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Want to do one last challenge?
Hi, everyone.
Long time, no see, huh?
Well, first, I've been extremely ill for months. Right now, I'm looking at this screen with one new eye lens while I wait for the other one to be replace.
Second, I've been extremely busy taking on new responsibilities at the art studio and gallery where I am a registered artists.  Currently I'm co-coordinating a new community exhibition called "I Want To Believe" that will open in September while I prepare for my own solo show that will open mid-September and run through mid-October.
That, and preparing for, and looking for, and entering writing  and art contest, and places to exhibit my art, I've decided that it's become too much for me to worry about this group any longer.
So, since this group has a Super until October, I will keep it going until then. However, I will only post Features.
I had an idea for one last challenge if enough of you are interested.
One thing that members always enjoy
:iconmanipulatethis:ManipulateThis 4 4
Call for June birthdays!

Please leave a comment here if you have a birthday in June or a friend of yours on DeviantArt has a birthday in June!

:bulletyellow: Please also leave the date, if possible, not just the name! :bulletyellow:

:star: Maximum of 5 deviants, please! :star:

 (The only exception is TeaPhotography)

Birthdays are featured in Weekend Fun, usually at the end of the week of the birthday. No need to be a member!

Important: If your recommend friends, please make sure they want to be featured. Not everybody likes exposure.

:iconstygma:Stygma 2 13
ok look..
im not going to leave this account, but if this drama keeps happening i just might leave this account
let me make my apologies
im sorry Nobody for hacking you,,
im sorry to everyone who supports sansxwolfie
i did the hacking bc Nobody gave me his password for revenge. i believed her and did it, which was a huge mistake..
i dont know who or what to believe, bc i dont know the truth..
i may ask, please PLEASE delete journals, hide comments, and NEVER mention the drama ever again. i am sorry for agreeing to this
dont attack sarah for this, thats not what im saying..just dont bring it up
also, wolfie, pls delete that status update i forgot to delete and try to get rid of the damage that has been already done
most of you probably hate me for doing this, just please dont mention it..
also, thanks to these people who made me feel a little better about myself,, Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody and thats all i can rlly think of
i hope you actually re
:icongaypet:GayPet 3 25
Summer request (because I'm bored)
This is closed on Friday.
If I don't do your request, then there is to much going on.
Here are the rules :3
1. Any characters (up to 3 or 4)
2. You're going to have to show me a link of you're character (if the link does not work, I will ask you again to send it)
3. If you are a watcher then you get to have 2 request (I am pushing it to next level >:v)
4. I will start working on these Friday.
5.Please know that they are going to take a while to make. If you start rushing my by frequently asking me ,because you are the most impatient person in the world, I will stop working on your request!!!!!!
6. You all enjoy having a great summer break!
:iconfluffyaltarias:FluffyAltarias 1 5
Just for fun, enter this contest for a chance to get a lot of points!
:iconbeepaint5501:BeePaint5501 1 1
- Ch02 Ep02 - Disparition -

Dans les épisodes précédents
Après la disparition de Nadia, Easter a concentré ses recherches pour créer un détecteur de Shugos dans l'espoir de la retrouver. Même si sa création fut rendue plus rapide avec l'aide des lycéens volontaires, elle ne le fut pas assez.
Après avoir passé une journée à la rechercher, tout ce que les étudiants finirent par trouver furent les restes de la coquille de son œuf, brisé, dans la forêt derrière le temple hors de la ville. Mais le plus perturbant fut la découverte après avoir recollé les morceaux ensemble d'un seul trou pour lequel aucun bout de coquille ne fut trouver. Un trou parfaitement rond, et du diamètre d'une paille insolemment mignonne, trouvée non loin de là. Mais les gens jettent souvent leurs déchets dans la forêt lorsqu'ils s'y promènen
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Lun-kun's Request Box!!!
This is really cool please check it out! :3
:iconhannahng:hannahNg 0 0
Today starts an amazing weekend yay
:iconqueenkitty101:QUEENKITTY101 0 1
Comment here to get a shout-out!
May 25, 2018:
:iconzoechickenfarmer:ZoeChickenFarmer 0 0
Its time to step it up for me.
I know you all never going to believe me abd thinking am a liar but am very serious and i will study very hard to make my parents proud.
My dad told me about getting a job is not easy to have and ill start to find a career and that is being electric professional since it will help me a lot and shows my family to make me proud.
So ill stary being a serious adult and stop being a idoit. I meant it.  Please know about it and hope i can get help for any tips.  
Now ill stop being a idoit kid and being a adult.  Am not lying, its is true.  
I dont care if your going make me sad and just putting a comment or post about me and always hating me.
I will be a good adult to make my parents proud and especially my grandpa... He know he is watching me on heaven...  Please believe me and stop hating me people.. (them)
Gnight all.  
:iconjennysuperstar:JennySuperStar 0 3
What next
Now that all the characters are posted, I would like to post whatever you lovely ladies and gentlemen would like, posters, requests, q and a, comics, whatever, just ask for it and I'll make it ^^
:iconannamatt:AnnaMatt 0 2
Tamashi Tail Mermay Raffle!! (nm)
Come join in this one is gorgeous!!
:iconamajadewolf:AmaJadeWolf 0 0
:iconvaleria16s:Valeria16s 1 0
Spring Flower Contest Officially Closed!
The Spring Flower Contest is Over!
The Spring Flower Contest is officially over, and what a turnout with over 30 entries! I'm so enthused! Voting commences now via comment on group journal entries (like this one) and notes. If you don't want to comment on a journal, you can note the group or me to vote!
Please view all of the entries!
I usually put entries in the journal, but since there are so many (which is a good thing!) use the following link to see all of the entries:
:bulletgreen: feature on the group page
:bulletgreen: feature in the group journal
:bulletgreen: feature in the group gallery: next to the folders as well as in a contest finalists folder
:bulletgreen: feature in my personal journal
Points Prizes:
:bulletred: First: 60 poin
:iconflower-meets-sunset:Flower-Meets-Sunset 0 0
Im back baby
I’m back for now I’m still a abdl
:iconnickfielder0325:NickFielder0325 0 0
Excited news....
The time....has come.....finally I did it....
I have finally Graduated!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!! QwQ
Congratulations to me!!! Yesh! I've finally out of school, everybody! :"D
Let's Celebrate and party!!! Yee-haw!! :D
:iconjoethegreatfox:joethegreatfox 2 59
Ultimante-Flapcrack is an autistic troll.
This retard will spamm you with stupid ass articles and gay shit. STOP THAT CUNT BEFORE HE FUCKS YOU OVER.
:iconabsoluteruner:AbsoluteRuner 0 1
All about Tamarians!
Notable Tamarian traits:
.A glistening mane.
.A battle mask/form.
.Large eyes.
.Very soft, almost jelly like round feet.
.An object covering their inner ears.
.Flat, round faces with a small muzzle.
.An object floating above their heads (this can shoot beams and shards depending on the character's theme).
.4 wings (rare feature).
.2 wings (common feature).
Tamarian behaviour:
.Can stand and walk on their hind legs.
.Can sit like humans.
.Have varying personalities, but sassy to some degree, as it is in their nature.
.Majority of them love to live grand lifestyles.
.Behave like humans, but can act more animal-like when angry.
Tamarian Bodies and diet:
.Height is just around 4 foot (5 when standing).
.Omnivores, but they lurve meat.
.Can fly, even without any visible wings.
Tamarian Currency:
.Gold coins (10 points) and silver coins (1 point). These can be used to purchase additional accessories and goodies and will be awarded randomly if a person comments "Mystery coins please!"
:icontamarian-kingdom:Tamarian-Kingdom 0 0
    First off, hello! I'm Xalath. I've been having trouble writing (as you can see) and thought I could get back on track with some requests! My writing probably won't be on par with how I used to write since I haven't done anything since my last upload- so please be nice! I'm trying to get back on track! I won't be giving a lot of options, because I know how over-whelming requests can be, so please be understanding if you don't see a group you were hoping for. There will be a time limit to give your request to lessen the chance of it becoming over-bearing. The less there is the easier it is for me. 

List the person and a prompt that you want. Be detailed if you can.
One request at a time.
Do not ask for more, It's disheartening an
:iconxalath:Xalath 0 0
getting on Roblox again tonight
I'll be on in 50 minutes. Maybe. I'll be on around that time definitely
:iconbellyqueensupreme:BellyQueenSupreme 2 17
Twitter acc
So in the twitter age thing my account has been suspended /locked I've sent a email to fix it so I hope to get some response in the next few days! If it can't be fixed I most likely will make a new account!
:iconcreamflash:Creamflash 0 3
I just came across a user named “MegaBendyFangirl” they are art thief. But not only that they have been telling the original maker to kill them self in a post with now almost 100 comments. The maker told me that she knows this person in real life. The art stealer also makes romantic relationships out of the original makers characters that are siblings. The thief calls the original maker a pedo.
Please help us fix the problem with a mass report
:icongummy-graveyard-art:gummy-graveyard-art 0 0