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7 Days Drawing Challenge! (closed)
Here we go! Firstly, I know time zones may be a problem. It's Wednesday 18, June, 13:00 o'clock where I live. The challenge starts counting from now on. Thankfully, DeviantART lets me know when the deviation was submitted. (:
I'm amazed with the amount of people interested in joining the challenge. It must be started today in order to be finished next Wednesday. If you can't join for any reason, don't worry! I'll be doing more Drawing Challenges in the future.
Bullet; Blue What's a 7 Days Drawing Challenge?
The challenge is drawing 7 different things based on 7 themes I will give you guys. A drawing a day. I know it may sound a bit tiring but the objective is to keep yourself inspired during 7 days in a row. The more you draw, the more you'll feel like drawing!
Bullet; Blue What about the Rules?
The only rule is that you have to draw (and submit) something each day. NO CHEATING! It doesn't matter the media nor the ar
:iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 599 2,125
Using HTML on deviantART


Hello and welcome to my little html tutorial. I've been working with html codes for a couple of years and I'm going to teach you what I know about using some basic html on deviantART. This won't make you a html expert or something and I'm not an expert myself but it will give just enough knowledge to make your journals, comments, news articles and other neat and lovely looking. :)
deviantART actually has FAQs about html but I still wanted to do this because they look a bit unorganized, in my opinion. Also, why would you want to look for those FAQs when you can just open this news article where you have everything in one place? :dummy:
You may already know some of these, but I hope you'll find at least something helpful in this news article.

Some basic html

:bulletorange:Bold text: <b>insert text here</b>
:pointr: Result: Example text
:pointr:This html code will work in: journal entries, group blogs, comments, artist's commen
:iconscarlettedeath:ScarletteDeath 16,314 3,333
Label Me Lesbian: A Guide to Types of Lesbians
:bulletpink: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple: :pride: :bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: [Bullet; Yellow] [Bullet; Orange] [Bullet; Pink]
The following is an extensive guide to the different Labels a Lesbian may have. In my experience I have come across many Lesbians who just thought they were a Lesbian. This guide was at first for TheLesbianClub's Chatroom Classes, but I have decided that this could benefit not only the club but many people out there. If you are a Lesbian and questioning what type of Lesbian you are, then this guide is for you!
[Bullet; Pink] [Bullet; Orange] [Bullet; Yellow] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Blue] [Bullet; Purple] [Pride] [Bullet; Purple] [Bullet; Blue] [Bullet; Green] [Bullet; Yellow] [Bullet; Orange] [Bullet; Pink]
Lesbian is a term most widely used in the English language to describe sexual and romantic desire between females. The word may be used as a noun, to refer to women who identify th
:iconmayahuskee:mayahuskee 601 475
500 Point Giveaway #17: Aug
How to participate:
1. Add this journal to your favs :+fav:
2. Write a new journal about this giveaway, and include a Mention of me so that I receive a notification of your journal.
3. Include what I do at dATrade. For example:
:icondatrade: is holding a 500 point giveaway!
At :devdatrade:, you can donate points for an easy way to receive watches, llamas, favs, comments, and critiques!
10 points = 5 critiques / 10 comments / 10 watches / 40 llamas / 50 favs
Go check it out today! :dummy:
The Prizes:
There will be a total of 15 winners who will be selected with a random number generator!
One 200 point winner
Four 50 point winners
Ten 10 point winners
:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondatrade: Alice
:icondatrade:dATrade 587 586
How to earn points
Yeah. My articles are based off of FAQs :XD: But I've had a lot of people ask me this so I'm gonna try my best to answer it. I won't guarantee that you'll be a multi-millionaire and able to swim in a pool of points but I can help you earn some. :giggle: 
For starters, I have to tell you what points are! You can't earn them if you don't know what they are. :lol:
To me, points are the currency of dA but they are worthless unless they were earned using the commissions widget, which I will talk about later in this article. But having a lot of it can be good and bad in a way. 
Let me start you off with the bad :noes:
:bulletred: People will ask you for it! (Not that giving is a bad thing but once you get a page full of comments asking "points plz" you'll wish you've never had any of those wretched things. :nuu:
Now for the good :la:
:bulletgreen: Giving points to people can make then happy! :dummy:
:bulletgreen: You can buy almost anythi
:iconidjpanda:iDJPanda 538 417
Adoptables, Basics for Adoptables Artists
Two Steps to Start
:bulletgreen: Create a new account
This is not necessary, per se, but if you have in mind to do more than just one or two sheets of adoptables, it might be a good idea to start a new account. This way you won't spam your watchers' inbox, if they're not interested in adoptables, and you can organize your gallery in a better way.
:bulletgreen: Be a member of Adoptables Groups
dA is a big community and the sheer amount of new deviations every day makes it hard for your art to be seen. Considering that you just made a new account for your adoptables, you have basically no watchers whatsoever so how can you get the exposure you need to sell your characters? The answer is join Adoptables Groups. By doing this you can do two things, the first is submit your adoptables to their gallery and advertise them, the second is observing the trends, what people like to draw and buy more.
Make Adoptables
:iconkarijn-s-basement:Karijn-s-Basement 753 345
Guide to being a Sane fan: Hetalia
New to the Hetalia fandom?
Getting tired of being called a 'Hetatard?'
Fans of Hetalia calling you the 'reason people hate Hetalia fans?'
All of these and more?
That's why I'm here to help.
This will be a mini guide on how to be a sane Hetalia fan.
1. Don't be obsessive over your OTP (one true pairing) or OTPs. And especially remember to only hate the ship, not the shipper. Let's face it. They aren't canon. The only one's that could be called canon is AusHun, ChibitaliaXHoly Rome, and SuFin. The rest are just ones we the fans made and support.
I'm gonna pick on FrUK for a second, so bear with me FrUK shippers. You're the 'biggest' FrUK fan ever. So you're going through your messages and you see the pairing you hate the most - USUK. And you know what makes it worse? It's not even a picture. It's a fan fiction with horrible grammar and spelling (the horror!).
You see this abomination. You comment on it with this - 'FUUUU!!!111!!!FRUK IS CANON!!!!111!!!USUK SUKS!!U SUK!!!!FRUKKK IZ DA LUV
:iconinkstaineddove:inkstaineddove 435 559
So, what does KIRIBAN mean anyways?
"Next Kiriban: 15000 pageviews"
"Kiriban" is a word that lots and lots of people use, especially here on Deviantart. Get the pageview hit, get a gift. however...
most people in general know what it is, but not what it means ^^; ->
-3- me being Japanese myself wanted to find out the origin of
this term and what it actually mean so I did a nice amount of searchin.
first I found this googled:
"Kiriban is the Japanese term (Kanji: キリ番 ) for web counter special"
but that doesnt really help to understand the meanig
so I googled "キリ番":
and found out that キリ番 is actually a shorten version of「きりのいい番号」
so... for this, キリ would mean "cut" and "きりのいい" would mean "well cut"
「きりのいい番号」would then literally mean- "a we
:iconkxela:Kxela 418 196
Getting Started on DeviantArt
Hello and welcome! :wave:
If you've found this guide, then there's a good possibility you are new to DeviantArt. If that is the case, then welcome to the internet's largest art community! If you're not new to the community, you might still be interested (especially if you scroll to the bottom). Over at DAWelcomeWagon, we're thrilled that you decided to become a member. The group page has many wonderful resources for you to take advantage of. There is even an associated chat room called :#welcome: for you to hang out in and meet some deviants ("deviants" are what we call DA's members) both new and old.
We don't want you to feel too confused while you're getting to know the website and community. It's a big place with countless ways to share your deviations (your creations) and find artwork to inspire you. So we put together this helpful Getting Started on DeviantArt guide to connect you with a number of helpful tutorials that will as
:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 339 271
That's how you get pageviews
And here you have the number one question that people ask me:
"How the hell did you get so many people to view your art? You're not even that good!"
I can't do anything other than honestly admitting that I'm not that good at art. I'm not some awesomely skilled concept artist, at least. I've seen many people do a better job while receiving a lot less of attention.
Why a medium like DeviantArt works for me? Probably because I've been around on the internet for so long, and I've spend so much time working for internet-marketing company's, that things like advertising and web usability have become a second nature to me. A lot of the things that I've come to regard as common sense in internet communication, are things that are nowadays proven successful by research.
It's important to know that websites like DeviantArt are listed in the category social media. That probably didn't occur to most people, since DeviantArt seems to be so heavily focused towards art (and tradi
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,043 821
Mass Effect References
Some time ago, I created a tumblr account (which can be found here).  I'm not sure if I will ever get around to posting anything in it (or figuring out how to use it), but if anyone wants to make requests there, feel free to do so.

Characters (Generic or nameless):
Asari Dancer - mature warning, sexual themeAsari head referenceBatarianC-Sec OfficerElcor
:icontroodon80:Troodon80 560 427
Get Puzzle'd Community Contest!

           You remember what it was like. Opening a dusty cardboard box,
           yellowed with age, found in Grandma's attic. Dumping the 500
           puzzle pieces on the kitchen table. Striving for several tedious
           hours to complete a picture of assorted flowers in a vase, or a
           kitten playing with string. Filling time until your parents picked
           you up from dear ol' Granny's place. Boring.

           Well, this puzzle is nothing like that! We're taking a fun and
           innovative take on a classic puzzle game, to celebrate
:iconayame-kenoshi:Ayame-Kenoshi 3,466 3,048
311 points giveaway. The winner!
Hello, sweeties!
It's cold here, so I didn't go out today and I'm sitting in my room browsing dA...

I decided to make someone smile by giving one lucky deviant 311 points!
(+ I just realized I've reached 400 000 pageviews :la:)
*prize updated to +200 points which were kindly donated by weremole
All you have to do in order to participate is:
:+fav: fave this journal...
 well, that's all :giggle:
You don't have to visit my gallery nor watch me, but if you do, thank you :heart:
deadline: 7th January,2013.
I will pick the lucky winner with a little help from
Thank you everyone who participated (:
This time the winner is
Congrats and enjoy your points!
Have fun, stay warm and good luck :shamrock:
I hope you like my newest one:

+ my latest:

:iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 2,623 1,411
Fluffy Halloween contest! [OPEN]

My dear fox lovers and fox artists!
It's time to announce new awesome contest of Foxytales!
A haunted, scary, spoopy and fluffy... Foxy Halloween!

Ha-ha-halloween! Spooky art, but fox-related!
Scary fox, or cute baby foxes collecting candy?
Release your imagination!

What kind of art is accepted?
any kind of digital (including animation, photomanipulation, mixed media)
pixel art
traditional & crafts
OC art (if feral, and fox-related)
art not related to foxes
mature art
sketches, doodles, WIPs


Fox emoji - wow Your entry must b
:iconmartith:Martith 189 198
7 Tips To Instantly Become A Better Artist
Practice, practice, practice.  Gah.
Attend life drawing classes over the summer.  Blegh.
Take a sketchbook with you everywhere you go, and fill up ten of those bad boys at the coffee shop.  Pfft.
Let's be honest here.  We all want to become better artists, like, right frickin' now.  We don't even want to have to suffer through hour-long tutorials of some pompous snooty hack bloviating over the intricate methods of drawing eyes on YouTube.  We want progress, we want improvement, and we want it on our desk in ten minutes ago!
Fine, fine, I hear ya'.  While these aren't going to make an instant Leonardo da Vinci out of you, these might get you up to...ehh...Basquiat caliber.  Sure, I've made tutorials, but those are more about setting up Photoshop for the sake of coloring an image, and not so much building yourself artistically.  Those are more technical lessons.  Artistically
:iconvest:vest 1,955 453
Get more friends! Join now!
I'm organizing a friend mixer! The goal is to get as many people to sign up as possible and pair them into groups based on interests. Each group then has a chance to get to know each other. Join in, tell your friends to join and meet new people!
What do you need to do?
Comment below to enter and name 3 subjects and/or art mediums you're interested in.
Share this journal with your friends. It's not a requirement, but it'll ensure that more people will join.
In two weeks time we'll close and devide all entries into groups. You'll be paired with people based on your interests. Make sure you watch me and receive journal updates or at least receive mentions, or else you might miss updates!
:iconthomasvandijk:thomasVanDijk 263 26
Tips For Commission Artists
Hello! :wave: I thought of making this small guide, based from my personal experience, to give tips to artists, mostly beginners, to be more successful at selling commissions, since seeing from my previous journal many had difficulty with it. So here are some tips to help boosting your sales.
Have your commission info somewhere visible
Possibly, people won't even know you are taking commissions or if they are open if you don't put your commission info somewhere they can see. You can do this in a journal, that I mostly recommend, since it will be showing into your watcher's inboxes and most of your watchers probably rarely visit your profile page. You could still also use the commission widget, or donation poll to write your info. You can also link to your commission info in your signature or the artist's comment of new drawings you upload.

Keep it simple
Don't add too many unnecessary rules or in
:iconkawiku:Kawiku 2,097 432
1 free chibi giveaway! (closed- chose someone)
Edit: thanks for the huge response! I already looked through the first 500 comments. Now looking at the rest. There's a few characters that I really like ... it's hard to pick one but I don't have time to draw more than one. XD
How are you tonight? ^0 ^
I am going to draw 1 chibi for free!
The style is shown below (iridescent chibi)
★★★Please follow the steps below to be considered!★★★

1》Only comments in this journal are considered.
 Only enter if you would allow me to post the finished art in my gallery.
The art is only for the private, non-proft use of the winner.

2》 post 1 link or 1 thumbnail (you can use Add media for thumbnail)
to show me 1 character that you would want drawn.

3》add this journal to your favourites.
I will choose the character that like the most♥
:icononisuu:onisuu 711 981
Daily Deviations: How to Suggest
I constantly find that many deviants, new and otherwise, simply do not know how to suggest a Daily Deviation.
Just to make sure we are all on the same page here:
Info to Know
The only rule applied to Daily Deviations is that a deviant may not receive more than one Daily Deviation within a period of three months.
All deviants, regardless of popularity, are eligible to receive Daily Deviations.
:bulletblue: Popular deviants are still deviants and will not be disqualified on the mere charge of being popular from receiving a Daily Deviation.
Any deviation may possibly receive a Daily Deviation.
:bulletblue: This is regardless of the amount of views or favorites it has garnered.
You are ALLOWED to suggest YOURSELF. Just don't abuse this.
The following are not rules on how to suggest Daily Deviations but rather guidelines that help staff capable to select Daily Deviations better and more quickly process suggestions.
:iconpurpelblur:PurpelBlur 703 184
The Sweeney Todd Movie Poster Contest
deviantART, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd. What more could you want in one sentence?
How about poster contest? That’s right, deviantART is happy to present the Sweeney Todd Poster Contest
for the upcoming movie, in theatres December 21st.

Sweeney Todd once again sees the long time duo of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp working together again, with Helena Bonham Carter,
Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen and many others in this interpretation of Stephen Sondheim’s critically acclaimed and award
winning musical, Sweeney Todd.

It is the imaginative tale of a man sent to prison for crimes he didn’t commit, who seeks ul
:iconlolly:lolly 1,847 1,162
Christmas dinner in the Great Hall Hogwarts set!
So I was super lucky to get tickers to go and have dinner at Warner Brothers Studio London, in the Harry Potter Great Hall set!
Growing up, Harry Potter has been a positive presence in my life. During my teenage years I had a really tough time in school with bullies (turns out if you dye your hair blue at 15, you get grief) But reading the books opened up a world for me, somewhere I could escape, and be part of the adventures; So I jumped at the chance to have Christmas dinner in the Great Hall set at Warner Brothers studio tour London! Tickets were £220, so not cheap - but there's no experience like it <3 Let me show you...
Excited much! Many people were cosplaying, but I just went with looking a bit magical, my bag was a little nod as it looked like a Howler letter. Had a real flower crown made to match my dress - I feel like some kind of real life instagram filter! ^_^
:icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 287 150
You're Not a True Deviant Until You've ...
:bulletred: Gotten a free subscription for active use of the site
:bulletred: Established that to be polite on deviantart, you must thank those that fave your work ( beginning with the discovery of the :+fav: emoticon and moving onto simpler ways of thanks like :rose: )
:bulletred: Made your own avatar, not just downloaded a 50x50 from any random site
:bulletred: Created a signature with at least one emoticon (gone through a possible rainbow emoticon phase :pissedoff::sniff::no::w00t:[Date] (usually more elaborate))
[Bullet; Red] Clicked on a stupid link in someone’s signature that promised something cool but ended up just rerouting back to the persons gallery
[Bullet; Red] Determined that the little marks in front of deviant usernames have some sort of meaning (* = ` ! etc)
[Bullet; Red] Crushed on/Admired *saturdayx or *BellZ [if a girl, or an emo boy]
:iconhomigl14:homigl14 697 379