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Gacha Deal
Check out my gacha!
If you can’t buy, please share this journal! Sharing may earn you a free gacha (worth 50 pts) if enough people buy!
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Commission Sheet
I'll draw anything but complex mecha, sexual nudity (casual is fine), and fetishes!
Note me if you wanna buy~

Bustshot: 10$
Extra Character: 5$
Hipshot: 15$
Extra Character: 5$
Fullshot: 20$
Extra Character: 5$


Bustshot: 20$
Extra Character: 10$
Hipshot: 25$
Extra Character: 10$
Fullshot: 30$
Extra Character: 10$


Bustshot: 25$
Extra Character: 15$
Hipshot: 30$
Extra Character: 15$
Fullshot: 35$
Extra Character: 15$

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Update and New Info - Commissions and Charity
I've decided that, every month, I will donate at least 25% of all commission profits to a decided charity (either decided by you guys or me) at the end of each month. That being said, I am taking in up to 30 commissions, so if you commission it may take a week or two for me to finish. I will do each commission in order of the time someone requested, meaning the sooner you commission me the sooner you will get yours done. This procedure will start June 30th, at 3:00 pm EST time. July's month's charity will be The Olive Ridley Project, an organization dedicated to saving Olive Ridleys and other sea turtles in the India Ocean. Our goal is $15 which is enough to provide medication and fluids to one of their turtles they are recovering. Once we bypass this goal, I am hoping to raise $65 which is enough to fully sponsor and pay for medicine, food, nutrition, fluids, and healthcare for one of their turtles.
My commissions are on my home page. DO NOT ask to lower the prices, as the current pri
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da hub gives me money so i like it xD
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join dis raffle
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Requests are opened!
Requests are opened for a limited time folks! I could use the drawing practice! I can draw anything (except furriest sorry) and most will be in traditional pencil drawings. So request anything and I'll see to it that I draw it.
Remember requests will stay opened for a limited time and will close sometime today.
:iconarkriythe4th:arkriythe4th 1 1
second place
And second place goes to HackeySlackey note me for your prize
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first place
looks like first place goes to 🎆🎊🎇🎉
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Requests OPEN (Not Mine!)
My new friend, :iconkawaiijuice:, is opening Requests >>>

He has cute art! :heart: You must watch him for fun! ^^
:iconxxjessichangal101xx:XxJessiChanGal101xX 1 2
Join my Discord Server!
If you want to join my Discord Server come on down
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80 Questions-Tagged By @Heavenly-Heaven
I got tagged by :iconHeavenly-Heaven: for this 80 Questions thing so...I guess here we go
1. What does your Deviantart name mean and why?
Um, well, one of my first OC’s name was Phoenix and I really like Angels, and my Aunt’s name is Angela, I don’t like the stereotypical Bible-Christian Angels tho cuz...whatever just Phoenix and Angel combined makes Phoenix Angel
2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you into now?
Undertale, Hamilton, Heathers (The Musical), BMC, DEH, Creepypasta and FNaF, still like all of them
3. How many watchers do you have now?
1 (RIP)
4. Name 3 of your favorite artists on deviantart
1. Heavenly-Heaven
2. synnibear03
3. Jewel8539
5. Or lack there of, move along…
6. Do you participate in clubs' contests here on dA?
7. What is your most popular submission?
Dis depressed bean:
8. What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?
Um. MLP is the
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Round eight close
Thank you for participating in round eight.
We’ve been already sharing what we enjoyed about the round in “Celebrating OC-Training Round 8 Graduation Raffle”. Please join it by June 21st, 2018.. :eager:
:iconoc-training:OC-training 2 0
Marvel Tickle rp
Female lees.
:iconfalconzboi:Falconzboi 1 6
I’m sending my pc out to get fixed so for the next 10 days I can’t do anything.
:iconbeetale:beetale 0 1
Biography Hiatus
I will be taking a hiatus on biographies until early August late July because of summer camp and traveling this summer. Please bear with me and respect this. I will release the new designs and formerly released biographies updated but no Selene until late July early August.
- with a full heart Annie
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Hey, a summer contest!
Made by D6arklord
Join if you wanna. This is her first contest actually.
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check these adorable chibi requests out!
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I want to draw some characters based on shows, so I will do commissions! They are open for 250 points or 2,50€ each! I will draw Ponys, Gravity Falls characters or Fanmade Kwamis!
1. only for watchers, new ones are welcome!
2. link the character you want me to draw in
the comments and/or send me a link to it! :3
3. send/spend the payment, -after- I accepted!
you can pay with Points and PayPal

*you have another character based on a show, who isn't listed?
...just ask if I could do them too! <3
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story time (soon)
Weeeeeeeeeell yes i'll make some story times about those things:
My life
:iconargetake:argetake 1 0
Commission raffle! (Open)
I recently had someone evaluate my art, and they had been telling me I should be charging WAY more for my art... they suggested like 80$ and up, but I think that's a bit much haha, so all of my commissions have gone up in price a bit. I feel bad though, so I wanted to offer some through a raffle!
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  How to enter
Share this journal through a status on your page, or a journal then comment below!
You dont need to be a watcher, but i
:iconkinsyke:KinSyke 3 3
great -n-
Candy gore request.
:iconANTI-WHITEFANG: i fuckin' hate you
:iconwhitefang73005:Whitefang73005 1 1
Change in vision for this page
As of 20th I will be taking down the first 'Auntie' and 'Revelation of a no good Angle' works as I did not translate and I feel that I would be taking credit for other peoples work, This has nothing to do with the rapid copyright claims but as a change of vision for this page, I will be proving links to the translated works on nHentai so that my watchers are not left out if they cannot find it.
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