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Colorization 2019 winners
The Winners.
Good morning sweet people.
Here I got you the results and winners,
judging was really hard,
all entries were amazing and really beautiful. 
Some of them was a little bit
of too much on make up or on skin color,
and I wanted a natural look,
and I hope you will agree with me  with the results,
I believe I choose the best colorization for each round,
and really hope you won't get mad ,
like I said in the challenge itself,
I always choose the best.
There will be more colorization challenges Next year.
I want to thank everyone who participated,
everyone did a fantastic job.Clap 
For the first round I got 18 entries,
all reall
:iconmagicalflowerbomb:MagicalFlowerBomb 4 10
Hello! I'm doing commissions!
Full Body + Background

:points:3510/35 USD
Full body (no or simple background)

:points:2720/27 USD
Half body + background

:points:3000/30 USD
Half Body (no or simple background)

:points:2520/25 USD
Bust/Head + Background

:points:1600/20 USD
Bust/Head (no or simple background)

:points:1200/ 18 USD
Character Reference (NOTE ME)

+  :points:1320/13 USD For Each full body Character pose
+  :points:1000/10 USD For Each half body Character pose
+ Face Closeup ( :points:800/8 USD)
Rough Sketch
Elution by OctoProbz
:points:1000/ 10 USD
Commission: Naelpe by OctoProbz
7000/70 USD
+ 1 Character ([Points]1820/18 USD)
(For extras and ref sheets: If you are buying with points, note me and I will make you a Commission widget.)
- Please note me regarding Commissions! Thank yo
:iconu-buy-please:U-BUY-PLEASE 1 1
DD Discussion on December 15
The Holiday period can be quite frazzling for a lot of people.  If reading helps you unwind, you should definitely check out some of the great Literature Daily Deviations from last month.  Then treat yourself right and take the time for a stimulating but non-stressful discussion with your fellow DeviantArt community members.
All are invited to the CRLiterature chat room this Saturday, December 15 from 11am-1pm Pacific Time - see what that is in your time zone here.  Keep reading to the bottom of this journal for the short list of November literature DDs that will be discussed.
We believe that discussion with friends and peers is a valuable part of how a reader expe
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 3 2
Promoting Positivity: Vol 3
Hello everyone!
Welcome back to Promoting Positivity, this time with the third installment. Unfortunately, this one will be smaller because no one submitted any contributions. However, that doesn't mean I haven't tracked down new positive posts for you.
Last Week!
Before that, let's discuss the problem from last week: Our personal image.
The Problem
Last week, StarKite1 submitted a picture about how a lot of people tend to be absorbed in how they physically look - meaning, they worry they are unattractive. A lot of these people go to unhealthy lengths to fit a certain standard. It might not seem like a big deal, but this mentality can kill people. Stress is one thing, starvation or strangulation is another. You can die if you aren't careful.
My Answer:
:iconrtnightmare:RTNightmare 5 10
+ Active Watcher + Week #5 +

Little glitter rainbow ALL INFOS : Little glitter rainbow 

Rainbow-orb rainbow flag wavingrainbow flag waving✿ WEEK #5 | 10 to 16 Dec. ✿ rainbow flag wavingrainbow flag wavingRainbow-orb
New *Sorry for the delay, I got busy with some personal issues.
Update about Fan-Arts of my OCs : 
Sketch / Lineart will give 25Crystal Heart
Colored will give 50
Colored + simple BG will give 75
Complexe fan-art will give 100
:iconangekrystaleen:AngeKrystaleen 3 0
Being Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual isn't wrong
If you think just bc your Gay, lesbian or Bisexual you're a bad person bc some dumb troll or a Stupid Homophobe told you then get back in your game dude!
You're perfect, amazing, and incredible bc you are you! Some ppl want to change others but I wouldn't change anyone who didn't​ want to be! Love who you want! IF YOU GOTTA CRUSH!! TELL EM HOW YOU FEEL!!
There is always gonna be someone out there who will love you for who you are! So don't ever think that you're in this alone!! There is someone out there feeling the same pain as you! You just gotta find em
Don't change anything
:icontwinkie-kitty2005:Twinkie-Kitty2005 5 27
miraculous ladybug news
There is a season 3 in progress!!! The first is out, chameleon, on YouTube!!! Episode two is in the making but there is marichat!! Real life marichat!!!!
Spoilers for the third season:
(Ignore if u want to be surprised)
Mari has her hair down once.
Chat gets akumatized
The dragon kwami with tikki makes: dragon bugg
Anything I missed?
Comment below
:iconwarriorcatsgeeks:Warriorcatsgeeks 0 0
Everyone, plz don't fully trust Buryn
But there is more proof where this came from. Because someone set me up for the photo that was already made, and apparently Buryn was getting me pissed off because she's doubting that I'm telling the truth which is i never lie! And I'm not a thief! This is an android $25 piece of scrap for starters. Of course it'll do crazed up things. I just don't wanna be a thief.......
:icondragongamer041:DragonGamer041 3 12
Static Young Justice news.
Here's some good news if you're ready to see Static again. Young Justice season 3 is coming back January 4th. There will be 4 episodes every Friday.
:icongirlsofstatic-shock:GirlsOfStatic-Shock 0 0
I'm sorry guys it's just so sad the Q&A series is cancelled :( it's just not the same
SIKE we are removing a token which is the (You Tried Your Best Token) cause let's face it no one is gonna use them so RIP YTYB Tokens but anyways I got good news eliminations are gonna be different so when you vote a team o
off that's part one of the elimination then after that you have to vote some one off that team that had the most votes or let show an example
Say if team chocolate milk got the most votes to be eliminated that's part one of the elimination
Then the other teams up for elimination will have to vote either
also thanks y'all two for being my examples
CB & SG: No Problem
Also if you forgot let's show the teams again :3
Team Chocolate Milk
Shot Glass & Chocolate Ball
Team Bad Dogs Ok Hand
Bad Dog & Ok Emoji
Team I need air to breathe
Evil Dog & Caillou
:icontufc-offical:TUFC-OFFICAL 0 0
ask me questions part 3
Hey guys its me skeleton and on Saturday at 4:00 im answering your questions again so make sure to ask me some questions
:iconsonictheskeleton96:sonictheskeleton96 0 0
I think I want to quit, not just deviantart, but my whole life,  want to lye on my bed, get the most sharpest knife i have, and stab myself until i die.
And if any f you think I want pity, I DON'T, leave me alone about that, please.
My parents are putting me through so much shit at the moment,
I feel depressed, I want to jump off a cliff, d something to myself, I feel like I am worthless, that I don't deserve to live.
:iconsoft-floss-bites:Soft-Floss-Bites 0 2
Now. I never though I'd have to say this but I thought I was unlucky with getting bladder cancer...but it turns out........Honey, my precious little golden Labrador, has arthritis AND cancer in both her front legs...I've booked an urgent operation for her to get it removed...I hate crying..........
:iconwhitefang73005:Whitefang73005 3 11
TCH Season 2
If you guys want to watch Season 2 of The Chosen Heroes, then feel free!
:iconthevideogameexpert-2:THEVIDEOGAMEEXPERT-2 1 5
Sorry I haven’t been active these past few days. My mind is running rampant and I don’t have any energy to log in. Hope everyone is doing well
:iconits-kitty15:Its-kitty15 0 0
the secret i learned
Turns out I'm literally a physical spirit after I've been murdered by a certain someone who's name shall not be mentioned. That explains how no one listens or sees me unless i throw an enormous tantrum. I hate my life...
:iconhuskypup360:HUSKYPUP360 0 0
True amv Masterpiece
Not owned by me
:icondraketheharbinger:DraketheHarbinger 0 0
Hey to EVERYONE I owe art too
I will post it alllllllll after Christmas break
Since now I have to het ready for finals next week
tell me down below
If you don't, I probably won't remember to post!
I have bad memory
:iconapollobugg:Apollobugg 0 0
YO we're having a sabojat holiday event ! you can enter in a myo raffle, art contest and get discounted adopts and legendart/mutation traits! y'all should join : )
creator of species - :iconsujifuji:
species group: :iconsabojat:
:iconjazzyanathema:jazzyanathema 0 0
okay huge contest
so for 150 I'm doing a contest!!!
there will be three winners with runners-up n stuff too
i want art of
Or really any of my ocs, id prefer one of these dudes tho
you win (first three places)
2 skricry ocs (that thing that tempura n skittles are) (can be changed, id rather do any of these dudes tho)
1 custom of any species
5 headshots
1 fullbody
2 waist ups
:iconellichu:Ellichu 1 2
The group's circumstances have changed, and in turn some things have changed, like what I’m looking for in characters now, and we’ve got a clearer direction.
I may be judging apps subjectively. I can’t make a group with characters that don’t suit the image.
Sometimes there’s nothing “wrong” with your app or your character! But it would be unfair to mark your app as checked and ready to go only to reject you and your one attempt. When I say your character is flat, or is a common type in the group or if I just don’t like how they are I mean you wouldn’t get in as is.
What the hell are you looking for, then??? What suits the “image.”
As of now we’re looking for things that haven’t commonly been done. Big personalities are a good place to start, but subtle and well written characters are highly appreciated. We really like to see well written negative traits.
Pessimistic: Character who is discouraged ea
:icongcthicc:gcthicc 0 0
Speech bubbles (#1)
For my 2019 manga “Stars of the Galaxy”, I’ve decided to give each individual character their own color for their speech bubbles. I did this so you guys won’t get confused on who’s talking.
:iconmonroegalaxy:MonroeGalaxy 0 3