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Check Out My New Band
Update on my music career. My old band, The Precautions, ended because there was a major falling out with one of the guitarists. However, the rest of the members decided we wanted to continue making music. So we started a new band, Collideoscope. Sadly, it is now just three of the original Precautions members with two new people. But those two people are great people and incredibly talented individuals.
We have our first show coming up July 8th at a local venue and we're super excited. It would mean the world to us if you could follow us on all of our social medias. Check out the links below. Thank you for your support!
Facebook: [link]
Thank you again!
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pride meme
1. What’s your gender? 
female! last time i checked... oh shit
2. What are your pronouns?
i don't really care. as long as you're kinda sorta looking in my general direction and speaking to me, i'll talk! probably!
3. Is your family accepting?
hell no
4. What do you wish you could tell your past self?
you will no longer be a flat-chested sparrow - however, you will still never reach that top shelf, you short motherfucker
5. What is your sexuality?
pan / bi / isn't there 100 of these by now
6. Favorite color?
i don't really DISLIKE any colors, if that means anything...? not a huge fan of blue, but otherwise, it's gucci.
7. Sun gay or moon gay?
is this a tumblr thing or am i not hip enough to understand? my wi-fi is powered by fucking memes and a potato, i live under a rock
8. When did you find out your sexuality?
not til i was older, honestly
9. How was your day?
shit, but it's fine
10. Do you have any gay friends?
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Commissions and such stuff
Alright as you all know I made a journal a while ago about the commissions stuff.
If I owe you ANYTHING. 
Comment below.
I get so many notes on the daily i just lose track of everything ;-;
Notes are bad for contacting jenny XD very very bad 
:bulletblack: what i owe you
:bulletblack: An updated version of the character if you have one
:bulletblack: A POSE IDEA IF YOU HAVE ONE (Trust me this makes getting comms out FASTER)
:bulletblack: Just simply leave me "Refund" In the comments PLEASE and the price XD Ill get right on it
I know there were only a few that responded last time so I'm really going to try and knock those out TONIGHT so anytime between now (7:30 My time right now) and Midnight. (4 1/2 From this moment) I'm going to be working on those. I also just got my direct deposit set and are willing to do the refunds PLEASE just let me know. 
All my art will be posted to my new accou
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Tag as FK
Tagged by :iconluigis-sister18:
1. Fandoms that You've been in so Long? 
       Sing (2016)
2. Are You a Mario Hater? (If Yes, then Fucc You) 
            No, Mario is the best
3. Favorite Danganronpa Character? 
       i'm not into danganronpa :|
4. Favorite Mario Character? 
       Bowser Jr
5. Favorite Cartoons? 
     Rocky and Bullwinkle,Woody Woodpecker, Mixels, The smurfs, And Others i like :3
6. Who's Your Inspiration to Draw? 
   I Don't Even Know XD
7. Who's Your Senpai? -w-
     Woody Woodpecker and Cat (Catdog)
8. Horror Games or other Genre of the Games? 
:\ ?
9. Do have a Crush on someone?  -w-
Woody Woodpecker XD
10. OTPs You have Right Now? 
Bullocky (Rocky x Bullwinkle)
11. Luigikid or Mariokid? 
Never heard of them
12. Am I Horrible to You? ;-; 
No, You are Cool
    My Que
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never question my sanity
lulu: Daddy
Nubba: What
lulu: omg
Nubba: What you prick
lulu: What will ______ say dumby?
Nubba: wtf is wrong with you cunt?
Nubba: Oh my fuck I hate you so much
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hello so two things 
1. would you guys be interested in (very cHeAP) adopts
2. would you guys be interested in (also cHeAP) custom designs
ok thats it im tired goodbye
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Free Requests!!!!!!!
I'm available to complete free requests of Wallpapers, stamps, or aesthetic dividers! Note Me or comment below!
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Bowser's Minions vs. Baldi's Basics, Part 3
Where we last left off, Roy was sent to detention. Will he ever escape? Yes he will!
[in detention] Rats. That's the second time I was ever given a detention.
It's a Bully: [also in detention] Well, it's your fault, and not MINE.
Roy: WHATEVER! I'm gonna make my escape. [leaves the detention room. The Principal of the Thing takes notice of Roy leaving detention]
Principal of the Thing: Hey, get back here! [chases after Roy]
[Roy is now in the same room as Iggy]
Iggy: "The world is big, class dismissed". Well, why bother to dismiss a class by writing so on the board? [sees a chartreuse notebook] This notebook matches my shell and my hair. [picks it up and types] Eight minus twelve is negative four. [submits] Four times four is sixteen. [submits] And... You know, I think I know why we keep seeing this glitched message over and over again--Baldi has terrible
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Nostalgia pulled me back to this site so why not?
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Offer to adopt Pony characters [OPEN]
You can offer:
or you can pay the the price for each characters! c: 
^^^^200 points^^^^
^^^^100 points ^^^^
^^^^350 points ^^^^
^^^^5 points ^^^^
^^^^300 points ^^^^
^^^^250 points ^^^^
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Super Cute YCH!
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3 Days Left And Updates About What Is Going On
Heya guys, its Kendra. So I just want to keep you all updated about me and what I have been up to.
So The problems irl are slowly slimming down. Not much arguing between my family has been happening, but I can't say that to be ending very shortly. Hopefully things will ok for me and for my mom, and hopefully no arguing will happen on my Birthday. Speaking of my Birthday, its in 3 Days. I am getting freaking hyped and excited! I will keep you all up to date about what how I'm holding up.
If you guys Do want to keep in contact to chat with me anywhere else instead of using DeviantArt, just go to the following:
Discord Usernames
L4D2Fan13#5357 (Main Account)
TheElemental13#4489 (Alt Account)
Steam User Names
L4D2Fan13 (Main Account)
TheElemental13 (Alt Account)
Anyway, that is all I want to explain and talk about. I will let you all know how I am doing pretty soon(Most Likely on my Birthday).
So I will see you all later, Peace! :heart:
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One of Many
**TRIGGER WARNING** This piece contains themes of suicide and self-harm. Reader discretion is advised.
   I remember the day I found out. We were on a field trip, doing what we thought to be the Lord's work. It was cold that day, and we were going to protest abortion by standing outside for half an hour. I didn't have a proper coat, which worried me, but little did I know that this would soon be the least of my worries.
   I remember sensing that there was a secret. My classmates' expressions were solemn as I approached them in the narthex of the church. Something serious was going on. They spoke in hushed voices, and as I got closer I began to hear what they were saying.
  "On her upper arm," Catherine said.
    Alarms went off in my head. Somebody is self-harming.
    "What's going on?" I inquired, hoping I hadn't already figured out the answer.
    Abby looked to Catherine. "Should we tell her?
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I made friends w/ a couple dragonflies today
I was at my Grandparent's & they live near a lake. My family & I were out on the boat & riding on a tube & it was fun. I wanted to keep riding on the tube but we stopped and swam for abit. I didn't want to swim so I stayed on the tube.
Idk when this started but a couple blue dragonflies started to fly around our boat & land here & there. Eventually they landed on the tube. First they were kinda keeping their distance, but I stayed still and didn't make any fast or sudden movements. Then they eventually came closer and one of the dragonflies, or maybe both at different times, started to land on me. First on my foot, then on my leg, and once on my finger. This has never happened to me before & I'm so glad
Plus I saw one of the dragonflies catch & eat like, a big gnat. That was pretty cool. Also I had to protect them from my little sister, who threatened to kill them.
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ADORABLE Pride Icons!
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Detriot: Becoming Human...
    Still watching it and it's still awesome!
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Emergency comissions! Pay what you want :D!
Hi, hi! Slaasenshi here! 
Right now I need pay some urgent things before 25th june, so... I'm opening pay-what-you-want commissions! Even $1 counts for me! 
I work fast! so, I can have your comm finished in a few hours, or max 1 day!. 
And well! 

I can do: 



Couples,NSFW and chibis.

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My twitter
my twitter :
i had an old one but i don't use it that much
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condominiums for sale in pattaya
This question is being asked often by Parents who consider visiting Pattaya with their children but they are unsure because of Pattaya's reputation. Such condominiums for sale in pattaya names as Extreme City, Sin City and others spring to mind which may scare parents.
Over the past years the sort of tourists visiting Pattaya has changed. Many Russian tourists and eastern Europeans are the main landscape of visitors now. Pattaya is not really a destination for single men from all over the world anymore. Russian couples and families certainly are a large the main tourism scene.
Pattaya has been known for over four decades because of its vibrant and wild nightlife and there's undoubtedly that Pattaya will always make most of its revenue from the nightlife entertainment areas.
Pattaya's Nightlife and adult entertainment centers are observed mostly in Walking Street and between Pattaya Beach Road to second Road. Many bars are av
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Tomorrow is my day
Hey guys, tomorrow is my 3 month anniversary of deviantart. Also, Can some people draw Baxter or my other ocs? That would be great for my 3 month anniversary on DA. 
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What IS NOT a Centrist?
A Centrist is not:
-standing on a line between left and right
-an excuse for indecision and cowardice
-a smug position in which you think you're superior to the left or right
-an excuse to justify extreme subjectivity or moral bankcruptcy
-a political position (that will sound less strange as you read on)
There is no such thing as a "dead center centrist".
Humans are completely incapable of being completely dead center. A Centrist will always have a slight lean into one of the 4 corners of the political spectrum.
This lean can be seen here:

This image not only indicates a lean into one of the 4 corners, but also indicates the ability to take the points of all sides into consideration, as a Centrist has an intolerance towards all of the immature battle of egos from any side.
What IS a Centrist?
Rather than being
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