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Best of November 2018

Rouget by Annabelle-Chabert kiss in November by augenweide
The Journey by Pajunen
Anno 1976 by Thinking-Silence The Celestial Canopy by FramedByNature
Under the Northern Sky by MikkoLagerstedt
time goes by by arbebuk I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Yuukon
Solitude by MikkoLagerstedt
medvednica by roblfc1892 1137 by Nigrita
beechforest in autumn by augenweide
Autumn Window II. by realityDream
:iconelynenoir:ElyneNoir 7 8
Commissions are OPEN!!
Bullet - leaf 2 Okay, I haven't done this yet, or like an official journal for this, so here we go Bullet - leaf 1 
Flowers and stars - F2U divider Flowers and stars - F2U divider Flowers and stars - F2U divider Flowers and stars - F2U divider Flowers and stars - F2U divider Flowers and stars - F2U divider Flowers and stars - F2U divider  
Sketches- 10 Points
:iconlizzydoesdrawing:LizzyDoesDrawing 4 6
Fantasy, Traditional Art
A selection of new deviations in the category of traditional fantasy art!



 Duality by AshBaye
Mermaid couple by tina-renae-art
Bataws - 1 by FreeByNature    
Small Black Sun (In the Distance Fading) by elnachato
 Morning coffee by Last-Valentine 
undead and faithlady by morkarr 
Topielica by Evidriell
2018-11-23 Alice by jackfox2008 
Siamesefightingfish, betta in space painting by liptaizsofi
The Wicked Fairy by MadameGiry 
Bored girl by arseniy1982 
:iconteroporthan:TeroPorthan 7 25
Harry Potter vs Lord Voldemort
Dear watchers and visitors,
Today I'm going to do an art feature a little different.
I have edit a lyrics of a song from Jon Bon Jovi (please, don't sue me, I'm a longtime fan) and put some Wizarding World-fanart between the lines.
I hope you like it.
"Yoo-hoo, I'll make you famous!"

from Rickoland
I just seen trouble, he's calling out your name tonight
Harry get your wand

from Crike99
You could walk away but I know you were born to fight
So Harry get your wand

from Robert-ams
And the wind whispers softly that the Dark Lord's to blame
Harry get your wand

from AresNeron
That's the price on your head for the price of fame
Harry get your wand

from SpinettaEnBaires
:iconmonique-lestrange:Monique-Lestrange 3 4
Urban Legend prologue~
Once apon a time~
There’s a city far far far far far far far far far....I think you get the hint, it’s pretty far. There is a city named Tropalas where people live normal lives as Tropicans. That was until one day a mad scientist ruined everything, dictating the whole village. He wants to take over the nation of Tropalas to replace them with robots. What will the people do? Who will save them from their life crisis.
Well not a who it’s sort of a they.
:icondezzidavinci:DezzidaVinci 0 0
The Last Race full movie 720p
watch here :

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The Last Race 2018 netflix
:iconsharafirranta:SharaFirranta 0 0
Transformers A R T
All my Transformers related art :>
:iconfiisky:fiisky 0 0
Watercolour Artist: EarlyOctober

:iconclu-art:Clu-art 2 0
oc fan art contest
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen i have some very exciting news.
am having a fanart contest for missy and ember the succubus the winner will have an original painting done by me for
Free!!! And also their fanart will be posted on me Instagram.I'm an artist painter and cartoonist
follow me on:
:icongothickillerqueenxxx:gothickillerqueenxxx 0 0
I've joined a cult...
And we're recruiting.

1442520552323.cached-1 by Mrs-Durden GettyImages-813932476-920x584 by Mrs-Durden
Cf72fb225a32e9c1b57468562a1b62db by Mrs-Durden https %2F%2Fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws. by Mrs-Durden
Images by Mrs-Durden Nintchdbpict0003193256621 by Mrs-Durden The-meaning-behind-each-and-every-tattoo-of-tom-ha by Mrs-Durden
Hardy-shirtless-esquire-uk-640x480 by Mrs-Durden Sd-aspect-1480692902-ha by Mrs-Durden
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 10 24
Talks with Tolkien artists: Dalandel
Here is a person who read the Silmarillion at the age of 11 :) Meet :icondalandel: - Dalandel and her portraits of Tolkien characters. You can see a few of the here, and all in her Tolkien gallery.

Hello! For the beginning, could you tell us something about yourself?
Hello! I'm Dalandel (also known as Anka). I'm 29 and originally from Sea Lapland of Finland, from where I've migrated down south a few years back. I like to read, write and draw - all of which I should honestly do more, but alas. I've drawn digitally since 2012, back then armed with just my sturdy mouse and Paint Tool SAI. Around 2015 I got
:iconmirachravaia:MirachRavaia 2 4
Chcau Thunderlane's Hero status
[ponies cheering]
Snowdrop: That Thunderlane sure is something.
Snips and Snails: Something special.
"Millie": [screams]
Cream Puff: [crying]
[ponies cheering]
Thunderlane: [gasps] Oh no! There's something wrong with the baby!
[crowd gasps]
Thunderlane: She's not cheering for everypony's favorite hero, Thunderlane!
[ponies cheering]
[cameras clicking]
Snowdrop: There just aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe Thunderlane's awesomeness.
Pinkamena Diane Pie: I can think of a few new words.
Double Diamond: And I bet 'modest' is not one of them.
[ponies cheering]
Pinkamena Diane Pie: No, but he is kinda awesome.
[elderly ponies chattering]
[splintering wood]
Thunderlane: Never fear, your friendly neighborhood Thunderlane is here!
[elderly ponie
:icondiana173076:Diana173076 0 0
$5 (500 Blush Points ) 
 extra character is + $5
$15 (1500 Blush Points )
extra character is +$10
$25 (2500 Blush Points
extra character is +$15
Exclamation mark 2 - mood icon  BEAR IN MIND  Exclamation mark 2 - mood icon 
ASK me for customs, detailed backgrounds, reference sheets, and other specific art! Price may vary!
I DO draw gore/blood
I DO draw ferals and anthros
I DO draw artistic nudity (but not NSFW)
:icondemcakes:demcakes 7 2
Proud of our Art!
I recently posted another poll asking you of which piece of art you're proud... And you guys share some amazing art! Here they are!

seren : concrete and gold by witches-sword  Are you talking to me? by Sharkwoman87 
24 - Foggy Morning Vampire by Mythka Vulcanic by sel-and-cel Sol by F-Lagerdahl 2 Micey Girls by Frostyplayz
[CE] Boop a Ghost by JTrexe Photo challenge 5 inspired by Back in Time. by MontyMouse Salvation by Alastordemon  Sweet Poison by Catlaxy
The Night You Won't Forget {Green Fire} by litatokun A Blooming Flower {Commission} by litatokun Dancing Bird by nekota92 First snow by Liljatupsu
Alice {Request} by litatokun Because You're There by litatokun Daydream by litatokun Mahou Shojo Melia by Freiha
[Commission] Winter Tree of Life Earrings by craftsbyblue Athos by lapaowan Memories by Ninterjonesylad Anthropology illustration by Ninterjonesylad
City In The Mountains by OceansCurse It's Strange by SamTheEnigma  Taemin - Take A Small Bite by e-diddle Silent Tunes by Steves-3D
As Good As It Gets by mrcrozier Wolf by Pokesquirrel88 Wary by Stygma Take Off by rainylake
Winter Turning Cover by DrawingDragonDream Ophelia by LindArtz Stars can't shine without darkness by FatalBiteDragon2018 :thumb772309
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 28 36
amazing artists

Big Yellow Flower by AneurysmGuy
Punainen kukka by AneurysmGuy
Old and wrinkled mushrooms by AneurysmGuy
It is so cold! by JocelyneR
Pale Sunset on a Frozen Lake by JocelyneR
The Lagoon at Dusk by JocelyneR
Feeding Time by JocelyneR
Happy Dog - at sunset by JocelyneR
Not again! by JocelyneR
I am seeing you! by JocelyneR
Forest Road At Sunset by JocelyneR
Acorn evolution by ahappierlife
Old, yes, but my leaves are as green as yours by ahappierlife
Sun-kissed nature by ahappierlife
Bridge and house - local stone by ahappierlife
Colours Of Life 15. by bigzoso
From The Window Of The Train 24. by bigzoso
Colours Of Life 16. by bigzoso
Olympus,Antalya,Turkey 18. by bigzoso
Birgi,Izmir,Turkey 5.(BW Edition) by bigzoso
Birgi,Ulu Camii(Grand Mosque). by bigzoso
Birgi,Izmir,Turkey 9. by bigzoso
Birgi,Izmir,Turkey 7. by bigzoso
:iconbonaparte1700:Bonaparte1700 10 10
Christmas Comissions owo
Headshot with santa hat,reindeer antlers, star headband- 20 points
+Shading and color- 10 points
+Background- 5 points
Half body with santa hat,reindeer antlers,star headband- 40 points
+Shading coloring- 10 points
Background- free
Full body with santa hat, reindeer antlers and star headband- 50 points
+Shading and coloring-10 points
Background- 5 points
Chibi- 100 points with any accessories
Shading- 10 points
Background-20 points
Mistletoe- 40 points
Hot chocolate- 30 points
Couples- 10 points
Building a snowman- 5 points
•Note me if interested•
:icondivinetheshortie:DivinetheShortie 1 0
Highlights of the week - 47th Edition 2018
Lilith is her Ancient name...
I saw her many times,
within the shadows,
I listened her lullaby
and sweet words
but tried to avoid her,
until the night when
She spoke to me in dreams,
the snake pierced my skin while she took my hand,
smiling she said to me 'you won't die',
you are now my child,
you will live in my realm,
baptized with her crimson kiss,
my fate was sealed,
Dark temptress,
Mother of the fallen,
Lustful Goddess,
Lilith is her Ancient name,
Proud daughter without regret,
my soul belongs to her,
fearless at Lilith's Realm,
the cat and the snake protectors given by her,
walk at my side,
Lilith,I have delivered to you
what I am,
eternally living in your dark embrace.
Poem by: :iconvillenueve: at gallery:

Highlights of the week-  47th Edition 2018
Lilith's Realm proudly showcases the best of its galleries every week.
*Thank you to our great staff for their hard work at home!:clap::heart:
:iconliliths-realm:Liliths-Realm 5 5
Lets go, Art Trades!
Hey, I’m feeling very positive!
You know what? I’ll let paws back into my drawings. I haven’t done those in at least 10 to 11 months, so I’ll see how they turn out. But that doesn’t mean any of my characters are changing back. Skylar is the ONLY one of mine to have paws.
That’s right. > : D
You’ll have to art trade me to draw ‘em.
Oh and uh, I’m only into female feet/paws now cause they’re pretty... hot. : D
and the only free time I have is during the weekends, so it’s best if you ask then.
Alright, see you guys next time.
:iconwolflife613:Wolflife613 0 0
Stamp Feature #59
Art saves me Stamp by Mel-RoseyF2U Stamp - Asexuals by MegaroniiF2U Stamp - Crying by MegaroniiDisorders by MegaroniiF2U Stamp - Coping by MegaroniiF2U Stamp - Hiding Comments by MegaroniiF2U Stamp - Disabling Comments by MegaroniiF2U Stamp - Venting by MegaroniiKeep waiting. This will never happen - stamp by SheiksDWeirdo


How to get your stamp featured:
You must not have me blocked OR you aren't blocked by me (I don't feature assholes or whiny, disrespectful kids.)
It's something I like/relate to/agree withIt's aesthetically niceThe text is readable (if you can't read it after zooming out to 100% regular size, then I won't be able to read it.)
It has a stamp border (it's okay if it doesn't...I understand if people are new to Photoshop and
:iconworld-hero21:World-Hero21 0 3
Shadows people
⚠ Based off of a dream ⚠
I crept through the house with a flashlight in hand staring into the darkness. The light began flickering and turned off. Freaking out I hit the flashlight trying to get it to function again. Crap, the batteries died and now I'm in a pitch black house... I navigated around the dark house searching for the breaker room with a mixed feeling of dread and fear. I felt as if I was being stalked. I heard rain tap against the window and a gust of wind blow harshly causing tree branches to wave like crazy. A chill ran down my spine as I looked out the window. A dark figure scurried across the room causing me too jump and back away into a table. It got ridiculously cold in the house, I could see my own breath... This isn't normal, what's happening? I held my breath and turned around staring at the dusty old table. I turned pale noticing the giant gashes that marked the table. I began panicking as I ran blindly through the house to get to the breaker room. It
:iconxdragonqueenx:XDragonQueenX 2 13
Warning about FelFeyn
Please add FelFeyn to your blocklist. To avoid them and contact from them, they're a troll who blocks people after one message about a trade or making a deal for buying something, allow themselves to reply before THEY get blocked and blocked for no reason after that. For all we know, like a monkey pressing buttons they, well, pressed the wrong button, probably going to delete, however doubtful.
They try to rip people off, she's not a really good at selling/trading anything for that matter, doesn't understand or have low understandings of people talking to her. Thinks no bid means charge high and for watermarks still plastered there. She's a joke, but it doesn't excuse the bad things she has done and why you need to avoid her and her commenting on your journals, Add them to your blocklist and be safe. They are what the community calls a 'Community Nuisance' If they are going to randomly block people for no reason that was so bad, you should block them.
:iconselfful154841254:selfful154841254 0 0
Accepted DD Suggestions - December 2018!

:iconpsoty:psoty 0 1