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Traditional Novel Publishing
Publishing Week
So you've written a novel. You've edited, gotten beta readers, polished that sucker 'til it shines, and you're ready to enter the wide world of the publishing industry. Where do you start? First, here's what you DO need:
a finished manuscript. (Only non-fiction can be pitched before it's written.)
Here's what you DON'T need:
money. It's always free to submit novels to legit agents and editors. Reading fees for novels are scams.cover art or other illustrations. I advise writers not to commission art ahead of time, since the publisher will want a say in all images that go into the novel. It'd be a shame for your money to be wasted.publishing experience or a big following (known as a "platform.") Novels stand on merit alone! Meow :3 
Step 1: Pitch Materials
1.1: Query Letters
You need to write a query letter, sometimes called a pitch. These are 1-page letters that introduce your bo
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Self-Publishing for You
Publishing Week
I think nearly every writer has started out hoping to have their name printed on the cover of a book, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  There's also nothing wrong with not doing that the traditional way.  You're allowed to self-publish for yourself and not worry about selling books or creating a following.  I know, because I did it.  And it's not as hard as you might think.
A Quick Intro

A couple years ago, I was really itching to publish a book.  But I knew I didn't want to go through a publisher.  I also didn't want to deal with all the hassle of marketing and trying to sell it.  I really just wanted a book that had my name on the cover and my stories on the inside.  Simple.  Getting it at the lowest cost possible was also a concern, because two teenagers and a couple dogs doesn't exactly make my checkbook overflow.  I started searching the internet for a way to accomplish this and have
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Prologue: Death and the Doctor
ɷ Prologue ɷ
    I hung by the seatbelt and coughed as smoke filled my lungs. Am I going to die here? A girl’s face appeared in the smashed window and I tried to see her through the tears that the smoke was causing. Her long white hair reminded me of pillowy clouds. Her face was hidden behind a bone white, skull mask, and I wished she'd take it off, so I could see her face in case I lived through this.  
    As if she heard my thoughts she removed the mask, revealing young sun-kissed skin. Her hair color changed from white to dark chocolate brown, flowing from root to end. That’s it I’m dreaming. I had to be dreaming. She was too beautiful to be real.
    She crawled through the broken window into the back seat of my parent’s car. We’d been hit head-on by another driver and had rolled a few times down a small embankment before slamming into a tree. I was delirious from
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Deviants in Print: Connor Peterson
Publishing Week

Connor Peterson
, (WriterOfStuff) writing as Peter Dawes, the USA Today bestselling author of The Vampire Flynn Series and Deathspell, published through Crimson Melodies Publishing, LLC., of which he is one of two founding members. He is a Philadelphia Municipal Liaison for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and an assistant for the Philadelphia Free Writers Association.
When not writing and revising, rewriting and revising again, Connor spends his time on the road showing off Crimson Melodies wares at conventions in the Northeastern U.S., moderating or participating in panel discussions about the LGBT+ writing community, LGBT+ themes in comics and fiction writing, and fiction writing in general. While doing all of that, he’s also trying to keep up with his four children. My first question is obvious…
Connor, ho
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Kamen Rider Cross-Z VS Yang Xiao Long Part 3
Alright. the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all! It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!
Volume 5 YangCross-Z will not use Cross-Z GreatSpeed equalized.
Vytal Colosseum
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Today's fight is truly gonna be a flaming fistfight spectacular!
Yang walks out from the right side
Announcer: In this corner, the burning blonde-haired brawler of Team RWBY, Yang Xiao Long!
Crowd cheers
Announcer: And in this corner, a newcomer from another world! Hailing from the state of Touto, Japan, he wishes to challenge the amazing Yang in a fight! Ladies and Gentlemen, Banjou Ryuga!
Banjou walks out from the left side. The crowd continues cheering.
Banjou and Yang walk towards each other and shake hands.
Yang: Sup. Ready for a beatdown?
Banjou: Only if you are.
Banjou and Yang take several paces back from each other.
Announcer: Looks like the fight is about to beg
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CG - Ordenando la Arena de Combate
Entre Amigos y Espadas
Y ahí me encontraba yo, en medio del campo de entrenamiento que se encontraba completamente desordenado, y la verdad, es que no podía entender como era que alguien podía usar tal cantidad de material y ni siquiera dignarse a guardarlo de vuelta en su lugar. Me parecía indignante incluso aquel hecho, pero de cierta manera, si me daban algo a cambio por ello, que fueran puercos todo lo que deseen, yo seguiría ordenando, pues con gente puerca tengo experiencia. No en vano ayudaba a mi abuela con el negocio de la familia y cómo lamentablemente no todos los pasajeros de la hostería eran de hábitos muy limpios, y ahí uno debía entrar a recoger calzones o sacar condones de debajo de la cama… asco.
Pero las armas eran otra cosa, no podía aplicar mi modo automático para ordenar pues debía tener cuidado para guardarlas, ver si limpiarlas ant
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The story of Moorsavage - Episode four
Previously, on “The story of Moorsavage”: Stendhal Syndrome, having suffered yet another heartbreak, decides to go for a walk in the only place that can heal his sorrows. He doesn’t realize that a mysterious green unicorn is following him from a distance. He climbs up Poplar Rock, a rock formation in the middle of the Everfree Forest that is unknown to everypony but him, and sits on top, waiting for the sunset. Behind him, the green unicorn mare is still observing him, having made her way up the rock as well. He accidentally startles her, causing her to fall down the rock, into the void…

     Pixel sparkle divider  Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider Pixel sparkle divider 
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unification war
Date:2559- ongoing
location: milky way
outcome: ongoing
Intergalactic Stratocratic alliance
Created Collective/New Covenant
united earth government
swords of sanghelios
Galactic Reform Alliance


Intergalactic Stratocratic alliance
Lord Strategist Vinthus Palumnor(tactics)                                                                                                                   
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Take Rejection Like a Pro!
Publishing Week

After months of hard work, sweat, blood, tears, and the sacrifice of at least half your soul, some publisher has sent you a rejection notice. Maybe it's a form letter and you aren't even sure they read your submission. Maybe it's a kind but firm "No thanks!" or a two page rant on why they didn't like what you sent. Every writer gets rejected, and you probably know that. Still, what to do as you sit there with that letter in your hands? Well . . . here are 6 easy steps to handle that rejection like a pro!

Step 1. Admit you have a problem. 
Is your piece polished - every 'i' dotted, every 't' crossed, every heaving beast and and throbbing pens put to rights?
Did you follow the publisher's guidelines - submitted in the right format, the right font, word count, and any other requirement for that pa
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The Order of the Inner Flame
The Order of the Inner Flame
“Let the love and power our great Gods burn inside us!”

What is The Order of the Inner Flame?
The Order is religion base on the very first dragons that came to this world. It is said that this ancient ones came from the falling stars that struck our earth and from these storms formed the six known elemental classes we use today. It was with their power that they formed the lands and created everything we know to this day and it is them who guide each elemental dragon in their ways even when they do not know it. When we pass on we rejoin our great Gods in the sky where they came from and now reside after completing their divine plan.
Our divine book is called Liber Sanctorum
The Churches of The Order of the Inner Flame

The churches are spread
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Owned by a tiny rp
(Looking for someone to play a giantess -either human or furry-.)
Two years after a sudden shift resulting in half the world’s population growing to new heights and/or gaining new animal like bodies, the world managed to resume running. Especially the underground markets. Smaller people became a lucrative source of trafficking but the larger ones were sold too. Only one uninfected man was not touched, signified by a light blue toga he adorned over an expensive suit. Even the king pins of these markets stepped out of his way. He bought islands, endangered species and now he was looking for someone recently changing... only one requirement... that they were still growing.
(Please comment with character name, age, current giantess height and either a description or a picture for reference if you would like to roleplay please. No feet, hard vore or scat)
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Teen Titans Go! REVIEW: (Part 1)
  Hello everybody, my name is JoyofCrimeArt and God damn it! I said I wanted something better next time!

   So it's come to this. Talking about Teen Titans Go! is kinda like talking about politics. In so far as it's rarely pleasant, it brings out the worst in people, and you're pretty much guaranteed to get hate regardless of what your opinion is. But like politics, I think it is something that it is worth taking about. Because Teen Titans Go! is a very interesting specimen of a series. 
  Teen Titans Go! is, by far, one of the most talked about series in the cartoon community. Almost EVERY reviewer has talked about the series at one point or another, to the point to where talking about the series almost feels like a semi-rite of passage for any wannabe cartoon critic. If I were writing this review a few months ago I would say that the series was almost universally desp
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DEATH BATTLE! - Pan (Xenoverse) vs. Supergirl Ep.3
Well you came this far to see how it ended, so here it is...
Unless you skipped one or both of the first two parts, in which case, here's a link to part 1 and a link to part 2 for some context leading up this big finale.

Pan's eyes went yellow.
A massive sphere of red aura covered her and the entire canyon.
Superman had Goku by the throat and was ready to end it when he felt a massive shake from the canyon. He looked ahead, then saw Pan beginning to transform.
Goku: P... Pan?

At its climax, the aura shrunk and there Pan stood, her left arm partially covered in a red-pink fur, as well as her exposed right knee and ankle. Her hair was now black, s
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Morning Head
Barefoot on the wooden floor
A warm summer breeze, through the window
Light another cigarette
Can´t barely keep my eyes open
Techno sound in the living room
Who´s dejaying
Got a thread for art now
Some slut tried to enter that bus today
And another one, ripped open a bundle
that was already sent away
Away away we´re sad to say
People get awkward, when opening a door the wrong way
A couple left a track of pink slime
Nearly stepped into a wrong past tense
Words are learned facts, facts for life
The cigarrette tastes funny,
I cannot smell anything
The beat stopped for a second
now going on
How would you describe your opinion
Dancing easy, the way it should be
And not uptight like you feel at the situation
Working for freedom
Beware of the radio
Radio paranoid is at 666
Coffee in the mornig at 6 o´clock
Tension and a maturant´s head
in your hands, feeling love
A love so strong, made of
Winner Team
Fear of Loss
Body contact
No funny conversation
because your bo
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[oSaC] Well then...

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Pebblepath Dark Blue Bullet - F2U!  
It had been a few days since Pebblepath's shameful return to Haven and she'd done little more since the event other than run the interior of the walls and do her assigned duties. She did no more or no less than what was expected of her and avoided most of the more populated areas of Haven, not wanting to run into Haven's golden boy and submit to another round of mocking again. Today, however, she happened to know that he would be out on a patrol for quite some time, so she finished her responsibilities and strode into the Commons, head held high despite the incident, and moved to sit on her usual sunning rock.
Not too far from the rock, a group of kits was playing. Their squeaks and squeals were obnoxious to an extent, but nothing that would keep her from closing her eyes and relaxing here. So long as none of them de
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freddy and his friends ran so fast but there was a platform, and then the pirtes followed them, but it was planned by that red crocodile, and then a more damaged springtrap appeares
DR. SCRAPGTRAP: oh look, a visitor, whem im done with you, i will use you for esperiments, I SWEAR IT!!
FreddleFrooby Parallelopussy18 Selkina2000 NamyGaga
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Something Bad Ch: 11 Finale
Doug woke up in a hospital room. He jolted up but a nurse came in and laid him back down on his bed. Doug was confused, what happened? Is Candy ok? Is he dead?
"Where's Candy!? I need to see him!" Doug spoke as he tried to get up only to be set back down on his bed.
"He's still in surgery, we don't know the details yet. But you need to lay down and relax." Replied the nurse.
"Are you kidding me!? You don't know what kind of hospital are you!" Shouted Doug in anger.
"Honey, calm down. We're sorry we don't have much information. You need to calm down you almost went into shock and had a heart attack when we put you under anesthesia." Spoke the nurse calmly.
Doug t=calmed down a bit after the nurse left. He sat on the hospital bed he was in wondering. He was so worried about Candy. He hated Blake, but yet again, they had both caused this to happen. When was the surgery over? What was wrong with Candy? Would he live? Why did he have to fight with Blake on the stairs? His head hurt from all
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Anubis fights for Egypt in Death Battle!

Name: Anubis 
Nicknames: God of Egypt, Keeper of sand, the Royal Mummy
Age: Thousands of years old
First Appearance:

-Sent Hades spinning away with just a flick of the wrist
-Could stomp sand hard enough for it to act like a floorboard, even when a good distance away (look below in abilities for sand manipulation)
-Can slice through Greece’s marble pillars with his Mummy’s Royal Slasher (look below in weapons)
-Is most likely stronger than a human

-Can run really fast 
—Ran up a hill in no time
—-This could be contributed to his dog-like appearance, which makes his running speed most likely faster than that of a human god
-Could react and fight Hades on even ground
—Hades dodged a laser from Anubis’s Mummy’s Royal Slasher (look in weapons), which could be at
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Over the Moon: Exclusive Feature (Volume #13)
Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 
Over the Moon: Exclusive Feature (Volume #13)

Happy Writing,
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Alright so I've had it to about up here with wedgie write attempting witch hunts for no real reason but drama. Making claims rather anything
So I'm gonna make this clear
1. When I use art or screenshots of characters from games or shows it is I am trying to steal and ruin others. It simply due to the fact that a visual representation is better then me trying to give a detail explanation even more so if the person I'm rping with doesn't know the game or show to well
2. I can't draw for shit. I currently learning how to draw with a pencil and paper but as it stands right now I suck ass. And top it all off tho he makes bold claims the only place I even use art is rps. I've never used people's art anywhere else everything else is 100% me all my sfm and stories but once I get better at drawing I won't need to use it cause I'll be able to make my own
3. Pedo shit. I'm getting so sick and fucking tried of hearing that shit. Get off your high horse and stop using that word so lightly. They arn
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[Enamored] Playful chasing
Betelgueze key words: she, the dove
Imperius key words: Imperius, he, the rook
"Are you sure this is the right way?" he panted, grabbing a low branch to drag himself ahead. "Shush, just follow me, I know this place like my tail" she neither turned back, just walking in the forest, gracefully avoiding branches and brambles. Imperius was amazed about how she managed to avoid any leaf to stuck in her wonderful fur, althought they were walking in a forest. He was exhausted. They met in the morning near the forest's entrance. He was just sunbathing on the fresh grass when she showed. She was wonderful under the sunlight, with her tail shining marvelously in the shades of orange, yellow and green. When she approached, he inflated his chest, showing her his shiny fur. He was so proud of his colours. She stopped a few feet before him but she didn't looked impressed to Imperius, so he shook his head and stood up. "Goo
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[FR Extrait] La rencontre de Lucio et Ghost.

Hey hey hey ! \(^w^)/
Comment va ?
Il y a presque un an, j'ai commencé à écrire l'histoire de Lucio.  Et depuis quelques mois,  j'ai laissé de côté ces écrits, car je n'avais plus de temps à y consacrer... Finalement, je décide ce soir de relire et de continuer à écrire.
    Enfin, j'arrive au moment où Lucio rencontre le groupe Ghost et j'avais envie de vous le partager!
Pour résumer un peu la situation : Lucio est en prison, car il a commit un meurtre (je ne dirais pas qui est la victime >:3) et est condamné à 3 ans de prison.  Quelques mois après qu'il soit entré en cellules, on lui amène une sorcière à moitié folle et qui .... Comment dire...  Elle a  très envie de faire des câlins sous la couette... (u_u')
Évidemment Lucio n'en a pas envie car sa "colocataire" est une psychopathe et qu'il la d
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