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12 Days of Features: Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of my 12 Days of Features for 2018!

If you want to know out more about this project and join in, 
all the info is in this journal...

On the 1st day of Features, DA gave to me...

... Eclipse 
Remember, we would love to see you get involved with our project! Start your own 12 Days of Features and please link them in the comments here so I can see them!
:iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 18 19
[OPEN] Holiday Raffle!!
Since its soon gonna be the holidays wither its Christmas, the New Year and almost Lunar new year !!
I'm gonna do a raffle for one art piece of any kind! 
It can be painted, sketchy, pixels, a custom, etc 
Sketchy and Pixels will get more than one


:iconmilkypeen:Milkypeen 15 26
Short Challenge #53 - Special Christmas
The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
Stock Required

1º most voted entry.
- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from FrostAlexis
- 50 Points from donation pool. 

2º most voted entry.

- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from FrostAlexis
 3º most voted entry.
- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from FrostAlexis

For all winners
- 1 Exclusive Stock from: Wesley-Souza | HermitCrabStock | Renata-s-art | Secretadmires
- Feature from:  HermitCrabStock   | Charlliee
:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 14 6
Next story
The next chapter to omphalosapiens comes out tomorrow afternoon.
:iconcocostubb:cocostubb 0 0
A quick change about secret santa
You can post it anytime now, no need to send it to me.
:iconmarbletism:Marbletism 1 0
Obscure Villain: Casper

the main antagonist from the 2000 action/horror film, Octopus. Casper is the world's leading terrorist who bombs American Embassies for two years.
In the first part of the movie, Casper, who is disguised as an old lady, enters an American Embassy in Bulgari. He leaves a bag with an official's daughter while he gets out. When the daughter tries to tell her Mom about the bag, the bomb detonates and kills everyone in the building. Two CIA officials, named Roy and Henry, realize that the old lady is responsible for the bomb, so they give chase. While Casper runs from them, he discards his disguise and drops another bomb near a car. When Henry catches up to him and they start shooting at each other. When Roy comes up, he sees the bomb and tries to warn Henry. But it detonates and fatally wounds Henry. When Casper steals a Taxi car, Roy has him at gunpoint. But however, Roy hesitates and Casper drives off. Fortunately, Henry uses his last breath to shoot
:iconkaijufan97:Kaijufan97 0 0
OK.... being serious about commissions
Commissions: I will do the following,
Robots, maybe furrys, small/short animals or creatures. made up creatures, plants, spaceships. And symbols
(I am not against the following)
I will NOT do: ponies, dragons dogs wolves, etc.
All deviations that are traditionally made will be 35 points.
And all deviations that is digitally made will be 50 points.
Send me reference sheets or photos of what you want.
:iconplaneti:planetI 0 0
Christmas Event
I'm gonna do this cuz why not flight? its the holidays, let's all do something together for this year.
This little Event can be done by anyone who wants to join, the theme of this event will just be really simple. You can do one of two things (Or both if your that dedicated to it)
1. Draw you (or your character that represents you) doing something you always do on Christmas, wether its setting uip the tree, or just hanging up decorations
Or 2. Draw Ditzy the Reindeer in your own style, since she is my version of the Spirit of the holiday, I kinda wanna see how others will interpret her.
if you don't want to join this event that's fine, you don't have to if you don't want to. This is just something I came up with for the Holidays and wanted to see who was interested.
So if you do, please tag me or comment the pic you've made below so that I can view it.
This event will last till the End of December, and  On the final day of it, I will post another Journal of the participants who en
:icon20008921:20008921 3 3
There hasn't been much activity
It's getting lonely in this group due to people rarely posting or not posting at all, I would recommend people to try to post regularly, I myself haven't been posting much, but that's due to school, I don't know any reasons to why nobody else has been posting, if you have a reason, please say it.
:iconshadowspeciesadopts:ShadowSpeciesAdopts 0 1
CritMas is here: Assemble the Siege Weapons!
Welcome to...
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green The Tannenbaum Trebuchets Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green

Nordic pines, you better fir them when they fire!

Your team captain is doughboycafe 

"The advent of the trebuchet marked a revolution in warfare, allowing armed forces to overcome long odds and claim hitherto improbable victories. The critiques we reap will be our spoils, and our enemies will find no corner of deviant art to hide from our onslaught. Load your slings, and let fly, and may the bards sing of our victory come Christmas!"

Team members
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 0 2
Undertale OC's for voreplaying
Chitron: 8 year old robot girl. Doing scary things to her might make her cry, especially eating her whole. She loves her big brother, Mettaton, and is annoyed by the fact that she is overshadowed by him. She will also find a way to be a pred. Inspired by imagination.
Strawberry: Female white mouse. Loves Mettaton with all her heart, but stays away from the fanatic duo (Bratty and Catty). She always is a target for preds and is too small to be one. Inspired by Jerry from Tom and Jerry.
Double Whammy: Whammy for short. This little hamster may be cute, but he can really punch! He's an undefeated champion in the monster boxing league. Despite his small size, he can swallow Mettaton whole without a problem, but most of the time, he's Metta's prey. Inspired by Mr. Feng from The Nut Job 2.
Kufukunoneko: "Hungry Cat" in Japanese, which what Kufuku is. She has no problem eating anything. However, she does look for food in trash cans, sewers, and even stomachs. Inspired by Pop Culture Internet C
:iconmadcaplovesvore:MadcapLovesVore 1 15
sorry about the lack of posts
I havent been posting much lately due to life happening, but i will be sure to post as often as possible.
:iconbendover77830:BenDover77830 0 0
12 Days of Features - Day 1
On the 1st day of Features, DA gave to me. . . .

Icons of your God

This is a project by
and the
Community Volunteers.
Check out her journal for more info

Come join the fun and share
some beautiful art.

:iconbrankaarts:BrankaArts 4 4
Got Milk
:iconcolleenriley3749:colleenriley3749 0 0
Spell list
:iconuzumakiclanrock:uzumakiclanrock 0 0
I'm not Dating dragonsushi27
To all you idiots out there who think I'm Dating dragonsushi27
I'm not, he's like Family to me and that's sick! He's in his 20s to 30s! That's disgusting
I'm Lesbian, L E S B I A N
Meaning I like the same gender
Got it
God there are so many Strawberry poptarts out there these days
:icontwinkie-kitty2005:Twinkie-Kitty2005 0 71
very well I felt good yesterday and now I caught a fever
:iconmarco95z:marco95z 0 0
Broadwaymau Bonus 2019 (Thumbnails Requested!)
2019 is almost upon us, and one of my resolutions is working more on my Aphmau AMVs. Every year from 2019 onwards, I will post a few songs from Broadway musicals, which I consider to be a break from my usual Aphamu AMV Sets, I call them Broadwaymau Bonus. Here are some of my ideas for 2019's line of Broadwaymau Bonus, for which I will need thumbnails drawn by you lovely visual artists out there (just send me a link in the comments):
1. "Dreamer in Disguise" from Carrie the Musical:
I discovered Carrie the Musical thanks to Anastasia the musical and DisneyFanastic2364 (long story for the former)... I plan on using Garroth for Tommy Ross. You may watch these videos for inspiration.
2. "She Used to be Mine" from Waitress the Musical:
Ah... this song always hits me in the feels and I kept on envisioning Kawaii~Chan singing the song!
3. "Waving Through a Window" from Dear Evan Hansen:
I've been dying to edit with Kacey! I feel like Evan and Kacey are crazy similar I don't need to explain mu
:icongraciep8:GracieP8 1 12
Labradorite Info
General Info
Name: Labradorite
Gem Name(s): Sunstone & Moonstone
(Optional) Known As?: 2nd Perma Fusion
Age: 190,000
Gem Years: 190,000
Looks About: 20
Alliance: Crystal Gems
Weapon(s):Whip Sword
Appearance: Labradorite Wears a Unique Dress That is mostly blue with black Shoes and Gloves and Sash like thing that comes from her Star on her chest and waist with a ponytail
Build/OC Body Type: Slim
Height: (Same As Garnets)
Weight: (Same As Rose Quartz)
Skin Tone: Light
Eye Color:Purple
Hair Color:Purple
Hair Style: Long, Wavy, PonyTail
Gem Placement(s): Both Hands
Attire: Crystal Gem Attire
Casual Wear: Crystal Gem Wear
Summer Wear: SwimSuit
Personality: caring and loving personality.
(To Many To List)
Strengths: Her Friends
Weakness(s): Gem Destablizer
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Homeworld
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing
Talents:A Lot
Biography:(Coming Soon)
History: (Coming Soon)
Place Of Birth: Homeworld
Fusion?: Yes
If So How?: Best Friends
(Optional) S
:iconcrystalvalor:CrystalValor 0 0
Hello people it's been awhile but welcome back anyways y'all all know how results work so I guess it's time for us to do the results, and some people didn't do it so I have to count that Off them >:( Grrrrr
1st Shot Glass(TF token)
2nd Ok Emoji(Fish Token)
3rd Chocolate ball(Ok Token)
4th Half a jar of fluid(Ok Token)
5th Bad Dog(Ok Token)
6th Evil Dog
7th Kungit
8th Slimey
9th Caillou
10th Cup of Water
11th Ultimate Victory Headband
12th Blue Circle
13th - 19th EVERBODY ELSE
Ok time to see the team results
1st Team Chocolate Milk
2nd Team Bad Dogs Ok Hand
Ok let's just skip to the danger zone
Team Cup Of Water
Cup Of Water
Team Kid Labor
Deku Head & Wood Chipper
Team Epic Poop
TP & Blue Circle
Team Victory
Lazy Circle & Ultimate Victory Headband
Team UseFul
RBG & Super Otha
:icontufc-offical:TUFC-OFFICAL 0 0
join heckers
:iconstormylove2002:StormyLove2002 0 0
:iconavrora-a:Avrora-a 0 0