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Yes I'm doing some Q&A so yeah.
:iconspidergunner22:SpiderGunner22 0 0
My First DA Holiday Wishlist
Hello there fans! WonderWill here and welcome to my first ever DeviantArt Christmas Wishlist. I don't even know what I'm want. Anyway, I'll just put up some things that I want on my DeviantArt wishlist that pops up in my head.
1. A picture of Stacy Lizard playing some Christmas songs on her guitar in the neighborhood
2. A picture of the extended Raccoon Family singing Christmas Carols.
3. Core Membership for 3 months.
4. A couple of pictures featuring my characters.
5. A few points for my donation box.
I guess that's it. Until next time… Keep on making peace with art!
:iconwonderwill7134:WonderWill7134 0 0
Commission Prices
I guess you are reading this because you are interested in my art and would like some?
Well that is good as this are my prices!
If you would like to commission me you can message me here on DA or on my Instagram @dorotea.bencic!
No more talk here are the prices:
100DA points
+Shading 50DA points
Eyes shot
50DA points
Torso+front hooves
350DA points
+Shading 50DA points
Full body
500DA points
+Shading 50DA points
Reference sheet
600DA points
150DA points
+Simple Background
70DA points
Additional pony (each)
 100DA points
That's all! If you are interested or have any questions do contact me ^^
See ya in my next post!
:icontornadoart46:TornadoArt46 0 0
Is anyone interested on doing a
Charizard Vore art trade?
Note me or DM me on Discord by Steven The Furret#6467 or you can you can join my server
:iconsteven-the-furret:Steven-The-Furret 0 0
100+ WATCHERS!!!!!!!!
I would like to thank everyone who supported me on DeviantArt. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a longer journey together. I will try my best to make the best artwork I can every month. My new artwork will hopefully be done within 5-14 days!
:icontallinax:Tallinax 0 0
Howdy! Heum, I dont know if what do is rigth 'cause I'm "new" here and I dont really know how it work, so I'm sorry in advence >~<
I will participate to the raffle of Azrielyn! For the 500 followers!
(I really don't know if it will work >~
:iconjenny-galaxycrystal:Jenny-GalaxyCrystal 1 0
MYO event for a species I helped with!!
I didn't actually play that big of a role but Meguru-sama was way too kind ;_;
You can find the event going on over here -- if you like androids and/or kemonomimi characters, this may be up your alley too!!
:iconhitomoshi:hitomoshi 0 0
Go and check out this raffle:
:iconjanerico:JaneRico 0 0
Armageddon: Discord Based Role-Play

Art by: :iconHypothermiia:

The year is 2050, and the sound of sirens have filled the air. In less than half an hour, the world as we know it has been destroyed. It only took a few years for man to go extinct, leaving nature to take it’s course. In the small North Pacific town of Northwood, a band of dogs is trying to pick up the pieces. Thirty years later, the Armageddon pack has made it’s place in the city of Northwood tucked away into the mountain side. While challenges still prevail on a weekly basis in order to survive, the pack holds onto one another with tight trust and familiarity. However, in a world fallen to chaos, how long can peace truly last?

Armageddon is a Discord based, post-apocalyptic canine role-play created by Hypothermia with a very laid back, tight-knit community. The staff is very involved with both the role-play and the members, with lots of engaging and interesting st
:iconkaepari:Kaepari 0 0
[Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause][Santa Clause]
Time to get my groove back into the DA community, to celebrate my return to the scene I will be hosting a art contest this month! I'd like to invite anyone and everyone to join in on the fun this month. I wish you all the best of luck and hope everyone has a wonderful holiday ahead of them!
This art contests theme will be
All Artwork must be new and original content
Only one submission will be allowed per user
Please Submit all Submissions via message to me directly
December 1st-25th
1st Place : 1000 [Points]
2nd Place: 500 [Points]
3rd Place: 250 [Points]
This contest will be split between 3 judges, each of which will be giving out 10 points toward 4 categories totaling 40 points possible per judge, and 120 points in total. The winner will be decided by whom recei
:iconmunstertv:MunsterTV 0 0
Free drawings for Christmas!!!!
Only for Christmas, free drawings !!! You just read it right. I will paint for free for all who want. From today, until December 31st. To know, for free i will only paint with pencils, if you still want with paints, charcoal or something else-10 points you will have to pay. And if you want a digital drawing (to be aware I still can not paint digitally very well ...)-20 points.

I wish you happy holidays of all and many successes next year.^^
:iconkotakotoka:kotakotoka 1 3
Milkies free MYO Event 12/15

OPENS 12/15/2018

Leche Mu-mu ( Moomoo Milk ) This is the second free myo event for MilkiesLeche Mu-mu ( Moomoo Milk ) 
The group has been a little inactive due to only one admin is currently working on the Species, Planning events, Making adopts,Writing the lore, and making guide sheets and more. ;v;; Since releasing the first batch of adopts and such a few people have noticed this species so i decided why not give some free slots away~
Sweet Pea Strawberry Milk One slot per personSweet Pea Strawberry Milk 
Also raffling a male slot away

To get a free slot
Claims end on 12/25/2018 that's also when the male raffle ends!

Fav this journal 
spread this journal through another journal or a poll!
Tag a friend the more
:iconjazzymunch:JazzyMunch 1 0
Traditional Art Week - WE NEED YOU!
I am pleased to announce that projecteducate will be hosting a Traditional Art Week from January 21st to January 25th, hosted by your Traditional Art CVs brennennn and TokyoMoonlight. shiba inu chase tail emoji
We can't do this without you, and we hope to see a little bit of everything. Ideally, we'll have articles that cover the broad spectrum of Traditional Art, from your typical painting and drawing, to sculpture, body art, or even street art!
Here are some ideas you could tackle:

Articles on a specific medium, or group of mediumsTutorials over a technique, or showing a piece from start to finishArticles discussing the history of a medium, technique, style, etc.Interviews of DA or off-site artistsChat events / critique sessionsArt featuresAny other educational or informative article you'd like to write! :la:
If you are interested in contributing to this week, please send a note to projecteducate with your idea, includi
:iconbrennennn:brennennn 8 7
Street Fighter Zero Project
Hi guys,
Now I'm working on "Street Fighter Zero Project" (SFZP). This is my personal work.
The concept is to illustrate female characters of SF Zero from Zero 1-3 and from all game versions.
I've already sketched all of them and just finished Chun Li for the first character.
If you are Street Fighter fan, keep in touch with me. After this, I'm gonna keep submitting one by one.
The list of the characters
Chun LiSakura KasuganoMaki GenryusaiKarin KanzukiCammy WhiteRainbow MikaJuli and JuniRoseIngrid
You can also purchase the files JPG and PNG in high resolution in really cheap price.
It's not just only the arts but there are Timelapse Paint or Speedpaint as well!!
Thank you. :happybounce: 
:iconvictordinakara:VictorDinakara 1 0
Yet another prequel series.
After finished listening on Encounters of Every Kind by MECO while doing on Moon and River's mouse-ear adventures on Walt Disney World, I couldn't believe that they deserve a Mewnian princess inserted on Earth during the Pop 70s. Since Comet is Moon's mother, Comet's teenage life was experienced by numerous 70s English artists and bands when she inherited the Royal Magic Wand in 1975. So I present to you yet another prequel series as part of Tales of Dimensional Princesses, followed by Moon, Star and Aurora. It's The Lovely Adventures of Comet Butterfly, set to resample the tone of numerous 70s-80s animated series. Most elements of the show are somewhat recycled from a now-scrapped fanfiction named Moon & River - The Children from Another Dimension, but somewhat different to its inspiration. 
The story: Comet Butterfly was the first princess of Mewni to have gotten married and given birth to a baby before inheriti
:iconericvonschweetz:EricVonSchweetz 0 0
Stock Usage Contest: Enchanted Forest
Hello guys!
It is time for another stock usage contest, the last one for this year :)
Since we are close to Christmas, it will last a bit longer than usual so that even people going on holydays will have time to join.
The theme is Enchanted forest
What to do:
Use the stock provided below 

Only photo-manipulations and mixed-media are allowed.
You can enter as many times as you want, but you can win only once.
Your entry must be new and created specifically for this contest.
All used stocks must be from legitimate resources.
Credit all stocks you used.
How to enter:
Link your entry in the comments below.
In the description of your artwork link back to this journal.
January 30st, 2019
A minimum of 6 entries in needed for the contest to be valid.
1st Trophy 130 Points + Premium stock  from :iconOlgola
:iconolgola:Olgola 4 1
Upcoming mlp art Brotherhood social
:icontheroyalprincesses:Theroyalprincesses 0 1
Story Time!
Hey guys!
So I’ve just had a great idea for a new story, but it will take me a while to complete it. That’s if I ever actually do complete it.
I’d love to hear if you all would love the teaser for it!
Thanks for sticking by me guys, I really appreciate it and I love you all!!
:iconpridesnowflake:PrideSnowflake 0 0
Foxy opening!!!
Oh Heck!! Roudanluoja just tagged me in a journal about :icontsiuri: about their opening!
Tsiuris are currently open for members and you can get your free geno now, go grab 'em :heart:
:iconeerea:eerea 0 0
Contest + YT anniversary
So my YT anniversary is TOMORROW. I wish I did this sooner, sorry, but I am doing an art contest. To enter just draw one of my characters from one of my comics, everyone who enters gets a shout out on DA and YT. I will pick the winner, the winner gets a detailed drawing of a character of there choice (whether it’s there OC or not) drawn by me.
Plz note me if ur joining the contest, I don’t want to accidentally miss your entry. You must have the entry in by 8:00 pm tomorrow Canadian time, that gives you 33:45 hours to complete an entry. Good luck
:iconjessicatsandsyncho:JessicatsAndSyncho 0 0
The 1st Annual Christmas Event (Applications)

Welcome to the 1st Annual Malachi C. Christmas Event, you are in the application form where you can simply put your submission in the comments of this post. For this event, we are offering people to submit their OC's and whoever get chosen will have their submitted OC in my Christmas artwork for this year.
The way to participate in the event is pretty easy.
1). You go down in the comments and provide either a reference sheet of their OC or a description of your OC incase you don't have a reference sheet.
2). On December 20th, the event will end when I
when post a comment saying that it's over. All name will be put in a hat and I'll randomly select a name from the hat and I will keep drawing names until I run out of room to continue more.
3). If anybody that participated in the event that didn't get chosen will have 5 randomly chosen to be in next year's Christmas event.
That's really it for there.
1). Only one submission per perso
:iconcheesymack11:cheesymack11 0 0
Hunter Rp
Guess who came back from the dead to advertise his own Discord server!
For real though, I don't know why people still watch me bit that's besides the point.
In some of my stories the Hunters have been mentioned. They are a group of individuals bent on the destruction of things they deem "unusual." I have made an rp Discord server where the worst is happening. The Hunters are winning.
"Unusual" creatures (anthros, dragons, gryphons, vampires, etc.) are forced into hiding as the Hunters have spread their influence across the globe. Play as the creatures desperate to survive, or play as the creatures that won't let them.
:iconmred2001:MrEd2001 0 0