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[Raffle] get this adoptable!
Hi guys!
I was looking around in my folders and found this one old design I made months ago.
Since I don't plan to use it nor really sell it, I thought I can raffle it out for someone who would love to use it :heart:

What should I do to win this design?
 1. Be a watcher (no matter new/old one)
2. Favorite this Raffle Journal
3. Comment that you joined 
(+other options if you do optional)
1. Tag 1-3 of your friends (each +1 ticket)
2. Tell me why you like this design (+1)
3. Share this Raffle via Journal/Poll (each +1)
What can you do with this design after winning?

Its allowed for personal use but no commercial. You can use the art for your banner, icon etc
as long you don't claim you made the art. Just tag me as the creator. The rest such as changes,
edits etc is up to you. You can modify it as much as you want
:iconyeorre:yeorre 83 119
Randomness: DRESSED [Smoulder]
Hello everypony! I think I've fainted. 
DAFUQ?! xD I mean, it's amazing, but...
:iconestories:EStories 10 6
:deviation: This group focuses on encouraging artists
This feature, as usual, contains a small selection of the amazing artworks I receive as submissions from our very talented members, which I hope everyone will enjoy and be inspired by.  Our membership is steadily growing and at the time of submitting this journal is now 8,425, and our galleries as I always write, contain even more inspirational artworks, which are well worth viewing as well as adding to your :+fav:.
About our group
The primary focus of this group continues to be digital painting and digital drawing, which should be submitted to the 'Featured 12 - Drawings, Paintings etc.' folder. This group also accepts and has folders for animation, designs and interfaces, deviantWEAR, pixel art and pixel animation, vector and vexel artworks, comic strips, pages and panels, matte painting, mature content, mixed media, mixed media - 3D, 3D art, 3D obj
:icondigitaldelights:DigitalDelights 7 11
Good news! Requests and Art Trades have returned!
Hello, I will tell you that the requests and art trades have returned, although for now the requests will be for friends now. I have already completed all the requests of the people who had asked me a long time ago since then I had to rest a little. Now the requests will be for friends, example of my friends: :icondarkness-beauty: :iconpinksillycupcake: :iconiceflar: :iconfirerikuri: :iconmoonlight136866draws: :iconstarman1999: :iconthepoweredcosmicclaw: :iconthetardismistress: :iconloopy224: :iconglorysiamelodyyt: :iconluigis-sister18: :iconjuliedraw2046: & :iconnoreencreatesstuff:
Instead, you ask the questions about art trade here or in notes if you wish.
That's all for today ;D
:iconyazfly247:YazFly247 8 32
Wake's Design Den
:bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen:
We can settle on a price depending on the complexity of the design!
Accepting TT, USD, points, items, etc!
Fill out the form below:
Full geno:
Design to emulate:
Additional details: 
Full geno: 1) Male, Half Mane
Submissive - Healthy
25% DIRE
Marked collared greying brown with accents
Hereditary Traits:

Preferences: Fully desaturated coat, maybe pseudo-piebald accents and minimum marked, with a cheek pock mark, lots of minimum white, make him look like he has an attitude, I'd love a blaze on the nose, pink nose and paw pads, light blue eyes
Adding: Curled tail, Roman nose, Flecking
Design to emulate: I'd like him to look like he's related to
:iconwakeeee:Wakeeee 8 22
Bond and trust (story)
This is a prequel to Eeveelution Squad comic. The story took place when Speed was 10 years old. This will be one of Special Chapters in the future.
I'm not used to writing story yet though. If you spot any mistakes, please notify me. Here goes:
-----Bond and trust-----
During a sunny day, a young Eevee laid down near a big lake, staring at the sky. "Mommy, daddy, where are you...?" the young Pokémon sighed. "10 years had passed and I still don't know where you are..."
"Saying all of these won't help." The Eevee sighed again, got back on 4 legs. "I guess I have to go home now. Flare and Kris would be worried if I stay out too long."
The Eevee walked its way home. On the way, he heard a noise in the bush. It decided to check where the noise came from. By following the trail, it came across an unknown monster, a Pokémon. Its front half was light blue, while the rear is black. A black marking encircles its neck like a collar and there are yellow bands above its forepaws
:iconpkm-150:PKM-150 44 72
8 facts about your OC
Tagged by awesome :iconventopi:
Ok GO! GO! GO! GO!

1.He's a carefree gay!
2.He has 12 younger sisters (ye only boy in a siblings) XD
3.He hate wearing socks
4.Smoke weed everyday XD
5.Name of his boyfriend is Hasani
6. His father try to sell him to the pawnshop when he was 3 years old XD
7.He believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster *Ramen*
8.His a manly bun
Now tag time XD
Have an awesome day my cute Onions :peace:
:iconshipmachine:ShipMachine 7 6
All Tokotas Forsale - Barb Dire, Sphinx Dire, etc!
All up-to-date trackers & information
can be found in my Tokota Hub. ALSO! make sure to check imports for companions/items!
Thank you.
OMG what about your x1 POTA token?
I can apply it to ONE geno of course. I can supply a design for $30 additional that you'll pay for the geno itself.
GENOS TO USE IT ON: The black long mane that can have lilac, the 50% halfie that can have lilac, the 50% normal mane that can have lilac, or I can add Restricted Lilac to the 25% Dire who already has Lilac! I would then put it into DC, upload it, and transfer it to you!
NOTE, please read
So I'm doing this in a weird way. If I can sell everyone or most everyone and reach my private goal, I'll sell them.
If they don't reach this private goal by idk Monday, I'll probab
:iconstrategy:strategy 6 30
Darkwing Duck Reboot?
"I am the TERROR, that FLAPS in the Night!
 I am the the STEALTH CAMEO, that SNEAKS into your Reboot!

Disney HAD to know what would happen if they snuck the one, and only DARKWING DUCK
into their rebooted DuckTales series like Samuel L. Jackson in a Marvel Movie.

And, while I am sure it was just Disney acknowledging that the original Darkwing Duck
was a spinoff from their original DuckTales series..There has been some deeper speculation.

Like maybe this cameo scene was a teaser, or backdoor pilot for a Darkwing Duck Reboot series.
(Now, while no plans are being made..It is a fun thought for Darkwing Duck
 to be revamped into a new series, especially with the surviving cast returning.)

I for one LOVED this scene.
It captured everything that made Darkwing Duck so great back in the day,
and not only did Jim
:iconmetroxlr:MetroXLR 5 5
Rush Limbaugh turns criminal's life around.
Article and Video here
On Friday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh received a call he will not soon forget, nor will his listeners. A man named Jerome, calling from Traverse City, Michigan, got on the line to fulfill one of his dreams: to tell Mr. Limbaugh that he saved his life while Jerome was in prison serving out an eight-year-sentence.
In the epic call, the 26-year-old described the chance circumstances of him stumbling upon Limbaugh's program, which exposed harmful liberal fallacies, and spit out a slew of facts offhand to rip the empty Hope-and-Change he was promised with former President Barack Obama.
"I’m just calling in to say that, you know, you saved my life, man," started Jerome. "You changed my life completely around. You saved me fr
:iconkajm:Kajm 4 6
Cutie Mark Commissions are Closed!
All slots have been filled, sincere apologies to anybody who missed out this round! I'll keep an eye out for you next round! :) (Smile)
Trying out a new type of commission! Ever had difficulty summing up the entirety of your character's special talent in one concise butt symbol? Have no fear, Lop is here! If you describe your character's special talent, I can design a mark for them, or I can update an existing mark design you have. Very clean and crisp designs given to you as a transparent file, so you can stick em right on your character's butt yourselves in future works. I'm opening TWELVE slots, first come, first serve!
Cutie Mark Commission Rules
Bullet; Green  Please do not ask if you can reserve a commission slot. Also, if you cannot pay, please do not contact me.
Bullet; Green All commissions are to be paid via paypal, in USD. I will
:iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 36 7
Ai no Rune
So... something fun happened while me and Ayase-Kinjou talked and...
You guys know that Gear mess with time a lot right? So, he will mess with time again, a last time and this time... Chrono will take Sayuri with him to NEXUS. Making Ai no Rune story to not happen at all.
That doesn't mean we won't have any story, to the contrary! With that, we can both focus on a new story together again, one that envolves time travel, and again you guys know we are way faster working together is White Heart and Black Soul showed you something! <3
But that also means, that the original story for Ai no Rune is done. There isn't anything else to it. Nothing else that can happen.
Maybe just the big finale, that would happen in NEXUS anyway. But that can happen in this new story too.
So... I want your thoughts about it.
:iconlunnaria-shirayuri:Lunnaria-Shirayuri 5 16
Thanks for remembering my birthday fellas!
I wanna thank you fellas for remembering my birthday and People including: (except OrmanOur, royknight and Thunderbolt8361)
I'm sorry for not replying to you but I did highlight you for doing so. ^^;
here are the wallpapers involving me: Made by Reaper2545 Made by JaRa02 Made by Creps-FNaFGamer 
I really :heart: those, they are excellent! :3
For the rest of you, I re
:iconbritishknight1788:BritishKnight1788 5 19
How men's issues show men's strength
What if men are doing mental health just fine and don't need feminists to fix them? How feminist men's mental health initiatives are toxic charity and what to do about it.
:iconfacts-not-feminism:Facts-not-feminism 4 0
Death Battle Commissions!
Are you tired of having to make your own Death Battle fight scenes?
Are you tired of using either Png images of characters or sprites that don't match with other in any way?
Do you wish you could have an awesome 3D looking fight scene like in those really cool Death Battles?
*Hell yeah!*
Then do I have a deal for you! I'm doing commissions for Death Battle fight scenes! 
You can have scenes like this done in MMD
 Price would be 50 Points
Or even scenes done in Sprites if that's what you like.
 Price would be 30 Points
Now before you go and request something here are the rules for the commissions.
1: I ask that you be patient with the commission, especially if it's done in MMD. Stuff like this can take awhile, and I could be busy with other stuff. You are allowed to ask me a total of 3 times. Any more after that I'll cancel th
:iconscott910:scott910 5 4
The Secret Brillance of Teen Titans Go
The thing about Teen Titans Go is that... it might be secretly brilliant... The thing is, people really ARE idiots! They occasionally NEED to be talked down to on a preschoolers level because that's what they deserve!
Those episodes where they make it obvious they're talking down to the critics and detractors of their show, while I find them bad they do have an actual point they get across and could've succeeded at had they been less obnoxious:'some things aren't as good as you remember them, opinions and tastes change with age and you HAVE TO ACCEPT that things really aren't meant for YOU!
That's right, some shows or books or movies or whatever aren't FOR YOU! They aren't tailor-made to your tastes and interests. Your demographic might not like them and that's ok! This of course doesn't excuse a lot of things for their quality like say... the live action Smurfs movies, Delgo, or even Mars Needs Moms that have an objectively terrible quality to them. But going into things like The My L
:iconregulas314:Regulas314 4 6
Kuronato Callout/Rant (Aku's thoughts)
The following person I am going to mention is going to be in this journal, by the name @/ Kuronato There is also going to be some triggering content in this journal, such as the mentions of: verbal abuse, personal attacks, and sensitive material. Also please do NOT witch hunt this person. It won’t help if you spread negativity on someone else.. viewers discretion is advised, thank you.

Akumarou’s thoughts : (Bad English|Warning long)
Well, basically I wanted to keep it to myself but...things are going too far with that user named Kuronato (Aka Ttam/The one who I worked on Vex AU with)... And I’m not really a person who wants to make a callout on someone but, eh..
It’s going to be painful for me to tell the whole story between @/Kuronato and I...

How I met her :
Back to August, It was a random meeting, I remember exactly how I met her :
Well, I watched Eddoodle
:iconakumarou:Akumarou 12 8
In honor of the Royal wedding of
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

the Dead King by Nerva1 Prince Rudolf by offermoord
Queen Titania by Shannanigan royal gangster by URM Queen of Spades vol.2 by katjastone Queen of cups! by ThunderMadArts14 Little Prince by Anuk
:iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 3 7
Guess Who's Back?
FNaFNationz. No, not Nations, who we love, but that godawful troll. He's been stealing - but not defacing art of Marine and the gang. His new alias is FNAFNationsIsCancer. Please go report him, I can't because mobile sucks.
:iconskrillydragonlady:SkrillyDragonLady 7 19
8 Facts abut Minnie
Tagged by :iconJJSponge120: 
1. Post These Rules. No.
2. Post 8 Facts About Your Character. ...yeah, ok.
3. Tag 8 Other People; Post Their Avatars & Write Their OC's Names Next To Them. ... too much work. Maybe later.

Here's 8 facts about Minnie:
1. She can climb a tree like a squirrel. And even crawl across branches, and stuff acorns in her mouth. She's very nibble. 
2. Minnie is terribly scared of doctors, specifically getting shots. It's always a hassle to get Minnie into the doctor's office, but her family always finds a way.
3. She has a tiny pocket dimension on her back; it's called her "hammer space." She likes to keep snacks, a med kit, toiletries, school supplies, comics, hand-held games, her phone, wallet, and other things in her readily convenient "inventory." So far, the only things that she knows already came with her "inventory" have been a hammer, a springform
:iconabwingz:ABwingz 7 18
Show me some scery OC's so I can draw them
I have an artblock and I want to go in the more scery, creepy and mentally unhealthy artcorner again.
Title says it all - 
I will most likely do gore, so, yeah.
I prefer animals/beasts/whatever, I will most likely not draw humans or anthros
will most likely only draw one of them.
Not first comment first serve.
:iconawkwardos:Awkwardos 6 38
Just saying this for the sake of making it clear
If you're going to unwatch me, just unwatch me. 
It doesn't matter the reason -- people change. People's interests change. People can get annoyed and irritated by something and want to leave it behind. 
You are not obligated to keep watching me if what I draw, write, or do is annoying you. 
You are well within your right to unfollow, unwatch, unsubscribe, or full on ignore me and my work if you so choose. 
That is just fine and I'm not going to get mad about it because I get it -- I really do. 
However, it's not okay to attempt to smear me, deface my work, or even guilt me into returning, going back, or drawing what you want me to just so you'll keep supporting my work with views and so on. 
That is not okay. 
I'm not sure if it's just a thing for this week but several notes later of people telling me they're unfollowing/unwatching/etc me on here and other places due to various reasons I'm just sitting here wondering why tell me? 
I know this wil
:iconninjakato:NinjaKato 11 6