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OC Survey (Read Further For Info)
So I waa doodling around for ATC Season 4 when I realized something. I don't know how to make an OC. Now before any of you object to that and call Theo,Stuart,or Junior ocs (with Blue and Ashley being odd exception) I want to tell you what I classify and O.C. is.
To me, O.C. is "Original" Character. A character made from a preexisting franchise of an actual person who is inserting themselves into a preexisting world,AU, ect.
What Theo,Stuart,and Junior are actually are Fan characters by my Descriptions.
A fan character is a character somone makes meant to fit into the original world of a preexisting franchise, an AU, ect., and is not the actual creator's self as such a character.
My definition may be broad, but its easiest for me. With that said, I can make fan characters, but I can't make an OC. So, thats why I'm asking you guys to fake the following quiz I have down below. This quiz will ask all of you the following:
OC Quiz
1) What universe, franchise, AU, ect. would you put an OC i
:iconcacartoon:CAcartoon 15 20
ATTZ. of GRATZ. #9
The Previous Attz. of GRATZ. are HERE:
ATTZ. of GRATZ. #8
Welcome to the 9th Edition of "Attz. of Gratz." - Thank you for so much being here,
whether just being here to view, read, or participate by sharing your own GRATZ, whether around five, or just ONE! We love just ONE! :) 
I can't believe we've almost made it to the 10th edition, but... one edition, one day, one moment at a time, right?  Everyone shared such amazing GRATZ last time, ATTZ. of GRATZ. #8 
all so good for my soul, thank you very much, :lol: 
There was one in particular that touched my heart in big way, when awesome43 shared that she was grateful for her mother's soup pot, and not just all the things she can make in it but the wonderful memories it bro
:iconteaphotography:TeaPhotography 16 24
Short Challenge #53 - Special Christmas
The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
Stock Required

1º most voted entry.
- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from FrostAlexis
- 50 Points from donation pool. 

2º most voted entry.

- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from FrostAlexis
 3º most voted entry.
- 100 Points from Wesley-Souza
- 50 :points: from FrostAlexis

For all winners
- 1 Exclusive Stock from: Wesley-Souza | HermitCrabStock | Renata-s-art | Secretadmires
- Feature from:  HermitCrabStock   | Charlliee
:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 8 2
Promoting Positivity: Vol 3
Hello everyone!
Welcome back to Promoting Positivity, this time with the third installment. Unfortunately, this one will be smaller because no one submitted any contributions. However, that doesn't mean I haven't tracked down new positive posts for you.
Last Week!
Before that, let's discuss the problem from last week: Our personal image.
The Problem
Last week, StarKite1 submitted a picture about how a lot of people tend to be absorbed in how they physically look - meaning, they worry they are unattractive. A lot of these people go to unhealthy lengths to fit a certain standard. It might not seem like a big deal, but this mentality can kill people. Stress is one thing, starvation or strangulation is another. You can die if you aren't careful.
My Answer:
:iconrtnightmare:RTNightmare 5 10
Being Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual isn't wrong
If you think just bc your Gay, lesbian or Bisexual you're a bad person bc some dumb troll or a Stupid Homophobe told you then get back in your game dude!
You're perfect, amazing, and incredible bc you are you! Some ppl want to change others but I wouldn't change anyone who didn't​ want to be! Love who you want! IF YOU GOTTA CRUSH!! TELL EM HOW YOU FEEL!!
There is always gonna be someone out there who will love you for who you are! So don't ever think that you're in this alone!! There is someone out there feeling the same pain as you! You just gotta find em
Don't change anything
:icontwinkie-kitty2005:Twinkie-Kitty2005 5 27
Skylanders D101 Adventures: Upcoming Episodes
- Chicken Foxs: Tessa gets the "Chicken Foxs" and turns everyone in Skylands into actual chickens! So Trystin and the Skylanders try to rescue the infected citizens from Cluck, while Cali and Boomer try to recover the Antidote to cure Tessa.
Focusing Skylander: Voodood
Villain: Cap'n Cluck
- A Beautiful Mine: When a mysterious mine rock encrusted with precious gems plummets to the Academy, Trystin and company decide to head into the Molekin Mine to mine the priceless rubies.
Focusing Skylander: Drill Sergeant and Rubble Rouser
Villain: Pandergast
- Bad Luck Amok: Tuff Luck's belt lost one of it's clover leaves, unleashing a potluck of bad luck on everyone.
Focusing Skylander: Tuff Luck
- A Lovestruck Academy: It's Valentines Day in Skylands, a laboratory mishap exposes Trystin, Cali, Spyro, and Kaos to a powerful pheromone that causes each of them to fall madly in love with the next person they see.
Focusing Skylander: Spyro
Villain: Kaos and Golden Queen
- A Dark Doppleganger: Kaos cr
:icondimensions101:Dimensions101 1 0
DD Discussion on December 15
The Holiday period can be quite frazzling for a lot of people.  If reading helps you unwind, you should definitely check out some of the great Literature Daily Deviations from last month.  Then treat yourself right and take the time for a stimulating but non-stressful discussion with your fellow DeviantArt community members.
All are invited to the CRLiterature chat room this Saturday, December 15 from 11am-1pm Pacific Time - see what that is in your time zone here.  Keep reading to the bottom of this journal for the short list of November literature DDs that will be discussed.
We believe that discussion with friends and peers is a valuable part of how a reader expe
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 4 3
Xavier : Hmmm.....
Scarlet(Andross’s evil aunt): Is there something wrong you’re majesty??
Kuro(Eli’s dark side/demon): Is it about syaza??
Xavier : Yes...i need a plan to get Syaza without knowing from her family and friends...
Scarlet : How about we kidnapped the middle of the night..
Xavier : Hmm...not a bad idea...kuro i need you to kidnapped syaza in the middle of the night...
Kuro : Sure you’re majesty i will bring her to you*teleporting to syaza’s house*
Me : *Sleeping*
Kuro : *Seeing her from her window bedroom* good she sleeping time to take her to xavier*go to inside her room and teleporting kuro with syaza to the xavier’s castle*
Me : Hmm...*waking up*what time is it??
??? : It’s 4 o’clock in the morning
Me : What...??*sees kuro* what...the...where am i??and did you kidnapped me kuro??!’
Kuro : Yes i did and you in your room...
Xavier : Hello there daughter...
Me : Xavier!!!
:iconarrisyaazzahra:ARRISYAAZZAHRA 3 20
Crazy Rich Asians FULL MOVIE watch online
watch here :

Watch Crazy Rich Asians  Movie Online Streaming media is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider. The verb “to stream” refers to the process of delivering or obtaining media in this manner;[clarification needed] the term refers to the delivery method of the medium, rather than the medium itself, and is an alternative to file downloading, a process in which the end-user obtains the entire file for the content before watching or listening to it.
Crazy Rich Asians full movie
Crazy Rich Asians full movie watch online HD
Crazy Rich Asians watch online free'
Crazy Rich Asians full movie watch and download free
Crazy Rich Asians full movie onli
:iconmariakreitz:MariaKreitz 0 0
Mlp requests OPEN
Hi everyone, since now im more motivated to do art and i have a bunch of free time im going to take Mlp requests. If you want other type of request note me but i will priorice mlp requests. Anyway if want one comment in this journal and let me know :3
:iconnicox0712:Nicox0712 3 23
Drawing Mr Men Show OC's In Christmas Outfit
I was think of drawing Mr Men OC's in Christmas Outfit and I would like to hear it if you want me to draw it. There are few options but if somewone already taken it, then it can't be drawn.
Teddy Bear
Angel (Taken By Teaganm with her OC, Miss Kind)
Candy Cane Style
Snowflake Style
Snow Princess/Snow Prince
The Snow Princess/Snow Prince is hard cause I'm going to choose one winner to be Snow Princess/Snow Prince.
In order to win, I have a quiz that is on The Mr Men Show. There will be 5 questions and they are all hard.
Good Luck!
1. True or False: Mr Grumpy has a orange fruit trees in his garden in the episode of 'Garden.'
2. In which episode do we see Mr Per(s)nickety in his Season 1 style for the last time?
3. In the episode of 'Heatwave', Miss Scary explains how she found out that Mr Rude has an air conditioner and she says, "Miss Chatterbox told Mr Bump, who told Mr Noisy, who told ... so loudly that everyone heard it." Who Mr
:iconmr-men-fans:Mr-Men-Fans 1 2
Year-end for Writers and Artist submission of your best works of this year ends on December 31st!
Read the journal for the details.
Quick question is the new blind battle is discouraging any people for wanting to enter this year? The reason I'm asking is that so far we only have two writing works and one art... Years before have been more successful by this time in the month, since it is all about works you have done in the year not making something new for this month.
Let me know by voting in this poll -
If there are enough people stating they don't want the blind battle I will drop the idea and go back to the normal battles.
:iconsampsonknight:sampsonknight 1 3
Solved: iPhone 6S unable to boot after dropping
An iPhone 6S dropped into the ground, the iPhone screen is fine, but the iPhone 6S unable to boot. Is it the problem of the iPhone motherboard? Let's find out the problem and solve it. 

Disassemble the iPhone 6S. Use screwdrivers to remove the screws next to the iPhone lightning port, put iPhone 6S on the CPB screen separator, after a while, open the iPhone, take out the iPhone motherboard. 
Measure the iPhone motherboard with DC power supply, there is no current. Short connect boot pin, and then turn it on, the current tested is larger than normal, which means that a voltage in the boot circuit is short-circuited.
Use digital multimeter to measure the diode data of main power supply for each circuit on the iPhone motherboard, we found the diode data of PP_CPU voltage is smaller than n
:iconvipprofixphone:vipprofixphone 0 0
DEATH BATTLE: Ripper Roo Vs Genocide Jack: prelude

full name: ripper roo
age: ???
species: kangaroo
occupation: one of dr neo cortex mutants animals
aliases: dr roo
first appearance: crash bandicoot (1996)
height: 1.51m
weight: 72kg
- tried to destroy crash bandicoot 2 times
- have 7 years of therapy and years of higher education
- join a karting event
- became state governor and tried to be president


can crush crash with his body?
- weaker then crash
-- and dingodile
--- and tiny
- speed across the floor of his library in minutes?
- seem to be faster then dingo and tiny and slower then crash
- sped through the el poco logo mini game
- takes hits from crash's spinning attack
- survived explosions from tnt boxes and nitro boxes
- can survives missiles
- tanked from chemicals
- also have a toon fo
:icongoodstar64:goodstar64 0 0
+ Active Watcher + Week #5 +

Little glitter rainbow ALL INFOS : Little glitter rainbow 

Rainbow-orb rainbow flag wavingrainbow flag waving✿ WEEK #5 | 10 to 16 Dec. ✿ rainbow flag wavingrainbow flag wavingRainbow-orb
New *Sorry for the delay, I got busy with some personal issues.
Update about Fan-Arts of my OCs : 
Sketch / Lineart will give 25Crystal Heart
Colored will give 50
Colored + simple BG will give 75
Complexe fan-art will give 100
:iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 6 0
Everyone, plz don't fully trust Buryn
But there is more proof where this came from. Because someone set me up for the photo that was already made, and apparently Buryn was getting me pissed off because she's doubting that I'm telling the truth which is i never lie! And I'm not a thief! This is an android $25 piece of scrap for starters. Of course it'll do crazed up things. I just don't wanna be a thief.......
:icondragongamer041:DragonGamer041 3 231
Golden Spike
So in case you didn’t know, 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the competition of the first transcontinental railroad. So to mark this occasion, I’m planning to create a video of railfans singing great big rolling railroad, similar to Union Pacific’s 1978 commercial. If any one is interested in doing, please contact me.
:iconmilwaukeeroadbrony:MilwaukeeRoadBrony 0 0
My Little Pony,Rappers and More.......
I'ma do more that I've never seen in my life before thinking about starting my YouTube Channel Later on but my point is I'm gonna post stuff on this page that I've never seen before nothing inappropriate promise and like I've never had is something that'll help me later in my features so yes Watchers I'll be hitting this page with updates and stuff and this is only the begging. Later Watchers/People and I'll see what I can do Bye........👍👌👋
:iconprincessluna0428:Princessluna0428 0 0
Static Young Justice news.
Here's some good news if you're ready to see Static again. Young Justice season 3 is coming back January 4th. There will be 4 episodes every Friday.
:icongirlsofstatic-shock:GirlsOfStatic-Shock 0 0
Art Challenge: My OCs.
I feel like I'm bored for a reason. So I just want to challenge anyone with my own OCs. So, here are the things that I want ya to do.
Challenge for this one: I want you to draw Marcoshawott and Vulcan looking at some fireworks.
*If you are confused of what they look like: here are two arts to remind you:
This is the challenge if you're two: Draw Marco (as a Snow Pea) wishing at a shooting star.
*Here is an art to let you know:
For number 3:
Draw some of my OCs (It can be Marcoshawott, Vulcan or Marco as a Snow Pea) with your own OCs, hanging out.
:iconsupermarco64:SuperMarco64 0 0
Now. I never though I'd have to say this but I thought I was unlucky with getting bladder cancer...but it turns out........Honey, my precious little golden Labrador, has arthritis AND cancer in both her front legs...I've booked an urgent operation for her to get it removed...I hate crying..........
:iconwhitefang73005:Whitefang73005 3 11
Colorization 2019 winners
The Winners.
Good morning sweet people.
Here I got you the results and winners,
judging was really hard,
all entries were amazing and really beautiful. 
Some of them was a little bit
of too much on make up or on skin color,
and I wanted a natural look,
and I hope you will agree with me  with the results,
I believe I choose the best colorization for each round,
and really hope you won't get mad ,
like I said in the challenge itself,
I always choose the best.
There will be more colorization challenges Next year.
I want to thank everyone who participated,
everyone did a fantastic job.Clap 
For the first round I got 18 entries,
all reall
:iconmagicalflowerbomb:MagicalFlowerBomb 4 10