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FGO Alternative: Lucy Fer and Satanael meets.
Walking in the halls of Chaldea Satanael smiles. She is happy with where she is happy and everyone around her. Tho she really wants to kill Ash for insulting her. But can't since he is a master nit her master but still a master. Continuing her walk she then see a girl with white hair and blue lowing wings. This makes her stop walking stunned that she is here.
She sees that the girl has red eyes, a fair complexion, she wears what looks like a Uniform, a red shahs also worn. This makes her smile a little as she remembers when she looked like that. When she was still in heaven but she then frowns knowing the child is become her, hated by the world.....and have to be an avenger for a while......
The young girl turns her head and sees the Lord of Darkness and goes up to her.
"Hello. My Name is Lucy Fer. It is nice to meet you....Umm....Miss...?" She says not knowing her.
Smiling she answers. "I am the Foreigner class.....Satanael. It is nice to meet you younger se
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Bang's Backstory
bang was born in Strangville with 2 brothers and a dad, his mom unfortunately died when he was 2 years old due to a very bad disease.... when bang was 10 him and his family were at a store when all the sudden a terrorist attacked his family and many others at the store.... bang was able to escape the store with a few cuts and bruises, he lived in his house but since his dad died no body played the Bill's so bang couldn't live there any bang wandered off into the jungle and found an old and abandoned house, he decided to go to school to get an education. Then one day there was a school project that wanted some highscoolers to partner up with a middle schooler to make a math project....since Bang was 18 year old 12th grader, he was Partnered up with a 13 year old girl named Abigail, she had a mad crush on bang and would always whisper to her friends that she liked him and wanted to 🛏 with him.... so bang went to Abigail's house to start on there project and bang would l
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(BS) Trip to Hoenn (Part 2)
Akira's phone rang.*
Akira: *awnsers* Hello?
Danah: Akira, can you please come to Hoenn? We have a Danahitis problem.
Akira: Alright! I'll be there as fast as I can!
*Brooks has hit the infected with a baseball bat she brought to the trip, just in case.*
Akira: Alright! I arrived!
Brooks: !
*The infected pokemon are unconscious.*
*Meanwhile, Miku is making some new medicine.*
Miku: Now for the essence of Marble Screw.
*Miku goes to to Cures Black and White*
Miku: Excuse me, ma'ams, but may I have some of the power of your Marble Screw attack?
Cure Black: Okay.
*Miku readys some canister.*
Cure Black: Black thunder!
Cure White: White thunder!
Cure White: Our beautiful souls...
Cure Black: ... Shall crush your evil heart!
Both: Pretty Cure Marble Screw!
*the attack enters the canister*
Miku: now for Shiny Luminous' Heartiel Action.
Cure Black: uh, wouldn't it have been easier to just have us use Extreme Luminario?
Miku: Hmm, never thought of that....
Shiny Lumino
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ES: Armor Sets (Part 4)
Last one. This one will cover Post-Outbreak Period.
-----Post-Outbreak Period-----
Booster Armor MK. XXV: Fusion Aurora
- Version: Generation 5
- Creator: Trace
- Status: Active
- History:
            Fusion Aurora was Trace's twenty-fifth armor, and the second in the series of the 5th Generation Booster Armors. This armor contained all its predecessors’ capabilities and expanded on the flight system, as well as the ordinance and weapon systems. It was powered by an improved T-Energy Core.
    This armor was composed of several separate sections that can collapse into small pods, and each part possesses thruster capabilities and self-repair systems, allowing the suit to reassemble and repair itself when being forced to disassemble through dismantlement.
    Like the previous models, the armor increased the physical abilities of the wearer
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Comics... worth a shot?
For the past day I have been thinking back on a short story I wrote back in school for my GCSEs. I've gone over it again and I'm still happy with it as a whole even if I did scrape up a pass. But I've been thinking what would it look like visually? When I was a boy I did comics all the time and I wonder if I should go back. So if I was to write a comic series on this I would need to plan it out, the beginning, middle and the end.
So I wrote a short introduction for it then intro's for each episode to see if it flows nicely. I got a bit carried away, I wrote most of the intros for 17 short comics. They'll have to be short as I've written episode titles for 77 EPISODES! 77! Safe to say I don't have to worry about planning for something long term. I'll release a visualisation of the essay I did and see what the reception is but that won't come out for sometime. I'm still new to doing things on my XP-PEN so I won't rush it just to complete it.
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Power Rangers Nintendo Edition (Wave 1)
Here's some of the characters of Nintendo that will be a good fit. Starting with Wave 1!
Mario - Red MMPR Ranger
Luigi - Blue Zeo Ranger
Yoshi - Green Dino Charge Ranger
Daisy - Yellow S.P.D. Ranger
Peach - Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Rosalina - White Mystic Ranger
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Re-enact Discord shenanigans pt 1
With RiD2015 Decepticons 
Original version:

Re-enact version:

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NGD Part 11
Sally started breaking Jessie's neck.
Jack: noooo!!
Jack jumped to the Sally.
Sally made a hole in Jack's torso. It looked like she was wearing a bracelet which looked like a pichu.
Sally: weakilng. I don't need you any more."throws Jack to the other side of the room and takes the gem in Jack."
Jack's eyes became glassy, he started remembering his old times.
"Flashback.When jack was a kid."
Jack: hi dad!
Dad: hi kiddo, how is it going.
Jack: good, I guess.
Dad: are you ready for your vacation?
Jack: Yes daddy!
Dad: you know, three days left for the vacation.
Jack: I know dad.
Next day.
Jack: I can't wait to see your laboratory.
Dad: okay kiddo, you will see
The night before vacation.
Jack: I can't wait to see dad's lab, I am very happy.
I hope I will be like my dad and rescue a lot of pokemon.
"End of flashback."
Jack's cheeks started glowing red.
Then he jumped right on Sally's face. Jack scratched Sally's face and jumped back.
There appeared tear like
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Kamen Rider CD - Omniwatch Info Episode One
Hiya, everyone! Welcome to the first segment on Omniwatch info!
After every tribute, I'll post a journal with the info and phrases associated with the Omniwatches recently introduced.
So, first up: the CD Omniwatch!
CD Omniwatch: The personal Omniwatch of Christian Rice, which he uses to become Kamen Rider CD. It was given to Christian as a blank watch by a mysterious figure, which activated when he fought Another Sonic. It is dated 1997 AD.(Debut: Episode 1)
Activation: (Digital beeping) CD!
Info(Eng, then Jap): The Rider who uses otaku powers is…(clock ticking) CD!
Otaku no chikara o tsukau Raidā wa…(clock ticking) CD da!
Transformation: Rider Time!(Let’s Go! Rider Kick! Instrumental) Kamen Rider CD!
Finisher: Finish Time! Time Bust!
Then, it's the Sonic Omniwatch!
Sonic Omniwatch: Based on Sonic the Hedgehog’s base form, this Omniwatch provides access to the Sonic Armor, used by CD. Created when Miles “Tails” Prower did tests on the CD
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Hypnosis/ Transformation RP?
Hello everyone! I was interested in having my character Taryn get hypnotized or mind controlled, your choice! It can be NSFW if you want, I am open to most things but I'll let you know if anything you wanted to do was out of my comfort zone! 
Or if you wanted to do a transformation roleplay I'm up for that too! Flattened, inflated, squished, pretty much anything! And if you wanted to combine both I would definitely be down for that! Just leave a comment or note if you are interested and we can work on more of the details from there! 
I prefer doing them on discord but let me know if you don't have that or use something else! 
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Gimmie some ideas.
I wanna put up some actual pictures besides just story characters. What do you want? I could do a comic or something. I'm working on Part 6 right now and I didn't introduce enough characters in Part 5 to do a whole sheet so I'm gonna mere 5 and 6 together so I want to fill that gap with something.
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yee haw
some guy from florida was asking us if we really say "y'all" in texas and we were like yeah and he's like "oh, ha i thought it was a myth" LMAO
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Lost Crystal
Romance/Drama Roleplay
Title: Lost Crystal
Idea: (M/C) Has a crystal necklace that holds ultamite power for witch ever demon/monster/vampire that pisses it. But (M/C) knows nothing about this power she just thinks it is a regular necklace. The ONLY way (Y/C) can get the necklace is if she Willingly gives it to (Y/C) (witch mean NO you can not just rip it off of break it off)
Character  preferences And Description:
(Y/C) hates humans, kind of mean ruff around the edges (((obviously at some point softens  up and falls for (M/C)))
(M/C) Details:
Clumsy, ditsy, human, female.
Warnings: My spelling and grammar and Punctuation all suck. So if you are just going to criticize,or be mean fuck off....and don't bother commenting.
Your Character may be Male or female as my character is Bisexual. :3
Rules: have fun, be patient, No text talk (unless characters are texting each other).
Other: If You Are Interested Comment Or PM
Lost Crystal
And I will send you my starter.
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Point commissions
Just looking for some low priced point commissions! I'm not sure which one of my characters I'll get done yet but it'll be nice to find someone open to most things! (I.e human, feral, furry etc etc)
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a few moments ago my voyeur love watches myself and my religious love make soft sensual love together
It’s a beautiful rainy evening and my petite Asian body was getting relaxed because with this beautiful rainy weather it makes me drowsy I felt my religious love softly caress me all over feeling shivers my pink Asian pearl got wet my Japanese cotton panies soaked with sensual excitement
We get to my dark cold bedroom on my soft bed their strong hands massage my petite Asian body helping me releasing my PMS tension then kisses slowly unzipped their jeans bulging out their BBC caress my face their hard BBC was wet with hot sticky seeweed tasting release their put that in my mouth they with dominant tone of voice to me
I want you to take my BBC in your mouth and say
the Lords Prayer
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespa
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FGO Alternative: Triple Training
Mor and Dred both walk in the Halls of Akkio's Chaldea. Their heading to the Simulation room to meet up with Lilia who Dred hasn't seen in a while.
"You know. It was Lilia who helped me and Father become more like a family. She even saw right through me." Dred states smiling.
Mor nods. "Yeah. Well I been around her the most that it only makes sense she knows us the best. After all the two of us are the same person."
"Guess so. Well It has been a while since I seen her. So Finally having time to spar with her is going to be nice." Smiles the one from Rin's Chaldea. "I wonder if she gotten any taller since I last saw her.?"
"Well your in for a big surprise when you see her." Mor states leaving Dred wondering what her other self means.
They continue walking and they reach the building where all the training and sparing takes place. Heading inside they head to the simulator. And there they see robots made by Charles Babbage being beating back effortlessly by a 16 year old girl. Who Dred se
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People are always judging each other and, the truth is, they're not very good at it. Don't put a lot of concern into what people think of you. You weren't created to please and entertain everyone. You were created to be you, so feel good about yourself.
Laura Valentina & guide dog Rolf
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Re-enact Discord shenanigans pt 2
Basically, episode 34 in the nutshell 
Original version:

(Also, these two people are my friends on Discord XD) 
Re-enact version:
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NGD Part 10
Jack rushed to the hospital,
Sally: wait, you forgot to...
Sally followed Jack.
Sally: "talking to someone from an earphone"
Sir, Project JP started moving, should I attack it?
???: Yes, attack it and don't come here without the gem.
Sally: understood, sir.
Jack ran to the nurse.
Jack: where is Frank the absol's room?
Nurse: 2nd room
Jack ran to the 2nd room and knocked the room.
Doctor: come in. Oh, it is you Jack.
Jack: what happened to Frank! Tell me please doctor.
Doctor: do not worry, the blade didn't hit his heart.
He just need sleep, but he can't go anywhere. Why did you even form a team with him, he has genetic problems, you know.
Jack: you are right, I guess.
Sally: Jack, you forgot to take your prize, you fainted an outlaw., you know.
Jack: yes, I did.
Sally: your prize iiiiiiiiiiiiisssss................ DEATH OF JESSIE.
Jack: WHAAAT!!!!!!?!!!!?!!!!?!!!?!!!!
Sally took fainted Jessie from her bag.
Jack opened his buster.
Sally: yes, try to shoot me. AND KILL HER IN THE PROCES
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My first high school experience
Embarrassing moment
My most embarrassing moment ever was on the first day at my new school. That day, I wore a halter top that was tied in the back and a skirt that was just above my knees. I sat alone on the bus to school and some kids were throwing balls of paper at me. I was coming off of the bus and I tripped and fell off of the steps. I landed on my face and my skirt flew up, revealing my granny pantries. I forgot to mention, I’m a nerd. So everyone still left on the bus was laughing at me and as I was trying to get up, they stepped on top of me and trampled me. I finally got up and started walking towards the entrance of the school when there was a huge gust of wind, making my skirt fly up in front of the cheerleaders and jocks who started laughing at me. I hurriedly pulled my skirt back down and walked through the entrance with my head down. Then, one of the cheerleaders came up to me and pulled my skirt down in front of everyone in the hall. Then she gave me an atomic wed
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