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The Adventures Of A Hapless Stooge 20
JACKIE: Welcome to another episode everyone, we’ve got a great show tonight....ok, let’s be honest, it’s competent, average, maybe fair, but great....anywho, we’re jam packed wi....
Jackie is interrupted as Norm descends from the rafters on a rig; he’s dressed in a silver robe with gold wings on his back.  The rig stops just above Jackie.
NORM (in high falsetto): Noooo, noooo, I’m not this Norm you speak of, although, because of our stunning good looks, we are often mistaken for one another....
JACKIE: Oy vey...
NORM: No, I’m your fairy godfather....
JACKIE: (incredulously) Fairy godfather....
NORM (back to normal voice): It’s a union, we pay dues, anyway, (back to falsetto) I’m here to grant you one wish.
JACKIE: One wish, huh?  How did I get so lucky?
NORM: Your wish can ride the sarcasm train over to Amanda’s dressing room if you’re not careful...
JACKIE: No, no, no, no, no, sorry, sorry!
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Husband is having a dream
on a rainy, cold night, after a fight.
I'm up writing and chatting with a friend.
I hear him in agony calling my name,
Nicoletta, the loudest whisper I have ever heard.
I never reply and wait.
Back to sleep, back to writing,
curious about the touch felt
on my right hand.
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12 Days of Features: Day 3!
:sing: On the Third Day of Features, DA Gave to Me :sing:
Poems from this year's ProjectDFC!

You can find the rest of the entries for 2018 HERE
and the challenge sheet HERE.
Join in on the #12DaysofFeatures event hosted by communityrelations!
Get all the details here: 12 Days of Features 2018: Share art and spread joy
:heart: Lili
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MLP Next Gen- Reboot
Ive decided to reboot my MLP next gen. I know that none of you really got to see very much of it, but hopefully I can get se new NG posts out to DA soon.
Next Gens Here:
-Sunshine Gleam, Pastelle Shine, Blue Sky, Storm Cloud and Soft Shimmer  ( adopted children of Celestia)
-Cloud, Talon, Blank Blather, Dark Shine, Carapace, Cold Star and Death (adopted kids of Luna)
-Shadow Doom, Dark Falls and Heather Blast ( children of Luna and a batpo y guard named Moonfell)
-Flurryheart, Skyla, Cadenza, Crystal, Crack and Gem (the many royal babs of Cadence and Shining Armour)
And many more, coming quite soon. So keep your eyes peeled!
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Tangela Tickles Daphne

Daphne Blake The Hottest member of The Scooby-Doo Crew changed into her bikini she decided to go swimming in the lake.
After swimming for ten minutes she got out and dried herself off suddenly a Tangela notice her and it stared at her gorgeous body the Pokémon fell in love so it quietly approached Daphne and grabbed her with its vines.
Daphne struggled to get free but she can't escape What are you going to do to me? she asked Tangela who begin tickling her body casuing Daphne to laugh.
HAHAHAHAHAHA HEY DON'T DO THAT! Daphne laughed than Tangela begin to tickle her soles and toes Daphne laughs even harder causing her cheeks to turn bright red and tears coming out of her eyes now Tangela begin to tickle her belly button.
HAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE NO MORE HAHAHAHAHA! Daphne begged for mercy so Tangela stopped tickling her All that tickling sure made me tired Daphne said as she yawn she went to sleep and Tangela picked her up carrying her to some unknown place.
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Etreinte de l Ame, premier tableau
Comme il était à prévoir, deux mois ont passé et le feu des échanges s’est estompé. Mais, l’envie de l’aventure est toujours très présente et forte pour moi. Il est des rendez-vous que l’on ne peut annuler, que l’on ne peut rater. Je le sens ainsi, parce que j’y pense souvent, à cette date fixée début septembre en pleine semaine.
#toilevivante #IoIlly #peinture #artiste #ladyerell #sensualité
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IF you didn't see my entry I'm going to tell you
I'm going to write a story about warrior cats!
My own clans, cats and story!
:iconsandstorm67:SandStorm67 0 0
Hey guys. Since I've only been here on dA, I dont get some minor details. So if you wanna help, just say, since I use a phone.
if you can explain how these work
•How to sort yoyr gallery
•More about commission points
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Looking for artists
Hello everyone, my name is Adam and I’m looking for an artist that would be interested in working on a comic for webtoons now I would do it myself but I’m still an artist in training and I would be the writer and before any assumptions are made, no you will not be paid this position offer is merely for fun now if the comic gained a decent amount of traction I would make a patreon and split the amount made with you so if your interested just pm me and give some examples of your art and if it’s what I’m looking for I’ll give you more details. Thank you for your time and good luck.
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Makin' my own story
Encase you didn't read my entry, here it is
I'll be writing a story about warrior cats
My own cats, clans, and story
Warrior cats DOES NOT belong to me, It belongs to ERIN HUNTER.
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