's with you, you are great, understanding and good traditional artist, I do not say it as cheap alavo, I really think so, happy day
You are very nice, when I met you, it was great to talk to you, I saw that you liked pvz and kirby, I used to be a pvz fan, I won all the achievements, I still like it, but as you already know, I'm a
:iconcristianthefox:CristianTheFox 6 12
SDCC 2018: New Swimsuits for SFVAE

Ice Queen Kolin finally gets a sexy, barefoot swimsuit!
At the currently ongoing San Diego Comic Con there was an apparent Streetfighter/Fighting Game Panel which was pretty lackluster- no big reveals except maybe the Voldo reveal for SoulCalibur VI. But something was revealed for SFVAE- SWIMSUIT COSTUMES! Yay. LOL
Yep, several of the female fighters of SFVAE will be getting swimsuits 'soon'- what soon means is as yet unknown. But well, its something. Pics were posted on Twitter, but I can talk about them right here. The fighters getting new outfits are Menat, Juri, Kolin, Sakura and Falke.
Now, as typical with officially-released outfits from Capcom, the swimsuits are overly-fancy and have too much stuff.

Is she wearing a toe ring?
Menat- gets an outfit with a fancy cape, net-like headgear, bikini top, skirt, bracelets and cool snake anklet. She is fully barefoot
:iconvirtualsoles:virtualsoles 5 3
Blue Ram 2018. Event- Four's a party

.Blue Ram. 2018 Four's a party
Welcome to the fourth annual HARPG event of the Blue Ram series. The show has been hosted since the creation of the OakLands Stables & Equestrian Center back in 2015, and hopefully it will continue!
This year, as before, we have a special sponsor and guest host: Falconrise Castle , as well as our special duo!

deadline: October 30th
location: OakLands Stables & EC - Inverey, Scotland
would you like to donate a prize? contact me c:
Blue Ram 2018. Event- Prizes

*horse and rider age restrictions (check on each class)
*any horse breed allowed! magical powers can be used, but not to gain the upper hand.
*entries mu
:iconterracottavulture:TerracottaVulture 60 29
:iconglitched-irken:Glitched-Irken 17 112
8 facts about Draxa Skyfang
tagged by the incredible :iconava-the-gremlin:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

1. Draxa's race are called Tygre: they are a animalistic people who once ruled most of the western hemisphere of my OC world called Hyvonna. 
2. She is a warrior called a Swordmaiden and she and her sister's in arms serve the goddess Madok.
3. she welds twin short swords and is one of the best duelists on Hyvonna.
4. her parents were killed by raiding Brakus she was the only survivor in that raid. this shaped her outlook in life, she would never be helpless again. 
5. Draxa's chose to never partake in "Kryglaar" the mate for life ceremony of her people. She believes a mate would hinder her mission.
6. Draxa is a respected warrior
:iconchernabog71:Chernabog71 6 10
I can't credit, because people will copy me!
(PLEASE NOTE: This is a direct repost from our tumblr blog, written from our mascot Piku's perspective.)
Hello there!!!!! ヽ(・∀・)ノ
Today I’m going to talk abt something I see very often among our MMDC!! (o・ω・o)
There is a very often-expressed idea about crediting model or effect creators. It’s very often that you’ll see a video or render uploader refusing to credit the source of their models, stages, and effects, for fear that their work will be copied and remade by someone else… o(>
:iconmikumikupositivity:MikuMikuPositivity 9 2
New Video! Words That Don't Mean Anything Anymore
:iconsolarsands:SolarSands 19 18
:iconsup-fan:SUP-FAN 6 3
COMMENT APOCALYPSE! I Almost Died... of Laughter!

(me, as the unsavory comments started rolling in...)
Sweet baby Jesus, dA put my Jotaro piece prominently among the first few pieces on the 'Undiscovered' page, which resulted in an influx of confused and (mostly) derisive comments! I was clutching my pearls in horror as these strangers rolled in by the busload, spouting their unwanted opinions in the comment section! These normies came for me hard with their tired comments, but instead of just blocking and disabling comments, I decided to take this opportunity to study their behavior. The overwhelming response to the drawing was contempt and disgust, however there were a few commenters that understood and empathized with my situation. The disgusted-yet-understanding were quite small in number compared to the general haters, but they certainly helped lessen the blow of the overall negativity.
Please don't worry about whether any of the comments affected me... Honestly, I b
:iconlucas565:lucas565 3 7
The Revenge of Thunder Blight Trailer
Yup it's offical! Thunder Blight is making a come back this August 2018!
Ft: :icondrwolf010: :iconcosmicchrissy: :icondawillstanator: :iconcyberridley: :iconeliyora: :icongoldenfoxda: :iconrobin0928: :iconaeonofdreams: and my husband Sub Zero
A special thanks to Commander Solo for narrorating my trailer!
Title Card Artist was made by :iconmythpony:
:iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 17 25
Official Twisted Chica design!!
LadyFiszi releassd the full Twisted Chica image! Granted, she was revealed as a Funko POP! and her head was in the box of a licensed FNaF monopoly game BUT! This here is the full thing. 
:iconfreddlefrooby:FreddleFrooby 9 8
[ART-TRADE] Beach Barbeque Bash!
What's better than a day at the beach? One with food as well! 

Shooting Star  TAKING ENTRIES UNTIL JULY 22ND  Shooting Star (Right) 

Summer is well underway in the court and they have organized a day at the beach with a barbeque.
This event of sorts has one goal: to create heaps of new art for the court and its members!
This is how it will work: Reply to my comment expressing interest in joining and after July 23rd you will be assigned a completely random user to draw their food court character for, the drawing's setting being at the beach. The beach and ocean on the court's planet are like the ones on earth. (Except it's a whole lot cleaner ; n ; )
Here are the rules...
1. You must complete the artwork by August 10th.
2. The character within the artwork mu
:iconthe-food-court:The-Food-Court 8 48