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Making Doll
There once was a teenage boy who grew up in a family that makes doll for a living. They would make dolls from plastic and cloth, mostly out of cloth. A young teenage girl about the same age as the boy will come by the shop often to recommend a doll with her little sister, who now has cancer.
The teen boy who works as a employee was in love with this girl, she had dark brown curly hair, tan skin, and big hazel eyes. She was your not-so-typical pretty girl you see in the movies with blonde hair and blue eyes, that why he liked her so much. One day she came to the shop to get a doll for sister, but she wasn't herself.
Her younger sister's cancer kept on getting worse every second and she doesn't know what to do, so she buy dolls for her. When the boy came out of the back room she was crying with her hands in her face and tears rolling on to her fingers. The boy comforts her and tells her it'll be okay, she then smiles at him and wipe her tears. The boy gives the girl a doll that resembles
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Giantess Dog
I am Dylan. I live alone in my house and I am 19 years old. I was sitting in my room, petting my husky named, Roxy. She was about 3 years old in human years, and about 21 in dog years. I don't know why that was important to the story. But anyway, I was petting Roxy and I started to feel a tingling sensation throughout my body. Roxy looked at me with a confused look in her eyes. Suddenly, everything around me grew a bit. "Um, Roxy? What's happening to me?!" She continued to look at me, confused. She couldn't really understand what I was saying since she's a dog and I'm a human and we don't speak the same language. Then everything grew again, but a lot more than the last time. I was starting to get scared! I was shrinking! All of a sudden, I shrunk to the size of an ant. I was shrunk in mid-air, so I was falling. I yelled as I was falling faster and faster towards my bed, and slamming into the mattress wasn't too bad, but it still kinda' hurt because of the velocity of my falling and my
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Dante Matches

aaaand Done.
Guy who Can't get a Girl vs Guy who has a harlem but does jack with it and chooses the annoying one.
Aslo Demons.
Do I even NEED to explain why? 
I'll think of something 
Sparda Lots of Blades
Carefree and Laidback 
Transformations like Devil Trigger and 
Phasing Rolye Arms and Devil Arms 

Armiger Unleashed and Majin Devil Trigger
Armiger: Power of Light and Sparda Devil Trigger 

Time Stopping,Healing,and Uncle to a main Character. 
 The Demonic swordsman vs the demon swordsmen Might want to use the Rest of Night Raid for this one.
Red with twin Pistols and killing their own kind and showing off that,yes we heal fast

Polar opposite personality with  multiple BFSs and 
Demon Slayer with
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Red Pill
Do Not Enter if your going to be a Hot shot, with a shit storm of augment's -
if thou dose not want enlightenment, fuck off !!!
for the rest of you ... May this link be a Ray of Hope to you -   
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Boku no Hero Academia OC - Shenshi Takamatsu
Name: Shenshi Takamatsu 
Nickname(s): Takamatsu (by classmates), Shen (by parents)
Hero Name/Villain Name:
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Aromantic
Appearance Description: Long, silky, voluminous light grey hair, pulled into a mid-high ponytail, which reaches down to his lower back. Pale skin, and lightly shaded bags under his cat-like misty green eyes. Of above the average height, with a more slender, and less muscular build.  
Hero/Villain Outfit Description: In order to maximise his quirks usefulness, he wears thin clothing, Light créme, loose fitting pants, ( is originally pictured without a shirt, but later switches over to a open-front, white, short-sleeved shirt.) His pants tuck into shin-tall white boots, which have soles designed for optimal speed on flat terrain, with grip for bumpier. He has tinted goggles rested atop his head, and uses them when his quirk is in action so he won’t accidentally blind himself. 
Personality: He acts like he's been the
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Ragezilla Bio
Age:17,000 years
Weight:94,000 tons
Length:234 feet
Height: 130 meters
Wingspan:300 meters
Appearance: Ragezilla takes the body of 2014 Godzilla, and the dorsal plates of 2000 Godzilla, massive wings with a reddish tint, the creature's back spawns a red color, along with his knees, shoulders, and his tail.
Father: Fire Goji(Deceased)
Mother: Fuji Goji(Deceased)
Siblings: None
Friends: Bluezilla(as a child), Legendary(as a child), Female Muto, Male Muto, Final Wars, Gigan, and Kyiru.
Abilities: Atomic Breath, Tail beam(When reaches burning form), shockwave, nuclear pulse, Tail sycthe, elbow spikes, Blinding light.
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the Daughter of the night
Luna looked down at her Wife who was heavily pregnant with their foal then Luna asked Fluttershy dear why don't you lay down for a while and rest for our daughter might be coming in a few days time to the world asked Luna who a worried looked on her face then Fluttershy said in her timely, don't worry about me love I will be fine and how do you know we going to have a daughter what is a son asked Fluttershy, looked at her wife and said then we shall welcome him with open arms my dear Fluttershy was about to say something when she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen and said in a pained tune, Luna the baby is coming please get the midwife luna at her small wife and said ok Fluttershy I shall but I will feel guilty if I did not help in to bed at least Fluttershy looked at Luna beautiful teal eyes and sad hurry my love the bebe will soon come into the world soon luna kiss her wife forehead then ran to go get the midwife when Luna and the midwife who was oddly Pi
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Insidious: Chapter Twenty-One
Greninja opened his eyes and found himself in a vast, empty, white space that stretched as far as the eye could see. He felt a sense of peace and he understood; he had died. 
Odd, though, this isn't at all what I expected to find when I died, he mused to himself. I thought I'd at least see someone else, but there doesn't seem to be anyone else here or anywhere to go from here. Have I ended up in hell somehow? Surely all those pranks can't have been that bad. 
Out of nowhere, a voice sounded, although Greninja couldn't say for sure where it was coming from. He did, however, know exactly who the voice belonged to. 
"Greninja, don't you dare die!" 
"What the....Pikachu?" Greninja said aloud, looking around himself in wonder for the electric mouse. "Where are you? And how did you get here?" 
"You're not allowed to die, you hear me?" 
"Hawlucha? You too?" Greninja murmured, shaking his head. Try as he might, he couldn't f
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Spidey vs Kara
I'm in the mood for some light-hearted stuff, so I want you guys to help me out with this one. Which would you like to see first, a Fem!Spiderman or a Supergirl One-shot? I'm eager to hear your thoughts on this one :)
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Kill la Kill x Father!male reader prologue
A/n: ey Bois, it's a me author! Why make this story? Because! I didn't saw any klk x Father reader anywhere on the internet! Kinda shocking. Anyway I have everything ready to start writing, so let's hope you'll like this!
(Y/n)'s Kamui: Kamui Kibō
Original art by:
Go check him out he has a lot of awesome art
Anyway here's what you should know about (y/n) kiryuin (matoi)...
(Y/n)'s Kamui Is a female and they can communicate with each other
(Y/n)'s Kamui Is able to disguise his looks as long as he has enough blood
He's nearly 40 years old (yeah ur the old man now, deal with it)
And that's it let's begin!
(Y/n)'s p.o.v. 17 years ago~
(Y/n) kiryuin, yep that's me, father of Satsuki kiryuin and husband of my love Ragyo kiryuin ahhh ragyo... Her beautiful short silver hair with rainbow streaks , those beautiful silver/maroon ey
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Rebastone is a freak!
She’s a weakling! Don’t follow her! She’s gonna make you sad! She’s a weak fool!
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Which Undertale Character Should Be My Boyfriend?


King Asgore


Mettaton EX



[You Decide]
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Request rulez.
Requests will reopen on one condition...
by Kawomb, Moments ago
Journals / Personal
That these rules be followed.
1. No underage characters
2. Avoid excessive nudity( I ain't doodling dangly bits).
3. Keep it simple for me. (Please don't request more than three characters at a time).
4. Please be paitent, the cuttlefish only has two tentacles.  Do you know how long it takes to draw wit suckers instead of fingers!
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Marvel OC - Hime Kabuki
Name: Hime Kabuki - "姫歌舞伎"
Nickname(s): Princess, Young One, Great Goddess
Age: Around 1,063 years old (At least a year older than Thor) but appears to be a young teenager, (Around 13-14)
Gender: Female
Birthday: 11-20-54
Race: Asian, Japanese
Species: God
Accent: (Do they have an accent):  Hime has a slight Japanese accent 
Height: 5'3"
Weight:  144 lbs (She's muscular, OK?!)

OC's Appearance
Skin Color(s): A porcelain olive
Hair: Black with a tint of blue
Hairstyles: Short hair that's either down or in an Asian bun
Eyes: Upturned eyes
Eye Color(s): Deep, brown eyes
Unique Feature(s): Whenever she stands in the night, her hair and eyes glow in a blue shine

OC's Personality

Social: (are they shy or not shy): They are neither shy or not shy, Hime just prefers to observe the people around her
Bravery: (are they brave or a scaredy cat):  Hime is brave, no questions asked
Rebellious: (Do they follow rules or they do
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Kinda wanting to do a cell vore
Hey guys, I kinda want to do a cell vore with my oc Fuu. If you like these type of things note me.
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Sandra's Journey: Chap. Kanto Pt 12
After Sandra left the Warden’s house, she went to the Fuchsia City Gym to face the leader Koga. She was able to defeat Koga. That’s when Cubone evolved into a Marowak. She got the Soul Badge and the TM for Toxic. After so much battles, Charmeleon and Wartortle evolved into Charizard and Blastoise respectfully.
Sandra arrives at Saffron City. She stopped in front of the Silph Co building, noticing there is Team Rocket grunts around the building.
“What is going on here?” Sandra asked herself.
“I think Team Rocket is here for something.” Greg said approaching her.
“Well, whatever they are doing in there it’s not good in the slightest.” Sandra said.
“How are we going to even get in?” Greg asked.
“We have to figure out something.” Sandra thought to herself.
During nighttime, Sandra and Greg sneaked by a side of a building facing the Silph Co.
“Okay, you go contact the police and I’ll go storm the Silph
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Message To Berty-J-A Who Had Ruined My Childhood
You Made The Last Of Sally And Ruined My Childhood, That Makes Me Upset, YOU BASTERD!😭
Berty-J-A Pixy-Anna
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Cualquier cosa, puede cambiar
Diana : Había muchas cosas de la vida, verdades, mentiras, experiencias, alegrías, sorpresas, miedos, ilusiones, esperanzas, incomodidades. Pero nunca pensé en experimentar algo fuera de lo común que sería difícil de comprender.
Shadow : Siéntate un erizo solitario que la gente teme por su propia apariencia, pero no tienes cuenta en el pasado que debes cargar siempre en mi memoria, ayúdame en un tiempo a un villano fracasado. Ahora hago las cosas solo y lo prefiero así, pero no tienes que pensar en encontrar una chica que me convence para que me aceptes y aceptes el aspecto y la actitud que te ofrece.
Amy : Teniendo unos amigos en los que confiar y que me ayuden como miembro del equipo que me sienta bien y alegre, sabiendo que estoy cerca de Sonic y esperando un amor correspondido, pero a pesar de eso mis relaciones con él son distantes sin significa que a pesar de las cosas seguimos siendo amigos. Lo interesante de esa chica es esta so
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SFL Announcement

               Stephanie McMahon 
Renee Young: Welcome back, Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to a new Match in the frame of the SFL! We will have two new opponents in a new Match style,but before I describe it,our Manager Stephanie McMahon has a announcement to a plan to make the SFL safer. Now Ladies and Gentlemen,please listen to Manager Stephanie McMahon!
Stephanie McMahon: Ladies and Gentlemen! We all saw a great start in the new SFL Season,but we also saw, that a lot of opponents entered the ring,even if their name was called or not and they attack their other opponents,when the Match doesn't started and that's absolute against the rules. The referee didn't saw it. So I decided,that the referees more help from a Co-referee and a referee,who is allowed to disqualificate all opponents,who brake the rules. He also can punish opponents,when they use dirty words in their own Match and also in th
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So I did this ninjago fanfic thing (WIP)
So a little explanation I did this thing when I was like half asleep so writing is shitty and when I was awake I thought 'Hey! this isn't that bad I will just fix up a few things and I will post it'. The story takes place in the past during the time of the original (is that the right word?) elemental masters. If you want me too I can explain this but I don't feel like it's necessary...i am just ramblin here now  
“Are we there yet?” I asked whiningly.
“Yes Rin we are” Garmadon replied in a surprisingly happy tone. My eyes lit up and I walked up to him. I looked around. I saw nothing but the peasants who were, by some miracle, working on their paddy field in the middle of the day without dying from a heat stroke. I looked at Garmadon, puzzled. He was looking at a rock.
“Welcome to my humble abide.” he said, pointing at the rock. I look at him. He looks back, unamused.
“No! Of course not.
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Reunited (By Emma)
Lucky sat at her desk in front of her Ipad, wait for someone very special to pick up the phone. “Hello?” They said.
Lucky: Hi Daddy!
Lucky’s father: Yolonda, i-is that really you?!
Lucky: Yes Daddy, it’s me.
Lucky’s Father: *starts crying* I thought I’d never see you again!
Lucky: I’ve missed you, but I’m happy!
Lucky’s father: You’re still beautiful, even if you aren’t the little girl I know.
Months later, Lucky took a bus to Baltimore, where her father lives. He was waiting at the bus stop.
Lucky: *hops off bus and runs into her father’s arms* Daddy!
Lucky’s father: *crying* Hello Lucky! 
At long last, the two were finally REUNITED!
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The .EXE Curse 2: Parallel Depths Concept 1
"The Demons' Lair"
(Katelynn Sakura Oshima and Ashlyn Wallace are venturing off to save Sophie, Midori, Sho, Hanako, Miles, Osana, Ryuko and Kari, a.k.a ChaosAngel who have been captured by the demons)
NOTE: Kari is also an unofficial protagonist.
(Kate and Ashlyn see a pathway that leads to a secret passage)
Kate: Alright Ashlyn.  Follow my lead.
Ashlyn: Okay.
(Kate opens the stone door and Ashlyn takes an enlightened torch)
Kate: We have to be extremely quiet and not get caught. Come on. 
(They walk farther deep into the catacombs)
Ashlyn: TRAP!!
(They stop)
Kate: Good call.
(Later, they find two large doors)
Kate: This must be it.
(They push the doors open)
Ashlyn: This is pretty creepy.
(They suddenly see a mark on the carpet)
Kate: What is that?
Ashlyn: (kneels down) I don't know.  I think it appears to be some sort of symbol that has a meaning.
(The symbol scans Ashlyn)
(Then the whole place starts shaking, then the stone floor starts breaking apart which reveals a
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