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Arlo's diary Entry #1
Today i have woken up, and immediately came to write about one of my dreams. This dream was weird and unsettling to me. I know i have had dreams like this with the same creature before. A creature unlike me or any of my friends. It had deformities that even i'm a little scared that my mind could have possibly created. It was twice my size i think, i'm not sure though. When i got a clear image in my dream, i think i had fell? details like that disappear the more i get woken up. But it had six eyes in a parallel groups of 3 on it's face. a long snout like some type of dog? Kinda like my dad's shifted form. it's stomach was the most unsettling. it had one of those weird goat eyes on it stomach. and a triangular hole. It looked so perfectly cut and clean. I know this sounds like a dumb creature but when you look at it. it paralyzes you, i swear. i don't want to move until it's i feel it's about to swallow me whole. But i think the most uncomfortable thought is that i share the sa
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The Vault-Day Twenty Six
    I woke up to see a orange marble, with a translucent violet cloak, that my ship was orbiting. I ate breakfast, and asked Antonio, "Tell me about Scorix 79, smart boy."
    Antonio explained, "Scorix 79 is a very young planet-if you are talking geologically, sweet girl. It has formed only a few million years ago, and is thus a site of frequent collisions, and its surface is a searing ocean of lava, which is expected to gradually cool down and form tectonic plates. Also, its atmosphere is toxic, so I recommend highly against breathing it in. However, Scorix 79 does have some life-in the form of microorganisms that are resistant to the extremes of this world. Over the eons, scientists have projected that it will cool down, increase in mass and gravity, and gain an atmosphere that is breathable to organisms that don't like cyanide." He paused before explaining, "Of course, we don't have millions of years to wai
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Group Collab Nr. 1
To-do :
:bulletred: - not started
:bulletorange: - started/ in progress
:bulletgreen: - done
:bulletred: basic (pose) sketches - River-Nymphs 
:bulletred: hair and clothes sketches - Coccoloba 
:bulletred: character lines - NeVErFAdeiNG 
:bulletred: coloring - xX-Totentanz-Xx
:bulletred: background sketch - NeVErFAdeiNG 
:bulletred: background coloring - Jessierella (if that's okay with you)
:bulletred: effects - HybridCatgirl995 
No rush - take your time ♥
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A Child's Dream
A child’s dream, so pure and sweet.
Helps  them wonder from life to sleep;
Keeps their heart at peace & ease.
Takes away their worried pleas.
Gives them hope, gives them joy;
Tickles every little girl & boy.
How can a dream be this sweet?
Because a child’s mind is quaint & neat.
For a child’s dream is pure, precious, & sweet.
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A Word Not Found
No words of this world, could ever express,
That which brings a beat within my chest.
What brings beat to my heart & gladness to my soul,
Is non of their concern, but only of him within my soul.
‘Love’ could be used, but it wouldn’t be enough;
The simple word, so soft and powerful,
Would not be enough to express what’s within.
One could sit & ponder for years, but still be left at the spin.
It is then most certainty true
That a word could not be made new.
Oh, when will we find such a word for something so sweet,
And how can it bring meaning to such heat?
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Finding Your Way #2
How can the heart find its way home,
If it does not know where it belongs?
It wonders here and there,
Seems like it’s getting now where.
Oh, but how the dear heart knows!
It knows where it belongs,
It senses the winding road,
And follows it home.
Thou it may, has never been there,
Nor has seen this single path;
Remember the heart strings,
For that will show you alas!
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Finding Your Way #1
The heart always finds its way home.
Weather its lost, Or simply on the wrong road;
The way home is always clear.
So someday soon, I will find my way
Find my way home, And back to you.
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Run Away
Why don’t we just runaway,
Somewhere safe and faraway.
Safe from their hatred,
Safe from criticism;
Where no one can find us,
Not in a millennium.
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Prayer For Soul
Lord, come in me,
Heart & soul, through and through;
In my heart, through my blood, & out of my mouth.
May death show mercy, may sin spare me.
Leave sinful nature,
And bring faith from old.
Bring me life, bring me faith,
Leave sin & hate behind.
Show the Lord’s love,
Through action and word.
Show mercy to the merciless,
Show faith to the faithless;
Bring love to the hateful,
Bring peace to the wild.
Take His word to the wordless,
Use His gift & bring Him glory.
Sacrifice your worldly desires,
And most of all.. bring Him humility & glory
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Erpo Tribes
You have five tribes, representing the five elements. Flare (Fire), Submerge (Water), Aether (Aether), Terra (Earth), and Strato (Air)
Flare - Most likely to sacrifice/kill anyone at any moment.
Leader: Lava
Famous Quote of the leader: "We are like the fire, fierce and strong. If there's enough fire, everything will be burned to ashes!"
Colors: Red, Yellow, and Orange.
Type: Normal, Open.
Personality: Hot headed and aggressive to others.
Submerge - Most likely to be hippies.
Leader - Rain
Famous Quote of the leader: "Water is able to protect everything and help keep life alive, It's what helps us and will protect us!"
Colors: Teal and Dark Blue.
Type: Normal, Open.
Personality - Laid back and ductile.
Aether - Most likely to be assassins.
Leader - Void
Famous Quote from the leader: "Stay in the dark, that is where you're ever truly safe. With out the darkness to hide you. you are vulnerable to everything!"
Colors: Black.
Type: Hidden, Closed
Personality: Cold and Dark.
Terra - Most lik
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I.G.P Data Archives: Shadow-jumpers
Type: Infected Lifeforms
Body shape and size: When in daytime-form it depends on the infected creature’s original body shape and size, but in nighttime/shadow-form it always differs
Behavior: Shadow-jumpers have shown to be very social amongst their own, but very aggressive towards other creatures that are not infected, Shadow-jumpers that were nothing but animals before infection will attack at first glance, but those who were creatures with higher intelligence will act as a group and only attack if the leader of the group tells them to do so
Daytime/Nighttime activity:
-Daytime: Most Shadow-jumper hide in dark places like caves or abadoned building during daytime due to not having a daytime-form to shield themselves from the light
-Nighttime: Shadow-jumpers are mainly active at night
Gender oddity: Males are common, but females are rare and much more powerful than the male ones
Eye colors:
-In daytime-form:
Yellow: Common; Male only Orange: Ra
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NaruHina:The Lost Treasure - Chapter 1
Hinata was heading back to the village, after completing a D-rank mission. Since it was only a D-rank mission, and there was not much ninjas in the Hidden Leaf Village, due to all of them being on a mission, she had to go solo for this mission. But as she was just about to reach the gates of Konoha, Hinata saw a manly figure laying on the ground, around the border.
She walked closer to the figure, but as she came closer, surrounding this suspicious figure, Hinata realised who it was. At first she thought it was an enemy, but there was no mistake, with those whiskers on both of his cheeks, and his scruffy yet soft yellow hair, she could tell it was Naruto.
Hinata was worried to hell, she didn't know why Naruto was lying out cold on the wet grass. He looked like he was sleeping yet breathing heavily as if he was about to die. Hinata gently tried to pick him up to keep him on his feet, while she put her arm around his waist, and held his arm around her neck. She care
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Neptunia RP
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a Neptunia RP. Ive been wanting to do one for a long time. This rp might include the facesitting fetish but thats up for a request.
In this rp you are playing as which ever character you like (as long as they are female cause there are a few guy characters and as long as they aren't a villian, except Rei Ryghts. Shes ok since she will be the good version), i am rping as myself.
If anyone wants to rp you must have good knowledge of the Neptunis Series. Anyone who doesnt or barely know the series will not be responded to.
There will be no switching either. You are rping the female characters and that's that.
No 18+ content. I dont really care for that stuff in rps.
Romance can be allowed as time goes on in the rp but that's up for you to decide.
If anyone wants to rp either note me, message me on discord, kik or Instagram.
Discord: C.P.U. Pink Heart#6865
Kik: piercethepegasus
Instagram: c.p.u._pink_heart/C.P.U. Pink Heart
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[T-ARPG] What's Going on Here?? (RP)

Bent over a plant ze'd probably seen hundreds of times before but never really paid attention to, Faynor was wondering what to pick up. Ze should take it, Fooz had said that they needed a lot of new stuff to test. Ze lowered hir head and carefully cut the little plant's stem and dropped it beside hir with the rest of the flowers and other stuff ze'd picked.
Ze put hir head back straight up and looked around. Guards had these habits of always looking around to protect the clanmates, and orphins, to make sure they were safe. But everything was clam. Faynor could see Fooz in the distance, doing the same thing ze was. There seemed to be no one else, except for the few birds that picked the ground hunting for worms.
Suddenly, something passed before hir eyes. It was fast and it took Faynor a few seconds to find it and ackowledge what it was: a monarch butterfly. A monarch butterfly! Ze had to get it! Ze leap
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Over the Moon: Exclusive Feature (Volume #9)
Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 
Over the Moon: Exclusive Feature (Volume #9)
:iconjohnnycurcio: JohnnyCurcio
Happy Writing,
:iconcrliterature: :iconwriting-rampage: :iconglory-be-project:
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Darling, you'll always be perfect.
You'll always have meaning.
Just because the years are descending,
into a madness beyond all repair.
If you look into my eyes
You'll find that I'll have some hope to spare.
It'll be okay, my lovely.
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Worklog - 6/22/2018
Unfortunately didn't get much done today. Got called in this morning to work and it was the absolute worst. Alright I'll admit that was a slight exaggeration, but still I'm tired and need to sleep. Did get to put in a support ticket about the ankle socks passage bug though, hopefully they get back to me soonish because it really urks me.
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Inflation Trade
Hello! If anyone is interested in a trade involving inflation, I’m open!
What I can trade for:
    - A photo edit of some kind. I’m pretty good with photoshop, photo-editing, making thumbnails, profile pictures, or banners of any kind!
    - A story revolving around inflation. I’ll do anything except pregnancy, weight gain, or vore. More can be elaborated on in Notes.
In exchange, I’ll trade for a piece of inflation art or a story also revolving around inflation.
If interested, shoot me a Note!
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Point comissions?
I've been thinking about doing commissions lately. While I have not made a final decision, I'm more than likely going to do this. If I do end up doing point commissions, here are a few things I can and cannot do, then there will be a list of things I won't do.
Things I can draw:
*LGBTQ+ content
*Sonic characters
*anime headshots
*some videogame characters
Things I can't draw:
*overcomplicated stuff
*most inanimate objects

*sexual content
*extreme gore
*the president
*popular singers/dancers/artist/media stars
*overcomplicated requests
*troll faces
*videogame scenes
*movie characters
*your parents
*anything that has to do with you or someone else's irl family
*Your weird fetishes
*fetishes in general
*hate crim
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Woods ~Sparble~

                Spike sighed as he wondered through the woods. A letter had appear at the door with no address or name. The hand writing was messy, like it had been done by a filly or colt. His bet was Scootaloo. It told him to meet them in the woods at sunset. He looked up. The sun was setting as he walked, occasionally getting his foot caught on a briar or vine.
“Whoever it is,” Spike mumbled,” Better be worth it.”
His feet ached from walking. Finally, he was close. He heard…singing? It was a male voice and it was amazing. He listened in awe.
“Down in the forest…” The voice sung,” We'll sing a chorus…”
Spike got closer, eager to see who it was.
“One that everybody knows…”
Spike peaked around a tree and gasped
There on the rock, where he was supposed to be meeting a mystery guest, sat Garble.
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Femme Fatale
So, I've been working on a surprise for you guys, but I do need to hear you once again. Tell me, if you could chose a female villain from DC, who would you chose and why?
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You lied
You said you love me
You said you miss me
You said you want to be with me
I said it hurts
I said I need more or nothing
I said I want to be happy
You said you have to go away after saying you miss me
You said you want to see me when you return
You said I'm important
I said I miss what we had
I said I want to see you too
I say this hurt me to much
You forgot me
You returned
You never cared enough to call
I will move on
I will find someone who remembers me
I will find someone who doesn't hurt me
I can't even love another right now
I can't let myself get that far
I won't love another until I know
I will keep up walls until someone is brave enough to break them down
I will protect my heart and mind
I will find someone worth my time and love
I am worth being first
I am worth everything I have not recieved
I am worth more than any past has ever been willing to treat me
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