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Murderous Mommy
Ashley Gordon(Just giving her Dom's last name. ;v; ) belongs to AmyDiamond3 
Dominic Gordon belongs to ArtistDominic 
Vex Gordon (Yes. Dom is best dad.) belongs to me/ Vexed-Spirit 
I have no idea why I made this-
    Ashley Gordon, a young woman with locks of beautiful orange hair stood in the kitchen, silently slicing up some chicken for dinner. The moon outside danced off her perfect pale skin, some chicken juice getting onto the front of her yellow apron that protected her dark blue blouse and black shorts.
    Ashley's husband, a black male named Dominic Gordon was sitting in the living room, silently reading the comics of the newspaper, smiling softly as he listened to the sweet humming of his wife.
    Dominic tilted his head up a bit when he heard small footsteps come down from the upstairs area. A small girl, only about the age of ten or
:iconvexed-spirit:Vexed-Spirit 4 14
Giantess Dog
I am Dylan. I live alone in my house and I am 19 years old. I was sitting in my room, petting my husky named, Roxy. She was about 3 years old in human years, and about 21 in dog years. I don't know why that was important to the story. But anyway, I was petting Roxy and I started to feel a tingling sensation throughout my body. Roxy looked at me with a confused look in her eyes. Suddenly, everything around me grew a bit. "Um, Roxy? What's happening to me?!" She continued to look at me, confused. She couldn't really understand what I was saying since she's a dog and I'm a human and we don't speak the same language. Then everything grew again, but a lot more than the last time. I was starting to get scared! I was shrinking! All of a sudden, I shrunk to the size of an ant. I was shrunk in mid-air, so I was falling. I yelled as I was falling faster and faster towards my bed, and slamming into the mattress wasn't too bad, but it still kinda' hurt because of the velocity of my falling and my
:icondeathfireball28:deathfireball28 2 0
So a little bit of background for this story. I actually heard about Happy Tree Friends in my childhood years and it totally violated me for the rest of my childhood. I could not witstand the blood and gore that was presented to me back then but now that I'm 20 and I can totally handle Blood and gore, I can safely say that This show seems to be kinda cute to watch (If not a bit disturbing). And then I found the fan art and the artists behind it most likely my pal Nobody that seems to have a passion for these critters and even made them super powerful with mech armors to defend their home should an invasion come (As if the power to not die was their specialty). And it gave me an idea for my 6th story so gather your friends, Knives ETC and crank up the HTF cause I'm about to take you on a tour to HAPPY TREE FRIENDS LAND. With that, Enjoy
PS: There will be no blood and Gore involved in this story (Just the exemption of Robot Oil spilling all over the place and the sounds of pure
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Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #17)
Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 
Over the Moon: Poetry (Volume #17)

Terminus Alpha-Nine by Blacksand459 Freetown by purplecuriosity
Happy Writing,
:iconcrliterature: :iconwriting-rampage: :iconglory-be-project:
:iconrose-em:Rose-Em 4 9
Dante Matches

aaaand Done.
Guy who Can't get a Girl vs Guy who has a harlem but does jack with it and chooses the annoying one.
Aslo Demons.
Do I even NEED to explain why? 
I'll think of something 
Sparda Lots of Blades
Carefree and Laidback 
Transformations like Devil Trigger and 
Phasing Rolye Arms and Devil Arms 

Armiger Unleashed and Majin Devil Trigger
Armiger: Power of Light and Sparda Devil Trigger 

Time Stopping,Healing,and Uncle to a main Character. 
 The Demonic swordsman vs the demon swordsmen Might want to use the Rest of Night Raid for this one.
Red with twin Pistols and killing their own kind and showing off that,yes we heal fast

Polar opposite personality with  multiple BFSs and 
Demon Slayer with
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Would anyone like to rp? I'm open to a lot of things And I have a lot of places I can be contacted just note me or comment~ ^^
:iconwritingstoriesforfun:WritingStoriesForFun 2 11
Time for a Cover Reveal!
Everyone!!! There are still a few days left to Sign Up!!
I know I am Looking forward to all the Fun!!😺
On His Six - Cover Reveal Sign-Ups
Military Romantic Suspense with a hot alpha male, an irreverent and quirky heroine, and a whole lot of heat!
✯☆🖤➹⁀☆ ⌨️☆⁀➷🖤☆✯
Patricia’s books feature real, scarred, and flawed characters battling life as they try to survive in desperate circumstances.
✯☆🖤➹⁀☆ ⌨️☆⁀➷🖤☆✯
Want to join in on the fun? Tour hosts are eligible for free review copies and special contests!
Link below:
Patricia D. Eddy
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Cold Waters: A One-Sided Conversation with Seventh

    The waters were still, moving so slowly that they barely seemed to trickle when it appeared, as though it had always been there but had only just become visible, its tall, creaking, spindly legs alighting on the surface of the water. It stood there, not walking robotically and evening as it often did, but just sitting, each of its feet pressed gently to the water’s surface, as though the contact with the water itself was what allowed it to exist. Another esk, this one larger and fuller, though with a fading, weakened form, stopped in its tracks and stood still, regarding the esk standing on the still, sluggish water of the slowly draining river.
    “I thought I might find you eventually, dear,” Nameless said, her voice weary but glad, keeping her distance from the tall, spindly esk. However, she didn’t hold back like other Esk did, out of fear of its enchantment, for it never affected her
:iconsokolva:Sokolva 5 14
Coming Soon....
Two warriors....
Who can fight gods....
Who are near invincible....
Who fight for Justice....
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Insidious: Chapter Twenty-One
Greninja opened his eyes and found himself in a vast, empty, white space that stretched as far as the eye could see. He felt a sense of peace and he understood; he had died. 
Odd, though, this isn't at all what I expected to find when I died, he mused to himself. I thought I'd at least see someone else, but there doesn't seem to be anyone else here or anywhere to go from here. Have I ended up in hell somehow? Surely all those pranks can't have been that bad. 
Out of nowhere, a voice sounded, although Greninja couldn't say for sure where it was coming from. He did, however, know exactly who the voice belonged to. 
"Greninja, don't you dare die!" 
"What the....Pikachu?" Greninja said aloud, looking around himself in wonder for the electric mouse. "Where are you? And how did you get here?" 
"You're not allowed to die, you hear me?" 
"Hawlucha? You too?" Greninja murmured, shaking his head. Try as he might, he couldn't f
:iconash-greninjagirl:Ash-GreninjaGirl 1 9
National Welfare Riots
You know, I like it when social problems go from bad to worst and I will give you a concrete example of it. Let's say if a conservative state representitive from New York State decides to cut off all welfare to welfare recipients, saying that "welfare bums" and "tax spending liberals" are wasting taxpayer money and need to find jobs, and floggs a bill through the general assembly to do so. He does and the new welfare bill makes it to the governor's office and the New York State governor signs it into law. That corrupt state representitive gets richer and greedier at the expense of the all welfare recipents in the state of New York.
The welfare recipients in Brooklyn New York learn that their welfare has been completely severed off and are told they need to find jobs. They storm the social services offices and all the social workers can't do anything about it and the welfare recipients become totally outraged and their outrage becomes violent. The welfare recipents start beating social
:iconandreasantoni:Andreasantoni 0 0
Boku no Hero Academia OC - Shenshi Takamatsu
Name: Shenshi Takamatsu 
Nickname(s): Takamatsu (by classmates), Shen (by parents)
Hero Name/Villain Name:
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Aromantic
Appearance Description: Long, silky, voluminous light grey hair, pulled into a mid-high ponytail, which reaches down to his lower back. Pale skin, and lightly shaded bags under his cat-like misty green eyes. Of above the average height, with a more slender, and less muscular build.  
Hero/Villain Outfit Description: In order to maximise his quirks usefulness, he wears thin clothing, Light créme, loose fitting pants, ( is originally pictured without a shirt, but later switches over to a open-front, white, short-sleeved shirt.) His pants tuck into shin-tall white boots, which have soles designed for optimal speed on flat terrain, with grip for bumpier. He has tinted goggles rested atop his head, and uses them when his quirk is in action so he won’t accidentally blind himself. 
Personality: He acts like he's been the
:iconchuuyasexual:ChuuyaSexual 0 0
My head is splitting in two
Fucking over the bullshit
Don't wanna fuck with anyone anymore wanna get the fuck away
People shit in your dreams
People only listen to talk
Never really hearing what you say
Then the shit hits the fan
You play the wronged come back another day
Waste of space fucking disgrace
Wanna be better do better
Alright listen up
But you can't with all that shit in you ears you wanna avoid your truths you can go I don't want a part in your ego
Trip bro
Got to go
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2018 update
Welcome. Ok so i have now updated a little things now on drawing, so here it is (ART TRADE CLOSED) i dont like it, remember the Blocked thing or deleted idk. (COMMISSIONS CLOSED) i dont want money for a crappy drawing. (REQUEST OPENED) still opened also here is what I can draw now ( Vore[ill try], Animals, Furry[maybe] and other stuff) no Porn, Sex, Kissing is ok and I can try to make a comic, NO ROBOTS AND/OR DRAGONS EITHER, I HATE DRAWING THEM! I also HATE drawing humans too, so never ever ask me to draw a human or anything like that, furry is ok. That shouldn't be it, so i hope your read this cause its VERY important.
:iconsmothersart:smothersart 0 0
Zip Zip Fake episode : The Access Powers part 1

*It was a normal day at the livingstones*
Sam : *was sleeping*
Eugine : hey, sam, wake up.
Sam : *slowly wakes up* huh
Eugine : guess what? 
Sam : what
Eugine : *tackles sam* *tickles sam*
Sam : *laughs like crazy*
*a glass breaking*
The livingstones (from far away) : what was that?
Mr.Livingstone : *gasp* My Vase We got for our aniversery
Washington : *whimpers sadly*
Mr.Livingstone : washington, areally you oka-
Washington : *Bites Mr livingstone in the hand*
Mr.Livingstone : AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGG MY HAND!!!!!! 
Sam : oh no. Washington has been kicked out
Eugine : what have happened
Victoria : guys. I have something to tell you, I broke the vase, and it's my fault, not his.
Sam : wait, it was you
Victoria : yes, it was. *feel's sad*
Sam : don't worry, I'm sure they will forgive you and Washington
*meanwhile outside*
Washington : *sighs sadly*
????? : *p
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Bowser Jr.'s Journey... to ARMS Scrub?
Bowser Jr. is going on a Journey. He's taking Kamek and the Koopalings with him. ...He wants to get better at another online multiplayer game after he got nerfed in Mario Tennis Aces, but he's not doing so well when he's trying to play ARMS.
:iconprinceofkoopas:PrinceofKoopas 0 5
Heaven is a place on Earth lyrics
lay "Heaven Is A Place O…"
on Amazon Music
"Heaven Is A Place On Earth"
Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
When the night falls down
I wait for you
And you come around
And the world's alive
With the sound of kids
On the street outside
When you walk into the room
You pull me close and we start to move
And we're spinning with the stars above
And you lift me up in a wave of love...
Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
They say in heaven love comes first
We'll make heaven a place on earth
Ooh heaven is a place on earth
When I feel alone
I reach for you
And you bring me home
When I'm lost at sea
I hear your voice
And it carries me
In this world we're just beginning
To understand the miracle of living
Baby I was afraid before
But I'm not afraid anymore
Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
Ooh heaven is a pla
:iconclass37boy:Class37boy 1 0
IWIICAM Chapter Four Part One (AC/DC)
"Is this enough?"
"You look fine."
"But do I look okay?"
"Dashing," he said rolling his eyes.
"Alright," Angus said standing in front of his brother, spreading his arms out. "How do I look?" Malcolm sighed.
"You're gonna look real ugly if you don't hurry your ass up, Hannah's waitin'." Angus nodded as he grabbed his watch off the side table and latched it on. It didn't quite fit with the rest of his attire, but he'd lose track of reality without it. Malcolm almost suggested against wearing something so unorthodox around the town, but he humored himself and let his brother dress himself. "You've certainly out dressed me," he noted.
Angus looked down at himself. "It's too much?"
"No, I'm just sayin'. Looks sharp." Angus smiled in secret.
"Hannah's gonna ask what the fuck is wrong with me," he mumbled. Malcolm laughed and grabbed his wallet from his jacket. The weather had warmed up allowing the young men to leave the weight of their jackets behind. Angus declined the kind offer, believin
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Mortal Kombat AU Cast
This will be the cast of my Mortal Kombat AU, it will take place in a diverged timeline after Deadly Alliance.
Defenders of Earth Realm:
1. Johnny Cage
2. Sonya Blade
3. Kitana
4. Sub Zero
5. Scorpion
6. Smoke
7. Jax
8. Stryker
9. Cyrax
10. Noob Saibot
11. Frost
12. Kung Lao
13. Jade
14. Kenshi
15. Nightwolf
16. Bo Rai Cho
Fighters of Outworld:
1. Mileena
2. Baraka
3. Ermac
4. Rain
5. Sheeva
6. Skarlet
7. Li Mei
8. Goro
9. Reptile
10. Kintaro
11. Chameleon
12. Reiko
The Black Dragons:
1. Kano
2. Jerek
3. Tremor
4. Kobra
5. Kira
6. Kabal
Lin Kuei:
1. Sektor
2. All members of the Lin Kuei
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Her lovestory
She used to love that dandelion
The yellow warmed her lion
Its color charmed her tension
She sheltered the stamen
Her soul smitten by the layman
He was only for her
Her crown had been forgotten
So failure had begotten
She was only for him.
Time changed the tide
Wind turned the kite
Season changed his face
White became his
The snake remembered to hiss
Away with the wind he flew
She became the tree
freedom was not free
Her seat was cold.
She returned to her kingdom.
freed her freedom
She had to serve loyalty
She yarned for rainbow
So she fell for azealea by her window
Will it stay in winter?
She loved him dearly.
Bowed for him merely.
Now she rowed for another.
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Facebook page and group
I've created a new Facebook page where authors and artists can find test readers and discuss ideas for books and art.
It's not a page to post links or try and sell your work.
Thank you
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Rebastone is a freak!
She’s a weakling! Don’t follow her! She’s gonna make you sad! She’s a weak fool!
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