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Commissions Anyone?
So i just wanted to make and announcement that i am going to be opening up Paid Commissions! Opening Paid Commissions will help me out in a lot of parts in my life and so if you want a Story or Kisekae work or Daz Studio/SFM piece Like many of my MLP Artworks then feel free to note me and i can work out a price ^^ 
Now i will still accept Art Trades and such but for those who may not wanna trade and just pay then this is for you :)
Also i am open to most fetishes and sense i'm being paid to do these i am generally open to whatever 
Commission List 
1. :IconAlarmingAnimations: (Mina from My Hero Academia in a Atomic Wedgie with Tighty Whities)  
:iconwritingstoriesforfun:WritingStoriesForFun 0 0
Hello. So I am going to start writing fanfic and I wanted to ask which should I do? Here are the options:
•King x OC (Seven Deadly Sins)
•Hikaru x OC (Ouran High School Host Club)
•Karou x OC (Ouran High School Host Club)
•Draco x Hermiome (Harry Potter)
•Neville x Luna (Harry Potter)
Or an original story?
:iconharrypottergeek12:HarryPottergeek12 0 0
Madness Combat Aggression Chapter 10 (The End...?)
"You ready for this?" Deimos said as he took the lit cigarette out of his mouth, Hank looked at his new prosthetic hand, "you alright with that thing?" he asked as Hank kept looking at it. They had made it to a small lab after landing the chopper, Hank got a prosthetic hand and got the infection out of his head, Hank could finally aim better and reload again, seeing as what happened when he tried to fire a rifle with one hand. It was freezing, they took a small break on a ridge inside a mountain, "I'll be fine Deimos," Hank finally responded as he took his pistols out, both silenced Usp Match pistols, he checked the mags, one at a time, they were both full. " I just want to get out of here, I'm freezing," Deimos said as Hank just stared at him, "why didn't you bring a face mask, then you wouldn't be so cold up here, or at least your face wouldn't be," Hank responded as he got up, "
:iconundertalefan002:UndertaleFan002 0 0
Lunas Basic Info
Full Name: Princess Luna (last name unknown)
Nickname: Luna
Birthday: July 1st, 20XX
Hometown: Mushroom Kingdom, Sarasaland
Occupation: Princess of The Galaxy
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6
Weight: 94 pounds
Age: 13
Race: White
Nationally: Mushroomer
Hair Color: Light  Brown
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
Talents (if any): Good hand eye coordination, manipulation skills
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Dish: Starbit Soup
Choice of Weapon: Her pocket knife, her Moon Wand
Abilities (Magical or Physical): Telekinises, Teleportation, Control over stars, Magic
Alignment (Hero, Villain, Anti-Hero): Anti-Hero (But she’s is usually confused as a villain)
Strengths: Magic
Weaknesses: Ice Magic, Her past
Place of Birth: Mushroom Kingdom
Hobbies: Tennis, practicing magic, looking at the stars, stabbing people
Relatives: Waluigi (Father) Rosalina (mother) Luigi (step father) Star (baby half sister) Daniel (step brother) Lilly (step sister) Lavie (step sister) Cosmo (uncle) Queen Luna (deceas
:iconbowserjr9139:bowserjr9139 0 0
EndlessBattles ~ Ep.1 Teaser
    Rikmon Cristal, a 3 year-old Chrystalopian boy, is separated from his parents and his home planet, Chrystalopia, in a tragic event caused by an Earth legend known as Herobrine who is accidentally unleashed into the real world, and is determined to take control of everything and get revenge on Notch, who he believes created him.
    Crash-landed on Earth with no memory of what he is, his home, or his family, young Rikmon begins to live life with his new human step parents believing he's a human himself until three fateful nights give him a faint memory of his real parents, but also a fear of becoming corrupted and a threat to humanity, eventually deciding to run away and hide to prevent said corruption; meanwhile on Chrystalpia, Herobrine and a companion of his had been captivated, but his power slowly grows stronger by every passing season, waiting to be strong enough to break free.
< !!!DISCLAIMER!!! >
    I do not own Herobrine
:iconstickerdoesstuff24-7:StickerDoesStuff24-7 0 0
Seam and Jevil: Part 6
Resting the devilsknife across the back of his shoulders, using one paw to hold the handle, Ralsei turned and left the Fountain site. He carefully sneaks passed the still sleeping King Spade, and heads down the stairs. Once reaching the area that had Lancer's room, Lancer poked his head out of his room, looking at Ralsei. "Hey, Toothpaste, are the lightners gone?" Lancer asked. "Yes, and my name is Ralsei." Ralsei said, feeling slightly annoyed. "Oh, okay. Hey, what are you doing with that?" Lancer was looking at the devilsknife. "Oh, I was taking him home." "Him?" "Yeah, a jester nam-" "Jevil!" Lancer interrupted. Ralsei was wide eyed and confused. "Uncle Jevil!" Lancer stepped out fully, his tail wagged. (Yes Lancer has a tail here) "You know, he was the best Jester this kingdom ever had, and it wasn't all he was good at. He used to cheer me up a lot when I was younger." Lancer said. "So I began to call him my uncle. I was almost closer to him than
:iconbonniebunny5000:BonnieBunny5000 0 1
Team Brooks members so far (BS)
Brooks/Cure Cookie (Me, Littleluv04)
Danah/Cure Lollipop (danitiny2013)
Ryan (ComicGold)
Jess/Cure Icepop (animeandgammer)
Colton/Cure Rock (hero1211)
Nicole Watterson/Cure Jawbreaker
Iris/Cure Popcorn
Mallow/Cure Cococream
PKM Lana/Cure Ginger
Lincoln Loud
Lori Loud
Leni Loud/Cure Cheesecake
Luna Loud
Luan Loud/Cure Cinnamon
Lucy Loud/Cure Forest-Cake
Lynn Loud/Cure Tiramisu
Lola Loud/ Cure Smoothie
TLH Lana Loud/ Cure Fritter
Lily Loud/ Cure Gumdrop
A bunch of songs (Not even going to try naming them all)
Canon Kirakira Precures (Cure Chocolat, Cure Macaron, Cure Parfait, Cure Whip, Cure Gelato and Cure Custard)
Non-canon Kirakira Precures (Cure Waffles and Cure Truffles)
Baby Precures
Milly/Cure Caramel
Mica/Cure Cupcake
Antonella/Cure Syrup
Rainbow/Cure Licorice
:iconlittleluv04:littleluv04 0 10
World of Orbs-The Ambush
   Jaxa heads into the desert, ready to deliver the Light Orb to where it will be safe. However, Lathoñ and Vladia have other plans, and have prepared a trap, so that the Light Orb can be seized, and taken away from Krutath, and into the patient hands of the Cult of Termina. 
   Off the mainland of the continent of Vosone, Magnumi has headed to the fabled truth-telling spring of Alvenhein City. The question she wants it to answer is where Vladia is, because she knows that it’s only a matter of time until another city falls…
   As soon as the sun rose above the horizon, I got out of bed, and immediately began my path to the fortress, where I would hide the Light Orb. I heard rumours about a bandit clan that called the desert home, so I was prepared to fight, if I had to.
   I kept running, ignoring the dry heat, eyes ready to detect anyone else. For what I swore was miles, nobody. But, I
:iconhopediamond3:HopeDiamond3 0 0
An Odd Friendship
The Farmer turned his head quickly to the western side of the garden and gave a smile, his bouncy, dark chocolate curls being softly blown about by the autumn wind. A Young woman skipped merrily down the path towards the garden, she sported a dark red dress with long sleeves and a dark grey vest over the top, "Hey Big Guy! How ya been? Its been ages since we've talked!" she exclaimed.
Morrison trudged through the mud and leaned on the fence as he saw the woman skip closer to him, "Hey Hilda, great to see you again!" he responded. Hilda joined him by the fence and wrapped her arms around him, bringing him into a friendly hug. "So, what you been doing these past few days?, y'know, besides working?" Hilda asked, Morrison broke away from the embrace to look at her, "Oh you know, same old, work and everything" he answered before looking down, his face showing a faint red, ", spending time with my boyfriend bu-""BOYFRIEND!?" Hilda Yelled in surprise, her face showing a s
:iconsukipershipper:SukiperShipper 1 10
#COMPADRETES. hay que salvar a timba! parte 1.
amanece en la estepa, los débiles rayos del sol van iluminando poco a poco cada rincon de la pradera tirando a taiga. primero las puntas de los pinos y las copas de los arboles, luego el pasto duro, hasta llegar al tejado.
en aquella casita de montaña ya había empezado la actividad hace un rato. mike percibe la luz tenue del febo atravesar el cristal irrumpiendo en la cocina. para ese momento él estaba sirviendose su lata de comida de perro en un tazón. cuando probó la primera cucharada entró trollino por la puerta, con intenciones de prepararse un café.
-hola mike-dijo al entrar.
-buen dia trolli.
-¿timba aún no se despierta?-dijo trollino riendose un poco por la pregunta.
mike respondió con una pequeña pero notable risita.
-¿y que hay de raptor?
-¡ESTOY AQUI!-dijo raptor haciendose notar, ya que ninguno de los dos se habia percatado de su presencia.
-lo siento,-exclamó mike- mis ojos no están hechos para
:iconguacamacayt:guacamacaYT 0 0
Alex's story: Part 3
"I'm adopted!" Alex said in a whisper. Snow blinked at her. "So was I." Alex met Snow's gaze. "That's different." She sighed and stood up. "If their not my parents, then who is?" Snow rubbed against her leg and purred. Alex looked at her sadly, then looked out the window. "I have to find them."
Making her decision, she grabbed her favorite backpack which had a Minecraft pick axe on it. She opened her drawers and started putting clothes into the backpack and changed into some warm clothes.
After puting pillows under the blankets, she snuck out of the room and closed the door. Snow scratched on the door from the inside of the room and meowed loudly. Alex quickly hid in the bathroom as Jeremy came up the stairs and opened the door, letting Snow out.
Looking inside, he saw the lump in the blankets and smiled softly. "Good night my sweet girl." He said softly and closed the door and went into his room. Hearing the door close, Alex quietly came out of the bathroom and snuck downstairs. Selen
:iconelsaqueen2002:ElsaQueen2002 0 0
Superman strongest feats
Superman strongest feats
Bench press the weight of the earth for 5 days straight without sun light.
Compress a black hole that destroyed solar systems and galaxies with his bare hands.
Shreds doomsday in half.
lift a conscious living void with the multiverse growing inside.
Lift a cosmic consciousness that has the weight potential to grow the size of the universe.
Brock free from a full chronological suspension.
Travelled half way across the universe in 4 minutes while fighting superboy prime.
Rebuilt the entire moon piece by piece in a matter of seconds
Transported darkseid to the source wall in moments.
Flew from the edge of metropolis to the center in an attosecond.
Catch the flash who moved faster than time.
Moved from a point to another in a plank time.
Moved at superspeed while cough in a time stop.
Resistant to transmutation and matter manipulation.
Erasure from history has no effect on him.
survive a universe sized black hole.
:iconthereallevelz:TherealLevelZ 2 0
[TLB] Valentine's Day Guide by Luna
Luna: *holding the camera* How to make your partner's Valentine's Day special! >: D
Cupid: *tied on the chair with his mouth covered * Q=Q
(They're inside Cupid's Lair, down at the catacombs)
Luna: STEP ONE!  Get his heart! *pulls out a pink glowing pumping heart*
Cupid: *squealing, his chest has a bloody hole* Q=Q MMMH!
Luna: STEP TWO! Put it in the blender! *throws it in to the blender* >: D
Cupid: *screaming and crying* !!!!
Luna: STEP THREE! ADD SOME INGREDIENTS LIKE CHOCOLATE AND STRAWBERRIES! *pours some chocolate liquids and strawberry*
Cupid: q=q? Mmh?
Luna: And finally *grins at Cupid* STEP. FOUR. *touches the button*
Cupid: *screaming and shaking his head, pleading not to blend his heart* MMMMMMMMH!!!!!! Q=Q
Luna: *pushes the button*
Luna: *puts the Cupid Heart Milkshake on the table in front of Cupid* Here ya go! Enjoy your milkshake, love! *pats his head* ^ ^
Cupid:  *de
:iconxxstarbluesxx:XxStarBluesxX 1 1
Belt: Graphic Flashback
I just remember this today. I know this happened in February in 2012. I remember the snow and rain. It was so cloudy outside. I believe it was around 3:30 or 4:00 PM. 
We got into a fight and I was sitting on the floor against the couch. I was crying and shaking. 
He pulled out his belt and start hitting the couch and making me flinch from to side. I remember covering my face and curling my knees up into my chest.
I begged him to stop, but this only made him become more aggressive and he started to tie my wrists up. I try to kick him anywhere I could and I did hit him in balls. This made him extremely angry causing to him to force his way through the leg hole of my shorts. His nails were so sharp and the pain.  I remember trying to push him away, but he was too strong. He made me bleed then forced me to give him head. He pulled my hair roughly and then I remember feeling something cold against my neck.
I opened my eyes to see he was holding a big kitc
:iconmistressofhellx666:MistressOfHellx666 0 1
Shinnok is trying to turn more kombatants into Revenants for his army
EarthFire becomes one of them
:iconwolfiezslasher:WolfiezSlasher 1 7
ravenclan sign up
ravenclan has pine woods and they hunt toads, frogs, mouse, voles, adders and snakes.
leader: free
deputy: free
med: free
med app: free
senior warriors: shadowclaw-black tom with amber eyes
warrior: free
apprentice: free
queens: free
kits: free
elders: free
:iconwarriors-cats-clan:warriors-cats-clan 0 1
Dark Deception (DD): Survival AU!
I did say I was making a Dark Deception AU sooo.. I'll explain it! It's a bit different then the normal story. The monsters in each nightmare used to be normal people living in their own worlds, until Malak starts possessing each and every one of them. Luckily, some of them survive! I can't decide who though.. but the leader is Dread Ducky, half corrupted and trying to save his fellow monsters from the grips of Malak.
:iconsheldonfan123:SheldonFan123 1 0
Finally Back: Felipes Return
(Before I start, I just wanted to apologize for my disappearance. Seems to happen a lot. Things IRL happened I won’t get into, but I sincerely apologize. Now let’s get tickling!)
Felipe decided to sleep over this day. We were still on the day the sleepover began, and I hadn’t seen him in forever. Thus, I had my eyes set on a prize... his precious, little, 10 year old feet. He brought his laptop and was watching YouTube, with the Laptop on his lap, this left his feet open for attack. I grabbed his ankle, which he did not react. Then I tickled the top of the foot, which made him giggle, though he seemed to be accepting it. I tickled the socked foot all over, scribbling up and down from the ball to the heel. He laughed hard from that and eventually he rolled over and tried tickling my foot, but thankfully when I’m in the tickling zone, I seem to lose my ticklishness so it had no effect. I started dragging my short nails on his heel and arch, making him laugh harder
:icontickleb:TickleB 0 2
cloudclan sign up
the territory has tall trees like alders and their prey are squirrels, mouse, shrews, birds, and voles.
leader: wingstar-white she-cat with gray wing design on her shoulder and green eyes
deputy: free
med: free
med app: free
senior warriors: free
warrior: free
apprentice: free
silverpaw-sliver tabby with white tail
queens: free
kits: free
elders: free
:iconwarriors-cats-clan:warriors-cats-clan 0 0
rainclan sign up
the territory is mostly rocks, rivers and lakes their prey is water shrews, adders,(the cats can eat adders and snakes in this story) snake and fishes.
leader: free
deputy: free
med: free
med app: free
senior warriors: free
warrior: free
apprentice: free
queens: free
kits: free
elders: free
:iconwarriors-cats-clan:warriors-cats-clan 0 0
sunclan sign up
sunclan has fields and the cats eat rabbits
leader: free
deputy: free
med: free
coppercloud-dark ginger she-cat with green eyes
med app: free
senior warriors: free
warrior: free
apprentice: free
queens: free
kits: free
amberkit- white tom with amber eyes
elders: free
:iconwarriors-cats-clan:warriors-cats-clan 0 0
moonclan sign up
moonclan has a lot of mountains and the prey is birds and mouse
leader: free
deputy: free
med: free
med app: free
senior warriors: free
warrior: free
apprentice: free
queens: free
kits: free
elders: swifttail-black and white tom with green eyes
:iconwarriors-cats-clan:warriors-cats-clan 0 0