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teahous-e: CALLOUT.
edit 1: i fixed to make everything more readable and not make it seem so long, and put the art side by side except for the ones where i had the link for the original art ready. i also got the consent from ufo to post their comment, although it was them just writing it. if the files are still too small, just click on them! here's a link with all of the proof as well, including the singles of the art: click
edit 2: added comments by others regarding the situation.
edit 3: added older journals/callout posts for teahous-e.
edit 4: added another comment + teahous-e saying that they kin ufo and i, have no words. at this point, i am pissed and uncomfy in all honesty this is... just wrong.
a callout on them might seem unnecessary because yes, ufo has ignored this issue for over a year now a
:iconlion-bones:lion-bones 37 113
SummerMonth - THE LAST VOTE
And now it's for the GRANDE FINALE !
Our four winner of the four weeks of the SummerMonth are now known. Let me remind who are our challenger, and what is the art idea linked to them !
- Winner of the week ONE, with the theme "Water Games" : Anheledir :iconanheledir: with the art "Fresh Water" :

- Winner of the week TWO, with the theme "Carnivale and Amusement Park" : MauvePuppy :iconmauvepuppy: with the art "Challenge the Furmesser" :

- Winner of the week THREE, with the theme "Outdoor Activities" : Knoton13 :iconknoton13: with the art "Our Very Secret Place" :

- Winner of the week FOUR, with the theme "Summer Night" : Cimar-WildeHopps :iconcimar-wildehopps: with the art "Hug the Bun" :

You have one week to vote for the final winner of this event :3
But all of them will have a gift, and i will remind
:iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 7 2
End of An Era
So as of November 1st, :iconangel-fallsda: will be closing its doors.

When I first came here almost a decade ago now (yeesh!), I brought a character with me that I wanted to share with the world and tell her stories. I hadn't written very much and I certainly didn't know how to draw anything. All I really had with me was Soviet Superwoman, some passion and some extra spending money. As I looked around I met a lot of talented people, a lot more talented than I, who also had characters and ideas and stories to tell. We found each other, almost by fate, banded together and created the :iconangel-fallsda: community. A playground where superheroes could come and interact, exchange ideas and create a world for themselves. A shared universe almost at the same time Marvel and Disney were creating their own, and it was a wonderful, warm community. I could not have asked for a better set of friends and collaborators.
As with all good things though, they must come to an
:iconsoviet-superwoman:Soviet-Superwoman 5 15
Top 10 Favorite My Hero Academia Characters
Well, I made a list of my least favorite characters in my new favorite anime, so I thought it was only right to make a list of my favorite characters in the show. The listing is arbitrary, and the ordering means pretty much nothing. 
1. Stain
: This guy is a great villain. The most powerful thing about Stain is not his quirk, which is pretty cool, but also the impact he leaves on others. He inspires people to join the League of Villains, and people to question their faith in heroes. You know you're an amazing villain when you're barely shown, and your impact is still shown in the anime. 
2. Denki Kamanari/Tsuyu Asui: Both of these guys are really funny, and in their own ways too. Asui's deadpan voice and delivery are funny, and Kamanari is funny with his over the top reactions to things, but I wish he would hang out with Mineta less. 
3. Shoto Todoroki: Or as I like to call him, "Better Sauske". That is because unlike Sasuke, Todoroki doesn't u
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 5 10
Pony POV Series Pitch Plant's swarm
In the Pony POV Series setting, it should be noted that Princess Pitcher Plant's swarm is composed of the fraction of the changeling population who LIKED being able to bully whoever they wanted, die hard racists, changeling supremacists, don't like not having brainwashed pony slaves to scrub the toilets for them (and would really really like those "good old days" back), want a return to the 'root out the genetic freaks' way of selective breeding before Chrysalis took power, despise having a non-changeling on the throne like Cadence, want to avenge Chrysalis being deader-than-dead, see Cadence's rule as illegitimate, etc.
These are NOT poor misunderstood changelings who don't know any other way of survival: those all became part of Cadence's swarm. 
Also, as such, Princess Pitcher Plant's swarm is inherently smaller than the swarm who have sworn loyalty to Cadence. Being composed of thugs, bullies, and conflicting zealots, Princess Pitcher Plant might deserve brownie points just fo
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 5 5
tbt mlp plushie Pinkie pie Cutie Mark Magic

I think I made her 4 years ago,
Another one of my favorites, because its pinkie Pie :)
She is 16" tall, made of minky fabric, machine embroidered eyes and cutie marks
Commissions are open,,just note me for info
Happy Thursday....
:iconcinnamon-stitch:CINNAMON-STITCH 4 1
Advice on How to Get Commissions
Okay so william5678 asked me how I get commissions and I gotta say that is a good idea for a journal entry!
Artists who hoard knowledge for fear of competition make me really mad. I dont know any personally, but every once in awhile they pop up on forums and it's gross. Everyone should have the tools to succeed, and if someone works harder than me they deserve the fruits of their labor
Anyways I get a lot of my commissions through the amino app "Furry amino"
The reason I use it is that there isn't much in the way of social standing. For example: if you have a furaffinity or deviantart account you need at least some audience to begin sustaining yourself. Furry amino is more like "Followers mean nothing and everyone is in a giant cesspit at the same time", no matter how long you've been there you can ALWAYS reach people. 
Ok as far as deciding the price for your art, yur on your own. What I did was set up a poll on the amino asking how much my art was wor
:iconbalimbang:Balimbang 14 11
8 facts about Cream (tag)
Tagged by :iconlimey-pups:

R u l e s
Post these rules
Post 8 random facts about your character
Tag 8 other creators
Post their OC'ss name along with their creator's name/avatar
She knows who her father is. But she does not want to sее him and know too.Сream likes to sleep and for as long as possible.She always helps her mom in the cafe, often works as a waiterIn love with Ocean ( by :iconazur750: )He loves to roller skateHates lemons and oranges ( Allergy)Not able to swimLikes to joke
:iconkamildreamer: - Kamil Lead
:iconizzyinsanity4: - Pomegranate Tea
:icontimidrawsart: - Sugar Tea
:iconhrystina: - Dola
:iconepicpersoncool: - Lady Zephyrine
:iconflame-nightmare: - Rose Redpetal
:iconanavinnik:Anavinnik 8 0
Please note any requests here.
Bear in mind the following stipulations:
1.  Any existing aircraft/vehicle can be requested as a Fantasy Series design with new camo and markings etc.
2.  Any request for NEW aircraft or vehicles might take years, or may never happen at all.
3.  Links to pictures, and/or other references to what you want will give your request more traction.
4.  All requests whether real or fantasy are dependent on time.  I have an actual real-life job as well as doing this, thank you.
:iconws-clave:WS-Clave 4 9
KIN WebComic Release Date
Hey all! I feel it's about time I announce that I will be beginning to post my comic publicly! After many months/years of teasing this story, I'm going to start sharing it alas. I'm gauging that I will post the first page this weekend (September 22 or 23 depending on work) and the updates at the current point will be 1-4 times a month. I do not have a consistent update schedule due to work, family events, and the busy holidays in the coming months. But I do see in the future of having a regular update when things calm down (probably after the year is over)!
The format of the comic is web-scrolling (So not your standard comic page format) as I wanted to make the story friendly for online viewing and mobile devices. So each update will be around 10-15 panels (which is equivalent to 2-3 pages per an update). Anywho, I'm ready to get these boys out there, and I can't wait to start! See you this weekend!!
:iconilkyra:Ilkyra 19 11
Day Of The Girl Child

The first International Day of the Girl Child declared by the United Nations; was observed on October 11, 2012. The day serves to foster support for more opportunity and increased awareness of gender inequality faced by girls. This inequality includes areas such as the right to or access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and unfree child marriage
Girls engage in manifold functions in society and the household as well as being a major asset in national and global economy. They go to school, they help with housework, they work in factories, they care for elder and younger family members and in doing so are expected to prepare themselves to assume the responsibilities of an adult and in many cases prematurely from achieving adulthood themselves.
Upholding the rights of the girl child has seen increased support through t
:iconjennystokes-favs:JennyStokes-Favs 5 13
DMC5 Dante Trailer
Morsison, Lady and Trish.
AND V !!! (i know the leak. XD)
Nero Megaman Minigame
:icondante-564:Dante-564 4 7
Luna Land Discord (Link Fixed)

Me and phoenix-mask :iconphoenix-mask: , admin of the Luna Land Discord server and provider of this little animation, have decided to open the gates, or something like that.
There are of course ranks tied to patreon, but that doesn't have to mean that you can't participate a little and interact with the crew.
I'm usually quite busy, so Captain Luna appears there only from time to time.
But maybe some of you are interested in checking it out.
Here you go:
:icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 4 18
Rest in peace my beautiful angel

Untitled by engare
My worst fear came true...Mara has crossed Rainbow Bridge at only 8 1/2 years old. Vets found a giant inoperable mass surrounding and entangling her intestines and pushing her organs away. She had lost 25% of her body weight and was already a tiny cat. Any more time I chose to spend with her would have been for myself. The only surgery she could have gotten would've been "exploratory" as the vet called it, but the result wou
:iconengare:engare 8 14
Watch out a cyber bully has came
Spreading the word for my friend that has been recently attacked by her. 
Her name is CandyFluff05
even I was attacked by her, she has been targeting people and attacks them until they leave. She calls them “bitch, whore, fuck you, and etc*
i asked her calmly to stop until she posted about me with points getting stolen. :/ 
I defended my friend, because she really hurt a lot and is targeting other people with other accounts to try to get them to leave. 
If if you could spread the word. I did it for my friend
:iconsonicproboom101:SonicProBoom101 8 47
request rules
well here's rule
-you can request at any amount (unlimited)
-no rush plz
-if the request look bad tell me i will fix it
here the type of request i open



4.ocs draw no background

Female Star Stats by starthebfdifan
more request list will added soon!
list ball icon
2.pain orb stats
3.floor lamp
:iconstarthebfdifan:starthebfdifan 4 13
Featuring the artist ZombieInn

An Elf Tale by ZombieInn
Sing You a Lullaby by ZombieInn
If Roses were Blue by ZombieInn
Steampunk Skull by ZombieInn
Skull and Roses by ZombieInn
18th Birthday DeviantArt Line art Challenge by ZombieInn
Butterfly by ZombieInn
1864 Vin by ZombieInn
H-B by ZombieInn
Waiting For Spring by ZombieInn
When Roses Cry by ZombieInn
When Rainbows Cry by ZombieInn
Allie Pink Happy Birthday Dear Allie by ZombieInn
Under the Sun by ZombieInn
Happy Birthday Lucila by ZombieInn
CJ by ZombieInn
:iconddimitri16:DDimitri16 5 2
What's up
Hey, just to say sorry for the lack of update and activity those last several days ^^;
I had a couple of things piling up unexpectedly that took a lot of my time and attention ( Nothing grave or serious though ! )
I'm back now though and so I will resume my rhythm. And there are a lot of things coming up ;3
Stay tuned and thanks for your patience ! :)
:iconkarbo:Karbo 3 8
                                              Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U!          tickI can drawtick  
                                                                    Bullet; Green Humanoids
:icontiamarichan:TiaMariChan 7 2
FNAM: Las Reglas Supremas Mangled y Omega Mangled
Hey muy buenas chicos aquí Mangel y hoy os traigo un FNAM Remake sobre las Reglas Supremas Mangled y Omega Mangled.
Tema para el Intro: MegaMan Zero 3 OST Curse of Bile
Cuenta las leyendas urbanas que Omega Mangled no era un mal animatrónico para divertir a la gente, este fué el primer animatrónico que hubo en todo el Bosque Diamante en la Pizzeria Mangled FazFox, Omega era el único animatrónico desde ese tiempo, años después Omega Mangled cuando estaba divertiendo a muchos niños, este fué reiniciado al instante y empezó a matar a la gente y la que estaba detrás de todo esto era Ruby Afton, pasaron años y nadie recordaba a Omega Mangled ya que sus mentes habían sido limpiadas hasta que un día se allegó Fox para ser contratado en la pizzeria de Circus Baby y allí Fox logró tener una comunicación con ellos, pero con quién tuvo más comunicación fué co
:iconanimatronicsyfurias:AnimatronicsyFurias 3 4
8 Facts About Aika
Shhh It's Getting Close To Halloween xD So I'll Be Using This Journal Skin Hehe :heart:
Ok So I Got Tagged By :icondreamywaffle: :icondark-lina: & :icontakamori-san: Sooo Let's Do This uwu
 Post The Rules In The Journal Post 8 Random Facts About Your CharacterTag 8 Of Your Friends/FollowersPost Their OCs/Names Along With Admin Aka CreatorHave Fun With This 
8 Fact about my OC
Here Are 8 Facts About Aika Mori

† 1. Aika Is A Soft Spoken Person, And Has A Hard Time Expressing Herself Around Others. She Barely Gets Along With The Day Class, Especially The Girls Fangirling Over The Night Class
† 2. When Hanabusa And The Night Class Is Out, She Gets Paranoid & Feels The Need To Keep Far Away Distance Because She Knows They're Vampires, She Doesn't Trust Any Of Them Not Even Kaname
† 3. Aika Has A Habit Of Biting On Her Pencils Or Pens Even When Taking Notes In Class
† 4.
:iconseinakimura:SeinaKimura 5 1
Season 22 - Week 3
Here we go with a new batch of episodes. I gotta say these are really more enjoyable than last week..... except for one.....
School of Duck: 9.5/10
Tiger Trouble: 10/10
Seeing is Believing: 9/10
Thomas' Animal Ark: 8/10
Apology Impossible: ....... -100/10 WORST..... EPISODE..... EVER!!!
:icon736berkshire:736berkshire 4 37