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Devious Desktops Flower Power Challenge

DeviantArt is excited to bring you another Devious Desktops community wallpaper challenge! Throughout the year, these challenges serve as opportunities for you to create original desktop wallpaper deviations for the chance to win a brand-new LG UltraFine™ 4K Display.
The next challenge is: Flower Power. Real or fantastical, we want you to bring to life a natural kaleidoscope of color depicting flowers blooming outside, inside, or within your imagination.
I will select the winners !!! :D :D :D

Go, go , goooo!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
More info:

:iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 7 12
$30 Headshot Commission
Pixel Star (free to use) COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN Pixel Star (free to use)  

Hey guys! I'm offering headshot commissions before I go back to school in a month. If you're interested, just email me [Bunny Emote] Closed Eye Smile 
Make sure to read my Terms Of Services before you commission anything.
The artwork can only be used for personal purposes. The price listed is in USD and payment is with PayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra
I will not start working on the commission until payment is received in full.
If you have any questions you can contact me via

Colored Headshot: 30 USD Wow!
:iconkenrychu:KenryChu 5 0
Hey what should i draw
Im thinking Jason Voorhees VS Freddy Kruger
Jason Voorhees (on his own)
IT (pennywise)
Or chucky
:icontristanatorgamer:Tristanatorgamer 1 2
Curation Feature [2019]: Visual Poetry

:iconzeochan:zeochan 1 1
Cute art Request Box a cute couple request box to draw chibis and anime couples! Very adorable, and worth a check out!
:icongraphitealchemy:GraphiteAlchemy 0 0
New Admin needed
Looking for Admin(s)
We are looking for one new dedicated admin to our team, who could help us with accepting the submissions and welcoming new members and telling them about our rules.
Please ensure that you have read the artwork submission guidelines and have experience with adult female, retro vintage, pinup style artworks as a fan or as an artist. Past experience as a group voting administrator would be helpful however is not required.
Artwork Submission Guidelines
Our group glossary includes an overview of The Vintage/Retro PinUp Look
Please leave a message under this journal if you would like to join us!!
We are looking forward to meet you!
:iconposerfan: :iconrobert952:
:iconposerfan:poserfan 0 0
I had this dream where i cuddled with a Reshiram.
Any of you guys had a dream relating with Pokémon?
:iconjapecacti:JapeCacti 0 0

+|F2U|+ Rose-gold Full Moon 
I decide to open commission again because the next mont I will travel more than 970km with LostDreameer in south Italy ( we are from the north)
for meet again our number one B°°°h BlackParanoiiidxx 
SOOO I basically need money  QAQ...don't you dare to judge :c

Pixel: Moon   You must give me points BEFORE that I start the commission 
Pixel: Moon  IF YOU WANT share this journal for help me <3 
Pixel: Moon  If for you is more easly, send me a note for talking about the commission  
:iconopalblackmoon:OpalBlackMoon 5 16

⋆✮⋆ Angelica-Reveries ⋆✮⋆ 17 y.o. ⋆✮⋆ She/Her ⋆✮⋆
Hey fellow deviants! I'm finally able to OPEN POINT COMMISSIONS!   
So,without any further ado, here is the price sheet! 
NOTE: IT REFERS TO ONE CHARACTER! If you'd like me to portrait more than one character just note me that and we'll talk about it!  
 ⋆✮⋆ EXAMPLES: ⋆✮⋆ 

From left to right: pencil and watercolors
 ⋆✮⋆ EXAMPLES: ⋆✮⋆ 

:iconangelica-reveries:Angelica-Reveries 0 1
Difficult to find models...
This one right here is extremely hard to find, I don't wanna build her up from the ground-up! I wanna file of her, if you have it, please private message me!
:iconscahachdastalker58:ScahachdaStalker58 0 0
:iconxxsweetpotatoxx:xXSweetPotatoXx 0 0
Sorry for Any Delays
As shown in the Title, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting any artworks for a while. School started a month ago and I’ve been busy since.
I have homeworks that I have to do and I need to study at times. I try draw during nighttime, but either I get too tired to draw or I couldn’t think of anything to draw at the moment. I may even have artworks that are ready to be posted, but I get distracted and already forget that I have it. (I will post them, just not at the moment)
If some of you were waiting for new content, I’m very sorry, I will do my best to make you guys happy with new artworks after a while, just try to be patient until then. Thank you, my Chibi-Fans! 😊👍💕
:iconchibipie-kagane:Chibipie-Kagane 0 0
Asphyxi-Artist feature: bonzu
Hello everyone! As part of the new community events in our group, we will be publishing a series of Q&A's featuring one of our members. The first victim... I mean, volunteer is: bonzu !
When did you start drawing?

2017 started with very few manga-style sketches with paper and pencil. In October 2018 did the Inktober challenge and decided to go to digital drawing. Then started to try to design the characters in my books and do other drawings.

What sparked your asphyxiation fetish?

I suppose I always liked pretty girl's necks and also enjoyed DID situations, so this made the perfect combination for this. Since asphyxia takes time and is not straight forward as beheading or shooting, I think this kind of peril makes a possible rescue far more thrilling and is potentially non-fatal and reversible even after one execution has already started. I suppose it's that thrill that drives me into this.
What is the artwork that you're most proud
:iconasphyxi-art:Asphyxi-Art 2 5
Tournament - Round 2!

Helmy says:
Ahhhh, you dipshits never manage to disappoint! I'm so pleased to see the amount of bloodshed that I have in the FIRST FUCKING ROUND! Keep up this pace and I won't have to select one of you to murder, won't that be wonderful? I hate having to commit myself to anything!
Also, don't forget to give :iconsummabadger: Professor dumbass fish Kai a big thank you for grading all the tournament entries! We're not sure if she can count or not, but hell, it seems close enough.
Stolas :icondemonologique: vs Apple :iconbl1zz4r4:
Apple :iconbl1zz4r4:
Stolas Entry EXP: 1070
Apple Entry EXP: 1941
Amelia :iconkeplernova: vs Arietes :iconiyokono:
Amelia :iconkeplernova:
Amelia Entry
:iconviralremix:viralremix 1 1
:iconlebananboi:LeBananBoi 0 0
Apollo 11 50th anniversary
Today, on July 16, is the 50th anniversary of when mankind have walk on the moon. It was the space race between the United States of America and the Soviet Union at that time to see the stars. We give thanks to the brave men and women who give us one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind into the future.  
:iconlegofanguy:legofanguy 0 0
Help me out, please
I’m in need of more art supplies. 
I still have have some stuff to work with, but I could use a restock, so commissions would be handy. 

Send me a note if you are willing to help me. 
Payment by Paypal. 
:iconscarletknightreterns:ScarletKnightReterns 0 0
Come and Join in!!!
70+ Watchers raffle! by SketchyFlower1122 on deviantart
:icontechnus10:Technus10 0 0
Hey guys it's Luna here and I decided to add a new mission, I know that you guys are busy so if you don't want to you don't have to do this)
You and your pack have recently gotten into a war with a rival pack and they took some if the pups, you can either get them back, tend to the wounded, or provide food and shelter for the pack. Whatever you choose will help the pack either way but the pups are the future of the pack and someone needs to get them back. Are you up to the challenge of getting the pups or do yoy want to help arundel camp?
:iconlunas-pack:Lunas-Pack 0 0
not funny
didnt laugh
:iconamethyst-aesthetix17:Amethyst-Aesthetix17 0 0
Hey y’all!! I’ve recently made a Redbubble
I’m a bit late and also still figuring out how to use it, but if you want check it out!!
: (( also random side note but,,, I wish it was cheaper,,,
:iconmounibear:Mounibear 0 2
Has anyone tried doing a Minecraft build competition?
:iconmiddaywolg:MidDayWolg 0 11