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Tips and Tricks to a successful Closed Species
Adoptables Week
How to create a closed species
Hello! My name is Shiohh and I am the creator of the closed species Kowaiko and Kinoko!
I'm still new to the adoptable closed species world, but here are my tips and tricks on how to build up a successful species via my own experiences.

Step 1: Creating unique traits. 
What is a trait? A trait is an item or element that all closed species need to be unique, for example; Certain patterns on the body, wings, hooved feet, bubbles in the ears etc.
Choose 3 or more traits that you LOVE to draw, things you won't get sick of and will want to stick with. This is an extremely important step so do your research before committing to your traits, make sure no one else has the exact same idea as you already! Traits should be a unique combination of elements.
Side note: You are absolutely allowed to have a trait someone else has, however make sure you are combining t
:iconshiohh:shiohh 58 14
Painting Gold - Digital Art Tutorial
This month DigArt Challenge theme is "GOLD", so I've decided to create tutorial for painting a shiny golden textures!
analyse the colours
First, we need to find some references for various golden surfaces. They should be both polished and rough. I've used free photos from Unsplash as my references.
Basic tone is orange/yellow. It's quite saturated. Reflected light is usually cool and desaturated. Notice that shadow is never black, and highlight is never white. Keep this in mind while painting.

1. Draw a basic flat shape.
2. Add shadow using soft brush at 20% flow.
3. Add highlight using soft brush at 20% flow..
4. Add reflected light using soft brush at 20% flow.
This unfortunately is not enough to create an object that will look like the one made of gold. The sphere looks plastic and matte, instead of metal and shiny. We need to create a texture.

:iconlenamoart:LenamoArt 55 0
Meet Your CV: JustACapharnaum (Macro Photo)

Welcome to October's edition of Meet Your CV! :party:
This month I'll be interviewing the queen of Macro and Abstract & Surreal Photography herself, JustACapharnaum! Having started out with Macro and expanded to Abstract & Surreal photography, this multi-talented artist proudly represents her galleries. Read on to find out more about her!
:iconbrennennn: Please take this space to introduce yourself, and to discuss what you do around DA and your role as a CV.
:iconjustacapharnaum: HELLO :iconmoistplz:
My name is JustACapharnaum and I am the current Macro photography and Abstract/Surreal photography CV and I love food (more specifically tiramisus) and sloths.
What I do the most on DA is looking for art, either for myself for inspiration, for a future feature, or to add it to my favorites collection just because I can, or to suggest DDs to my fellow CVs.
:iconbrennennn:brennennn 26 15
CR Pin-Up: Addams Family ladies Halloween Contest
Pumpkin Bow 
Oh my first contest as CV, guys I AM EXCITED :excited:
So what this is about?
Actually it's about the Addams family ladies. Morticia, Wednesday and Ophelia (Morticia's sister)
And I simply want you to make art of them. It can be direct fanart or reinterpretation of those women.
1. Place: 1 year CORE or 4000 :points:
2. Place: 6 months CORE or 3000 :points:
3. Place: 3 month CORE or 1500 :points:
Prices will be provided by the DA Staff.
Your Artwork needs to feature at least one of the following characters.
Mature content is fine, with exception for Wednesday.
Deadline is November 20th, 2018.

Your artwork must be something newly created

How to enter

Upload your entry as regular and simply writ
:iconbloodywing:BloodyWing 32 5
:iconDarkness-Serum: Hello 1 Speech Bubble - BeemoteHello 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote
Oof I couldn't wait to open these again, sooooooooooo.... Trades and Requests are Open! :D :D :D
I haven't done a batch of characters in awhile, let alone for others haha. So I decided to temporarily open these.
Ooh haven't had any ideas for characters of my own lately, I stem ideas from drawing for others.
So these are sure to help me think of ideas.
<s>When you have an armada of characters but still no ideas</s>
Q: Should I make more adopts? I'm waiting for people to start bidding on these haha---
This time around I might use the markers instead of the pencils-- maybe even throw background in for scenery aswell.
If you're looking to interact with one of
:icondarkness-serum:Darkness-Serum 6 145
Finish Chapter One, Lit. Contest!
:new: UPDATE: Received the first entry! Also - made an addition to the prize listings. Can't wait to see what the rest of you come up with! :dummy:
Welcome to my first contest eva...
Finish Chapter One!
You might be wondering where this impromptu contest came from. :confused:
It was a simple conclusion, really. I love reading literature. I love critiquing it. I also love giving things away. Why not create a situation where I have the best of everything!? :dummy:
First things first. Let's get to...
The Theme:
Finish Chapter One
Now that we're drawing closer to NaNoWriMo (<--- click generously provided link if you don't know what this is), I wanted to host an event that would get our creative juices flowing. The concept is simple: read the following opening scene and FINISH CHAPTE
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 8 20
My YouTube channel and my secret YouTube channel
Ok so I will tell you a secret that you can’t tell to anyone on YouTube except for Fnaf gamer tv or all the people that have a YouTube channel and a deviant art.On YouTube I am Dakota Haskell and Funtime foxy.I will change Funtime foxy into Funtime foxy comic dubs.I will be voice acting my comics and maybe others.The links at the bottom should get you to the website.
Here is the Dakota Haskell link
Here is the Funtime foxy link
:icondakotahaskell:dakotahaskell 1 2
The Last Photograph | a horror contest

Mrs-Durden and I would like to invite you to take part in a horror photography contest with a difference - the goal isn't to take the 'best' photo. The goal is to totally creep us out!
Instead of giving you a theme or a topic, we're giving you a story. The end of the story is the photo you take and submit to the contest.
We encourage you to dig around in the darkest depths of your imagination. If you're awesome at costume creating, monster making and effects make-up, that's great. If you're a super experienced horror photographer, that's great too. BUT...if you're none of those things, that's also great and you have just as much chance of winning!
Also, don't worry if you don't have a fancy camera, because shooting your contest entry on your phone will add to the authenticity of your photo and may work in your favour!
So, without further ado, here's how to take part.
[ the story ]
You're ou
:icontanyasimpson:TanyaSimpson 42 32
Art Trade Event - Halloween
Witch Hat Hello everybody! Here it is: The-dA-Community 's latest project! Halloween is coming up again and so we asked you in our Discord server what kind of "special event" you would enjoy. Most people said they'd love to see an art trade event, like Secret Santa, only Halloween themed. 
In our admin chat there was a discussion if the event should be about inked pictures (since it's Inktober) or only Halloween themed. After some talking we came to the conclusion that it would be really fun if we combined these two ideas, so for this art trade event the pictures will be inked AND Halloween themed. 
Ghost Icon For those of you who have never joined an art trade event before: You will get a reference for a character (usually) and you draw a picture of this character (like a commission or a regular art trade). Our rules are that for this event all pictures need to be in
:iconiseppe:iSeppe 5 21
TWWM TF Raffle! THEME: Soviet Fallout Esk (OPEN)
1719 Smol Summer My Esk Murkhail 1719 now has enough GP for a common TF slot, and I unlocked my first Transformation slot (Free Esk MYO) So I am hosting a free randomized Raffle to give away a themed TF Slot: A Soviet Radioactive Exclusion Zone Esk!1719 Smol Winter 

1719 Teeny Summer Date of Drawing: Wednesday October 24th
1719 Teeny Winter I will be streaming the drawing live!

EDIT: TWWM staff have requested that I set this in an unspecified Soviet Fallout zone, so all allusions to real historical disasters have been removed. It will instead draw upon inspiration from various countries that had these disasters and will have fictional lore of its own. Though details will be changed, the results of fallout and radiation are the same
:iconsokolva:Sokolva 8 84
:iconm-lucia: :heart:
1956 - 2017 :iconwhiteroseplz:

For those of you who do not have to chance to go to Portugal and
visit this wonderful exhibition I have put together this online
version of Lúcia‘s fine art which we are presenting in Leiria until the end of October.
For all the others: Do not miss ;-)

after|the|rain||| by m-luciawater poem by m-lucia
let it rain by m-luciaripples riddles by m-lucia
unspeakable by m-lucialeisure time by m-lucia
liquid state of matter by m-luciastill trying... by m-lucia
the bouquet by m-luciaTBHs by m-lucia
:iconeintoern:EintoeRn 21 52
Anoucments: Live Streams and Videos.
1. The RWBY Ruby Rose Q&A Live stream will be at 4:00pm Gainsville FL time on October 21st 2018. It will be on the EMO-ART-13 YouTube channel. I will be using YouTube LIVE so pop over and ask some questions if you have any! Make sure to share the stream link too! Get more people involved to ask questions! If there are no more questions asked and we still have time to kill, Ruby will try to play a game until time runs out.
2. Bougie time will be 3 times a year with me, Belladonna Rose as your dance host character!
3. The RWBY Ruby Rose Q&A will be 3 times a year.
4. All streams will up to 1 hour.
5. When I reach up to 100 Subscribers I will put out a dance practice video.
Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this Jounal of anouncments for Youtube! Remember to do good and Keep being Awesome!
Volteg77 redrangerki Grimlock108 nosysheperd13 petia2001 TheNessY21 Techno-Universal Lauren-3-Elizabeth Devon13168 ThatPervertedRat Arya9118 silverbolt1499 Shrimpy-ChanShoyo @Alivernwielder19
:iconemo-art-13:EMO-ART-13 4 43
Character Arts - PayPal Commission - Oct-Nov 2018
COMMISSION OPEN: October - November 2018!
Happy Halloween and a nice Holiday season ahead everyone! I've been so, so busy with some projects for the past few months but now I'm open for commission again!




Hello everyone, my name is Kira, I'm a professional illustrator, with 4 years of experiences working with video game, card game & table-top game projects, as well as private commissions ranges from D&D campaign arts to personal gifts .My arts focused on semi-realistic/realistic characters, I can do face portrait, pin-up or a fully rendered scene with characters and background and storytelling
:iconkiralng:KiraLNG 2 0
LEGO Hotel Transylvania video game idea
LEGO Hotel Transylvania is the extraordinarly scary fun-filled adventure that puts you in control of your favorite monsters. Team up as the Drac Pack to outsmart they're rivals and find they're Zings in LEGO form the unforgettable scenes and your favorite moments from Hotel Transylvania 1, 2, and 3.
• Work together and combine the monsters' iconic abilities and unique powers to build amazing, massive LEGO structures. With Drac and his family's magic, Frank's strength and the rest of the gang’s awe-inspiring gifts, teamwork has never been so much fun and scary.
• Take on evil humans and monsters in locations throughout the Hotel Transylvania universe including the Hotel, Johnny's Neighborhood, The Legacy, Atlantis, and more.
• Play as over hundreds of playable characters from all 3 films and beyond and experience bonus levels base on the Hotel T series on Disney Channel.
• Modify your custom character’s appearance and abilities using a
:icondimensions101:Dimensions101 2 7
13 Days ~JOURNAL~

If you're taking part link not just the journal, but me as well

some reason linking the journal only isn't notifying me,
so I can add you guys to the journal...
Sorry for the inconvenience - ALSO EVERY DAY WILL BE UPDATED 

Halloween 2018

Here it is people, so how this works, all work must be ready to post on its designated day. You have until 11:59pm EST on each day to post that day's story/art or it will not make it into the journal.
To notify me link this journal for two reasons, so I know to add your story/artwork onto the journal, also to let your readers/watchers know about the event and to see other peoples works that are taking part.
Reminding you don't have to have stories/art for all thirteen days to take part, you can choose which days with their themes, you want to post for.
Posting date starts on Oct 19th an
:iconsampsonknight:sampsonknight 4 0
Slinkyfest 2018!
By now, you all who watch me will be aware of the new poetry form created by edzull this year, called 'the slinky'.  Some of you have even written one!
:bulletblue: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: Well here's some incentive to do it (or do it again!)
Slinkyfest 2018 is the first annual Slinky competition, brought to you by CommunityLit, the fantastic new group ... for Lit groups (and writers in general, of course). 
:bulletblue: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: So -- what's a slinky, Sal?
For those unaware, a slinky is a poem of 16 lines, any line length, any meter, rhymed or un-rhymed-- with a single word (must be a noun, verb or adjective) repeated on every single line.
So the word bounces down the lines like a slinky toy. :iconslinkyplz:
For a list of good examples, see the slinky database in the journal linked below:

:bulletblue: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: Awesome! So how do I enter this
:iconsalshep:salshep 30 9
All In private submissions feature
Spare please a few minutes to comment one or two submissions of MelancholyCyborg1, because she deserves some attention and encouragement while waiting for her team to catch-up.

If your submissions in missing, note admins!
Team “Chartreuse”
:iconNakainRimmel: :icontheartsyXone15: :iconCyber-Cypher: :iconStoryMaker91: :iconpkmtrainerBenny: :iconrainbow000pegasus: :iconZakuro-Kona:
NakainRimmel, theartsyXone15, Cyber-Cypher, StoryMaker91, pkmtrainerBenny, rainbow000pegasus, Zakuro-Kona

Team “Goldenrod”
:iconBirdhousebirdy: :iconLittleRubyKitty: :iconNinjaSamuraiX: :iconBlood-artist-vamp: :iconcharcoalfeather: :iconSparkingGlitch: :iconpheeph:
Birdhousebirdy, LittleRubyKitty, NinjaSamuraiX, Blood-artist-vamp, :devcharcoalfeather
:iconoc-training:OC-training 2 8
Ask and Dare thingy
Well well since I'm near vacation let's do some ask and dare things.
Characters that appeared in my drawings :
Jarod, champion of olympus
Julie ghost's shadow
Godefroy the goatlord
Grandpa grumpy Robert (Dark souls OC)
Patte-blanche the crazy CATnibal [Yes he's now a cannibal] (Skyrim OC)
Alan huge CV (Fallout OC)
Mario the gallic (Metal Gear OC)
Esmeralda the graceful Majin (Dragon Ball OC [Half star wars OC due to her being a jedi])
Joklin the emotional bruiser (DOOM OC)
New characters that haven't appeared in my drawings yet :
"Jarod's dad"
Terrosann [An evil reptilian creature]
Frederic von schrader [An evil yet weak old man, Godefroy's master]
Florence the vampire lord [A.K.A Jarod's mom] (Oblivion OC)
Diego [Some guy who doesn't know why he's here] (GTA OC)
:iconpeppetoune:Peppetoune 1 11
Please join in honor of the number 1 (not mine)
:iconsunshinecat2:SunshineCat2 2 1
Cinderella Contest!The winners!

I think this contest was successful,with a total of 19 entries!:D
Here are our winners of our second contest,here at :iconPhotomanip-Arts:
❀Our Winners❀

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Our winners will be receiving:
:bulletorange:1'st place-  450:points:
:bulletpurple:2nd place-350:points:
:bulletyellow:3rd place-200 :points:

Bullet; Green First place winner will receive 1 exlusive stock from :icon4ladylilian:

Bullet; PurpleAll winners will receive 1 exclusive stock from :iconrenata-s-art:

:iconrenata-s-art:Renata-s-art 7 13
Halloween Scavenger Hunt!
Welcome to the UszatyArbuz's Annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Let's celebrate the Halloween together this year again!
I'm SO excited, this is my favorite day of the year! And it's 5th birthday of this even, too! This time the questions are around myths and urban legends Frankenstein :la:  For this part of the event you don't have to be the first with the answers to win (I tried to make pretty easy questions )
You can find all details below~
The Quest

There are ten Halloween pumpkins hidden on my deviantArt page. Each pumpkin is a hidden link to file, which is hiding a trivia question, asking to provide an answer. You will get the points for finding pumpkins and answering the questions. The winners will be those who will gather the most game points. You don't have to be the fastest to win! Once you gathered all the checkpoints and found the answers of the trivia questions, send me a
:iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 25 115
National Novel Writing Month: The Next Step

National Novel Writing Month: The Next Step

   There's less than two weeks until the beginning of NaNoWriMo 2018! If you haven't checked out CRLiterature's article National November Writing Month: Where to Start, be sure to click the link!
What Is National Writing Month?
National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 PM on November 30.Valuing enthusiasm, determination, and a deadline, NaNoWriMo is for anyone who has ever thought about writing a novel.
-National Writing Month Official Website
:iconrose-em:Rose-Em 4 7