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Deviation Sensations
Today, LitRecognition brings you their general feature of SIX fantastic Words of Art. Picked at random from the many collections of literature on deviantArt, we want to bring you something new every week to enjoy. So, take a look and show everyone how much you love them!





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LitRecognition: In the Weekly Spotlight
Every week, on Wednesday, LitRecognition will be featuring the last week's Daily Deviations. They are wonderful pieces, and deserve that little extra boost of attention. Take a look-see, and give these wonderful people the Literature Community Love, if you haven't already! :hooray:






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Konoha group chat #4
 Butterfly icon.14 Shino Aburame I discovered something marvelous.
naruto gif Nardo Seriously. Where do you get these from?
naruto gif Sasuke Uchiha Gayvenger Naruto! What in heavens have you done to your face?!
naruto gif tenten Comb Bangs Sasuke that's not real. It's photoshopped
naruto gif Sasuke Uchiha Gayvenger  What's a photoshopped?
WHUT Akamaru Inuzuka Oh god. Photoshop is this thing where you can alter people's face and shit. 
Choji Akimichi Smile - Naruto Emoticon Skinnyboi Lol Naruto's face! XD XD 
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Alpha Queen- Die Lochis
Sie ist eher ein bisschen schüchtern
Samstags Abend eher nüchtern
Und ihre Lache ist ihr peinlich
Und in der Dusche singt sie heimlich
Sie ist keine die es offen sagt
Oder mit den neuen Sneaker prahlt
Sie ist gerne mal allein
Muss nicht immer die Erste sein
Sie ist 'n bisschen so wie du
Und 'n bisschen unvergleichbar
Sie ist 'n bisschen so wie du
Ey sie ist unerreichbar
Meine Alpha Queen
Sie hat Applaus verdient
Auch wenn keiner außer mir das in ihr sieht
Ja, meine Alpha Queen
Sie hat viel mehr verdient
Ja sie ist, sie ist, meine Alpha Queen
Ja meine Alpha Queen
Sie hält sich gerne mal zurück
Auch wenn man denkt sie wär verrückt
Sie macht sich leise Gedanken
Will niemals zu viel verlangen
Und wenn sie irgend was will
Ist es laut wild oder schrill
Trägt nicht gerne nen Bikini
Weil ihr die Blicke zu viel sind
Sie ist 'n bisschen so wie du
Und 'n bisschen unvergleichbar
Sie ist 'n bisschen so wie du
Ey sie ist unerreichbar
Meine Alpha Q
:iconwolfiezslasher:WolfiezSlasher 2 0
Yet ANOTHER Splatoon Fanfic for English Class
I also got a 95 on this one. We had to interview someone at my school, then make a story/podcast/etc about their responses.
If I keep this up, I can finally get into the routine of writing. So here. Might be a little confusing, though.
It was a very rainy day out in Inkopolis Square. To Munchkin, that wasn’t much of a concern since rain was just a minor nuisance that blocked the bright sun with its gray and gloomy clouds. Not to mention the occasional flash of lightning and the clap of thunder along with it.
However, his fellow Inkling and Octoling friends can’t be out in such weather. This is due to the fact that water of any kind will splat them into nothing. Then they’ll have to wait until their spirit returns to the closest respawn point. But all of them are outside and it’ll then be a nonstop charade of splat, respawn, splat, respawn, until the rain stops.
Munchkin just looked outside at all of the gray, praying that it’ll subside, but Mother Nature s
:iconrejected-munchkin:Rejected-Munchkin 2 0
So ive figured out how to make custom textures for underwear so now I can have any color pantie/waistband I feel for wedgies soon hopefully I'll be able to txture ponies and people soon for custom models ^w^
:iconwritingstoriesforfun:WritingStoriesForFun 1 0
The Brooks show S1 Ep 13
Danah: Heh, can you BELIEVE we manage to turn them into babies?
Brooks: I can't. Even Iden turned into one? How is that possible?
Danah: I've been studying Darkites.
Brooks: Wow.
Danah: I wanna make more studies to record them in this book *pulls out a book labeled "Darkites, an investigation by Danah Rocha"*
Iris: I wonder if there are other darkites.
Danah: Yes, more Darkites means more research.
Mallow: Oh dear...more scary yokai creatures.
Danah: Rwady to do this, guys?
Brooks: I am.
Nicole: Yeah, what can go wrong?
*Mallow and PKM Lana are shivering*
Danah: It's for science, peopke do dangerous stuff for science.
Mallow: Ok.
PKM Lana: We're ready.
Danah: Let's go girls, pack what we need. *Packs her book*
Mallow and PKM Lana: *packs there Pokemon and a baseball bat for protection*
Iris: *also packs her Pokemon*
Brooks: So, will you need pictures of Darkites? Or can you draw them?
Danah: Some pics will do.
Nicole: *packs a camera*
Brooks: And just in case *packs a sword*
Danah: Wow
:iconlittleluv04:littleluv04 1 27
Labyrinth - Room of Quest Giver

She waited day in and day out for adventurers to come and seek her out, looking for the next thrill they could get. Sometimes she took her true form. Other times she chose to slip in to her human skin. It all depended on her mood as well as the atmosphere the parties who entered town would give off. It varied with each adventurer who would come to her. She enjoyed watching them as they came and went, often times wishing she could follow them out in to the world and see what they could see. There were many times that she feared for a party or an individual's wellbeing. Her task was not too difficult but could prove to be dangerous in inexperienced hands. There were times when she was surprised and adventurers would return, beaten and bruised but with high spirits thanks to their success. And of course there were the ones who never made it home at all, lost in the cruelty of the space she had sent them.
Her ears perked then as she turned to see a
:iconmekomiya:Mekomiya 1 0
A question ask, another comes
After a long walk to the Dreemurr resident, he knocks and wait. The words keep repeating in his mind, "Build God Then We Talk", what does that mean? His thought train cut short as a motherly like goat opens the door, Toriel of course. "Oh hello there little Asriel, you wanna see my son?" She ask, of course i nodded "He is in his room right now, follow me" I followed her int the house, in the house, it seems quite as there isn't much. A guy or gal which i can tell from the eyes alone is Frisk is working on a bunch of papers at the table near the kitchen.
So far, nothing much change then an addition of another book case, alot more picture in frames and a slight faded color wall. We reached to a door with the goat boy name on it. Thats what i called him, sense our name is the same, i called him Goat Boy, he seem annoyed at first, but he get used to it in the end. "Asriel dear, someone here to meet you" she said as she knocks the door. "Coming Mom!" said the goat boy
No one knows me being
:iconzickleartist:ZickLeArtist 1 1
Fairy Tail OC BIO- Tiffany Mizuiro [WIP]

💠Personal Information
Name: Tiffany Mizuiro
Kanji: ティファニーミズイロ
Romaji: Tifanī Mizuiro
Nicknames: Tiff, Tiffa, 'Any, Ty
Birthday: May 28, x766
Age: 19
Zodiac: Gemini
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood type: AB
💠Professional Status
Affiliation: Fairy TailFairy Tail Bullet Light Blue / Crime Sorciere  
Guild Mark location: left arm, light blue
Occupation:S-Class Mage
Team: Helps Team Natsu
Previous partners: Erza Scartlet, Gray Fullbuster
Base of operations: Fairy Tail Building (1st and the 2nd)
💠Status and Family
Status: Alive
Adoptive Mother: Callie Mizuiro [Water Dragon Slayer|Deceased]
Adoptive Father: Luke Mizuiro [Earth Mage|Deceased]
Step-Sister: Alexis Mizuiro [Element Mage|Alive]
Husband: Jellal Fernandes [Heavenly Bo
:icontiffanymagicfairy:tiffanymagicfairy 1 1
The Adventures Of A Hapless Stooge 5
“Babe, don’t be long, I can’t wait to get on that comfy couch!”
“Be out in a minute, just hafta grab a bottle of wine and snacks”
He left the car and walked through the sliding doors of the grocery store, a smile playing across his face. Thank goodness he’d broken off his date with Janet; he’d had to lie to her, but in the grand scheme of things, Polly was just more fun....and way cuter.
Before he grabbed some wine, he browsed past the snack isle. Chips and pretzels? He didn’t want Polly to think he was cheap. Maybe some cupcakes, cookies and wine, a movie and, we’ll, who knows?!?
Perusing the selection in the bakery, he heard her voice and stiffened, “Babe?” Janet asked, appearing from behind the bread selection, “What are you doing here? Is your cat better? You said she was near death!”
How could this happen? What was she doing shopping here? Ok, he could get out of this.
“Jan—-“, he
:iconfletchffletch25:fletchffletch25 1 0
The Kalos Chronicles: Chapter Seven
In a small fast food restaurant near Dendemille Town, Weavile and Flareon were seated at a booth near the window, looking out at the rain pouring down outside. Their food was long gone and their coffee had grown cold, but until the rain let up there was no way they could leave the restaurant. They didn't have far to walk, but Flareon refused to even entertain the idea of getting himself wet. 
The two Pokemon were wearing sunglasses to disguise themselves, well aware that they were being searched for throughout Kalos after their attempt at burning down the school had taken a rather unfortunate turn. Of course, sunglasses weren't the most ideal disguise, but they had learned a long time ago that seeing through disguises wasn't something the people and Pokemon of Kalos were known for being particularly apt at. Well, that wasn't entirely accurate as there was one Pokemon who was exceptional at recognizing disguises, but admitting any good qualities about this particular person left a
:iconash-greninjagirl:Ash-GreninjaGirl 1 4
Story Request Open
So I'm going to try something new. I will only be taking in request for this week.
If you want a story then please leave what you want it to be about down in the comments below or send me a note.
I can post the stories on my Gallery...or send them to you privately through notes.
I am not doing male vore
(Unless for horses)
And I'm not doing giantess
Gas is ok
Sex is ok
Basically I'll let you know if I'm not comfortable doing it
:iconvore88:vore88 1 41
(Oc) Diana Smith
name: Diana Smith
gender: female
speices: human
ethnic race: african amercian
skin color: dark
career: pro fighter
likes: good matches, goodsports.
dislikes: death, bullies
:icondemongirlfan25:demongirlfan25 2 4
Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #23)
Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 
Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #23)

Push My Body to the Limit by kingbladius
Happy Writing,
:iconcrliterature: :iconwriting-rampage: :iconglory-be-project:
:iconrose-em:Rose-Em 2 2
“I’m done. I’m outta here. This is my last day.” Due to the extreme cold, my phone died soon after.
Soon after Greg asked me, “Hey Raphael. You wanna go home early?” I replied, “Ummm…If you want. I don’t care.”
It was another one of those days where Greg only wanted to work a few hours. We drove down to Gene’s home. I sat in the car and looked at my phone. It was still dead. Greg spoke to Gene and his wife for twenty minutes. Strangely I kept noticing him turning around and staring at me through the glass front door. He actually seemed scared. I thought it was my imagination. I just sat there drinking a can of pop, eating a sandwich I made, while surfing the web on my work tablet. Greg emerged and told us it was okay for us to leave early but that we had to go up and move some of the concrete blankets. We drove back up the hill to the worksite began putting away the tools. We covered the table saw and tools with tarp and
:icongregorionegaard:gregorionegaard 0 0
Random ship from Random timeline
                                                                 FREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon ERROR ANDREW SHIPFREE flying hearts Icon FREE flying hearts Icon 
  W Letter Block H Letter Block E Letter Block R Letter Block E Letter Block  T Letter Block 
:iconmenarandom-art128:Menarandom-art128 1 0
BrokenTail Au - If he hadnt died
With the help of Coni-Ferous, I present to you, The BrokenTail au!
So... I’m re reading the Warrior series and I saw how Yellowfang accepted her adopted clan because well you, they took her in and nursed her to health.
But what if BrokebTail did the same after they took him in when he was blinded? If think the biggest part of why he became the way he was because of Lizardstripe, she was cold and cruel to him while he was growing up and RaggedStar couldn’t see his flaws, making his ego explode.
But what if when he was taken in, YellowFang showed him a different side of things? She showed him alone with BlueStar how a clan should be and that changed him? I think over time he would slowly open up to Yellowfang, things like maybe wanting to know who his mother was, or why was Lizardstripe so mean to him as a kit when he did nothing wrong?  
Then I think he would maybe want a name change, the name BrokenTail would remind him of Lizardstripe and Raggedstar, things he would b
:iconlitterbugyt:LitterBugYT 1 0
Giant Unaware Cow
Ahhh, the outdoors. So beautiful. The grass swaying in the blowing wind, the clouds having a slow race across the sky, the sun beaming down on everyone's happy faces. Even the animals embraced the beautiful outdoors. Anyway, there was a farm in Spilkington City. The farmer that lived there only had one cow. That was all he could afford. The farmer grew very sick, and he died very soon. His wife, Julia, was left to take care of the cow. It was a nice, sunny morning on Spilkington Farm. The cow was standing in the barn, waiting for Julia to wake up and give her some hay. She just stood there and swished her tail at random intervals. In a hay bale nearby, there was something moving around. It popped out through the top and it appeared to be a tiny person, about 2 inches tall. Out popped another one, and another one. Eventually there were 9 of them in total. They had no clue where they were or what they were doing, so they decided to explore. They rolled down the giant bale of hay and land
:icondeathfireball28:deathfireball28 1 2
Godzilla Tales episode 4
As darkzilla landed in Yokohama, Japan nothing could stop him. He destroyed everything in his path getting all the way to the center of Tokyo when he notice something in the water. it was burning and he arrived to stop darkzillas rage across japan. darkzilla fired hes dark beam at burning but missed "You gotta act quicker than that to hit me." said burning as darkzilla growled. he kept firing until burning was close enough to scar dark down his neck but it almost healed as soon as he received the scar. Burning was surprised but fired his atomic breath at him but they got in a beam lock. Ultimately burning lost and was shot back. "huh you have strength but not as much as my brother OMEGAZILLA!" burnings eyes widened and his body grew to about 170 meters tall and had red skin and dark blue eyes. "huh what are you?" burning stood in silence
"you should know us..........BROTHER!"
"this Goji seems to a direct offspring of me."
:iconburninggoji2004:BurningGoji2004 0 0
Pumpkin corn bio

Name: pumpkin corn fallmoon 
Nicknames: pumpkin, and at times corn, 
Age: 16 
Gender: female
Species: batpony
Sexauailty: bansexal
Status: single 
Personality: calm, energetic, most the time sleepy,(only if it's daytime) sweet.
Occasion: farming
Cutie mark: a pumpkin with two candy corns one big, one small. 
Special talent: harvest/cooking
Coat color: bright yellow.
Eye color: mixed eyes the left is light orange and the right is just orange.
Mane/tail color: crimson pink with dark pink strokes.
Place of birth: ponyville
Place of residence: ponyville
Relatives/siblings: unknown
Likes: nightmare nights, sleep, candy, carmal apples, hanging out with friends and other bats.
Dislikes: jumpscares, girly, poppy stuff, bring called a vampire pony, not having fun.
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GoldCraft archives #3: Dr. Jacque Doc Hagerman
Jacque is the medic of the gold craft team, and the most unique. For starters, he is very tall, standing at 7'1". He is also the silent type, letting only his actions speak for him. Jacque was not born in modern time. He was born sometime before the rise of the black plauge in Europe. As a child, he was often made fun of for his abnormal height. He also didn't have many friends due to his father, Richard Hagerman, being the town plauge doctor. When he died of mysterious causes, Jacque took the role as plauge doctor. He actually performed quite well, not losing a single life that was put in his care. Soon, a secret group called The whistleblowers tried to have him eliminated, since he was very close to finding a cure for the plauge. Their attempt to kill him succeeded...or so they thought. Turns out, one of the formulas he made had life preserving abilities, and when his carriage fell into strongbōrn river, his body got covered in it. Keeping him alive for a very long time, as time
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