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Heya guys, how you all are doing?
I think you were super anxious this weeks to see who wins this competition,right?
because I know I am. :)
This competition had 4 amazing judges, So let's give them a big clap.
Thanks bunch to ;
:iconmagicladycharm: :iconerikshoemaker: :iconrowye: :iconlisharet:
Attention!!  very important.
If you are the winner of this competition, please read this section .
As a participant, you all know that the prizes for the first,second and third are offered in two different ways,
for you convenient and you desire in which way you can receive the prize of this contest .
:iconmagicladycharm:MagicLaDyCharm 5 19
Small Contest [open]
    So Someone drew me this drawing IRL and wanted me to draw it.... so.... I thought it would be fun if you guys re-drew it too, so why not make it a contest!! hehe
    The winner gets a gore drawing like Phantom or a Chibi like Cute Stormie
    You can either make it funny (Like a shit-post type thing) or super detailed.
You can change it to a pony as well if you want!
I will judge off creativity! So just have fun with it xD
And sharing this journal would be awesome!
If you are joining write "Im joining!!" in the comments!
Here is the Drawing:

Contest Ends 
July 1st, 2018
:iconfor3v3r-ra1n:FOR3V3R-RA1N 5 9
#Trivia - Rules + FAQ (May 2018)

By participating in #Trivia you agree to adhere to the rules outlined in this journal.Failure to do so can result in penalties up to indefinite suspension of your #Trivia experience.
Everything in :#Trivia: is logged. Logs are queried for content by TriviaMinistry staff when necessary.
Direct all :#Trivia: suggestions, complaints, and user reports to TriviaMinistry as a note :note:; please do not comment them here or on any public web page.
Please use the !tag command in :#Trivia: if you encounter an incorrect/invalid questions; please do not comment here.[  skip to commands  ]

:#Trivia: is a 24/7 quiz game on DeviantArt’s chat network, dAmn, centered around answering questions for points which are used to rank up and earn prizes.:#Trivia: was originally created and maintained by Thumbshare; it has been r
:iconmiloticscale:MiloticScale 0 0
A bonding experience Chapter 1: Friendly bonds
Amanda is an innocent girl she always thinks the best of her friends and is very trusting and one day those things changed her life.
Amanda considers herself an artist because she loved the beauty of it so one day she’s in the library renewing one of her books when she bumps into a random girl named Karen and both of their books go onto the floor, and as Amanda goes to pickup her book she gets a glance at Karen’s book and asks if it was a type of art to which Karen replied “I guess you could say that.” After Amanda and Karen got their books they talked for a bit and realized they had a lot in common and decided to talk more over coffee.
So at the cafe Amanda and Karen are talking and Amanda asks what type of art Karen likes to which Karen replies “models and poses but not common poses.” Amanda then asks if they could go to Karen’s house so Karen can show her some poses to which Karen replies as she finishes her coffee with “Oh can show yo
:icondidandbondagegirl:DIDandbondagegirl 0 0
happy :D
I have the best slave in the whole world! 💖🌏
:iconangelgam:AngelGam 0 0
The biggest shit I ever seen
I was browsing and I found a "trending" post, where people where discussing if #Bendy was gay.
What the fuck, seriously?
Why you just destroy a character with these stupid things?
Is there for real no community where they talk, discuss and wonder about the game instead of throwing it to the garbage with this?
I hope they stop soon. They did the same shit to such an amazing game like Cuphead. Don't let Bendy and no other fun game to fall so bad again.
:iconzzsark:ZZSark 0 0
Some Trivia Quiz thing? Potatoe who else?
Answer this and I will in nothing :D
1. Favorite Games
2. Enemies
3. HATED games
4. Best Youtubers-
5. Favorite Songs
6. Best friends
7. Crazy, Insane, or Mentally I'll?
8. Favorite Fandom
9. 1-10 how much of a good friend am I?
10. Skilled at?
11. Talent?
:iconpotatoederpart:PotatoeDerpArt 0 1
MMD Model Requests //Open//
Hai Yandere's!
I'm now creating models
i don't know if I'll put them for download it'll take me awhile.
But i probably won't put them for dl qwq until my laptop stops lagging ~^~
Comment any character u want me to make I'll do it!
---This one is without effects so qwq I'm making other heh---
:iconyandereanniex3:YandereAnniex3 3 5
short vore comics
i will be creating a short vore comics at least once a week normally 1-2 pages and mostly shrinking vore type
here a list of a characters (from anime or cartoon or even oc if the owner of the that oc requested me) that i will consider picking from them
and yah i can add more also i will be using some of them more then just once
Mikasa Ackerman
Kallen Stadtfeld
Milly Ashford
Asada Sinon
fairy tails girls ( cuz they all looks the same but i guess i will go with Dimiaria Yesta most of the time)
nami or robin
Lori from The Loud House
may from pokemon
most girls from naruto
Alexis Rhodes
rin onigawara
Nono Mozunono
Miqo'te ( it is a race of neko people i think that means i create a new neko character)
sergeant calhoun
Wang Yi from dynasty warriors
Yuki Nagato
Cassandra Cain from batman
here a list of vore options (of course it is not limited to these ones but it is just a list to pick up from when i am lazy and can use more then on
:icongagtype:gagtype 0 0
I don't effing know, I'm bored XD
Just a tagging interview thing, idfk, so please don't get mad XD
1) Post this exactly how I have it, but you can change the title.
2) You can tag as many people as you want, but the minimum is one.
3) Be honest when answering these questions.
4) Say who you got tagged by.
5) You can add more questions if you'd like.
6) Say which questions are yours if you add any, like this.
1) What's your sexuality?
2) Favorite food?
3) Favorite movie?
4) Favorite YouTuber?
5) Favorite color?
Some peeps ima tag cuzwhynot XD
:iconth0rn1cat0r:Th0rn1cat0r 0 2
Zootopia and The Ant Bully annoucement
From D101 comes a new chapter featuring heroes who are animals and a kid with the astonishing ability to shrink: “Zootopia and The Ant Bully.” Before the Events of “Dimensions101 Infinity War,” Judy Hopps grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a Hero and a farmer. As she struggles to rebalance her home life with her responsibilities as a cop, she and Nick Wilde confronted by Lucas Nickle and Dr. Hank Pym with an urgent new mission. Judy and Nick must once again jump into the car and learn to fight alongside Lucas as the team works together to uncover secrets from their past. 
:icondimensions101:Dimensions101 2 0
Tails Doll art or Literature contest
Tails doll MUST be the Pred and the winner gets a promotion
:icontails-doll-vore-club:Tails-Doll-Vore-Club 0 23
Devious Journal Entry
Please go check out FangTheKillerWolf's art contest!! They need more entries ouo
:iconpoisonvineivy:PoisonVineIvy 0 0
Gaming discord
:iconthomas-guenther:THOMAS-GUENTHER 0 0
Discord server! ( reminder )
I just wanted to remind you all that I’ve recently made a Discord server! You’re more than welcome to drop on by! :D
I’ll leave a link below!
:iconheroinebrinemc000:HeroineBrineMC000 0 0
Check out this raffle
:iconhalothecool:Halothecool 0 0
The Size of Love: A Quick Rundown of the Game
If you haven't been following the updates to this game, let me give you a synopsis on how the game works.
As many of you now know, the game is called The Size of Love, which is being developed in Gamemaker Studio 2. It is sort of like four games in one. The game has four sections that each focuses on one girl, and those girls are Molly, Lucy, June, and Samantha.
Each girl will have five endings. Out of all those endings, only one or two of them make the girls end up immobile, and only a few characters are able to become Immobile. Certain decisions including your interactions, the locations you go, and the food you recommend to the focus character will steer you towards the ending you want. This game is mainly about exploring the character's personality, and how events from the past shaped up who they are today.
These four stories can be played in any order. This game will be made for erotic pleasure, exploration, romance, and for those
:iconidentityhasnotbeen:Identityhasnotbeen 0 2
Art Requests - Closed
Since I have an art-block, I have decided to open the requests :D
(When I get to more than 100 watchers, maybe I'll open the commissions.)
The rules are the usual ones, but I will repeat them, and there will be one change ;)
1) - I will accept only 2 requests.
2) - if you ask me to draw your O.C, you have to give me some references.
3) - You can choose between these types of styles: Chibi, Half Body, Head and Full Body.
4) - You can ask me any type of request, but I don't accept the gore or nsfw, the best I can do is "ecchi".
5) - if you want to ask for a request, write me on the notes.
P.S.: Plz,respect the rules!;)
Bye and have a nice day!;3
:iconkayla-oneechan:Kayla-OneeChan 0 3
Choose 1
I'm thinking of doing a special 500 subs so when that day comes I'll do the thing that was chosen the most.

Whatever you choose now I will remember, so choose what you really want me to do.

1- Voice reveal

2- 3 new ocs


3- Another thing your choice.

You can vote when you want, but you can only vote once, if you vote more than once, I'll count only the first vote
:iconsweetwolfyyt:SweetWolfyYT 0 0
Read this journal to know about our dear blue hedgehog and blue robot!
I'm here again to talk about Sonic and megaman! But in a different way so lease understand me ^^
A LOT of people watch my profile for my Sonic drawings... But I'm not a Sonic Fan, I only like the character design, the classic is so cute and blue!
So for the ones who is is here only for Sonic... Sorry to say that, but you can UNWATCH me, or open your mind to other things which aren't Sonic, like :iconreeysth:  a friend who likes Sonic but also likes my other projects and support me....
Because YOU, Person who is here only for an hedgehog, you aren't support me, you are making me feel bad at my art and project, and maybe for this I will leave Deviantart because me, my characters and my universe feel unaccepted because YOU want only things who are famous like Sonic, and not things born by someone who only wants to share her project, her story. 
:iconover-zero:Over-Zero 0 17
Gems n Koopas Q and A
This is my Q and A about my series and my drawings of Gems n’ Koopas. I’m here to answer questions. No inappropriate stuff. No requests. No dares.
:iconwolfette50473:Wolfette50473 0 0
Journal me
I finally did one of the things the voices in my head told me to do...drink was a small sip but still...i feel fine it didnt make me drunk or anything wich is good...and i dont smell like vodka...or whatever i had...but now the voices r saying,"drink more ull feel better"....i dont know if i should .....just kill me...
:iconbettynoir667:BettyNoir667 0 23