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Hi I know where I'm going with this
I got some solid Mane Arcs for the Doodleverse
Fatherly Chaos
The Mane Six take a day off while the husbands have their own chaotic adventures trying to keep control of several rowdy kids.
Wonders And Woes
Actually this is a bunch of little arcs. Adventures, regrets, joys, letting go, all a part of growing up.
Project Gala
Everyone suits up for the Grand Galloping Gala meanwhile making some tough decisions and stepping out. Of course with the Gala, things don't go as planned
Life And Its Mysteries
Luna and Big Mac are getting married. Meanwhile Daylight is completing her royal guard training with one final test.
Don't Let The Bad Bugs Bite!
Things go from bad to worse when Speedwell tries to recuperate Princess Scarab.
An ominous, unknown threat slowly spreads across Equestria.
Welp, if you got any questions or ideas, lemme know~
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The Takeover (A non-canon MLP:FiM Story)
Note, all characters used in this belong to their rightful owners. Some of the characters belong to me, and others to their rightful owner. Enjoy!
CHAPTER 1 Rough beginnings
Doctor Clock was a mysterious Colt. As a child, he didn’t even know his own name. All he remembers as a child is finding himself as a baby in a cradle outside of the castle. He was taken in by Princess Celestia and raised by her. He grew up to find out his true identity.
Saturday, July 3rd, 2009, 7:30 A.M.
(Notification: as a child, Dr clock was called Brass Cog, due to his cutie mark being a brass cog.)
Brass cog woke up in his bed. He felt something nearby... he looked around, to see nothing. He shrugged it off and tried to sleep. The alarm clock he had made was blaring in his face. He was forced to get up and turn off the clock. “I’m up for the day.” He said. Next to his bed was a tray with fresh pancakes and bacon with a note from Celestia reading: “I’ll be out for a while. D
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Nemirel's story
Clan Philoden (P104)

Nemirel and art © Aurialudzic 
Here you can read this Wildling Unicorn story so far and enjoy the drawings of the character made by different artists.
Thank you for your interest! :heart:

Art by scynthias 
After a happy childhood with her family, she become independent to enjoy nature (as most of the clan). Wandering around she took care of plants, animals and anything she could help with. She is quite spiritual and tends to think about many philosophic things. She looks for feeling the harmony of energy in all living things. She uses to meditate to do so. For her it is very important to feel connected with other living beings, through harmony or love. She tends to search for positive
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Don't listen to trolls
Remember. People on the internet only have as much power as you are willing to give them
So don't give into people who are just looking to have you reply to them. They just want your reaction
If weither you have a wedgie or fart fetish or like sexual art or Whatever!
As long as it is not hurting anyone else just be you and live life happily~ <3
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Brooks show season 1 episode 5
Negamutt: aren't ya gonna begin "Spookirina"? I heard Brooks say it.
Iden: Really? That's actually is a good idea! *smirks evilly*
Darkdoodle: That'll be...Malefic!
Iden: Yes, it'll be stronger than a normal evil yokai.
Darkdoodle: Maybe we should think on evil yokai tribes, like "Sinister" for Eerie, and "Heartbreak" for either heartful or charming.
Iden: Yes....*thinks about some* I have a few ideas, like the Brave tribe could be something like "Barbaric".
Negamutt: and Heartbreak?
Iden: I think heartful would be heartbreak, while Charming could be something like "criminal" or "cruel."
Nightsomni: *returns, somewhat hurt* and shady?
Iden: Shady already sounds kinda evil, but I have a feeling "Sadistic" is better
Darkdoodle: hmm, Perfect.
Negamutt: And what about Tough, Mysterious, and Slippery?
Iden: Tough could be "Toxic" or "Twisted", Mysterious could be "Maniac", and Slippery could be "Shameful."
Darkdoodle: or "Spiteful."
Iden: Spiteful? excellent idea, Darkdoodle!
*After Iden cr
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Jaeden's story.
Baldi's basics and other characters belong to the original creator.
Some characters belong to me such as his parents and dog. 
WARNING! This story touches subjects as divorce and maybe some swear words. 
The story is told from mostly Jaeden's POV.
I remember, I was about eight years old when my dad left us. I never knew why, but my mom looked like she was glad he left. I missed my dad, he was so much fun to be around, why would he leave us? And why was mom so happy about it? I always questioned this from time to time. Sometimes in class Mr. Baldi would yell at me for staring off into space, it always made me embarrassed when he pointed it out.
I was jealous of the other kids at my school. They all had their dads, unlike me. My cousin Kiera made me kinda mad when she complained that she wanted her dad to disappear after he embarrassed her at her birthday party. At l
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CrowTale Chapter 1 Shadow's Return
        People once believed that when a person dies a crow comes to take their soul to the land of the dead.
        But sometimes something horrible happens and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes just sometimes the crow            can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.
      A figure is walking through the cemetery as the moon shines down on them. The figure is walking with towards two graves with a bouquet of flowers. The figure stops at a tall weeping willow tree at the back of the cemetery and underneath the weeping willow tree are two graves. The figure separates the bouquet of flowers and places them on the graves. The figure sobs quietly know that any loud sound could attract demons to the graves. The figure then places one bouquet of flowers on the grave that said Shadow Sparda  and then the figure places the second bouquet of flowers on the other grave that said Phantom
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Outlands- Chapter Two
"What?" Zira cried, her eyes widening with fear.
"Keep your voice down." Taka hissed, flicking his black tipped tail.
"Look, I know your father's brutal, but I never thought he would do this?" Zira mewler, glancing at the entrance to the main cave, where she could see a huge shape towering over her mother.
Zira clambered to her feet and padded towards the entrance, growling.
"No, Zira! Hell kill you!" Taka cried, grabbing her paw.
"He's going to kill my mother! I have to face him. Take care of Napu. I'll be back soon." Zira sighed, raising her chin and striding into the cave, trying to hide her fear.
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Harry Plodder and the Kidney Stone
Written by Desmond Devlin, originally published in Mad issue No. 391

Chapter 1Bad News at the doorstep
Everett Q. Parsley was a man not given to nonsense. He hadn’t so much as cracked a smile since the great diphtheria epidemic of ’58. In fact, he had no sense of humor of any kind. His job was as the head writer for Veronica’s Closet. His wife, Emphysema, resembled Mrs. Potatohead, only without the sultry sex appeal and their greedy son, Glockenspiel, looked like a gravy-filled balloon and, oddly, smelled like one. 
From around the corner came Alpo Dumbleass, a man whose spectacles sat upon his nose just so. Ordinarily, this wou
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The Vault-Day Twenty Three
    I pulled myself out of bed. My body paint didn't seem faded or chipped even a bit, I assessed. It gave me pride, with my body shaved clean, and whenever I look at myself, I see a testament to my altruism, of how much I care about others, of my patience to have almost every square inch of me waxed and painted. However, I was afraid that it could get washed, faded or chipped off, leaving people to see me exposed. So, I put a dress that went down to my thighs over myself, shoes, and I slung my purse over my shoulder.
    I then grabbed my hair, wrapped it into pigtails, and prepared to head down for breakfast, before getting the message, "Kaitlyn Briar, the Red Key has arrived at the Spire Hotel and Casino. Come down to receive it." Finally, no more waiting. I decided not to have breakfast, and raced down to the elevator, which I took to the parkade.
    Once I entered the parkade
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What sort of Sonic Oc couples do you Like?
Just curious.But I want to hear from you in the comments below(if you want), of what ocs from my account do you like as a ship(couple)?
Examples:Oc(mine) x Oc(other)
                  Oc(mine) x Random character???
                   Oc(mine) x Random Oc(mine)
Link to gif:
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Integrate Your eCommerce Business with NetSuite
Surry Hills NSW, June 2018 - ( NetSuite is a brand that offers various solutions for business management and not just a product. With NetSuite, all enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and professional services automation are managed in one software package. ShoreSuite is an Australian NetSuite Solutions Provider and Suite-Cloud Developer that offers consultancy services to small, medium, and large businesses. ShoreSuite provides the most effective, reliable, and low-cost NetSuite Integration Solutions. It has different kinds of platform integration such as Magento NetSuite Connector, NetSuite E-commerce Integration, NetSuite Shopify Integration, Woocommerce NetSuite Integration and many more.
NetSuite Integrations is a powerful business tool. It can support different e-commerc
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babysitter rp
25. Babysitter/grounded girl/guy
I was babysitting you because  your parents didn't want to leave you alone only to wish not to be treated like a child causes us to swap bodies
My oc Jennifer
Basic Information
->Jennifer kelly
Name Pronunciation:
->. . .
Nickname Pronunciation:
->. . .
Mental age:
->she is shy and quiet
-> loud noises
->not getting something done
->speaking out
->becoming a artist
Good traits:
->she is a good painter and cleaner
Bad traits:
->can't speak out
What makes them...
Happy? ->painting
What makes them...
Sad? ->. . .
What makes them...
Afraid? ->speaking out
What makes them...
Envious? ->. . .
What makes them...
Angry? ->. . .
What makes them...
Curious? ->. . .
What makes them...
Worried? ->messing up
What makes them...
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Fantasyt Magic: Season 2
Chapter 35
- Caladia -
  The girls were in a large room. There were many large beds for two arranged in rows with enough space to dance between them. There were large columns holding the room that looked like ribs. There were strange devices and toys on the table which made the nymphs turn away and wrinkle their noses when they saw them.
- Yuk, what are those? – Selice asked without turning to see the devices.
- I don’t know but no one of us wants to know. – Lolytta spoke as the others nodded.
- Those are just toys we use to torture the wrongdoers in our kingdom. – A deep male voice spoke. The nymphs jumped when they heard him and looked around with narrowed brows. – No need to be scared, you’re too innocent to be punished.
- Instead we’re all going to have some fun together. – Another male voice spoke.
- Who are you and what do you want? – Maria roared and looked a
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We're both in places
Where you're  in your comfortable darkness,
And my light can't reach you anymore,
And the shadows we made together
Faded away,
As real or unreal as they were.
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Russliot (ship fanfic )
This is my first fanfic written and not drawn X3
(how Russel confessed to Eliot? (ps Candy and Annie are the rascal girls
Russel: Are you sure Candy? how i can tell him
Candy: just... DO IT!!!
Russel: pff ok... 
*eliot gets in the house
Russel: hey eliot!
Eliot: Hey russ! 
Russel: eliot... i got to tell you something
Eliot: what russ?
Russel:what do you will think if your best friend has a crush on you
Eliot: uuh ok? its ok to me but why are you asking me that?
Russel:... i... i... i...
Eliot: Uhh russel?
Eliot: ... O_O!!! uuh  ok!?
Russel: i like you Eliot *blushes
Eliot: ...
Russel: do... you want to be... more than my Best friend? *Blushes more
Eliot: This was so surprising to me and... *blushes 
Russel: dont worry if i you dont like me
Eliot: i like you... too...*blushes
Russel: re..really?
Candy: *fangirling
Annie: Uuuh candy are you ok?
Annie: *slap XD      Candy!!! Calm
:iconmenarandom-art128:Menarandom-art128 0 0
[The-Rift] King's Council - Response

The day that they dragged Koda's unconscious body into the healer's den, the Stonecreek territory was alive with excitement.
The announcement of Koda's survival sent sharp shock to tug at his stomach. Now... Riverdale's alpha was alive.. but how? It has been two months since the reported death.. and now... he's here, his body soaked and still covered in blood. Just -what- happened to him? How could he have survived his wounds over the months? And did he still have blood on him?
The mystery behind this was the matter that unsettled him the most, and upon spotting his body in the healer's den, there was no denying what was announced. But what were they to do now? What would Llyr decide to say- if he'd decide anything at all? After all, he had been silent ever since the disappearance of Lucian and the 'murder' of Koda- why would he say anything now? Athamas' head throbbed with questions, al
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DEF-CON Chapter 1
The crisp fall air swept through the quiet town. The round golden moon illuminated the streets more than the lamps themselves. The tall trees, covered in protective wire, shadowed by the tall bleak buildings stood tall. In the darkness, a lone human walked the streets. She looked back and forth, uneasy as she walked across the sidewalk, clutching her purse. She froze, hearing a shuffling noise from the side of the cars. A little cat padded past, letting the woman breathe a sigh of relief. But as she turned, she found herself breathing down a barrel of a gun. A tall, skinny Skeleton monster stood in her way. His brown trench coat was black in the dark, but even in the blackness, she could see two burning Yellow eyes, like looking at stars. "Well hello little lady" he stated in a gruff voice,"why don't you just hand that over and forget this ever happened!" The woman hesitated, frozen in fear, before dropping her purse in terror. The tall man scooped it up, that's when the woman saw that
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ssbu release
Super smash bros ultimate will release in december 7th!! Ill probably get it in christmas
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My life is a living nightmare
Hey guys so I give up on everything so I will be inactive on DeviantArt and I have no meaning anymore that my heart has been crushed by my parents that my body and soul has been crushed as well I give up on all ways of my career. * crying *
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Angelic Saiyan Twins PL
Taikon and Durian [Base]
51,800: SSJ
51,850: SSJ2
56,750: SSJ3
301,750: SSJ4
101,750: LSSJ
10,051,750: SSG
300,051,750: SSA
500,051,750: SSGSS
[Base Tadurian]
103,550: SSJ
103,600: SSJ2
108,500: SSJ3
353,500: SSJ4
10,103,500: SSG
300,103,500: SSJA
[SSGSS Tadurian]
600,000,103,500: SSJ Berserk
Grand Priest
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