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Pixel icon commissions (always open)
Hello!! <3
Pixel Star (free to use) THESE ARE ALWAYS OPEN!
x this means that u can buy how much u want when u want, this commissions will never be closedx 
Pixel Star (free to use)PRICES:
Price is 300Blush Points or 3.5$! 
Pixel Star (free to use)RULES:
-have in mind this is a 50x50 icon, so i CANNO'T do minimal details or SUPER complicated designs
-U can use this anywhere! BUT CREDIT ME
-if u don't credit me i'll send u a note! (i'll just ask for u credit! nothing rude or anything ahaha)
-pay before
-I have a week to finish each! (but will probably take less time lol)
-I can do anything! yes anything, tootheyes, CS, humans, dogs, cats, dragons... anything!
pink heart {big}Humans/Kenomimis Examples:
:iconpastelleshop:PastelleShop 12 1
We Interrupt this Broadcast of Pony...
...for some more pony! Enjoy!
:iconbobthedalek:bobthedalek 18 8
Mixed Art Cocktail ...

Lilac Lillies by Deb-e-annIn my dreams by WhiteBookBegonias by vanndra
Magpies For Momotte by saperlipopFloral Sketch by tahirlazim
Roses En Pleurs by Bonaparte1700
Flora.......... by TriciaSUntitled by stalker034must be love by Dieffi
The Kingdom of the Elves 2 by AnnaZLoveGentle whisper by VDragosPhotography
Tech n color Dream_36 by caddman
past against present in color by BatscebaCLOTHES TO DRY by IME54-ARTOne Foggy Cold Night Art 5200 2 by SirIvyPink
:icontigles1artistry:Tigles1Artistry 14 16
MLP FIM Season 9 is the Last Season
Welp, my fellow bronies, this is it. It has been confirmed that Season 8 will be the last season for My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. It's been a very long ride ever since the series started back in 2010. We experienced greatest moments like the Season 4 Finale, the 100th episode, special guests, and the movie. I get the feeling that Season 9 will have some very big surprises, and let's not forget the EqG Special and the pony special as well. Please, feel free to comment on what you think of Season 9 being the last.
:icondashiemlpfim:DashieMLPFiM 17 36
hey guys new drama! it's garbage but it's drama
I'm posting about this because honestly it's too much of a cackle and I wanna shame an ugly transphobe + overall LGBT+phobe! let's go!
So I doubt many of you keep up with my tumblr blogs but I run a stim blog. I've mentioned it various times cause it was what I primarily used while I was off this site (and still generally do) and because I'm opinionated and I'm one of the few stim blogs in the community that isn't afraid to discourse (we'll get into that topic another time if anyone would like for me to lmao) I get, that's right kids, anon hate. And plenty of it.
Now, I tend to delete a lot of it. But there was one recent incident that stuck out in my mind cause of how funny and random it was and because it was one of the instances where I posted it. I'll link the posts. These happened about a month ago. And sadly because of tumblr literally fucking over everything on it's site I can't find the FIRST ask that initiated it despite it being tagged like the rest. But the basic premise is
:iconnummypixels:NummyPixels 7 9
New Kim Possible Live Action Movie
I wondered how this was going to work out so I watched with I hope an open mind.  Beforehand I had seen some promo material that mentioned "Team Possible".  That sort of hit me as good as to how they might approach the show.  I also knew this.  They were not writing this new show to please the fans of the old show although I am sure that they hoped they like it.  They wrote this to probably start a new generation of Kim Possible Fans with a new look at the show.  This would mean a little more modern ideas and approach to the show.  I tried to keep this all in mind and memories of the old show as it started.  I watched this with my son and a friend of his who all remembered and liked the show.
I really liked the whole show.  It had its moments, but all shows do.  Soccer instead of cheerleading.  Okay I can see that.  I didn't plan on Bonnie being older, so that was a little shock.  Ron is just about right, his actions and
:iconcaptainkodak1:captainkodak1 6 2
Why I Need Your Support on Patreon (Please Read)
Check out my Patreon here
Now, before I start this journal, I just want to say that I totally get that there are some of you who follow me who are too young to donate or cannot donate to my Patreon due to financial reasons. If you cannot pledge money to this cause it's fine and I totally understand.
This journal goes out to those of you who really enjoy my art and would be able to pledge as little as $1 a month, which equates to just $12 a year.
As a freelance artist it isn't always easy to keep my head above water financially with just art and fan art alone. I've recently started working on my original comic F.R.E.E. and I'm quickly realizing just how much time and effort this project is going to take to make when it is just me creating an entire comic. All of the art, writing, editing, everything is done by just me, myself, and I.
As I am creating these pages my only source of income comes from Patreon as I wait between comi
:iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 11 10
100 Question(?) Tagg - him of course
Tagged by vividan 
As always, I'm not going to post ze rulez again here. I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do this then go ahead~.
M'Lady choose... him, of course
Let's Start!
1. So what is your full name?
M̵y ͠n̷ąme͘ ̕i͞s-
2. What is your favorite animal?
4. Do you have any illnesses?

5. Are you in love with someone?
6. What is your favorite food?
I d͞òn't ͞k͘ņów͠
7.  Favorite drink?
W͟a͞t́èr ͡I͘ ̕g̸uèss
11. Do you like scary movies?
I ̧don't ̷like͟ ͜to w͟a̶t̨ch ͏mov̛ies
12. What's your favorite scary movie? 
I͘ ̧sa͠id ̛I͜ ̕d̡o̡n't lik͘e̵ t͘o͠ ̀wat͏c̨h͢ m̡o
:iconunluckypuppet:unluckypuppet 9 2
Obama - list of national emergencies
Obama declared a national emergency 12 times, so it's hypocrisy to criticize Trump for doing the same
Oct. 23, 2009: Declaration of a National Emergency With Respect to the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic, was never terminated or continued;
April 12, 2010 (still in effect): Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in Somalia, continued in 2018;
Feb. 25, 2011 (still in effect): Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions Related to Libya, continued in February 2018;
July 24, 2011 (still in effect): Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations, continued in July 2018;
May 16, 2012 (still in effect): Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen, continued in May 2012;
June 25, 2012: Blocking Property of the Government of the Russian Federation Relating to the Disposition of Highly Enriched Uranium Extracted from Nuclear Weapons, revoked in 2015;
March 6, 2014 (still in effect): Blocking Property of Certai
:icononlytheghosts:OnlyTheGhosts 10 3
(OPEN) Two Years Contest
Hello and welcome to another contest! I've reduced the work count down for this one so let's hope I can keep it short and snappy!
This is a combined contest here on DeviantArt and on Instagram. Prizes will be split between both platforms.
Without further ado! Let's get to it!
Outfit theme example

There doesn't have to be a one word way to describe the outfit, but there should be a visual common theme throughout the entry. They're different styles of outfits but it can be seen that they share common traits.This is just an example of how the outfits should correlate. Actual entries must be done with the characters provided or with an addition of your own, poses and expressions should also be used.
General Information and Rules
This is a contest that is based around outfit designing.
Pick a theme to base your outfits
Draw 2-4 characters in outfits t
:iconautomaxie:Automaxie 7 11
MLP Season 9 Will Really be the Last Season
Something speculated due to information in the Hasbro leaks a while back is that season 9 will be the final season, and just recently this was confirmed to be true by Equestria Daily.
As stated before, my connection to MLP has worn thin to the point where I'm only watching it out of emotional connection and a desire to ride it out till the very end, so when it comes to the final season, I'm not nearly as broken up as many would likely be. Rather, while I am disappointed for a multitude of reasons, I'm also kind of relieved. As you all know, my faith in the show is practically nonexistent, now, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the next season turns out to be even worse than 8, so after learning that its all ending? A part of me at least is relieved that the torment at the sight of good ideas being butchered is at last going to end, to put it in as melodramatic a way as possible. 
But of cou
:iconnuvaprime:NuvaPrime 5 4
Axel's Wish
Another story
author : me
story and artist : PKM-150
Main character: Everyone
Sunflow: Axel~
Axel: Huh?
Sunflow: Wake up, it's morning.
Axel: You don't need to wake me up.
Sunflow: But, that's what big sis Pearl wants.
Pearl: Yeah, you'll be late.
Max: Leaf, Lazuli, there is letter for you.
Leaf: Huh?
Lazuli: It's from dad.
Mollie: Lazuli!
Lazuli: Yes?
Mollie: I went to Terra town three days ago, your dad still there.
Lazuli: So, he still live in our old house.
Mollie: No. It's hard to tell, sorry.
Lazuli: It's okay. I know, why that old man abandoned us.
Mollie: Fine. I can't tell it, after all.
Lazuli: Huh? He said, we will meet again in five years later. What does that mean?
Leaf: Maybe, he will free from work in five years later.
Lazuli: Maybe.
Speed: Lazuli, if your dad want you two to live together again, do you agree?
Lazuli: N-no. I can't answer it.
Leaf: I think so.
Flare: Big bro, forget about this. Let's focus on Axel's hatchday.
Speed: Yeah.
Axel: Big brother Tr
:iconwidwan:widwan 6 3
1000+ watcher art contest!! ($$/art prizes!)
it's recently come to my attention that i am now at 1,035 watchers, which is BLOODY INCREDIBLE.
thank you all for the support, especially recently since there's been a spike in attention (for reasons i can't fathom). i wish i could thank you all one by one, but since i can't do that, here is a contest to celebrate!
what is this contest?
basically, you will draw my oc/s, and you may have a chance to win some hella prizes!!
let's get into this!!
1. please recognise that you may not win any prizes! if you happen to not win the contest, please don't be salty.
2. no nsfw of my characters!!! i am a minor. gore is fine as long as the character is not ooc!
3. please don't draw my character with your character unless you've asked for some kind of relationship between them beforehand, and i've accepted!
4. sharing this journal is not required, but would be appreciated <3
CHARACTERS (separated as human/anthro/feral/cs)
:iconmochike:mochike 17 16
The End of Friendship is Magic and More...
Hello everyone! As I’m sure you all know, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s upcoming season will be the series’ final season. :( (Sad) Since the leaks from last year, we desperately hoped that the 9th season of our beloved cartoon being the last season rumor was not true. But this was officially confirmed by Jim Miller. This is perhaps the saddest news I’ve ever heard since my dogs passed away while I was in middle school. Waaaah! The one cartoon that had such a powerful, positive impact, that was among the most popular shows ever, and brought us all together as a unique fandom community is finally coming to an end. I have been so devoted to this show since I fell in love with it in 2012, and now it feels like my world is falling apart. And the worst part is, there are just so many things I never got to do before the end of MLP:FiM, not to mention the negative effects this causes
:iconandoanimalia:AndoAnimalia 9 24
My Fractal Sun on CBS Sunday Morning Tomorrow
I am so excited!!!!! I just heard from Jessica Frank, the Sun Coordinator for CBS Sunday Morning They're using my sun tomorrow morning on CBS Sunday Morning!!! Here's the email I received:
Good evening, Peggi –
I wanted to let you know that we will be using your beautiful fractal sun tomorrow on our Sunday Morning broadcast. It will air at the end of a piece that Jim Axelrod is doing about things that we never knew about George Washington. Your s
:iconwolfepaw:wolfepaw 5 14
2019Point Comissions:Now Adding Tradtional- Open!!
Hi Everyone! It's Time To Re-Open Comissions!! It's Been A While Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1]  I Tried Changing It Up A Bit And I Even Included Traditional Art To The List! Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4]  I Really Need To Step Up My Game In Art. Oh! And Btw My Artstyle Changes Everytime So Ya Never Know What You Can Get ow< I'm Willing To Get All Comissions Done No Matter What And I Promise Ya That<3 I Really Like To Comission Others And Donate To Those Who Need Some But 1st I Have To Get To Work. I Hope Yall Are Interested ^w^
Gold Star Sticker Icon What I Can Draw: Sonic Characters, Animals, Humans, Robots?, Parings, Couples,Other Fandoms,Etc.

Gold Star Sticker Icon What I Can't: Waaay To Detailed Characters Or Anythin
:iconcoffee-karin:Coffee-Karin 8 26
MLP Will End At 9 Seasons
The rumors were not wrong. Just as I expected, Season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will be the final season. Although there is a new movie coming out in 2021, which is suppose to close off Gen 4, and open Gen 5? I'm not sure how I feel about this. Is Generation 5 suppose to be a continuation of Generation 4? As far as I know, every generation of My Little Pony has always been a reboot, not a continuation.
Anyway, I will be getting the DVD's of every season over time. I've gotten Season 1 on DVD and I plan on ordering Season 2 soon. I'm not sure what I should expect for what's the come in Season 9, but let's hope it has a satisfying ending.
Update: The 2021 movie isn't going to have anything to do with Generation 4 like what was expected earlier. Just thought I'd make this update.
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 7 32
Sharing a bro-hug with a friend.
Shout outs to Leoparda-a-la-HTF  and murumokirby360  Thank you very much to the both of you!  small heart - darker blue   bro hug  small heart - darker blue 
And now, PV has also given a nice, warm hug to Ricky's older brother, Timid, the chinchilla.  (Owned by FliptonBoys242 )
:iconanthro-animals-rule:Anthro-animals-rule 4 0
MJ Choose Your Own Adventure!
:iconagbedon: presents! Another amazing MJ Choose Your Own Adventure story!! :w00t: :clap: :clap: :w00t:
It is really awesome! If you're a fan of bondage, or feet, or similar such things :nod: than I think you will really enjoy it!
Also once you've made your way through one story, be sure to try some of the other options because there are multiple FULLY DIFFERENT stories to read through here! :w00t:
:iconjokerismyname:jokerismyname 5 3
ciucas vii by vmcbike Mist by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Buachaille Etive Mor by newcastlemale Snowy December by Pajunen
Fresh snow by JayChiPics Winter Land by Tindomiel-Heriroquen
The summit by rdalpes snow ... snow ... by VDragosPhotography
a little bit winter by Ingelore Snow Encrusted by puppydogbonz
Frozen Army by borda The white one. by Phototubby
Jura-2129, Snowtime, showtime on Les Tablettes by swissnaturelover Above, there is silence 02 by McGoe
A Winter's Tale by SvenMueller plitvice by roblfc1892
Snowy Brook by Pajunen January by Pajunen
Glaze ice by VDragosPhotography Frozen by ArwensGrace
How Soon Is (S)now? by Unkopierbar Coat of snow and ice by LewiARTs
Frozen Iceland by BrietOlga Iceland - winter 2019 by BrietOlga
:icondieffi:Dieffi 5 8
More reasons to never be SJW
Because it just blows up in your face
:iconsjw-resistance:SJW-Resistance 5 11
Hawaiilight Reel: Sun and Moon Episode 109
And now, your weekly dose of bullshit
Bulbapedia has been up and down with servers so I saw it all on Serebii
I did consider using their smaller screens but decided to wait it out
But what would you guys think? If Filb was late on the upload like today would you rather wait or make do with a quicker hawaiilight reel albeit with smaller images?
While you mull that over...the episode
Episode 109

These Oricorio should've been a recurring backing singer crew, like the Muses from Hercules or the Owls from Rango
I have questions...mostly how they had that in Hapu's size
'Lemme get a selfie of this'
Now don't get me wrong, I like that Shaymin is staying with Mallow 'until it has to leave', but did we need all the girls to have the Togepi Carry Pokémon?
Now I'm just imagining that Hapu's granddad had to wear this dress and do this dance when he became Kahuna...
Gee, why does Danny complain about the male/female divide?
Tapu Fini,
:icon42dannybob:42Dannybob 4 12