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Quarry Ori Release!
It seems many of the bird wyngrew from Last Notch are beginning to take stock of what supplies they'll need on their return to their town. Many of the wagons they originally brought with them are no longer necessary to haul back to Last Notch (since they were originally used to bring much-needed food and supplies to Wynsiph in the farm town's time of need), so quite a few quills can be found selling off not only wagons, but also ...
CLICK HERE to learn more!
These large lovable creatures will be our first released mount, and we hope you all enjoy these creatures (it took us quite a long, long, loooooooooong time to be happy with a finalized design for them).
And what's even better? Eventually, these critters will be made available through free means in Last Notch. We're not quite there yet ... for one, Last Notch needs to be opened, and for another we're going to need ya'lls help with something before we mods can get
:iconwyngro:Wyngro 33 17
Itchy feet
February is a strange time of year for me. Although I like winter (not that we had much winter here this time) ........(there is still time though) the time we are nearly through February I am ready for Spring. My work means I can't really get away in the winter most years and now I am approaching my busiest time of year so I always have a long gap between adventures from November til May. My feet are itching I can tell you. Even more so because I have been battling an unpleasant upper respiratory infection since the last few days of December. It has dragged on a bit but has just about cleared up now. This has added to my itchy feet syndrome as I now feel better and I want to go somewhere and do something. It feels like my last trip was in the distant past yet also, at the same time, time seems to fly. It's interesting to experience both these feelings at the same time. In May I am taking a couple of friends to Scotland who have never been there before. It will be fun to do th
:iconlordljcornellphotos:LordLJCornellPhotos 26 35
Pimps and Whoas - Feb. 22, 2019

News from the Team
:bulletorange: Eclipse Change Log: February 20, 2019
:bulletorange: Thursday Prompt: Animal Lover
:bulletorange: Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart!
:bulletorange: Your 'new' Artistic Nude and Fetish CV
:bulletorange: What's Next for Eclipse: Profile Personalization
Official Contests
All "official" contests will begin at midnight PST on the start date and end at 11:5
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 28 12
Godzilla vs. Koopzilla Part 2 DELAYED
I delay Godzilla vs. Koopzilla Part 2 because I decided that I will replace General Zaheer Serizawa by my own General Haruo Serizawa.
But the name is not the point. What my point is that I need the sprites of him.
Here's General Haruo Serizawa - 
I want you to make similar sprites of these -  
Shoutout to ElectricStaticGamer TuffTony KevinSolano gold-ring-951 
:iconasylusgoji91:AsylusGoji91 8 11
There is justice! Gosh its blind....
Hello everyone, I have very good news and I personally still do not believe I was able to fight this without major difficulties, if i may say so.
First of all, let me remind you and for all those who are not familiar with the situation,
yesterday or this morning (depends on your timezone), an attempt of fraud chargebacks on my account occurred AGAIN! Yes again!
You can check out the whole development of the situation Arrow leftHEREArrow right !
So, the person contacted me via mail,and reportedly claimed the fault is not theirs, and that these chargebacks were not fired by them.
Justifying that their former partner, ex boyfriend hacked into their paypal account and did open disputes (!?!?!?!?).
Whether I believe in it?
Very little... (not exactly)
Are these testimonies realistic?
:iconnorthernred:NorthernRed 24 29
at any time

:iconrichardleach:RichardLeach 14 11
Kingdom Hearts Rewrite -Birth by Sleep Pt. 2/4
Here's the first part Kingdom Hearts Rewrite - Birth by Sleep Pt. 1/4
In Radiant Garden, Master Xehanort is talking with a certain person and while their words cannot be heard, we know nothing good is being spoken due to the sinister smile this person is sporting. Terra arrives at the Mysterious Tower to seek the aid of the former master, Yen Sid. Before Terra enters the tower, he sees a mouse with a Keyblade emerge and use a mysterious object to leave this world. Though Master Yen Sid cannot give any clear answers, he surmises that Xehanort and the masked boy who controls the Unversed are connected and to find out the truth, he must first find Xehanort. While in between worlds, Terra hears Xehanort's voice in his head, summoning him to a barren wasteland. Upon seeing Xehanort face to face, Terra asks why Xehanort has done many terrible things in the worlds he has visite
:iconzigwolf:Zigwolf 6 3
EQG Season 2: Episode 7
Oh boy, we gamers are a lovely bunch 
So, another new short, focusing on more "YouTube parodies", but this involves Sunset and Fluttershy, FINALLY
This is a clear reference to those gaming streams that are pretty much a staple of the Gaming Community nowadays
Also, Sunset has new shoes, or sneakers or whatever you American's call them XD They look pretty neat
Sunset has a Gaming channel, huh, I knew it was gonna happen since she had shown that she has some history with video games, so this is gonna come one way or another
And it looks like Sunset is a hardcore Gamer too, heeeeeeeeeey, I share a common trait XD
The way Fluttershy tried to understand how to Game just cracked me up, she looks really new into it
Also, ah, Irony, Sunset is a hardcore gamer yet she struggled to play the simplest game correctly whereas Flutters is new but masters the game within seconds
And oh shit, Sunset is one of those rage gamers, eh, can't blame her, I am one too XD
I enjoyed this, I like it, and it
:iconcbear624:CBear624 7 23
My Naruto ocs withou couple
Here is a list of some of the ocs that I have for the naruto fandom and that currently do not have a couple. The list will be updated as you pair them.
Ashura Uchiha:

more images of he:     
Touya Amagi

more of he: 
He is of the same age as Ashura.
Imeko Nanase

Like Touya, Imeko is the same age as the two of them, since they are also his teammates.
Yogo Murashi (Boruto)

Yon Murashi (Boruto)

Shura (Boruto)
:iconinarimiko:InariMiko 5 3
Get your chara featured in my comic! (Always open)
Hey guys-- so this probably won't apply until a lot later in the series on BUT I'm going to need a lot of background characters in the future so if you'd possibly like to have them in my comic, you can enter two characters max! Just comment below the character(s) that you want to be featured! c:
If you can share this journal or tag a few friends, it would be really appreciated! :0 <3
Please note:
-I may not be drawing all the characters provided! I'm not sure how many entries I'm going to get.
-I'm looking for anthros and humanoid only (mainly humanoid if possible)
-You don't mind your character(s) interacting with other random bg characters!
-No overly complicated characters, please!
-Please no DA species! I do not own them therefore I cannot use them
-Looking for both land and aquatic charas (for the underwater scenes)
-You don't mind your character(s) being in weird background situations (like running from a volcano, or working at a coffee shop)
If I ever feature your char
:iconhoopie-sprout:Hoopie-Sprout 16 96
Birthday Thanks to you All
I am so very touched by all the love and kindness received and shown to me on my birthday, on the 20th.  I had a wonderful day and I wish to thank you all for your kind attentions; late-comers too, to the party -as well as those who will come online yet still, after this posting to wish me a happy belated one.
Hugs and Love to you all, my friends.  Thank you for helping make my special day even more special! :blowkiss: !!!:heart:!!!
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Adventure: Rescue Mission
Return to the list
Be sure to read the rules there before beginning!
Only young and up can do adventures - no hatchlings!
✧ Step 1 ✧
While you were out enjoying the day (or not, it's your life), you heard a shout. Looking in the direction of the sound, you saw some guy wearing a hat looking like he was trying to flag you down. Whether you wanted to listen or not, he called over that some of his Sample Snaps had decided to be very rude to the wildlife! They chased a little critter [up a very large tree / down a deep tunnel] and he feels awful about it : (( Do you think you could go and see if it's okay?
>> Draw your Snakekey talking to/being flagged down by the bread guy or sizing up the [tree / tunnel] <<

✧ Step 2 ✧
:iconsnakekeys:Snakekeys 7 1
Speed Draw: My Hero Mina
:icontubbytoon:TubbyToon 7 1
Randomness: Indigo [MUST SEE]
Hello everypony! Waaaah! 
I've seen A LOT "Sad Spike Pictures" over the years, but this one?
Ouch D: Right in my feelings...

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::
You can find all details HERE:
:iconestories:EStories 12 4
F**k you Kisekae Community
Disclaimer: If the shoe fits wear it. Not my problem if you feel offended.
Alright so you all remember this:
Apparently I posted this shit for nothing 4 months ago. Some fucking idiot sure didn't. He kept asking me for codes and I directed him to that status right there. 
What did this motherfucker do? He copied the outfit of the remake that I took 5 FUCKING HOURS in doing, he posted the fucking plagiarism he committed, made the code available and on top of that HE TAGGED ME saying "Since DeathNinja07 won't share the code, I will"
Yes all that happened this week
In case you wonder what I did, I submitted a DMCA against him and I did get in contact with a staff member through a ticket. The pictures were taken down by said asshole since I DID confront him about it.
Is this what we've come to now?
After all this shit was done I decided to simply move the remakes I made into my dA storage. They are not deleted bu
:icondeathninja07:DeathNinja07 5 25
Let's Talk About...
Character Designs.
Original characters, or "OCs," are an insanely popular thing nowadays, and with good reason! OCs can be a fun creative outlet, a way to conceptualize things and express one's self, take joy in the process of developing the character, etc. The list goes on. And with the amazing connectedness that is provided through the internet, these OCs and their related backstories and art and content are accessible and shareable.
The sheer amount of OC designs is something that I don't think is fathomable, or calculatable (at least, by my feeble mind!). There are a lot, A LOT of character designs out there, particularly floating around in places such as DeviantArt, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
When you upload a design, regardless of how simple or complex or unique you think it is, there's a good chance that something relatively similar is out there somewhere in cyberspace already. Does that mean you are a thief? By no means! It just means that two characters (and possibly more) shar
:iconmischievousraven:MischievousRaven 20 4
So as you can see I have started on the Mega level Eeveelutions they are as follows, and will be released at least 2 a month (I hope lol)
Enteimon - Uploaded
Suicumon - Uploding in a few days
The rest of the poke-digimon i had planned are still coming as well
Pikachu Evoline
Mew Evoline
:iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 4 2
Public Work Prompt - #3: Lilypad Police Department
Macy: Great news, everyone! We finally have a police officer to help keep the town safe, especially from those awful raiders!
Ridney: ah, it's about time...Maybe there is hope for the safety of this town after all, chitter.
Macy: YEAH, that's right! You hear me, you big, DUMB raiders! You stay away from our town! W-we're not scared of you, batty!
Maxi: KEKEKEKE, I like your spunk bat girl! These raider things don't stand a chaaance against an ORTHRUS! Cerberus protects the gates of the Underworld! We protect this town! Open up! Pawlice!
Samuel: What?! You guys know CERBERUS?
Bud: Of course we do! We're practically cousins!
What is a Public Work Prompt?
Public Work Prompts are essentially just prompts, which are posts that surround a particular theme/idea, the community making art to go with the th
:iconcreature-crossing:Creature-Crossing 7 5
My Kingdom Hearts Meme

hello everybody and welcome to a meme i got from here  now let's grab our keyblades and unlock the door to meet our players and words ect ect for my KH Game Meme :aww:  
The Hero Keyblade Wielder: Andy Britton (me)
The Magician: Daffy Duck (Looney Toons) 
The Knight: Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
The Rival: Jughead Jones (Riverdail) 
The Friend: Cady Heron (Mean Girls)
The King: Bugs Bunny (Loony Toons)
The Worlds and it's Heroes and Villains 
1 The Lego Movie Universe Hero: Emmett Villains: Lord Business      
2 LV-426 (Alien Universe) Hero: Ellen Ripley Villain: Xenomorph Queen 
3 Hamunaptra (The Mummy Universe) Hero: Rick O'connell Villain: Imhotep 
4 Wakanda (Black Panther Universe) Hero: T'challa AKA Black Panther Villain: Erik Killmonger
5 Mega City (The Matrix Universe) Hero: Neo Anderson Villain: Age
:iconcarriejokerbates:Carriejokerbates 5 2
I feel so unmotivated...
I'm sorry for the vent journal guys but I am not feeling particularly great right now.  I just can't get motivated to do anything the way I used to.  I used to practically make one picture a day for this account or at least as frequently as possible.  I could work at lightning speed on some pictures and pump out tons of things for you guys to enjoy, but now it's just not the same.  Even when I have some things I NEED to get done like commissions (sorry to those still waiting), it doesn't click.  I keep telling myself I will do it tonight a few hours before going to bed, or do it this weekend when I have 2 whole days of free time, but to no avail.  I just waste my time sitting around watching videos on YouTube or checking my Twitter for any notifications.  I get no exercise unless you count the standing, walking, and lifting I do at my job, but it's probably only enough to keep me from gaining too much weight from the crappy food I eat.  I don't e
:iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 8 15
Mr Men Show OCs as Teddy Bears (UPDATE)
I decided to draw Mr Men Show OCs as teddy bears and I thought it would be cute. Two users, Chickie456 and Mlsfanarts did want me to draw their OC.
UPDATE: I changed to do from 14 OCs to 19 OCs. So 19 OCs plus mine equals 20 OCs. I decided to do more as I actually enjoyed drawing it. Anyways here are the list:
Miss Sketch: Chickie456 
Mr. Test: Mlsfanarts 
Mr. Hypnotize: AquaChoco1997 
Miss Wolftail: DWTDandHTFfanXD 
Miss Sensitive: TheAwesomestPikachu 
Miss Energetic: TigeressBird324 
Miss Hope: KittyChanImproved 
Miss Wild: LightningWolf272 
Miss Carefree: ToritheGlory 
Miss Kind: Teaganm 
Miss Heartfelt: KatieGirlsForever 
Mr. Normal: Percyfan94 
Miss Jerk: IzaStarArtist17 
Miss Midnight: Inspirelirium 
Miss Idiot: dmonahan9 
Miss Spaced: Little-Mr 
Miss Sunbright: Teanster1 
Mr. Retro-Wolf: VincentBitisBack 
Mr. Weird: Bluestard34 
Miss Nature (Me)
Im sorry if
:iconchatterbox258:Chatterbox258 8 13
MLP gaming is CANON
If you are a Brony on Youtube, you may have seen Roleplay Let'splay, where a voice-actress do a Playthrough of a game while role playing as a MLP character.....
Personally, I watch Vannamelon ( :iconvannamelon: ) and her "Fluttershy Plays" series ( loved her takes on Undertale and Deltarune) ...
Why do I imagine a large influct of MLP VA doing Let's Plays and parodies based on this?
Maybe invent fan-fictions/ videos about the Humane-Six/Seven starting an E-sport Team ?
Why Not? My little brother was a trainer/ Budget Manager for a semi-amateur League of Legends Team before going to Limerick University... I somewhat know a bit how things goes in there....
I guess if you like a "Slice of Life" type story with a exotic twist to it, that could be interesting....
That make me want to see Vannamelon :iconvannamelon: and :iconwubcakeva: playing games like MOBAS or things like that..... could works either by having Equestria Girls POWNING tras
:icongodforoth:Godforoth 4 3