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Hermionie's Secret Wedgier - Part 1
Hermionie P.O.V.
    Fist day of Hogwarts, how exciting. I'm walking to my first class which is Transfiguration. I walk into the classroom. I sit down at my seat. We start doing class and suddenly I feel underneath my dress I feel something coming up my back. It's my underwear. Somebody is giving me a wedgie with their wand right now. I can feel my bright pink panties half way up my back and rising. I'm getting distracted from my work. Now it's at bra level. Now shoulder level. Now it's starting to come up out of my dress. People are starting to notice. I'm starting to get lifted out of my seat by my underwear. Now it is extremely painful. "Who is doing this to Ms. Granger" McGonogall demands. My underwear is starting to rip. My ass is currently hurting like hell. It rips and I fall to the floor. My ass burns with pain from that massive wedgie. The rest of class continued as normal with no more wedgie interruptions. 
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- Chào mấy bạn Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] 
- Hôm nay mình mở Talking Request nhân dịp "Back to School" Fool Emoji-11 (Hurray for you and me) [V1] 
- Trong lòng mình thì thấy vừa vui vừa buồn Big Fool Emoji-29 (I'm done) [V4] 
- Chắc mấy bạn vui lắm ha Big Fool Emoji-19 (You done) [V2] 
- Thôi vào vấn đề chính cần đề cập ngay bây giờ nào Big Fool Emoji-1 (Pervy) [V2] 
- Tớ nhận đến lúc nào đó đó tớ sẽ ngưng nhận Big Fool Emoji-27 (Heh sideways) [V4] 
- Giữ slot cho mấy thanh niên :iconryuko-mie: :iconkeiko-phong: :iconjm-houta: :iconkaz
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roommates 2! (vore RP) (yes, a second one.)
You were moving into a new home, but there was a catch. Someone else was already living there, so you would have to share the home with them. You knocked on the door, suitcase in hand, but nobody answered. It didnt matter, this was your house... You unlocked the door and opened the door and the first thing you saw was...
1. A massive fish tank built into the house, covering an entire wall. It was oddly empty... (My OC Decker, im predator.)
2. Several large pictures hanging on the walls showing places you dont recognize. (A new OC im working on, Im predator.)
3. A brown jacket and a pair of goggles hanging on a shelf. (My OC grey, I am prey.)
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Backstory Updates
So soon I'll make better versions of my characters backstories but it will take some time. Sorry about that, I think luna and kit's backstories are way to short compared to Losba, plus I did forget something, I'll try my best to make them better
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Thank you...
Thank you everyone taking their time to read this, but I just wanted to shout out some things to my close friends. While it's pouring with rain over here at eleven at night 😂😂
Sophie, you've been there for me every time things have gone down. You always know what to say and do which must be hard because of the things you go through, I don't understand why you waste your time on me, but you do it anyways. Thank you for that. Thank you for keeping me going. I think we will forever be making jokes about our crippling depression together and I am so lucky to be able to share those jokes with you. Stay cool hon.
Sasha, you stopped me from ending my own life with a simple three words. 'I love you.' I had never felt such a rush of Emotion through my mind, you gave me everything I lost, including the ability to love. You've changed my life forever, and I hope we will stay in our close bond for many tough years to come. I love you too and I always wi
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Kikis back story
Kiki was once like you and me until one day that all changed. Kiki was born to Mary and Jake. She was just born when her life was turned upside down. When Kiki was born her father died because he was sleep deprived. Jake barely slept and rarely ate anything. He was to worried that when he woke up or came back she would be dead. Mary was suffering while trying to have her baby that's why jake didn't want to leave her he wanted to spend every second he cod with her. But right after Kiki was born Mary died. The nurses didn't know what to do with the baby because she was not like other baby's. Right after Kiki turned 5 the nurse took her out side and left her. They were to scared to keep her around any more. She was far more powerful and stronger than the other kids. Kiki wonder around till she stumbled apon an adoption center. There she stayed till she was 17. Kiki hated it there each day someone would return her scared to death by her. But know that she was older she would go out and liv
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Highway to Barcelona Act 1 Scene 13
Intro: Hunting games have begun and Mason had to make a hard choice to either kill the prey or save them?
It's Hunting Games Day, all of the animals are heading to the Wilderness Arena, Mason and all of his friends have finished packing up to Barcelona.
Gold Dice and Carlos are helping Sasha packing up.
Gold Dice: [carried a large red travel case to their living room] Well that's everything, I think.
Carlos: Did you check her office and everything, Goldie?
Gold Dice: I'm pretty sure, it's kinda hard to figure that out since, you know...
Sasha: None of it matters now, leave what's left, I don't need them anymore.
Gold Dice: Shoot, your diploma! [looking for Sasha's diploma at her office]
Carlos: Goldie, you're carrying two in your bag.
Gold Dice: Oh, haha, I knew that. [looks at Sasha] Hey, it's gonna be ok.
Sasha: Shut the hell up!  Sorry, I...
Gold Dice: I know, you're depressed.
Sasha: Right. [gets up from the chair and pulls out her white cane] Let's go.
Today was Mason's last
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The Forgotten Ones
bad book. actual name tbd
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Random yet Adorable, Andy Biersack x Reader
This story is basically about how you are expecting a baby but you have no help because your parents live in another state and your husband, Andy, is on tour with his band Black Veil Brides,he is going to be gone for 4 months. You are currently 6 months pregnant and you have a feeling the baby is going to come early. You tell Andy about the situation and he tells you he can't go because he is 8 states away from where you are.This story takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio on December 15, 2013. You are alone in a two story house with boxes of gifts and things you got from your baby shower in August.
   You woke up to the sound of clanging metal from the construction that was
taking place a block away from your house. It was 8am and you were debating
on going back to sleep, but you didn't feel tired, so you got out of bed and
walked downstairs. It was creepy and quiet down there, it was lifeless. Andy
wasn't there, you sadly didn't have any pets, you
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The True Volpe.
I am tired of being tired. I have been holding myself back recently and I want to let you know why.
This is the true story about how Volpe came to be.
-Middle School-
I did not fit in with the other kids. Even though I didn't fit in, I didn't want to fit in. I wanted to be accepted for who I was, not who I need to be by their standards. Sure, I was a bit of a nerd, but a nerd with big ideas. I was kind to people, gave them support. I hoped that others could see me as a good person. Someone they could trust and enjoy having around.
But for no fault of my own, fellow classmates, kids who I called "friends", thought it was a fun idea to mess with me, weaken me, torture me... I became the outcast. But not just any outcast. No. The Outcast of Outcasts, the Unwanted, the Throw Away, they called me.  
I was bullied, pushed, insulted, teased, mocked, kicked, tripped, you name it... Minutes became Ho
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The Moonlight Wolf (part 6)
(A Paradise of Shadow and Light

 Meiko PoV~

I drove off the enemy until I heard someone yell out, "Rin!"
I phased into a human and ran back to the mansion only to find my heartbroken group of friends. I saw Luka on her knees holding Len back, the others hugging each other crying. Meta came out from a bramble bush and her hair had twigs, grass, brambles, and who-knows-what else tangled in it. The others noticed me as I fell on my knees and the cold ground, the last thing I remember is callings of... "Meiko, hold on!"
"Mama, wakey up!"

Meta PoV~

Mama fell down as Miku grabbed me, I squirmed and cried. First Rin-Rin's gone now Mama is in the dream realm, I can't help it! I will get Rin-Rin back and I will make Mama better. whoever did this I will rip his/her tail off and shove it down his/her throat, or at least let me break them enough so that they know not to piss me off.
Kaito and Miku moved Mama inside and Luka slowly followed them leaving Len-Le
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I could a hand use a fan or two...
Kyuranger is at its Second half. and I was wondering if I could use a hand or two?, Anyone interested in Teaming up as co-writer or editor? Note me if interested.
Thanks for advance...
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Mistwing's Sadness - Part 3
The four cats raced out of the clan camp. Leaffire took the lead as Mosskit, Snakekit and Mistkit trailed behind. The tabby warrior kept at a slow pace so the kits could keep up. Every once in a while, Leaffire sniffed the air for patrols, or the scent of Windkit. "It looks like Windkit has went onto StormClan territory." The tom's voice shook in fear. "They took my kits; and they will not take Windkit! Come on, let's find him." Mosskit and Snakekit followed the bigger cat, except for Mistkit who stayed where she was. "But we're not allowed to go on another clan's territory!" She squeaked. But the warrior didn't hear her. She remembered that her mother always said to her that a warrior never goes on a clan's territory without good reasoning. But this was a good reason; Windkit's scent trail led right into their marshlands. The blue-grey kit raced up behind the others, where the marshy grass squished beneath her paws. It felt weird, compared to the beautiful oaks of her territory. Leaff
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Sarah's Origins
  Episode 3-Bats love fish and Skeletons love spiders
In the last episode Undyne transportes herself at Darmith's dimension and now lets see how are they doing now.
In the date of1/01/2017 and suddenly Bomber is playing with his cannon cart.Undyne saw them and wonders who do you belong.Bomber said that he is an adoptive son that Darmith and Sarah own me and I have got my deffensive trops that master builder gave me.Atum wishes to make it happen too but..For no reason someone crashes in a wall and flls down for our friend Alces to catch someone familiar.It was the master builder,Undyne asked him that is he the one who gave bomber the cart.He said that he is and He said that He will do more of those machines.Atum was shocked about this but he thinks it will be okay.Many days later master builder came and presented Undyne:

The flying machine-It is
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Working On Ace vs Ace
I will be Making a lit On Erich Hartmann Vs Tetsuzo Iwamoto.
I will be Working on it and Let me take a break on making British Turrets.
I am also making a Comic Scripts for my Comic, i have been working on it for 3 weeks only in weekdays.
Comic Scripts is almost Done, and Visual Is Also too, I made the script in Comic form so its more easier to understand... and I look more less of a nerd... and My classmates would judge My unusual Bahaviour.
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Dream daddy
Anyone here like dream daddy? My fav is Robert lmao and I might get the game soon 😂🙈
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Yo-kai Watch HeadCannon Part 1
1.Katie got the yo-kai watch from Nate and her opinion on Nate have change she start having a crush
2.Jibanyan and Blizzaria is secret rely Married
3.USApyon act like a jerk to Katie
4.One time Katie had to go to school just with a Towel for a wholeweek because all her clothes was stolen she got the nickname Bowtowe
5. Jerry know how to summon yo-kais
6.Katie did the Same thing to Inaho and eversence then they ben rivals
7. If a person summon a crossover character yo-kai a portal appear
8 Katie partner yo-kais are Komasan and Blizzaria
9.Nate now dating Katie
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Comment To A Cat
As far as I read this, it´s about a cat and a dog, that much is surly true. The cat has gotten fucked and brain-fucked at the same time by a dog. The dog seems to be a slight bit stupid, nature of them true. They do what they´re told, calm down and take is slow. Cat´s nature is different, always unsure about what´s next, nobody will tell them either, or they won´t listen, who knows who looks inside their brains? That is but the oh so interesting thing about a cat, and makes her even more adorable. Hmmm gotta admit this cat managed to write down a whole catstorm or more a cathurricane, in which she fears to get sucked into, herself. Could be, could be not ...if there should be serious injuries, you know the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is always there for you both. Don´t worry that much dear furry sweetheart, as said before, 'it takes time, to transform a swine ;)' (slowakian quote!!)
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Where Butterflies Don't Land.
Where Butterflies Don't Land
A New Way To See
From inside Connie pushed the controls and the van door opened.  She then unstrapped Sherrie's chair from it's place where the passenger seat once sat.  She then calmly went to the back of the van and opened up the wheelchair she would use today.  She sat in it and used a new black velcro strap to hold her legs together.  Then once Sherrie was out of the van,  Connie rolled herself to the ramp and lowered herself down.  It was clear that they were both nervous.  Sure Connie had practiced using the chair but practicing at home and in the open mall of a big city is totally different.. and what if something had to be done for Sherrie Connie wondered.
Sherrie was excited to see her love sitting at eye level.  Well almost eye level because the chairs were so different but still she was excited that they were both taking on a new place and both as wheelchair users.   Sherrie felt a little gui
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Quote of the Day
To be number 1 you have to be odd😊
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Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real
There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface
Consuming, confusing
This lack of self control I fear is never ending
I can't seem
To find myself again
My walls are closing in
(Without a sense of confidence I'm convinced
That there's just too much pressure to take)
I've felt this way before
So insecure
Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real
Discomfort, endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Distracting, reacting
Against my will I stand beside my own reflection
It's haunting how I can't seem
To find myself again
My walls are closing in
(Without a sense of confidence I'm convinced
That there's just too much pressure to take)
I've felt this way before
So insecure
Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real
Crawling in my skin
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how
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Sitting Pretty
The wind hit her so hard that it felt like her bones froze, a rushing sensation flooded through her every nerve. She had been falling for quite some time now, and she still couldn’t seem to see the ground. It wasn't particularly bright outside, but there was still enough light to see. There was nothing around her whatsoever, nothing in her sight except for emptiness. It felt like she was plummeting for an eternity. As she fell she wondered how, and why this was happening. She didn't even remember falling in the first place, but here she was, falling to her death. All of a sudden everything got cold, and she stopped falling, rather, began sinking. She had hit a mass of water, and was unable to breathe. She tried to swim upwards, but with every attempt she was forced back down. As water flooded into her lungs, she thought of all the things she had not done. She looked up at the small amount of light left above the surface. A mans silhouette appeared above the water, she recog
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