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Raffle! (Closed)
CLOSED! And the winner is 7 by the help of random number generator! (xD)
Congratulations ShootingStarEevee :heart: Dancing Pumkin head 2
You have won a free halfbody and headshot~
Hello all! I decided to make a raffle for fun! :)
So here is a bit of a rules:
-You must fav and comment on this journal!
-Choose a number between 1 and 50!
-Feel free to share this! Means a lot!
-Free halfbody and a headshot from me :)
Never done a raffle before so it is a bit small one, but feel free to join for fun. <3
:iconokakiss:OkaKiss 13 22
- Natsuki Mania Contest has ended -
The Natsuki Mania contest is officially closed now. The winners announcement and prize hand outs will be on March 30th.
As of those who wanted to join in, but didn't make it, don't worry. You still can feel free to draw Natsuki anytime.

Thank you for participating in my first contest.
Commission Prices:

Single drawing
Sketch: $5.00 USDLineart: $7.50 USDFlat Colour or Black and White: $10.00 to $15.00 USDCell Shading: $15.00 to $20.00Soft Shading: $20.00 to $30.00  Extra Info:For a gradient background it's gonna be $1.00 or $2.00 USD ExtraA full background on the drawing is 10% extra the price of the drawing type you askDrawing price may vary depending on how complex the scenario, character's details, or number of characters is.For Sequences: A sequence will be only 10% of
:iconjuacoproductionsarts:JuacoProductionsArts 3 4
Mega Anniversary art contest
Heya everyone! It's been awhile since my last contest, so I have decided that I'm going to host a pretty massive, and Generous contest for you all to check out.
This contest is to celebrate my husband and I reaching our 1 year anniversary of marriage. We got married March 15th [Today], however we plan to make this go on long enough so artists have enough time to enter and whatnot.
What you will be doing, is following the link to an album filled with ten ships my husband and I picked out for this contest. We have anthro×anthro, humanxanthro, and humamxhuman ships, so that you can pick whatever you're most comfortable with drawing. You need to draw any ship from the album for this contest, not any of your characters, nor fandom based characters.
Ships are here
we have one ship that's still a wip,  it will be added within a few days and will be posted with a update to the contest!
☆please post this in a
:iconkvetina7:Kvetina7 3 0

This Contest is all about the Marvel and DC Universe. If your a Fan of the Current Movies, please join us in Celebrating them with some Great Fan Art Work. ( Thor, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg, The Flash, Batman, Captain America, Black Widow, Spiderman any of the heroes in these Universes)
:bulletred: We prefer a NEW piece, but will accept previous works as long as it is in our yearly submitted time; example must be submitted to Deviant Art from June 2017- upwards.
:bulletred: Particpate & Create and most important have fun :bulletred:
Start date is the 21/03/2018 (21st of March 2018)
End date is the 01/05/2018 (1st of May 2018)

The Rules
Please read the rules below before submitting!
:bulletblue: Must be a member of DAF
:bulletblue: Must have the Marvel, DC Universe Theme.
:bulletblue: Must credit stock with a link
:bulletblue: MUST say in artist comments that it is for THIS contest
:icondigital-art-fantasy:Digital-Art-Fantasy 5 7
OMG!! Arsena, the Arsenic's Borderline Mary Sue!!
The Author: I just saw this on vividan 's journal and I found it out interesting.
The character to be described is Arsena Nicola Senaya Magnus-Curie, Elementa Periodica's Arsenic Incarnate!!
[ ] They are possessed by an angel
[ ] They are possessed by a demon 
[ ] They are a werewolf/vampire/faerie
[/] They are physically strong
[ ] They have a rare hair/fur colour 
[ ] Their eyes are an unusual colour
[ ] This happens to be red
[ ] Their eyes change colour 
[ ] They have wings
[ ] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift
[/] They are immortal 
[ ] (if a female) they have large bra size
[ ] (if a male) they are very muscular 
[/] They are very attractive to the opposite gender
[ ] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc  
[ ] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc  
[ / ] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers (Arsenic: That would be a necklace that turns me into my Sadistic Forme)
[/] They have a special ability/power, but they don't
:iconjulianaforlife:Julianaforlife 2 2
Joker 😑😑😞😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑☺☺☺🙂☺☺☺☺
:iconwaylonvlogs:waylonvlogs 0 0
Phoenix vs Shuichi: DEATH BATTLE! Prelude

(Note: This battle will most likely not be using combat feats and will depend much more on wits and cleverness)

Name: Phoenix Wright
Age: 24 (First Appearence) 35 (Currently)
Alias: Nick, Mr. Nick, Trite, Herr Wright, Wright-Dono, Barbed Headed Attorney
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Defense Attorney, Pianist and Poker Player (formerly)

- Has won many seemingly hopeless cases
- Manages to effectively do his job, even when under extreme pressure (whether from the circumstances around the case, or from constant pressure from the prosecution)
- As a rookie, managed to best legendary prosecutor Manfred Von Karma AND solve the fifteen year old DL-6 case
- Stopped Police Chief Damon Gant's manipulation of the law
- Saved Maya from Shelly De Killer and stopped Matt Engarde at the same time
- Managed
:iconherooftheemblem:HeroOfTheEmblem 1 0
About the accident in the town Gudauri, Georgia
Today come sad news from Georgia , there happend emergency incident with a lift. Many people suffered..
I saw several videos which recorded people, i will try later write more about it and what i think about it.
Im very sadly from all those people which got injured in Gudauri , Georgia.
I think that on such objects there should be some instructions , which could quickly explain people what to do and how it need to do , preferably in pictures that you could immediately understand what you need to do for first time. For example, try to pinch the rope manually so next people will not continue to sit down and go from top to bottom that avoid new victims. Also on such objects should to be biggest red flags that you could to take it and deploy at the bottom of the snow so people above can see it and call for help (if as i got at down where no one of the people, there simply was an automated installation).
I will try later to write more what i think abo
:iconuakimov09:UAkimov09 0 0
Art Trades
I’m gonna do some art trades because why not. Here are the rules.
1: I’m not drawing porn.
2: I’m not drawing fetish art.
3: Don’t expect stuff like Picasso. I’m not that great.
4:  If your request for me is weird/uncomfortable, I will tell you and I will not draw it.
Anyways if you want to do an art trade with me, leave a request in the comments.
:iconlevijaeger1:LeviJaeger1 0 0
Hello! I'm currently doing commissions starting at $15.00!!
You can get either a headshot of your pony/character or a full body for $20.00!
I have a picture included as an example of what they'd lool like.
If you're interested in one, comment and I'll get back to you with a Note~ ^^
:iconpinki3dpi3:PiNkI3DPi3 1 1
i need some one who can draw sonic characters sa2
If you can draw travon the hedgehog sonic channel or sa2 style you are highly respected
:icontravon-the-hedgehog:travon-The-hedgehog 0 0
Newest folder: BLACK PANTHER film!
Black Panther film folder
Hey there, Disney fans!  I just added a folder for the Marvel Studios blockbuster film Black Panther!  The link is here.
Sorry it took so long for me to add it!  I didn't want to add the folder before I watched the movie.  I always research before making movie and TV series folders, and I didn't want to see any spoilers.  I had tried on two separate occasions to watch the movie in theaters, but it was sold out both times.  I finally got the chance to watch today, and it was AMAZING!
Anyway . . . enjoy the folder!  Here is the link again!:
Black Panther film folder
:iconsavvyred:SavvyRed 0 0
im sorry wolfy please forgive me and everything
theunknownwolfwolfy I'm sorry wolfy please forgive me for everything I did and give a second chance and lets start over as friends and always just friends I promise I'll behave around you I won't hug or kiss you I promise please forgive me
:iconthelonewolfwolfer:TheLoneWolfWolfer 0 3
:icondoctor-venom:Doctor-Venom 0 0
Game of Life and Death newsletter (Important)
Dear everyone involved in or interested in the Game of Life and Death...
Hiya! Dimonds456 here! I have some news! All good things, too.
GoLaD has a discord server now! I’m gonna be sharing a TON of stuff over there, including some new pixel art (beta haha) I have of Admin, including a gif of his walk cycle. We can share ideas about the game, roleplay as our characters, and host things like competitions and stuff of the like.
If you have submitted a character, PLEASE join! I’m gonna need you! If you haven’t, join anyways. We’d love to have you.
Without further adiu, The link:
See you all there!
:icondimonds456:Dimonds456 1 1
Femme Fighters Introduction
Hello everyone allow me to introduce you to the newly made contest that I have created. I will tell you the basics of the event and other significant details on the matter. Without further ado let us begin!
What is Femme Fighters?
Femme Fighters is a fighting contest. Women from across the media are taken to participate in the event in which each person's vote will cause weight gain. Still confused? Allow me to explain.
About 8-16 women are taken to participate in a fighting contest. They are pitted against each other one on one making it 4-8 fights in the first round. Then it is up to you my viewers and I to decide who wins. In order to do that you simply state which of the 2 women you prefer in the comments section of their fight. Now, this part is tricky and might need visual examples for you to understand but I hope this explains it well enough. If you vote for A to win, then that vote adds a pound on B. Meaning the winner gains minimal weight while the defeated opponent gains the
:iconfatblackwidow:FatBlackwidow 0 0
Requests/Pedidos (Closed)
I'm making the drawings requests like this, for the first ones that ask me, that I will upload them to my second account FrannChan ^^ the drawings I will do it when I can, and I will notify
Estoy haciendo requests de dibujos como este para los primeros que me pregunten que talvez se  suban a mi segunda cuenta FrannChan ^^ los dibujos los haré cuando pueda, y les avisare
:iconfranndraws:Franndraws 2 10
I was tagged!
Tagged by MoonSword1994 I think their username was...? Sorry if I misspell it!
Eight fun facts about my favorite character, Vidia.
1. She had a best friend named Arlene when she was younger who later dies, causing Vidia to pretend to lose her memory and start over as the popular good kid at school, as this was what Arlene would've wanted.
2. Before "losing" her memory, she was also friends with Lux, who later becomes depressed as she has to pretend she doesn't remember him. He knows she didn't really lose her memories but she can't break character. This will be revealed near the end of season 1 of a upcoming comic *wink wonk*
3. Vidia's mom's assistant, Mocha, has never once said her actual name. She always calls Vidia stuff like "Visit" "Vision" "Vodka" "Valley" "Virginia" "Value" "Video" Etc. It's never the same one twice.
4. Vidia is a warlock, along with most of my other children- I uhhh mean my characters!
5. Vidia had an abusive boyfriend that she only stayed with for popularity
:iconsassyghost:SassyGhost 2 9
Giving away 1500pts + other updates!
We are having a raffle and MYO event. Must be a member with an adopt to join the raffle. If you don't like any of the adopts, you can make your own! See Raffle! Win 1000pts or 500pts! for more information :heart:
Out of town tonight.
I am taking my daughter to see her dad and, despite knowing about it weeks in advance, it still snuck up on me lol So to my commissioners, art is delayed a day unexpectedly. So sorry! I also have a Pakkeli-Cluster MYO to finish and some secret art to work on, sooooooooooo poop going out of town lol
This will happen again next week on Tuesday the 20th when I pick up my daughter from her dad's. So just be aware of that :huggle:
I bought a...
Cthu (DON'T SAY IT) necklace plus tentacle ring on Etsy. I am in looooooove with them! Who shops Etsy and can recommend some good jewelry shops??? I would prefer gamer-oriented shops, especially thos
:iconilantiis:iLantiis 0 0
happy st. Paddy's Day
Make sure to wear green. I might be making a character based on Saint Paddy's Day
:iconjacksepticeyefan2266:Jacksepticeyefan2266 0 0
Get DeviantArt's 10th birthday Badge!!
Hello everyone... if you like badges and fill up your profile with badges to show off :D 
**Here is the link to geth the 10th B'day Badge.. CELEBRATE !!
**So this challange is about puzzle solving, there is the cute Deviant Emoji Guy excited to see the Big birthday Cake.. 
You have to solve the puzzle as soon as you can to get a on the top list in Highscores!
**So You just have to open the link with IE 7+ if it's not running on Chrome/Mozilla
**The game is simple: put the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal a secret image. Act quickly, because the clock is ticking! The deviants with the fastest times will be displayed upon finishing the puzzle.   
:icontasty-muffin:Tasty-muffin 0 5
St. Patrick RP: You're the Leprechaun
In this RP, you have to protect a jar of rainbow-coated chocolate cookies from gluttony Toxic Oilman. To protect it, you'll be as cunning as the Leprechaun, by tricking Toxic Oilman with anyway you want.
Comment here to start RP
:iconart-of-gameland:Art-of-Gameland 0 13