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~ [ Maskato Execution ] ~
                 [Maskato Been Found Guilty! Time For Her Punishment!]
Maskato Been Found Guilty And Needs To Be Punish For Her Sins! So A Chain Grabs Her By The Neck And Drags Her Into A Dark Room. In A Second She Was Found In An Ice Skate Area. She Needed To Race 2 Other Bears Like Monokuma
Monokuma Waved A Flag To Tell Them To Start Racing . As So Maskato And The Bears Started They Needed To Do 3 Runs Over The Area. But From A Room That Was In The Area One Of The Ice resurfacers Came To Chase Them Down. Maskato Got Worried And Started To Lose Balance Of Her Ice Skates. Infront Of Her There Was Made A Little Hole In The Ice And Then Her Ice Skate Tripped From It. Maskato Fall Down Not Able To Get Away Cause Her Leg Was Stuck. And When She Looked Back She Saw The Ice Resurfacer Coming For Her. One Of The Bears ( Green One ) Pushed The Other To Where Maskato Was. The Ice Resurfacers Got Her And The Bear.....
The Ice Turned Pink.
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The Karma Mission
Sparky: *in a Navy Seal(Black Ops ll) Uniform much like Crosby* how do I look?
Crosby: you look ready to kick ass and kill people.
Sparky: perfect. Cause that’s just what I’m gonna do. Section! What is our next Mission?
David “Section” Mason: our mission is to secure “Karma” at the Colossus city, the richest city in the world.
Frank Woods: yeah, let’s get shit done.
Sparky: I will secure my team and get them ready. Admiral Briggs allowed me to brings Erwin and Levi as backup commanders for this mission. Anything goes wrong, they have the tech to fix it, as well as my Soldier Hanji.
Woods: you mean the Egghead? Oh yeah, that lady is a total Nutsack but can get shit up and running in under a minute.
Sparky: Exactly why she’s part of my team. We will have claw units and drones if we need to use them. As well as the UAV’s to locate where Karma is through the databases we infiltrate.
Woods: go get your team gathered, asshat. I’m wi
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Akuma vs Wario - Prelude

Wiz: There are usually three basic types of characters in fiction: the hero, the villain, and then there's the rival.
Boomstick: The rival is usually your villain when the main villain isn't available at the moment. Like these two.
Wiz: Akuma, the Raging Demon of Street Fighter.
Boomstick: And Wario, the Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.
Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle?

Real Name: Gouki
Age: Unknown
Home: Japan
Height: 5'10
Weight: 176 lbs
As a child, overpowered an Asian Black Bear
Leveled an entire forest
Defeated his master, Goutetsu
Fought and defeated Gouken, his brother and Ryu and Ken's master
Killed Gill and M. Bison
Defeated Gen
Easily fought off both Ryu and Ken at once
Destroyed an island with one punch
Trained underwater with no
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Geledah Ruangan BJB Syariah Yang Populer
Gedung kantor pusat bank bjb syariah yang berada di Jalan Braga, Kota Bandung merupakan salah satu cagar budaya peninggalan kolonial Belanda. Merekam banyak cerita perjuangan hingga pasca kemerdekaan. Geledah sejarah gedung bank bjb syariah, dimulai sejak wacana pemindahan ibu kota dari Batavia (kini Jakarta) ke Bandung mencuat pada akhir 1920.
Pemerintah Hindia Belanda kemudian merealisasikan rencana tersebut dengan membangun Gouvernements Bedrijven (kini Gedung Sate). Namun, agenda pembangunan tidak hanya menjadi milik pemerintah. Pihak swasta juga dibuat sibuk dengan rencananya membangun kantor cabang, salah satunya perusahaan minyak bernama NV Oliefabrieken Insulinde.
Rencana ekspansi Oliefabrieken Insulinde terealisasi pada tahun 1917. Gedung baru bernama Insulinde mulai dirancang. Tidak tanggung, Oliefabrieken Insulinde menggandeng arsitek kenamaan asal Belanda, Charles Prosper Wolff Schoemaker.
Schoemaker bukanlah arsitek kemarin sore. Tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa wajah Bandung h
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LitRecognition: Welcoming Committee
Welcome to Monday, when LitRecognition introduces a newer member of the Literature Community. Whether they have been with us only a few months, or a couple of years,
we would like to present them with a bit of a fanfare. So, without further ado, I bring to you Meterious!
What is your preferred medium for writing your initial drafts? Why? 
1. I work on both Microsoft Word and StashWriter. I learnt my craft on word, and have built specific templates to serve my writing needs. I don't need anything fancy, just a decent word processor to dump my first draft on. Editing can come later on with other software. As for StashWriter, I use it for the cloud-based transfer between my machines. If I'm travelling, I know I can pick it up no matter where I am in the world. That kind of freedom is liberating. 

Where is your most inspirational place to write? Why? 
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Thomas and Friends- The Great Race Part 1
(Fade in to Thomas, Annie and Clarabel arriving at Kellsthorpe Station).
Narrator: It was a bright, clear day on the Island of Sodor, and Thomas was pulling the Local; the slow train that stops at every station along the Main Line, from Knapford to Vicarstown.
(Some passengers climb on board Annie and Clarabel, the conductor blows his whistle and waves his green flag. Thomas blows his train whistle and sets off with Annie and Clarabel).
(Annie hears Gordon's whistle blowing).
Annie: Clarabel, was that...
Clarabel: No! It's a lovely day, Annie! Can you...hear the birds singing?
Annie: Yes, the birds! Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet!
Thomas: (cheekily) What are you two going on about? I can't hear any...(Thomas suddenly hears Gordon's whistle in the distance behind him). Gordon!
Annie: (getting angry) No, Thomas, don't!
Clarabel: There's nothing to prove!
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Himeko and Makkun (Markiplier Fanfiction)
Possibly in the near future...
The story talk about a kitsune (foxgirl) called Himeko. She lives in Kitsunemachi, a city in the Underworld (the world of yokais). With her kitsunebi (ignis fatuus), that function like a computer, she watches the human world with it and discovers Markiplier. He’s really popular in Kitsunemachi, so they created a biomechanical being called Googleplier, that is a sexbot. Himeko understand that Makkun is different from other Googleplier, but is after an upgrade that something goes wrong and Makkun develops an own personality and think that is human. He’s really jelous of Himeko and doesn’t like that other men talk to her (is more like a yandere! 🤣). After Himeko discover an ancient ritual that could transfer a person from human world to the Underworld she tries it with Mark, but even in this case something goes wrong, and with Mark arrives also Dark that came from the demon world. Demons don’t have a human appearence, so he re
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Horrid Henry/ DDLC Crossover Comic
[This is based on the mod that takes place after the festival and Monika bullies everyone.]
Terrible Tiffany adjusted her blue dress and sat next to Rude Ralph as he glared at Aerobic Al, who was trying to write a poem to share but New Nick 'accidentally' knocked over his drink which soiled Al's poem and notes. The sporty blonde haired boy stood up in fury and glared at Nick, who backed away in fright as well as Horrid Henry, who also felt frightened. "Why do you have to be such an idiot and a total clutz?!" He yelled as New Nick began to cry and ran out of the room, Henry went with him to comfort him. Tiffany and Ralph stood up and looked over at Al, who stilled looked mad.
"Why the hell did you do that Al?! What's wrong with you?!" The blonde haired girl yelled angrily as she glared at Al, who looked even angrier. "The festival was supposed to be a good day and I wanted it to go perfectly but nooo
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First Day
Putting on his gas mask, The man looked prepared to fight. Rifle by his side and medals by his heart, 27-year-old Vincent Sherron was prepared for the cold wasteland ahead of him. 
Why is he here?
Or better yet, where is he going?
Year: 2186
Day: October 14th
Apocalyptic Soldier NM 839218 Diary
Name: Vincent Sherron (Vince)
Entry: My first day being deployed was rough, the beam ammunition was extremely low as it's been 7 years since this war started so every single shot of mine had to count. I took out 4 Russian soldiers today but my head almost got blown right off my body. Who knew that the Russians had advanced there tanks so much they shoot fucking laser beams now...
     The worst place to fight, Chernobyl, and the government decided it would be a great idea to drop me right in the middle of it. It's only my 2nd year for Christ's sake do they I'm some sort of fighting expert? I wish can't this war just be over already because I'
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Nicktoons: Best to Worst
I literally just sat down and wrote this last night while eating my dinner
Best Nicktoons (In My Opinion):
• Rugrats
• Doug (Disney freaking ruined Doug 😒)
• Ren & Stimpy (Spike kinda ruined this one 😒)
• KaBlam! (My favorite Nicktoon; Doesn't get enough attention imo)
• Pelswick (Also doesn't get enough attention)
• As Told By Ginger (OK, this one was my sh*t from when I was 8 to when I was 10)
• CatDog
• The Angry Beavers
• Invader Zim
• Rocko's Modern Life
• The Mighty B! (Again, doesn't get enough attention)
• Hey Arnold!
• Making Fiends (Literally nobody knows this one)
• My Life As A Teenage Robot
• Avatar: The Last Airbender
• The Legend Of Korra
• Spongebob (Season 1-3 and 1st movie)
• El Tigre
OK Nicktoons (In My Opinion):
• Jimmy Neutron (QUASON-)
• Danny Phantom (I wasn't really interested in
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FLIGHT- Champions of the Six Kingdoms
    The fabric of her dress draped heavily around her frail form as she walked into her bedroom. It's too restricting. She thought. She was tired from her long day. The way her two middle sisters had bragged on and on about whatever some poor clueless boy had given them. Then their older sister, breathtakingly beautiful with her soft feathers and pale white wings, had spent a better portion of the day teaching them. Not that she was complaining. But Echo had just left her oldest sister's presence after a long and tiresome meeting that they had to attended.
Her sister had walked her back to her room as she always did and although Echo loved her sister with her entire being, she wished her she treated her like an adult and not an infant. But as her father often said, beggars can't be choosers.
    Echo looked out from her window, watching the clouds lazily drift past her window. She stretched her arms above her head and opened her
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Arthur's secret, Allister's sorrows :chapter 1,2:
~Arthur's pov~
'He would surely hate me if he found out what I have been keeping from him for years' Arthur thought as he paced around in his bedroom. He really didn't want to keep any secrets from his beloved older brother. However he feared that things would be just horrid if his brother ever found out. "Miss fairy do you think that Allister fancies anyone? " Arthur quietly asked one of his fairy friends. "Silly Arthur I don't think he fancies anyone but if he did then they would be really lucky" The small fairy said. He frowned as what he heard wasn't quite helpful for him. He heard a knock on his door and went to see who it could possibly be since normally post doesn't come on Sundays. He opened the door to see a small note that said "sorry that I was such a horrible older brother and that I harmed you without even thinking about what it did to you. Please forgive this stupid git of an older brother. Your older brother Scotland. (Allister Kirkland). " He thought that this was a jok
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Growing Pains
Caelum had gotten used to having two of his mares pregnant given it had been a couple days, then his third had come up that way and finally Ceres came to him. The girls had grown up a fair bit and it was clear they were becoming fine mares in their own right, Caelum was proud of his growing herd. "What is it?" He asked when Ceres approached him her head down and she pawed at the ground, "I'm pregnant Caelum." She told him and Caelum's head shot to her, his herd was going to grow by at least four? Well that was good but at the same time he felt he was having a hard time keeping those he had safe between predators and wild stallions. That meant he'd have to be extra vigilant in the coming days and he didn't like that idea as he looked around, he would just have to get over it and deal with it.
"Well then we'll have to figure out what to do with all those babies right?" He asked softly as he looked at Ceres and then he glanced at Ben, Ben was shaking his head to him a
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Teach how to love. (By Emma)
You were laying on your bed, staring at the ceiling. As long as you could remember, you were nonverbal. At the age of 3, you were diagnosed with Autism. You are now 16 with the mind of a toddler. Your best friend had recently moved away. You were up all night. At 4am a large black bear stumbled into your room. The bear opened his mouth to say something, but couldn’t because only a static noise came out. You felt sorry for the bear. You grabbed him by the wrist, and led it over to your bed. You gave him a blackboard, a piece of chalk, and an eraser. He revealed his name was Nightmare and you two became fast friends. When you woke up, you saw a black teddy bear with a yellow bowtie and a yellow top hat. When your mom asked where you got it, all you said was, “friend.”
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Stacey Roberts The Green Girl Chapter One Sample
Hello all this is a short sample of my new book Stacey Roberts The Green Girl please give me you're feedback on it. Thank you
Stacey Roberts the Green Girl
Stacey was a shy reserved sort of girl, she had short blonde hair that she kept in a ponytail. She wore a pair of thick round glasses that she always had on, she was wearing a pair of blue colored jeans and a Star Wars tee shirt, at both college and school, she was always looked on as a geek with very few friends. At first, Stacey didn’t really like it as the other girls at school began to consider her a freak, but since she had finished school and gone to college things had been different. She was still a bit of a loner, but the other students had just left her alone and not picked on her.
But all of these are about to change.
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Happy Fifth Anniversary PAW Patrol!
Aid: Wow, five years since PAW Patrol was made.
Roader: It's come a long way!
Casey: Yeah! Happy 5th anniversary PAW Patrol!
Herbie: Cheers for Ryder and his crew!
Fauna: Yeah! Go PAW Patrol!
Zinka: That show is really inspiring!
Roader: And cool!
Casey: All those rescues and service to help the community.
Herbie: Great isn't it Casey?
Casey: Sure is!
Fauna: All that gear with things like mission paw and sea patrol.
Aid: Heheh, it's wonderful.
Zinka: And they all get wielded by pups!
Roader: Beyond imagination!
Casey: Yeah, and the addition with Everest and Tracker.
Herbie: Great additions indeed!
Fauna: Uh huh!
Aid: The series sure has grown.
Roader: And it will continue to grow.
Casey: Yeah.
Zinka: Well PAW Patrol, I hope you hear us!
Herbie: We're happy to have had you around for five years!
Roader: And if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been made to be great OC's. *wink*
Fauna: To all of us from here.
Aid: *giggles* All together now.
Thank you PA
:iconattackpac:AttackPac 3 7
I have a comic idea
Let me know what you think of this. I have a lot of ideas for the world, and the different species, but not much of an idea for the story.
    Comic idea:
    ·         Monster kids are sent into human society to fulfill the peace treaty between the humans and supernaturals, and to integrate the two societies to eventually become one. They range from the ages of middle school to high school seniors.
    ·         Dragons who can morph into people
    ·         Vampires
    ·         Werewolves
    ·         werecats
    ·         Cyclopes
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Character Profile: Damien Taryn
Name: Damien Taryn
Titles/Nicknames: Sky Guard, Demon Slayer, Gunner
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Race: Half-Demon
Place of Birth: Jarvoch (Formerly Oslo, Norway), (Was lead to believe he was from Outpost Garden, formerly known as New York)
Eye Color: Grey
Features: Short blonde hair, Single Scar across his throat, Several scars of various sizes and shapes across his body, Lean and muscular, Stands roughly 6'4", Has two Chained Skull tattoos on both his legs. Obscure writing is carved into his skin when he is undergoing intense healing from a grievous injury, often forcing his demon side to take form.
Known Family: Grant Basset (Father not met yet), Atsumi Oshiguruma (Mother), Ame Taryn (Wife Deceased) Un-named children (Deceased), Lord Hoshi (Father In-law Deceased)
Known Allies: Jubei and Iori Tani (Along with their entire clan), Pyrias Lotroan (Sometimes), Gan Bozon, Sara & Hana Aoi (He is their current guardian), Noel Schars, Gairdos Lotroan (Not sure), (Yet to announced).
Enemies: A
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Past: Training Of The Timberwolves
   “You wanna do one more?” The Timberwolf jumped happily at Silence’s suggestion. “Okay, sit.” The Timberwolf sat. “Now...” Silence pondered for a moment. “Roll over.” The Timberwolf tumbled over, its wooden body creaking as it rolled. It’s stood up and barked at the earthpony. “Good girl.” Silence praised, giving the Timberwolf the treat he had advertised. He held the Timberwolf’s head and looked it straight in the eyes. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re so talented and smart. Who’s my smart girl? You are!” He chuckled. The Timberwolf rubbed her head on the side of Silence’s. “I know, I know. You’re my good girl, Tappi.” 
 “WE GOT A ROGUE! LOOK OUT!” A pony shouted. 
   Silence looked to the shouting just as a Timberwolf barged into the warehouse. Two ponies threw ropes around the beast, bu
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Fallen Heroes.
A heartfelt poem about Avengers: Infinity War
that was written by a grief-stricken but also pissed fangirl after midnight.
You can never trust
Someone who turns people into dust.
The Mad Titan had all of the stones,
Leaving some of our heroes all on their own.
For we lost a sharp-eyed servant,
Who went by the name Heimdall.
We lost a god of mischief,
Who was quite handsome and tall.
We lost a purple AI,
Who bore an Infinity Stone.
And we lost a Winter Soldier,
Who fought in a war 
Far from home.
We lost all of the Guardians,
'Cept for Nebula and a Raccoon.
We lost a neurosurgeon,
Who bargained with Dormammu.
We lost a veteran bird guy,
And we lost a Wakandan king'
Then we lost a Sokovian mutant,
Who did magical things.
The one thing that bothered all of the Earth,
Which was also a certain meme's birth,
He told Mr. Stark he didn't feel so good,
And if no one handed Thanos the Stones,
Then maybe Spider-Man'd feel good. 
:iconthesnackercatkid:TheSnackerCatKid 0 0
What Story Series should I do?
Which one of these story series are you guys most interested in I want to focus on something besides Yu-Gi-Oh for once
Video game stories
Here I pick a random video game I play and make a story out of it like if I choose Undertale I would write what I would do in the game and what decisions I make
This mainly works well with survival games like Minecraft and Subnautica
Continue the Ella Victim story series
This was cancelled for a very long time cause I thought it was stupid but I’m willing to give it a shot again if you guys are at all interested
Gallery tickle stories
Here I go from the very bottom of my list of RP’s and make stories for each girl in my gallery will I reach the top?
Hell no I won’t I have 100 and more RP’s here I can’t make it to the top
Continue with the Yu-Gi-Oh ones only
Title says it all
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Sandra's Journey: Chap. Kanto Pt 10
The Cubone stared at the Hybrid and raised his club at the Hybrid, angry and crying. The Hybrid then tried to intimidate the Cubone by pretending to eat something. That’s when something popped in Sandra’s mind.
“Wait, did the Hybrid?” Sandra thought.
The Hybrid continued to pretend to savagely eat something. This made the Cubone cry.
“Did that thing-“ said Mary before being interrupted by Sandra.
“Yes...” Sandra was clutching her fists.
The Cubone then tried to attack the Hybrid, but it clutches him into the Hybrid’s hands. It opened its mouth and started to growl violently.
“Dragon Rage!!” Sandra commanded.
Charmeleon fires a purple blast of energy at the Hybrid and it made contact, letting go of the Cubone.
“Water Gun!!” Wartortle fires a stream of water at the Hybrid directly into its chest, causing it to fall to the ground.
Charmeleon then ran towards the Hybrid and jumped into the air and her claws turne
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