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Halloween Scavenger Hunt!
Welcome to the UszatyArbuz's Annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Let's celebrate the Halloween together this year again!
I'm SO excited, this is my favorite day of the year! And it's 5th birthday of this even, too! This time the questions are around myths and urban legends Frankenstein :la:  For this part of the event you don't have to be the first with the answers to win (I tried to make pretty easy questions )
You can find all details below~
The Quest

There are ten Halloween pumpkins hidden on my deviantArt page. Each pumpkin is a hidden link to file, which is hiding a trivia question, asking to provide an answer. You will get the points for finding pumpkins and answering the questions. The winners will be those who will gather the most game points. You don't have to be the fastest to win! Once you gathered all the checkpoints and found the answers of the trivia questions, send me a
:iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 8 16
Featuring day 17 of pictober: swollen
Day 17: swollen - jour 17: gonflé/enflé/élégant

By :iconmarkotxe:

by :iconabnormalion:

by :iconjane-eyre13:
by :iconomoidenoki:

by :iconSIUCAR:

by :iconsehlley:

by :iconratinrage:

By :iconchetje:
pictober rules - les règles de pictober

:happybounce: Let's go to DAY 18!!!! join us - En avant pour le jour 18! rejoignez-nous :happybounce: 
:icon3y3toy:3Y3TOY 6 3
:iconDarkness-Serum: Hello 1 Speech Bubble - BeemoteHello 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote
Oof I couldn't wait to open these again, sooooooooooo.... Trades and Requests are Open! :D :D :D
I haven't done a batch of characters in awhile, let alone for others haha. So I decided to temporarily open these.
Ooh haven't had any ideas for characters of my own lately, I stem ideas from drawing for others.
So these are sure to help me think of ideas.
<s>When you have an armada of characters but still no ideas</s>
Q: Should I make more adopts? I'm waiting for people to start bidding on these haha---
This time around I might use the markers instead of the pencils-- maybe even throw background in for scenery aswell.
If you're looking to interact with one of
:icondarkness-serum:Darkness-Serum 4 119
CR Pin-Up: Addams Family ladies Halloween Contest
Pumpkin Bow 
Oh my first contest as CV, guys I AM EXCITED :excited:
So what this is about?
Actually it's about the Addams family ladies. Morticia, Wednesday and Ophelia (Morticia's sister)
And I simply want you to make art of them. It can be direct fanart or reinterpretation of those women.
1. Place: 1 year CORE or 4000 :points:
2. Place: 6 months CORE or 3000 :points:
3. Place: 3 month CORE or 1500 :points:
Prices will be provided by the DA Staff.
Your Artwork needs to feature at least one of the following characters.
Mature content is fine, with exception for Wednesday.
Deadline is November 20th, 2018.

Your artwork must be something newly created

How to enter

Upload your entry as regular and simply writ
:iconbloodywing:BloodyWing 4 0
Please join in honor of the number 1 (not mine)
:iconsunshinecat2:SunshineCat2 2 1
My YouTube channel and my secret YouTube channel
Ok so I will tell you a secret that you can’t tell to anyone on YouTube except for Fnaf gamer tv or all the people that have a YouTube channel and a deviant art.On YouTube I am Dakota Haskell and Funtime foxy.I will change Funtime foxy into Funtime foxy comic dubs.I will be voice acting my comics and maybe others.The links at the bottom should get you to the website.
Here is the Dakota Haskell link
Here is the Funtime foxy link
:icondakotahaskell:dakotahaskell 1 2
Painting Gold - Digital Art Tutorial
This month DigArt Challenge theme is "GOLD", so I've decided to create tutorial for painting shiny golden textures!
analyse the colours
First, we need to find some references for various golden surfaces. They should be both polished and rough. I've used free photos from Unsplash as my references.
Basic tone is orange/yellow. It's quite saturated. Reflected light is usually cool and desaturated. Notice that shadow is never black, and highlight is never white. Keep this in mid while painting.

1. Draw a basic flat shape.
2. Add shadow using soft brush at 20% flow.
3. Add highlight using soft brush at 20% flow..
4. Add reflected light using soft brush at 20% flow.
This unfortunately is not enough to create an object that will look like the one made of gold. The sphere looks plastic and matte, instead of metal and shiny. We need to create a texture.

:iconlenamoart:LenamoArt 3 0
20JFair's Short Episode 9: Bible
This was off of admiralDT8's Loudecst Arts.
*It was rainy night out in the open, it was 3am and The girls were cryin' about Lincoln being in the Hospital, Joshua was thinking that there could be something he can do*
"The next day"
*The sun was clear and Joshua went to see Lincoln, he silently opened the door,  to find bruised up but still resting,  So Joshua began to place a hand on his heart, and he in tears began...*
Joshua: "Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security."
*Then as he read that verse he began praying*
*After praying he left,  But he will be back*
*Joshua is now at his friend's grave where it was right behind a funeral home*
Joshua: I hope I don't loose Lincoln as well.
Lori: It's complicated.
Joshua:  Lori? Shouldn't you be at breakfast?
Lori:  I do?  But I feel concerned for you so I came over here.
Joshua:  Why?
Lori: Because I didn't want you to be
:icon20jfair:20JFair 0 0
Time To Stop
I have some news that I will no longer be posting my art on this page, all the art shall be posted on my friends page Sir-Lucario1.
I will leave the page how I left it.
If you have a drawing request send a note to his page, I will not know if you sent a request/note here.
Good bye.
:iconryuko2000:ryuko2000 0 0
Devious Journal Entry
Hello. We are having our grand opening sale for my new website!!! My prints are now available for sale!!! Please check out my new site!!!
:iconellafai:EllaFai 0 0
My OC contest entry
Hey there I don't know where to submit an entry so I commented a link to my entry and I also made this journal. Hope you like my depiction of jade. Thanks!
:icondeodude30:deodude30 0 0
13 Days ~JOURNAL~
Halloween 2018
Here it is people, so how this works, all work must be ready to post on its designated day. You have until 11:59pm EST on each day to post that day's story/art or it will not make it into the journal.
To notify me link this journal for two reasons, so I know to add your story/artwork onto the journal, also to let your readers/watchers know about the event and to see other peoples works that are taking part.
Reminding you don't have to have stories/art for all thirteen days to take part, you can choose which days with their themes, you want to post for.
Posting date starts on Oct 19th and ends on Oct 31st. 


OCT 19th - Video Games/Games

OCT 20th - Jack-o-Lanterns

OCT 21th - Fae

OCT 22th -
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Winx Club Wallpapers

:iconcolleenriley3749:colleenriley3749 0 0
I don't know what to do. The players are too OP and I'm still trying to figure out which deck is best sited for me.
I am horrible at making a deck.
:iconneophoenixknight:NeoPhoenixKnight 1 6
31 facts about Giovanna
Here is 31 facts about Giovanna, and for u know, she is not a human - Tiger anymore, she is only a white tiger now, like Gumball is only a cat and Darwin... Ah you get It.
PS: When a fact has something saying "with me too", that means that fact is about me too.
1- Giovanna's full name is Giovanna Nogueira Stutz da Silva (with me too).
2- She borned in Brazil, in the state of Rio de Janeiro (with me too).
3- She is descendant of germans, and her last name Stutz is german (with me too)
4- She is the only girl in the team who doesn't wears skirt or dress.
5- In her original concept art, she was a cat, like Gumball, but she was redesighed and became a white tiger.
6- She has two older half siblings, children of her father with another woman (with me too).
7- Her parents are divorced (with me too)
8- Her adventure suit was based on the suit of a genderbend version of Sonic in an art of Sonic genderbends.
9- Her father was fighting karate when young (with me too).
10- She doesn't have any fe
:icongigi-sonicandgumball:Gigi-SonicandGumball 0 0
Plum Sweetness - RAFFLE - BT [nm]
:iconstonesavage:StoneSavage 0 0
l need some time to think...
Hey guys.. Raiiny's not actually going to kill herself and she said she's sorry... She was Just in a very bad mood and she was dealing with anger So please don't attack me or Raiiny... l'm sorry..
l'm going to be on hiatus for a bit because l need some time to think...
:iconartistdominic:ArtistDominic 3 5
Seguimos entregando COMISIONES R34 y Normales
:) hace tu pedido !!
:iconsonikku-erizo:Sonikku-Erizo 0 0
TUFC Elimination P2
The decision was made the person with the most votes will have to be EXECUTED anyways as I was saying it was a not a close vote cause they both voted for the same person anyways the decision was made
With a
2-0 Vote
:iconpenguinmoi:penguinmoi 0 0
My RWBY Bio :P
Name : Nicholas Scott Fall
Age : 16
Weapons : Rinkaku, Ukaku, and others are in earlier post.
Semblance: Not Discovered Yet
Secrets : (Uh will be revealed soon *laughs nervously*)
Info : Was conceived and born after Cinder took half of Amber's powers. This made her a target by the Academies, making some of the best huntsmen and huntresses after her. When they arrived at her house, they burned it down, not knowing that Ironwood's brother and nephew (Nicholas) are in the house and Cinder was away doing a task. When Ironwood realized it, he quickly contacted the huntsmen, telling them. They managed to get Nicholas that was only 14 years old, unconscious and under fiery rubble. He only suffered a concussion and a few burns, now being cared by James Ironwood that trained him. When Cinder heard of the assassination attempt,  she rushed home,finding the remains of her house and husband and thinking her son was also among the fiery remains. Now she was hell bent on joining Salem, believin
:iconjericonazari:JericoNazari 0 0
I know things, and I will show you them.
Well, I was recently told doing one of these would be cool, so as of now I will be giving YOU, you wonderful followers and new friends of mine, my thoughts and opinions of you. It may not be accurate, but It's free.
I will bestow upon you TEN opinions of your character, determined by looking at your profile page for 15 seconds. They are as follows:
1: what color they remind me of.
2: which of the elemental planes they are like. (fire, water, etc.)
3: What character of fiction they are kindred to.
4: what I find admirable about you.
5: tell you what food/scent/activity your personality calls to mind.
6: ask you a question of my choice.
7: tell you what class you would best fill, should you ever take up righteous arms.
8: bestow to you your ideal match for a divine patron.
9: give you a moniker gleaned from the depths from fables of highest yore (a cool nickname I'll pull outta my ass)
10: tell you to make one, just as the last guy told me to do.
Idea stolen from artisticallystrange, go
:iconvultiidsah:Vultiidsah 0 3
Other social media
Should I get an Instagram or Twitter? I’m just thinking if I start off from the bottom of getting my stories and art noticed I feel like it could help a lot. That and maybe I could interact with you guys more and support me. Please give me your honest opinion.
:iconjigglebuttomniverse:JiggleButtOmniverse 1 1