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I decided to give away some adoptables that were not sold, this will be available for the following:

(Please be sure to enter each image and read in the description if it is open or closed)
I will clearly give those that are open)?


- Fav to this journal and be my whatchers
- ONE per person (give opportunity to others)
- Comment in this journal the link of the batch and the number you want nvn
- Take care of him a lot! please draw it (and label me)

PD: I accept bribes but in the same way I will give babies, it is not necessary to give anything in return, just that, the offer is available
:iconryuseigkm-adopts:Ryuseigkm-Adopts 45 89
Deviantart Rant - BleuBerryBearArt (Art Tracer)
We got another tracer to expose and this one's not even hiding the fact they're tracing.
:iconxxdeviantcringexx:xxDeviantCringexx 16 34
Cheviot Hills drone
Cheviot Hills drone Video :D
:iconnewcastlemale:newcastlemale 9 22
Avengers Endgame (2019) Review...just go see it
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This is gonna be my shortest review.
There its is.....listen to me people, JUST GO WATCH THIS FILM, there is no words that can describe this film, I cant do justice by writing anythi
:icondarkereve:DarkerEve 6 11
TBT mlp plushie Princess Celestia

She was 24" tall , made of minky fabrics, machine embroidered eyes and cutie marks. 
made in 2015.
Commissions are open, just note me for info. HAPPY THURSDAY
:iconcinnamon-stitch:CINNAMON-STITCH 5 0
8 fact about Corsair
Tagged by :iconMADD-MODD: for Corsair!
1: Corsair is a bit of a re purposed old design I had for Snowwoman of all things.

(I'm REALLY glad I didn't run with this for Snowwoman dear lord. )
What I wanted to do was create something exaggerated sexy if that even makes sense. Pirate girls are super hot so why not make one? Then I remembered I drew out a titty version of Snowwoman. 
2: The Sheriff was really close to her at one point. He had the hots for her but things never went anywhere. He doesn't bother her about their past. She doesn't remember much of it and being the gentleman he is he let it go, just glad to see his old crush is happy with her new life.

3: Corsair is one of those characters with a beauty complex. She wasn't too happy with her old appearance. Especially after being insulted by Poseidon. Lately she has mellowed out about it. S
:icondollwoman:Dollwoman 6 12
Dragon Heroes Profile: Blaze the Cat (WIP)
Full name: Blaze Kirsten Elizabeth Felini 
Nickname: Blazey, Blazy, Cat Girl, Cat Woman, Princess Blaze, Highness
Species: Cat
Gender: Female
Birthdate: January 8th, 1982
Horoscope: Capricorn
Age: 14 (Sonic Rush), 14 - 15 (Sonic games), 37 (Age in 2019)
Occupation: Martial artist, Dragon Master (As of 2000)
Nationality: English, Italian (paternal), Dutch (maternal)
Affiliation: Sol Kingdom, Team Vector, Order of the Dragonheart, Feline Coalition, Anthro League, British Royal Cat Academy, International Dragon Academy of Sydney
Family: Leonardo Felini (oldest brother), Thomas Felini (older brother), Gia Felini (older sister), Dante Felini (father), Sheila Felini (nee Clawson) (mother), Miles Prower (husband)
Blaze Felini was born in Twycross, England on January 8th, 1982, the fourth and youngest child of Sheila Clawson and Dante Felini. Her mother was a regent of the Sol Kingdom where she guarded the Sol Em
:icondracocharizard87:DracoCharizard87 5 1
Brilliant photos from our dear friend Vin

Dancing Bluebirds by Applemac12
Praise by Applemac12
Happy Birthday Micha by Applemac12
Double Trouble by Applemac12
Happy Birthday BiBi by Applemac12
Wet Carnation by Applemac12
I admire your Photography by vafiehya
I admire you
You are a wonderful friend and a great artist,
 A talented photographer
And a great person!
I wish the best for you! by vafiehya
:iconvafiehya:vafiehya 7 9
would anyone be up for $25 animated icons?

and if you want linked/joint ones, they'd cost $40 ...

and for an icon that's more detailed with movement, like this sway would be

5 slots...
1. Markatory
:icongrimfantas:grimfantas 7 3
Ask Me Anything
Totally not forced by :icondsana:, here comes my AMA, i.e. Ask-Me-Anything

You can ask me any question, including those not related to the fandom.
I can't guarantee serious answers for certain questions, tho ;0
You can also ask question to my OC, Berzie... if you dare
:iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 6 116
The Ramped Up Writer
I could tell you that eighty percent of people say they want to write a novel. I could also tell you that fewer than one percent of all manuscripts submitted to traditional publishing houses make it into print. But you know what they say about telling, right? It’s always more effective to show.
Come with me on a bus ride. According to the Guinness Book of World Records the record number of people crammed onto an average city bus is 229. Look! That’s our ride now. Wave! We can do this. The vehicle slows with a squeal of bad brakes and an eye-watering reek of exhaust. It lurches up and over the curb, then bounces back to the pavement with a thud we can feel through the soles of our Nikes. I can’t see the driver, can you? Bodies press against the glass on all sides, blocking the view. A shapely denim-clad derrière is squashed into the crack of the bifold door. Man, that’s gotta hurt. A face peers out from alongside it: nose, cheeks, lips and eyes collapsed tog
:icondenlm:denlm 16 7
Chibi Commissions Open
I really enjoy doing Chibis again, so Ill be taking some Commissions for a lil while!
They will be 5€/500 Points each! <3
:iconchocobros:Chocobros 8 19
Art Trades practice new style
Yeah,yo already know what to do!
I do:
Goth|Pastel ocs
Fan ocs
I don't do:
couples for now
extreme gore
:icondreamyqueen55:DreamyQueen55 5 11
I'm a Venomous Earth dragon
grabbed from Nobody  who grabbed from Nobody who grabbed from Nobody 
- Tag a friend (or twenty)
- Answer honestly
- Put the title as "I am an ___ dragon" (or an elemental pun)
- Have fun!
[x] You love being outside
[ ] Sunlight makes you feel happy 
[x] You love all animals 
[ ] You feel bad when you kill a bug 
[x] You own lots of plants
[ ] You are a vegetarian/vegan
[x] You love fruits and vegetables 
Total: 4
[ ] You are very headstrong
[x] You are a very grounded person
[x] You are physically strong or big
[x] You try hard to maintain balance in your life
[x] You eat a lot and love food
[x] You are not sensitive
[x] You don't mind getting dirty 
Total: 6
[ ] You have a lot of sass 
[ ] You love warmth
[x] You get angered easily, but calm down quickly
[ ] You get into a lot of fights. 
[x] You are rude 
[ ] You are passionate/emotional
[x] You love spicy food
Total: 3
:iconaltairsky:AltairSky 3 17
Mike at the Movies: Shazam!
(This is actually take two of this review since the first one got deleted. The whole thing. And yes, I checked, it wasn't there. Thanks, dA, for being a crap site.)
At this point, I think it's safe to say that the DCEU is...a bit of a mess. Hell, this wasn't even a controversial statement back in 2016. From botched characterizations, to movies being vastly altered before being released to theatres, to actors being just terrible people on set, really, this franchise has seen nearly every possible controversy you could have with the filmmaking process. I myself was never that invested in it, certainly not to the extent that I am with the MCU, though it appears as though there’s been a bit of a shift lately. Aquaman recently became the first DCEU movie to break a billion dollars, above Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League, which I think scientists are still trying to figure out an explanation for, and it actually received mildly positive rev
:iconmikethehuman113:MikeTheHuman113 7 1
Haunter of Dreams on Indiegogo soon -Info!
Now that HoD is settled and almost ready for print, I'm planning for the setup to get Haunter of Dreams printed with the help of a crowdfunding campaign! Since the project grew exponentially from its initially planned 35 pages to 80 pages and took me longer than expected, I will run a crowdfunding campaign to get the funds for the print release. Since I will also offer a re-print of Myre 1 along with HoD, there will be some good deals to grab either one or both books!
Myre 1 will be slightly remastered. It will include some more extra pages, extra texts and bumped up colours. I received some critique on the last print run that Myre turned out slightly too dark. Though it wasn't a big problem, I think it will be a good way for me to learn more regarding print processing.
For those who have Myre, you know it's a fairly tall book! Haunter of Dreams will come in the same format to keep the space on your shelf neat. :)
I struggled with my decision wh
:iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 8 4
Journal #204: Thank you! [STABLE 33]
Hello everypony! Love 
I thought - instead of sharing a picture - I could simply thank you for your questions under the current "Stable 33".
I'm always a bit uncertain about my "Pointy Comics" and your questions gave me (once again) a lot of motivation :3
I'm currently working on the next "Stable 33" and I'll submit it as soon as possible.
Thank you :D I would definitely NOT be motivated to do what I do without you. x3

:iconestories:EStories 4 4
My Thoughts on Endgame (No Spoilers)
So...I just read the Plot of what happens in Endgame, don't worry I won't spoil it for everyone. I'm not that big of a douche.
But I am gonna give my thoughts on this without spoiling anything.
I'm not gonna bother with it.
No, it's not because of anything pairing related.
No, it's not because of Captain Marvel.
Infinity War for Me, is where The MCU Ends and it stays that way in my head.
At least until They come out with a Nova Movie based around Richard Rider...and maybe one or two other MCU related films, but other than that.
Avengers end with Infinity War for me. Endgame's cool. But not enough for me to bother with it. Kinda like TGoTG.
I'll wait for you all to see the movie before I go on a rant about it and explain my thoughts more on it and what I think.
BEFORE!!! Anyone asks why don't I just go and see it rather than read about it online.
Simple. I'm a Poor Man. I can't afford much...and I am Really getting sick and tired of people asking me if I'm going to go and see a movie or
:iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 7 19
JBD Readoption (End Date May 25)
So! It’s come time for my JBD to find a new home. I haven’t really given her the attention she deserves so I thought I’d host a readoption contest! The bean is currently a female named Grace, but that can be changed!
This contest will be a prompt! You may do anything you wish for it, however I ask for some sort of explanation to go along with an art piece if that’s what you do.
The prompt: What is this Bean’s biggest regret and why?
The only restriction is that an art entry must be at least a colored bust sketch, and a writing entry must have at least 150 words.
Bean’s Name:
Bean’s Gender:
Here’s the bean in question! And the original batch: Tailbean Batch - JBD Flatsales SOLD
:iconfeirfull:Feirfull 7 4
Atrocious Deviant - Fox-Pixar2
Fox-Pixar2 is a deviant from New Zealand. He joined Deviantart for 3 years.
Why he's atrocious?
He won't stop tagging people to force to watch his "movies" he made!
His stop-motion animation is awfully poor.
His stop-motion characters' designs are ugly, you can see some color (Mostly the toe) from Blub's body!
(I couldn't think an idea what did this user did so if you guys have done a rant journal of this user then send them to me!)
:iconyuettung116:yuettung116 4 11
April Favourites IV
I just started university so I have less time available for deviantart, but still, I won't leave this time. When my schedule doesn't let me create, I enjoy looking at beautiful artworks. So here are my favourites this week... 
          A simple life. by Erdbeersternchen necromancer by Versael NZ by soon38 Dead End King by Neriak speedpaint #116 by Sylar113 The Secret Realm by Secretadmires 
:iconsirenearcana:SireneArcana 11 24
Rest peacefully Edward Kesley.
Legendary actor as Joe Grundy of The Archers and original Danger Mouse
voice actor Edward Kesley, who voices both Baron Greenback and Colonel K
has recently passed away at 88. ='(
:icondm-fan-club:Dm-fan-club 3 13