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Fly your flag with DeviantArt as we celebrate the #PluralityOfPride! Join the conversation and check out some of the LGTBQ+ artists we’re featuring for #PrideMonth.
Like the many flags we fly to represent who we are, Pride Month is about celebrating the strength of our plurality, the many identities that complete us and make all of us great, and how they come together to build our common humanity.
Occurring in the same month as the Stonewall Riots (on June 28, 1969) where people were beaten simply for being who they are, Pride Month is meant to be a celebration of coming together in light of this violent beginning. This year, DeviantArt is proud to honor deviants of all identities who, over the years, have helped build us into an ever-more inclusive community where we can just be.
Be who we are, without fear.
Be different, even if we can't always be in real life.
Be ourselves, celebrated and supported
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Celebrating Deviousness - June 2018
In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.
Introducing Firefly-Path
I’m a fantasy gown designer based in Los Angeles. What started as a hobby back in Texas where I grew up, making fantasy costumes for my sister and me, turned into a full time career. Back in 2002 I made cosplay outfits for the two of us to wear together to conventions. My costumes began to attract a lot attention and people offered to pay me to make their dream cosplays! 
Fast forward si
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Beta Test: New Profile URLs
DeviantArt is constantly evaluating better ways to serve our community, from new features to the subject of this update: subdomains!
In order to better serve you, we’re changing the subdomains from to But don’t worry, will not break—your old links/URLs will redirect to your new URLs.
We know a lot of deviants are attached to their URLs, so the decision to make this change was not done lightly. Part of the decision-making process involved surveying active deviants, and we discovered the overall sentiment was fairly neutral. Most people did not strongly prefer one or the other -- as long as old URLs redirected. But, most importantly, we believe this change will be beneficial for you.
Why Changing URLs Is for the Better

The new URLs will likely increase your traffic: Based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts we’ve consulted with and al
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GDPR and Privacy Policy Update
DeviantArt is committed to providing all deviants with a safe and fun environment to create and grow — and this commitment includes maintaining your privacy and security.  
You’ve likely already received many emails and notifications about privacy updates from websites and apps where you have accounts. This is because the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places new responsibilities on organizations that collect data from European Union residents and is designed to grant people more control over such data.
In accordance with GDPR, DeviantArt is building a tool that allows European Union deviants to:
Access Their Data: On request, deviants can see what data we have on file, what we’re using the data for, and with whom we are sharing the data.
Permanently Delete Their Data: Deviants may review and permanently delete certain data. A log of deletion requests will be kept for security purposes.
These changes will be in effect starti
:iconheidi:Heidi 72 135
Celebrating Deviousness - May 2018
In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.
Introducing Cryptid-Creations
Hey there! I'm Cryptid-Creations, also known as Piper Thibodeau. I've been active on DeviantArt since 2008 and the website has been an integral step in my career as a character designer and illustrator. When I started off initially in the 9th grade, I wasn't familiar with digital painting and stuck to drawing traditionally. DeviantArt thankfully allowed for me to discover great artistic influe
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New Knowledge Base and Customer Service Updates
DeviantArt is always looking at how we can better serve deviants. We’re aware Customer Service is an area that needs improvement, and we’d like to share some of the steps we've taken to grow and what we'll be doing going forward. As you may have already noticed, our FAQs are on a new Knowledge Base platform with improved search capabilities and streamlined presentation. But those aren’t the only changes.

Technology That Helps Us Help You
As deviants search for information in the Knowledge Base, we will be able to identify which answers help solve questions, while also being able to identify which answers need improvement or are missing.  This information will help us pinpoint issues so they can be addressed more quickly.
Rewritten and Improved FAQs
At the bottom of every article, you’ll find a “Did this answer your quest
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Experimenting With Browse Modes
Today, we’ve made a change to the front page of DeviantArt, updating the default Browse mode from What’s Hot to Popular 24 Hours.  Any change to the front page is never made lightly, and we’ll be closely monitoring how the update impacts traffic to deviations.
In the future, we’ll be making additional updates to the front page — including more variety, providing representation to more unknown artists and genres, and highlighting the breadth and depth of all DeviantArt has to offer. We’ll be sharing more details about this in the coming months.
In the meantime, we’d love to hear about how you browse and what you think of the front page.
How often do you visit the front page?
How often do you browse vs. search?
What sort mode do you use most often?
What would be your ideal front page experience for DeviantArt?
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DeviantArt Originals Recap
Take a look behind the scenes to see how DeviantArt’s 2018 April Fool’s campaign came to life.

In years past, April Fool's has been no trivial matter at DeviantArt. We have brought you thoughtART, to simply will art into being; DeviantHeart, a dating website for creatives; and even succumbed to takeover by cats. This year was no exception. It all began in early 2018,  when danlev set a brainstorming meeting. The ideas were plentiful: from llama-based cryptocurrencies to a Paul Blart site-takeover entitled: DeviantBlart.
Ultimately, it was DeviantArt Originals, a supposed lineup of TV shows and movies by DeviantArt, that intrigued us the m
:iconbironicheroine:bironicheroine 294 329
Fraud Protection for Points
DeviantArt is always looking for the best ways to serve deviants, and in 2010 we introduced DeviantArt Points – our virtual currency.
Points can be used in a variety of ways, including rewarding fellow deviants for a job well done, supporting artists through commissions, buying Prints, or simply giving a gift with love.  In certain circumstances, like when earning royalties through the Commissions widget or Prints sales, Points can also be exchanged and redeemed for real money.
Any time real money is involved, there are inevitably a small number of “bad actors” who seek to game the system and take advantage of it.  To ensure the safety and security of our community when engaging in the Points ecosystem, we've recently enhanced our fraud detection tools and added new members to DeviantArt's Trust and Safety team.  With the addition of these tools and team members, we will be able to detect and investigat
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DeviantArt Originals: By Artists, For Artists
DeviantArt Originals: By Artists, For Artists. Original movies and shows created by DeviantArt and your favorite artists.

Original movies and shows created by DeviantArt and your favorite artists.
DeviantArt has always been known as a platform for showcasing, uplifting, and engaging artists on the web, but over the past 10 months, we've been working on something that will extend our reach from the static web, onto even more screens near you.
Introducing the first streaming service for artists, by artists: DeviantArt Originals!
We've proudly partnered with Bento Box Entertainment — the studio behind breakout hits Bob's Burgers and Brickleberry — and some of your favorite DeviantArt artists to create inspiring and entertaining content tha
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,393 50,152
Dropping App Support For Android v4.4 And Lower
DeviantArt’s Android app is now dropping support for devices running Android v4.4 or lower. This does not apply to the mobile version of the website accessed through your mobile browser.
Old versions of Android have security vulnerabilities that make it difficult for us to continue supporting. Disabling support for old versions of Android ensures the secure transfer of data from your device to DeviantArt’s servers.
DeviantArt is compliant with the Payment Card Industry security standards, and new policies require sites and applications to drop support for older, less secure encryption methods. It’s likely that many other apps and services will be dropping support for older versions of Android in the coming months as well.  Google itself has already dropped support for these devices because of security vulnerabilities.
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Celebrating Deviousness - March 2018
In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.
Introducing Chromattix
Unlike most users here who found DeviantArt in their early teens, I spent most of my adolescence without it. Not having been led to it until I was 17 which by that point my preferences when it came to the kind of art I liked to make and look at were already starting to set. I sometimes wonder how my teenage years would have been different had I discovered it earlier since it was nothing but a positive influ
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Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2018!
Break out the candy hearts and crafting paper because the deviantart Valentine’s Day Art Exchange is here!

Take Part And Spread Love
From now until February 16th, deviations in the Valentine Exchange category can be sent as valentines to your friends and loved ones.
❤ Send Valentines
There’s still time to create and submit a valentine of your own! Just submit it to the Valentine Exchange category before February 16th so your fellow deviants can share it!
:iconheidi:Heidi 1,631 2,040
Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
‘Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through D.A.,
Dear Santy was browsing
(‘stead of filling his sleigh).
The deviants were nestled
All snug in their arts,
While visions of masterpieces
Danced in their hearts.
Back at his workshop,
There arose such a clatter,
Santa sprang from his desk chair
To see what was the matter.
An elf skidded into
Santa’s computer pavilion,
Shouting, “We’ve forgotten some gifts!
About 44 million!”
The jolly elf’s eyes
Grew three sizes that day.
“How could this happen?
There’s no room on the sleigh!”
“There’s that list you checked twice,
And then there’s the new one,
For people you wanted
To gift devious fun.”
Santa glanced at his smart watch --
Quarter till midnight it struck --
And said, “We still have some time,
With some magic and luck!”
Away they both flew
To the cavernous stables
Where nine reindeer live --
Or so say the fables.
The tales also tell
Of an
:iconheidi:Heidi 3,377 4,715
Protest and Act Now! Save Net Neutrality!

Today, DeviantArt has joined hundreds of other sites across the Web to fight for net neutrality, but we need your help!
Net neutrality protects open and equal access to the Internet. Without it, Internet Service Providers — like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon (among others) — could begin to charge extra fees, engage in economic censorship, and control what we see and do on the Web by throttling sites, apps, and other online services.
Why is this important? On December 14th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote to gut the protections for net neutrality.
Call or write your Congress person and demand that they stop the FCC from gutting net neutrality. Call and write to congress.
Share messages on all of your social accounts begging people to join the protest now. There is no time to waste.(NOW OVER) Protest
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DeviantArt Holiday Headquarters 2017!
DeviantArt’s Holiday Headquarters is your one-stop shop for art gifts, framed Prints, Core Memberships, and more! Only on #DeviantArt.

- Holiday Deals -
DeviantArt's Holiday Headquarters is your one-stop shop for art gifts, framed Prints, Core Memberships, and more—at prices lower than they've been all year long! If today's haul doesn't inspire you, we're stocking up with sales all month long! So keep checking back!

ClosedFor The Season!
Thank you for visiting Holiday Headquarters. Our sales and deals have finished for 2017, but we look forward to bringing you exciting new offers in 2018. Stay tuned!
Past Sales
Buy One, Get One Free Core Memberships
Closed Sale
November 23rd at 6:00 PM to December 1st at 11:59 PM
35% OFFPrints Purchases
Closed Sale
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Phasing Out The Today Page

This change has now been rolled out to all deviants and visitors.
Three years ago, we launched the Today page with the intention of creating a daily “newspaper” about art and community activity. While it served its purpose in some ways, it unfortunately didn’t get as much traction as we hoped, and we noticed a lot of deviants switched their default page to the browse pages.
Starting today, we’re beginning to phase out the Today page. Over the past months, we’ve moved some of the Today Page’s features, like Daily Deviations and polls, to the front page of the mobile site. In keeping with the original intention of the Today page, we've also made the default page "What's Hot" to showcase a cross-section of the day's trending deviations.
As we move forward, we plan on focusing on improving the front page of DeviantArt, making it easier to find fresh content, inspirational activities, and deviants th
:icondanlev:danlev 50 215
New Notifications and Reporting Updates
One of our most frequently requested features is to do more with optimizing one's browsing experience, blocking deviants one would rather not interact with, and better catching the types of content that go against DeviantArt policy.
We have been working on five new systems to streamline your DeviantArt experience that will be rolling out to all deviants over the coming days. If you don't see the changes described below, you will very soon.
I just don't want to see this
You may have seen this change already. If you find a deviation that doesn't necessarily go against DeviantArt policy but still isn't quite your style, you will find the option to select "I just don't want to see this" upon hitting the Report button. This will not send a report to our Moderation Desk, but will rather hide that deviation from wherever you might come across it on DeviantArt, including galleries and browse pages! The owner of the deviation will not be notified that you did this. From there,
:iconlaurenkitsune:LaurenKitsune 140 396
Take The Fan Art Mashup Challenge
Take the Fan Art Mashup Challenge! Bring a randomly generated character, setting, and scenario to life!

Artist credit:Kikomauriz

Tragic mistake :iconkarbo: Karbo
Randomly generated scene:Mario in Summoner’s RiftAbout to make a terrible Mistake
We'll give you a randomly generated character, setting, and scenario and you bring it to life!
Ever wonder how Katniss would fare on the Starship Enterprise while doing yoga? Or how Shirtless Mario might look in Jurassic Park during an earthquake? Whether
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,662 5,707
Beta Test: Report Modal And Notifications
Thanks to everyone for your help testing the updated design of the Modal. We're still making tweaks before a wider release, but your comments were essential to helping us corner some issues!
Our next phase is ready for Beta, and once again, we need your help!
Sometimes deviants genuinely aren't sure what constitutes as Mature Content, Explicit, or some of our other reportable types of information. This feature brings three new aspects of reporting to help streamline our process and keep DeviantArt as safe as possible.
Introducing Reporting Notifications
Occasionally, when someone forgets to tag a deviation as Mature Content, or when they upload a deviation that goes against our policy, it can be a simple misunderstanding. For this feature, at some point after a deviation is reported, an anonymous notification will be sent to the owner, asking if the deviation is Mature Content (or what
:iconlaurenkitsune:LaurenKitsune 78 655
Beta Test: Report Modal
Hello, Beta Testers!
We'd like to share with you a preview of a visual and organizational uplift to our Reporting Modal. "Modal," in non-tech terms, just means "the pretty square box that isn't quite a window, but allows you to interact with elements separate from the page without leaving the page."
Recently, you might have noticed that the "Report" button moved more front-and-center -- directly above the description and to the right of the title and artist's name. We're now testing an updated flow once deviants click the Report button. All Reporting functions that existed directly before this update still exist now, such as reporting a deviation for requiring a Mature Tag, or reporting a deviation as being Malware, etc, etc. They're simply organized a little bit better.
About This Test
For this test, we want you to find legitimately reportable deviations (in other words, please don't report random deviations and please don't upload your own test d
:iconlaurenkitsune:LaurenKitsune 23 152
DeviantArt Is Switching To HTTPS
Starting today, DeviantArt is completely switching over to HTTPS. You’ll notice that the URL in your browser bar will soon begin with “https” rather than “http.” This means our pages will be delivered over a secure, encrypted channel.
This change will be rolling out to all deviants over the coming days.
While DeviantArt had implemented HTTPS on sensitive pages -- such as our login and shopping cart pages — many years ago, it’s overdue that we extend HTTPS to the rest of the site.
Learn more about HTTPS
Some Notes for Developers of Journal Skins and Profile Customizations
If you develop your own Journal Skins, or any sort of profile customizations or browser extensions, please note that only HTTPS images will be served on DeviantArt. If you’ve uploaded your Journal Skins to DeviantArt’s Journal Skins category, you won’t need to make any changes.  If
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