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Mid Monthly Marvels!!
From :iconAll-Fractal-Art:
Welcome to the 3rd Mid Monthly Marvels feature!! A little but after mid month this time around, sorry :)
Don't forget the group theme this month, to get in the feature journal early next month -
'Creatures - Real, Alien or Completely Imaginary' (Yeh, I know, some would argue Alien IS completely imaginary......I'm not so sure :laughing: )
Please enjoy the feature of just some of the great images submitted to the group over the last month or so and go and show the artists your support!!

A special mention for Mark here to say we are all thinking of you at this time my friend :doublehug: revamp 

:iconbgai:BGai 9 15
REQUESTS 1.0 (LGBT+ edition)
I M P O R T A N T / W I C H T I G
- (can't request another if we're trading already :lmao: you greedy little sneak you)
-I won't even tell you if you're picked, i'll just tag you in the surprise deviation! :') 

(so don't take it personal if you don't get one in...5 months). I'll be doing this until the end of this month 30. June/Juni 2018
-Fill out this form home pigeon -
character sheet/example:
your sexy sexuality (if you don't want the LGBT+ item just say N/A): 
LGBT+ item (flag OR beanie OR scarf OR N/A): 
favorite bird:
POST AWAY Y'ALL. I won't be responding (it'll just ruin the surprise)

:iconheavynly:heavynly 4 5
Traditional Art - Feature or ''The TA-Feat'' 

In this project I will feature only Traditional Artworks I found on the site.
I'm a Traditional Artist and I know how difficult is to receive more exposure here on dA because is the biggest art platform and every day thousands of works are uploaded here . 
Please, support these incredible traditional artists by watching , faving , and leaving some nice comments or constructive critiques !
Hope you will enjoy this feature !




:icongeorgexvii:GeorgeXVII 12 5
The Muses Love Alternatives, CCIX

Thanks for stopping by.
:iconhummbuzz:hummbuzz 8 11
Concept design notes: Hisui no karasu
The drawing titled; Hisui no karasu “The Jade Raven” is a concept design for a fantasy creature that is the
familiar/ messenger for the "Witch king of the Jade Forest" character (Seiryuu).
The thought process behind his feathered companion was initially inspired by the concept of a “3 eyed raven” along with the general idea of ravens being used as familiars/ messengers between our world and the next. But I wanted to take it a step further, so I combined it with the 3 legged crow concept from folklore of Eastern Asia.
Concept notes - 3rd eye:
The concept of a 3rd eye can be used in storytelling as a physical manifestation of the inner third eye; an esoteric notion of an invisible eye which provides a 6th sense.
The third eye can also refer to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. The third eye can be used to symbolize a state of enlightenment. Other abilities associated with the 3rd eye are visions, clairvoyance, the ability
:iconkonaam:KonaaM 0 0
Interview with a Quilter
Artisan Craft Week
Nothing beats teamwork! So today we are teamed up with two wonderful quilters for an interview. It's a great way to get some insight into one amazing quilter that we are lucky to have on DA! :w00t:
Can you first tell something about yourself as a quilter?
I'm a fourth generation quilter and grew up around fabric, color, prints, and design.The influence shows up in all my work, including my paintings and jewelry, and even in my wardrobe. My biggest love are bold colors, intense and unusual prints, using hint-of-a-print instead of solids, and invoking feelings when seeing the finished work. I love creating visual textures as well as texture you can feel with your hands.
How did you get into quilting and who taught you?
Until 2015 I was focused on jewelry and painting, but pain from an old injury (turned out to be a ligament tear in my wrist, had surgery in 2016 to repair it) was making it virtually impossible to make jewelry anymore. I gre
:iconsinistrosephosphate:SinistrosePhosphate 6 13
Friend Love | Season 2 Episode 1 - New school
Amanda: *gets new text*
Amanda: Liar! *puts the phone down*
Bella: You ready for school Amanda?
Amanda: Yea!
Bella: Bye sissy!
At the school
Melon: Hi Babe! 
Amanda: Melon? Pinkie Pie Scream01 
Melon: Watch this: Crazy seizurish Twilight 
Amanda: LOL, your actually here! 
Amanda: Let's pretend we aren't BF and GF because the class would freak out!
Melon: Okay!
Mrs. Pink: Today we have three new students! 
Amanda: I'm Amanda, I am super nice and popular at my old school!
Melon: I'm Melon, and I like to draw
Amanda: Wait, WHAT!
James: I'm James, and I loved to play with my friends at my old school!
Mrs. Pink: Good, now sit wherever you like!
Ellie: Who is it now? O.O OMG 
Ellie: Why hello new students! GIF My Little Pony - Smile 
Amanda: Hello
Mia: Wow, another noo
:iconprincessamanda778:PrincessAmanda778 0 0
Drawing of Todoroki Shoto of Boku No Hero Academia
Drawing of Todoroki Shoto of Boku No Hero Academia | SayedArt
:iconsayedartxyz:sayedartxyz 0 0
Equestria Crusaders Pt 4. Saving Dusk Shine
[Cadence and the dogs continue to look around until they hear what sounds like Dusk Shine. They see a lavender-skinned teenage boy with navy hair with moderate violet and moderate rose streaks being bullied by a pink-skinned girl.)
Dusk Shine: Oh, I'm really sorry. I-I just found it, and-and I thought I should give it to her. I didn't know you had dropped it.
Pinkie Pie: Well, I did! And I was about to get it before you swooped in and ruined everything! You shouldn't pick up things that don't belong to you.
Dusk Shine: [hushed] It... doesn't really belong to you, either.
Pinkie Pie: Excuse me?!
Dusk Shine: N-n-nothing...
Pinkie Pie: That's what I thought. It's as good as mine, and you know it. You really are pathetic. [Dusk is reduced to tears] It's no wonder your best friends are all stray animals.
Princess Cadence: How dare you speak to him that way!
Pinkie Pie: What did you say?
:icondiana173076:Diana173076 0 0
Interesting - part 137

Intergalactic Bath by luciekout by FreisCZ
Stranger Things by Catlaxy
:heart: :iconjocelyner: :heart: :iconsurrealistic-gloom: :heart:
Sunset on the Lake by JocelyneR
Autumn Aster Blossoming by JocelyneR
By The Lake In Spring by surrealistic-gloom
Wild White Flower by JocelyneR
Last Berries by surrealistic-gloom
Wild Plants on Tree Reflection by JocelyneR
:iconerozja:Erozja 1 5
what should I draw to thank you for 50 watchers?
Give me suggestions please!
:iconkighto-9:Kighto-9 1 2
Inspiration for Our Upcoming Contest
Greetings from Branka
:icondA-Morgue: welcomes our new members and watchers!
I would also love to welcome our new admin,
You are a huge asset to me and the group.
Thank you so much for the hard work you've already
put into the group in such a short time.
Please, give Tero your warmest welcome, Ghouls

I would like to thank, Tero and all of you who made

an enormous success with your bloody contributions
But, it's not over yet!
There's still one week left before we return to a "normal" group again.

So, join us in the bloodiest month ever and get those bloody
:iconbranka-johnlockian:Branka-Johnlockian 8 23
Instagram : One_who_orange
And whatever "PLEASE DON'T TELL EVERYONE MY DA ACCOUNT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!" And thank you for understand :D
:iconsmsalmon:SMsalmon 0 3
FX's Legion Appreciation Art Feature.
Legion,  for those who are unaware,  is a beautiful Marvel TV Show that just wrapped up it's Second Season.
It's Plot is Centered around Charles Xavier's Adult Son, David Haller (Legion).
It's based off The Comic Book Series written by Chris Claremont  and Drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz 
Here's the Wiki Page : Legion Wiki
I personally am a big fan of the Show and think there aren't enough fans making cool fanart for it.
So Here I'm Showcasing These Few Lovely Works created by a Few Lovely Fans.  ^ _ ^

:icondesert-carnation006:Desert-Carnation006 0 4
CreepyPasta! Cory Description
Told ya’ guys I’d give ya’ a description of Cory the Killer Camera! Here ya’ go!
Cory the Killed Camera
Has the ability to take a picture of any living organism, it be human or monster/CreepyPasta
Once he has a picture of the victim, he has one of two options:
Give the picture a green check mark; this means that he now has a part of your soul, so he can now control and watch you for the rest of your life...even after death
Give the picture a red ‘X’; this means that there isn’t any hope left for’re gone, erased from existence, or in another sense...dead
When he turned into a CreepyPasta, it was caused by his darkest fears, making it hard to control himself at times
The black substance (see newest version of him to understand) is the fear that makes him a CreepyPasta, or to him, his true CreepyPasta form
Whenever he is scared, angry, and such, the black side of his face will spread till it eventually covers all of him
:iconpeacederpylover01:PeaceDerpyLover01 0 0
Fractals and hidden hieroglyphs
Explore the World. Create and spread Positive feelings to Your fellow humans and animals
:iconziggeman:ziggeman 0 0
Quilt tutorial: how to quilt your own awesome star
Artisan Craft week
Welcome to this tutorial! Here I'll explain to you how to make your own 'patchwork' star. Patchwork is what quilters call sewing tiny pieces of fabric together. The technique used in this article is very accessible, even if it's only because I haven't figured out all the fancy techniques yet myself :P. It has served me well for many years, so it is time to share it with you all. You'll see, once you get the hang of the basics, a whole new world of fabric and possibilities will open up to you!
This is what you're going to make:

What you'll need:
Graph paper + penFabricFabric scissorNeedleThread, ideally a colour matching one of the fabricsPinsTeaspoon or iron
Some basic information:
The pattern I’ve given is 16 x 16 centimetre. However, because it's drawn on graph paper you can make it as big o
:iconbellagbear:BellaGBear 5 0
YCH 100 x 100 pixel (gif)
Price Range:
150-250 points
150 points for base price
-30 for wave animation
-10 points for blinking animation
-10 points for simple jump/bounce animation
-10-50 for complex design (depends on the detail)
-need clear reference
-ponies only! (Bat ponies, changelings and ect. Are okay, long as they resemble a pony)
-pay before art. REFUNDS ARE ACCEPTED.
-These prices only apply to this ych! Full commission prices are coming soon!
-I will not take super complex designs, if possible, I will try to simplify them.
-REFUNDS ARE OKAY, long as art as was never made after a month.
:iconspaceybabe:spaceybabe 0 0
Thought the bird lady forgot about FEATURES!?
Here we go. I want to share 4 artists I look up to and that NEED MORE LOVE (i may have already spammed them with good jobs but...idgaf their art is good). You better watch, comment, and favorite or so help me Dodd (please tell me you guys got that joke).



widespread hysteria by snudderYour Eyes They Look Like Stars by snudder
myself (cause' im so full of myself)
$2.00 / 200points | OPEN by heavynlyVape to sleep. by heavynlyDoddy got da boddy by heavynly
in da chicken coop
Two chicken tenders. by norwayerCaving01 by mythicmuttGlitchz by ZomskiiesFluorescent Mermaid Coral polymer clay dragon by AtriaPolymerClay
Leech by multi-muttHappy Pride Month 2018 by DetectiveRJi could be your favourite girl by xutaesat: raincoat boy by remii-qSun and Moon Sonoelkh Collab Auction [Closed] by Herboreal[Edgy Title] by FoxByTheFoot
:iconunleashed-creatures:Unleashed-Creatures 1 6
Watercolor Artist: exact-brush

:iconclu-art:Clu-art 3 2
So here is my commission info.
Traditonal art -
Rough sketch - 100 points or 1 dollar
Clean line art - 200 points or 2 dollars
Outlined - 400 points or 4 dollars
Colored in and all - 600 points or 6 dollars
Nsfw or gore - +400 points / 4 Dollars
Digital -
Rough sketch - 50 points or 1 dollar
Clean sketch - 300 points or 3 dollars
Coloring - 600 points or 6 dollars
Shading - 900 points or 9 dollars
Nsfw or gore - +600 points / 6 Dollars
∩( ・ω・)∩
:iconhappychill-liar:happychill-liar 0 0
Feature-Fest Vol. 139: Conceptual

unmending by ellthalion
Time falls like dust by TommoTheTog
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 4 10