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Quirlicorns Autumnal Equinox Event - Haunted Hunt
Twice a year the equinoxes can be observed on either side of the globe.  For this equinox we observe the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere.  
Quirlicorns gain their magic from the sun and moon respectively and as a result can experience magic they have not yet earned during each Equinox.  
Your Quirlicorn may celebrate either equinox in this show, though please be mindful of your regions and what parts of the world are currently in fall and which are in spring.  
For more information on what magics and transformations are available see our Chime Points Journal.

The Hunt:
This Equinox, Quirlicorns will be on the hunt for a new spooky friend lurking in the woods!
The crescent moon rises over the mountains, giving a soft glow to see by in the night. Its silvery beams penetrate the canopy of a near by f
:iconastralseed:Astralseed 4 1
Over worked update
I'm afraid incan't make the comic series at the moment because it keeps saying there's errors while making the new account, so for the time being I have to do something to make it up to you all, I could just do the other project or...something else, I've cancelled so many things that people were really looking forward too, but I'll simply come back to this one, I'm so very sorry and hope chu can forgive me, I-I'll just go with the other b-day project I guess
:iconshygal27:shygal27 4 20
Super Group Renewed and September Challenge
Fox emoji - heartsdeviantART Groups
Folder open to all members of
and members of the *Affiliated Groups:
:iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :iconglobal-photos: :icontraditionalpainting:
:iconnature-paradise: :iconnine-muses: :iconwow-macros: :icondream-club: :iconcelebrityportraits:
Previous Note:

I bought the Super Group Status so we can still have polls to continue
our monthly challenge.
If someone wishes to contribute with some points you may do it
here (click our stamp) :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: and make a donation.
Any points are welcome, even one

For the next challenge the prizes are decreased to:
1st place - 50 Points
2nd place - 30 Points
:iconegil21:Egil21 3 0
Thomas The Tank Engine and Shed 17
Shed 17 was it's own disgusting realistic story of the franchise but some hero made a fan edit where he saves Thomas and restores him back to normal. I wish I remembered who made this video. I want to tell him I saved it for him.
:iconanimecitizen:AnimeCitizen 0 0
death battle : PR Voltron force vs TMNT NG
Now as I said before I am going to be making things more fair for TMNT NG I will be giving any type of Ranger team they want to be, and not only that since I am the black ranger for Voltron force and making the death battle, I will not be included in the battle. Each team will be able to use the megazords also. It's going to take me a while to make the post so I probably will post it sometime tonight. The post will be in G+, here in DeviantArt, and Twitter. Good luck to both teams!!!
:iconscifiislife:SciFiislife 0 0
oh boi another one XD
Technoctem MYO Event Round Three! by J-E-N-0-V-A on deviantart
:iconkylakittycat:kylakittycat 0 0
vegetarian glucosamine
Vegetarian Glucosamine
:iconglucosamine123:glucosamine123 0 0
Youll see
Peace out.
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Community Calendar
Welcome to the :#ThumbHub: Community Calendar! 


:bulletblue: Contest (monetary prizes awarded)
:bulletgreen: Challenge (non-monetary or no prizes awarded)
:bulletred: Event (being held that day)
September Deadlines
September 9th - September 15th
:bulletblue: Back to School Contest!, Deadline: Sept. 15th
September 16th - September 22nd
:bulletred: Join Us for a CV Meet and Greet!, Held on Sept. 16th
:bulletblue: September: Intro and CONTEST Details!, Deadline: Sept. 22nd

September 23rd - September 29th

:iconjenfruzz:JenFruzz 3 1
au currency count
862 bells
6 jades
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look at this
:iconmarbletism:Marbletism 0 0
Survivor camp elimination 2
Hello take DRM how's it going y'all were doing good but penguin really rekt y'all but anyways no body is using there tokens so let's get started if u have the most voted u will get executed if u are safe u will get a Pizza what type it's vegan type LOL any ways
First vote
2nd vote
Third vote
Drawing pad
4th vote
Pea shooter
5th vote
That's 1 vote remix 1 vote Loser 1 vote drawing pad 1 vote pea shooter 1 vote painting
3 votes left
7th vote
That's 2 votes remix 2 votes Loser 1 vote drawing pad 1 vote pea shooter 1 vote painting
1 vote left
And the first contestant voted out is...
Loser well I would tell u who voted u and I am going to tell u
Yourself, treemote, and calendar
Time for ur execution
Here it is:
:iconkwesley:kwesley 0 0
I've been turned
So a girl may have turned me into a furry and I'm emo so awkward combination an emo furry you can expect to see my fursonality soon
:iconlonecowdrawing:lonecowdrawing 0 0
Come join one of buds' Discord server!
Robimations has made a discord server a while ago, and despite it being quiet, it's still pretty fun! So join, relax, and enjoy your stay!
This isn't a scam.
:iconmudkipofcoolness:MudkipOfCoolness 0 0
Over the Hedge 2: Into the City cast
My own cast for an Over the Hedge sequel
Bruce Willis - RJ
John C. Reily - Verne
Steve Carrell - Hammy
Wanda Sykes - Stella
William Shatner - Ozzie
Avril Lavigne - Heather
Eugene Levy - Lou
Catherine O'Hara - Penny
Nick Nolte - Vincent
New Characters/Actors:
Will Arnett - Drake, RJ's Long lost father
Liev Schreiber - The Rat King, one of the villains in the movie and warlord of the rats.
Sadie Sadler - Emily, the gang's human friend
Al Pacino - El Diablo, a pug dog and Tiger's rival.
Stephen Tyler - The Animal Guru
James Franco - Lenny, Heather's fiance.
Kenan Tompson - Mr. Stickler, CEO of Innovat Co. who wants to wipe out the forest.
ZootopiaFan1 tanasweet123 josejr22
:icondimensions101:Dimensions101 2 2
Dupes/NSFW (+New type of request)
I’m making a new folder called “Dupes/NSFW” where you’ll find Duplicates (Color/Character/ext swaps) of current drawings, along with my NSFW drawings (most of them are dupes ATM, hence the inclusion)
This is mostly to prepare for the future because I have some unique duplicates planned for older and newer drawings that are pretty cool. For example, coming out soon is a dupe of the most recent drawing I posted. Once you see it you’ll get what it’s about more and why I want it to be in it’s own folder, because it’s sort of hard to explain. I’ll post it once I get every current dupe/NSFW squared away.
If you’re worried about even slower times for new stuff to come out, don’t worry. This is really easy for me to produce and can be made as sort of “filler” inbetween long gaps of content. I’ll try not to make them too often though, because seeing the same thing over and over again is boring.
In the meantime,
:icontruemetrack:TrueMetrack 0 8
2 Year Anniversary Contest
My 2 year anniversary on deviantart is coming up on the 16th of October, so i'm hosting a contest!
Since this is the first contest i've ever hosted, it'll be pretty simple.
It'll be drawing my OCs!!
I'm putting up some completed pictures but i will add and update as the contest goes.
The contest will start on October 16 and end on Halloween. The winners will be announced within the first week of November.
Here are the characters you can draw:

New main persona by Smokecoveredstar
You can draw just the oc's or you can draw them with your OC's
- Anyone can enter, y
:iconsmokecoveredstar:Smokecoveredstar 0 4
:iconintancantik:intancantik 0 0
Request Oc PMVs here
I have decided to ask you guys (my watchers) to request a picture music video (PMV? I think it's called) for an oc(s) of your choice  
All you have to do is send me a link to your chosen oc(s), then give me the name of the song you would like, and don't forget to tell me the artist's name either..
1. Nothing inappropriate (If it is inappropriate, your request will be ignored even if there is a spot open)
2. Please be patient, it may take me a while to finish your request, don't worry, I will get to it eventually. I promise.
I will only be making 4 of these because I am quite busy, so if you want me to make a pmv for you then you might want to come fast.
1. Requester: Theundeadunicorn
Song name: "Holding out for a hero" by Bonnie Tyler
OC Name/Ref: Joraka, the extreme healer,100):origin()/pre00/d485/th/pre/i/2018/228/0/9/_comm__joraka_by_theaschebloodprince-dckc9pb.png
:iconbishoppawncat:BishopPawncat 0 2
Happy birthday to my amazing virtual sister, Cupcakeblue22 ^w^ I hope you have an amazing birthday sis, ILYSM <3333
:iconsoccerdash:SOCCERdash 1 1
YCH Raffle! (Not Mine!)
:icontheblueriolu:TheBlueRiolu 0 0
About Night Fighter
Yes I have been think about this since 2017.
Night fighter is cool and quite badass. But I think the story line of the character is not clear to me or anyone else. I guess it's a problem when you making a plo for each story. The problem is not the character arc, it's the story plots.
So I decided to do a more clear story for the character.
:iconethan2509:ethan2509 0 1