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Oc interview
1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. The answers must be written in your OC's point of view.
3. Your OC can't lie.
4. The title of the journal must be 'OC Interview.'
5. Tag as many people as you want.
I'm going to be using Simon
1. What is your real name and nickname?
Simon Franklyn, My nickname used to be Frankie but it died off as I got older
2. Interesting... What is your current age?
Well I'm 30
3. What's your favorite food?
Candy canes are quite a delight if I do say so myself
4. And your favorite drink?
A cup of warm lavender tea
5. Confession time... Who's your romantic interest?
My wonderful husband Darrow
6. Have you kissed anyone yet?
Yes many times in fact
7. Do you have a childhood sweetheart?
8. Who is your favorite author?
Edger Allen Poe
9. What is your biggest fear?
Losing the ones I love
10. Any siblings?
Oh yes. Two an older brother and sister
11. Who is your worst enemy?
I don't really have one
12. Huh, okay... Who is your best friend?
Perish has to be one of
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TrailBlazers Dirty Panties
(I suggest if ya don't like fortnite or farts Dirty panties Facesitting or Wedgies. Then I suggest you do not read)
*The battle bus had just flown over the big open map as the new contestant jumped out in her camo outfit. Trailblazer they are called her..she was an excellent fighter but also had.....other ways of taking down an enemy*
*She Soon lands in fatal fields looking around at her surroundings she sees another contestant green haired candy clothes themed gal named "Zoey" made her way into one of the barns* Huh...looks like competion did land here after all~ *She brushes hair out of her face as she sprints torwards the house the girl just entered*
*Zoey quickly made her way bursting and building up into the attic where a chest could be heard. She quickly opened it pretty basic items and sighing* No no no....This isn't gonna do..~  *She groans as she picks up the stuff and turns around to see trail with wide eyes*
Well well well~ if it isn't miss greeny~ *She says with a slig
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(LH) Truth Or Dare - Ch. 1 (Let The Game Begin)
Today was another date night for the parents. Everyone in the house knew what that meant - Lori was in charge. Since she has decided to no longer be the Queen Of No, or at least less so than she used to, date nights were no longer dreaded by the rest of the siblings. Usually, they had a game night, which was never boring when they were involved. Table-flipping was to be expected, usually being done by Lynn. As soon as the door was shut, the kids were all gathered at the table, wondering what they were going to play this time. Although, Lily wasn't there, as she had fallen asleep early this time and was instead snoozing in her crib. They were making a huge ruckus; chatting it up, fighting over what they wanted to play, etc. Then, Lori arrived. She was wearing what she considered to be her Babysitter Outfit; a military uniform with a pair of shades and a whistle. She blew into said whistle, quieting everyone down.
"Alright, everyone. Today, we're going to try to have a better game night
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New YA Urban Fantasy Release Today!

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OR read the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS free and in full HERE.
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A Random Kirby Headcanon Idea
So for a while now, since I started to give Kirby more attention etc. I thought why not be the good time to tell my wonderful idea for one of my AUs for Kirby
Ok to start off, this headcanon/AU of mine connects with an idea of a Kirby fan game I would make called: "Meta Knight and King Dedede's Adventures" where in this fanon scenario, both Meta Knight and King Dedede are purely heroic characters (because in Canon they are decipted more as Anti Heroes, or Anti Villains that sometimes get possesed or impostered) and where the Waddle Dees are a popular species on Pop Star in Kirby's home world and Bandana Waddle Dee is the leader of a Bandana wearing Waddle Dee Tribe
now as for Kirby, not only is Kirby female in this HC but apparently, legend has it that she is the child of the stars who is to be the servant of one of the chosen heroes from Dreamland, thus being King Dedede (in other words, Kirby is basically the apprentice/servant of Dedede in this scenario) and whereas Meta Knight's or
:iconsapphiresonicmaster:SapphireSonicmaster 0 3
There was no one left to speak for me.
Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
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Look free requests
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Time Line: Flora-Clan
The beginning of the new territory, 112 moons ago (Generation 1) - Sun-Star gained Flora-Clan's territory and made Lilac-Heart his deputy.
111 moons ago - Wasp-Bark becomes the medicine cat.
102 moons ago - Juniper-Paw becomes Wasp-Bark's apprentice.
98 moons ago - Lilac-Heart dies in a battle with Rapid-Clan. Accentor-Flight is the new deputy.
96 moons ago (Generation 2)-
93 moons ago - Juniper-Paw becomes Juniper-Dawn.
87 moons ago - Sun-Star passes after being killed by a boar. Accentor-Flight becomes Accentor-Star, her deputy is Bandicoot-Claw (Yes, A bandicoot is a real animal.
83 moons ago - Wasp-Bark and Accentor-Star are killed during a Marsh-Clan and Arid-Clan attack. Bandicoot-Claw is now Bandicoot-Star and his deputy is Chipmunk-Cloud. Juniper-Dawn is now the medicine cat
80 moons ago (Generation 3)-
79 moons ago - Bandicoot-Star was tired of the battles between his cats and M
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Cancer | Miraculous Lady bug life as adults fanfic
Hi guys this is my first fanfic I have ever written but I have a lot of great ideas for other fanfics so here's one!!!!!!!! Part 1
Cancer, a life sucking virus that takes the wind out of even the strongest. And it has my Emma in its power the doctors say it's a 50/50 chance she will live but I'm hopeing for all the hours sitting in the cold bland hospital room that she will live I know my Emma.I know she will power though she's gotten this far I need to know what will happen to her I need her to live.
Her brothers seem to be flourishing more than ever those little trouble makers seem to see weakness in me and Adrien and use that to there advantage. The skip school, steal for gas stations, they suck on cigarettes and get into my stashes of Christmas candy and birthday presents and it all keeps happening so fast in falling apart  as a mother.
If only I could control them and the horrible diese that ti
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Fantasyt Magic: Season 2
Chapter 24
- Volleyball -
 The weather was sunny but it seemed to not bother a group of teenagers who were playing beneath a waterfall. Maya, Lolytta, Noretta and Nephydia were playing in the water with Mike and his teammates. Daren was also there but Maria and Selice were not there.
- Is she going to come? – Daren asked as he looked around.
- Don’t worry, Daren. – Noretta spoke and smirked. – When Maria sees you in your swimsuit her face will be redder than a rose. But when you see her in a swimsuit you might need a couple of tissues.
- Not very funny!
- Aww, you don’t like my jokes? Too bad! One point less for you, cutie. Since you are my bestie’s boyfriend you should at least be able to love my jokes.
- Noretta, not everyone will like your jokes and that’s okay.
- Hmph! Easy for you to say, greenhead! You should better be gentle with my friend or
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Kiyoko's Hot Springs: Chapter 1
Kiyoko's Hot Springs
Chapter 1
[This chapter will be made in the morning. I'm doing this right now so I remember.]
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Story Behind Sonic.Exe (Found it Online)
See, the creature that is Sonic.exe was created in the void, in a gab between dimensions, making him a non-existent outsider in our universe. This creature was born out of pure dark matter in this void, and at the time he had no real namesake nor did he have an actual describable body, it was only until he learned about OUR world that he actually started getting a body. He learned about Sonic the Hedgehog, and was right there and then a big fan of the series and it's character, ESPECIALLY it's character, Sonic.
So what did the creature do? He used his dark power to copy Sonic's appearance and make it his own, he did exactly what Mephiles the Dark did in the 2006 game, and even when he gained this new form, this creature was something that can only be described as pure evil, this is because he had a monstrous personality: He thought that everything belonged to him and him alone, and as such he gained a childish attitude thinking all intelligent creatures in our world (Namely humans) wer
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Lead Me Home (Bambam x Franz Liszt Fanfiction)
*So here is some information before you read the story. Trust me you'll want to read this note so everything makes sense. Bambam is a member from a Korean band called Got7 and Franz Liszt is a Hungarian-Austrian composer from the 19th century. My friend (who shall remain anonymous) told me that I should make a fanfiction with both of them in it. I thought it was a joke at first but I ended up actually writing it. It's a weird idea but it's my type of weird and I'm really proud of how it all turned out. Anyways, without further adieu, here is what I came up with for a fanfiction about two people from completely different time periods.
Love Tards 
—Part One—
Got7 is performing a concert at an arena located in the heart Raiding, Hungary, which is the birthplace of the composer Franz Liszt. Bambam, being the memelord of the group, is extra quirky on stage, dabbing, whipping, the usual stuff. The crowd is eating it up, as they cheer and
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Allosaurus Ferox pack structure
  In my imagination, there is a Japan based independent country in the pacific ocean, where a variety of dinosaurs survived extinction and thrived. Which brings me to the Allosaurs, they live in the praire and savannah in the southern and middle center of the country. The allos that survived are fragilis, europaeus, and saurophaganax. Allosaurus ferox, a genatically made dino, lives in all those areas and in the southern forests. It is believed that some theropods lived in social groups, ferox isn't big on packs, in a family, the dad will take care of one hatchling and the mom will take care of the other 6. In uncommon cases(such as Alagar's), the family will pack together in a 4 adult group, the parents are the leaders, the next class is two of their young adult offspring, the bottom are the new hatchlings. For hunting two or three of them will go find food, will the mom and one of the young adults will look after the hatchlings if any. 
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Time for a brawl!
Okay guys it's been 3 months since this group started, and I'm more then interested in doing the brawls right now!
I'm pretty sure it'll be a hitch to do with the sizable amount of people we already have;)
Either me or my contributors will do the brawl, so take your pick.
So now for the manner of picking the first two OCs to fight, I'll issue a challenge, the two best quotes I get from either duo will have their OCs fight against the other, so get going!
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Tfp Aot roleplay
The autobots had found a human with a hidden power
She never told them of what she had to face and what that power was, she always hid it
One day, the autobots see her sneak away and to somewhere they don’t know about
She goes to the HQ without knowing they followed her
And while she’s getting her gear on
Wall Maria is struck
:iconwolfiezslasher:WolfiezSlasher 1 135
The Winds Of Summer-Chapter 2: Watermelons
It was June 19, 2018. Kate was really hungry and she wanted to eat something juicy. Ella was watering her flowers. Charles was drawing a picture of a waterfall. And Cam was watching a video.
"Whoa, it's really hot! It's almost 30 Celsius." Charles said.
"And I want something juicy!" Kate replied.
"Something juicy?" Ella asked.
"So it's time to watermelons!" Cam said excitedly.
Cam knew that watermelons are very juicy and it has lots of water. Even he wanted to make a watermelon farm. Cam remembered that he saw a photo of a flood with a bunch of watermelons. Plus he knew that there was watermelons that shaped like a cube in Japan. All hail watermelons! Watermelons were the best summer fruit for Cam. Maybe forever.
"Watermelons?" Kate asked surprisingly.
"Yeah, with a bunch of awesomeness!" Cam replied.
"Awesomeness..." Ella repeated.
"Watermelon is a plant enters to the fruit category. Watermelon's shell is dark green and it's so hard. The inside of a watermelon is red and sometimes whi
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even death 
cannot be trusted
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Legend of the Angel Warrior (Chapter 3)
I groaned and took off my headphones. I opened the door. "What the hell is all the noise about? Can't you see that me and Dejitaru are playing Minecraft!?" I yelled.
"S-sorry, G-gēmā, I-i-it's j-just t-that this... Umm... Jerk. Came to our house and... cut... Kaubōi... on the... arm." Said Enjeruu~oriā in a nervous fashion. "Oh... Well..." I said as I closed my door.
"We've got to keep Gēmā and Dejitaru out of this." Said Kenshi, Still shaking. I nodded. "B-but how?" I asked. "I DON'T KNOW!"She yelled. Tears started streaming down her cheeks.
"I just don't know how to cope with this..." I cried. "I-i just wish that we could keep living our normal lives... B-but I know that's impossible... I-I JUST DON'T WANT TO LOOSE ANY OF MY CHILDHOOD FRIENDS!!!" I couldn't take this any longer. I burst into tears.
"I'm sorry..."
To be continued...
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So you may all know about the drama with my tablet, and my YouTube channel and Twitter account what's on it. Well, I have been gone for two weeks, and I will be for another two weeks and a couple of days.
The reason for that is because I don't get paid £60 all in one day, but I get paid over weeks.
So, I get £30 each week, so it'll take 2 weeks to get it paid on sent off.
Luckily, the manager said he won't wipe everything off.
After we've sent it off, I don't know how long it'll be in repair.
But, I'm still active on wattpad, here, twitch, Tumblr and many more.
Hope you understand xx
I will be back.
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Mater Nox
Immaculate mother night
Consort of oppose of light
Mother of sleep and death
Her children she has blessed
Bride of pater erebus
A shadow over the lord of dust
A holy dusk draws near
A beautiful form the king fears
Seeming like a paradox
Sanctus Mater Nox
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all of my poems
Do you remember when you were a kid?
When you saw an airplane and you would stop and stare for a while?
You're an airplane for my child like mind
Where I stand there, stare, and can't help but smile
Without airplanes, no one could travel to see their loved ones
No one could meet who they wanted to
No one could run away from their problems
Big or small
You're a savior
You're an airplane
If you were a bird,
Would you fly above me?
If you were a dog,
Would you guide me?
If you were a whale,
Would you climb on land to find me?
If you were a cat,
Would you protect me from pests?
If you were a horse,
Would you take me wherever I want?
If you were a snake,
Would you stay still and watch me?
If you were a bull,
Would you avoid the red cloth for me?
If you were a human,
Would you even love me?
Have you ever thought
That maybe your feet
Where greater feet have
But how would we know
We don't know where everyone has walked
We don't know
We're just some people
Going about our business
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