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Magnolia in Alola (Ultra Sun)
Leon - Torracat 726 Torracat - Type: Fire type - Male - Characteristic: Strongly defiant
Alsoome - Zorua #570 Zorua - Type: Dark type - Female - Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown
Doops - SlowpokeSlowpoke - Type: Water type / Psychic type - Male - Characteristic: Nods off a lot
Scott - Flaaffy Flaaffy  - Type: Electric type - Male - Characteristic: Loves to eat  
Zool - Zubat - #041 Zubat - Type:  / 
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Something Something Tag Or Something
Semi-tagged by :iconchangeofheart505:
1. You have to post all of the rules
2. Answer 12 questions that you were asked, then ask 12 more questions more questions to others that you tagged to the answer
3. Choose 12 people
4. Tag those people at the end
5. You can't say you "don't do tags"
6. tag backs are permitted
7. You must do the journal entry
Onto the Questions:

1. What's your ideal weather? (Example, one of mine is days when rain is just pouring by the buckets) 
Snowy weather which sadly is rare
2. If you do traditional art, what is your favorite medium? If you do digital, which program have you used so far that is the one you like best?
For traditional, I use colored pencils and digital, Paint Tool SAI Ver.2 until I get the money for Photoshop
3. What's a challenge you would like to partake in this year? (Example, for artists, MerMay or Inktober) 
I'll have Mermay another go. I don't do Inktober, but I have something of my own, Laurtober ever since 20
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valentine 2019
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Commission Updates and Opening Notice
Hello everyone,
Today I will be making some changes to how my commissions function now that I have cleared my queue. These changes will involve the method of pricing and how the queue functions.
The following changes are as follows:
1. Pricing is now determined on a PER WORD basis, rather than a PER PAGE basis. The new rate is now 0.8 US cents per word with Safe for Work stories and 1 US cent per word with NSFW stories.
2. The queue will now automatically close once it reaches the max capacity and will not reopen until I have finished the current queue and am ready to take on more commissions. The queue has been reduced from a maximum of 10 to a maximum of 3. 
These changes have been made to reflect my changing needs and the value of my time to bring it up to proper standards. The queue change was made for my own sake and sanity, as having excessively long queues did not help myself work more efficiently and it meant that commissioners had to wait longer
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1. Please read the rules!
2. If there are any questions or concerns, note the group or message the admin on discord. This helps us help you faster!
3.No god-modding,Your wolves may not dodge every attack in Rp fights
4.Treat others as you want to be treated
5.We do not allow any form of art theft! Tracing, stealing, and other forms of copying are not allowed. We also do not allow lineart to be used, even if it's free. All skill levels are warmly welcomed here!
6.PLEASE do not post sexual content/other innuendos to the group. We do not wish to see it.
7. Do not post unfiltered violence/gore.
8. Have fun!
All the packs fear humans and the village they live in,the wolves call human
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Hi. Hello.
I'm feeling good today.
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this first times on example on slected!

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WIN FREE ART + AtFBB Returning March 30th!
Well, everybody took my super-suspenseful Scott Cawthon-esque blank profile page as me leaving. Sigh. Didn't you guys learn anything from the past few years?
It's true, the account isn't leaving, instead, it's going to be re-envisioned the way that I originally wanted it to be! I'm going to have a lot of fun with this!
In the meantime, I've got a free art raffle going on! All you have to do is comment here!:

Stay tuned!
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Uber app clone
Get your own uber clone App With a Extraordinary features In your Brand Name And Logo.
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A Friendo's CS Raffle
My friendo (AroAround) just earned herself 1,000 watchers (congrats Aro!) and is now hosting a pretty cool raffle for her CS. The adoptable looks amazing and I would recommend checking it out. 0v0
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Please Read before I leave the MMDC...
Okay, this is why the MMDC is full of rulebreakers. To clarify, I want to tell you about my past before I proceed to destroying all of my fake social media accounts and moving on with my real account. I was struggling to learn personal space, but the point is, Tunari is always tracking me down, month after month after month after month after month and so on, he is trying to blast me away from all social media even though I never wanted to talk to that vile vulture. I had to tell my cousin Uriah to redact the claim but he did not respond. So I had to block and stay away from MinaliAjaebixTsuki, but despite my attitude, I have done many mistakes and I get many and many callouts as I would. But I couldn't stand this disaster. People calling me Amy despite me not wanting to be called that name. That's very disturbing. I also wish to be a good MMD'er and learn how to actually leave people alone. If this goes out of hand, I will go on an indefinite hiatus. If I come back with a real
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GA Applications!
The way to be able to make adopts
• You MUST be a member of Planet-Jelliens if you'd like to apply
• As a GA, you'll be able to do up to 10 designs, but only 1 batch
• You can sell the adopts for what you seem fit. You HAVE to use PayPal, and I ask for 10% of your earnings.
• You can only apply once. This is so the comments don’t get clogged and everyone has an equal opportunity
Age range (13-18, 18-21, 21+):
How active are you?:
Experience as an artist in other groups/species?:
Example of designs you've made/sold recently:
Why do you want to become a GA?:
:iconplant-jellien:Plant-Jellien 0 1
The Shape of Things to Come
Hello, belly enthusiasts! It's been a few weeks since I provided any kind of update, so here we go. First off, in my last journal, I mentioned I was doing a collab with StarkRumbolt. The writing portion of that is complete, and Stark is hard at work doing his half. It will most likely be a long while before that is complete, so patience is appreciated. Let me say this, I think you all will love it. It has a lot to unpack. If you haven't read the series High Times with Lilly and Katie + Maria, I would suggest you catch up in the meantime. It's not only a crossover, but it does place those stories in the same universe. Also, there will be a sneak peek of a new series in the conclusion of this. Speaking of which, this will be divided into
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Hello I’m going to be doing commissions mostly because i have nothing better to do XD. So anyway these are the commissions.
Super Cat Tales sprite recolor-5 points
headshot of any oc-5 points
sonic X recolor-10 points
please note that if I do not do your commission it is either because I don’t have internet. Or because i am sick. If I don’t do your commission immediately i will do it as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding!
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Nubaroons Early Bird Event!
Ya heard me! Nubaroons is having an early bird event! Come down and join us!
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My First Experience with Dead or Alive 6
I downloaded the demo just after midnight this morning.  It was suprising huge for a demo, its size on the HDD is bigger then DOA 5 Last Round with all the DLC.  I wasn't able to play until this evening.  The goal of this demo is to beta test the multiplayer.  The graphics really looks nice in this version and even if the characters looks a little different, I'd say DOA 5's models looked a little better, but this version is more interactive then DOA 5..  So far, I can say that this version of the game will be better for the combat.  In DOA 6 it was nore rare to see the characters hits each other in the same moment.  It never occure to me in DOA 5.  The stages looks much more interactive too.  I haven't test all the enviroments, but it looks promising.
The demo comes with a "demo" of the story mode which looked really nice.  It was really just a short exercpt from it.  In the demi all the chracters are aailable and you can unlock th
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OC Q and A
Just ask my OC's anything!
The Oc's I'll be using for this QnA are



And Kyoko!

So ask away!
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selling miolet cacteen (open)
selling her for 750 points!
willing to haggle :)
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Did you see this?
Did you see what I see?!
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Run, Fox, Run Writing Update
Last chapter, enjoy!
Thank you for your support :heart:
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Let's stop Article 13
We still need to act as fast as possible.
The longer time we let this sit without them know there is a resistance against this
the more likely it's going to pass.
Let's tell them how much we don't like this laws that's being voted for
Check out the video(s) below
(Same video as above but in Swedish)
Save the internet by contacting your local MEP's with the Link below.
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Reviews of Film and TV Shows and more
In the days that will come depending on how I feel, I will be making my own reviews on movies and TV shows and Top 10 Lists here on Deviant Art. I may or may not take requests like most people. I want to go easy on my mind. That is all. Stay tuned.
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