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I have a discord server
I am working on it, but i could also use some help to get it set up, so for now, heres the invite,
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Lit Loves Vol. 21

Untitled by PermanentlyExhausted 

Skip from OneWithTheStars 

untitled by YouInventedMe 

Lucky Stars by Evilhappy 

Floridian.meridian by comatose-comet 

xv. they told me if i faked it then i'd make it by xfuture-boundx 

:iconyuukon:Yuukon 2 3
t h e r e ' s n o w a y o u t
[/GERMAN Ver./ song for the story]
[/ENGLISH Ver./song for the story]

ₚₕₛᵧ꜀ₒ ₜᵢₜₐₙ! ᵢₛₐ

    Annie ran off after breaking out of the crystal she was trapped in. It was night, luckily, then she escaped the walls, transforming into the female titan herself. The feminine titan quietly rushed into the very dark forest before anyone caught her. Howling, rustling, wind, and footsteps, even hers, made her paranoia go high. After all the constant checking and looking around, Annie felt a bit safe...for now. There was nothing to worry about, just a peaceful night...but then...heavy growling was heard less than a mile. She ran, knowing it wasn't safe anymore, hoping to escape the forest and leave to her father in one pie
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good news! (the creature is stirring.)
Those of you have been following me since before my extended hiatus probably recall that I used to do quite a bit of collaborating on this site. I lost track of the number of deviants, writers and visual artists both, that I collabed with (there's a folder in my gallery, if you're  interested in hard numbers), but in the last 5 years or so, I've been involved in exactly one collaboration. The great thing about that particular collab is that it was with my favorite writer on DA, Tiger--eyes. The funny thing about it (at least to me) is that we didn't work together on writing anything. Instead, she took a wonderful photo and I put some of my scribbles to it. (You can check that out here, if you're interested: From November Until March - but you should probably just go follow her instead.) Why am I rambling about this, you may understandably be asking yourself.
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 0 2
{The Little Boy} Easter Short
Lukas: *wears a bunny costume* Hey, Luna! Luna! Luna!
Luna: *turns around, looks so f*cking tired of seeing so much ridiculous cuteness and bright pastel decorations around the house and throughout the streets of Deadblood* . . .
Lukas: I'm now an Easter Bunny!  OwO
Luna: . . . . . .
Luna: *throws a plushie easter egg at his face*
:iconxxstarbluesxx:XxStarBluesxX 1 2
Next TG/TF story coming soon.
Next TG/TF story is going to feature Christie from Dead or Alive 6.
But I would like to know your suggestions.
Any Character. I might not do them straight away but I'll think of a good story for it.
Also I might consider writing romance scenes and BE scenes.
If you want to see those, let me know.
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Miharu meets the young Taichi
Miharu Takagi gasped when she heard the name.
"Can you please say your name again?" Miharu asked.
"Officer Yakito Taichi." Yakito said in surprise before asking, "Why ma'am?"
Miharu gasped in shock as she looks at him.
"He has blue hair and blue eyes....." Miharu thought before asking, "Are you the son of Yumi Taichi by the way?"
Thunder shock arrives.
"That's....That's my mother's name ma'am." Yakito said in surprise.
"Whoa! How do you know her?" The Chief asked.
"I raced her before." Miharu recalled.
After beating the Chief, she roams around looking for someone to race it. Just as she passes by, she then sees a Toyota Supra MK3 headlights switching on and off as if the driver wants to race. Miharu gladly accepts and they race at Saitama. 
Unfortunately, the driver at the MK3 is highly skilled and watched the race between the Chief and Miharu. When Miharu drifted, the driver found the weak spot and overtaken her when drifting. However, soon Miharu has ove
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Future Street Fighter game idea
As I've been looking at the roster of the Street Fighter games, I've been thinking; What if they all came back for one big battle? That's where this idea comes in. (Dunno if it should be called Street Fighter VI or Street Fighter VII...)
Anyway, the game features all the stages and fighters featured throughout the series. ALL OF THEM. (Yes, even the opponents from the very first Street Fighter game [Except Adon, Birdie, Gen, and Sagat, who have made appearances in recent games] are playable.) Each one has their own Omega Mode and alternate costumes. However, although M. Bison is in the roster, he can only be fought after certain requirements are passed in Single Player mode, in which the battle takes place in the character's mind (Note that this won't happen if you're playing as Bison). Also, if you play as Bison in this game, his story is non-canon, due to him being dead after the events of A Shadow Falls. Phantom Bison is also playable and plays like Street Fighter Alpha 3's Shin Bis
:iconterrarian-warrior:Terrarian-Warrior 2 12
Two Alone, Too Alone: Chapter Eleven


A storm of SkyWing dragonets streamed from the building’s front entrance and scattered across the clearing, their chatter loud and noisy and ignorant of the two strangers within their midsts. Maple was sure to stick close to Sapphire’s tail- it wouldn’t be hard to lose her in the wild stampede, even if they stuck out more than most. Hisses and growls rose from the bottom of her throat as the dragonets mindlessly trampled over her tail and talons, but she successfully swallowed the desire to snap at them. They probably wouldn’t hear her, anyway.
    The two managed to wriggle their way to the opposite end of the field, where it was devoid of most students. Sapphire immediately bounded up to a dragonet sitting beneath the shade of a tree, their eyes flitting rapidly across a piece of old parchment.
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Shenzi/Banzai backstory part 3
Hey guys! Yeah I know it's been forever since I submitted something having to do with Shenzi and Banzai. And yeah we see more of Ed here. I'm still fulfilling a request I got over a month ago. I wasn't procrastinating. I was fucking busy.
Anyways enjoy. And before I forget happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it
    I woke up really early so I could sneak to the place where I met Banzai the previous day. Don't think I'm in love, I just wanted to be friends with someone who wasn't my brother.
     What I saw next was... I don't know. I saw a dead male. Easily 30's. It was nasty. He was all bloody and stuff. I just walked over and got a closer look at it. Oh come ON! I'm not a girly girl. You think I'ma run away screaming? The sun wasn't even up yet. I'm not waking up half the clan because some dude's dead.
      Then some boy, about 7, came outside. He started talking to me in a language it took awhile for me to underst
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HEY pals! So my girlfriend and i’s anniversary is coming up and the only thing she said she wanted was a compilation of drawings of us done by YOU PALS!! So-if you comment on this here entry, I’ll message you and we can talk about it! I will be returning art in exchange for (1) gay drawing. Thanks pals!!
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I hate that I love you still
I hate that I miss you
I hate you left
I hate how I’m still dwelling and your not
I hate you opened up
I hate I believed your I love you
I hate that I can’t trust anymore
I hate that I thought you were different
I hate you swore and lied
I hate I did it back and meant it
I hate myself knowing I’ll give you the chance
I hate I still want to show you I’m the real shit
I hate that I see your beauty but you don’t
I hate you leave
I hate it’s a shitty excuse
I hate that who I become
I hate I forget who I am
I hate I please others then myself
I hate my nervousness
I hate I will take your pain for you
I hate I dwell
I fukn hate you but I love you
I hate it but I’m lying
I won’t close no door
You never do on someone you loved
It’s what you go through
I have to go through this then I will
I might be the one in the end
But I tried and kept it real
Miss you but find a better me
I better person that contributes
A be
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Fever [Wakatoshi Ushijima x Chou Washizu]

    Wakatoshi was totally out of his area. The only certainty he had at that moment was that he had no idea what he was seeing, hearing and doing. It made him nervous. He hated to admit it, but he didn't lik
:iconjubds:jubds 2 2
glaro and finagen are at it again
 glaro: they'r not in any danger.
finagen: they are you idiot they'll be killed if we don't do something!!!
 glaro: calm yourself,you nutcase!
after that little stunt glaro was suspended from being near fiagen for the next week.
dr angelica raya (10/7/2014)

:icontabbywolf555:TabbyWolf555 0 0
Goliath Page 06 - Poor Sharkie
Several of the staff, the newest-recruited pilot included, called a meeting as Selhydra' still-living body was dealt with.
"Now don't get me wrong, this is the scientific find of the century, but...what are you going to do about the severed body parts?"
"As I suggested earlier, try replacing the missing pieces with cybernetics. Since I-no, we-managed to recover the foot before it was fully dead, you'll probably have to put some fluid tubes in the left leg."
"But what's to gain from that?"
"You haven't been able to properly make your own...what did you call Lupus...Biomech, have you?"
The scientist's expression turned to shock. A higher-up pitched in.
"And how do you suppose we do that?"
Selhydra's eyes opened. He looked down, feeling something against his head. He looked down, seeing th
:iconisaac-aquarius:Isaac-Aquarius 0 0
Easter Ex-boyfriend
Plot: Bakunyan and Bearlynyan are going on a date, but surprisingly Bearlynyan’s ex-boyfriend, Usatrix, plans to ruin their date to win his girlfriend back, because she broke up with him the same day she met Bakunyan after the horrible insults to his hairstyle and past.
:iconbearlycute64:Bearlycute64 0 0
Phoenix so far
In chapter 1 you meet a boy named Phoenix that has a bad dream in which he uses one of his powers he can't control. It's a power where he can reset anything back to zero like age which kills the thing effected. He has many powers some destructive and some not, what do you think will happen in chapter two? Just leave a comment
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Short Story: Vow With Your Life [Ben and Echo]
 Ben fidgeted with the pen in his magic, still unable to decide. The only thing holding him back from signing the papers was the fact Tyler would have no mother.
 Echo stepped down into the basement, and Ben’s ears turned.
 “What are you doing?”
 “Milo said you’d need some moral support down here. And...since I’m the only one you talk to…”
 Ben looked down at the papers laid before him.
 Echo walked forward. “What’s wrong?”
 “It’th Tyler.”
 Echo’s caring smile disappeared. “...What happened?”
 “I can adopt him.”
Echo’s ears popped back up. “’re depressed about that?”
 Ben exhaled. “...It’ll jutht be me. Sure, Milo will be around, but…” He shook his head. “How can you decide if you’re doing the right thing for a foal?”
 “This is about Mom...
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I just watched escape room and oHMYGOD IT'S SO GOOD
my opinion tho, if you hate it then you hate it lol
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Brain Dead 13 2: Bosses and Locations

Hi everyone! So I came up with some ideas for my fanmade sequel to Brain Dead 13 with the bosses and the locations inside Vivi's new mansion. For the main characters, I will have Lance, who was obviously in the last game and Stefanie will fight the bad guys side by side once the two are reunited. These bosses include: 
Paul Lottergeist: A greedy and cunning ghost who runs a casino inside Vivi's mansion and he looks forward to manipulate and guide our heroic computer repairman into the world of fame and greed.Maye the Mummy: A super wacky and hyperactive mummy who chases Lance inside her pyramid and all he has to do is to get away from her before she catches up to him.  Zachary the Magnificent: A powerful and seductive magician who uses Stefanie as his assistant to participate in his fascinating but deadly tricks inside the mansion's auditorium. The Lady Made of Shards: Inside a large mirror maze, hides a
:icondinaleena2000:DinaLeena2000 0 0
Icezer into the Icezer Verse
So, I will be doing Profiles on Icezer and his Variations. Here's the Order:
1. Tiny Icezer (Baby Icezer)
2. Iczy (Teen Icezer)
3. Winter Icezer (Self Explanitory)
4.Wayne (AU Icezer) /Anti Wayne(Evil AU Icezer)
5. Icezer x Machina (Super Icezer)
6. Icezer Mitchell (Original)
7. Snow Blast Icezer (Super Super Icezer)
8. Aeron (Evil Icezer)
9. Icezer Jr (Icezer's Son)
10. Isaac (Future Icezer)
11. Isanity (Crazy Icezer)
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All my RPs.
All RP’s I have are 4+ lines. No one liners.
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