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Devious Journal Entry
1) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
Warriors Forest of Secrets:""What did u tell the rest of the clan?"Fireheart thought'
2.) Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach?
My cousins sock :/
3.) What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Americans got talent
4.) Without looking guess what time it is
5.) Now look at the clock. What is the actual time?
I was close its 6:10
6.) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
Screaming from my cousing :,/
7.) When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
I was walking....
8.) Before you started this survey, what did you look at?
9.) What are you wearing?
BATIM clothes
10.) Did you dream last night?
Nope didnt sleep bc of depression
11.) When did you last laugh?
Well i always fake laugh to be like a normal never?
12.) What are one the walls you are in?
Ugly shit cuz its at my grandmas
13.) Seen anything weird lately?
My face
14.) What do you th
:iconbettynoir667:BettyNoir667 2 0
My Response to Valchaon
Dear Valchaon.
Well, Well, looks like we’re in a bit of a rut now aren’t we, but I might as well cut to the chase here. Yes, I was in fact trolling but I did it just to test a reaction from you, treating your artwork as if they were foot fetish content and boy did I have a lot of fun, most deviations you make shows constant exposition in the description that people will misinterpret your artwork as foot fetish content, if that’s the approach you’re making then you’ll deserve a perplexing response, you’re just too funny to ignore. But I’ll tell you my origin story, you see I come from the land of ‘Pokegirls-Feet-Club’ and I came across some of your artwork and noticed the description below with some ironic statements which caught my attention to you.

“We ALL have feet, so its perfectly normal to draw or view them as part of the norm body, not some weird kink which has become an odd habit of some people's.”
:iconpaul-ferris:Paul-Ferris 0 0
Best Birthday Ever !!
I got engaged! :heart:
My boyfriend Carlos took me and my mom & sister Irene and call my big sister to come over too to the mall with us. We stand in middle were the food court is and he look at and smile said I love you and happy birthday I was puzzled he got down on one knee and holding the ring and said will you married me my world stop and I started tearing up I said YES!.
:iconamyrosexshadowlover:AmyRoseXShadowlover 1 22
Voice actors (THIS IS FOR FUN)
If your interested my Gmail is for hangouts open spots right now Toy fresh, nightmare fresh, eve, nightmare eve, Pupeve, Sebastian, Simon, Toy Cathy, Broken Cathy, Withered Cubic, Cubic, Salvaged Eve, Salvaged Fresh, Salvaged cubic, That's it for now remember this is for fun See ya later!
:iconfreshtin:Freshtin 0 1
get charlie4christ off DA
beware of Charlie4christ, he is commenting the same biblical theme of repent + Bible verses. just a warning. please help us ban/remove him from here. he needs to stop harassing the community because it is making people uncomfortable/angry. comment if you support this petition.
:iconlove-brainiac5:love-brainiac5 0 0
Read This Please!
So, I told my fiancé about my fetishes back in September or so. Surprisingly she's OK with them it seems, well, the wedgie  one anyway.  We do those every now and then.  Both kind of them. Well, the other day I asked her if she could wear a dress for me and I hit her in the crotch from behind and bring her to her knee. It wouldn't be hard to hurt her, least that's not my intention.  She does have a low pain tolerance tho so idk how it would go. But she is OK with it which was shocking actually.  The thing is tho, I'm actually kind of nervous to do it. Cuz I'm not an abusive guy and I respect her and she's willing to let me do it. So why am I so nervous and what should I do about this? Any ideas?
:iconmikemazik:MikeMazik 0 4
Star Wars The Last Jedi Extended Novel Pg.174
Even as she broke the connection she felt a familiar present like a change in the weather behind her. Goose flesh broke out on her arms.I’d rather not do this nowShe said without turning yeah me too said Kylo stealing her self she turned determined not to let her adversary Into her head this time she would make him answer for what He’d done Did you hate your father she demanded then stopped. Oh! Kyloe was stripped to the waist in his chambers. The angry scar she’d given him  in their dual snake down his collarbone her eyebrows rose but Kyloe was unruffled by the state of her and seemingly own disturbed by her question because he was a weak minded fool he said Re-forced herself to look into his eyes Those angry haunted needy eyes.
:iconthecoloredwolves:TheColoredWolves 0 0
Request Guidlines
My favorite things to draw are video game characters and cartoon characters, ultimately just things of that genre. I will try to get requests done as soon as I can, but will not respond to those who ask for anything inappropriate or potentially offensive. Either way, feel free to ask me for a drawing if you want to. I’ll be glad to do it!
:iconnoaj83:nOaj83 0 0
D101/Incredibles: Crime Bosses
- Bomb Voyage
Weapons: Explosive mines and bombs
Henchmen: Mimes.
Plan: He has rigged Doofensmirtz building to explode with a huge bomb.
- The Brainfeezer
Weapons: High powered freeze laser, highly intelligent.
Henchmen: Ice Monsters.
Plan: To force feed everyone on his new ice cream, to put the entire district under mind control.
- The Toad
Weapons: High jumping, long tongue.
Henchmen: Ninja Frogs
Plan: To rid the city of Toonkind forever with a Great Flood and repopulate the entire multiverse with tadpoles.
- The Underminer
Weapons: Drillers, super strength, robotic fists.
Henchmen: Miners.
Plan: Plunge Toonopolis into the ground.
- Syndrome
Weapons: Rocket boots, Zero Point Energy.
Henchmen: Robots and Nomanisan Island guards.
Plan: Steal electronics to build a new Omnidroid.
:icondimensions101:Dimensions101 2 0
welp this is embarrassing + apology to FineEve
so if you guys saw my video "what I usually do 3" at the beginning of the video I thought that I send a link to a song which was "Bloc Party - Zephyrus (Fly The Fuck Remix)" but instead I paste a message that shouldn't be existed, here goes, so I texted one of my friends and texted about Ookami The Wolf and it was a mistake so I tried to delete but when I was close to deleting it I got distracted and accidentally copied the text I didn't notice the "message copied" text and I quickly got out of there and assuming that I deleted it and I usually do this because I'm a impatient guy and that time I got something to draw and hours later I made a video about a part 3 of What I usually do as you can see I'm at Deviant Art and thinking I got the song so I paste it without naming it and I always name the songs I put but this time I'm too lazy so I just slap that on the activity and it was the "Ookami The Wolf" text I fucking tried to delete, I really thought that was a link but nope I forgot t
:iconbmwm3gtr05:BMWM3GTR05 0 0
Toon town lore
Since my gallery is based off of batim as well as cup head, some stuff will definitely be a bit on the creepy and mysterious side. The whole universe of characters I've made, or toon town (I know, so original), will have a bit of a story/lore behind it having too do with the main baddie, Mr. Burns. The town is built up into three parts, Oakwood town, The freak show carnival, and Showbiz city with all their own types of characters, both heroes and villains. (Now, I don't want too give away too much because I've decided too make this a project, so long story short.) A mysterious type of ink enters the town in the form of a beverage that turns people insane whenever they drink, or even touch it! These poor souls are the past heroes turned villains (Mayor Oak, Lolli Leckers, Thomas Fortisi).  
Again I don't want too spoil the whole story so I'll leave it as just the set up^^
:iconannamatt:AnnaMatt 0 11
Join The Championship!!!
:iconsmashbrosandmothers:SmashBrosandMothers 0 0
Hey guys, commission this person!!
They need money for a move, help them out!
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Free MYO Bubblecorn
:iconedsrich:edsrich 0 0
90,200 Kiriban
As a celebration to all my watchers that support me the watcher
that catches the 90,200 pageview or closet to will get a free Sticker commission by me.

1. You must share this post.
2. You must be a watcher (New Watchers welcome)
3. You must catch the pageview or closet to. Send me a screenshot via note.
:iconwolflover1086:Wolflover1086 3 11
-:iconCrazy1997: (In progress)
Lets try this again, but with money this time.
-Basic Color, no shading- $10
-Color and shading- $20
-$3 per extra characters
All prices are in US Dollars
What I will do...
-Inflation of all sorts
-Both male and female
-Characters owned by you
-Minor nudity (tits and butts, no explicit genitalia)
-Bulges are okay
-Cartoony WG (No rolls)
What I will not do...
-Characters of pre-existing properties (fan art)
-Real people (from celebrities to your next door neighbor)
-Characters partaking in explicit sexual acts
-Fetishes like Gore, diapers, farting, scat, slob, Age-regression, pretty much anything that hasn't been done on my account. 
-Minors (Character must be 18+)
Some areas that may be open to negotiation...
-Furry characters (Leaning more on the human side. I'm put off by snouts)
-Characters from a game but are created by the player.
I'm pretty new to this, so some rules might be a
:iconsimulatedpopcorn:SimulatedPopcorn 1 0
Sorry I've been dead for like 2 weeks. I went on vacation and now am having a bit of art block. I'm going to continue any requests I have at the moment tomorrow, and hopefully resume my normal work as well!! 💕💕
:iconsavvygamer:savvygamer 0 0
Art fight!!
Art fight starts on July 1st!
My page is all set up, I’m ready to attack with digital art this year.
If you want to follow me or attack me once the fight starts here’s my profile:…
I will try to attack back if I receive any art!
Good luck!
:iconkasaikoinu:KasaiKoinu 0 0
I'm moving
New account here  :iconFluffyDargon101:
:iconsmallcutiedragon:smallcutiedragon 1 1
Souljournalists Challenge | Week 4 | Big Picture
Welcome to the fourth and final week of the June 2018 Souljournalist Challenge! 
Last week, we thought about growth and its various forms. Our last theme is the Big Picture. :woo: It's all about perspective folks. We're leaving no stone unturned and context is king. :crown:
For those of you who are new to the challenge, here is an example of a challenge entry for reference. The one difference between the example entry and actual challenge entries is that the entries should be submitted as non-fiction deviations. When you've finished submitting your entry to dA, make sure you add it to the Souljournalist Challenge Folder in Souljournalists' gallery so you can earn prizes. Eyes
This week's list of themes (June 22nd-28): 
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 1 3
2000 points giveaway by SeviYumi
Make sure to follow the rules and join it might just be your lucky chance
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Point Giveaway Raffle Thingy
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